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Some like it hot

Filmmakers as entertainers

berlinale talent Campus hau hebbel am uFer 9 14 Feb 2013

Photo Scarlett Hooft Graafland

Welcome to the Berlinale talent campuS 300 talentS from 96 countrieS

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

We would like to thank our international network for its support

Berlinale Talent Campus #11



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Editorial: Dieter Kosslick Editorial: Matthijs Wouter Knol, Christine Trstrum Words of welcome


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Focus 2013: Some Like It Hot Filmmakers as Entertainers The Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Canon at the Campus Campus alumni at the Berlinale


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Berlinale Talent Campus #11

IntroductIon | 01



Introduction | 01

global network to go

The number 11 is the first possible repetition of a single digit. In English, it is referred to as a repdigit. In traditional German however, you call it Schnapszahl," which means: whenever you have a repdigit you have to drink a schnaps. But of course celebrating the 11th edition of the Berlinale Talent Campus doesnt necessarily mean you will spend a tipsy week at the HAU. It is very important to know traditi ons, to learn about rules and conventions but mostly to be capable of deciding consciously where to use, ignore, change or adjust them to fit your purposes. Its the same in filmmaking, there are a lot of rules and conventions that indicate the perfect way to entertain your audience. But following all of them wouldnt guaran tee success it is your individual way of varying these rules and playing with them that will make your film special. The Campus motto Some Like It Hot Filmmakers as Entertainers will focus on aspects like these, on what entertainment means in cinema and on the various ways films become great examples of it. The Berlin International Film Festival lives on these great examples of cinema. The fact that every year more and more films shown in the Official Selection are contributions by Campus alumni is very exciting to us. In 2013 for instance, we are proud to present 45 films made with the major involvement of 52 former Campus participants. And for the first time, four of these alumni films even get an extra screening at the Campus venue HAU Hebbel am Ufer, to celebrate their return. With alumni films, the profound Campus programme consisting of workshops, lectures and exciting expert talks, and upandcoming film artists mingling at festival venues the Campus enriches the Berlinale on various levels. 300 Talents have the opportunity to get in touch with distinguished Berlinale guests on the one hand, and hundreds of peers from all over the world, on the other. The Berlinale Talent Campuss global network is the biggest asset that you will take home after this week. Use it
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

creatively and be welcomed back to the festival one day! Creating such a focused and intensive space for inter national exchange wouldnt be possible without the tireless support of a superb group of partners whose long lasting dedication forms the Campuss foundation. We express our utmost gratitude to all our sponsors and supporters, but particularly to our main partners, the MEDIA Training Programme of the European Union, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and our founding partner Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. Furthermore, we are very happy to welcome Canon to this fine group of main partners this year. We thank Canon for its wideranging commitment. And last but not least: thank you Bernd Neumann, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, for constantly backing our ideas. This week, some 300 Talents like it hot I cant think of a more promising premise for a creative and animated atmosphere. Have an exciting Campus week!

Dieter Kosslick Festival Director, Berlin International Film Festival

Introduction | 01



let us entertaIn you

Gathering 300 emerging filmmakers in Berlin and introducing them to each other is something we do every year for a very specific reason. Even though most of us today can connect more easily with the rest of the world than ever before, we strongly believe that offering a reallife platform where every attending filmmaker has the chance to meet 299 new people also makes more sense than ever before. The Berlinale Talent Campus is a broadranging event that primarily sets out to encourage engagement among filmmakers. For us, filmmakers are all those working profes sionally in the film industry ranging from actors, direc tors, cinematographers, distributors, editors, film critics, producers, production designers, score composers, sound designers to screenwriters and our primary aim is to create a space for all of them to exchange thoughts and get inspired by each others work. Yet, filmmakers talking is not enough. We facilitate many opportunities to set things in motion and we hope new collaborations sprout from the meetings in Berlin. In this years edition of the Campus, were keen to talk about entertainment. As youll notice, weve done our best to offer you an entertaining programme as well. We want you to refresh your mind, to reconsider choices made be fore, open up to new input, share ideas, and let others learn from your experience. The proximity of the bustling Berlin International Film Festival increases the opportunities the

Berlinale Talent Campus offers to everyone attending: lifechanging encounters and mindblowing events are guaranteed. Youve been selected for this years Campus because youve done impressive things in the past few years and we sense you will be able to amaze and inspire fellowfilmmakers. Seeing, reading and hearing what others have done will generate new ideas for your own work. We hope it will broaden your horizon, make you aware of the craftsmanship of others, and will help you to further improve and intensify your own work. Films move people. Films make people feel and think. Films help us to reflect on our own life and see what we havent yet seen or experienced. Looking at the world around you and discovering an array of new options, new people to collaborate with and ways to make films, there is no better place for this exploration than at the Berlinale Talent Campus. This also applies to seasoned filmmakers who have discovered the Berlinale Talent Campus as the secret hot spot during the Berlin International Film Festival. There aren't many places in the world where you'll find so many aspirations, fresh energy and the most promising filmmakers together. The film industry knows this is the place to connect, to find new film projects and eager and talented people with an international attitude. Out of 4,443 filmmakers who applied, you have made it to Berlin Europes creative capital du jour. The Berlinale Talent Campus #11 promises to be a great edition. Were glad youve come to join us!

Matthijs Wouter Knol Programme Manager

Christine Trstrum Project Manager

Berlinale Talent Campus #11



Introduction | 01

words of welcome

Media PrograMMe Sari Vartiainen

The Campus was like suddenly getting a big family which supported me and gave me a boost.
Yuho YaMaShita, gerManY/JaPan | caMPuS 2011

Investing in emerging talented European professionals is essential for the competitiveness of the European audiovisual industry. Thus, capa citybuilding through continuous training, peer to peer cooperation and networking activities has been a core objective of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union for more than two decades. More than 2,000 European professionals are trained every year through more than 60 MEDIA funded training initiatives, where they have the opportunity to learn from their peers, receive coaching and finetune their projects with experienced tutors, explore new techno logies, and expand their network of contacts. We are proud of being the main financial partner of the flagship programme Berlinale Talent Campus, as we strive for the same goals: training professionals, fostering projects, connecting people across Europe and internationally. The MEDIA programme also offers young filmmakers support for project development, international distribution, networking and access to global key markets and coproduction forums.

Head of the MEDIA Unit Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

Sari Vartiainen

robert boSch Stiftung dr. ingrid haMM

Dear participants of the Berlinale Talent Campus, our filmprize for international cooperations was established in 2004. Almost from the very beginning, our support of the Berlinale Talent Campus became an important strategical part in it, with a main focus on the Eastern European participants. Last year we extended our activities and became one of the main partners of the Talent Campus; a fact we are very proud of! In addition to our Eastern European programme, we opened a new focus on young filmmakers from the Arab World for the very first time this year. With establishing international coproductions and cooperations, we enable young filmmakers to explore the view, the methods and creative styles of partners from other countries. The support of international film festivals, coproduction markets and film education projects in Germany, Eastern Europe and the Arab World is crucial for our idea to support international cooperations. We are very happy that many former participants of the Berlinale Talent Campus managed to receive one of our Film Prizes in the cate gories animated film, documentary, and short film. Maybe you will be next Just visit our website, learn more about our prize and go for it! But first of all, enjoy the Campus, build up partnerships, enjoy the festival and Berlin Europes centre of creativity.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

CEO Robert Bosch Stiftung

dr. ingrid haMM

Introduction | 01



Medienboard berlin-brandenburg KirSten niehuuS | elMar giglinger

Theres no denying it: this years Campus motto Some Like It Hot is the title of the most legendary comedy film in history about two male musicians dressing up as women. But it could also be the title of a documentary dealing with global warming and its effects on nature, or a Finnish mockumentary about extreme saunaing, or an animation film about a suicidal lobster looking for a pot of boiling water, just to name a few. Choosing the right genre and format has always been a challenge. This years Campus is focusing on how important it is to know the rules of filmmaking in order to break them more effectively! Are we better

off dealing with the subject with a sense of humour, or with irony or in a serious way? And do we prefer to tell our story in a linear way, backwards or rather in circles? Some like it hot how do you like it? Learn how to pick the format that fits exactly with your story and film. Learn how to make a difference. The Berlinale Talent Campus offers you the perfect environment to do just that and to be in the very heart of one of the hottest cities in the world.

canon rainer fuehreS

The Campus was one of the greatest experiences ever it changed my life!
ingrid Veninger, canada | caMPuS 2007

Canon is proud to be the newest partner of the Berlinale Talent Campus. Helping new generations of filmmakers to emerge and express their vision is a thrilling challenge for us to take up. The core principals of the EOS system have always been high qual ity image and ease of use. The success of the EOS 5D Mark II in helping creative filmmakers to tell their stories was a stepping stone to the cre ation of something revolutionary. In 2011 we launched the Cinema EOS System as dedicated tools for creative storytellers, with the objective of expanding the possibilities of creative expression. In less than two years we have established the Cinema EOS range as tools that filmmakers across the globe want to use. We are constantly striving to provide visual storytellers with the equipment they want to use to convey their creative vision. With Canon and the Berlinale Talent Campus your creative journey can take the next step forward.

Head of Consumer Imaging Group, Canon Europe

rainer fuehreS

CEO Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg, Managing Director Media Development

CEO Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg, Managing Director Film Funding

elMar giglinger

KirSten niehuuS

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

2013 Topics | 02



2013 Topics | 02

some like iT hoT

Filmmakers as entertainers

berlinale talent Campus hau hebbel am uFer 9 14 Feb 2013

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Photo Scarlett Hooft Graafland

2013 Topics | 02



heaT up The campus !

very director has his own colours, like a painter. E Some paint like Duffy, others are darker, like Soutine, say, but Ive never wondered about whether I was bitter or cruel or pessimistic or anything. I like the story, thats all there is to it. I tell stories I like.
billy wilDer | 19062002 Dates sun 10 | 11:00 hau1

Follow Your Instincts: Filmmaking According to Paul Verhoeven (p.33)

sun 10 | 14:00 hau1

How to Glue People to the Screen (p.33)

mon 11 | 14:00 hau1

In the Limelight: Ulrich Seidl (p.36)

mon 11 | 21:30 Cinemaxx 8

Film Screening: Some Like It Hot (Billy Wilder, 1959)

tue 12 | 14:00 hau1

In the Limelight: Lucrecia Martel (p.38)

tue 12 | 17:00 hau1

In the Limelight: Jane Campion (p.38)

weD 13 | 11:00 hau1

In the Limelight: Ken Loach (p.40)

weD 13 | 17:00 hau1

In the Limelight: Anita Ekberg (p.41)

thu 14 | 17:00 hau1

Some Like It Hot The Power of Sex (p.43)

In the eleventh year of its existence, the Berlinale Talent Campus focuses on the skill to tell stories that entertain people. Drawing people in, engaging them in the emotional world of the characters, and making them wonder what will happen next is a talent not to be underestimated. This years programme will feature a variety of film makers from across the globe, seasoned and emerging, from all disciplines of the film industry, who have found their own way to deliver stories that captivate audiences. Acclaimed director Paul Verhoeven, famous for pushing boundaries in the 80s and 90s with revolutionary films, will kick off the Campus programme talking about the importance of following ones instinct when it comes to making films. In an array of sessions during the week, screenwriters, directors and producers will discuss how they develop stories for their films and manage to make films showing people in rather uncomfortable or shocking situations, while still setting examples of spellbinding film making. Collaboration being at the core of what the Campus aims to encourage and foster, the pivotal work of actors, cinematographers, editors, producers, production design ers, sound designers, film composers and film critics is also actively highlighted. How do cinematographers define the look of a film? How can production designers build a whole new world with digital tools? How can sound de signers and film composers create exciting new layers in the films narrative with sound and music? We're putting the spotlight on how to refine rough cuts, improve close up acting and dialogue delivery, find soulmate producers who can also collaborate on content, and how to reach an audience with the help of a distributor. Whether a film is liked or not by the people watch ing it is also a matter of taste. To help films reach the right audiences, distributors, publicists and film critics play an essential role. The Berlinale Talent Campus selected eight emerging distributors from all over the world, who will

connect to their Talent peers in the six Campus days. Also eight film critics have been selected for the tenth edition of the Talent Press programme. Together with producers, all these people can help films to be launched and received successfully which will be a recurrent theme during this years Campus. With Jane Campion and Lucrecia Martel joining for master classes, the Campus offers insight into the work of two of the worlds most interesting filmmakers. Legendary actress Anita Ekberg, Marcello Mastroiannis unforgettable dream woman in Fellinis La dolce vita (1960), completes a series of strong women who have found their own way in the film industry. With Some Like It Hot (1959), Billy Wilder, who left Ber lin and moved to Hollywood in the 1930s, decided to make a black and white film. This was during a time in which colour blockbusters were massively produced by the film industry in an effort to overcome competition by a new phenomenon: television. Against all odds, this film, lacking the latest audience teasers and with a rather ambiguous story about crossdressing and sexual misunderstandings, turned out to be a huge commercial hit and an alltime favourite. Inspired by Wilder and the many other filmmakers who follow their instincts and decide to focus on telling strong stories, the Berlinale Talent Campus encourages emerging film industry professionals to try out the unusual, improve their work, and discover new horizons. Lets heat up the screen!

Berlinale Talent Campus #11



Anna Wagner, minimal tunesia


2013 Topics | 02

Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung


cross-regional supporT for joinT film Teams

Dates Fr 8 | 20:00 hau3, top Floor

Heading East Screening Film Prize Winners of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/ Eastern Europe
sat 9 | 17:00 hau1

Opening Ceremony and the Announce ment of the Award Winners of the 2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany /Arab World (p.32)
sun 10 | 9:00 hau2

Early Bird Breakfast (p.33)

Jeanne d'Arc Masriya by Iman Kamel is one of the ten nominated projects for the 2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/Arab World

The Robert Bosch Stiftung has been supporting the Berlinale Talent Campus for many years. Encouraging collaboration and fostering mutual develop ment among producers and filmmakers in Germany, the Arab World and Eastern Europe is one of the ambitions of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung offers crossregional support and has pro foundly impacted the production of awardwinning films which have screened internationally at festivals. Berlinale Talent Campus participants from the past years have be nefited from the collaboration with the foundation and have often gained support from these prizes. The Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/ Arab World competition is open to joint production teams of emerging filmmakers from an Arab country (one of the 22 member states of the Arab League) and Germany. The categories qualifying for the prizes are short animated film, documentary and short fiction film, with each winning pro duction receiving up to 60,000 euros in funding. The three Film Prizes will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the Campus. Up to two members of each winning team will have the opportunity to participate as guest in the Berlinale Talent Campus in the following year. A retrospective of four films awarded with the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/Eastern Europe takes place on February 8 at HAU3 in the session Heading

East: Renovation (winner of 2008), Alerik (winner of 2009), Father (winner of 2010) and The Chosen Ones (winner of 2012).
2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/Arab world nominees Short Feature Film Free Range (GER/LIB), dir: Bassem Breish, prod: Jacques Colman | I Am Spring (GER/JOR), dir: Rami Yasin, prod: Alexander Wadouh | Lips (GER/EGY), dir: Reem Morsi, prod: Stefan Gieren | The Stork (GER/EGY), dir: Kasem Kharsa, prod: Jessica Landt. Documentary A Place Under the Sun (GER/MAR), dir: Karim Aitouna, prod: Carsten Bhnke | Dream Away (GER/EGY), dir: Johanna Domke, Marouan Omara, prod: Hossam Elouan | Jeanne dArc Masriya (GER/KUW/EGY), dir: Iman Kamel, prod: Claudia Romdhane, Talal Al Muhanna | The Common Ground (GER/PAT), dir: Johanna Ickert, prod: Ceylan Rohrbeck, Ameen Nayfeh | The True Story Behind Me (GER/JOR), dir: Maryam Juma, prod: Inka Dewitz | Three Mile Riders (GER/EGY/PAT), dir: Philip Gnadt, prod: Michael Dupke, Stephanie Yamine. 2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany /Arab World Jury Frank W. Albers, Robert Bosch Stiftung | Vincenzo Bugno, World Cinema Fund | Johannes Ebert, GoetheInstitut | Hania Mrou, Metropolis Art Cinema, Beirut | Roman Paul, Razor Film Produktion | Rasha Salti, Toronto International Film Festival For more information please contact: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Frank W. Albers; Coordination of the Film Prize: Karin Angela Schyle;
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Europes first postgraduate TV serial writing and production programme

Launching in September 2013, the SERIAL EYES programme offers young scriptwriters and producers a fast track into the dynamic world of TV serial drama. The course provides intensive training in both writing and production with a specific focus on European markets. Classes will be taught in English in Berlin with workshops in London and Cannes. SERIAL EYES is organized by the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) in cooperation with the London Film School (LFS) with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union. Applications are now open. For more information visit:

2013 Topics | 02



canon aT The campus

Canon cameras are indispensable for independent filmmakers to create vibrant images that tell their stories. Canon has now teamed up with the Campus for several activities which will further acquaint Talents with their tools and demonstrate new techniques. Change Your Lens, Change Your Story: Workshops I, II, III Crafting visual intensity in fiction and documentary films is not only a matter of using the right camera, lenses and lighting techniques, but even more about creating a seamless collaboration between cinema tographers and directors to bring the best out of every crew and cast member involved and deliver intense and impressive visual footage. All workshops will feature the use of Canon cameras (EOS C100, C300, C500 and EOS-1D C). Workshop I Intro to Largesensor Digital Cinema Cameras Workshop II Closeup Acting Workshop III Largesensor Digital Cinema Cameras in Detail Talent Portraits All participants will have their portraits taken during the Campus by photographer Jrg Kyas, and get prints to take home too. All photos will be taken and printed using Canon equipment.
The Camera CloseUp Acting workshop features the use of Canon cameras

Speaking in Images: The Cinematographers Perspective Renowned cinematographers Philippe Le Sourd and Matthew Libatique will give a master class. In cooperation with Canon. Meet the Expert session Talents interested in new cameras can meet Canon representatives Mike Owen and Peter Yabsley to ask questions regarding their equipment. Campus hands-on programmes The PostProduction Studio, one of the Campus handson programmes, will feature cameras provided by Canon (EOS C300, C500 and 5D Mark III). Early Bird breakfast Canon will host an Early Bird breakfast at the Ber linale Talent Campus on Tuesday, Feb 12.

In addition to partnering with the Talent Campus on events and activities, Canon has provided cameras for the production of the Campus promo reel, as well as the Talent Campus trailer for 2014.

Dates sun 10 | 17:00 hau1

Speaking in Images: The Cinematographers Perspective (p.34)

mon 11 | 10:30 hau3, blaCk stage

Change Your Lens, Change Your Story I (p.35)

mon 11 | 12:45 hau3, blaCk stage

Meet the Expert session with Mike Owen and Peter Yabsley (p.23)
tue 12 | 9:00 hau2

Early Bird breakfast (p.38)

tue 12 | 10:30 hau3, blaCk stage

Change Your Lens, Change Your Story II (p.38)

weD 13 | 10:30 hau3, blaCk stage

Change Your Lens, Change Your Story III (p.40)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Campus alumni

2013 Topics | 02

happy reTurns

Dates sat 9 | 17:00 hau1

Opening Ceremony / Screening The Plague (p.32)

mon 11 | 11:00 hau1

Film Screening: Youth (p.35)

tue 12 | 11:00 hau 2

Film Screening: The Act of Killing (p.38)

weD 13 | 14:00 hau1

Screening Shorts (p.41)

thu 14 | 11:00 hau3, top Floor

Stage Your Comeback (p.42)

The Nun, coproduced by Reza Bahar, is in Competition for the Golden Bear

These filmmakers were at the Campus before you and have now made it back with their latest film in the 2013 Berlinale programme. Many Campus alumni are featured in the various sec tions of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. The Berlinale 2013 welcomes back 52 alumni with 45 films in the official programme, six alumni with projects in the CoProduction Market, eleven alumni return to the Campus with a project in the various handson programmes and films of four 2013 Talents were selected for the Berlinale. This year there are two alumni with films in Competi tion for the Golden Bear, Emir Baigazin (Campus 2008) di rector of the Kazakhstani film Harmony Lessons, which was funded by the World Cinema Fund, as well as Reza Bahar (Campus 2004), coproducer of The Nun. Several films in the Berlinale Forum this year are col laborations between alumni. When I Saw You was written and directed by Annemarie Jacir (Campus 2005), whose Talent Project Market film Salt of this Sea screened in Forum 2007. When I Saw You was produced by Ossama Bawardi (Campus 2008), and the sound design was done by Kamran Rastegar (Campus 2005). A Greek film also featured in the Berlinale Forum, The Eternal Return of Antonin Paraskevas is the first feature film written and directed by Elina Psykou (Campus 2007) and edited by Nikolaos Vavouris (Campus 2011). A third return to the Berlinale, director, writer and
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

editor of Cold Bloom, Atsushi Funahashi attended the Campus in 2004 and showed Nuclear Nation in the Forum last year, and his Talent Project Market film Big River in Forum in 2007, which he made with collaborators he met at the Campus. The Portuguese film No Mans Land, directed by Salom Lamas (Campus 2013), was produced by Sandro Aguilar (Campus 2006) who also produced the widely acclaimed Tabu, which won the Alfred Bauer Prize 2012. The Spanish film The Plague was directed by Neus Balls (Campus 2011) and was a project in Doc Station that year. Cinematographer of The Weight of Elephants, Sophia Olsson (Campus 2010) has two films in the festival, the other, The Yearning Room is featured in Generation. Berlinale Generation also features a film by Campus alumni. Marussia was written and directed by Eva Pervolovici (Campus 2009), cowritten by Monica Stan (Campus 2011), and coproduced by DerkJan Warrink (Campus 2011). Laura Astorga Carrera (Campus 2010) wrote, directed and produced Red Princesses which received crucial help from Talent Project Market 2010. Jenni Toivoniemi (Campus 2009) wrote and directed the Finnish film The Date. Mustafa Dok (Campus 2007) produced the Turkish film Jn. The Berlinale Special features codirector of the German film Rosakinder, Julia von Heinz (Campus 2004). Perspektive Deutsches Kino opens with Freier Fall by Stephan Lacant (Campus 2003). Screening in Berlinale Panorama this year, Youth is a Talent Campus success story. The project began at Script Station 2010 where writer/director Tom Shoval (Campus 2010) was mentored by Gyula Gazdag, who stayed on as script advisor throughout the filmmaking process. Together with producer Gal Greenspan (Campus 2009/2011) the project developed, and the following year when the film was pitched at the Talent Project Market 2011, German producers picked up the project. The film will screen at the Campus on Monday, February 11, 11:00 in HAU1.

