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 MBA International Business

 MSc Global Banking and Finance

 MA Entrepreneurial Management

 MA Human Resources

 MA International Business

 MA International Marketing

The Language of Business 08/09


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Regent’s College: A Unique Environment 32

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Regent’s College is an associated institution of the students for entry to their chosen careers, which
Open University. Undergraduate and postgraduate was further supported by the guidance and advice
programmes in the European Business School provided by the Careers and Internships Services
London are validated by the Open University. EBS Centre. The level of pastoral and academic support
London is recognised by the British Accreditation provided by the School, and more generally with
Council and the Department for Innovation, Regent’s College, was outstanding, as was the
Universities and Skills. School’s clear commitment to continuous review of
its provision in the light of student comment and
Extract from the recent BAC inspection: The the changing international context of business. The
European Business School London was first School’s staff were notable for their wide range of
accredited by the British Accreditation Council for academic and professional qualifications and
Independent Further and Higher Education in 1995. experience. Academic resources, both within the
It was most recently re-inspected in 2006. School and within Regent’s College, were compre-
The School was considered to offer an excellent
level of provision in all of the areas assessed during The European Business School London was
the inspection. There was an excellent integration awarded continuing accreditation in April 2006.
of the academic programmes with the development
of the awareness, skills and experience required by
Welcome to EBS London

Our highly talented and forward-looking

The European Business School
graduates are much sought after by
London is a unique UK higher employers worldwide; particularly in the
education institution. Situated in fields of banking and finance, marketing and
the heart of Regent’s Park, consultancy. Increasingly, our graduates are
also setting up their own companies, as well
central London, we provide an
as continuing a well-established trend of
educational experience that working within family business. The high
combines rigorous undergradu- graduate employment level at EBS London,
ate and postgraduate business a key indicator of success, continues to be
the guiding principle of our academic mis-
programmes with excellent
employment prospects for grad-
uates. Whichever postgraduate programme you
are interested in, we are confident that you
Our student body comprises 92% interna- will be both intellectually challenged and
tional students from 100 different countries culturally stimulated by the unique experi-
worldwide. This highly cosmopolitan, multi- ence of EBS London.
cultural student body creates a dynamic
environment for the design and delivery of
our academic curriculum. At EBS London
we are committed to the principle of Professor Michael Scriven
embedding internationalism in the aca- Dean
demic content of our degree programmes,
and of capitalising on the richness and vari-
ety of the linguistic and cultural background
of our students.

European Business School London Master Your Future

London – A Vibrant City

“A campus with a wealth of opportunities”... describes Regent’s College. Not only London is a city of colours and contrasts, of
are we one of the few colleges which has a ancient history and 21st century modernity,
campus in central London, but our prime a melting pot of the world’s cultures and
park location makes it easy for students to nationalities. Since the Romans founded
explore one of the world’s most entertain- Londinium in AD60, London has grown and
ing cities from dusk to dawn. Baker Street prospered to establish itself as the largest,
tube station, which is only a 5-minute walk most exciting city in Europe. With a popu-
away, links students to major sites and lation of 7 million, 30% of whom are of
attractions in London and it is easy to take overseas descent, London is one of the
the train to other major European cities. biggest and most ethnically diverse cities in
the world, with around 200 languages spo-
ken within its confines. The country’s news
and money are made here, and many of
the biggest multinational companies in the
world are based in London’s financial dis-

London’s museums and galleries – several

of them ranking amongst the world’s finest
– are full of treasures collected from
Europe and beyond. Monuments from the
capital’s more glorious past, from medieval
banqueting halls to the great churches of
Sir Christopher Wren, stand alongside
modern wonders such as Tate Modern.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

For entertainment, London is truly unsur-

passed. A huge shopping mecca where stu-
dents can trawl the weekend markets of
Portobello and Camden for cutting edge
street designs, or hobnob with the rich and
famous in Harrods or on Bond Street.
There are hundreds of nightclubs, restau-
rants and theatres to choose from, as well
as the many London pubs which are
renowned for their character and bon-
homie. As the home of the Royal Opera
House, Royal Albert Hall and London
Symphony, there are facilities for every kind
of music lover.

Contrary to popular belief, London need

not be an expensive place to live. The city’s
huge student population means that there
is plenty of good value accommodation to
be found in the capital and many shops and
attractions offer student discounts. From
Michelin-starred restaurants to all-you-can-
eat Indian buffets, there is a restaurant to
suit every pocket in London.


European Business School London Master Your Future

EBS London Postgraduate Degrees

 MBA International Business EBS London’s Masters degree programmes

are designed to enhance your proficiency in
a specific area as a continuation from your
 MSc Global Banking and Finance undergraduate degree studies, or offer a
change of career in an increasingly competi-
tive job market.
 MA Entrepreneurial Management
MBA International Business
 MA Human Resources The MBA International Business brings
together all aspects of the work of the
school in an exciting and innovative learning
 MA International Business experience. Combining two semesters of
academic study in London with a 6-10
week Study Period Abroad in either New
 MA International Marketing York City, Montreal, Copenhagen or Hong
Kong. A minimum of two years postgradu-
ate-level work experience is required for
this course.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

MSc Global Banking and Finance MA International Business

This one year full-time programme is ideal International business practitioners need the
for students interested in a career in invest- theoretical and empirical tools that will
ment banking, corporate finance or the allow them to make balanced judgements
financial service industry in general. It is of financial, commercial, political and eco-
open to students who have an analytical, nomic factors. This course provides a com-
financial or mathematical academic back- prehensive overview of international busi-
ground. ness and is open to students of all degree
MA Entrepreneurial Management
This programme is ideal for students wish- MA International Marketing
ing to launch their own business enterprise, This programme deals with the complex
expand upon a family business or focus on issues facing marketing managers in the 21st
small to medium sized organisations. The Century. The course will empower students
course is open to students of all degree with a mastery of effective marketing, and
backgrounds. provides an insight into the international
business environment.
MA Human Resources
This programme generates an in-depth
experience of the management of human
resources; it teaches students to apply com-
prehensive knowledge, understanding and
intellectual skills across a wide range of
managerial leadership areas. The course is
open to students of all degree back-

European Business School London Master Your Future

MBA International Business

Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months

Overview Programme Objectives

MBA International Business

The EBS London MBA programme has EBS London MBA graduates will be able to:
been developed to provide students with  Make an immediate contribution to key
the skills and experience to undertake the strategic and functional areas of
challenges of senior-level management. The international organisations.
programme provokes theoretical under-
standing and a critical awareness of the  Show leadership and creativity when
major strategic challenges facing contempo-
faced with complex problems and be
rary global business. The programme has an
able to plan and implement tasks at a
international focus throughout, underpinned
senior management level.
by the integral 6-10 week Study Period
Abroad. Whatever your career ambitions,
 Apply critical, analytical and research skills
we are confident that you will be challenged
commensurate with improving business
and stimulated by the uniqueness of the
and management theory and practice.
EBS London MBA International Business.

Please see pages 28-29 for details of our Programme Features

Careers Guidance and Internship Services.  A multidisciplinary and integrative
curriculum reinforcing the strategic and
Programme Aims international dimensions of global
 Develop and enhance strategic and business.
integrated views of organisations and
management at all levels.  A specialist Study Period Abroad (SPA)
as a core element of the programme,
 Develop a critical awareness of allowing students to gain practical and
international business. academic experience overseas for a 6-10
week period.
 Develop an advanced understanding of
international, ethical and strategic  A selection of 8 languages for students to
concepts and current theories in the choose from to enhance their personal
management of global businesses. global portfolio of skills: French, German,
Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian,
Japanese or Mandarin Chinese.

 Proactive Careers Guidance and

Internship Centre.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

MBA Statistics 2007/2008

 Class size 29

 Average age of students 28

 Average years of full-time work experience 5

 Students’ work background Finance, Law, Engineering, Real Estate

 Students’ top nationalities German, American, French, Portuguese, Indian, Italian

 Male/Female ratio 55:45

Programme Outline
Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MBA modules.

Summer Semester
Autumn Semester Spring Semester Study Period Abroad
 Managing Organisations and People for  Crossing Continents  Elective Module 1
the 21st Century
 Business and Competitive Environments  Elective Module 2
 Entrepreneurship and New Business
Ventures  Financial Management

 Financial and Managerial Accounting  Information & E-Business Management

 Operations & Services Management

 Marketing in Diverse Environments

Business Project - Undertaken throughout the programme

European Business School London Master Your Future

MBA Study Period Abroad

The EBS London MBA programme has an inter- Pace University, New York City
national focus, underpinned throughout by the
Situated next to Wall Street, Pace
compulsory 6-10 week Study Period Abroad ele-
University’s business school campus is
ment of the course. Our partner universities have
located in the heart of lower Manhattan,
been selected for their international standing, the
the financial centre of the city. Accredited
reputation of their MBA programmes and their
by AACSB, the Lubin School of Business is
course compatibility. Two elective modules are
renowned for its small classes, outstanding
chosen from the host university’s MBA course
faculty, applied research, internship oppor-
offerings. The Study Period Abroad is undertaken
tunities, and innovative programming. The
during the summer semester, and EBS London
MBA programme at Lubin has a strong
MBA students can choose from the following
finance focus, reflecting its location in one
partner universities:
of the world’s leading financial centres.

Having the opportunity to take part in the Study Period Abroad in Hong Kong has proven to
be an invaluable experience. The combination of coursework at City University and partici-
pating in the MBA Diagnostic Trip to mainland China provided significant academic, profes-
sional and cultural learning opportunities. I highly recommend the program and truly enjoyed
the overall experience of the Study Period Abroad.”

