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Mastering the 7 Areas of Life Presented by
Melanie Gabriel & Beryl Thomas

[Episode 34] Astrological Trends for 2013 with Tom Kaypacha Lescher

Episode 34 Astrological Trends for 2013 with Tom Kaypacha Lescher Wired for Success [0:00:11] Beryl: So welcome to another episode of where we aim to push the boundaries on what you think is real and urge you to question everything you thought was true all in a bid to help each of us wake up to the realization that our world is of our own making. And how we perceive our world is how we will experience out world. And the world is changing fast. How we judge those changes both for our inner world and globally is down to our own perception. Today, our very unique and charismatic guest is Mr. Tom Lescher, an astrologer of many years standing, a Kundalini Yoga expert, and so much more. As such, he has insights into the upcoming trends and potent changes that are forecast for us personally and globally through the planetary positions for 2013 and a little beyond. He is going to share with us today what those powerful paradigm shifting trends are and how we can best navigate our way through them. So welcome, Tom. Tom: Its a pleasure to be here. I mean there. I mean together with you. Beryl: OK. Fabulous. So I had the pleasure of meeting Tom a few months ago when he was in London and we had a fabulous time doing a Kundalini yoga workshop together so I felt like I know you pretty well, Tom. So Tom, before we get into whats going on in the planet, you had a recent trip to Brazil where I understand you imbibed the rainforest, a psychoactive brew Ayahuasca. Tom: Yes. Beryl: Now, many of those who partake of this powerful infusion are said to be able to access these highest spiritual dimensions where they may contact the various spiritual or extra dimensional beings who can then go on and act as your guides and healers. And people have these massive spiritual revelations regarding their own purpose on life and the true nature of the universe as well as these deep and profound insights into their own life. So naturally, we are very curious, Melanie and myself as to what happened for you.

Tom: How long is this show? Melanie: Are you the same person? Beryl: How long have we got? Tom: I could talk for hours on that. Beryl: Well, you can always come back. Tom: So Ill try to be brief. Beryl: Get going, get going. Tom: Yeah. Melanie: Go. We can always do another show to finish up. Beryl: Yeah, we can come back for part two. Tom: Thats just it was very profound for me. Ive heard about it and read about it and talked to people about it for many years. And Ive wanted to do it for many years but I knew that it would come to me when the time is right and that it would be arranged when I was ready. And I was fortunately invited down to an Ashram, down in Brazil last November at the same time as the solar and lunar eclipse. And into a space where Mother Jean Baqi [Phonetic] [0:03:17] at the Matri Sadan Ashram which means the Home of the Divine Mother is they do sacred ceremony with Ayahuasca every weekend. And they do weddings and they do births and they do they take Ayahuasca to all the sacred places around the planet. Beryl: Golly. Tom: So its this whole energy that they had. Its a very magical place. She gave me a new name, Kaypacha. She said that now Matri Sadan is my new home and that after this Ayahuasca ceremony, I will have a new life. And all of those things have come to pass. I have a new name. Im using it now. It means master of the world of the senses. It has an Inca origin. And its actually because in the past lives, I was like a Sultan and rich and famous and I lost myself in the world of the senses. So I have come back to master it this time. So its not like Im really great or anything. Its like I have a job to do here. I dont want to deceive anybody with that name. But anyway, the medicine itself, the way that I see it