2013 Topics | 02

Campus alumni / Manfred Durniok Foundation


Also showing in Panorama is Interior. Leather Bar. produced and with cinematography by Keith Wilson (Campus 2009). Six Campus alumni return to Berlin with projects in the CoProduction Market. Three projects were part of the first Berlinale Residency, a new international fellowship programme of the festival: Lauded Philippine film maker Raya Martin and producer Arleen Cuevas both attended the Campus in 2005, and present their new project The Empire. Director Sacha Polak (Campus 2010), who had two films in the Berlinale last year, Hemel and Brother, works with fellow alumna Marleen Slot (2008) on Zurich. Rebecca Daly (Campus 2008) was a finalist of the Berlin Today Award in 2010 and presents her project Mammal. Producer Ossama Bawardi (Campus 2008) whose film When I Saw You is featured in the Forum, also presents a new project at the CoProduction Market, A Dogs Tail.
Other Campus alumni at the Berlinale in 2013: Akosua Adoma Owusu Campus 2008, Durban 2011 Kwaku Ananse Pola Beck Campus 2010 | Breaking Horizons Julia Daschner Campus 2010 | Lose Your Head Kamontorn Eakwattanakij Campus 2011, Tokyo 2011 Tang Wong Julia Furch Campus 2003 | Redemption Possible Alise Gelze Campus 2006 | Mother, I Love You Matthias Grunsky Campus 2003 | Computer Chess Luisa Homem Campus 2005 | The End of the World Herbert Hunger Campus 2006 Flight of the Pompadour Henning Kamm Campus 2012 | Rhino Full Throttle Athanasios Karanikolas Campus 2003 | Echolot Leo Khasin Campus 2005 | Kaddish for a Friend Shinya Kitamura Campus 2005 | My Way to Olympia Sanna Lenken Campus 2011 | Eating Lunch David Lowery Campus 2005 | Upstream Color Ilian Metev Campus 2009 | Sofias Last Ambulance Matas Mosteirn Campus 2004 | Habi, the Foreigner Leonor Noivo Campus 2007 | The End of the World Catalina Rincn Campus 2006 | Belated Gabriela Santos del Olmo Campus 2007 | Workers David Sieveking Campus 2003 | Forget Me Not Ineke Smits Campus 2003 | A Fold in My Blanket Felix Stienz Campus 2007 Doll, the Fatso and Me Tusi Tamasese Campus 2010 | The Orator Nicolas Wackerbarth Campus 2003 | Everyday Objects Simon Weber Campus 2007 | Anatomy of Departure Erik Winker Campus 2003 | Dancing With Bellies Kihyun Kim Campus 2008 | Love Games Yuho Yamashita Campus 2012 | Layla Fourie Yan Zhou Campus 2007 | The Rivers of Babylon

Manfred Durniok Foundation Manfred Durniok, German producer, filmmaker, writer and photographer, was drawn to distant lands, yet it was Asia that captured his imagination. The Manfred Durniok Foun dation, founded by the late filmmakers daughter, Ayano Teramoto, is a nonprofit organisation established in 2006 to support and promote cultural exchanges between Ger many and Asia through scholarships, awarding prizes and providing financial support for intercultural gatherings. The Berlinale Talent Campuss decisive international perspective and interest in crosscultural dialogues makes for a fruitful collaboration. Intercultural awareness is a re current theme in the films that Durniok made and produced, and it is this spirit that the foundation hopes to continue. The Manfred Durniok Foundation once again supports Talents from South East Asia attending the 11th edition of the Berlinale Talent Campus by covering their travel costs, as they have since 2007. Meet fellow East Asian Talents at the Manfred Durniok Foundations reception on February 10 from 12:30 until 14:00 at Kaffeehaus at Museum of Com munication Berlin (by invitation only).
Berlinale Generation film Jn was produced by Campus alumnus Mustafa Dok

For more information about submitting to the Berlin International Film Festival, visit
Berlinale Talent Campus #11



SE E YOU in 2014




Meet the Expert

Programme | 03


Vis vis with Isabel Arrate Fernndez, head of the IDFA Bertha Fund.

Join Different inDUStry profeS SionalS for focUSeD DiScUSSionS in SMall groUpS at HaU1 anD HaU3.

Dr. verena MetzeMangolD 12:4513:30 | HaU3, Black Stage

SUn, fEB 10
SyDney levine 12:4513:30 | HaU1, attic rooM

Sydney Levine, with over 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, started as an acquisitions executive and went on to establish FilmFinders, the first comprehensive database of worldwide productions and rights avail abilities by territory. After 20 years, she sold it to IMDB and is now writing for SydneysBuzz, her blog on and is creating on line courses in the international film business, working with the European Film Market as well as the market in Cannes, participating in festival juries and market panels, and consulting. She will talk about how you can enter the market as a producer, and how to find the right market for your film project.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

For UNESCO, protecting and promoting the di versity of cultural expression is one of the main aims. Spreading the knowledge among film makers about UNESCOs work, especially also in developing nations, among minorities and indigenous people, is the focus of this session highlighting also the opportunities for you to join forces with UNESCO and contribute with your work to reach broader cultural diversity.
ingriD kopp 16:0016:50 | HaU1, attic rooM

which ones to use to tell your story and tell it well? Ingrid Kopp will use case studies from her work with Tribecas New Media Fund and Tri beca Hacks to give you survival strategies for this everchanging digital world where the opportunities are inspiring but can also be overwhelming. Ultimately, the story should be the priority and this is also a rallying cry to bring a sense of craft and authorship to the interac tive storytelling space.

MOn, fEB 11
Mireille van HelM 12:4513:30 | HaU1, attic rooM

There are so many tools available now to tell stories in different ways across a variety of plat forms and devices, including interactive tools like Zeega, StoryPlanet, PopcornMaker and Klynt. Films can live across a range of screens, from cinema and television to the web and mobile apps. Games, ARG s, databases, social media and various software and hardware technologies are increasingly part of the story telling ecosystem. How do you find out about all of these options? And how do you know

Mireille van Helm, founder of Ginger Film Ser vices, will be available to give helpful advice on how to prepare your film for delivery to an international sales agent and /or to internatio nal territories. In this meeting she will also talk about what materials are essential during film production and the estimated costs /budget for an international delivery.

Programme | 03

Meet the Expert


Meet TOKYO FILM eX director Kanako Hayashi

or Michel Reilhac, author, consultant and former head of ARTE France Cinma

Mike oWen, peter yaBSley 12:4513:30 | HaU3, Black Stage

In cooperation with Canon. Canon is the new principal partner of the Ber linale Talent Campus. Its products will be in troduced in various panels throughout the Campus. In this session, Peter Yabsley and Mike Owen offer a tryandtouch: ask questions, try out the latest Canon equipment and get de tailed information on its benefits.
peter BelSito 16:0016:50 | HaU1, attic rooM

national Film Festival and coinitiator of Talent Campus Tokyo, she will shed light on current developments in Southeast and South Asia as well as how the festival and Talent Campus Tokyo aim to offer a highprofile platform to a new generation of Asian filmmakers.

iSaBel arrate fernnDez 12:4513:30 | HaU3, WHite Stage

TUE, fEB 12
Hanne SkJDt 12:4513:30 | HaU1, attic rooM

Arrate runs the IDFA Bertha Fund (formerly Jan Vrijman Fund) of the International Documen tary Film Festival Amsterdam which aims to support and generate more attention for docu mentaries and filmmakers from developing countries. In this session, she will focus on the possibilities for funding offered by the IDFA Bertha Fund with special attention on how to prepare an application and project proposal.
gUillaUMe MaingUet 16:0016:50 | HaU1, attic rooM

Peter Belsito, American producer, cinemato grapher and publisher will give an overview of the current international independent market place and will share his experience in prepar ing for performing successfully when visiting film markets and to find your way more easily in the world of sales, distribution, financing, marketing, publicity both on and offline.
kanako HayaSHi 16:0016:50 | HaU3, WHite Stage

This is an opportunity for you to ask many questions and learn more about the European Documentary Network, an association of 1000 members from 60 countries with the aim of stimulating networks and knowledge within the documentary sector. EDN provides indi vidual consulting and possibilities for funding, development, coproduction, distribution and collaboration across borders. You will meet EDN director Hanne Skjdt.

Festival director of the TOKYO FILM eX Inter

The Produire au Sud workshop was created in 2000 in order to support young producers and lay the foundations for lasting cooperation bet ween European film professionals and emer ging professionals from Africa, Latin America and Asia. In this session, you can find out how to apply for the Produire au Sud work shops, which aim to familiarize young producers bas ed in these countries with a variety of tools and international coproduction techniques by coaching individual projects in development.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11


JULY 03 08 2013



JULY 04 05 2013


Marseille #01-#30, Alexander Schellow

Programme | 03

Meet the Expert



Casting director Beatrice Kruger

laUrent croUzeix, vanJa kalUDJercic, JUkka-pekka laakSo, aleSSanDro Marcionni, Mario Micaelo

BrBel MaUcH 12:4513:30 | HaU1, attic rooM

16:0016:50 | HaU3, WHite rooM

In cooperation with European Film Academy and Berlinale Shorts. Festival programmers from ClermontFerrand, Sarajevo, Tampere, Locarno, Vila do Conde and others will be present to answer questions. This is a chance to get insights from programmers in their selection process and their programming vision.

Brbel Mauch has considerable experience in production and distribution in Africa and pro duced the films Faro, la reine des eaux, which premiered at the 2007 Berlinale Forum, and LAventurier. Being very familiar with a range of festivals in both Europe and Africa, she will share her expertise in filmmaking in the region. Find out more about African film networks, online platforms, African producers and festi vals by joining this session.
MicHael geiDel 16:0016:50 | HaU1, attic rooM

ThU, fEB 14
Beatrice krUger 12:4513:30 | HaU1, attic rooM

WEd, fEB 13
MicHel reilHac 12:4513:30 | HaU3, Black Stage

A casting director based in Rome, Beatrice Kruger has been involved in the discovery and promotion of new acting talent and develop ed the concept for the multilanguage casting portal ( She is responsible for the European casting of films such as To Rome With Love, The International, Casino Royale, Oceans Twelve and many more. She will give you insight into casting for international films.
BeaDie finzi 12:4513:30 | HaU3, Black Stage

Michel Reilhac is now an author, director and consultant in interactive storytelling after hav ing spent over 10 years as head of cinema for the French /German cultural broadcaster ARTE. Based in Paris and Berlin, he focuses on explor ing the artistic and economic potential of trans media projects.

Michael Geidel, cofounder of the Green Film Initiative, will talk about different methods of sustainable filmmaking while staying within budget and keeping the creative vision of the film. He will also give his outlook on the cur rent developments for support in Germany, UK , France and internationally to go green and dis cuss how to gain support for a sustainable film industry.

How can a filmmaker be a change maker? Con sider how film can be used as a strategic tool to create social, governmental or corporate change. BRITDOC supports documentary film makers and producers to do this. The main focus of this session will be how you can link up with BRITDOC and benefit from their training and pitching events around the world.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Saturday, Sunday

Programme | 03

HAU 1 9:00 HAU 1 Fox BAr | Attic HAU2
8:30 Ticketing

More information:

HAU3 WHite StAge

9:30 Welcome Short Film Station In cooperation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, AG Kurzfilm, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. (p.55)

9:00 Early Bird breakfast Presented by Berlinale Talent Campus. (p.32)


11:30 Taking Off Essential briefing on services, programme and hands-on trainings. Matthijs Wouter Knol and Christine Trstrum. (p.32)


Welcome Talent Actors Stage At Fox Bar. (p.54)

Fast Forward Germany Frank W. Albers, Christine Berg, Mariette Rissenbeek, Daniel Saltzwedel. Moderated by Henning Kamm. In cooperation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Robert Bosch Stiftung, FFA and German Films. (p.32) Global Speed Matching Meet and greet session. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. (p.32)



Opening Ceremony: 2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/Arab World Followed by the screening of The Plague (Neus Balls, 2013). With Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Frank W. Albers, Neus Balls. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol and Christine Trstrum. Supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung. Invitation required. (p.32)


8:30 Ticketing 9:00 Early Bird breakfast Presented by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Jordanian Royal Film Commission. (p.33)


Follow Your Instincts: Filmmaking According to Paul Verhoeven Paul Verhoeven. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. (p.33) Lunch break
12:45 Meet the Expert Sydney Levine. At Attic Room. Pre-registration required. (p.22)


Speed Matching Directors meet cinematographers. Pre-registration required. (p.32) Worldbuilding: Inhabiting the Imagination James D. Bissell, Juergen Mayer H., Alex McDowell, Habib Zargarpour. Moderated by Andrew Shoben. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. (p.33) Long-Term Love: Working with Creative Producers Christine Camdessus, Arnaud Pasquali, Bart Van Langendonck. Moderated by Ido Abram. In cooperation with MeDIA . (p.34) Short Film Station In cooperation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, AG Kurzfilm, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. (p.55)


How to Glue People to the Screen Fredrik Bond, Yasemin amdereli. Moderated by Ben Gibson. (p.33)

16:00 Meet the Expert Ingrid Kopp. At Attic Room. Pre-registration required. (p.22)


Speaking in Images: The Cinematographers Perspective Master class with Matthew Libatique, Philippe Le Sourd. Moderated by Jan Schtte. In cooperation with Canon. (p.34)


Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Programme | 03

Saturday, Sunday


Colour code

Events open to the public ticket required

Hands-on training events for pre-selected Talents only

Talents only

Page numbers (p.) refer to corresponding texts in the Magazine

HAU3 BlAck StAge

10:00 Welcome Sound Studio In cooperation with HFF Konrad Wolf, Fraunhofer / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut and The Post Republic. (p.46)

HAU 3 top Floor

10:00 Editing Studio: Project Introduction Day Katja Dringenberg, Susan Korda, Gesa Marten, Molly Malene Stensgaard. Moderated by Kevin Murphy. In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). (p.51)

otHer VenUeS
9:00 Post-Production Studio In cooperation with Canon, DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. (p.51) 10:00 Script Station: Project Development Day Gyula Gazdag, Louise Gough, Franz Rodenkirchen, Selina Ukwuoma, Anita Voorham. In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.47) 10:00 Talent Project Market (p.50)

Distributors Welcome

13:00 Doc Station: Project Development Day Kathrin Brinkmann, Dick Fontaine, Jakob Kirstein Hgel, Meike Martens, Ulla Simonen. In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.49)

15:00 Talent Press Editorial meeting. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53)

SAt, FeB 9
9:30 Doc & Script Station In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.47/49) 10:00 Sound Studio In cooperation with HFF Konrad Wolf, Fraunhofer/ Heinrich-Hertz-Institut and The Post Republic. (p.46) 10:00 Editing Studio In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). (p.51)

The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Dirk Meier. (p.33)

10:30 Talent Project Market (p.50)

12:45 Meet the Expert Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold. Pre-registration required. (p.22)

12:30 Reception Manfred Durniok Foundation At Kaffeehaus, Museum of Communication Berlin. Supported by Manfred Durniok Foundation. Invitation required. (p.19)

Indie Filmmaker's Guide to Cross-Media I: Interactivity and Immersion Creating Stories for 21st Century Audiences Ingrid Kopp, Michel Reilhac. Moderated by Liz Rosenthal. (p.33)
16:00 Building New Worlds: Prototyping Vision I Alex McDowell, Habib Zargarpour. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. Pre-registration required. (p.33)

13:00 Post-Production Studio In cooperation with Canon, DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. (p.51) 15:00 Talent Press Editorial meeting. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53)

Set In the City: Depicting Urban Africa Tosh Gitonga, Philippe Lacte. Moderated by Nisha Naidoo. (p.34)

19:00 Dine & Shine Supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung. Invitation required. (p.34)

SUn, FeB 10

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Monday, Tuesday

Programme | 03

HAU 1 9:00 10:00 HAU 1 Attic room HAU2
8:30 Ticketing

More information:

HAU3 WHite StAge

9:00 Early Bird breakfast Presented by Wajda Studios eKRAN and the Polish Film Institute. (p.35) 11:00 Film Screening: Youth (Tom Shoval, Israel 2013) In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama. (p.35)

Short Film Station In cooperation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, AG Kurzfilm, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. (p.55)


Lunch break

12:45 Meet the Expert Mireille van Helm. Pre-registration required. (p.22)

Speed Matching Directors meet producers and distributors. Pre-registration required. (p.32)


In the Limelight: Ulrich Seidl Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl. Moderated by Christoph Grner. (p.36)

Kill Your Darlings Susan Korda. (p.36)

16:00 Meet the Expert Peter Belsito. Pre-registration required. (p.23) 16:00 Meet the Expert Kanako Hayashi. Pre-registration required. (p.23)


Sound Design and Storytelling Walter Murch. In cooperation with Dolby Labs. (p.37)

Distributors Sharing Their Secrets Clare Binns, Sam Klebanov, Hengameh Panahi. Moderated by Ben Gibson. In cooperation with Making Waves. (p.37)


8:30 Ticketing

Early Bird breakfast Presented by Canon. (p.38)


Film Screening: The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark 2012) In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama. (p.38)


Lunch break

12:45 Meet the Expert Hanne Skjdt. Pre-registration required. (p.23)

Speed Matching Directors meet screenwriters. Pre-registration required. (p.32) The Short Film Galaxy Laurent Crouzeix, Vanja Kaludjeri, Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Mrio Micaelo. Moderated by Maike Mia Hhne. In cooperation with european Film Academy and Berlinale Shorts.(p.38)

12:45 Meet the Expert Isabel Arrate Fernndez. Pre-registration required. (p.23)


In the Limelight: Lucrecia Martel Lucrecia Martel. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. (p.38)


In the Limelight: Jane Campion Jane Campion. Moderated by Peter Cowie. In cooperation with Berlinale Special. (p.38).

16:00 Meet the Expert Guillaume Mainguet. Pre-registration required. (p.23)

Documentaries Beyond the Real Namir Abdel Messeeh, Joshua Oppenheimer. Moderated by Jakob Kirstein Hgel. In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama. (p.39)

16:00 Meet the Expert Laurent Crouzeix, Vanja Kaludjeri, Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Alessandro Marcionni, Mrio Micaelo. In cooperation with european Film Academy and Berlinale Shorts. Pre-registration required. (p.25)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Programme | 03

Monday, Tuesday


Colour code

Events open to the public ticket required

Hands-on training events for pre-selected Talents only

Talents only

Page numbers (p.) refer to corresponding texts in the Magazine

HAU3 BlAck StAge

HAU3 top Floor

otHer VenUeS
9:30 Doc & Script Station In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.47, 49)

10:30 Change Your Lens, Change Your Story I: Intro to Large-sensor Digital Cinema Cameras David Leitner. In cooperation with Canon. Pre-registration required. (p.35)

Embodying the Character Kristof Konrad, Jean-Louis Rodrigue. Pre-registration required. (p.35)

10:00 Editing Studio In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). (p.51) 10:00 Talent Project Market (p.50) 10:30 Sound Studio In cooperation with HFF Konrad Wolf, Fraunhofer/Heinrich-Hertz-Institut and The Post Republic. (p.46) 13:00 Post-Production Studio In cooperation with Canon, DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. (p.51) 13:15 Excursion to the Costume House Theaterkunst In cooperation with with Theaterkunst. Pre-registration required. (p.35)

12:45 Meet the Expert Mike Owen, Peter Yabsley. In cooperation with Canon. Pre-registration required. (p.23) 14:30 Building New Worlds: Prototyping Vision II Alex McDowell, Habib Zargarpour. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. Pre-registration required. (p.35)

Protect Your Rights Michael C. Donaldson. (p.36)

15:00 Talent Press Editorial meeting. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53) 15:30 Excursion to Berlinale Co-Production Market In cooperation with Berlinale Co-Production Market. Pre-registration required. (p.37)

Taking the Lead: Nina Hoss Nina Hoss. Moderated by Peter Cowie. (p.37)

16:00 Excursion to Meet the Docs at European Film Market. Sydney Levine. Pre-registration required. (p.37) 17:00 TV Series The New Cinema? at Gropius Mirror. european Film Market in cooperation with Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. Pre-registration required. (p.37)

mon, FeB 11

19:00 Dine & Shine Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Invitation required. (p.37) 21:30 Film Screening: Some Like It Hot (Billy Wilder, 1959). At CinemaxX 8.