Nicolas Chavez, USA, MBA 2007

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Copenhagen Business School, City University, Hong Kong

Denmark City University Business School is ranked as
Copenhagen Business School was founded one of the top five universities in the Asia
in 1917 and is recognised as one of Pacific region. Situated in Kowloon, close to
Scandinavia’s leading institutions. Working Hong Kong Island, the school is home to
in close partnership with the business com- 18000 students and offers an English-
munity, the school offers an English-medium medium MBA programme to students from
MBA programme which has a strong focus all over the world. This Study Period
on strategy and corporate responsibility. Abroad option is a chance for EBS London
Copenhagen Business School offers stu- MBA students to learn more about Asian
dents an excellent opportunity to hone business and enterprise in vibrant, fascinat-
their strategic management skills in the ing surroundings.
heart of Denmark, one of the world’s most
competitive economies.

Concordia University, Canada

Founded in 1974, Concordia University
traces its academic roots back to the early
20th century. The John Molson School of
Business is recognised as one of Canada’s
leading Business Schools, and was the first
business school in Montreal to be awarded
AACSB accreditation. Montreal is one of
the oldest cities in North America and one
of the world’s largest French-speaking cities.

European Business School London Master Your Future

MSc Global Banking and Finance


Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months (15 months for January start)
MSc Global Banking and Finance

Overview Programme Aims

Efficient, well-functioning financial markets This course aims to:
lie at the heart of every successful modern  Offer training in the academic discipline
economy. Bankers and financiers are a vital of finance within a global business
part of the corporate life cycle. Banking has context.
always been tightly regulated, but in recent
years the industry has undergone big  Provide rigorous, critical analysis of issues
changes in many parts of the world. The
in banking and financial markets.
privatisation trend and the globalization of
the financial industry have forced mergers
 Provide an understanding of the
and restructurings. The MSc in Global
interaction of finance with international
Banking and Finance exposes course mem-
financial services, international business
bers to the latest developments in the
and financial economics in the public and
financial industry, set within a practical busi-
private sectors.
ness context. The programme enables stu-
dents to think from first principles, deal
with financial issues and contribute to the Programme Objectives
formulation of finance-related strategies EBS London MSc graduates will be able to:
upon graduation.  Demonstrate the skills necessary to
tackle problems within the complex
world of international finance and

 Prepare and implement findings directed

at the evaluation of corporate, market,
investment and risk management

 Demonstrate business and cultural skills

related to the professional workplace in
an international context.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

The MSc Global Banking and Finance course at EBS London was a great experience. First of all, living in London
and having the financial insights that the city provides is really amazing. The lecturers are very knowledgeable and
considerate, combining regular lectures with seminars, thus giving a “real world” sense to the course. At the moment
I am teaching in a university in Brazil, and also working in a big retail bank. I believe the knowledge acquired during
my time at EBS London developed my skills and prepared me for entry into the finance market."

Rogerio Saab, Brazil

MSc Global Banking and Finance, 2007 11

Programme Features Programme Outline

 A multidisciplinary and integrative Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MSc modules.
curriculum reinforcing the strategic and
international dimensions of global
banking and finance. Core Modules

 Two semesters of seven taught core  Financial Markets and Instruments

modules, one elective module and a
15,000 word dissertation.  Banking and Financial Management

 Regular workshops and seminars by  Financial Regulation and Governance

business practitioners from the
corporate financial world.
 Corporate Finance

 Proactive Careers, Guidance and

 Financial Reporting and Analysis
Internships centre.

 Strategy in Action

 Research Methods and Econometrics


Elective Module Elective (Choose from 3 - see page 44)

European Business School London Master Your Future

MA in Management
With pathway in Entrepreneurial Management


Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months (15 months for January start)
MA Entrepreneurial Management

Overview Programme Aims

Entrepreneurship as a management style This course aims to:
and set of competencies is seen, by govern-  Promote critical and reflective debate
ments and businesses alike, as a key to around the current discourses in
change. In a global economy where knowl- Entrepreneurial Management.
edge and service are the assets for organi-
sations and their economies, an entrepre-  Take a wide ranging view of
neurial culture is seen as the basis of being
entrepreneurship as a key focus in
competitive and realising growth potential
organisational development.
through creativity and adaptability.

 Focus on entrepreneurial management

The programme recognises the existence
as a specific management style, one
of and necessity for entrepreneurial capabil-
relevant to organisations in a wide arena
ities in all organisations—public, private and
of sizes, cultures and structures.
social. The focus is on Entrepreneurial
Management as a phenomenon that gener-
ates economic renewal for organisations of
Programme Objectives
all sizes and cultures. Graduates will be able to:
 Demonstrate the skills needed for a
wide variety of possible careers, including
starting small businesses of their own or
developing existing organisations.

 Convert theory into practice by

presenting current empirical research so
as to enhance contemporary
entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in
an integrated manner.

 Critically analyse complex situations, so

they may take effective and creative
entrepreneurial decisions.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

On the programme, the concept of Entrepreneurship is used as a platform in
order to teach students how to look at things in a more structured manner, and to
take the broader view on business in general.”

Johannes Kraft, Germany

MA Entrepreneurial Management 13

Programme Features Programme Outline

 A strong base of theoretical and Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MA modules.
conceptual frameworks built on by
application and interface with
entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial
businesses through seminars, field and Core Modules
research-based activities.
 Business in its Linguistic and Cultural Environment
 Two semesters of core and specialist
modules, one elective module and a  Strategy in Action
15,000 word final dissertation.
 Business Research Methods (half module)
 A Dissertation which provides a major
opportunity to extend the interest of the
Specialist Modules
individual student by focusing on one of
the many exciting avenues of
 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (Double module)
entrepreneurial development.

 Managing the Growing Business

 A strong focus on group-orientated
teamwork to reach shared objectives,
supported by staff with extensive  Experiential Leadership in Action
entrepreneurial experience.
 Finance for Entrepreneurial Business (half module)

Elective (Choose from 13 - see page 43)


European Business School London Master Your Future

MA in Management
With pathway in International Marketing


Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months (15 months for January start)
MA International Marketing

Overview Programme Objectives

This programme addresses the complex Graduates will be able to:
issues that face marketing managers in the  Demonstrate the skills needed for a
21st Century. Of crucial importance is the successful career in Marketing
ability to analyse and evaluate a rapidly Management in an international context.
changing international business environ-
ment, to plan accordingly and to implement  Develop their managerial competencies
customer-focused solutions that will deliver
through effective communication, team
both financial performance and develop
work and strategic analysis.
long-term client-business relationships. The
programme will empower students with a
 Critically analyse the international
mastery of effective marketing, and allows a
business environments to produce
focus on specific areas of marketing such as
effective, customer-focused marketing
direct marketing, services marketing, etc.
plans and solutions for a range of
Programme Aims
This course aims to:
 Promote critical and reflective debate
around the current discourses in
International Marketing.

 Provide students with the skills and

training needed for a successful career in
marketing in a global context.

 Allow students to study core MA

modules along with specific marketing
modules relevant to their own area of
particular interest.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Programme Features Programme Outline

 Small class sizes and close personal Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MA modules.
attention from the course tutors.

 Two semesters of seven taught core

Core Modules
modules, one elective module and a
15,000 word final dissertation.
 Business in its Linguistic and Cultural Environment
 A Dissertation which provides a major
opportunity to extend the interest of the
 Strategy in Action
individual student by focusing on a
specific marketing area, a business plan or  Business Research Methods (half module)
consultancy project.
Specialist Modules
 Practical field-based opportunities to put
academic knowledge into practice.  Marketing Management (Double module)

 An interdisciplinary opportunity to  International Marketing

develop core management competencies
whilst selecting from a range of specialist  Consumer Behaviour
marketing modules.
 Finance for International Marketing Specialists (half module)

Elective (Choose from 13 - see page 43)


European Business School London Master Your Future

MA in Management
With pathway in Human Resource Management


Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months (15 months for January start)

Programme Objectives
MA Human Resources

To display excellence in practice, HR man- Graduates will be able to:
agers must study and apply comprehensive  Demonstrate the skills needed for a
knowledge, understanding, and intellectual successful career in Human Resource
skills across a wide range of managerial Management in an international context.
leadership areas. They must also become
more self-aware, have a strong interper-  Apply practical, strategic HR skills to
sonal focus, and develop creativity, original- develop more encouraging work
ity and adaptability in a learning culture that environments.
demands disciplined thinking and encour-
ages curiosity. This programme works with
 Effectively communicate with employees
students to generate an in-depth, high-level,
on all levels and lead and manage
critical and practical experience of the
successful teams.
management of human resources.

Programme Aims
This course aims to:
 Promote critical and reflective debate
around the current discourses in Human
Resource Management.

 Prioritises theoretical and explanatory

Human Resource frameworks, whilst
stressing self-knowledge through physical
as well as emotional participation.

 Allow students to study core MA

modules along with specific Human
Resource modules relevant to their own
area of particular interest.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Programme Features Programme Outline

 Small class sizes and close personal Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MA modules.
attention from the course tutors.

 Two semesters of taught core and Core Modules

specialist modules, one elective module
and a 15,000 word final dissertation.
 Business in its Linguistic and Cultural Environment

 A Dissertation which provides a major

 Strategy in Action
opportunity to extend the interest of the
individual student by focusing on a
specific human resource area, a business
 Business Research Methods (half module)
plan or consultancy project.
Specialist Modules
 Practical field-based opportunities to put
academic knowledge into practice.  Strategic Human Resource Management (Double module)

 An interdisciplinary opportunity to  Organisational Behaviour

develop core management competencies
whilst selecting from a range of specialist  Experiential Leadership in Action
HR modules.
 Finance for HR Specialists

Elective (Choose from 13 - see page 43)


European Business School London Master Your Future

MA in Management
With pathway in International Business


Start dates January and September

Duration 12 months (15 months for January start)
MA International Business

Overview Programme Objectives

Successful managers need to possess the Graduates will be able to:
theoretical and empirical tools that will  Use analytical tools to monitor the
allow them to make balanced judgements presence and impact of current issues
of the many different factors—cultural, affecting international business.
financial, commercial, social, political etc.—
that will affect the outcomes of their  Make informed decisions about the
endeavours in business. On this programme
latest topics in business research in an
International Business is addressed on a
international context.
‘macro’ level, dealing with institutional and
human aspects, and on a more internal,
 Become successful participants in the
‘micro’level, focusing on the latest topics of
international business process, and
business research in an international con-
establish successful careers in their
chosen business field.

