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God being our perception of all things spiritual from the 4 dimensional, extremely limited, view of human intellectual ability-which thus perverts all spiritual perception. - Within the four dimensions of creation - there is NO Spiritual perception. It does not exist. I am familiar with some of the early Gnostics including Marcion. What was true of Gnostics, is that they did not express Spiritual truth, as being literal facts, or historical. Myth, though not literal, has the ability to convey a depth and wealth of meaning, in dimensional categories transcending those of limited creation. As such, the myth of the Creator God or Demiurge, can express a level of Spiritual knowledge that surpasses what we perceive in our 4 dimensional, extremely limited, view of human intellectual ability. The depth of what is God is something we will struggle with all our existence in this present life (4 dimension). In the Spirit, that other dimension, God conveys himself in and to us. Our finitude, human mind, logic and reason, being a part of this, is incapable of comprehending the divine. It is in the creation of our myths that we can get a handle on what is of Him in us. It may not be literal, but can express truth extending beyond the bounds of creation. All this assumes an inner life, and awareness of that life, that is not human imagination. The human tendency is to allow the imagination to run amuck assuming it is Spiritually alive, but in reality dead as dirt. What we need to remember is that the early books of the Bible (Genesis through Deuteronomy) were not written and compiled until between 950 and 400 b.c.. They are the records of a verbal history and explanation of the beginnings of the Hebrews. Our imposing an absolute value or historicity to them, may well be a bastardization of what they actually are meant to be. It is also well to consider that these stories are included in this manner for a particular purpose that would fit the needs of the times they were recorded and compiled. These are not the only histories and myths to come out of the Hebrew-Jewish traditions. Politics and man living in a four dimensional reality are the dominant players in the world of religion. Our responsibility is to address the truth, or that which conveys the truth, as realized through our indwelling Spirit nature - regardless of the intellectual source - Biblical or accused heretical. Truth - is Truth. For me, to do less would be an infidelity to the Christ I know and seek to serve.