9:00 Post-Production Studio In cooperation with Canon, DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. (p.51) 9:30 Doc & Script Station In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.47,49) 10:30 Change Your Lens, Change Your Story II: Close-Up Acting Kristof Konrad, Jean-Louis Rodrigue. In cooperation with Canon. Pre-registration required. (p.38)

Small Wallets, Great Films Amra Baksi Camo, Anna Seifert-Speck. Moderated by Ben Gibson. (p.38)

10:00 Editing Studio In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). (p.51) 10:00 Excursion to the European Film Market Sydney Levine. In cooperation with european Film Market. Pre-registration required. (p.37) 11:00 Sound Studio In cooperation with HFF Konrad Wolf, Fraunhofer / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut and The Post Republic. (p.46)

Indie Filmmaker's Guide to Cross-Media II: Interactivity and Participation Engaging 21st Century Audiences Peter de Maegd, Caspar Sonnen. Moderated by Liz Rosenthal. (p.38)
Rehearsed Reading I: Actors Reading Scripts Alby James. (p.39) Pride and Prejudice: Southern European Filmmakers Report Salom Lamas, Thanos Anastopoulos, Elina Psykou. Moderated by Vincenzo Bugno. In cooperation with Berlinale Forum. (p.39)

15:00 Talent Press Editorial meeting. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53)

16:00 Excursion to the European Film Market Sydney Levine. In cooperation with european Film Market. Pre-registration required. (p.37) 19:00 Dine & Shine Supported by the British embassy and British Council. Invitation required. (p.39)

tUe, FeB 12

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Wednesday, Thursday

Programme | 03

HAU1 9:00 HAU1 Attic room HAU2
8:30 Ticketing

More information:

HAU3 WHite StAge

9:00 Early Bird breakfast Presented by Institut franais. (p.40)


In the Limelight: Ken Loach Ken Loach. Moderated by Ben Gibson. In cooperation with Berlinale Special. (p.40)

Indigenous Cinema: Beyond Tribe and Nation Catherine Fitzgerald, Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, Jason Ryle, Tainui Stephens. Moderated by Maryanne Redpath. In cooperation with Berlinale NATIVe A Journey into Indigenous Cinema. (p.40)
12:45 Meet the Expert Brbel Mauch. Pre-registration required. (p.25)


Lunch break

Speed Matching Directors meet actors. Pre-registration required. (p.32)


Screening Shorts Selected Competition Films From Berlinale Shorts and Generation In cooperation with Berlinale Shorts and Berlinale Generation. (p.41)

16:00 Meet the Expert Michael Geidel. Pre-registration required. (p.25)


In the Limelight: Anita Ekberg Anita Ekberg. Moderated by Peter Cowie. In cooperation with the embassy of Sweden. (p.41)
20:00 Chris Marker: The Future Has Vivid Memories Basma Alsharif, Tom Luddy, Lia van Leer, Deimantas Narkeviius. Moderated by Marcel Schwierin. In cooperation with Berlinale Forum expanded. (p.41)


8:30 Ticketing



Lunch break

12:45 Meet the Expert Beatrice Kruger. Pre-registration required. (p.25)

12:00 Things to Take Home Kathi Bildhauer, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Christine Trstrum. (p.43)

13:00 Talent Project Market Wrap-up session. (p.50)


Inside Out: Writing Emotions for the Screen Bence Fliegauf, David Gordon Green, Oliver Hermanus. Moderated by Dorothee Wenner (p.43)

Launching Films: Publicity and Film Critique Sylvia Mller, Gordon Spragg. Moderated by Peter Cowie. (p.43) Speed Matching Directors meet sound designers, film composers and editors. Pre-registration required. (p.32)

15:00 Talent Actors Stage Wrap-up session. (p.54)



Some Like It Hot The Power of Sex Hagar Ben Asher, John Cameron Mitchell. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. (p.43)


Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Programme | 03

Wednesday, Thursday


Colour code

Events open to the public ticket required

Hands-on training events for pre-selected Talents only

Talents only

Page numbers (p.) refer to corresponding texts in the Magazine

HAU3 BlAck StAge

10:30 Change Your Lens, Change Your Story III: Large-sensor Digital Cinema Cameras in Detail David Leitner. In cooperation with Canon. Pre-registration required. (p.40)

HAU3 top Floor

otHer VenUeS
10:00 Excursion to the European Film Market Sydney Levine. In cooperation with european Film Market. Pre-registration required. (p.37)

11:00 Project Presentation Day: Script Station Moderated by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer. In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.41) 11:00 Sound Studio In cooperation with HFF Konrad Wolf, Fraunhofer / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut and The Post Republic. (p.46) 12:45 Meet the Expert Michel Reilhac. Pre-registration required. (p.25) 12:30 Excursion to the European Film Market Sydney Levine. In cooperation with european Film Market. Pre-registration required. (p.37)

Worldbuilding Presentation Alex McDowell. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. (p.41)

14:00 Project Presentation Day: Doc Station Moderated by Sirkka Mller. In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.41) 14:00 Excursion to Studio Babelsberg In cooperation with Studio Babelsberg. Pre-registration required. (p.41)

Rehearsed Reading II Alby James. (p.39)

15:00 Talent Press In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53) 15:00 Screening the Future: Excursion to the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut In cooperation with Fraunhofer/Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. Pre-registration required. (p.41) 16:00 Project Presentation Day: Short Film Station Moderated by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer. In cooperation with Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg, AG Kurzfilm, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. (p.41)

Wed, FeB 13
10:00 World Cinema Fund At Your Fingertips Vincenzo Bugno, Sonja Heinen. In cooperation with World Cinema Fund. (p.42)

9:00 Valentines breakfast at Hostel A&O. Presented by Berlinale Talent Campus. (p.42) 9:30 Doc & Script Station In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2. (p.47, 49) 10:00 Hear the Whole Picture: Advancing Sound Design with DolbyAtmos at Cinestar 7. Julian Pinn. In cooperation with Dolby Labs. (p.42) 10:00 Digital Differences: Post-Production Studio Presentation at DFFB Cinema. Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Dirk Meier. Moderated by Christine Trstrum. In cooperation with Canon, DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. (p.51) 11:00 Talent Press In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and FIPReSCI. (p.53)

Stage Your Comeback: Berlinale Co-Production Market / Berlinale Residency Kathi Bildhauer, Martina Bleis, Sonja Heinen. In cooperaration with Berlinale Residency and Berlinale Co-Production Market. (p.42)
12:45 Meet the Expert Beadie Finzi. Pre-registration required. (p.25)

Roughly Speaking: Editing Studio Presentation Sigrid Limprecht, Paz Lzaro, Susan Korda. Moderated by Kevin Murphy. In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). (p.43)
15:30 Distributors Wrap-up session.

11:00 Master Class for Production Designers at Costume House Theaterkunst In cooperation with Theaterkunst. Pre-registration required.(p.43)

21:00 Closing Party at Club Gretchen Invitation required. (p.43)

tHU, FeB 14

Berlinale Talent Campus #11



Programme | 03

Sat, FeB 9 | Day 1

tiCketing and talent registratiOn 8:3018:00 | hau2

Get your tickets!

of one of the richest resources you'll have available to you throughout this week your Campus peers who are brimming with potential for future collaborations. With Talents specializing in all areas of filmmaking, there is no end to the possibilities that can ensue from the valuable connections made at the Talent Campus.
Fast FOrWard germany 13:0014:00 | hau2

relationships with fellow Talents ranging from actors, directors, screenwriters, directors of photography, producers, editors, distributors and sound designers. More focused meeting sessions will follow daily during the Campus at 12:30 pm:
Feb 10 | directors meet cinematographers Feb 1 1 | directors meet producers

and distributors
Feb 12 | directors meet screenwriters Feb 13 | directors meet actors Feb 14 | directors meet sound designers,

First things first! As soon as you arrive at the Talent Campus, you need to stop by the registration counter and pick up your accreditation. You'll be welcomed by the Talent Campus staff, get all your logistical questions answered, pick up your travel reimbursement, find out how to get tickets to the events and films you'd like to attend, and have your portrait taken courtesy of Canon. That's also where you'll receive your Campus bag, magazine and Berlinale film programmes.
early bird breakFast 9:0010:30 | hau2

glObal speed matChing 15:0016:00 | hau2

Meet and greet session. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol.

Meet and greet at the Global Speed Matching

taking OFF 11:3012:30 | hau2

Matthijs Wouter Knol, Christine Trstrum. Come find out about all that the Campus has to offer at this opening briefing. You'll be introduced to the Campus team members who will provide an overview of all the events and activities in the coming week, as well as Berlinale film screenings, receive useful information regarding accessing the Campus database, wifi access, etc. The hands-on training programmes will also be introduced, which include: Sound Studio, Campus Studio, Short Film Station, Doc and Script Station, Talent Press, Talent Project Market, and the Talent Actors Stage. Most importantly, you'll be made aware
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

The Talent Campus version of speed-dating, Global Speed Matching is an invigorating way to meet Campus peers. It is also a great chance to get comfortable introducing yourself and your work to those at the festival, learn what others are up to and engage with potential creative partners. The Campus is a hotbed for networking and forging lifelong professional

The Berlinale Talent Campus 2013 welcomes all Talents, mentors, and experts to the Opening Ceremony of the 11th edition! The Campus managers, Matthijs Wouter Knol and Christine Trstrum will present the highlights and focus of this years Campus. The introductions will be followed by the announcement of the award winners of the 2013 Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany/Arab World, and a screening of alumna Neus Ballss film, The Plague which is in the official Berlinale programme.

Campus heads Christine Trstrum and Matthijs Wouter Knol

Presented by Berlinale Talent Campus. Start the day with breakfast and conversations, hosted by the Berlinale Talent Campus and Campus International programmes. Enjoy hot coffee and croissants while you engage with filmmakers from around the world. Get sated and caf feinated before heading out for a day full of panels, films, master classes and events.

Frank W. Albers, Christine Berg, Mariette Rissenbeek, Daniel Saltzwedel. Moderated by Henning Kamm. In cooperation with Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Robert Bosch Stiftung, FFA and German Films. Interested in making films with German partners? German film funding organisations, representatives from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Robert Bosch Stiftung, German Federal Film Board (FFA) and German Films will present their respective initiatives and objectives in supporting and promoting German cinema. This meeting is relevant to all Talents interested in working with or in Germany. Find out what would qualify your project to apply for funding through these organisations.

film composers and editors Start time: 16:00

Opening CeremOny: 2013 Film prize OF the rObert bOsCh stiFtung germany/arab WOrld, Film sCreening: the plague 17:00 | hau1, admittanCe at 16:30

Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Frank W. Albers, Neus Balls. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol and Christine Trstrum. Supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Programme | 03



Day 2 | Sun, FeB 10

early bird breakFast

Presented by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Jordanian Royal Film Commission.

Dirk Meier shares his experience in digital workflows

9:0010:30 | hau2

the development and creation of spaces in both reality and film, revealing how the advancement of technological possibilities has allowed us to redefine the possible.
the indie Filmmakers guide tO CrOss media i: interaCtivity and immersiOn Creating stOries FOr 21st Century audienCes 14:0015:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Early bird catches the croissant

how mastering digital workflows has allowed them to deal with various problems in post production.
hOW tO glue peOple tO the sCreen 14:0015:30 | hau1

Ingrid Kopp, Michel Reilhac. Moderated by Liz Rosenthal.

Kickstart the day with breakfast and conversations, hosted by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Jordanian Royal Film Commission. Acquaint yourself with their mission supporting films that inspire cross-cultural exchange. Get your hot coffee and croissants, and chat with fellow Talents before embarking on another exciting Campus day. Sahteen!
FOllOW yOur instinCts: Filmmaking aCCOrding tO paul verhOeven 11:0012:30 | hau1

Fredrik Bond, Yasemin amdereli. Moderated by Ben Gibson. Focusing on romantic comedies, comedies or action-driven films, this panel will focus on filmmakers that have found commercial success or acclaim with audiences. What are the secrets of making successful films people love and what are the pitfalls to avoid when developing and directing mainstream films?
WOrldbuilding: inhabiting the imaginatiOn 14:0015:30 | hau2

Alex McDowell at Campus 2012

Paul Verhoeven. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol Paul Verhoeven knows that entertainment value is nothing to be scoffed at, having pushed boundaries in the 80s and 90s with films like Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers. Talking about his work and the importance of humour, suspense, a poignant story, talented actors, an extraordinary aesthetic, he will elaborate on the need for filmmakers to recognize and follow their instincts.
the survival guide tO digital WOrkFlOWs 11:0012:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

James D. Bissell, Juergen Mayer H., Alex McDowell, Andrew Shoben, Habib Zargarpour. Moderated by Andrew Shoben. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles.

Technology has radically transformed the way we tell, deliver and share stories. We now have an array of tools at our disposal to create, reach and engage audiences from mobile apps, game platforms, ARGs, open source code frameworks, interactive editing, broadcast platforms and beyond. How can storytellers and filmmakers adapt to this new storytelling language and behavioural mindset? Ingrid Kopp, Michel Reilhac and Liz Rosenthal explore new approaches to creating experiences for 21st century audiences.
building neW WOrlds: prOtOtyping visiOn i & ii 16:0019:00 | hau3, blaCk stage

Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Dirk Meier Birgit Gudjonsdottir (Our Grand Despair), Icelandic/Austrian director of photography, and reputed Dirk Meier (Antichrist, Dredd), digital imaging supervisor, present the intricacies of digital workflows. Topics include the challenges that arise when matching film and digital formats, in particular when numerous shots are taken under varied lighting conditions, and

Stories are created as an invitation for people to surpass the boundaries of the known. But for its creators to be guides in the deep corners of our imagination within narrative worlds, stories must become the first inhabitants of these new worlds. Production designers and architects discuss together their methods for

Alex McDowell, Habib Zargarpour. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. Worldbuilding is a metaphor for a design and iteration process that creates and actualizes the story space in digital narrative media. It addresses the experience of creating new worlds for storytelling through an immersive creative practice. This workshop will be a collaborative and experiential exploration to develop the practice of visual storytelling, using new inception and development processes to prototype, capture and manufacture the imagination within a single virtual production space.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Liz Rosenthal moderates both cross-media sessions



Programme | 03

Sun, FeB 10 | Day 2

lOng-term lOve: WOrking With Creative prOduCers 17:0018:30 | hau2

Habib Zargarpour at last years Campus

dine & shine 19:0021:30 | rObert bOsCh stiFtung

Supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

At the core of the worldbuilding work shop is the opportunity to reexamine the creative process itself, to discover and develop new ways of seeing, thinking, iterating and collaborating, as the basis of transmedia production. Workshop II Feb 11 | 14:3019:00
speaking in images: the CinematOgraphers perspeCtive 17:0018:30 | hau1

Arnaud Pasquali, head of MEDIA Promotion and MEDIA Training

Philippe Le Sourd, Matthew Libatique. Moderated by Jan Schtte. In cooperation with Canon.
The Opening Film of the Berlinale, The Grandmaster, by Wong Kar Wai

What exactly is the role of a creative producer? And how are they integral to the creative development, production and distribution of a film? MEDIA aims to support creative producers within the European Union, with an inter-est in those who not only have an eye for finding talent and spotting promising projects, but can structure and stimulate the team, bring in external advisors, support and collaborate with directors on content, have marketing strategies, and can help build talent long-term. In conversation with Arnaud Pasquali from MEDIA , creative producers discuss many aspects of their role.
set in the City: depiCting urban aFriCa 17:0018:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

At the Dine & Shine dinners, invited Campus Talents find themselves seated next to Campus experts and festival professionals. Set up like musical chairs, this dinner gives everyone the chance to exchange and interact with new faces between each course. With delectable food and company, by the end of the evening youll be sated by this movable feast, by the many great conversations had, connections made, and inspired advice received. Sundays dinner, supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, features filmmakers from the Arab World.

How do cinematographers define the look of the film by applying new camera techniques? Accomplished cinematographers Matthew Libatique (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan), who frequently works with Darren Aronofsky, and Philippe Le Sourd (A Good Year, Seven Pounds) who has recently photographed Wong Kar Wais new film The Grandmaster, join the Campus for a master class discussing their collaborations with various filmmakers.

Tosh Gitonga, Philippe Lacte. Moderated by Nisha Naidoo. Contemporary life in Africa is greatly defined by the rapidly evolving urbanism. Emerging filmmakers present their latest work, in which megacities play a decisive role, ranging from Kenyan filmmaker Tosh Gitonga (Nairobi Half Life) to French-Ivorian filmmaker Philippe Lacte, currently working on a project for the new short film series African Metropolis. They will discuss how they integrate city images in a filmic language, treating the city as one of the storys characters.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Meet new friends over dinner

Christine Camdessus, Arnaud Pasquali, Bart Van Langendonck. Moderated by Ido Abram. In cooperation with MEDIA .

Programme | 03



Day 3 | Mon, FeB 11

early bird breakFast 9:0010:30 | hau2

Presented by Wajda Studios EKRAN and the Polish Film Institute.

Start the day with breakfast and conversations, hosted by Wajda Studios EKRAN and the Polish Film Institute. Enjoy hot coffee and croissants while you engage with filmmakers from around the world. Get sated and caf feinated before heading out for a day full of panels, films, master classes and events. Smacznego!
embOdying the CharaCter 10:0013:00 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

participants will be asked to have a mono logue ready. Through mental and physical pro cesses, the master class will allow actors and film directors to expand their level of awareness of themselves, in stillness and in movement, focus on connecting the body and breath to per formance and creating characters. Helping actors gain access to themselves and teaching them to transform into characters requires an atmosphere free of fear. Rodrigue promotes an environment that is both playful and daring, he emphasises: When performers make the physical component of their work as important as the intellectual, they become far more convincing.
Change yOur lens, Change yOur stOry i: intrO tO large-sensOr digital Cinema Cameras 10:3012:00 | hau3, blaCk stage

Film sCreening: yOuth 11:0013:00 | hau1

In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

Start the day the Polish way

Writer and director Tom Shoval (Campus 2010) and producer Gal Greenspan (Campus 2009, 2011) will present their film, which was developed at Script Station in 2010 and presented at the Talent Project Market in 2011. They will be joined by cast members and their German coproducers, Sol Bondy and Jamila Wenske.
exCursiOn tO COstume hOuse theaterkunst 13:1515:00 | meeting pOint 12:35 | at the entranCe tO hau1

David Leitner. In cooperation with Canon.

Kristof Konrad, Jean-Louis Rodrigue.

Jean-Louis Rodrigue teaches the Alexander Technique David Leitners workshop about digital cinema cameras

In cooperation with Theaterkunst.

Body, voice, energy, breath and the ability to embody their characters are the fundamental tools that actors need, and also what they most often lack. The Alexander Technique is a method of self-discovery which explores the basic impulses of human movement, how we interfere with our own coordination, and it offers a means to change. As Larry Moss, an acting coach puts it: One of the most important things actors can possess is a relationship to their own body and breath. Jean-Louis works with actors in such a way that they immediately understand from deep within themselves their true impulses. This is a hands-on workshop and interactive experience with practical application. Active

Advantages in production and post-production made possible by the latest digital cinema cameras will be the main focus of this workshop by acclaimed American independent filmmaker David Leitner. He will give an overview of the worldwide low-budget juggernaut inspired by DSLR s capable of stunningly artful HD images, which has led directly to the development of a new generation of HD and 4K cameras like Canon's new Cinema series: C100, C300, C500 and 1-D C . Citing examples of recent films shot with DSLR s and other large-sensor cameras, and using Canons family of new cinema cameras to demonstrate, this workshop will give insight into the latest developments in affordable filmmaking, and how these cameras will better enable filmmakers to tell their stories in the future.

Costume House Theaterkunst, the oldest and most expansive costume and accessory collection in Germany, supplies innumerable film, television, theatre, and advertising projects with the perfect costumes. Founded in 1907, this historic institution houses over ten million pieces from a variety of epochs and styles, with branches in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and the Berlin headquarter. Their film historical contribution is immense, having fitted classics such as Ben Hur, Variet and Metropolis, and recently, Inglourious Basterds, The White Ribbon, and Barbara. This tour is a unique opportunity to peruse their sweeping and rich collection; open to ten Talents.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Ready to wear: Costume House Theaterkunst

Tom Shovals Youth is featured in Berlinale Panorama



Programme | 03

Mon, FeB 11 | Day 3

Nina Hoss taking the reins in Thomas Arslans Gold (Berlinale Competition)

in the limelight: ulriCh seidl 14:00-15:30 | hau1

kill yOur darlings 14:0016:00 | hau2

prOteCt yOur rights 14:0016:00 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl. Moderated by Christoph Grner.

Ulrich Seidls Paradise: Hope is part of this years Competition

Susan Korda.

Michael C. Donaldson.

Editor Susan Korda on the craft of film editing

The masterfully provocative and often bleak depictions of the private lives of everyday people distinguish the realist filmmaking of auteur Ulrich Seidl. Seidl's emotionally troub led, sexually confused and economically stressed protagonists emerge from his staged realities which are disturbing and severe at their core. The award-winning filmmaker joins the Berlinale with a premiere of Paradise: Hope, the final film in his trilogy. In this session, Seidl discusses his working process with screenwriter Veronika Franz on this triptych.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Editor and director Susan Korda provides analysis and insight into the craft of film editing. Through selected clips from Bonnie & Clyde and Jaws, Korda demonstrates the multifaceted techniques used to merge sound, image, and timing to bring about the intended cinematic experience. She'll elucidate the immense power in editing, and its ability to make a film work, despite flaws that may have occurred during production. To kill your darlings, or the critical ability to select the best material and discard what's not necessary, will be a primary focus of the session.

Before getting involved, everyone from directors, producers, distributors, and sales agents, should know the international laws behind the ownership of the films they work on. Get clear explanations and advice from industry law expert Michael C. Donaldson, who has specialized in independent film for over 30 years. This is a great opportunity to ask all your pressing questions about this often illusive, yet important aspect of the filmmaking process.

Industry law expert Michael C. Donaldson

Programme | 03



Day 3 | Mon, FeB 11

exCursiOn tO berlinale CO-prOduCtiOn market 15:3016:45 | meeting pOint 15:00 at the entranCe tO hau1

the tOurs take plaCe at: Feb 11 | 16:0017:00 Feb 12 | 10:001 1:00 | 16:0017:00 Feb 13 | 10:00 11:00 | 12:30 13:30

exCursiOn tO the eurOpean Film market meeting pOint at the entranCe tO hau1 | 30 minutes priOr tO start time

Pioneer in sound design and editing: Walter Murch

Kathi Bildhauer. In cooperation with Berlinale Co-Production Market. This excursion is a short tour with Talent Project Market coordinator Kathi Bildhauer and the attendance of the one-hour session Countries in Focus, a moderated session where public funders and representatives from five selected countries, Brazil, Germany, Luxembourg, Georgia and UK, will give short overviews and answer all questions on co-producing with their country.

their insights into the multifaceted world of film distribution. The session encourages filmmakers and producers to consider their audience and marketing strategy as early as possible in the film producing process.
taking the lead: nina hOss

sOund design and stOrytelling 17:0018:30 | hau1

17:0018:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Walter Murch. In cooperation with Dolby Labs.