Programme Aims
This course aims to:
 Introduce students to current debates,
theories and practices in the field of
International Business.

 Analyse aspects of International Business

on both a micro and macro level.

 Allow students to study core MA

modules along with specific International
Business modules relevant to their own
area of particular interest.

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Programme Features Programme Outline

 Small class sizes and close personal Please refer to pages 40-44 for full details of the MA modules
attention from the course tutors.

 Two semesters of taught core and

Core Modules
specialist modules, one elective module
and a 15,000 word final dissertation.
 Business in its Linguistic and Cultural Environment
 A Dissertation which provides a major
opportunity to extend the interest of  Strategy in Action
the individual student by focusing on a
specific business area, a business  Business Research Methods (half module)
plan or consultancy project.
Specialist Modules
 Practical field-based opportunities to
put academic knowledge into practice.  Fundamentals of International Business (Double module)

 An interdisciplinary opportunity to  International Marketing

develop core management competencies
whilst selecting from a range of specialist  International Business Economics
International Business modules.

 Finance for International Business Specialists (half module)

Elective (Choose from 13 - see page 43)


European Business School London Master Your Future

Application Procedures


Entry Requirements
MBA International Business GMAT
Candidates presenting the following will be The GMAT is not an essential entry
considered for admission: criterion for those candidates with a first
Essential degree. However it is highly recommended
that students wishing to enter the course
 A good undergraduate degree from a
via the exceptional entry route, as outlined
recognised institution.
over, should take the GMAT. Our
programme code is 2DP-F7-59.
 Fluency in English. If your native language
is not English, an IELTS score of 6.5 or a
TOEFL score of 577 (233 computer-
based, 90 internet-based) will be

 Minimum 2+ years of relevant full-time,

postgraduate work experience.

 Demonstrable command of business-
related skills and attributes.

Within the first week of meeting my fellow MBA students we became one big family.
I particularly liked the international diversity of the student body, and I felt very much
part of a successful team on the MBA course”

Shalenta Hardison, USA

MBA 2006

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

The employment track record with our company has been excellent, with EBS
London the best front-runner in our recruitment after Oxford and Cambridge.”

Accenture Consulting


MSc Global Banking and Finance MA Degree programmes

Candidates presenting the following will be Essential
considered for admission:  Minimum of a lower second class UK
Essential Honours undergraduate degree or its
 Minimum of a lower second class UK international equivalent from a
Honours undergraduate degree or its recognised institution.
international equivalent from a
recognised institution.  Fluency in English. If your native language
is not English, an IELTS score of 6.5 or a
 The undergraduate degree must be in a TOEFL score of 577 (233 computer-
business, financial, mathematical or based, 90 internet-based) will be required.
analytical subject.
Exceptional Entry - All Programmes
 Fluency in English. If your native language EBS London welcomes applications from
is not English, an IELTS score of 6.5 or a candidates who do not meet the essential
TOEFL score of 577 (233 computer- entry criteria outlined above. In order to be
based, 90 internet-based) will be accepted via exceptional entry, the candidate
required. must:

 Hold a minimum of five years managerial

work experience.

 Provide us with a 1500 word statement

outlining their rationale for applying to the
course, and how their previous experience
is of relevance to the course they are
applying for.

 Be prepared to attend an interview with the

Postgraduate Admissions Panel.

European Business School London Master Your Future

How to Apply


All Programmes Most candidates will be assessed for

admission on the basis of their submitted
For a place on one of our postgraduate
application materials. The School
programmes, please complete the
nevertheless reserves the right to call
application form enclosed or apply online -
candidates for interview and to reject those
who decline to attend.

Please post, fax or email the following:

 Transcripts of all academic study
undertaken after secondary school.

 Two letters of recommendation in

support of your application. If you have
recently graduated, at least one of these
should be from your previous academic

 Proof of satisfactory English proficiency,

if required.

 A copy of your CV/resume.

 A 300-500 word personal statement in

support of your application, outlining
your reasons for applying to your chosen

Send your form and supporting documents to:

Admissions Office
European Business School London
Inner Circle
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4NS
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505
Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
Tuition Fees

Course and Additional Fees

Jan 08 Sept 08 Jan 09

MBA International Business £14250 £14250 £14250
Includes laptop computer or equivalent
value in books

MSc Global Banking and Finance £11700 £11950 £11950

MA Programmes £11700 £11950 £11950

Additional Fees (all programmes)

Registration Fee £300 £350 £350

Non-EU Advance Deposit* £700 £700 £700

Alumni fee £300 £300 £300

Payment of Fees The official registration date referred to

above is that appropriate to the first
Students who begin a course and then
semester of study in the year for which the
wish to withdraw must advise the Centre
annual tuition fee has been paid. Appeals
for Student and Programme Administration,
concerning a refund policy decision may be
and officially withdraw in writing using the
made to the Commercial Manager.
Withdrawal for Studies Form.

The European Business School London

Once a student has officially withdrawn from
pursues a policy of continuous development
the School, they may claim a refund of tuition
of its courses and services. This document is
fees. Requests for refunds of tuition fees must
for guidance only and does not form part of
be made in writing to the Commercial
any contract. It is subject to change without
Manager, and must be made within 2 weeks
notice. The information it contains is correct
of their official withdrawal date.
at the date of publication (October 2007).

Refunds will be given in accordance with the following scale:

 Withdrawal within the first two weeks after the official registration date: 80% of tuition fee
 Withdrawal within the third week after the official registration date: 60% of tuition fee
 Withdrawal within the fourth week after the official registration date: 40% of tuition fee
 Withdrawal after the fourth week after the official registration date: no refund

* This deposit is non-refundable except for visa refusal cases. The non-EU Students’ advance deposit is
deducted from the tuition fees at registration.

European Business School London Master Your Future

Visit Us


Hampstead Campus Visits

EBS London is on the Regent’s
College Campus, central London If you are in London why not visit us? We
welcome visitors to campus year-round. A
Euston Road
personal visit will give you the opportunity
to discuss your application in person, meet
British the staff directly involved with the pro-
Ba tree

ke t

me gramme and view our facilities. You will be

Tuss able to discuss your career goals and needs
Street Strand
Marble Arch Covent St Paul’s Cathedral
on a one-to-one basis. Please contact us for
West End Garden

ly Trafalgar Square an appointment with our Admissions Team:

c ad
Kensington Hyde Pic National Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 7505
Gardens Park Green Gallery The RIVER THAMES
Park Email:
Houses of
d Westminster Parliament
sR International Visits
Alternatively if you are not able to come to
the UK, why not contact us to find out if
we will be visiting your country this year.
EBS London regularly takes part in educa-
tion exhibitions all over the world, giving
you the chance to find out more about our
Contact Details courses and talk to a member of staff
European Business School London about studying in London. Details of our
Regent’s College travel schedule can be obtained from the
Inner Circle External Relations Office:
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4NS Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 7505
UK Email:

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505

Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
Disabilities and Learning Difficulties


Disabilities and Any data collected regarding students’

Learning Difficulties disabilities or learning difficulties is stored
on the School’s student record system,
EBS London will make every reasonable
which may only be accessed by autho-
effort, within the resources available, to
rised personnel.
support registered students with a dis-
ability or learning difficulty.
In accordance with the Disability
Discrimination Act (1995) and the QAA
Prospective students are given the
code of Practice for the Assurance of
opportunity to disclose any disability or
Academic Quality, Section 3, Students
learning difficulty on their Application
with Disabilities (1999), Regent’s College
Form. The Admissions Officer, working
is currently undertaking an extensive
with the School, will discuss specific
refurbishment and building programme
requirements related to a disability or
to improve access to and within its build-
learning difficulty with the applicant. All
ings. This is a continuing programme to
discussions and information regarding a
facilitate and improve access to almost
disability or learning difficulty will be
any part of the college via ramps, lifts
treated in a confidential manner.
and automatic doors. Installation for bet-
ter signage and toilets for disabled stu-
Students with dyslexia or a specific learn- dents are also part of this comprehen-
ing difficulty are required to provide the sive plan.
necessary documentation, such as an
educational psychologist’s report or
For more information please contact
equivalent, if they wish to receive addi-
Pamela Taylor, Head of Student Support:
tional support. The assessment should
have been carried out no more than two Email:
years prior to the student joining the
programme. If it is in a foreign language, a
translation must be provided.

European Business School London Master Your Future

Student Profiles

KUHRMEIER, Christine
MA in Entrepreneurial Management
Career interest Citizenship
EBS London attracts Automotive Industry Swiss
students of all nation- Film Industry
Fashion & Cosmetics
alities from a variety of
educational and cultural 2006 - 2007 European Business School London, UK
backgrounds. Our MA in Entrepreneurial Management
2002 - 2005 European Business School, London, UK
postgraduate students
BA in International Business and Management Studies
have excellent work 2000 - 2002 Aiglon College, Chesieres-Villars, Switzerland
experience, academic A Levels in Business Studies, French and German; AS Levels in
Philosophy, Film and Media Studies
histories and international
outlooks, and the profiles Languages English (Fluent), German (Native Speaker), French (Fluent),
Spanish (Good Working Knowledge), Arabic (Basic)
here reflect this.
Work Experience
07/2005 – 09/2005 Kranz Compressor Components, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Internship: Assistant to the General Manager. Visited customers in the
United Arab Emirates.
12/2004 – 02/2005 Dr. Hellriegel Joost & Kielwein Rechtsanwälte, Mannheim, Germany
Internship: Assistant to the Insolvency Practitioner and Administrator.
Visited the insolvency court in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and
Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
06/2004 – 09/2004 Decker & Buttler Rechtsanwälte, Mannheim, Germany
Internship: Focused on Labour Legislation and Industrial Law
12/2003 – 01/2004 Ambiente, Seckenheim, Germany
Internship: Assistant to Interior Architect. Planning of design projects and
offer calculations.
12/2002 – 01/2003 Makassar, Mannheim, Germany
Internship: Responsible for assisting with orders and stock control.