and the way that I have felt it, is and we can even look at the hemispheres, the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, the head and the heart. And we have so many cocaine and stimulants and nicotine and coffee, and were up here. Were all buzzing our heads and our nervous systems and blah, blah, blah, blah and were disconnecting more and more and more from Mother, from earth, from the feminine, from our feelings, from nature, from the dark, from the inner. And were getting all buzzed out and were all getting outer and were having great success technologically and internet. I mean the head is capable of doing tremendous works on this planet and through modern material. However, theres a balance, theres a need for integration, and it is also a masculine and feminine. You can look at it as the mind, the thinking, the intellectual , its the yang, its the light, its a masculine, it radiates outward. And the heart is the inner, the feminine, the feeling, and it gathers into itself introversion, extroversion, going to this whole polarity. Were living in a third dimensional reality. We are 12, 14, multidimensional beings squeezing ourselves into this little time space polarized reality. But one thing that we need to do in order to really witness and experience ourselves as that spiritual multidimensional being is to balance these polarities. And when we come into the balance of these polarities, it becomes the trinity. It becomes the law of three. And we step out of duality into unity consciousness, which is our Father. But to get back to this Ayahuasca, it takes you out of your mind. It is a heart, feeling, connecting, feminine, earthly medicine that brings you into your feelings. And that is also many people vomit. Its also a prerogative. I did not myself but I guess 95 percent of people do whatever. It is it brings you into your gut and those feelings and everything thats been stewing down there or suppressed or dysfunctional emotional patterns, you got the shits, you got to get rid of it. Its going to come up now. Its going to go down now. Its got to get out of there. So its a prerogative. It clears. It cleanses. It opens. And then of course, wow! Wow. You cant really explain in words the experience. Its the most powerful hallucinogen. So the hallucinations you have are profound. And I would say, the main thing I want to stress with people is that it is totally natural. There are no chemicals in it. You are not bringing anything into your system, that your own physical body does not manufacture itself. This increases the levels and stimulates the production of serotonin, of melatonin, of the different chemicals that we naturally produce within our own physiology. So this is not methamphetamine and LSD and different kinds of this is plant and they call it medicine and they do it with sacred ceremony. Its not a recreational drug. This is done in a container with an intention and it is extremely, powerfully life-changing. Does that answer your question?

Beryl: Yeah, beautifully. But I hear some people say, they experienced seeing aspects of themselves that are not that attractive. It shows up as youre probably just saying that the duality, that the dark and the light. Did you have that kind of experience? Tom: The other aspect of it and this is pretty much agreed across the board with everybody that Ive ever talked to is that you have absolutely no idea what is going to occur on each individual journey. Every single one is different. I did about twelve of them, fifteen of them and I went sometimes I went to the highest heights. Other times, I went to the lowest lows. Other times, I went sideways. I mean its amazing. Sometimes I was very social and we dance around the fire and I came into this collective group consciousness with 50 other people and we were like one consciousness. Other times, I lay down under a blanket and it took me about an hour to decide whether I wanted to uncross my legs or not. I didnt want to disturb the experience that I was having by moving my foot. Beryl: Gosh. Tom: So, you dont its absolutely unpredictable and you see yourself and thats the main thing. So everybody is going to experience something different because youre not introducing something to take you in a certain place. Youre introducing something thats going to show you yourself. So everybody is going to have a different journey. Beryl: So, how you perceive the world is different now? Tom: Yes. My values, my priorities, my perspectives, I can say are still changing. The medicine is still working. This is not just a flash in the pan. I feel as if my DNA or my cellular structure, the synopsis of my brain, I have been I feel in a way rewired, in a way changed through that experience. Melanie: I just want to quickly ask a question. So going back to the comment you made that it will show you yourself, if you have a poor perception of yourself, is that when what you see might feel scary? Tom: Yes, absolutely. Melanie: OK. Tom: If you are full of fear, your fear will come up for you to see and for you to feel. I mean hopefully the purpose in that is that you can see how imaginary, how self-created, how that is fitting and working in your life. But I will say it. Heres the amazing thing. That I went into my feelings of loneliness. I mean Im down in a country. They speak Portuguese. Im the only one speaking English. Im there. Im doing everybodys charts. I dont know anybody. Nobody knows I mean I was very much alone.