Nina Hoss. Moderated by Peter Cowie. How do actors choose their roles and collaborate with directors? To what extent do they want to be involved in creating characters? How has the selection of their roles influenced their career so far? Renowned actress Nina Hoss (Barbara) who is back in the Berlinale Competition this year with Thomas Arslans Gold talks about the various approaches she takes to the filmmaking process.
tv series the neW Cinema? 17:3018:30 | grOpius mirrOr

Sydney Levine. In cooperation with European Film Market.

Sydney Levine explains everything you always wanted to know

Preeminent editor and sound designer Walter Murch gives insights into his decades-long, influential career working on a plethora of top films. Murch, who has won numerous Oscars for his work on Apocalypse Now and The English Patient, gives a master class in which he elaborates on his theories about the inextricable relationship between sound design and storytelling.
distributOrs sharing their seCrets 17:0018:30 | hau2

The European Film Market (EFM) is a major place of convergence for international film professionals including distributors, buyers, producers, financiers, and sales agents, and is the industry centre of the Berlinale. Set in the historic renaissance-style exhibition hall Martin Gropius Bau, the EFM is a bustling nine-day trade fair where over 400 exhibitors from 55 countries present over 1,000 films, and functions as a barometer for the upcoming film year. Sydney Levine, a pioneer acquisitions executive, will conduct the tour of the inner workings of the EFM . Mondays tour to the EFM , Meet the Docs, focuses on the documentary film industry, and is a joint initiative with the European Documentary Network (EDN).

Clare Binns, Sam Klebanov, Hengameh Panahi. Moderated by Ben Gibson. In cooperation with Making Waves.

Moderator Ben Gibson draws secrets from distributors

Jane Campion, James Manos, Jr., Annie Wegelius. Moderated by Torsten Zarges. European Film Market in cooperation with Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. Talents have the opportunity to attend a panel at the European Film Market. It focuses on quality TV series that are gaining ever higher approval ratings by audiences. Their quality has improved dramatically also as a result of firstclass crews, previously successful with cinema. Amongst others TV programmer Annie Wegelius (SVTelevision, Stockholm), writer/producer James Manos Jr. (Dexter) and Oscar-winning director Jane Campion, who is also presenting her mini-series Top of the Lake at the Berlinale Special, will discuss the potential of highly regarded TV series and their effects on the development of cinema.
dine & shine 19:0021:00 | gOldneun

A skilled distributor recognizes a film's quality and appeal, bringing festival gems to general audiences, and has the power to broaden the films reach. Seasoned distributors Hengameh Panahi, Clare Binns and Sam Klebanov share

Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. At the Dine & Shine dinners, invited Campus Talents find themselves seated next to Campus experts and festival professionals. Set up like musical chairs, this dinner gives everyone the chance to exchange and interact with new faces between each course. Todays dinner, suppor ted by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, features international networkers.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11



Programme | 03

tue, FeB 12 | Day 4

early bird breakFast 9:0010:30 | hau2

small Wallets, great Films 11:0012:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Change yOur lens, Change yOur stOry ii: ClOse-up aCting 10:3014:30 | hau3, blaCk stage

An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker by Danis Tanovi

Presented by Canon. Start the day with breakfast and conversations, presented by Canon. Enjoy hot coffee and croissants while you learn more about how Canon wants to connect with emerging filmmakers and check out their touch-and-try area. Say cheese!

Amra Baksi Camo, Anna Seifert-Speck. Moderated by Ben Gibson.

such as the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, Sarajevo Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival and Curtas Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival present the profiles of their festival, what kinds of work interest them, and share examples of successful films that exemplify their programming vision. This is your chance to learn which festival would be a good fit for your short, and to question programmers about their selection process.
the indie Filmmakers guide tO CrOss media ii: interaCtivity and partiCipatiOn engaging 21st Century audienCes 14:0015:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Kristof Konrad, Jean-Louis Rodrigue. In cooperation with Canon. An actors vision in film acting is lived emotionally and physically. Performance of this kind requires more than instinct interpretative intelligence and a mastery of physical, psychological, and emotional craft need to inform performance. Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad lead an intensive workshop to explore the skills and tools that are required for the extraordinary creation of characters and performances specifically geared for the camera close-up. Having collaborated with such film artists as Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Binoche, Josh Brolin, Chris Pine, Hilary Swank, Helena Bonham Carter, gives Rodrigue and Konrad a unique point of view, as they apply physicality and the Alexander Technique to film acting.
Film sCreening: the aCt OF killing 11:0013:00 | hau1

in the limelight: luCreCia martel 14:0015:30 | hau1

In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

The Act of Killing, Carlos Arango de Montis

Lucrecia Martel. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. Lucrecia Martel, a founding figure of the New Argentine Cinema, whose acclaimed films include The Headless Woman and the Alfred Bauer Award-winning film The Swamp, gives a master class at the Talent Campus. Martel's complex and elliptical narratives are grounded in their treatment of the local often telling stories that visually reveal the social atmosphere that her protagonists struggle within.
the shOrt Film galaxy 14:0015:30 | hau2

Audiences are shifting effortlessly from one platform and device to the next and are actively engaged in the stories that interest them demanding experiences that are more social and interactive. During this session, leading cross-media producers will showcase a variety of recently launched projects designed specifically to use new platforms and formats to tell stories that satisfy this growing trend of interactive and participatory audience culture.
in the limelight: Jane CampiOn 17:0018:30 | hau1

Director Joshua Oppenheimer, who worked with editors including alumnus Erik Andersson will show his film that will also be one of the case studies in the panel Documentaries Beyond the Real in the afternoon.

Laurent Crouzeix, Vanja Kaludjeri, Jukka-Pekka Laakso, Mrio Micaelo. Moderated by Maike Mia Hhne. In cooperation with European Film Academy and Berlinale Shorts. How do European short film festivals help filmmakers to launch their work? Programmers and representatives from renowned festivals

Jane Campion. Moderated by Peter Cowie. In cooperation with Berlinale Special. Campions powerful portrayal of the human spirit, and her profound character-driven narratives are intriguing ruminations on societal and gender issues, while being gripping cinematic feats. Her protagonists are often stubborn pioneers with unique artistic visions such as the fearless pianist played by Holly Hunter in

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Founder and curator of IDFA Doc Lab, Caspar Sonnen

Regardless of budget, some films manage to reach their full potential through the creativity and resourcefulness of the filmmaker. Beyond the use of non-actors or refraining from fancy sets and locations, what key elements should filmmakers consider when working with limited budgets? Producer Anna Seifert-Speck, of acclaimed British indie Weekend, and the producer of the Berlinale Competition film An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, Amra Baksi Camo, discuss how they managed great creative success while working with micro-budgets.

Peter de Maegd, Caspar Sonnen. Moderated by Liz Rosenthal.

Programme | 03



Day 4 | tue, FeB 12

pride and preJudiCe: sOuthern eurOpean Filmmakers repOrt 17:0018:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Elina Psykous The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas

The Piano, writer Janet Frame in An Angle at My Table and poet John Keats in Campions recent Bright Star. Examining social convention through visionary protagonists and powerful emotional insights, Campions work has been widely lauded, winning the Palme dOr (1993), the Silver Lion (1990) and an Academy Award (1994). Her newest mini series, Top of the Lake is featured in the official Berlinale programme.
dOCumentaries beyOnd the real 17:0018:30 | hau2

Thanos Anastopoulos, Salom Lamas, Elina Psykou. Moderated by Vincenzo Bugno. In cooperation with Berlinale Forum.

based on real life situations. Bringing together fellow Talents, this workshop utilizes their skills for collaboration scriptwriters will be able to see their screenplays in action, and actors will be able to study and perform these scripts, encouraging discussions and feedback bet ween all participants.
WOrkshOp ii Feb 13 | 17:00 18:30 dine & shine 19:0021:00 | british embassy

Namir Abdel Messeeh, Joshua Oppenheimer. Moderated by Jakob Kirstein Hgel. In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

All eyes having been on Southern Europe this past year, and discussions have been influenced by finger-pointing, prejudices and onedimensional judgements. Featuring a new and energetic generation of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese filmmakers all telling strong stories influenced by the economic crisis, this panel gives an insiders view on the current state of the Southern European film industry, and also discusses the effect of emerging talents leaving Southern Europe, how cinema reflects and influences political debates, and what oppor tunities are available for filmmakers to join forces, strengthen collaboration and fight stereotypes.
rehearsed reading: aCtOrs reading sCripts i & ii 17:0018:30 | hau3, blaCk stage

The distinction between fact and fiction in documentaries has become irrelevant, as the most incisive recent films tell stories by revealing multiple truths and asking questions by employing innovative narrative techniques. Filmmakers Joshua Oppenheimer (The Act of Killing) and Namir Abdel Messeeh (The Virgin, The Copts and Me) utilize their own creative perspectives, embrace experimental storytelling and visual approaches, and integrate them into the formal structure of their films. I created the conditions for creating a documentary of the imagination rather than a documentary of everyday life, says Joshua Oppenheimer. In this session, these experts

Joshua Oppenheimers The Act of Killing

Supported by the British Embassy and British Council. Invitation required. At the Dine & Shine dinners, invited Campus Talents find themselves seated next to Campus experts and festival professionals. Set up like musical chairs, this dinner gives everyone the chance to exchange and interact with new faces between each course. With delectable food and company, by the end of the evening you'll be sated by this movable feast, by the many great conversations had, connections made, and inspired advice received. Tuesdays dinner, hosted by the British Embassy and British Council, features filmmakers from the UK .

Workshop with Alby James. To take-on a character, an actor must create their own approach to the script and bring it to life. With pre-selected scripts from Script Station, this Talent Actors Stage workshop will focus on dialogue training with Alby James, seasoned theatre, film and television director, previous head of development of EON Screenwriters Workshop, and accomplished independent producer. James will coach actors and scriptwriters on how to build characters
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Alby James working with actors and screenwriters

Jan Campions first TV series in the Berlinale Special

discuss how they developed their formal techniques while discovering their stories, and found their unique cinematic voices.



Programme | 03

weD, FeB 13 | Day 5

Impressive backdrops at Studio Babelsberg

early bird breakFast 9:00 10:30 | hau2

Presented by Institut franais. Kickstart the day with breakfast and conversations, hosted by Institut franais. Find out how the Institut promotes and supports filmmakers while you enjoy hot coffee and croissants and engage with filmmakers from all around the world. Get sated and caffeinated before heading out for a day full of panels, films, master classes and events. Bon appetit!
Change yOur lens, Change yOur stOry iii: large-sensOr digital Cinema Cameras in detail 10:3012.30 | hau3, blaCk stage

new family of digital cinema cameras (C100, C300, C500, 1-D C) to discuss and demonstrate these enhanced capabilities, using case studies where possible to illustrate the advantages these cameras offer emerging filmmakers.
in the limelight: ken lOaCh 11:0012:30 | hau1

share insights into his working process on his films including the Palme dOr-winning The Wind that Shakes the Barley and The Spirit of 45 which screens in this years Berlinale Special.
indigenOus Cinema: beyOnd tribe and natiOn 11:00 12:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Ken Loach. Moderated by Ben Gibson. In cooperation with Berlinale Special.

Ken Loachs new film The Spirit of 45 runs in the Berlinale Special

David Leitner. In cooperation with Canon. The second workshop by David Leitner will focus more specifically on technique, on the technical and ergonomic possibilities provided by the latest in compact digital cinema cameras, particularly where it comes to lowbudget and handheld filmmaking. Based on his extensive experience as both documentary filmmaker and DoP, Leitner will use Canon's
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Esteemed British filmmaker Ken Loach's realist stories about political struggle and upheaval in the UK and internationally have garnered wide acclaim over the course of his long and impressive career. Loach gives a master class to

Catherine Fitzgerald, Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, Jason Ryle, Tainui Stephens. Moderated by Maryanne Redpath. In cooperation with Berlinale NATIVe A Journey into Indigenous Cinema. With the launch of the Berlinale's special series devoted to the cinematic storytelling of indigenous peoples worldwide, the Campus invites an array of experts to shed light on indigenous filmmaking with its culturally diverse, and politically, economically and artistically charged history. The session focuses on how indigenous cultures influence storytelling in form and in content, and discusses its relevance in the international arena beyond tribe and nation.

Programme | 03



Day 5 | weD, FeB 13

berlinale talent Campus prOJeCt presentatiOn day 11:00 18:30 | hOuse OF representatives

Moderated by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer and Sirkka Mller. In cooperation with FFA and Sources 2 as well as Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, AG Kurzfilm, KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. Projects from Script Station, Doc Station and the new Short Film Station will be presented at the Berlin House of Representatives. Script Station showcases global storytelling from projects developed during the intensive workshop, which pairs Talent scriptwriters with writing mentors who foster the development of their concept, story and script structure. Projects from Doc Station are documentaries, all at various stages of development. Having evolved over the course of the work shop days, these docs give a unique look at the world through the vision of ten filmmakers. The new Short Film Station aids in the development of innovative short film ideas by providing creative development sessions with mentors, as well as the chance to meet with potential collaborators. Each group of presentations will be followed by a Meet the Talents session, in which Talents will have the opportunity to interact and discuss their projects with Campus peers and interested industry professionals. Script Station | 11:00 Doc Station | 14:00 Short Film Station | 16:00
sCreening shOrts seleCted COmpetitiOn Films FrOm berlinale shOrts and generatiOn 14:00 16:00 | hau1

WOrld building presentatiOn 14:00 15:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Alex McDowell. In cooperation with the 5D Institute, Los Angeles. Worldbuilding expert Alex MacDowell and the Talents who participated in the Building New Worlds: Prototyping Imagination workshop will present the results from their intensive session in which they collaborated to explore new modes of visual storytelling and transmedia production through innovative processes.
exCursiOn tO studiO babelsberg 14:00 16:00 | meeting pOint 13:00 at the entranCe tO hau1

in the limelight: anita ekberg 17:00 18:30 | hau1

In cooperation with Studio Babelsberg. Studio Babelsberg, a prolific and celebrated studio, where noteworthy films from Fritz Langs Metropolis to Quentin Tarantinos Inglourious Basterds were produced, will be open for a tour of the premises to a limited number of Talents. Preference will be given to production designers, producers and directors.
sCreening the Future: exCursiOn tO the heinriCh-hertz-institut 15:0017:00 | meeting pOint 14:20 at the entranCe tO hau1 In cooperation

Anita Ekberg. Moderated by Peter Cowie. In cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden. Swedish screen legend Anita Ekberg, who is famous for her starring role in Fellinis La Dolce Vita will join the Campus to give a master class on the start of her acting career. Starring in films such as War and Peace and Boccaccio 70, her work has spanned over half a century in which she has worked opposite numerous luminaries in cinema such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Marcello Mastroianni.
Chris marker: the Future has vivid memOries 20:00 21:30 | hau1

In cooperation with Berlinale Shorts and Berlinale Generation.

Come and see a selection of short films that made it into the official Berlinale programme

with Fraunhofer/Heinrich-Hertz-Institut. The Heinrich-Hertz-Institut conducts research and development pertaining the digital future. The leading research institute for mobile broadband communications, photonic networks and electronic imaging for multimedia, and in the high-tech communications systems, digital media, and service fields, the institute also heads the German national project PRIME, which works in 3D production for film and broadcasting. Image processing, communication, 3D displays, and innovative audio technologies comprise their contribution to the film industry, and will be the focus of the tour for visiting Talents.

In the Berlinale Shorts: Primate Cinema: Apes as Family

Basma Alsharif, Tom Luddy, Deimantas Narkeviius, Lia van Leer. Moderated by Marcel Schwierin. In cooperation with Berlinale Forum Expanded. A tribute to the late Chris Marker, this session will begin with a screening of La Jete (1962) and lead to a discussion with life-long colleagues of Markers, programmer Lia van Leer and producer and Tellurides director Tom Luddy. Contemporary filmmakers Deimantas Narkeviius and Basma Alsharif talk about how they have been influenced by Markers work. How do Markers signature themes such as time and memory in film intriguingly create filmic experiences that go beyond fiction?

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Experiencing new soundspheres at the Heinrich Hertz Institute

this year, and glean knowledge from the filmmakers during the discussion following the screenings. The films include: Treffit by Jenni Toivoniemi, Misterio by Chema Garca Ibarra, Kwaku Ananse by Akosua Adoma Owusu, Primate Cinema: Apes as Family by Rachel Mayeri and La Fugue by Jean Bernard Marlin.



Programme | 03

thu, FeB 14 | Day 6

World Cinema Fund managers Sonja Heinen and Vincenzo Bugno

Its getting hot in here: the Campus Closing Party

valentines breakFast 9:00 | hOstel a&O

Presented by Berlinale Talent Campus. A Valentines Day breakfast will be provided at the hostel, hosted by the Berlinale Talent Campus. Shuttle busses will then take Talents to Cinestar7 for the DolbyAtmos screening, as well as to the HAU for the final day of exciting sessions!
the WOrld Cinema Fund at yOur Fingertips 10:00 10:45 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

with directors and producers is one of our priorities if we talk about content and art, we definitely avoid exoticism, we are looking for authenticity and innovation. And it pays off, says project manager Vincenzo Bugno. Apichatpong Weerasethakuls, Palme dOr winning Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, is one of many successful films supported by the World Cinema Fund. Project managers Vincenzo Bugno and Sonja Heinen discuss the aims of the initiative, the breadth of works and regions considered, and explain how filmmakers can apply with their projects.
digital diFFerenCes: pOstprOduCtiOn studiO presentatiOn 10:00 11:30 | dFFb Cinema

Talents with the latest post-production and digital workflow technologies. Together with Talents, expert cinematographers shoot with digital cameras and with post-production professionals, Talents will experiment with digital post-production software for editing, grading, mastering, and data management. The final results will be presented by mentors Birgit Gudjonsdottir and Dirk Meier.
hear the WhOle piCture: advanCing sOund design With dOlbyatmOs 10:00 11:15 | Cinestar 7

Vincenzo Bugno, Sonja Heinen. In cooperation with World Cinema Fund. Innovative forms, fresh perspectives, and local stories from across the world are supported by the World Cinema Fund, a joint initiative of the Berlinale and the German Federal Cultural Foundation, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut. Independent productions from regions with little access to funding, such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia and the Caucasus, are its focus. Our goal is to support bold and undiscovered cinema. Developing an intensive co-operation
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Dirk Meier. Moderated by Christine Trstrum. In cooperation with DFFB and tectum film equipment rental. Technical expertise and the precise application of digital tools significantly heightens the sensorial quality of the viewing experience. Post-Production Studio is a hands-on technical training programme designed to familiarize

Julian Pinn. In cooperation with Dolby Labs. Dolby is one of the main supporters of the Sound Studio for talented sound designers and score composers at the Berlinale Talent Campus, and presents its spectacular and revolutionary new sound system DolbyAtmos.
stage yOur COmebaCk: berlinale CO-prOduCtiOn market/ berlinale residenCy 11:00 11:45 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Programme | 03



Day 6 | thu, FeB 14

Kathi Bildhauer, Martina Bleis, Sonja Heinen. In cooperation with Berlinale Co-Production Market and Berlinale Residency. The Berlinale Residency programme invites select filmmakers to Berlin to develop their films in town. The Residency culminates in feedback from industry professionals, and a presentation at the Berlinale Co-Production Market. Details on both programmes are explained during this session.
master Class FOr prOduCtiOn designers at COstume hOuse theaterkunst 11:00 16:00 | meeting pOint 10:20 at the entranCe tO hau1

Information about Campus activities throughout the year, including the online Campus community and Campus International editions will be provided.
inside Out: Writing emOtiOns FOr the sCreen 14:00 15:30 | hau1

Bence Fliegauf, David Gordon Green, Oliver Hermanus. Moderated by Dorothee Wenner.
David Gordon Greens Prince Avalanche is in Competition

In cooperation with Theaterkunst. Founded in 1907, the Costume House Theaterkunst has a long and reputed tradition of outfitting a broad range of period films. With its highly knowledgable team of wardrobe experts, tailors, designers and costume painters, Theaterkunst meticulously custom-designs collections for every film. Theaterkunst will introduce production designer Talents to the collection of clothes and accessories stretching back decades and to the tiny details that go into costume and production designing. Talents will also benefit from an enlightening case study of Christian Petzolds Barbara, which is set in Eastern Germany during the time of the wall. The film was in the festivals Competition last year, starred actress Nina Hoss, gained international critical acclaim, and supplied costumes by Theaterkunst.
things tO take hOme 12:00 12:45 | hau2

Good writing, one of the keys to making successful films, can easily result in an endless series of trite treatments, but also lead to an unique and deeply moving views into emotions that involve us all. A new generation of screenwriters /directors who've received critical acclaim for their films share their experiences in writing scripts and creating scenes that evoke feelings and reveal important character traits by subtly showing instead of explicitly telling.
launChing Films: publiCity and Film CritiQue 14:0015:30 | hau2

Susan Korda, Paz Lzaro, Sigrid Limprecht. Moderated by Kevin Murphy. In cooperation with German Film and Television Academy Berlin, DFFB. In the Campus Editing Studio, internationally renowned editors offer advice and feedback to help Talents rework their rough cuts. In conversation with Susan Korda, participants will identify their challenges and discuss how the editing session provided fresh insights and approaches to their projects. Paz Lzaro, programme manager at Berlinale Panorama, will share her experience viewing rough cuts during the programming process, as well as explain programmers expectations when they select a rough cut for screening. Securing distribution before a film has undergone post-production may be beneficial, and could inform the final process. German film distributor Sigrid Limprecht will discuss her experience viewing unfinished films and offer advice on how and when to present a rough cut to potential buyers.
sOme like it hOt the pOWer OF sex 17:00 18:30 | hau1

Kathi Bildhauer, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Christine Trstrum. One of the last events of the eleventh Berlinale Talent Campus is designed to show you that there is life after the Campus, and in fact, there is a whole lot still in store. There are many new opportunities, activities and events that may be of advantage to you and can be accessed right from your home base. Members of the Campus team will present an overview of the various extra Campus services that could be useful in developing your film projects.