Transferable Skills
Technical Skills Analytical Skills, Time Management, Presentation Skills, MS Office
Organisational Skills Planning Skills, Problem-solving Skills, Decision-making
Social Skills Team Work, Negotiating Skills, Listening Skills

Achievements EBS Leadership course, Business Simulation course (EBS), Certificate

from the French Chamber of Commerce, Certificate from the Spanish
Chamber of Commerce

Interests Golf, jogging, skiing/snowboarding, travelling

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
MBA in International Business

Career interest Citizenship

Marketing & Sales German
Public Relations
Food & Drink
Fashion & Cosmetics
2006 - 2007 European Business School London, UK
MBA in International Business (with Study Period Abroad in Hong Kong)

2005 - 2006 University of Luton/Bedfordshire, Luton, UK

BA (Hons) in Advertising and Marketing Communications

2004 - 2005 Hamburger Akademie für Marketing und Kommunikation, Hamburg, Germany
Diplom Kommunikationswirt in Marketing and Communications

Languages English (Fluent), German (Native Speaker), Spanish (Basic)

Work Experience
02/2001 – 03/2004 Hamburgische Immobilien Handlung, Hamburg, Germany
Employed: Junior Asset Manager (Real Estate); researched real estate markets: data
evaluation and analysis, preparation of research reports, database management. General
assistance in fund management: profitability calculations, cash forecasting, preparation of
internal and external reports, preparation of meetings of supervisory board
and shareholders.

02/1995 – 03/1997 M.M. Warburg Bank, Hamburg, Germany

Apprenticeship: Trained in each department of the bank, e.g. Corporate Finance, Real
Estate Finance, Treasury, Sales and Private Banking

Transferable Skills
Technical Skills MS Office, Analytical Skills, Numeracy Skills, Presentation Skills, SAP, Advance Diploma In
Information Technology
Organisational Skills Market Research, Internet Research, Advertising Experience, Sales & Marketing
Social Skills Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Team Work, Debating

Achievements Member of the voluntary fire brigade at my former boarding school; worked
on a pig farm for one week

Interests Hockey, tennis, mountain biking, wine, opera, theatre, classical music, travelling

European Business School London Master Your Future

Careers Guidance and Internship Services Centre

EBS London has a superb reputation in the List of companies recently
business world and is well known for its attending our Careers Events:
excellent employment rate and well-
rounded, ambitious graduates. The on-
campus Careers Guidance and Internship
Services Centre offers all students extensive
careers counselling, as well as assistance in
finding a work placement or permanent job  American Express
after graduation. Postgraduate student CVs
are included in the annual Graduate Profiles  Bayer AG
Book, a copy of which is sent to our
network of 6500+ companies worldwide.  BDO Stoy Hayward
The profiles book is a valuable recruitment
tool for both students and employers alike.  Bloomberg

Each year EBS London organises an on-  Credit Suisse First Boston
campus Careers Fair which is attended by
many international companies and organi-
 Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
sations. Students are encouraged to attend
the fair and maximise the opportunity to
network; many companies use the Fair to  Ernst & Young
actively recruit EBS London students for
graduate training schemes and internships.  L’Oreal (UK) Ltd

 Royal Bank of Scotland



Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

EBS London Graduate Employment by Sector:

Banking & Finance 42%

Consultancy 13%

Retail and Textiles 10%

IT/Technology 10%

Marketing, Advertising and PR 9%

Manufacturing 7%

Property 3%

Import/Export 3%

Pharmaceuticals 3%

EBS London graduates arrive at RBS with the commercial
awareness and global vision we look for in our new recruits.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Graduate Profiles books containing the CVs of all of our graduating students
are circulated to our network of industry contacts each year.

European Business School London Master Your Future

Postgraduate Facilities


EBS London is proud to offer our post-

graduate students a dedicated teaching and
learning centre which provides the space to
study in a professional environment. The
Postgraduate Area is located in a quiet
wing of the EBS London campus, with
secure 24-hour access available to post-
graduate students only.

All postgraduate programmes at EBS

London involve a combination of lectures,
seminars and tutorials. There is a significant
amount of group work required of all stu-
dents, and the Postgraduate Area has many
air-conditioned classrooms available for
group work, self-study, and lectures. The
Postgraduate Area provides a relaxed, pro-
fessional space for all postgraduate students
to meet, study and relax.


Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

‘The facilities at EBS London are very good and offer a professional working
environment for students in multicultural surroundings’

Ignacio Ortiz de Zevallos, Peru


There are excellent computer and IT facili- Business Development Unit

ties located within the Postgraduate Area.
EBS London has a vibrant Business Development
The networked PC computer stations are
Unit, offering consultancy work and executive
equipped with dedicated printers, internet
development to industry and commerce. Current
access and software packages, as well as
projects include:
library catalogue and database access. The
building is fully wireless-enabled, allowing
students to use their own laptop comput-  Agricultural Bank of China – Executive development
ers. MBA students are provided with lap-
top computers for their personal use so  Agricultural Development Bank of China – Executive development
they may take full advantage of our wireless
facilities and off-campus intranet function.  Samling, Hungary – Academic development in Finance

The teaching rooms are equipped with  Park Royal Partnerships – Mentoring SMEs
modern presentation and touch-screen
technology facilities, enabling students and
 Greater London Council – Leadership Programme
staff to deliver high-quality presentations
and lectures. Wide-screen satellite television
is also available for students to access news
 Jaguar Project – Emotional Intelligence
and financial information channels from
around the world. A post room allows stu-
dents to collect mail, hand-outs and notes The Business Development Unit promotes an ongoing
from lecturers, and two fully-equipped relationship between EBS London tutors and the busi-
kitchenettes provide tea and coffee-making ness world, and this permeates through our postgradu-
facilities 24/7. ate programmes, providing informed and relevant
teaching. The Business Development Unit also offers
postgraduate students a network for possible disserta-
tions and case studies, providing students with a chance
to get involved with real-life business projects.

For more information please contact David Horton:


European Business School London Master Your Future

A Unique Environment

32 Regent’s College is situated in the heart of Regent’s Park, central

London. Built in 1913, the main quadrangle of classrooms is sur-
rounded by halls of residence, lawns and tennis courts and, beyond
this, the ornamental gardens and lakes of Regent’s Park. This tranquil
environment is only minutes away from the financial centre of London,
the West End and the many attractions of this exciting European city.
Regent’s College is home to three other schools, as well as EBS London:

Offers 3-year BA (Hons) degrees in Webster Graduate School at Regent’s

International Business; International Business College offers the longest-established
with Design Management; International American MBA programme in London, as
Finance and Accounting; and International well as MA degrees in Finance, Management,
Marketing. RBS London prides itself on its Marketing, International Business,
small class sizes and personalised teaching International Non-Governmental
style. Offering British BA Business pro- Organisations, International Relations and
grammes at undergraduate level, the School Computer Resources and Information
also offers one-year postgraduate courses Technology. All programmes lead to the
here on the Regent’s College campus - award of a degree from Webster University,
Global Management; Global Management USA.
(Marketing); Global Management (Finance).

The Regent’s American College London

offers four-year American degrees with
Majors in Management, Media
Communications, Social Science, International
Relations, Public Relations and Psychology, More details on these schools are
leading to a BA degree from Webster available from our External Relations
University, USA. Office on:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 7505 or

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
Academic Achievement Sponsors

EBS London is proud to receive sponsorship for its academic achievement 33

prizes, awarded at each Graduation Ceremony, from companies and
organisations representing excellence in their industries.

Undergraduate Academic Postgraduate Academic The Alfred Dunhill

Achievement Sponsors Achievement Sponsors Limited Masters awards

The Bloomberg Award The eFinancialCareers MSc Award Awarded to Masters level students
 Awarded to the Top Level 1, 2 & 3 representing academic excellence:
 Awarded to the top MSc Global
students on the BA (Hons) Banking & Finance student demonstrat-  Best MA student in class
International Business degree ing academic excellence, global banking
& finance entrepreneurial ability and
 Best MSc student in class
 Awarded for the Top Dissertation on strong evidence of international work
the BA (Hons) International Business experience
 Best MBA student in class
eFinancialCareers is the Number One
network for career management and jobs
 Best MBA Business project
Bloomberg is the leading global provider
of data, news and analytics. in the securities, investment banking and
asset management industries for the Alfred Dunhill Limited is part of
global financial community. Richemont, the world leading luxury
The EBS London
goods group whose other brands include
Alumni Association Award
ProfitAbility Business Simulations MA Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paiget,
 Awarded to the Top Business Strategy Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre,
Entrepreneurial Management Award
student on the BA (Hons) International IWC and Montblanc.
Business degree  Top MA Entrepreneurial Management
award combining academic excellence
The EBS London Alumni Association is a at distinction level with entreprenuerial
unique association of all EBS London leadership qualities and demonstrating
graduates from the beginning of the a strong commitment to EBS London
school's programmes in 1980 to date. and its students

The Globetrotter
Suitcases Language Award
 Awarded to the Top Language student
on the BA (Hons) International
Business degree

Globetrotter Suitcases is the Global hand-

made luxury luggage company founded in

European Business School London Master Your Future

Learning Resources


The Tate Library Information Technology Centre

The Tate Library contains over 39,000 The Information Technology Centre
volumes in its main collection, as well as contains over 300 networked PCs, running
300 specialist and professional journals and Microsoft Office and providing Internet
daily newspapers from around the world. access and other networked resources. Five
open-access rooms provide general
The Tate Library Database Network offers computing facilities 24 hours a day, seven
access to various databases from around days a week and staff are available to
the world and can be accessed from provide expert advice.
campus or at home, via the intranet.
Databases include real-time market and The IT Centre is linked to the JANET
financial data (Euromonitor, Datastream & network, connecting you to every other
Global Access), marketing reports (Mintel), major university library in the UK, giving
and access to international newspapers and you free access to their online catalogues.
periodicals including The Economist, the EBS London has its own intranet site and
Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. students are able to access course notes,
Access is also available to specialist business email and online database remotely. Work
databases. A Bloomberg information can be submitted online via Moodle and
terminal is situated in the Tate Library. Turnitin.