And so that was a very sad, grief, inner sorrow. And the amazing thing was I was grateful. I was having simultaneous feelings of being so grateful for being able to have these deep feelings like it was almost a gift of being in a human body to experience the whole spectrum and the whole wide range of feelings. Its like you know what, thats why were here. The feelings come with the body. And its actually a gift. And the more Im able to like accept, like before I feel like my whole life I have run away from sorrow, sadness, grief, anger, all the negative emotions. I have always tried to be a happy, go lucky, nice, smiley kind of a guy. And this that experience actually showed me that these feelings that we maybe label as negative, these are part of the fabric, the essence of the human experience that brings us together as compassionate, loving, connected beings. So even and I would say, same with the fear, I think people that you could still yeah, you can feel this feelings but the beautiful part about the medicine is that you can kind of witness or observe yourself having these feelings. Again, Im going to say, its totally individual for everybody and I know there are people that have had miserable experiences and Im not going to say its for everybody. Melanie: But it sounds as though theres the opportunity if one can allow it even if so called sad or miserable feelings come up. It sounds that it is the opportunity to work your way through these feelings or at least observe them and develop a different perspective as you did on the purpose of them. Tom: Yeah, yeah. Melanie: So I suppose the people who go away feeling miserable perhaps didnt have the werent able to stay with it enough. Tom: I think some of it is your intention. I went down with the intention my intention for the last few years has been to connect with the feminine, to connect with the Mother, to connect with the inner and with my feelings. I had that conscious intention. And if you go down wanting extraterrestrial contact and I want to get up, up and away and whatever and Ive just been a computer programmer graphics designer in my head for my whole life. And feelings are like whatever. You can get opened up like surprise. This is not what its about, young man. And be upset, be pissed off, get angry. So what? I wanted enlightenment and all I got was a bunch of emotion like what the hell is this? I mean everybody is going to react I think according to what their ego wants and if the experience meets that desire or not. I dont know.

Beryl: OK. So youre talking about the feminine. When I was with you a few months ago, you talked about how we are moving into this energy of the feminine. Would you like to talk about that a little bit? Tom: Well, I think that goes with some of the other things that have been going on around here in terms of this whole 12-21 shift and the end of the world and nothing happened and whats going on and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean if we really want to look at it, this is the real emergence of the feminine. And I say that because it is the end of the 26,000-year cycle, it is the end of the huge great age, not only the age of Pieces into Aquarius which is a 2160-year cycle but on this 26,000-year has to do with the procession of the Equinoxes. It has to do with this winter solstice coming into an alignment with the galactic center. And if we divide that 26,000 by four, we get 6500 years and weve had 6500 years of patriarchy, male-dominated, exclusive, self-interest, the good of myself, controlling the outside, the masculine, has been about Adam who brought some of the stuff in, the Bible and the patriarchy came and this is all kind of Adam named the animals and domination of nature, which is also a domination of the feminine. OK. This all came in about 6500 years ago. Prior to that was the matriarchy where men honored women as goddesses because they gave birth and it was kind of a little bit before they knew that they really had a part in it. It was really when men grunt [Phonetic] [0:19:54] that they put this in and a baby comes up. They said, Wait a minute, thats mine. But we dont need to get into the causes but well just say that before that, the matriarchy was about the feminine. It was about inclusion. It was about the good of the group. It was about harmony with nature. And then you go 13,000 years back and you go into the neo-archaic. So what were in, were in this turning point that I say between the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, the matriarchy and the patriarchy. This time period now is a reconfiguration of rebalancing of the masculine and the feminine. And I dont necessarily mean men and women. We each are both. Everybody has got a Mars and a Venus in their astrological birth chart. So theres an anima and an animus basically. So Im talking about masculine and feminine. Beryl: OK. So I can see how that plays out in things like religion right now, how there are so many issues in the UK right now. There are issues about should there be female bishops and so forth. But youre saying, its not necessarily about men and women. But Im trying to relate this now to what is happening in our world as were going through this shift. Obviously, there are stronger feminine energies coming in. Could you just take us through how that because the systems are breaking down and maybe theyre patriarchal systems, the governments, the politics, the religion. What is going on now, Tom?

