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Stimulating Credit application approval

[Date] [Recipient's name] [Recipient's position] [Recipient's company/business] [Recipient's address] Dear [name] I refer to our recent discussions concerning the matter of [briefly detail nature of the matter], and in particular your letter dated [date]. OR: I refer to our recent discussions concerning this matter [briefly detail nature of the matter], and in particular our telephone conversation on [date]. I am writing to confirm our agreement concerning your company's [alternative: business'] outstanding account; namely: 1. The balance of your account due and payable in accordance with our standard contractual terms as at [date] is $[amount]. This is comprised of the following purchases: [List Purchase Orders, the goods purchased, the date of the order, the date of delivery and the amount.] 2. The outstanding balance will be repaid by monthly [alternatives: fortnightly/weekly] instalments of $[amount] until the account is cleared. 3. In the interim, further orders will be on a COD [alternative: pre-payment] basis. 4. No interest will be payable on the outstanding balance. [Alternative: Interest will be paid daily on the outstanding balance at the rate of [amount]% p.a.] It is regrettable that we have had to implement these measures, as you are a valued customer. I appreciate that your company [alternative: business] is

experiencing a short-term cash flow problem, and look forward to reinstating our normal credit procedures once the outstanding balance has been paid. Please acknowledge your acceptance of these terms by signing and returning the enclosed (*) copy of this letter. If I can be of any further assistance, please call. Yours faithfully,

[Signature] [Your name] [Your title (optional)] [*Enclosed: Copy of letter with following amendments:]


[To appear at the end of the enclosed copy:] I have read and agree to the above terms. ________________________

Print name: ___________________ Date: ___________

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