Students have access to the extensive The Regent’s College

resources of the British Library, as well as campus is wireless-
use of the library network of the University enabled throughout.
of Westminster.
The Bookshop
The College Bookshop caters for all your
stationery and literature requirements.
Most recommended textbooks are stocked
on-site, or can be ordered at relatively
short notice.


“I enjoyed the practical, work-related nature of the MA Entrepreneurial Management degree

course; and I made a fantastic network of international friends and business contacts during my
time at EBS London.”

Zeynap Koksal, Turkey

MA Entrepreneurial Management

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Situated in the heart of Regent’s Park, close On-Campus Housing
to Marylebone and St John’s Wood,
Housing 220 students, Reid Hall Student
Regent’s College is in one of the most
Residence looks out over the lake and park
historic and beautiful areas of London.
surrounding the campus. Rooms are
Our Accommodation Manager will help
available as singles, twins or triples. Oliver
you find housing which best suits your
Hall is a small, self-contained residence of
lifestyle and budget.
12 twin rooms. Meals in both Halls of
Residence are taken in the on-campus
Off-Campus Housing refectory.
Most postgraduate students choose to live
off-campus during their studies at EBS For more information about accommo-
London. There are a variety of off-campus dation for postgraduate students, please
housing options available to students in the contact:
area surrounding the College, including
James Barnes
furnished flats, residence halls and shared
Accommodation Manager
apartments. Further details of off-campus
housing, rental agencies and prices can be Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 7483
obtained from the Accommodation Fax: +44 (0) 20 7487 7524
Manager. Email:

European Business School London Master Your Future

Socialising and Support


Refectory and Bar Sports

The Regent’s College Refectory offers a Regent’s College has a newly refurbished
wide selection of dishes from around the on-campus gym with weight training and
world. The menu changes every day and exercise machines, plus a dance studio and
caters for a variety of diets. Open from a range of fitness classes.
early in the morning until late at night, the
Refectory is a popular choice for meals and Surrounding the campus are tennis and
as a meeting point for students. basketball courts, and a five-a-side football
pitch. Sports teams include volleyball,
The Regent’s College Student Bar provides basketball, football, tennis and golf. The
evening entertainment and has pool tables, Student Centre has a range of sports
games and happy hour every night. equipment for students to borrow.

The Student Centre As well as using our own sports facilities,

The Student Centre provides you with students can also join the University of
everything you need to know about living London Student Union and International
in London and getting the most out of life Student House, which offer a wide range of
in this exciting city. sporting opportunities including swimming,
squash, martial arts and rugby.
The Centre offers bargain tickets and holds
information on the latest shows and events
in London, and also arranges regular trips
to cities such as Paris and Edinburgh. ISIC
cards and London Transport discount forms
are also available from this office, along with
information about insurance, healthcare,
and counselling services on-campus.


Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:

Student Support Health Care

and Personal Counselling All students are entitled to free healthcare
In addition to the support provided by under the UK National Health Service, and
your tutor, students also have access to the are entitled to free accident and
expert services offered by the on-campus emergency hospital care whilst in the UK.
School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. However, to be entitled to healthcare
under the NHS, it is important for all
Please contact Pamela Taylor, Head of students to register with a local NHS
Student Support for more details - doctor. The Student Centre can assist you with this process.

EBS London students are confident and
versatile. Their financial knowledge and
international focus is particularly
attractive to us.”

EBS London Postgraduate
Football Team 2005-2006

European Business School London Master Your Future

London, and major centres around Europe and
beyond. This includes direct support for the Lord
Principal Academic Staff Mayor’s City of London – City of Learning initia-

Alan Sitkin
Lecturer in International Business
After a 15 year career in the interna-
tional capital markets working out of
Paris, Zurich and London, Alan Sitkin
38 retrained at the Institute of Education in London
and has taught at EBSL since 1999, where he is
responsible for the 3rd year core module in
Asif Ali-Khan courses levels. His current research interests are in
International Business in addition to the 3rd year
MBA Course Leader the leading edge arena of credit derivatives, both in
Business French course. Since coming to EBS
its theoretical and practitioner aspects. In this con-
Asif has a BA Honours degree in London, Alan has delivered a number of post-
text, he is also actively developing the teaching and
History and Politics from Swansea graduate programmes in International Business,
research in risk management, mathematical finance
University. He also studied and whilst serving as academic advisor to several
and the practical application of financial data analyt-
trained to be a solicitor at Nottingham Trent globalisation-related political and journalistic proj-
University for two years. Asif ’s commercial and ects, an activity that has led to his being a confer-
industry background is varied. He worked for a ence speaker at events held at the House of
short time in local government and then spent Peter Green Lords and Cambridge University. A member of
two years at Prudential Assurance as a commer- the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a profes-
Head of Academic Group sional translator of economic research, Alan first
cial and domestic insurance underwriter. He
moved on to British Telecom where he had vari- Peter Green has worked in academia graduated from the University of California
ous roles in Purchasing, Contracts and Group for over 20 years, having spent three before moving to Bordeaux in 1980 to study at
Finance over a five year period after which he years in industry in human resource the Institut d’Etudes Politiques. He has a MBA
undertook an MBA at Leicester University in management. His key areas of interest have been in from France’s Haute Ecole Commerciale and is
1995. Since then, Asif has been involved in business and management education, curriculum also a certified CFTC broker.
teaching HRM, Organisational Behaviour and development, quality assurance and consultancy
Strategic Management at both undergraduate work. Prior to EBSL he built up a portfolio of
and postgraduate levels at a number of institu- Masters programmes in the UK and the Far East. Azam Ali
tions, including Leicester University and City His academic input on Masters programmes, Head of MA Programmes
College, London and of course EBSL. He has including MBA’s has been in HR and Research
Azam has an MBA from Aston
also been an external marker for Leicester Methods. He has delivered a range of projects to
University and an MA Manpower
University and Kingston University. industry and commerce in short courses and
Studies from University of
organisational development and enjoys the cut and
Westminster. Azam has twenty years experience
thrust of consultancy. He is an external examiner
of the health and social care industry as a joint
Dr Assia Rolls and has acted as educational advisor to the Open
proprietor of a residential home for people with
Head of Learning, University, Ruskin College, Oxford, the New
learning disabilities. Azam has taught at various
Teaching and Research Bulgarian University and Berufsakademie, Germany.
institutions including South Bank University,
Module Leader, ‘Business in its School of African Studies (SOAS) and the
Linguistic and Cultural Environment’ Teddy Foster London Private School of Business Education. He
has taught a range of subjects including Strategic
Assia has taught on a postgraduate teacher MSc-Global Banking & Finance Course Management, International Marketing, Marketing,
training programme at Goldsmiths College and Leader Consumer Behaviour and Small Business both at
on the acquisition of modern language courses Teddy manages both the MSc-GB&F Masters and undergraduate level. Currently, Azam
at all levels at Middlesex and Westminster and the department of Accounting, is an Associate Master of Business Administration
Universities. She is presently teaching cross-cul- Finance, Economics & Law at EBS London. He (AMBA), a Member Chartered Management
tural communication in business at postgraduate graduated from the Gordon Institute of Business Institute (MCMI) and a member of the Institute
level. She is also involved in the management of Science/University of Pretoria with an MBA, after for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
the Languages Department for Business. She has completing a B Com (Accounting) through UNISA. (MILT)
published widely in the area of adult second lan- While at Monash South Africa, Teddy completed a
guage acquisition, and has been appointed as Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Monash
external examiner for languages and business Australia). Azam is a Director of a telecommunications
Course degrees at the University of Liverpool organisation in Guyana, and has been involved in
and the Open University. She is also a member obtaining funding from the European Social Fund
of the Institute for Learning and Teaching in Teddy has combined First and Third World experi- (ESF) for underprivileged people living in Guyana.
Higher Education (ILTHE), a member of the ence in corporate management, 14 years as a con-
Association of French Language Studies (AFLS), sultant and has been in full-time academics since
a member of the Standing Conference of Heads 2003. John Diamondopoulos
of Modern Languages in Universities (SCHML), Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
and a member of the University Council of
Modern Languages (UCML). His experience includes programme implementa- John Diamondopoulos has worked in
tion, programme management, talent management academia for several years. John
and teaching across various aspects of Finance and brings over 15 years of extensive
Dr John A Thorp Accounting, with a passion for Mergers & business experience from prior positions as a
Senior Lecturer in Finance Acquisitions. business consultant, entrepreneur, turnaround
management specialist and financial advisor to the
Trained as an engineer, accountant classroom. Experience of teaching on a broad
and then lecturer, John has opera- His primary research interests lie in corporate and range of topics – Corporate Finance, Risk,
tional experience in a range of banking governance. Deploying the academic team Accounting, Economics, Strategy, Business Planning
industry and educational management fields. In in bespoke designed and developed bank- and Quantitative Methods – has allowed John to
his industrial career, John’s responsibilities have ing/insurance training programmes for Chinese, present material in a more interrelated way to
included roles as international financial controller Middle Eastern and European institutions are the students. John has prepared and delivered short
or director in international companies including most recent successes upon which future offerings professional courses to the Agricultural
Rank Xerox, Griffins Metals and Colart Fine Art are being built. Development Bank of China, The Central Bank of
and Graphics. As senior lecturer at EBSL, John
has helped develop and teach many of the cur-
rent suit of finance and accounting courses, at Teddy maintains active involvement with banking,
the undergraduate, postgraduate and short regulatory and insurance institutions in The City –