Tom: Yeah. So, the way that and this is also not just this 26,000-year cycle but Pluto, Pluto is a 250-year cycle and it just went into the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and its going to stay there until 2024. And Uranus just went into the sign of Aries about a year ago and its going to stay there for six more years. So we have this Pluto year in a square and I can go into a lot of the astrology but what it means, OK, the way that I see it number one is, Capricorn is external authority, the structures, laws, man-made laws, man-made religions, external forms of control, it has to do with the patriarchy, with the banks, with the governments, even with our fathers and parents and police, military, things that form and structure society. This is the outer external authority. What were moving into is inner authority, inner, feminine. OK. This is the rise of my personal truth, my personal morals, my personal ethics, my personal needs, my personal feelings. I become my own authority. And this is why everybody has been so fearful. This is why men have suppressed women for so damn long to start with is that women are in touch with their feelings. They know that the feminine is in touch with what they need and who they are and what is true. And as much as the men are lost in their head, everything is subjective, the truth is subjective, everything is bendable and changeable, we can justify this or rationalize that with all this bullshit. But it comes down to now, were coming up into and I say, this is the difference between spiritually and religion. Religion says God is out there. And we have to do this and be this and do that and not do that in order to get up to get external approval. Spirituality says I am a co-creator. God is in here and out there. Were one. I think were having a falling apart of external authority and religion, religious institutions that say you need a priest or you need somebody to talk to God for you or whatever. Beryl: Yeah. Tom: Thats kind of coming up as peoples spirituality grows and they come into this awareness that my heart is connected. I dont need a mediary. Beryl: Yeah. And thats something that Melanie and I talk about quite a lot between ourselves is that a layer has gone, hasnt it? A layer of gurus, the priest, all that stuff has gone because we have this hotline now. We can download ourselves. We dont need all of that stuff, do we? Tom: And that is also thats pretty scary for a heck of a lot of people. Its like, Oh, Im not feeling that and I do need somebody. I dont know whats going on. I mean thats scary for people to have a loss of that guidance and those instructions and have to come into their own creative process where theres no recipe. That can be pretty insecure for a lot of people. But getting now back to this 21-12 because the important

thing with that is that, nothing happened so much in the external outside world. Were looking outside of ourselves. We want earthquakes and economic crisis, and wars and all this stuff. Something is going to change the world for me. Something is going to and this is what I feel and what I know because I counsel people every day. I talk with people every day. Im very much in the flow that peoples lives are changing. Their relationships are changing. Their heartstrings are changing. Their understanding of relationship and themselves and love and emotion and sexuality, its all this internal stuff that is opening, that is awakening, that is enlightening people that we are emotional, feeling, heart beings. And that the old style of awakening and enlightenment and opening the third eye is part of the process. And now, we need to look at second chakra, root chakra. Weve been in the light, seeking the light. The dark is just as spiritual, just as sacred, just as holy, just as if were going to move into unity consciousness, we got to get out of this light, dark, good, bad, right, wrong, yes, no reality. So this is the evolutionary process that guess what, its not about the world changing. Its about you changing yourself. Beryl: So, this is fascinating. And the relationship stuff I think is very, very interesting because it seems like lots of relationships are breaking down. And as this fear comes up because of all this change thats happening people kind of look often for control, dont they? They want to hold on. And I think thats and when you talk about the masculine and the feminine, I think many men are struggling to know what their role is anymore because women are very different from the way they used to be. We have many more choices. And yes, so its this control thing, isnt it? When people are not sure whats going on, they grasp about what they know and that can cause a lot of difficult issues for people. Is that what youre seeing as well? Tom: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean control is a biggie. Its a deep one. And of course, it has to do with Saturn. It has to do with Capricorn. And Pluto moving through is giving us a whole new understanding and a whole new I would say, challenge. As Saturn moves through Scorpio now, from last October until December of 2014, this is dealing with forces beyond our control. And moving into a place of learning through experiencing powerlessness over there are forces we cannot control. We cannot control other people. We cannot control our partners. We may be under the illusion for a certain period of time that we are that we can but its an illusion. And this is the kind of thing thats coming up for a lot of people now. I want to manipulate. I want to change you. I want to be in control here and here and here. Were having to learn acceptance by the other not following our program and this is causing a lot of breakups. This is causing a lot of pain for a lot of people that they can no longer tolerate or be in a situation where the other is trying to control them.

