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Kunal Gupta

Personal Details

Father's Name

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta

Date Of Birth

July 02, 1989


Contact Number

Permanent Address



5/376, SFS, Agrawal Farm, Mansaravar, Jaipur Rajasthan (302020)


Fully dedicated to achieve goals setted by me for the welfare of individuals and society. I

am a Workaholic, filled to brim with new innovative ideas and thoughts always busy in

exploring the path to accomplish them.


Bachelor Of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Govt Engineering College Bikaner, Affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University

September 2007 – June 2011 ( With aggregate of 64.55%)

All India Senior Secondary Education, CBSE

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.- 1, Faridabad

Year passed – 2007 ( With aggregate of 82.4%)

All India Secondary Education, CBSE

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.- 1, Faridabad

Year Passed – 2005 ( With aggregate of 80.2%)

Work Experience

Lecturer , Electronics & Communication Engineering Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur August 2011 – December 2011

Hardware Design Engineer, FARASBEE, Mumbai January 2012 – May 2012

Technical , Designing Skills and Interests

Experienced Handling Operating Systems:- LINUX :- Working on Ubuntu, Worked on Fedora Worked on Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 Programmed in :- C, C++, MATLAB (octave) Familiar with JAVA, Python, SQL (mySQL), VHDL, HTML , Arduino Programming Application Softwares :- Arduino Board IDE, GIMP, Open Office, octave, OpenCV, Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Picasa 3, MATLAB, Express Studio, EAGLE, AVR Studio, KEIL, Xilinx, Qt API Interest :- Programming, Coding, Embedded Circuits, designs, Micro-controller and Microprocessor Programming , HCI (human computer Interaction , specifically gesture control), Image processing Hardware Designing :- PCB Designing, PCB assembly, Serial Communication, Hardware Interfacing


MAJOR PROJECT :- Sticky-Tweet :- Description :- Sticky – Tweet is a nice and easy to access embedded device which can be used in our daily household. It is an alternative for sticky notes used to leave a message to a particular person or to a whole group. We provided a solution by making an embedded device which on knocking at door , retrieve the last tweet related to his visit, and show it on LCD display. Tools Used are Arduino Board, C++ language, Twitter API

MINOR PROJECT :- Gesto – Paint :- Description :- As title of my project reflects what is in it, GESTO-PAINT, that means painting using hand gestures. A hand-gesture based project for which a specifically coined term Human Computer Interaction is used that enhances the working experience of a user with computer. Tools Used are OpenCV library, C++ & C language, Python wrappers, X11 library

EMBEDDED DESIGN :- MINI WIKI-EXPLORER ( An Intel Embedded Challenge project) :- Description :- WASK while you do task, An embedded device based on Intel's Atom processor used for real time Wikipedia query simultaneously while listening someone with many more additional features like image, e-book search, tweeting Team Members:- 3 members. TIC-TAC-TOE :- Description:- A two player game of 0 and X played by kids called tic tac toe, was made by our team on a 15X15 pcb board with the help of PIC microcontroller and LEDs. Team members:- 2 members. ROBOTICS :- Description:- A wired robot with lifting and revolving feature for SAKSHAMA X08 in 2008 Team Members:- 3 members (Team Evilution)


Core-Organizer of rajasFOSS, a FOSS event in Engineering College Bikaner in 2010.

Organizer of Software Freedom day in Engineering College Bikaner from 1-5 December 2009, a seminar+workout session on FOSS + hardware from experienced Open Source Developers in Bangalore.

Core Team member of LINUX USER GROUP BIKANER, a group of linux users promoting FOSS established in 2009.

Core Team member of Quartz - a society of Electronics and Communication Department in Engineering College Bikaner.

A Robotics Workshop on wireless robotics in IIT- Roorkee by Technophilia in 2008.

Worked as House Captain in 11th standard in school in 2006.

In Founder Team of Mathematics club founded in school.

Rashtrapati Award Awarded for Scouting in 2005.

Delhi Region Troop's Captain in National Jamboree at Haridwar,


I am hereby declaring that information I have provided is completely true and I will be responsible for any violation in it.

Kunal Gupta