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
Turkey, Telecom Italia, Hitachi and Mercedes Benz. Introduction to Financial Market, Principals in businesses. His own business provided small business
Currently, John is working towards completing his Financial Management, and MSc Corporate consultancy in East London and delivering Business
PhD at the University of London. Topic: “The Finance. In addition, she has delivered numerous Planning modules and advice in business schools in
Politics of Investing: Behavior and Miscalculation executive training courses - The Agriculture Bank Kazakhstan and Argentina.
during the 1997 East Asian Financial Crisis.” of China Senior Management Programme, The
Agricultural Development Bank of China
Operational Management Programme, and the At EBS London he has focused on developing entre-
Richard Mannix Young European Entrepreneurs Programme (orga- preneurial learning notably through the introduction
Subject Leader in Marketing nized by Spanish embassy and Spanish Chamber). of the MA in EMG. As Head of the Business
Development Unit (BDU) he is promoting the com-
Richard has previously taught at institu- mercialisation of the School’s intellectual assets
tions in Japan and Sweden, lecturing in Dr Michael Gavridis resulting in contracts from Chinese Banks, a 39
marketing and business communication Hungarian Training Company and a successful B2B
skills. While at the Folkuniversitetet in Sweden he Senior Lecturer in Finance
mentoring programme. The aim is for the BDU to
was in charge of developing and marketing new Michael has been lecturing on Finance continue to develop entrepreneurial opportunities
courses to corporate clients, securing contracts over the past five years on both gradu- for staff and link academic and real world experi-
with a number of major listed companies and gov- ate and undergraduate levels. The sub- ences for students.
ernment agencies. jects include Financial Markets & Instruments,
Corporate Finance, Monetary Economics,
Investment & Portfolio Theory and Practice, Global Dr. Gianfranco A. Vento
He holds a Bachelors Degree in European History & Investment Banking, Strategic Management,
and Politics from the University of East Anglia, a Lecturer in Banking & Finance
Managing Multinationals, International Economics,
Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics from Essex Managerial Economics, Mergers & Acquisitions. Gianfranco has an MSc in Banking and
University, a Master's Degree in Business International Finance from CASS
Administration from the University of Hull, a Post- Business School and a PhD in Banking &
Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Michael has worked in the City of London over a Finance from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
Chartered Institute of Marketing and is a Diploma number of years in a variety of roles ranging from In the same university he also obtained a post-doc
qualified English language teacher. He is currently Quantitative Analyst, Researcher and Trader, at scholarship on ‘Financial Features of Microfinance’.
studying part-time for a PhD in marketing at the Credit Lyonnais Securities, London; Banque
University of Strathclyde. He is a Member of the Nationale de Paris, London; and Chase Manhattan
Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of Bank, London. His roles entailed developing, He used to be senior analyst in Banking Supervision
the Higher Education Academy. analysing, forecasting and trading investment-trad- Department at the Bank of Italy and he has also
ing models about a variety of instruments: shares, been responsible of the microfinance department of
currencies, futures contracts at a variety of fre- an Italian NGO. Gianfranco operated as microfi-
Richard's research interests include the develop- quencies ranging from daily to intra-daily models. nance expert in Argentina, where he was also visit-
ment of entrepreneurial networks, consumer ing professor at the University of Buenos Aires.
behaviour and student profiling and progression in
Higher Education. Michael holds a PhD in Financial Economics from
Brunel University, London, and an MSc in Project He is author of books, book chapters and articles
Analysis, Finance & Investment from York concerning microfinance, interbank markets and
Dr Nicholas Bowen University, York. banks’ treasury management. He is coauthor of
Principal Lecturer Microfinance, published by Palgrave – Macmillan.
in International Business
In addition Michael has trained as an Integrative
Course Leader BAIB psychotherapist and is UKCP registered. Dr. Ibrahim Sirkeci
Nick Bowen has worked at the BA Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey; PhD
European Business School London since 1980 and University of Sheffield
is currently Principal Lecturer in International Michael has participated in conferences and discus-
sion groups on financial economic research in the Senior Lecturer in Business and
Business and the Course Leader for the main Management (Marketing)
undergraduate degree (BAIB). He has degrees UK and abroad, and also has published articles on
from London School of Economics and Political financial economic and psychotherapy subjects. Ibrahim has previously taught at institutions in Turkey
Science (B.Sc.), Lehigh University (M.A.), Magdalene and the UK, lecturing mainly in research methods,
College, University of Cambridge (Ph.D). He is a marketing, demography and geography. Before join-
Dr. Motasam Tatahi ing the European Business School London, he
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an
Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of BA (Sanandaj), MSC (London), Ph.D. worked as Leverhulme Research Fellow at the
Linguists. He has been a visiting lecturer at a num- (London) University of Bristol. While at Atilim University in
ber of universities and business schools, including Lecturer in Research Methods Turkey, he was the Head of Department in Tourism
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid (Erasmus (Econometrics) and Finance, Management. He holds a BA in Political Science and
Teacher Mobility Scheme, 2004), HengTong Department of Finance and Accounting, European Public Administration, a PhD in Human Geography
Business School, Shanghai University of Finance & Business School London. and he also trained in Economic and Social
Economics (1998), University of International Demography. He is member of IUSSP, EAPS,
Business & Economics, Beijing (1998), School of Academy of Marketing, an affiliate of the Chartered
International Business, Nanjing University (1998), Expertise: Economic problems of economic adjust- Institute of Marketing and a fellow of the Higher
ISM-San Diego at International School of ments particularly privatisation in major European Education Academy. He is the recipient of many
Management, Dortmund (1995). Nick has written countries. Teaching includes: Comparative awards, scholarships, and research grants.
regularly for the EBS London Newsletter (including Economic System, Macroeconomics, Econometrics,
“Where is Brazil in the World?”, Summer 2007) and, Data Analysis, Finance, and Quantitative Economic
Method for both undergraduate and postgraduate. He is author of several books and reports, and tens
with a colleague at EBS London, Alan Sitkin, he is
of book chapters and journal articles published in
writing an International Business textbook for
English, Turkish, Russian, Greek and French. He has
Oxford University Press, due for publication in 2009.
David Horton widely published in areas concerning ethnicity,
demographics, international migration, conflict, and
Head of Business Development
Dandan Zeng transnationalism. He has conducted field research in
David has a degree in Economics from Germany, Turkey, and Iraq. He has presented
Lecturer in Finance London University, a post-graduate research in numerous lectures, seminars and confer-
Dandan Zeng has an MSc degree in Diploma in Management from ences in Europe and US. Ibrahim’s current research
International Money and Banking from Portsmouth University Business School and is a interests include ethnic businesses, segregation, seg-
the University of Birmingham. Her PhD Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. mentation, labour markets, cultural difference and
thesis in ‘European Banking Efficiency Comparison diversity.
Study with Related Bank Management Issues’ will
be submitted to the University of Birmingham by He has always had an interest in training initially
the end of this year. Having joined the European designing and delivering courses in group dynamics Ibrahim is the founder and managing editor of
Business School London in 2003, she has been for project based companies and then into Migration Letters, an international scholarly journal.
teaching several finance modules in both the Enterprise Training programmes with a specialised He also serves in editorial and review boards of sev-
undergraduate and postgraduate programmes - London training company in start-up and growth eral other international journals.

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Module Outlines


MBA Course Modules Entrepreneurship and New Business way business operates, as information is now
Ventures MBA403 recognised as an organisation’s key asset in
Business and Competitive This module focuses on the challenges aiding managers to plan, control and make
Environments MBA402 involved in managing entrepreneurial ven- business decisions. The main aim of this mod-
This module addresses theories which are tures, whether as start-ups, small early-stage ule is to enable the student to critically
useful for understanding the external envi- entrepreneurial ventures, or within larger analyse and evaluate the use of information
ronment of the firm and the individual firm’s well-established companies. The course will systems at strategic and managerial levels and
strategic choices. In particular, the module will introduce the major themes of innovation, in different e-business models.
develop an understanding of the firm’s the management of creativity, and the chal-
Managing Organisations and People in
resources and capabilities as the basis for for- lenges of operating “beyond the resources
the 21st Century MBA405
mulating competitive strategies. The use of in- currently controlled”—which is one definition
Organisations, by their varied composition
depth case study methods will provide the of entrepreneurship (Stevenson, 1985). It also
and nature, are extremely complex entities
basis for the integrative nature of this mod- aims to provide a solid foundation in the fun-
and are essential to the way our society
ule. An essential component of the module is damentals of business planning, at any stage
operates in the world. This module intro-
a “strategic management simulation” week- of company growth or size.
duces students to the different theories on
end, which addresses themes relevant to the Financial and Managerial Accounting managing organisations and people as well as
whole spectrum of the MBA programme. MBA406 providing the tools and techniques to man-
Business Project MBA401 This module is designed to develop the stu- age a diverse, multi-cultural workforce. The
The main aim of this final project, ultimately, is dents understanding of financial and manage- course also examines the strategic role of
for students to draw on and effectively ment accounting in an international and IHRM in the battle to win competitive advan-
demonstrate the integration of all learning strategic context. It covers the interpretation, tage.
outcomes as the culmination of the MBA uses, and analysis of accounting information
Marketing in Diverse Environments
programme. Since there is a requirement for both for external (financial) and internal
students to develop the business project (managerial) purposes. The main focus of this
Increasing competition, technological develop-
throughout the whole span of the degree as module is to provide the relevant strategic
ments, media fragmentation and proliferation;
an ongoing project, it will be necessary for accounting factors, which affect international
higher customer expectations, and the need
them to make use of diverse materials from organisations in possible ethical scenarios. It
both to better understand and build long
across the programme. concentrates upon the practical application
term relationships with customers has led to
of financial and managerial accounting tech-
a stronger organisational focus on marketing.
The business project module is intended to niques.
Marketing, by its very nature, represents the
build on business knowledge, intellectual skills, Financial Management MBA407 interface between the organisation and the
and practical skills acquired in modules both The financial management module is marketplace, and contains a strong practical
at EBSL and during the study period abroad, designed to develop a student’s understand- dimension that is inseparable from the con-
and to develop these into an essentially real- ing of financial management in an interna- ceptual frameworks that underpin the com-
istic business project of approximately 15000 tional context through the interpretation, ponents within it. Students will address key
words. uses, and analysis of strategic financial infor- marketing concepts and use these to create a
Crossing Continents: Language and mation. The primary objective of this module set of powerful cognitive tools for analysing
Culture in Business MBA404 is to provide the relevant financial manage- markets and creating workable business solu-
Globalisation has brought economic change ment strategic factors, which affect interna- tions.
and opportunities through mergers and tional organisations in possible ethical scenar-
Operations & Service Management
acquisitions among large cross-border com- ios. The course also addresses the distribu-
panies, and increased labour mobility. To tion policy impacts facing business, and the
Effective management controls the success or
understand how these issues are perceived in merger and acquisition factors which affect
downfall of any business, and the efficient
an overseas context, this module aims to organisational decision-making.
running of a business depends on the man-
develop students’ cultural and linguistic com- Information & E-business Management agement of the operations involved. This
petence, which involves being self-aware, flex- Systems MBA408 module aims to introduce students to the
ible and adaptable. The 'crossing of conti- Information systems can be regarded as the advanced quantitative techniques widely used
nents' - transferring to Denmark, Hong Kong glue that holds a business together as infor- to achieve optimum running efficiency and
or New York within the framework of a 12 mation is the single most powerful resource resource allocation within an organisation.
month course - extends these characteristics, in every business activity. Many industrial The course also offers students a better
as students negotiate diverse linguistic and powers have rapidly changed from manufac- numerate insight into the profitability and
cultural environments. turing to knowledge-based economies. gains of a company.
Information systems are today playing a cru- The aims of the module are to provide stu-
cial role in this and profoundly changing the dents with knowledge and skills in selected