Beryl: So Tom, are you saying then that more of us are going to find it easier to be on our own and wont need to be in a relationship as much as we used to be? We dont have this kind of fantasy, this perfect romantic thing. Maybe as we are becoming more whole, we will be less needy. We will find life easier on our own in a good way. Tom: At least, while Saturn is in Scorpio, I think its going to be a lot easier that way. Its interesting because youre touching upon just the exact same thing thats really been coming to me these past few days and it is that as we have through the patriarchy become more civilized and technologically-oriented and production-oriented and intellectually-oriented and moved into cities and away from nature and away from the natural rhythms of life and we have divorced ourselves from the feminine, weve divorced ourselves from the Mother as a species especially in the Northern Hemisphere but even down South. I mean you go to Sao Paolo or Rio De Janeiro, we got cities all over the planet but what Im seeing here is disconnect. And outwardly as a reflection of inwardly, outwardly as a society, we have disconnected more and more and more from nature, from the feminine, from the Mother. And inwardly that just weve disconnected more and more and more from our feelings, from our emotions which is our true instinctive self. So theres a longing and this is the rise of addictions. Theres a sense of emptiness, a sense of isolation, a sense of loneliness. So people are smoking and drinking and having sex and getting on drugs and getting wanting to fill that emptiness with all of these addictions. And sex is a big one and this is the one thats really been because Scorpio is sex and we got Saturn going through Scorpio and its time to grow up. Saturn is maturity. So this is actually a two and a half year period of kind of becoming more objective around our sexual needs, around our sexual behavior, around our sexual relationships, and observing ourselves a little more clearly without getting lost by the instinct and for some thats not for me, its sure not as much fun though. Anyway, I will say that I think that our obsession with sex in the media, in so many peoples lives, theres just this obsession, pornography and everything, theres all of this the industries of blah, blah, blah, advertising, I mean its just all over the place. And even talking to people, a lot of what people are talking about is I need this, I need that, I need a partner, Im horny, I havent gotten my needs med or my spouse is not responding. The people are going through it. Beryl: So whats the answer? Tom: Well, I think that this answer is it is that the rise of the feminine, the rise of the Mother. As we are seeing hopefully like a ceiling to this intellectual, technological, head10

oriented approach as not containing the ascended masters, heightened awareness that its not the ultimate goal of human existence is to be as smart as we can. And in a way, I think that this is part of what were doing now and part of what this 21-12 is a U-turn. We hit the ceiling. Its time to turn around. Its time to come back down. Its time to land that helicopter. Its time to reconnect with earth, with nature, with simplicity. So I see the answer to me is diet, exercise, listening to your physical body, caring and nurturing yourself, your physical body, your connection to the earth, getting out from behind these computers and these iPhones, and the endless brain, brain, brain. When I was in London, it was like, oh my God, the freaking subway. Beryl: OK. So, I think what Im hearing from you here is its about balance because the internet world continue, it will grow massively, turns over a trillion dollars a year right now. Its set by 2013 to be two and a half trillion dollars. Thats not going to stop. But what youre saying is just observe. Be aware. And create some balance. Tom: Im just saying that there are 24 hours in a day and Im on the internet quite a bit, probably more than I should be or need to be or whatever, but the great thing that I think is the internet is part of its expansion is that you can be in remote places, on isolated, secluded beaches in the middle of freaking nowhere with nobody and youll still have internet. Thats what I like about it. So I think that it is becoming more and more possible to be connected globally and through all the technology and still it just has to do with do you wake up and do your pranayama? Do you wake up and do your yoga? Do you wake up and have a green drink and look at your feel getting to your feelings before the coffee and the internet? Beryl: OK. Tom: And do you get into your body and come to your feelings enough percentage of the day? Its this balance. Im not saying to abandon. Im not [Indiscernible] [0:37:36] or whatever they are. I think that theres just this balance that needs to happen. Beryl: OK. So that makes me think about I want to come back to the trends a little bit for this year and obviously, the internet has been powerful in pushing these trends through in terms of Im thinking about WikiLeaks, Im thinking about anonymous. They have been instrumental in opening up the secrets exactly. Exactly. We love them. So theyve theyre doing a fabulous job of unwrapping what some dont want us to know about and its an unstoppable force now. So could you talk a little bit about what is likely to happen in the next year or so in terms of secrets? Tom: Yeah.