Sylvia Mller, Gordon Spragg. Moderated by Peter Cowie. The influential work of the film publicist can seem a bit arcane within the system of film promotion and press. What is the relationship between publicists, filmmakers and film critics? What do publicists do to launch a film during its rounds in the festival circuit or in theatrical distribution? This panel addresses their role and how filmmakers can familiarize themselves with the ins-and-outs of publicity to push and market their films.
rOughly speaking: editing studiO presentatiOn 14:00 15:30 | hau3, tOp FlOOr

Hagar Ben Asher, John Cameron Mitchell. Moderated by Matthijs Wouter Knol. Religion, morality, and psychology are deeply connected to our sex lives, and the examination of a character or society's relationship to sex can reveal a lot about cultural norms and taboos. Human rights and freedoms pertaining to gender and sexual orientation are carefully investigated through the sexual activities of the protagonists in Hagar Ben Ashers The Slut, and John Cameron Mitchells Shortbus. These filmmakers discuss how they have employed the sultry subject to not only steam up the screen but make incisive critiques about society at large.
ClOsing party 21:00 | Club gretChen

As the Campus week comes to a close, we invite all Talents and experts to unwind at the Closing Party at Club Gretchen in Kreuzberg. A final farewell from the Campus team will follow the screening of a Campus promo reel that has been produced in cooperation with Canon and realized by Videobro.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

The Festival del lm Locarno continues to ramp up its industry activity

Screen International
Step out of the comfort zone

Hands-on Training | 04


Hands-on training | 04

sound sTudio seTTing THe Tone

Dates mon 11 | 17:00 HaU1

Sound Design and Storytelling (p.37)

weD 13 | 15:00 excUrsion

Screening the Future: Excursion to the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (p.41)

tHU 14 | 10:00 cinestar7

Hear the Whole Picture: Advancing Sound Design with DolyAtmos (p.42)

Ranging from score composing to sound design, the Sound Studio highlights everything we can hear in a film

My time in Berlin was one of the most rewarding experiences Ive had thus far as a filmmaker.
noaH Pink , canaDa | camPUs 2010

Sound and music have the power to imbue images with emotive voice, adding another mode of expression to the art of filmmaking. Exceptional sound designs or scores can be as present as the film's protagonist or so in sync with the cinematic tone that its subtle effect almost goes undetected. The new Sound Studio programme will focus on the use of sound in many aspects of the filmmaking process, ranging from designing a sound landscape that enriches the narrative structure of the story, to the intricacies of sound mixing, composing scores, new technologies enhancing sound and exploring the possible collaboration with both creative and strategic partners from the industry. Sound designers and emerging composers are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with established professionals. In the Sound Studio, participants will work with renowned German composer Martin Todsharow in an intensive workshop with an in-depth look at two participants short films used as case study, and discuss production and composition strategies. A master class with highly renown re-recording mixer Martin Steyer, working with DolbyAtmos, will also be offered. The participants will have the chance to work with mentors at the Film and Television University (HFF) Konrad Wolf, as well as at the Fraunhofer/HeinrichHertz-Institute. This is an extraordinary chance for these Talents to collaborate with world-class professionals, and to receive feedback from various experts and mentors.

For the Sound Studio, 15 sound designers and composers will take part in an intensive programme working with top-of-the-line equipment and experts: Odin Acosta, Mexico | Mikko Aspelin, Finnland Tiago Bello, Brazil | Roy Bemelmans, The Netherlands Jonas Gervink, Germany | Yulia Glukhova, Russia Marie-Pierre Grenier, Canada | James Hayday, New Zealand Krzysztof A. Janczak, Poland | Richard Keyworth, UK Lucia Palenzuela, Argentina | Ioannis Plastiras, France Rutger Reinders, The Netherlands | Jasmin Reuter, Germany | Robert Teehan, Canada

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Hands-on training | 04


scripT sTaTion bringing life To pages

Scriptwriters work closely with professional consultants to refine their stories. The script is a vital starting point for most films, the foundation upon which the characters and dialogue are built. The entire filmmaking team depends on the precision of a well-crafted script to be their blueprint throughout the creative process. Script Station connects young screenwriters to script consultants from around the world, who help Talents fine-tune their scripts and bring precision and life to their pages. It begins with intensive project development days, which bring together the writers with their mentors Franz Rodenkirchen, Gyula Gazdag, Louise Gough (Sources 2), Anita Voorham, Selina Ukwuoma, who will also give a Presenting yourself and your project workshop. Romanian producer Ada Solomon, who has her latest film Childs Pose in Competition this year, will talk about working with screenwriters from a producers point of view. These experts will work with Talents on their specific script issues including character development and sharpening dialogue to be prepared at the public Project Presentation Day. For over a decade, the Script Station has received considerable support from its partners: the German Federal Film Board (FFA), Sources 2 the European Script Writers Training Programme, which lends its support by way of experts from its teaching staff.

Ten projects were selected by an international jury for this years Script Station: Alina Abdullaeva, Azerbaijan | The Matchmaker Armando Bautista Garca, Mxico | Where the Sky Rests Sofa Brockenshire, Argentina/Canada | Lithe Elina Fessa, Greece | Game Master Julia Langhof, Germany | Karl Ivan Marinovi, Montenegro | The Black Pin Alex Piperno, Uruguay/Argentina | Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine Mariko Saga, Japan | Viet Wander House Assaf Snir, Israel | Echoes Raymond Yeung, China, UK | Flying Colours

So many great people, so many great things to do, so many great films to see and so little time!
Jenni toivoniemi , finlanD | scriPt station 2009

Mentor Louise Gough in a concentrated one-on-one session at the Script Station

Dates tUe 12 | 17:00 HaU3, Black stage

Rehearsed Reading I (p.39)

weD 13 | 17:00 HaU3, Black stage

Rehearsed Reading II (p.39)

weD 13 | 11:00 HoUse of rePresentatives

Project Presentation Day: Script Station (p.41)

tHU 14 | 14:00 HaU1

Inside Out: Writing Emotions for the Screen (p.43)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Hands-on training | 04


doc sTaTion Transforming realiTy inTo cinema

Dates tUe 12 | 17:00 HaU2

Documentaries Beyond the Real (p.39)

weD 13 | 11:00 HoUse of rePresentatives

Project Presentation Day: Doc Station (p.41)

Meeting industry professionals at the Berlinale Talent Campuss Doc Station

Being in the Doc Station was like finding a family to my project.

neUs Balls, sPain | Doc station 201 1

Supporting documentary filmmakers to develop their projects further. Inspired by reality, documentaries construct stories of life and the world creatively, often giving audiences access to new realms whether emotional, environmental or social. The Doc Station is an occasion for documentary filmmakers to think critically about their concepts and to advance their treatments. Encouraged to focus on their projects core, Talents develop their films further. This intensive week of handson training will bring invaluable support and advice to these projects, at a crucial point in their development process. Inviting ten burgeoning filmmakers and their documentary projects to Berlin, Doc Station supports and pushes these films, all at different stages, to evolve to the next level through the guidance of documentary experts. The programme begins with a project development day with Merle Krger and Kathrin Brinkmann and is followed by individual meetings with mentors Dick Fontaine, Jakob Kirstein Hgel, Meike Martens and Ulla Simonen (Sources 2) as well as group work, before the public Project Presentation Day. The week is rounded off with a lecture by editor Susan Korda and Ulla Simonens workshop on Presenting Yourself & Your Project. Doc Station has been made possible by the generous support of the German Federal Film Board (FFA), and has been supported, by way of mentoring and designing

of the Project Development Day, by ZDF/ARTE and Sources 2, the European Script Writers Training Programme, which lends its support by supplying experts from its teaching staff.
Ten documentary film projects were selected for Doc Station 2013: Abdullah Al-Ghaly, Egypt/Libya | Cairo Ar-Rehebat Zayne Akyol, Canada/Turkey | Land of Roses, My Name Is Glistan Claudio Araya Silva, Bolivia/Chile | When the Dead Are Drier Jonathan Durand, Canada | Memory Is Our Homeland Jowe Harfouche, Lebanon | FAP FAP Paramita Nath, Canada/India | Poems Against Bullets Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Denmark | Joe Alina Skrzeszewska, Germany/USA/Poland | Game Girls Sien Versteyhe, Belgium | All 4 Mom Jakob Weingartner, Germany/Austria | Favela Inc.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Hands-on training | 04

TalenT projecT markeT look ouT for savvy co-producers

Talent Project Market is a unique opportunity for emerging producers and directors to meet potential co-producers. The Talent Project Market is a collaborative juncture between the Berlinale Co-Production Market and the Berlinale Talent Campus. Inviting ten emerging producers and directors to present their film proposals to market savvy co-producers and financiers who are attending the Berlinale Co-Production Market, the Talent Project Market offers the opportunity for Talents to meet with potential collaborators, bringing them much closer to making their films. Chosen from 212 entries, the following ten projects have been selected to participate in the Berlinale Co-Production Market: Aaron Brookner, UK/USA | Smash the Control Machine: Howard Brookner, C.B. Yilin, Austria | Moneyboys, Jelena Goldbach, UK | Passing Clouds, Petar Valchanov, Bulgaria | The Lesson, Simon Jaquemet, Switzerland | War, Ville Kerimaa, Finland | Panoramic, Ian Loreos, Philippines | Burden, Geordie Sabbagh, Canada | Two Guys Who Sold the World, Daniel Gabriel Sandu, Romania | One Step Behind the Seraphim, Jonas Weydemann, Germany | Los ngeles

In preparation for the one-on-one meetings with their potential co-producers and financiers, Talents will par ticipate in a four day programme. Through the guidance and advice of industry experts and experienced pitching trainers, the Talents will be prepared for their meetings and supplementing their knowledge with insights about the international film market. Talents will also benefit greatly from the exchanges with their peer participants, a valuable networking opportunity to forge life-long pro fessional relationships and to share project ideas and experiences. These ten projects compete for two prizes. Three will be nominated for the VFF Highlight Pitch Award of 10,000 Euros, and their projects will be pitched publicly to producers and financiers at the Berlinale Co-Production Market. The winner will be announced during the Talent Project Highlights event, which will take place in the Berlin House of Representatives on Monday, February 11 at 12:15, as will the winner of the ARTE International Prize of 6,000 Euros.

The Berlinale Talent Campus changes lives and allowed us to make our dreams a reality!
agnes anD caroline kamya, UganDa scriPt station 2011 anD talent ProJect market 2012

The Talent Project Highlights event at the House of Representatives

Dates mon 11 | 12:15 HoUse of rePresentatives

Talent Project Highlights

mon 11 | 15:30 excUrsion

Excursion to the Co-Production Market (p.37)

tHU 14 | 11:00 HaU3, toP floor

Stage Your Comeback: Berlinale CoProduction Market / Berlinale Residency (p.42)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Hands-on training | 04


campus sTudio life afTer sHooTing

The Editing Studio was one of the most illuminating and constructive experiences of my filmmaking career so far.
Ben roBinson, qatar | eDiting stUDio 2012

The Campus Studio offers select Talents exposure to state-of-the-art filmmaking tools and techniques. A solid understanding of the mechanics of filmmaking are essential to skillfully translate the filmmakers creative vision into an aesthetic and visual medium. The Post-Production Studio gives Talents rare access to top-of-the-line technology, from shooting and editing to color correction and mastering for the final stages of production. The Editing Studio allows selected Talents to refine the narrative structure of their rough cuts with the advice of expert editing mentors. The Campus Studio has been made possible through the support and cooperation of Canon, the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) and tectum film equipment rental. Post-Production Studio Cinematographer Birgit Gudjonsdottir (Our Grand Despair, Tomorrow You Will Leave, Long Shadows) and post-production expert and colourist Dirk Meier (Antichrist, Magic Silver, Dredd) will mentor Talents working on state-of-the-art digital workflow equipment including cameras such as ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Canon EOS C300, C500 and Canon 5D Mark III, the latest Avid and Final Cut editing software, grading in the latest version of the Nucoda Film Master suite, and finalising on the DVS Clipster.
Editing with Susan Korda in the Editing Studio

Editing Studio The editing process can often become dizzying, and an outside perspective can be a welcomed renewal for the project. Renowned editors Molly Malene Stensgaard, Susan Korda, Andrew Bird, Katja Dringenberg and Gesa Marten will guide Talents providing valuable insight and tips on how to improve and strengthen the narrative structure of their projects. Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with an editing mentor for an entire day, revising and polishing rough cuts of their fiction or documentary short and feature films. As Matthew Rankin, participant in 2011, explains: The day I spent with Molly has really led to a radical and totally inspiring realignment of my thinking, specifically with respect to how I write my scripts, how I shoot them and the ramifications for the editing room.

Working with state- of-the-art equipment in Post-Production Studio

Dates tHU 14 | 10:00 DffB cinema

Digital Differences: Post-Production Studio Presentation (p.42)

tHU 14 | 14:00 HaU3, toP floor

Roughly Speaking: Editing Studio Presentation (p.43)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11



Scholarships for European Audiovisual Media Professionals in Berlin

Further studies for qualified applicants in the fields of Film and television financing, production, marketing, sales and distribution Cross-media projects

Contact Kurfrstendamm 225 D - 10719 Berlin phone: +49 30 614 28 38 fax: +49 30 614 28 26 e-mail: visit:

Hands-on training | 04


TalenT press THe rigor of criTicism

Eight young film critics watch films and produce criticism with the guidance of renowned international critics. Emerging critics have experience articulating their appreciation of films, yet its an entirely different mode of working to produce criticism on assignment and with daily deadlines. Talent Press offers young critics the opportunity to engage with an international film festival with the rigor required of professionals. With an official press pass, participants are encouraged to see much of what the festival has to offer, and they work daily in the editorial office, polishing their articles and discussing films with their editors the mentors, who are all professional critics also on assignment at the Berlinale. Their articles will be published daily from Feb 10 to Feb 14, 2013 on the Talent Press website,, which features articles by current participants and alumni, as well as on the websites of the Goethe-Institut and FIPRESCI . For its tenth anniversary, Talent Press is excited to announce a new structure for its annual publication. Best of Berlinale Talent Campus will feature two Talent Press alumni critics specifically covering events at the Campus which will be published alongside articles on films from the festival at large and Campus events and experts by all eight Talent Press participants. This print publication will be distributed on the last day of the Campus, Thursday, Feb 14. In its tenth year, eight film critics and journalists at different stages in their careers from across the world come together in Berlin: Ariel Esteban Cayer, Canada | Thomas Cottey, UK Juan Carlos Fangacio Arakaki, Peru | Siphesihle Mthembu, South Africa | Adrian Pasaribu, Indonesia | Ankur Pathak, India | Vinja Penti, Croatia | Irina Trocan, Romania

At Talent Press, you have the chance to talk and work with people who are motivated by the same thing as you: the desire to see and understand cinema, says critic mentor and Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Chris Fujiwara. Joining him as mentors of Talent Press 2013 are Dana Linssen, Derek Malcolm, and Stephanie Zacharek.

Talent Press was a momentous step in exploring the styles of film criticism an art form of its own.
makBUl mUBarak, inDonesia | talent Press 2012

Mentor Chris Fujiwara discussing a review

Dates tHU 14 | 14:00 HaU2

Launching Films: Publicity and Film Critique (p.43)

for further information

on the Talent Press website see page 58 or visit

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Hands-on training | 04

TalenT acTors sTage examining THe acTor's role

Dates mon 1 1 | 10:00 HaU3, toP floor

Embodying the Character (p.35)

mon 1 1 | 17:00 HaU3, toP floor

Taking the Lead: Nina Hoss (p.37)

tUe 12 | 10:30 HaU3, Black stage

Change Your Lens, Change Your Story II: Close-Up Acting (p.38)
tUe 12 | 17:00 weD 13 | 17:00 HaU3, Black stage

Rehearsed Reading (p.39)

tHU 14 | 12:45 HaU1, attic room

Meet the Expert: Beatrice Kruger (p.25) Actors developing their craft during workshops: camera training with Jean-Louis Rodrigue

Actors enhance their techniques and develop their craft during the workshops in Talent Actors Stage. The action, emotion and dialogue of a film is carried by the talent and intuition of the actors, who are tasked with embodying the characters perscribed by the script and interpreted by the director. Because the actors role is intricately interwoven with various creative contributors, everyone from directors, producers, scriptwriters, and cinematographers must develop a working dialogue with actors, and it is crucial that actors are sensitive to their collaborators approaches. Actors from around the world are invited to explore their techniques, dialogue delivery, auditioning and more in the Talent Actors Stage. Offering a variety of sessions that focus on particular aspects of acting, these rigorous interdisciplinary workshops help both actors and filmmakers to develop collaboration skills in order to communicate and work with everyone involved in the filmmaking process. The Talent Actors Stage offers actors five special events: Embodying the Character This intensive, interactive acting workshop led by internationally renowned acting coach, movement specialist and choreographer Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad, focuses on recognizing the power of movement and physicality in creating a character in film. Rehearsed Reading I & II Dramaturge Alby James will work with actors and screenwriters on building characters and bringing scripts to life through smooth and effective delivery of dialogue, as they read vital scenes from a selection of Script Station projects.
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Meet the Expert Established casting director Beatrice Kruger meets actors in a vibrant Meet the Expert session to discuss how an audition works, the dos and donts during an audition, and how actors can prepare best for international auditioning. Change Your Lens, Change Your Story II: Close-Up Acting Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad lead an intensive workshop to explore the skills and tools that are required for the extraordinary creation of characters and per formances specifically geared for the camera close-up. Taking the Lead: Nina Hoss How do actors choose their roles and collaborate with directors? To what extent do they want to be involved in creating characters? Actress Nina Hoss (Barbara) , taking the lead in the Berlinale Competition film Gold, talks about the various approaches she takes to the filmmaking process.

Hands-on training | 04


sHorT film sTaTion some like iT sHorT

Dates tUe 12 | 14:00 HaU2

The Short Film Galaxy (p.38)

tUe 12 | 16:00 HaU3, wHite stage

Meet the Expert with festival programmers (p.25)

weD 13 | 16:00 HoUse of rePresentatives

Project Presentation Day: Short Film Station (p.41)

Get to the point: short films are at the centre of the Short Film Station

Strangers talking for hours, seeing a big dream called cinema this was the gift of the Talent Campus.
amir ali navaee, iran | camPUs 2010

Maybe the extraordinary short film you develop at Short Film Station will return to the Berlinale to win the Golden Bear! Short films are often a starting point for filmmakers, yet short form works are also vital art forms in themselves. For emerging filmmakers, the opportunity to gain support for their creative short film is a vital launching pad for their careers. The Talent Campus new Short Film Station was developed to support these up-andcoming Talents, inviting ten filmmakers with strong concepts for short films to partake in a programme offering them a platform to meet with German and international emerging producers and other industry professionals. This initiative is in collaboration with the Berlinale Shorts programme. During the programme, the participating filmmakers will get feedback and consult with a script editor/mentor, as well as get presentation training before taking part in a the new Project Presentation Day of the Campus at the Berlin House of Representatives on Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013. Shorts filmmakers will also attend the reception for the short film industry during the Berlinale, as well as gain insights into the latest developments in the short film industry. The programme is a collaboration with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the German umbrella organisation for the short film industry AG Kurzfilm, Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg and Berlinale Shorts. With the guidance of experts Sandra Beerends, Veronika Grob,

Pavel Jech, Franois Pirot, Anna Seifert-Speck and presentation training by mentors Irene Christ, Andrea Kurmann, Sibylle Kurz.
The Short Film Station is excited to welcome ten filmmakers from ten countries across the globe: Mihai Gavril Dragolea, Romania | Sisyphus Matthew Jankes, South Africa | The Cat Who Knew Pirjo Ojala, Finland | Burning Voices Mark Raso, Canada | Primo Emma Rozanski, UK /Australia | Fridge Love Ariel Shaban, Macedonia | The Tourist Imran Shafi, USA/UK | Sight of Drones Samson Ssenkaaba, Uganda | Zonto Katarina Stankovic, Serbia | Circle with Four Corners Carina Tautu, USA /Romania | No Left Turn

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Screenwriting | Development networking | training

proFeSSional Development anD training Script Development workSHop

Three-month process guided by experienced advisers for European screenwriters and teams of writers, producers or directors. Seven-day session, coached development period, follow-up session.

application Date 1St marcH 2013 for the workshop at Filmcamp, norway | June 2013 with the support of FilmCamp AS. Requested: Feature film projects and creative documentaries SourceS 2 aDviSerS at Berlinale talent campuS consultation | analysis | advice for selected projects Louise Gough at the Script Station, Ulla Simonen at the Doc Station. contact Sources 2 | Kthener Strae 44 | D-10963 Berlin phone + 49 30 886 02 11 |

Service | 05


Service | 05

diScover the virtual campuS

Follow us online

and watch talks from past or current editions of the Berlinale Talent Campus

You can access the extensive Campus network remotely via the Berlinale Talent Campus website. The Berlinale Talent Campus website is an active source of information for the current Campus edition, as well as a place to find out about the next application deadline and ongoing programmes, and is regularly updated with news about Campus events happening worldwide and the current status of alumni projects. You can also see a selection of master classes that will be streamed live, and will be accessible thereafter on the Campus-on-demand section. Campus-on-demand offers a variety of videos, programmes and photos

as contact fellow filmmakers via the messaging system. The Berlinale Talent Campus community also includes profiles of Berlinale Campus alumni and of the Campus International initiatives, and a bulletin board where news about festivals, events and calls-for-entry are collected and shared. You can stay updated year round with the Campus newsletter, which can be read online or you can register to receive it via email on the Berlinale Talent Campus homepage. Featuring not only news from Berlin, it also reports on all Campus ventures around the world including programmes in Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Durban, Sarajevo, and Tokyo. At emerging film critics have found a platform.

y filmmaking journey started in Berlin. M Im now making my first feature-length film, and I know I wouldnt be here without the Berlinale Talent Campus.
KyoKo MiyaKe, Japan/UK | CaMpUs 2010, TalenT CaMpUs ToKyo 2011

from past Campus editions. Panels and discussions with experts such as Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Mike Leigh, Claire Denis, Tilda Swinton, Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Wim Wenders can be viewed online and downloaded as audio files a great way to catch up on any master classes or sessions you might have missed! As our international network is vital to the Campus experience, each year we introduce participating Talents online. Computer stations in HAU1 and HAU2 give direct access to this network, where you can browse profiles, work samples and filmographies, as well
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Read articles, reportages, interviews and features on films, filmmakers and festivals from Talents and Campus alumni. Our virtual Campus is there for you to interact, collaborate, get informed about fellow filmmakers and present yourself actively: the place for all daily Campus needs and beyond.