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
techniques of operations management and to Corporate Venturing and Financial Issues in Human Resources
show how these can be used to best advan- Intrapreneurship EMG452 HRM404
tage in the production and service sector This module examines entrepreneurial man- This short course is designed to examine
operations of businesses. agement within the larger organisation. It management finance, specifically from a
explores and defines the concepts of human resources perspective. This practi-
intrapreneurship and corporate venturing cally-oriented course is aimed at MA stu-
Masters Degrees and provides an understanding of the man- dents with a limited financial background.
agement of change in the context of contem- The basic aim of the course is to empower
Core Modules
porary environmental forces. By investigating students with the key analytical tools by
Business Research Methods BUS403 the required individual and organisational which to understand how decisions made in 41
characteristics, it examines how organisations the management of human resources have
A Masters degree is a research degree, and
develop the capability to innovate through financial implications that ultimately affect the
this module provides specific attention to the
changing culture, structural design and reward value of the organization.
appropriate methods and techniques for con-
ducting research, particularly for the disserta-
systems. Financial Issues in International
tion. Certain expectations and conventions
Business INB404
Dissertation BUS401
This short course is designed to examine
of social science research in general are com- The dissertation is a major research-based
management finance, specifically from an
mon to each: topic selection, research design, activity centred in the general and specialist
international business perspective. This prac-
hypothesis formation, selecting research ques- concepts that have been throughout the pro-
tically-oriented course is aimed at MA stu-
tions, use of sources and evidence. These are grammes. Students will develop their ideas
dents with a limited financial background.
covered here, and form the basis for further, and focus on the research not only from the
The basic aim of the course is to empower
subject-specific study in different modules. knowledge gained in the classroom but also
students with the key analytical tools by
from their own experiences. They will be
Business in its Linguistic and Cultural which to understand how management deci-
guided and tutored by an appropriate mem-
Environment BEN401 sions have financial implications that ulti-
ber of staff. This piece of work integrates the
This module examines the relationship mately affect the value of the organization as
learning across the programme, and gives stu-
between culture and economic activity in a a whole.
dents the
number of societies. This module brings Financial Issues in Marketing MKT404
together, and builds on the existing knowledge This short course is designed to examine
opportunity to demonstrate and present an
and experience of, students from a variety of management finance, specifically from a mar-
overall synthesis of their learning experience
different language perspectives. It focuses keting perspective. This practically-oriented
on the programme.
mainly on countries in Asia and Europe, and course is aimed at MA students with a lim-
on the study of the respective business cul- Entrepreneurship and New Venture ited financial background. The basic aim of
tures, in a mainly comparative approach. The Planning EMG450 the course is to empower students with the
final choice of the regions and countries to be This module provides an opportunity to key analytical tools by which to understand
investigated will be tailored to the student review and research the concepts, theories how management decisions made in the
mix in each class. and practices of entrepreneurs and entrepre- marketing dimension have financial implica-
neurship in its earliest phases. Students are tions that ultimately affect the value of the
Consumer Behaviour MKT452
encouraged to utilise contemporary research organization as a whole.
Consumer behaviour is complex and influ-
and experiential data to analyse and evaluate Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
enced by many factors. A thorough analysis
these issues at individual and social levels, as EMG404
and understanding of these factors allows
well as the level of the firm - especially in Financing is of course essential for starting
organisations to plan effective marketing
relation to their own cultural context and any new venture. The wide variety of
activities suitable to their target market. This
personal objectives. Within this module par- options is often overwhelming to the entre-
module enables students to understand the
ticularly the focus will be on start-up issues preneur, who can waste precious time and
importance of the consumer in the market-
of opportunity, innovation and entrepreneur- money pursuing money s/he is very unlikely
ing process. This module will examine the
ial processes. Lectures, activities and guest to find. The aim is to provide an overview,
theoretical models and frameworks within
speakers will present the various issues and discussion, and practical advice on the kinds
the discipline and how they are implemented
challenges confronting a new venture. of finance available and appropriate for entre-
within specific areas, for example, Product
preneurial businesses; and to develop some
and Brand Management, Retail Marketing and Experiential Leadership in Action familiarity with the modelling skills necessary
Marketing Communications. HRM452 to understand how much money is needed
This module is structured around mindsets, and for what purposes.
Corporate Finance GBF454
and centres on catalyzing action, contingent Financial Regulation and Governance
Corporate Finance is set in the contest of
on context, and change signature. Catalyzing GBF452
developing, explaining and applying finance
action is about change, challenge, experience Regulation provides the environment within
concepts and techniques to a broad range of
and discovery; contingent on context is about which firms operate, either on a formal or
contemporary management and business
changing environments and cultures and informal basis. Recently regulation has been
policy concerns and challenges. This module
change signature identifies who we are. transformed in response to financial innova-
covers the fundamental theories relating to
These ideas about Human Resources are tion, and also by the market forces of globali-
equity valuation, portfolio formation, interest
explored through current studies in manage- sation. This module is structured to examine
rates and derivative instruments. The course
ment and leadership that focus in particular the development, implementation and appli-
is in two parts: investment and corporate
on the development of self-awareness and cation of laws and other regulatory processes
finance, covering the understanding of asset
fulfilment, experiential components, and per- in relation to their influences and impact on
pricing, pricing models and market behaviour.
sonal development mechanisms. international business. The principal successes
The module also examines the financial deci-
sions taken by companies, including capital and failures of corporate governance are
structure, debt financing, acquisitions and divi- examined in detail.
dend policies.