Beryl: Because people say, we havent seen anything yet. Weve seen occupy movement. But we havent seen anything yet in terms of what could come out and change. Tom: Yeah. I think its going to the MO or the modus operandi. Business as usual, OK, is going to continue to unravel. And there is going to be a continued leakage of things that have been buried and withheld and lied about for long periods of time. And its mostly just about a lack of trust. People, individuals are going to have less and less trust and be more skeptical of their leaders, of their systems, of the bureaucracies of the institutions and that is going to lead to question authority, become more of your own authority. I dont say its going to lead towards anarchy and massive revolutions but Im going to say over this long period of time, I think theres going to become more and more checks and balances. Theres going to become more and more ways of checking. Just because you got this office or you won this election, that doesnt mean that you got carte blanche here and are just going to run the corporation or run the country or run the religion like you want. Theres going to be much more I think this is the age of Aquarius, right? Were coming into much more of a level playing field where its not somebody upon a pulpit or the teacher at the front of the classroom speaking out to everybody. Were in a circle. Were coming much more into this. Everyone has a say. Everyone has a contribution. Everyone has a point of view that needs and contributes something to the whole. And institutions and governments and individuals who are not listening and who are still trying to go this way, my way, the way, the only way, these individuals are going to lose support. Theyre going to lose their positions. Theyre going to lose their armies and their governments because theyre just simply not listening to the needs of people and the needs of people are coming through the internet, through the media, through social networking. People are getting more connected. Theyre getting more united. Facebook and all these other this is bringing people together. And the sharing of ideas is going to create more pressure on leaders to acknowledge their constituents. Yeah? Beryl: OK. Fabulous. When I was with you before in London, you talked a little bit about the free energy technology and how suppression of this kind of thing will have to stop. Do you want to share a little bit about that, Tom? Your thoughts on that? Tom: Well, at least in the United States, I know there are a few hundred different patents that are previously being withheld that have to do with free energy. And that scientists and other inventors that have come up with I mean there are created manufactured machines that will produce free energy. And theyre simply locked out

and laboratories have been destroyed and scientists have been actually even killed. But certainly, dishonored and I mean Tesla was a perfect example. A long time ago, that type of mentality is still going on. And if anything, what we and this is whats not really clear at this point is it would be nice if through conscious awareness, the people in power and control yielded their positions and their stakes and their interests in maintaining the way things are now and let go of the status quo and invited change and that lack of resistance to evolution creates less trauma. However, Im not seeing Im seeing that in some places but in other places, there is still entrenched forms of behavior and attitudes that no, weve got too much money invested, weve got too much to lose, weve got too much we need to keep the controls and the patents and the AMA, the pharmaceuticals in Monsanto. Beryl: Yeah. Tom: We are trying to take control of the world. There is still a huge group, Illuminati or whoever you want to call them, they are trying to control the whole freaking world. And its going to that leads obviously to trauma, to revolution, to this build up of resistance to change makes the dam break. And this year, is a very beautiful year actually. Jupiter is going to be moving into Cancer and its going to create a Grand Trine with Saturn over here in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron over in Pieces. And this it will be opposite Pluto. Its actually called a kite configuration in astrology all through June and July, very powerful summer in the Northern Hemisphere, winter in the Southern Hemisphere. But this Grand Trine really, this kite configuration points to smooth transition. Its harmonious. The law of three, the circle divided by three like with the a table with three legs can kind of sit just about anywhere. Yeah? So, three is a harmonious exchange and flow of energy. So I am optimistic but I was born optimistic. I think its all good. I really feel like its good that we are where we are. People can I think they have been disillusioned and let down with 21-12. A lot of spirit light workers were really waiting including myself. I sure hope they land and fix the planet or that there are some the Gaya raises her head and shakes us up or something wakes us up or that something wakes us up and nothing happened. But now, Im accepting that and saying, OK. Thats life. Beryl: So, what can we do as individuals, Tom to help this transition for ourselves because its really easy to feel a bit helpless when you see all this stuff going on? Tom: Well, Ill tell you what I really feel is and this just came to me like last night. Its amazing the timing for this interview. Its like we have reached the tipping point. I even