Service | 05

Campus International


campuSeS around the world

Five international editions of the Campus, modelled along the lines of the Berlin archetype, have taken off abroad: in Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Durban, Sarajevo and Tokyo.
5Th TalenT CaMpUs gUadalaJara | MarCh 15, 2013

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Mexico and the University of Guadalajara

The participants of the 2012 Campus in Guadalajara

Mara Marta Antin: We are very happy to announce the upcoming edition of the Talent Campus in Buenos Aires. In 2013 Current cinema realities will be the main theme. From a South American perspective, the Campus will focus on contemporary cinema having in mind current challenges in filmmaking. As with the Berlinale Campuss theme, Some Like It Hot, one of our main concerns will be to inquire how the contemporary audience relates to cinema and how cinema will adapt to (re)create that unique feeling.
6Th TalenT CaMpUs dUrban | JUly 19 23, 2013

Supported by the German Embassy South Africa, the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development.

opportunities offered by the Talent Campus community pave the way to a cinema that respects, actively engages and tackles curiosity in its audience. Talents are given opportunities to discover stories and new possibilities of story telling, to push the boundaries of filmmaking while grasping the complexities of enter tainment.
3rd TalenT CaMpUs ToKyo | noveMber 25-30 2013

Ana de la Rosa Zamboni and Lorena Rossette Riestra: In 2013 Talent Campus Guadalajara celebrates its fifth year and becomes established as a important spot for the professional development of emerging filmmakers and film critics from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The theme to commemorate our 5th edition is Private stories for the world. We know there is nothing new under the sun, but filmmakers talent is precisely what surprises us, makes us live and feel, and keeps us tied to the screen. We want more from this intense cinema, we want more from these filmmakers. In Guadalajara, you have to like it hot.
8Th TalenT CaMpUs bUenos aires | april 1216, 2013

Networking Talents at the Durban Campus

Presented by the TOKYO FILMeX organizing committee. Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tokyo Culture Creation Project and the Goethe-Institut Tokyo.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival and the Buenos Aires Lab.
Director Andreas Dresen gave a master class at Buenos Aires

Carole Gumede, Tiny Mungwe: The 6th Talent Campus in Durban Memetic Africa, is a career development springboard for selected African filmmakers to exchange ideas on innovative film practices in Africa and the rest of the world. Through an intensive programme of seminars, workshops and industry networking activities, the continents emerging film content creators are assisted in catalysing their careers and forging relationships with their global counterparts.
7Th TalenT CaMpUs saraJevo | aUgUsT 18-24 2013

Supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and partners. Mirsad Purivatra and Asja Makarevi: Reaching the heart of the audience is what pushes most filmmakers forward. The same goes for emerging filmmakers from the wider region of Southeast Europe, including Greece, Turkey and the Caucasus. We believe that the

Kanako Hayashi: Young filmmakers must always take on different roles, maintaining their creativity while determining how to forge a future in cinema. For two years, the Talent Campus Tokyo has taken place concurrently with the TOKYO FILM eX and welcomes emerging directors and producers from East and Southeast Asia. This Talent Campus is meant for promising filmmakers to develop their voices and become the Next Masters.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Experts and participants of the 2nd Tokyo edition

Angelina Jolie with a Talent in Sarajevo 2012

IDFAcADemy Summer School

IDFAcademy is an international training program for young up-and-coming talent eager to learn about the documentary industry and develop documentary projects. Would you like to meet and work with highly esteemed filmmakers and film professionals? Would you like to strengthen the narrative structure of your documentary project (script or editing), over a period of one week? Would you like to be part of individual coaching, group sessions and an inspiring cultural program? Then come to the IDFAcademy Summer School. We look forward to meeting you! IDFAcademy Summer School, Amsterdam, July 1 6, 2013 Deadline for submission: April 1, 2013 More information on IDFAcademy Summer School is supported by

IDFA, November 20 December 1, 2013 One of the leading documentary events in the world.

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Index of experts



abdel Messeeh, naMir

Paris-born documentary filmmaker with Egyptian roots whose feature debut The Virgin, The Copts and Me, a humorous account of his travels with his mother to a Coptic village in Egypt in search for a sighting of the Holy Virgin, was shown at the Berlinale Panorama section in 2012 and won awards worldwide. (p.39)
abraM, ido

FilmFinders with IMDb and He has been involved in the professional education of young filmmakers at festivals, market panels and forums. He produced Valley of Tears, a documentary which was playing the festival circuit in 2012. His latest documentary Tarkovsky: Time Within Time will be released in 2013. (p.23)
ben asher, hagar

Director of Presentation and Communications of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, also head of programming and distribution. EYE is both a film museum and the national film institute of the Netherlands. Before he joined EYE, he was the director of the Binger Filmlab and CineMart Director at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. (p.34)
albers, FranK W.

Israeli writer, director and actress. After several multi-award winning short films, her controversial and ground-breaking feature debut The Slut was supported by the World Cinema Fund, premiered in Cannes in 2011 and distributed all over the world. She is currently writing her next feature The Burglar. (p.43)
berg, ChrisTine

Former director of the Goethe-Institut in Reykjavk, he joined the Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2001. As programme manager for arts and culture he has developed and established the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung that encourages cooperation between up-and-coming filmmakers from Germany with their peers from the Arab World and Eastern Europe. (p.32)
albreChT, bernhard

Deputy director of the German Federal Film Board (FFA) with many years of experience in film funding in Germany. She also worked for the production company Kinowelt where she produced Mostly Martha. (p.32)
bildhaUer, KaThi

Founding member of the Berlinale Co-Production Market and coordinator of the Talent Project Market. After working for the World Cinema Fund she now coordinates the Berlinale Residency. She is the author of Drehbuch reloaded, her PhD thesis on unconventional contemporary screenplays. (p.37, 42, 43)
binns, Clare

Academic staff member at the HFF Potsdam in the programme of sound studies and responsible for artistic research and teaching in the field of re-recording mixing. He was also active in music recording and film sound, and worked at the TU Ilmenau. In various cooperations he researched recordings for reproducing with re-synthesized sound fields. (p.46)
alshariF, basMa

Head of Programming at City Screen Ltd, Britains largest circuit of independent arthouse and community cinemas. She has more than 30 years of industry experience and is a member of the Industry Liaison Committee for the London Film Festival. (p.37)
bird, andreW

Kuwait-born with Palestinian roots, Basma received a MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago, in 2007, with a specialization in photography and has since developed her practice nomadically across various cities of the Middle East, Europe and the US including Chicago, Cairo, Beirut, Sharjah, Amman and most recently Paris where she is represented by Galerie Imane Fares. (p.41)
anasTopoUlos, Thanos

British-born editor who works chiefly in German cinema. He has collaborated with Fatih Akin, editing the award-winning films The Edge of Heaven, Head On and Soul Kitchen. He also edited Miranda Julys The Future. Among others, he has received the Lola (German Film Award) for editing and the Filmplus Editing Prize. (p.51)
bissell, JaMes d.

Greek director, writer and producer. He has directed short films, documentaries and theatre plays. His first feature All the Weight of the World premiered at Rotterdam, his second Correction at the Berlinale. His latest film The Daughter will premiere in the 2013 Berlinale Forum section. (p.39)
arraTe Fernndez, isabel

American production designer with over 30 years of experience in Hollywood, where he worked on such diverse films as E.T., Good Night, and Good Luck and 300, amongst many others. He is currently working on George Clooney's The Monuments Men, which is currently being filmed at the Babelsberg Studios near Berlin. (p.33)
bleis, MarTina

Worked in festival production, programming and film financing before becoming manager of the IDFA Bertha Fund (formely known as Jan Vrijman Fund) in 2002. She has participated in juries and works regularly as consultant for documentary projects. In 15 years the IDFA Bertha Fund has developed into an internationally renowned institution with a broad network supporting over 500 documentaries and film organisations in developing countries. (p.23)
baKsiC CaMo, aMra

Member of the Berlinale Co-Production Market team since its inception, and manager of the selected official projects, she is also active as a consultant for coproduction events with international institutions and festivals, like the Cottbus Co-Production Market. (p.42)
bond, FredriK

Head of CineLink, the Sarajevo Film Festivals annual co-production market. CineLink focuses on feature-length projects by authors from Southeast Europe. She is also one of the founders of the production company and producer of An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, which screens in this years Berlinale Competition. (p.38)
beerends, sandra

One of the preeminent directors of commercials worldwide, Swedish-born Bond has directed dozens of legendary spots and earned countless international awards and honors for his work, including four Directors Guild of America Award nomination and an Emmy nomination. His film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is part of this years Berlinale Competition. (p.33)
brinKMann, KaThrin

Dutch script editor and guest lecturer for Dutch public broadcaster NTR and freelance consultant for shorts, features, documentaries, series and projects for talents. She script-edited Kauwboy, which won Best Youth Film and Best First Feature at Berlinale 2012. She wrote and produced the short Arigato (Audience Award, Film by the Sea 2012). (p.55)
beheshT nedJad, roshanaK

Commissioning editor of the department ARTE Thema within the German TV channel ZDF, she used to commission Das Kleine Fernsehspiel from 1994-2000. Recently she commissioned Vivan Las Antipodas! by Victor Kossakovsky, and Mark Lombardi Death-Defying Acts of Art and Conspiracy by Mareike Wegener. (p.49)
brUnnenMeyer, gabriele

Started Flying Moon Film Productions in 1999 with Helge Albers, producing features & documentaries, among them award-winning films like Football Under Cover or Silent Waters. She is a member of the German and European Film Academy and an EAVE group leader. In 2012 she co-founded the transmedia company LudInc. (p.50)
belsiTo, peTer

Project advisor at the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film, a funding body for the first and second films by German young talents. Formerly the artistic director of the coproduction market Connecting Cottbus, she also works as a consultant for script development, packaging and project presentation. (p.41, 47)
bUgno, vinCenzo

American producer, cinematographer and publisher, he was the executive vice president of FilmFinders. Together with Sydney Levine, he successfully merged

Journalist and film critic, he has contributed to newspapers and magazines. He worked as a journalist and director for TV channels like ARTE, ZDF, Tele+, Sky Italy and as a curator for international film festivals. He was a member of the programming committee of the Locarno Film Festival and head of Open Doors. He is one of the initiators, project manager and jury member of the World Cinema Fund and the Berlinale delegate for Italy and the Maghreb and Mashrek countries. (p.42)
Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Index of experts

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CaMdessUs, ChrisTine

FliegaUF, benCe

Former CEO of Gaumont Television, who launched her own documentary production company Alegria in 2001. Productions include The House of Saud and Hammer and Tickle. She is a Jury member and permanent expert at the Nipkow programme. She was director of the Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA) from 2000 to 2011 and was elected to the board of USPA , member of European Documentary Network and of the European Film Academy. (p.34)
CaMpion, Jane

Writer, director, production and sound designer. His five feature films including Tejt and Womb were honoured with more than 50 prestigious awards including the 2012 Silver Bear for Just the Wind. (p.43)
FonTaine, diCK

New-Zealand-born writer and director, who ranks among the most prominent international arthouse filmmakers. Her films include An Angel at My Table, The Piano and Bright Star. Her work has received awards in Cannes, Venice, and at the Oscars. Her TV series Top of the Lake will be screened in the Berlinale Special 2013. (p.38)
ChrisT, irene

Currently Head of Documentary at the National Film and Television School UK , he has made over 40 films for television and independent media. He began by introducing Direct Cinema to British television, then developed essay films with writers like Norman Mailer and James Baldwin and experiments in music with John Cage, jazz musicians like Ornette Coleman, Art Blakey and the inventors of hip hop. His latest films is Sonny Rollins Beyond the Notes. (p.49)
Franz, veroniKa

German actress for theatre and film, she has worked with directors like Leander Haumann and Klaus Emmerich. Between 2002 and 2009 she ran her own theatre company Actinghouse Productions in Malta. Since 2002 she works as teacher and consultant for various acting schools and companies like Airbus. (p.55)
CoWie, peTer

Former journalist turned screenwriter, she has collaborated with her husband Ulrich Seidl since the script for Dog Days. They co-founded the Ulrich Seidl production company, where she is also responsible for casting and marketing decisions. She wrote the script to Paradise: Hope, which will premiere in this years Berlinale Competition. Her directorial debut, the documentary Kern, was selected for the Chicago International Film Festival. (p.36)
FUJiWara, Chris

Film historian and former International Publishing Director of Variety magazine, he has written more than 30 books on major figures and eras of world cinema, including Bergman, Welles, Coppola, and Kurosawa. He published and edited the annual International Film Guide for 40 years. He has also contributed numerous commentaries to Criterions DVD collection. (p.37, 38, 41, 43)
CroUzeix, laUrenT

Artistic Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival since 2012, Chris Fujiwara has written and edited several books on film. He edits the online film criticism magazine Undercurrent and contributes to numerous journals such as Sight & Sound. He has lectured on film aesthetics and film history at Tokyo University and Yale University. (p.53)
gazdag, gyUla

Film programmer for Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, where he also manages the translation team and international projects. He is the coordinator of the Shortfilmdepot network of festivals and a course instructor for the Cultural Management Masters programme. (p.25, 38)
de Maegd, peTer

Hungarian director of theatre, film and television, his feature films include: A Hungarian Fairy Tale, Stand Off and Singing on the Treadmill. He is the artistic director of the Sundance Filmmakers Lab, teaches at the Binger Filmlab and is a distinguished professor at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film & TV. (p.47)
geidel, MiChael

Independent film producer focusing on converging media. He was involved in the production and marketing of various Caviar Films releases such as Dirty Mind, Left Bank and My Queen Karo. With Caviar Films he developed the participatory TV series The Spiral which is simultaneously broadcast in eight Eureopan countries. In 2004 he founded the production company Potemkino. (p.38)
donaldson, MiChael C.

Co-Founder of the Green Film Initiative in Germany. The media economist has been working in the media industry since 1999 at broadcasters, production companies and distributors. He is working together with film funds, agencies and filmmakers in Germany, Europe and abroad to support sustainable filmmaking. (p.25)
gibson, ben

Entertainment lawyer for independent filmmakers for over thirty years. In addition to representing writers, producers and directors, he serves as General Counsel to Film Independent and the Writers Guild Foundation. His books on fair use, copyright, negotiation and trademarks for independent filmmakers are standard reference books. He lectures at law and film schools worldwide. (p.36)
dringenberg, KaTJa

Currently director of the London Film School, he was a former independent producer and head of Production at the British Film Institute in the 1990s. He has produced films by Terence Davies, Derek Jarman, John Maybury and others. Before becoming a producer, he was a distributor and exhibitor (The Other Cinema/Metro Pictures), theatre director, film critic and journalist. (p.37, 40)
giTonga, Tosh

One of Germanys finest film editors, she won the German Camera Award for Andres Veiels Black Box BRD and for Deadly Maria by Tom Tykwer. She also edited Michael Hammons Gold, which is showing in this years Berlinale Special, and is director of the documentaries Ich Dich auch and Endlich. (p.51)
eKberg, aniTa

Kenyan filmmaker and Campus Talent in 2013. His 2012 debut feature Nairobi Half Life is only Kenyas second-ever official submission for the Oscars. It was produced by Tom Tykwer and his team after they met at the One Fine Day Film Workshop. (p.34)
goUgh, loUise

Swedish-born actress, immortalized by her fountain bath in Fellinis La dolce vita. In a career spanning 50 years, she also appeared in films by King Vidor, Robert Aldrich and Frank Tashlin and starred alongside Sophia Loren, Romy Schneider, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, John Wayne and Lauren Bacall. (p.41)
Finzi, beadie

Australian script editor and dramaturg working in film, television and theatre in America, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe. In Europe she works for Sources 2. (p.47)
green, david gordon

Documentary filmmaker and producer. She is a founding director of The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation, which funded films such as BAFTA winner Chosen, Tribeca winner We Are Together, and Sundance winner Afghan Star. Her own films include Unknown White Male, The Hunger Season and Only When I Dance. (p.25)
FiTzgerald, CaTherine

American director, writer and producer. His films include indie hits like George Washington, All the Real Girls, which won Spezial Jury Prize at Sundance, as well as Prince Avalanche, which runs in the 2013 Berlinale Competition. (p.43)
grner, ChrisToph

New Zealand producer of films having screened in Berlin, Venice, Cannes and Sundance. She produced the Samoan film The Orator, which won three prizes in Venice 2011 and was submitted by New Zealand for the Foreign Language Oscar 2012. She also received the SPADA NZ Independent Producer of the Year Award 2011. (p.40)

German film journalist and festival programmer. As a journalist he worked for Sddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, and trade magazine Blickpunkt: Film and received the Film Journalism Award FFF Bayern in 2006. Since 2008 he is programmer with the Filmfest Munich, where he handles the New German Cinema since 2011. (p.43)
grob, veroniKa

Worked as a programming executive in the film and series department of Swiss National Television. She was also editor of the annual Swiss film book Cinema, in the committee for funding fiction films of the Zurich Film Foundation and president of

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

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cinema Xenix in Zrich. Now she works as a funding advisor for Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg, concentrating on newcomers, development and production. (p.55)
gUdJonsdoTTir, birgiT

Iceland-Austrian cinematographer who mainly works and lectures in Germany. Besides second unit work for films like The Bourne Conspiracy she was DoP for films like Fidgety Philip, Our Grand Despair, Long Shadows and No Name City. She has been a professor of cinematography at several major German film schools, most recently at the HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam. (p.33, 42, 51)
hayashi, KanaKo

Vary and the Robert Bosch Film Prize and were shown at festivals including the Berlinale, Sundance, Karlovy Vary, Venice and museums such as MoMA New York. Kamm is currently working on upcoming films including Praia do Futuro, Berinas Chacras and The Special Need. (p.32)
Klebanov, saM

Russian producer and screenwriter currently living in Sweden. He was the anchor of the television show Magic of Cinema, he co-wrote the film Newsmakers and wrote and directed the documentary Galle Road: The Volunteer Diaries. (p.37)
Konrad, KrisToF

Festival director of the TOKYO FILMeX International Film Festival, which has the competition section for emerging Asian filmmakers and showcases both contemporary and classic cinema annually in late November. She was a member of the International Jury of the Berlinale 2002. (p.23)
heinen, sonJa

Polish-trained actor, who studied and worked with directors Andrzej Wajda, Kenneth Branagh, Ron Howard and Roland Emmerich. He has taught Intensive Acting in Film and Alexander Technique Workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Toronto, Melbourne and Vancouver. He has recently worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Cirque du Soleil. (p.35, 38, 54)
Kopp, ingrid

Head of the Berlinale Co-Production Market and project manager of the World Cinema Fund, she has been a driving force behind the international co-productions of films and funding films from developing countries. (p.42)
herManUs, oliver

South African director and writer. His feature debut Shirley Adams premiered in competition at the 2009 Locarno Film Festival and won three awards at the Durban International Film festival. His second film Beauty won the Queer Palm in Cannes 2011 and Best Film in Durban. (p.43)
hhne, MaiKe Mia

Director of Digital Initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute where she overseas the TFI New Media Fund and leads the institute's digital and interactive programs including Tribeca Hacks. Before that she was editor-in-chief of Shooting People in the US, an international networking organization for independent filmmakers. She writes about film, social media and technology for various publications and is a frequent speaker on interactive storytelling and social media. (p.22)
Korda, sUsan

Programme curator of Berlinale Shorts since 2007. She is also a freelance writer, director, curator and photographer. Her short films are represented by the Arsenal Institute for film & videoart, Berlin and the shortfilmagency, Hamburg. Currently she is editing her feature film which introduces a different perspective on a cinema of argument. (p.38, 41)
hgel, JaKob KirsTein

Editor of the Oscar-nominated and Sundance-crowned For All Mankind and Teddy winner Trembling Before G-D. Most recently she was story consultant of First Cousin Once Removed, which won at IDFA in 2012. She was a producer on the Oscar shortlisted William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe and her own work includes Vienna Is Different, One of Us and the forth-coming short My Grandmothers Nose. She teaches at Columbia University, Binger Film Lab, the Scottish Documentary Institute and the Sam Spiegel School in Jerusalem. (p.36, 43, 49, 51)
Krger, Merle

Artistic director of New Danish Screen, previously a film consultant at the Danish Film Institute. Hgel has recently supported feature films such as Volcano or R and documentaries like The Ambassador. He was founder and co-owned the production company Cosmo Doc, producing films such as Prostitution Behind the Veil and the highest grossing Danish documentary ever, Gasolin. (p.39, 47)
hoss, nina

