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SW Dev Name: Phone #: Email: Location: Have you been contacted by someone at Amazon in the past 12 months for

an in person interview? No | Yes When Have you had a phone interview or in-person interview at Amazon in the past? No | Yes When Date you could start work if offered a position. Are you willing to relocate to Seattle? Are you willing to relocate elsewhere? Current and expected salary (include base, bonus and equity).

Are you actively interviewing? Do you have any offers pending? BA in BS in Masters in PhD in Other [specify]

In your current role do you do (design, testing, implementation, operational support) [specify]

Skill Description

Years / Company (please state if industry/professional or academic experience with years)

C or C ++ or C# (please list which) Java Unix / Linux Scripting Languages Large Data Sets Parallel Systems Optimization Procedures Unix / Linux based systems SW Dev. Methodologies (Scrum, Waterfall, Agile, or ?)