think theres like a book or something about it. But I feel that about hundredth monkey however you want to look at it, we are at the numbers. I really feel like you know what, what spiritual light seekers have been doing is living in a reality of us and them. They have a lot of spiritual light seekers who have actually created more separation. I have to go off on my yoga retreat. I have to go off here. I have to get away from it. I have to disconnect. I have to go in blah, blah, blah, blah. I have to separate in order to have my enlightenment experience. I need the Ashram. I need blah, blah, blah. Yeah? But you know what? Now, Im saying 2013, this is the year, its time to come out of the hills, to come out of hiding, to come out of meditation, to come out theres enough of us but we have not connected. We have not united. Were all scattered. Weve all been so individualized and so unique and so different and so special that its undermining the evolution of the planet. So its time what I see 2013, I see this time of us and my message I mean I started, Im doing the Kaypacha Healing Festival. Im gathering together a group of people and were traveling from city to city to city doing festivals, connecting with people. And Im going to be like a coach. Im going to be coaching groups of people on take over the airwaves. Use social networking, make movies, make YouTube videos, get a make get out there. Write the books. Have the festivals. Show your face. Come out of hiding. Be seen. Be known. Be heard. This is the message I think of 21-12 is its not going to happen without us. We are cocreators. This is a time for us to do it. And if we dont do it, its not going to happen. So dont be just hanging back thinking that oh yeah, waiting for the world to change. I think its a song. Beryl: Yeah. And its interesting you say all of that because the kind of label of spirituality has for some people had certain connotations that they havent felt comfortable with. But spirituality is becoming if you like more mainstream, isnt it? Its a face of spirituality is that were becoming more comfortable with. It doesnt have to be all dancing naked in the woods kind of stuff. Do you know what Im trying to say here? I mean I see what WikiLeaks are doing [indiscernible] [0:50:14] because what its saying is, We are powerful. Were connecting with that part of us that does not have to be dictated to. That we know. Tom: Right. And this is the other thing. You get into the head. Aquarius is the elite. And it also has to do with the rebel and revolutionary and the genius and the mad scientist and its all about, Im unique, Im special, Im different, Im separate, Im, Im, Im, Im. And as we come into the heart, as we come into the emotion and the feeling and the feminine, were all human. We all cry. We all love. We all have some things in common. The heart has compassion and that is our connection.

So part of this U-turn, part of this future awakening now and what the gift of this feminine, OK, is this camaraderie? And it can come through suffering. I mean that last massacre in America. I mean it was just like, everybody came together when those kindergarten kids got killed. And everybody rose together. You see earthquakes and disasters, it brings people together one way. Beryl: Yes. Tom: But maybe if we come together without a crisis that would be really nice. Beryl: Melanie, do you want to say something? I know Ive hoaxed this a bit. Sorry about that. Melanie: No, no, no. Youve asked some of the questions that were in my mind. So if Im to summarize what I heard. Am I right in saying that 2012 has brought us to the point where weve been as it were, kicked awake into taking our power back and as we move through 2013, taking responsibility for ourselves will only really work if we come together, the different factions come together and work together as a unit? Tom: Yes. And this is its almost like a paradox, right? You have to become stronger and more in touched with your heart, with your inner truth, with your humanity in order to work successfully with comrades in a compassionate way with groups so that we can make this change together. Its like you have to overcome your ego in order to be working with people the way that we need to work with each other in order to bring about this common vision of a planet that is full of peace, love, and harmony. Melanie: Right. So for some of us, its going to be a period huge instability sort of coming into your heart. But at least we can see its all good. Tom: Ill say that the tricky part of about this at least for me and probably for most people, is patience, patience and acceptance. The head goes a hundred miles an hour in comparison to the heart, the feeling, and the emotions that go about five miles an hour. Were used to doing things fast. And nature, trees dont grow fast. OK? And our feelings dont come into consciousness fast. And we have to slow down to feel our feelings. And this I would say is probably the main challenge and people are stressed out, people have all kinds of anxiety. Its just all about speed. And if theres anything that we need to consciously control or resist, it is being pushed by outside authorities to speed up, produce more, make more money, more, more, more, more, you need more, you need more, you need following the advertising. All of these outsides of we need to and thats the place where we need to break out and break free and get back to nature. And simplicity is you dont need all that money because you dont need all of those things.