Producer and writer, her company Pong has produced award-winning documentaries by Philip Scheffner and Dorothee Wenner. Her third novel was published in 2012, and a feature film script is in project development. She is co-directing the Professional Media Master Class for Documentary Filmmaking in Halle, and teaches project development. (p.49)
KrUger, beaTriCe

One of Germanys most prolific actresses on the stage and screen. She has worked with prestigious directors like Oskar Roehler, Robert Wilson and especially Christian Petzold, for whom she starred recently in Barbara and Yella, for which she received a Silver Bear at the Berlinale and the German Film Award as Best Actress. Her latest film, Thomas Arslans Gold is in the 2013 Berlinale Competition. (p.37, 54)
JaMes, alby

Casting director based in Rome, she is responsible for the European and/or Italian casting of films such as The Cut, To Rome With Love, Borgia, The American, The Tourist, The International, Casino Royale, Oceans Twelve and many more. She is also founder of the European casting platform (p.25, 54)
KrUse, FranK

Former head of development at EON Screenwriters Workshop, he works as a producer, script consultant and trainer of emerging talent and as a theatre director. In the first 15 years of his career he was mainly in the theatre and he has produced, directed and written a large number of notable theatrical and radio plays. (p.39, 54)
JeCh, pavel

German sound mixer and sound designer, who worked on films directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy and Lana Wachowski, Wolfgang Becker and many more. He received a German Film Award and several nominations. He just finished Ron Howards Rush and is about to begin work on Anton Corbijns new film A Most Wanted Man. (p.46)
KUrMann, andrea

A graduate of Columbia University as well as of FAMU in Prague, where he has served as Dean since 2008. He has extensive teaching experience in scriptwriting, both in the Czech Republic and in the US. Prior to taking on his latest post he was the Chair of FAMU International and has written the influential The Seven Minute Screenplay manual on short film dramaturgy. (p.55)
KalUdJerCiC, vanJa

Swiss actress, director and teacher. She worked at a variety of German theatres as well as in a series of German and Swiss TV productions. Her second work field consists of teaching and consulting in professional self presentation, holding seminars for international companies like Siemens, McKinsey and Eon. (p.55)
KUrz, sibylle

Croatia-born festival programmer, who started out working at the Motovun Film Festival in Croatia and the Slovenian Cinematheque before organizing several festivals and festival sections in Zagreb like the Human Rights Film Festival, the ZagrebDox Pro workshop and the Animafest. She currently programs the short film section at Sarajevo Film Festival. (p.25, 38)
KaMM, henning

Pitching trainer and consultant for film schools and film institutes all over Europe, she specialises in intensive pitching training, project presentation, proposal development, dramaturgical doctoring and consultancy work. (p.55)
laaKso, JUKKa-peKKa

German producer, co-founder of DETAiLFILM in 2007 and Campus alumnus from 2012. His projects have won the German Film Award, the Crystal Globe at Karlovy

Finnish director of the Tampere International Short Film Festival, where he has been working since the 80s. He also acts as the executive director for the Pirkanmaa Film Centre, a local non-profit organisation that works extensively with media education, and he has been chairman of the National Council for Cinema from 2004 to 2009. (p.25, 38)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Index of experts

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laCTe, philippe

MaClean, andreW oKpeaha

French-Ivorian director and producer. His short films The Messenger and Affaire Libinski were shown at several international festivals. His work includes the first-person documentaries Cairo Hours and Chronicles of War in the Ivory Coast as well as his upcoming feature debut Run. He also produced Burn It up Djassa, which screens in Berlinale Panorama 2013. (p.34)
laMas, saloM

Iupiaq writer and director from Alaska. After several award-winning short and documentary films, his feature debut On the Ice premiered at Sundance and won Best First Feature and the Crystal Bear for Generation 14plus at the Berlinale in 2011. His upcoming short science fiction film Children of the Northern Lights will premiere in 2013. (p.40)
MaingUeT, gUillaUMe

Portuguese visual artist, filmmaker, lecturer and 2013 Campus participant. Her films have been screened both in art spaces and film festivals in Portugal and abroad, winning several awards. Her feature No Mans Land has swept most of the domestic awards at Doclisboa and will screen in the 2013 Berlinale Forum section. (p.39)
lzaro, paz

Worked in different sectors of cinema distribution for eight years, before joining the Festival of Three Continents in 2007. Since 2009 he is coordinating its professionnal programme, the international training workshop Produire au Sud. He is also author and director, currently preparing his third short film and first feature film. (p.23)
MalColM, dereK

Programme manager at Berlinale Panorama and member of the selection committee for the Competition. She has produced several feature films and documentaries, including Nmadas, Fallen Angels: Gram Parsons and Short Cut to Hollywood. She is a member of the Spanish Film Commission and part of the Board of the European Film Academy. (p.43)
le soUrd, philippe

Critic for The Guardian for many years, he is now writing for the London Evening Standard. He is Honorary President of FIPRESCI, the international film critics association and a frequent juror at film festivals around the world. (p.53)
MarTel, lUCreCia

French director of photography, based in the US. After shooting television commercials and music videos he turned to cinema, where he filmed Ridley Scotts A Good Year, Gabriele Muccinos Seven Pounds and most recently Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster, which opens the 63rd Berlinale. (p.34)
leiTner, david

Argentinian director and writer. After several award-winning short films she made The Swamp, The Headless Woman and The Holy Girl, which entered the competition in Cannes, Berlin and Sundance and won several awards. Her new project Zama is part of this year's Berlinale Co-Production Market. (p.38)
MarTen, gesa

Director, producer, and DoP with over sixty credits in feature dramas and documentaries including eight Sundance premieres. He is also an author, columnist, speaker, and ongoing contributor to the textbook classic, The Filmmaker's Handbook, and serves as Motion Picture Chair of the New York Section of SMPTE . (p.35, 40)
levine, sydney

German editor, dramatic advisor and lecturer, she was nominated for Best Editing at the German Television Awards for Abnehmen in Essen and at the German Camera Award for Krokodile, Im Augenblick and Geschwister Vogelbach. She won the Filmplus Editing Prize for Was lebst Du? in 2005 and for Perestroika in 2009. (p.51)
MarTens, MeiKe

Over 35 years experience in the entertainment industry, she was a pioneer acquisitions executive and founder of FilmFinders, the first database used for tracking new films worldwide. She established the video rental division of Republic Pictures and Lorimar Home Video. (p.22, 37)
libaTiqUe, MaTTheW

German producer of creative documentaries, with a focus on international co-production and CEO of Blinker Filmproduktion. She is an alumna of the Campus 2009. She works with Azza El-Hassan, Thomas Heise, Patricio Guzmn, Philip Scheffner and Mika Taanila and always looking for new talents! (p.49)
MaUCh, brbel

Producer and founder of Brbel Mauch Film, she has considerable experience in production and distribution as well as with film festivals in Germany, France and Africa. She produced Faro la Reine des Eaux and LAventurier. (p.25)
Mayer h., JUergen

Acclaimed American director of photography. He started out in music videos and independent films, won several awards and was a Sundance regular. He became famous with his work with Joel Schumacher, Spike Lee and especially Darren Aronofsky, including Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan and the upcoming Noah. (p.34)
liMpreChT, sigrid

Founder and principal of the J. Mayer H. architects studio, which focuses on works at the intersection of architecture, communication and new technology. His work has won international awards and is part of numerous collections including MoMA New York and SF MoMA . He has taught at Princeton, Harvard, New York, London and Berlin. (p.33)
MCdoWell, alex

Long-term director of the Bonner Kinemathek, the International Silent Film Festival and expert on worldwide developments in the industry, especially distribution. She was a founding partner of distribution company Rapid Eye Movies from 1997 to 2008. Today, she focuses both on international networking between distributors and on educating young filmmakers about this issue. (p.43)
linssen, dana

Since 1997, main film critic of the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, became editor-in-chief in 1998 and later co-publisher of the Dutch independent film monthly De Filmkrant. In 2009, she launched the Slow Criticism Project as a counterbalance against the commodification of film criticism. (p.53)
loaCh, Ken

Acclaimed production designer and film producer, he has worked with Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and David Fincher. His filmography includes Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fight Club, Minority Report and the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. He is also co-founder and creative director of the 5D Institute, Los Angeles, an interdisciplinary network focusing on the impact of technologies in design fields. (p.33, 41)
Meier, dirK

British film and television director. His countless international awards include several prizes in Cannes, Venice and Berlin for films like Kes, Riff-Raff, Raining Stones, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Its a Free World and The Angels Share. His latest film, the documentary The Spirit of 45, will premiere in this years Berlinale Special. (p.40)
lUddy, ToM

German colorist and post-production consultant, he is an expert at color management and post-production for digital projects. He worked for German and international (post-)production companies like Farbkult, The Post Republic, ARRI and Zentropa, and on films such as Russian Ark, Antichrist and Dredd 3D. (p.33, 42, 51)
MeTze-Mangold, dr. verena

Co-founder and co-director of the Telluride Film Festival and programme curator for the Documentary Film Institute at San Francisco State University. He worked as a producer at Zoetrope with directors like Jean-Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa and Chris Marker. (p.41)

Vice President of the German Commission for UNESCO and former Director of the Department of HR coordination in the General Directorate of Hessischer Rundfunk. She also was a representative of the German government at the advisory conference on the South African constitution and at the Stability Pact Conference on media development in East and Southeast Europe. She lectured at the Universities of Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hannover, Maastricht and Utrecht and is author and editor of several books on international media development. (p.22)

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

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Index of experts



MiCaelo, Mrio

psyKoU, elina

Founder and director of the Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival in Portugal, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. He was also editor of the book Puro/ Pure Cinema, featuring interviews with Manoel de Oliveira, Alexander Sokurov, Kenneth Anger, Gus Van Sant and many more. (p.25, 38)
MiTChell, John CaMeron

Greek writer and director and a Campus alumna (2007). She has written and directed two short films and is a partner at Guanaco Film production company. Her first feature film The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas has recently received the first award of the Works in Progress section in Karlovy Vary and premieres in the 2013 Berlinale Forum. (p.39)
redpaTh, Maryanne

American writer, actor, and director. His debut feature Hedwig and the Angry Inch won him Best Director at Sundance, the Teddy for Best Feature and a Best Actor nomination for a Golden Globe. He directed Shortbus and the Oscar-nominated Rabbit Hole and was executive producer of Jonathan Caouettes Tarnation. He is presently producing the animated feature Shell Game, adapting Neil Gaimans How to Talk to Girls at Parties, and working on a Hedwig stage sequel. (p.43)
Mller, sylvia

New Zealand-born director of the Berlinale Generation section, the official Berlinale delegate for Australia and New Zealand and head curator of the 2013 Berlinale special series NATIVe A Journey into Indigenous Cinema. (p.40)
reilhaC, MiChel

Director of the Berlin-based film PR and marketing company MM Filmpresse, designing media strategies and marketing concepts for award-winning films such as Claudia Llosa's The Milk of Sorrow or Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy. She was formerly head press manager at the Filmfest Oldenburg and head of PR and marketing at the distribution company Neue Visionen. (p.43)
MUrCh, WalTer

Transmedia author, who was the executive director of ARTE France Cinema and the director of film acquisition for ARTE France for over 10 years. For Canal+, he made To Be a Man in 1999, and in 2000 directed Kenya Islands for ARTE. He produced Cry Woman, which was in Un Certain Regard of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, and The Good Old Naughty Days (which he directed) was presented in the Directors Fortnight also in 2002. (p.25, 33)
rissenbeeK, MarieTTe

Legendary sound designer and editor, and the only person ever to receive Academy Awards in both categories. His pioneering work on films include The Godfather II/III, Apocalypse Now and The English Patient. He is author of In the Blink of an Eye, a book about film editing. His latest work is the feature documentary Particle Fever. (p.37)
naidoo, nisha

Managing director of German Films, she is also responsible for public relations and press, international festivals and Das Rendezvous, an annual German-French film meeting. (p.32)
rodenKirChen, Franz

South African festival manager and film programmer. She was manager at the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and the Sithengi Cinema Festival and now manages the Durban International Film Festival. (p.34)
narKeviCiUs, deiManTas

Berlin-based script advisor and tutor in international workshops and individual project development. Among others he works with Torino Film Lab, Nipkow Program, and the Binger Filmlab, where he also teaches script editing to industry professionals. (p.47)
rodrigUe, Jean-loUis

Lithuanian artist working mainly in film and video taking a subjective and contemporary view of history. He represented his country at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001 and has held solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Belgium, and Lithuania. (p.41)
oppenheiMer, JoshUa

American documentary director, who explores the relationship between political violence and the public imagination. He is Senior Researcher on the UK Arts and Humanities Research Councils Genocide and Genre project. His award-winning films include The Globalization Tapes and These Places We Learned to Call Home. His latest film The Act of Killing is shown in Berlinale Panorama 2013. (p.39)
oWen, MiKe

Acting coach on faculty at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles and Melbourne. Past and current students include: Ian McKellen, Hilary Swank, Jonathan Pryce, Kirsten Dunst, Juliette Binoche and Leonardo DiCaprio. He has trained and coached performers at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Mark Taper Forum, the Steppenwolf theatre group, the San Francisco Opera, Cirque du Soleil and on Broadway. (p.35, 38, 54)
rosenThal, liz

Expert for cross-media storytelling, distribution and filmmaking, she is the founder and CEO of leading cross-media company Power to the Pixel, based in London. Power to the Pixel runs The Cross-Media Forum, The Pixel Lab and advises inter national media organisations, producers and creators. (p.33, 38)
ryle, Jason

Image Marketing Manager and former Product Planning Manager for Canon Europe. He specializes in all matters of camera technology, including the latest developments and future trends in filmmaking and photography. (p.23)
panahi, hengaMeh

Producer and sales agent, she is the president of the world sales agency Celluloid Dreams. Among others, she co-produced The Countess by Julie Delpy, was executive producer of Im Not There by Todd Haynes and world sales head for Persepolis by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi. (p.37)
pasqUali, arnaUd

Executive director at the imagine NATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, the world's largest indigenous film festival, based in Toronto. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Vtape, an independent video distributor, and is a script reader for The Harold Greenberg Fund. As an award-winning writer, Jason has written for the Smithsonian Institution and several publications throughout North America. (p.40)
salTzWedel, daniel

Arnaud Pasquali is head of MEDIA Promotion (markets and festivals) and MEDIA Training at Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), the EU institution in charge of implementing the MEDIA programme. (p.34)
pinn, JUlian

Funding consultant specialising in creative documentaries. Before joining the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg in 2008, he has worked as a film producer. He has studied Business, Cultural Studies and Philosophy in Germany and Wales. (p.32)
saMdereli, yaseMin

Chair of both the BSI and ISO Technical Committees on Cinematography, he is responsible for the development of Dolbys motion picture services portfolio. With fifteen years experience as a Dolby consultant for both original and foreign-lan guage movie releases, he is also heavily involved in standard-making and currently helps introducing the DolbyAtmos system. (p.42)
piroT, Franois

Turkish-German filmmaker and scriptwriter, who started out in television, before her cinematic debut Almanya premiered at the Berlinale 2011. The film won two German Film Awards and several international prizes. (p.33)
sChleier, doMiniK

German sound designer, who has worked with directors such as Kevin MacDonald, Detlev Buck, Istvn Szab, Christian Petzold, Nicolas Winding Refn and others. For his work on Marco Kreuzpaintners Trade he won the German Film Award in 2008, for which he was again nominated in 2012 for Barbara. (p.46)
sChory, KaTriel

Screenwriter and actor. His short films were picked up by numerous international festivals. With Joachim Lafosse he wrote the screenplays for Private Property (competition at Venice 2006) and Private Lessons (Directors Fortnight at Cannes 2008). His first full-length feature is Mobile Home (2012). (p.55)

Executive director of the Israel Film Fund since 1999, he founded the production company Belfilms and produced over 200 films including award-winning feature films like the Oscar-nominated Beyond the Walls. (p.50)
Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Index of experts

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sChTTe, Jan

German filmmaker of both documentary and fiction. After teaching directing and film in Ludwigsburg, Dartmouth and Harvard, he is currently director of the DFFB film school in Berlin. His films like Winckelmanns Reisen, Love Comes Lately and Drachenfutter won awards in Venice, Locarno and at the German Film Awards. (p.34)
sChWierin, MarCel

a wide range of television programmes in production, as well as two features and one short in development. (p.40)
sTeyer, MarTin

Curator, filmmaker. Co-founder of the Werkleitz Biennial, the experimental film database Cinovid, and Arab Shorts, Cairo. He has curated film programmes for ISFF Oberhausen, ARTE Creative, Max Ophls Prize. Since 2010 he is the film curator of the Transmediale festival. (p.41)
seidl, UlriCh

German sound mixer who worked on numerous acclaimed films including Barbara, The Last King of Scotland and The Last Station. He won the German Film Award for Best Sound Editing for Requiem and Trade. He is a professor at the Film & Television University (HFF) Konrad Wolf since 2005 and its vice president since 2006. (p.46)
TodsharoW, MarTin

Austrian film director, writer and producer. His controversial films like Dog Days and Import / Export won numerous awards. Paradise: Hope, premiering in this years Berlinale Competition, is the final part of his Paradise trilogy, after Paradise: Love competed in Cannes and Paradise: Faith won the Special Jury Prize in Venice. (p.36)
seiFerT-speCK, anna

Film music composer, producer and musician. He wrote scores for Oskar Roehlers Elementary Particles and The Sources of Life as well as for Desert Flower, Hilde and The Guardian. He worked as lecturer at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg, the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) and the HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam. (p.46)
UKWUoMa, selina

Senior Talent Executive at Creative England and formerly award-winning Film Development Executive at EM Media, where she executive produced award winning shorts and features. Credits include Weekend, by Andrew Haigh, Skeletons and This Chair Is not Me. (p.38, 55)
shoben, andreW

Formerly a development executive at EON Screenwriters Workshop and Cuba Pic tures, she now works as a freelance script editor, consultant and tutor. She has worked on a number of projects including the feature Boy A, which screened in the 2008 Berlinale Panorama. (p.47)
van helM, Mireille

Founder of Greyworld, which has created works in hugely coveted locations across the world and has permanent installations in twelve countries. Notable works include The Source for the London Stock Exchange, Paint for Nokia and Sun for Trafalgar Square. He is professor of public art at Goldsmiths, University of London. He was nominated as president of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2011. (p.33)
siMonen, Ulla

Founder of London-based Ginger Film Services, an international film consultancy and servicing company, offering sales agents, producers and distributors full postproduction and distribution services. She also offers workshops with a focus on how to prepare your film for international delivery at an early stage in production. (p.22)
van langendonCK, barT

Belgian producer. After a career in music management he produced documentaries, dance films and feature films, he founded Savage Film, where he produced features Bullhead and Anton Corbijn Inside Out. Participated in Eurodoc, Documentary Campus, EAVE, ACE etc. (p.34)
van leer, lia

Finnish producer in her own company MADE, working also as a consulting producer for other companies and as a documentary script advisor for Sources 2. She lectures both nationally and internationally on different aspects of documentary productions and is a member of the European Film Academy. (p.49)
sKJdT, hanne

Israeli film archive and programming pioneer. She was the founder of the Haifa Cinematheque, the Israel Film Archive, the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Jerusalem Cinematheque, of which she became the director. She was head of the International Jury of the Berlinale in 1995. (p.41)
verhoeven, paUl

Director of the European Documentary Network (EDN). She studied psychology, worked as an independent producer of international documentary co-productions and was head of unit for the promotion and distribution of shorts and documentaries at the Danish Film Institute. (p.23)
soloMon, ada

Dutch-American director and one of the most provocative filmmakers of our time. After a string of movies, including the Oscar-nominated Turkish Delight he went to the USA to make hits like Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers. He recently directed the community-scripted internet/ TV project Tricked. (p.33)
voorhaM, aniTa

Romanian producer, who founded HiFilm Productions. She works in short and feature films with acclaimed directors like Razvan Radulescu, Paul Negoescu and Radu Jude, whose Everybody in Our Family premiered in Berlinale Forum in 2012. Her latest film Childs Pose is part of this years Berlinale Competition. (p.47)
sonnen, Caspar

Script advisor for television series and feature films. She has worked as a writer, script editor and creative producer for independent producers and public broadcasters. Currently she is part of Torino Filmlab, the Binger Filmlab, the Nipkow programme and Biennale College-Cinema and also works with individual filmmakers. (p.47)
Wenner, doroThee

Dutch festival organizer and curator, specializes in new forms of cinema and media art emerging within the digital domain. He started working for the IDFA documentary festival in 2005, where he set up the online documentary channel IDFA TV and the festivals new media program IDFA DocLab. Besides his work at IDFA , he is cofounder of Seize the Night, the annual Open Air Film Festival Amsterdam. (p.38)
spragg, gordon

Documentary filmmaker, author and journalist, she has been on the selection committee of the Berlinale Forum since 1990 and serves as the Berlinale delegate for India and Sub-Saharan Africa. (p.43)
yabsley, peTer

PR and marketing specialist and publicist. He is founder of Berlin-based PR company Wolf Consultants and a former head of marketing and publicity at Celluloid Dreams. His clients include international distributors and production companies. (p.43)
sTensgaard, Molly Malene

Products Marketing Team Leader for Canon Europe. He specializes in all matters of camera technology, including the latest developments and future trends in filmmaking and photography. (p.23)
zaChareK, sTephanie

Danish film editor who has edited most of Lars von Triers films including Dancer in the Dark, Dogville and Melancholia. From 2006-2010, she was commissioning editor for feature films at the Danish Film Institute. She is a lecturer at the Binger Filmlab, and in 2007, she was a member of the Berlinale International Jury. She is currently editing Lars von Triers Nymphomaniac. (p.51)
sTephens, TainUi

A film critic for NPR .org, and other publications, she was the senior writer and film critic for for many years. Her writing on books and pop culture has also appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and Sight and Sound. (p.53)
zargarpoUr, habib

Maori independent film and television producer, director, writer, presenter, and voice artist. In 2000 he established his company Pito One Productions. His first short film as a director The Hill was selected for Sundance and the Berlinale in 2002. He has
Berlinale Talent Campus #11

Iranian-born visual art director and effects specialist. He has done digital effects for films like Star Wars Episode I, Star Trek: First Contact and The Bourne Identity. He was nominated for an Oscar for his effects work on Twister and The Perfect Storm. Since 2003 he has been senior art director and creative director at Electronic Arts and the Microsoft Game Studio. (p.33)

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Index of participants



Abdullaeva, Alina Abdullahi, Nafisat Acosta, Odin Ahmad, Mian Adnan Akyol, Zayne Kader Alandy, Joenathann Al-Ghaly, Abdullah Allard, Aliocha Alsharif, Nora Amer, Ahmed Anakiev, Alma Anderson, Kristina Andrade, Sergio Ang, Alemberg Angelidis, Angelos Angelidou, Sofia Arad, Shira Araya Silva, Claudio Alejandro Antonio Arechavala, Javier Sebastian Arieli, Keren Asgari, Ali Aspelin, Mikko Assefa, Dirbdil Averina, Maria Avils, Daniel

Caruso, Giulia Cayer, Ariel Esteban Chagasik, Maenum Charras, Marcelo Chen, Bo Chojna, Igor Cindri, Marko Conceio, Carlos Cottey, Thomas Crosignani, Magela Cuthbert, Sean

Daniel Gabriel, Sandu Daniyan, Adeyinka Edward Davis, Tammy Kade Debrock, Jules Deliberador, Ana Denda, Dragan Dietrich, Florian Dipietro, Franco Djamo, Daniel Nicolae Dogbey, Carl Romeo Dominguez-Degen, Anouk Doyle, Maria-Elena Dragolea, Mihai Gavril Dragus, Maria-Victoria Durand, Jonathan

Galibert, Sophie Gaona Morales, Ivan David Gasmia, Fabian Ga, Lisa Violetta Gervink, Jonas Ghammam, Fairuz Gilat, Lee Gitonga, Tosh Glukhova, Yulia Goel, Nitin Goldbach, Jelena Gomez Millan, Pedro Grenier, Marie-Pierre Grevstad, Ina Therese Lerner Gunawan, Edward

Krukle, Linda Kvithyll, Elisabeth Kyritsis, Nikolaos


Lagogu, Damien Lai, Yifan Lamas, Salom Langhof, Julia Lechapelier, Roman Lemke, Julia Lemos, Araceli Li, Shanshan Linda, Siphiwe Lloyd, Ryan Alexander Lpez Fernndez, Julio Rolando Lopez Maas, Juan Sebastian Loreos, Ian Dean

Palenzuela, Lucia Paolucci, Sandra Pasaribu, Adrian Pathak, Ankur Pavljutkov, Ivan Paz, Doron Penti, Vinja Perez Him, Enrique Peter, Hilda Piperno Krugman, Alex David Piturescu, Ioan Cristian Plastiras, Ioannis Pollard, Jason Pomponiu, Roxana Puscas, Anda-Luana Ptsep, Kristjan

Snir, Assaf Sderlind, Ingvild Sparmberg, Marco Ssenkaaba, Samson Sta. Ana, Paul Stankovic, Katarina Sturm, Barbara Subotowicz, Eliza Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, Dmytro Sutti, Valentina Maria Eugenia

Babara, Otilia Bahir, Muhammad Balcheva, Monika Bashir, Aamir Bautista, Armando Bayraktaroglu, Osman Bayram, Orkan Bekerman, Daniel Bello, Tiago Bemelmans, Roy Bezinovi, Igor Bham, Min Bahadur Biaows, Barbara Bilgin, Belcim Blaisse, Moon Boamah, Ama Oforiwaa Bobina, Mircea Boguzaite, Ruta Brand, Andrew Bravo, Angela Brockenshire, Maite Sofia Brogan, Jacqueline Marie Brookner, Aaron Buali, Mohamed Burke, Eleanor Buzinskaite, Ieva

Egenti, Onyinye Eid, Christian El Amine, Ghaith El Hacahdi, Mahassine El Koussa, Mira Elkington, Ruari Elouan, Hossameldeen Endres de Oliveira, Gloria Rafaela Escobar Campos, Carlos Mauricio Espia, Hannah Tabitha Estrada Torrescano, Jos Pablo

Halilaj, Tristan Han, Xiaosu Harfouche, Jowe Hattou, Mohamed El Amine Hayday, James Heindel, Claudia Henriquez, Samuel Hiveluah, Oshosheni Hjrleifsdttir, sa Hoffmann, Jerry Hnig, Philipp Hristoskov, Atanas

Ibrahim, Muhammad Al Amin Iorga, Emanuela


Campos Valladares, Laura Maria Canale, Mara Cappellaro, Susanna

Faber, Romke Fadlon, Thor Fair, James Fallshaw, Daniel Fangacio Arakaki, Juan Carlos Ferreira, Pedro Fessa, Elina Figueroa Rodriguez, Ray Fontes, Rodrigo Fortier Gauthier, Alexis Franco, Andrea Frank, Boris Frugiuele, Cecilia

Jambrovic, Vanja Janczak, Krzysztof A. Jankes, Matthew Jaquemet, Simon Jrvet, Toomas Jarvis, Sophie Jean Bosco, Nshimiyimana Joaquin, Lucas Johansen, Louise Hjgaard Ssebaggala, Joseph Kenneth Jung, Yumi

MacInnes, Catriona Magoko, Otaigo Beryl Mainali, Narendra Raj Manor, Amir Manukyan, Tatevik Manzheeva, Ella Maragkos, Aristotelis Marin Duarte, Catalina Marinovi, Ivan Marion, Aurora Marno, Mozhan Martinessi, Marcelo Mendiz, Arturo Mikalaki, Nenad Mirica, Bogdan Florian Moreno Gonzlez, Maria del Mar Morgan, Emily Mthembu, Siphesihle Mueller, Vanessa Nica Mller, Nikolaus Mwakaba, Mercy Mkaiwawi

Quesada Mena, Marcelo Quiroga Russo, Mauricio


Ramos, Mariana Ramsay, Jamie Rashid, Xavier Rasmussen, Jonas Poher Raso, Mark Reinders, Rutger Remn, Daniel Reuter, Jasmin Rinner, Lukas Roccati, Luigi Rodnes, Siri Rodriguez Diaz, Alicia Luz Rozanski, Emma Ruano Auday, Eduard Rutanen, Joonas Rytel-Przeomiec, Micha

Taher, Ronak Tailfeathers, Elle-Maija Tautu, Carina Teehan, Robert Terebilo, Nataliea Tessaud, Pascal Tran, Sally Tremblay, Elisabeth Trisna Sari, Amalia Trocan, Irina Trukanas, Jonas Tsicko, Eti

Umdenstock, Pierre-Louis

Kerekgyarto, Yvonne Kerimaa, Ville-Veikko Keyworth, Richard Khan, Ryan Khan, Sami Knag, Nina Kocsis, Daniel Kslin, Franziska

Nabil, Ahmed Nandakumar, Anusha Nath, Paramita Ndahayo, Gilbert Nedeczky, Dra Niyongabo, Yves Montand Nolan, Claire Nzinga, David

Cuaig, Cathal Seosamh Ojala, Pirjo Olstein, Justin Oumarou, Maman Salissou

Sabbagh, Geordie Saga, Mariko Sakaoglu, Sinem Saleh, Ahmad Saleh, Sidi Sandell, Kerri Sarmiento Pagan, Alvaro Savi, Mihajlo Sawhney, Cary Schatz, Johanne Schilling, Verena Schouw, Bram Scicluna, Kenneth Shaban, Ariel Shafi, Imran Siepker, Undine Silbert, Ryan Silverstein, Annie Singer, Luis Sironi, Carlo Skrzeszewska, Alina

von Matthiessen, Max Vaiinait, Gabriel Valadez Rodrguez, Mara Fernanda Valchanov, Petar Valente, Alvaro Riccardo van der Kooij, Danielle Versteyhe, Sien Vidal, Carmen Vierhout, Anne Vinokurova, Anastasia Visa, Irene Vlasova, Daria Vollrath, Patrick Voogt, Dylan

Wallace, Martin Watson Stafford, Adam Waugh, Ian Weingartner, Jakob Weydemann, Jonas Wolkstein, Lauren

Xu, Qian Chun Yang, Hyojoo Yeung, Raymond Yildirim, Stare Yin, Xue

Zosso, Graldine

Berlinale Talent Campus #11


Index of countries / Dankeschn

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MeeT parTiCipanTs FroM 96 CoUnTries: a

We WoUld liKe To ThanK:

Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan


Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria


Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark


Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Ethiopia


Finland, France

Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala


Hong Kong, Hungary


Iceland, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan

Kenya, Republic of Korea, Kosovo


Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania


Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco


Namibia, Nepal, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Norway


Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico

Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda


Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland


Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey


Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay



Ambassade de France Emmanuel Suard, Nathalie von Bernstorff, Carole Lunt, Anne Vassevire. A&O HOTEL and HOSTEL Mitte Katharina Ptter Krouse, Jennifer Remus, Sandra Otte, Heike Brose. Arri Catia Marini, Phillip Vischer. ARTE Deutschland Kathrin Brinkmann. ARTE France Annamaria Lodato. Auswrtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Seidt, Uwe Wolfgang Heye, Helmut Lrsch, Petra Giese. Binger Filmlab Gamila Ylstra. BKM Der Beauftragte der Bundesregierung fr Kultur und Medien Dr. Bernd Neumann, Dr. Ingeborg Berggreen-Merkel, Sandra Wemmel, Ulrike Schauz, Michael Knoche. BMW Karsten Engel, Johannes Seibert, Hans-Reiner Schrder. British Council Briony Hanson, Will Massa, John Whitehead, Dr. Elke Ritt. British Embassy Simon McDonald, British Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Amelie Heinrichsdorff. Canon Europe Rainer Fuehres, Kieran Magee, Mike Owen, Peter Yabsley, Scott Fitzgibbon. Canon Deutschland Bettina Steeger. Daazo Film and Media Ltd. Dniel Dek, Zoltn Aprily, Anita Libor. Deutsche Weine Monika Reule. Deutsche Welle Eric Bettermann, Rainer Traube, Melanie Matthus, Bettina Kolb, Fred lschlegel, Michael Mnz, and the Deutsche Welle trainees. Deutsche Welle Akademie Gerda Meuer, Bernhard Graf von der Schulenburg, Pamela Schobess and the Deutsche Welle Akademie volunteers.

DFFB German Film and Television Academy Prof. Jan Schtte, Edith Forster, Kathrin Osterndorff, Stefan Beckers, Laura Gintar, Alex Rhl, Debora Schuchert, Ingo Schumacher. Dolby Labs Julian Pinn, Michael Dalock-Schmidt. Durban International Film Festival Nisha Naidoo, Peter and Monica Rorvik. European Film Market Beki Probst, Nadja Tennstedt, Manuela Guddait, Volker Hrich. Festival internazionale del film di Locarno Nadia Dresti, Mario Timbal. FFA German Federal Film Board Peter Dinges, Christine Berg, Birthe Klinge, Julia Walpersdorf. FIDMARSEILLE Jean-Pierre Rehm, Fabienne Moris, Analle Bourguignon, Rebecca De Pas, Ourida Timhadjelt. FILMeX Kanako Hayashi, Shozo Ichiyama, Shigeo Kanaya. Film- und Medienstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen Petra Mller, Katharina Blum. FIPRESCI Klaus Eder. Fraunhofer / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut Michael Witte, Ralf Schfer, Christian Weissig, Peter Kauff. Gahrens & Battermann Michael Kugel. Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires Stefan Huesgen, Inge Stache. Goethe-Institut Johannesburg Dr. Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte. Goethe-Institut Mexico Reinhard Maiworm, Sebastian Huber. Goethe-Institut Tokyo Raimund Wrdemann, Mihoko Tanno. Goethe-Institut Mnchen Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Johannes Ebert, Dr. Christian Lffe, Marina Ludemann. Goldneun Simon Chappuzeau, Diana Riepel. Guadalajara International Film Festival Raul Padilla, Ivn Trujillo Bolio, Andrea Stavenhagen, Alejandra Pauln Albor. HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1-3) Annemie Vanackere, Aenne Quiones, Robert Gather, Elisabeth Knauf, Martina Gessner, Sabine Hertwig, Matthias Schfer and the entire HAU team for their cool theatre.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

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Haus der Kulturen der Welt Ellen Kraft, Andr Schulze, Frank Jahn. Hugo Boss Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, Claudia Schmidt. IDFA Cathalijne de Wilde. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Marcus Schtte. Jensen&Lechleitner Finn Jensen, Janine Plew, Hendrik Eibisch, Steffi Eichhorn, Samo Darian. jobs und bhm Sonja Jobs, Sylvia Bhm. LFB Lichtforum Berlin Mario Klapper. London Film School Ben Gibson, Suzy Gillett, Alex Duxbury. LORAL PARiS Jrme Bruhat, Yvonne Rostock, Heike Leder. Manfred Durniok Foundation Michiko Teramoto. MEDIA Training Programme of the European Union Aviva Silver, Brian Holmes, Sari Vartiainen, Costas Daskalakis, Arnaud Pasquali, Piedad Rivas Lopez, Cristina Fernandez Estrada. MEDIA Mundus Irina Orssich Slavetich, Emmanuel Cocq. MEDIA Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg Susanne Schmitt, Uta Eberhard, Andrea Greul. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Kirsten Niehuus, Elmar Giglinger, Daniel Saltzwedel, Rangeen Horami. Miller Fluid Heads Europe Mike Lippmann. MJIT-Berlin Michel Juknat, Ludwig Reuter. Nipkow Programme Uta Ganschow, Petra Weisenburger. Polish Film Institute Izabela Kiszka, Kinga Gauszka. Power to the Pixel Liz Rosenthal, Tishna Molla. Rabenhorst Klaus-Jrgen Philipp, Johannes H. Mauss. RED Digital Germany Alfred Jaax, Kristin Geyer. Robert Bosch Stiftung Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Dr. Kurt Liedtke, Ottilie Blz, Frank W. Albers, Karin Angela Schyle, Christine Kopf.

Robert Bosch Reprsentanz Miriam Gundlach, Isabel Bornhorst. Sarajevo Film Festival Mirsad Purivatra, Amra Baksi Camo, Jovan Marjanovi. Serve-U Phillip Snderhauf, Andreas Buchholz. Sources 2 Dr. Renate Gompper, Marion Gompper. Talent Campus Buenos Aires Mara Marta Antin, Manuel Ferrari, Agustina Arbetman. Talent Campus Durban Tiny Mungwe, Carole Gumede. Talent Campus Guadalajara Lorena Rossette Riestra, Ana de la Rosa Zamboni. Talent Campus Sarajevo Asja Makarevi, Ivana Pekui, Ivana Kalember. Talent Campus Tokyo Akiko Yukawa, Eiko Mizuno. Talent Project Market Sonja Heinen, Dr. Kathi Bildhauer. tectum film equipment rental Christian Klimke, Torsten Schimmer. Theaterkunst Susanne Franke, Nikola Flster, Birgit Raabe. The Film and Television University (HFF) Konrad Wolf Prof. Dieter Wiedemann, Prof. Martin Steyer, Holger Lochau, Bernhard Albrecht. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Yuuji Izawa, Yusaku Imamura, Katsuhiko Funaki, Tomo Murakami. TOP-IX Torino e Piemonte Internet Exchange Silvano Giorcelli and the entire team. U.S. Embassy Berlin Philip D. Murphy, Katharina Gllner-Sweet, Kerstin Reichert, Oktay Ay. VFF Prof. Johannes Kreile, Prof. Norbert Flechsig, Prof. Georg Feil. VIDEOR E. Hartig Joachim Meyer. Viva con Agua Benjamin Adrion. Wajda Studio Wojciech Marczewski, Agnieszka Marczewska, Katarzyna lesicka, Joanna Solecka. Wirtshaus am Ufer Thomas King and the entire team. Jens Rietdorf, Robert Wagner.

KBB Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin Charlotte Sieben, Johannes Emig, Andrea Schreiber, Petra Hemprich, Stefan Martin, Dr. Albert Drgemller, Lara Rossi, Matin Schiemann, Roman Schumann, Stefan Heicking. Berlin International Film Festival Our colleagues Thomas Hailer, Solmaz Azizi, Sabine Gebauer, Merle Kasprzak, Lorna Bsel, Karin Hoffinger, Daniela Weber. Johannes Wachs and Adrienne Boros. Anne Gebhardt, Kerstin Iskra, Melike ztrk and Eva Simhart. Andr Stever and the Film Office team. The section heads Christoph Terhechte, Maike Mia Hhne, Dr. Rainer Rother, Maryanne Redpath, Florian Weghorn, Linda Sffker, Wieland Speck and their teams. Vincenzo Bugno, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Wilhelm Faber, Frauke Greiner, Dagmar Forelle, Anne Marburger and their teams. Hans von Trotha. Markus Hnle, Nina Orda, Albrecht Wendel, Gunnar Gilgen and Irena Akopjan; Karen Arikian, Jose Carlos Avellar, John Badalu, Alexis Grivas, Dominique Green, Elisabeth Lequeret, Luciano Monteagudo, Nikolaj Nikitin, Norman Wang and Dorothee Wenner for strategic expert approach. Last but not least Dieter Kosslick! Our juries: Doc Station Kathrin Brinkmann, Fabienne Moris, Sirkka Mller. Script Station Alby James, Franz Rodenkirchen, Merle Krger. Sound Studio Martin Steyer, Martin Todsharow, Bernhard Albrecht, Frank Kruse, Dominik Schleier. Talent Project Market Katriel Schory, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Ellis Driessen, Prof. Georg Feil. Talent Press Marina Ludemann, Oliver Baumgarten, Aily Nash, Frdric Jaeger and Frauke Greiner. Short Film Station Maike Mia Hhne, Alexandra Gramatke, Christiane Steiner, Daniel Saltzwedel. Campus Studio Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Dirk Meier, Andreas Westphal (Post-Production Studio),

Susan Korda, Kevin Murphy, Marcie Jost (Editing Studio). Special thanks to Peter Cowie, Sigrid Limprecht, Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, Matthias Lilienthal, Marjorie Bendeck, Wolfgang Janen. Campus team 2013 Aily, Andrea, Anja, Ana, Andreas, Arlyn, Arne, Christiane, Daniel, Jana D., Jana W., Janne, Johannes, Jona, Juliane, Kathi, Katrin, Kevin, Lira, Marc, Marcie, Marcus, Michael, Nicole, Oli, Philip, Ricardo, Sebastian, Sirkka, Stefan, Susann, Thomas, Tiny, Tommaso and Tobi; to all photographers, volunteers, angels, service suppliers and technicians.
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Berlinale Talent Campus #11


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Berlin International Film Festival Festival Director Dieter Kosslick Berlinale Talent Campus 2013 Programme Manager Matthijs Wouter Knol Project Manager Christine Trstrum Programme Coordination Andrea Rieder Events & Administration Nicole Mnch Head of Communication Christiane Steiner Head of Press Susann Pataki Assistant Press & Communication Katrin Wirth Assistant Events Sebastian Gutierrez Perez Online Editor & Community Manager Marcus Forchner Talent Administration Coordination Lira Lousinha, Jona Armborst Selection Commitee Marcie Jost, Tiny Mungwe, Kevin Murphy, Ana de la Rosa Zamboni Sponsorship Dagmar Forelle, Milad Ganji Text Editor Daniel Bickermann

Hands-on training Sound Studio Marcie Jost, Janne von Busse Campus Studio Andreas Westphal, Kevin Murphy Doc & Script Station Sirkka Mller, Arne Kohlweyer; Meet Coordinator: Gabriele Brunnenmeyer Talent Project Market Dr. Kathi Bildhauer, Sonja Heinen Talent Press Oliver Baumgarten, Aily Nash Talent Actors Stage Anja Joos Short Film Station Christiane Steiner, Philip Widmann Guest Managers Jana Daedelow, Johannes Reiss Trainee Arlyn Knemund Interns Programme Thomas Hakim, Jana Wich Intern Press Juliane Rutscher Interns Talent Administration Matthias Campe, Ricardo Lopez Rhl Administration Support Michael Hoffmeister

Event Agency Jensen & Lechleitner GmbH, Finn Jensen IT Project Management Jens Rietdorf IT Technology serve-u Phillip Snderhauf Consultants Peter Cowie, Sigrid Limprecht Imprint Circulation 3.500 Editorial Office Oliver Baumgarten, Aily Nash, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Thomas Hakim, Jana Wich, Daniel Bickermann Photography Berlin International Film Festival, David Ausserhofer, David von Becker, Andreas Bhmig, Chiara Ferrau, Lydia Hesse, Peter Himsel, Ute Langkafel and cooperation partners, distributors, film productions Design jobs und bhm, Sonja Jobs Photography Cover Scarlett Hooft Graafland Print Druckzone GmbH & Co. KG, Cottbus

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An initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival, a business division of the Kultur veranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH.

Campus Team 2012 (from left to right): Thomas Hakim, Sebastian Gutierrez Perez, Aily Nash, Daniel Bickermann, Kevin Murphy, Jona Armborst, Matthias Campe, Jana Daedelow, Arne Kohlweyer, Andrea Rieder, Kathi Bildhauer, Hannes Reiss, Matthijs Wouter Knol, Finn Jensen, Tobi, Christine Trstrum, Katrin Wirth, Steffi Eichhorn, Jana Wich, Marcus Forchner, Anja Joos, Nicole Mnch, Marcie Jost, Andreas Westphal, Juliane Rutscher, Susann Pataki, Arlyn Knemund, Lira Lousinha, Michael Hoffmeister and Christiane Steiner.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11

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The Berlinale Talent Campus is an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival, a business division of the Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH , funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In cooperation with MEDIA Training programme of the European Union, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Canon.

Berlinale Talent Campus #11