And you get into simplicity and then you can slow down a little bit because you dont have to spend as much, you dont need as much, you dont have to work as much. Beryl: OK. So, you talked about speed makes me think about something else. Now time, some people will say that time is speeding up. And it does sometimes feel, I mean compared to 10, 20 years ago for me, that events happen very quickly. And this is kind of paradox that yes, we need to slow down but other things seem to be speeding up. Is that something that you are aware of? Tom: I mean its pretty abstract but my sense is time is not speeding up at all. You go out and you sit on the beach or you sit and you watch a tree grow and not a damn thing has changed. So it is an illusion and a lot of time, its an illusion. Whats happening is that our consciousness is expanding. So we are more aware of more things happening than we used to be. So we could say that there are more changes happening within a given period of time. Beryl: OK. Tom: That puts the ball a little bit more in our court that we have control over how many changes occur within a given period of time. Its not a, were at the mercy of time because time is speeding up. You know what Im saying? Beryl: I do. I do because you also do hear that there is no such thing as time anyway. Everything is happening in the now. Tom: So Beryl: That makes sense. Tom: People can use that as an excuse that oh my God, time is speeding up. Theres nothing I can do about it and Im powerless and blah, blah, blah. And thats just its a copout. Beryl: OK. So that makes you think about karma. And some people would say that were done with karma now or theyll say that the karma thing is happening more quickly. So like this payback thing is happening more quickly which is why were having more challenges in our lives. People say oh thats karma. What would you say about all of that? Im throwing them at you today, Tom. You said I could. You said I could. Tom: Karma, karma, karma, karma. Yeah. I prefer dharma to karma. My thoughts on that is basically as long as we live in a physical body in the third dimensional world, theres the laws of cause and effect that what you put out comes back. And that so I dont see karma disappearing until we are so attuned with our multidimensional spiritual

self that were no longer identified with this polarized third dimensional plus-minus, cause and effect. Thats not so much the reality that we exist within. And we watch. So that would be like that karma no longer exist if you are able to move outside of the world of polarity. Theres no such thing as loss or gain. Thats a polarity. I didnt lose any money. I didnt gain any money. I mean I see myself as a steward of money. Its not mine. Im a steward of money. I get it and I give it to here, here, here, here, here. Im just a Im a distributor of money. But its not mine so I dont lose it and I dont gain it. I just direct it. So you can get into this consciousness that you are not in that. So your karma then is its modified and it changes. But I dont see it as like disappearing because you still have a physical body and if you stop eating, youre going to die. Thats karma. I mean so we could see it, I dont know, on different planes. Karma will always be on the physical plane but then theres emotional, mental, spiritual, there are all these different planes. And I think its a complex subject. Beryl: And when we get out of fear, then isnt it true that when we got out of fear, then were not looking outside of ourselves for security like I must have more money, I must have more relationships, I must have this stuff to make me feel whole and secure? So when we could step out of that fear space then we dont create this stuff that causes cause and effect. Does that make sense? Tom: Yeah, absolutely. Beryl: So help us Tom, understand how we can best do this transition that clearly many of us going through and were feeling? How can we best move through that? What can we do for ourselves? I know you teach the Kundalini yoga and I for myself find that very helpful in keeping quite calm. Tom: Yeah. Well, pranayama, breathing, the oxygen, the breath is just like so I put that as being like numero uno. Beryl: OK. Tom: So there are breath exercises, theres different things that you can do thats part of Kundalini yoga, thats part of a lot of different kinds of yoga. Its not just exclusively Kundalini or anything. But and then of course, exercise and getting into your physical and your hygiene, your diet. And of course, then that is also limiting the head stuff. Beryl: OK.


Tom: Its just being aware, being aware that you want to have times when youre bored. You want to have times where you dont have anything scheduled, where you have open space. Thats when spirit, thats when emotion, thats when stuff comes up is in the empty space. And if youre living youre living your life busy from the time you get up to the time you get to go down and youre just in your ego the whole time, thinking, planning the future and the past, uh-uh. So just a free time, breathing, diet and exercise. Beryl: I think thats a great point to say thank you and Melanie: And this is a bit yeah, sorry. Go on. Beryl: Go on. Sorry Melanie. Melanie: No, carry on. No. Theres one thing I wanted to say, this has been really fascinating and youre right, its a great point to end on. And really, what were doing is reminding those of us who are running from ourselves that we really have to just stop and create space and welcome the emotions which come up because thats where were going to make our transition or evolution through our emotions. At least, thats what I understood. Yeah? Tom: Absolutely. Perfect. Beryl: So Tom, where can people get in touch with you if they want to take part in your festivals, if they want to because I know you do readings, if they want to connect with you? Whats the name of your website? Tom: It is Beryl: OK. And thats the best way for them to connect with you. Tom: Yeah. Beryl: Fantastic. Fantastic. Melanie: Is there Facebook and Twitter as well or is it just the website? Tom: I think Im yeah, I just gone on to Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is New Paradigm Astrology. I have a page. And Kaypacha Healing Festival has a page and a website but thats all you can I think you can get into everything through my website. Beryl: Yeah. Well put links underneath this video to all of that. OK.


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