European Business School London Master Your Future

Financial Markets: Structure and the overall functioning of the financial system. combine for lectures organised around in-
Process GBF450 This module examines questions such as the depth case studies, culminating in a strategic
This module follows a logical sequence form structure and composition of financial inter- leadership weekend off-campus.
the study of market structures to a study of mediaries; organisation and strategy in bank-
Strategic and International Human
the behaviour of markets at a macro level, ing and venture capital; financial services; fund
Resource Management HRM450
and then to an understanding of the effects management, IPO’s and underwriting, trading
This module reinforces the idea that human
of markets on the complex of activities, and project finance. Students analyse a wide
resource management determines an organi-
issues and functions that markets influence at range of econometric work in this area, and
sation’s success or failure, and analyses the
micro-level. The student thereby gains a per- the pivotal role of the investment bank is
various ideas about how to manage
spective on the importance of scale, drivers studied in detail.
42 for change, and the theory and practice of
resources most effectively. The premise of
Managing the Growing Firm EMG451 Strategic HRM is that organisations can be
market dynamics. This provides a sound basis
This module aims critically to analyse the more effective not only by responding to the
for an appreciation of the reality of interrela-
problems and opportunities associated with external environment, but also if HR policies
tionships, motives, and factors at play when
small business growth - particularly the itera- and practices reflect the competencies of the
detailed financial operations and strategies
tive nature of the decision-making processes organisation. The module enables students to
are evaluated and analysed.
that small business managers face in moving critically analyse and evaluate various models
Fundamentals of International Business through complex, hyper-competitive environ- and theories and the various applications by
INB450 ments. Students will engage in critically evalu- which companies can achieve competitive
This course is an examination of those ating the managerial complexities faced by advantage.
aspects of economics, finance, investment and micro and small enterprises that are pursuing
trade that have an international dimension. growth objectives and strategies. This module
Aims of the module include defining the will establish an analytical research-based Masters Degrees
framework within which international busi- approach to learning that is initiated, man-
Core Modules
ness has developed; providing analytical tools aged and owned by the students, and that
for apprehending the various motivations has an international context reflecting their
The following electives will be available to stu-
behind international business development; particular circumstances and interests.
dents on the MA programmes, subject to
emphasising the various ways in which com-
Marketing Management MKT450 demand.
panies seek to gain competitive advantage at
This module aims to give students an appre-
the international level; and highlighting the
ciation of the importance of marketing as a Employee Development HRM454
constraints on global corporate development.
management discipline in securing the long- The aim of this module is to enable the
International Business Economics term success of private, public and ‘not for future practitioner of HRM to source and
INB452 profit sector bodies. It seeks to cultivate a identify professional training and develop-
International Business operates in an atmos- broad understanding of the managerial func- ment needs in the workplace through the
phere of debate regarding the key determi- tions of the marketing department, in both a systematic study of all employee positions in
nants of value, the balance of power, and the domestic and international context. The mod- the organisation. Identification of training and
role of various institutions in overseeing the ule will have a practical focus on the planning development needs through need assessment
economy of the world as a whole. Being and decision making processes that marketing activities using both online and multi-media
able to understand these political economic managers will have engage in as part of their assessments will establish the clear basis for
issues and debates is therefore crucial to regular, daily business activities. training and development objectives, sup-
functioning successfully and responsibly in ported by the development of in-house
Organisational Behaviour HRM451 training resources and evaluation training
business at an international level. The aim of
Organisations are essential to the way our methodologies.
this module is to explore systematically the
societies operate in the world. They shape
interface of political and economic influences
the conditions under which we live; they have Employee Rewards HRM455
on the global business environment.
an impact on every individual and community. Employee Reward covers how people are
International Marketing INB451 Understanding the behaviour of organisations rewarded in accordance with their value to
Today we live in a global marketplace. In and the people therein goes to the very the organisation. The links between reward
order for a company to survive in this world- heart of the process of management. In par- management and other HRM practices are
wide business climate, it is becoming increas- ticular, leadership requiring managers to work crucial and approaches to reward that are
ingly necessary for it to compete on an inter- in groups, especially in an international setting, not integrated with both the business objec-
national or even global level. Accordingly, it is must be people-centred and committed to tives and associated human resource objec-
essential for business students to understand innovation and change. This module combines tives are liable to fail. This module enables
the intricacies and complexities of marketing the study of behaviour at individual, group the student to critically examine the effective-
products and services around the world both and organisational levels. ness of reward strategies in theory and in
on an operational and strategic level. Thus, practice. In short, the course aims to evalu-
Strategy in Action BUS402 ate and critically analyse the theories and
the International Marketing course will serve
A multi-disciplinary approach will emphasise best practice techniques of managing
to provide students with a framework of
the need for students to demonstrate their employee reward structures.
concepts and real-life business practices in
knowledge and understanding of functional
which they can adhere to once they enter
areas and how these contribute to overall Family Business EMG453
the business world.
organisational success. As most of the core Family businesses account for a significant pro-
Management of Financial Institutions concepts and theories are applicable in any portion of businesses throughout the world.
GBF451 context, this core module underpins each Furthermore, it is the case that a significant
An understanding of the ways in which finan- specialist pathway. This module also focuses proportion of family businesses do not sur-
cial intermediaries such as banks, brokers and on the role of strategic financial management vive the death or retirement of the founder.
traders manage their operations and interact and how this contributes to organisational Family businesses are often complex struc-
with principals is key to an appreciation of success. Students from all pathways will tures that involve striking a difficult balance

Tel: +44(0)20 7487 7505 Fax: +44(0)20 7487 7425 Email: Web:
between the needs of the family and the busi- The Politics of International Trade other and with the awider world. It is essential
ness. These two goals are sometimes mutually INB454 that a key area of academic and professional
exclusive. A major feature of the module is to This course gives students an opportunity to investigation should be the developments tak-
consider ways in which these two needs can assess a whole range of attitudes towards ing place within, and to, the continent of
be accommodated and effective succession international trade and its main representative Europe. The principal issues of security, political
planning developed. institutions. The module aims to define the economy, democracy, Europe-wide institutions,
paradigmatic framework within which interna- climate change, demographic developments,
International and Comparative HRM
tional trade has developed, by highlighting sys- environmental policies, energy supply and con-
temic constraints and enablers; to raise stu- servation, and so on will be examined
Globalisation of business is forcing managers
dents’ awareness of international actors’ throughout the module. In addition to the
to grapple with complex issues as they seek
sometimes divergent self-interests; to outline macro changes in the new Europe, there will 43
to gain or sustain competitive advantage.
compromise initiatives at the macro and micro be a focus on the nature of the single market
Faced with unprecedented levels of foreign
levels; and to emphasize links between current within the expanding continent as goods, peo-
competition and changes in legislation, firms
research innovations and extra-academic ple, services and capital move freely between
are finding that nurturing the human resources
occurrences. participating states.
required to implement an international or
global strategy is of critical importance. In this Experiential Leadership in Action Small Firms in International Marketing
module, students gather the basic principles of HRM452 MKT453
international human resource management, This module is structured around mindsets, According to Daniels, Radebaugh and Sullivan
and understand that specific theories may not and centres on catalyzing action, contingent on (2006), ‘90% of US companies that export are
be applicable for a certain country, necessitat- context, and change signature. Catalyzing small businesses and the bulk of those have
ing comparative study. action is about change, challenge, experience less than 20 employees’. They also state that
and discovery; contingent on context is about these businesses account for one fifth of the
Internet and Direct Marketing MKT454
changing environments and cultures and value of exports from the United States. The
Direct marketing and Internet marketing are
change signature identifies who we are. These module aims to enable students to under-
the growth areas of marketing. As business
ideas about Human Resources are explored stand the place of small firms in the global
becomes increasingly competitive the
through current studies in management and economy. It seeks to allow students to analyze
strongest method for a company to achieve
leadership that focus in particular on the and evaluate the internationalization process
long term competitive advantage and prof-
development of self-awareness and fulfilment, of the SME and the contrasting management
itability is through customer loyalty.
experiential components, and personal devel- and decision making activities of the SME and
Relationship marketing has emerged at the
opment mechanisms. In this module, the the larger business. By the end of the course
forefront of the academic marketing discipline
mechanisms we shall use include the dramatic students should be able to demonstrate
with the practical application emerging in the
arts; students produce and perform a play as knowledge of the particular problems facing
direct marketing industry. This module
part of a structured exercise in understanding small firms in the international marketing con-
addresses the key theories and practices cur-
mindsets, action, context and change. text and apply marketing strategies and tactics
rently utilised in the evolving world of internet
suitable for their survival and growth. A key
and direct marketing. Emerging Themes in China INB454 outcome of the course will be that students
China is a must for international companies, will be able to produce credible analytical
Private Equity and Venture Capital
but very few know how to get there. Having research reports about small firms and their
joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) international marketing opportunities and
This module aims to enable students to
in 2002, China is now officially fully open for develop appropriate international marketing
develop their knowledge, intellectual expertise
business and may soon be the biggest econ- plans that consider the size and resources of
and professional skills in their ability to apply
omy in the world. No-one studying the field of the smaller business.
economic and financial theory to a) the func-
International Business can afford to ignore a
tioning and development of the European
market that comprises one-fifth of the world’s Internet and Direct Marketing
venture capital market and b) how venture
population. The module approaches this from MKT454
capitalists operate to provide venture capital
a contrastive perspective and focuses on Direct marketing and Internet marketing are
for entrepreneurial projects and companies.
developing students’ understanding of Chinese the growth areas of marketing. The term
Students will be expected to examine critically
way of thinking with its underlying cultural tra- Direct Marketing has come to mean any mar-
the institutional and investment market strata-
dition and their analytical as well as practical keting activity that is directly targeted to spe-
gems based on latest research and empirical
skills in working with Chinese, by incorporat- cific consumers with the intention of building a
data of the venture capital providers, thus to
ing a cultural component so that students can long lasting relationship between buyer and
able to interact effectively with venture capital
understanding the intricacies of business lan- seller. Increasingly the strategic tool used to
professionals, specialists, and innovators in new
guage and culture, and by analyzing through form and build this relationship is the database
case studies Western companies that have and the marketing channel that is being used
Social Enterprise EMG454 succeeded or failed in China so that we can as an integral method of marketing for all
Social Enterprise is one of the newest areas of learn the experience and lessons from them. companies across a broad spectrum of indus-
activity in management research and teaching, try sectors is electronic commerce. As busi-
The New Europe INB455 ness becomes increasingly competitive the
balancing questions of ethics and career
The expansion and development of the strongest method for a company to achieve
choice with other managerial concepts. “Social
European Union has ushered in a new long term competitive advantage and prof-
Enterprise” can be defined as the practice of
approach to the study of European countries, itability is through customer loyalty.
identifying opportunity, designing business
European institutions and the international Relationship marketing has emerged at the
models, and starting ventures that emphasize
relations of Europe within 21st century global- forefront of the academic marketing discipline
social improvement of some sort in equal
isation. The significance of changes to the with the practical application emerging in the
measure to profitability and growth. More
dynamics of the world polity since 11th direct marketing industry.
basically, it is about people starting and manag-
September 2001, including the terrorist
ing organisations where the main motivation
attacks in London and Madrid, has also
isn’t money, and finding new and better ways
impacted hugely on the configurations of
to create social value.
European states in their relations with each

European Business School London Master Your Future

International Services Marketing
Masters Degrees
The service sector accounts for four out of Core Modules
ten jobs in the UK and this is a pattern repli-
cated in many advanced economies around The following electives will be available to stu-
the world. Service marketing is wide in terms dents on the MSc programme, subject to
of specific areas of growth from financial serv- demand.
ices, leisure tourism and hospitality, to not for
profit and charity organizations, most of which Fund Management and Private Equity
have a strong international dimension. GBF 453
44 Marketing services is very different from mar- This module looks at the fund management
keting physical products; the difference arises business – mutual funds, hedge funds, private
in the design of the extended marketing mix equity and venture capital. Portfolio manage-
and its implementation. Services are not lim- ment, asset allocation, investment selection
ited to service industries, but they do repre- and investment performance are covered for
sent a huge growing percentage of the world each of the different areas. The terms “Venture
economy Zeitmal, Bitner and Gremler (2006), Capital” and “Private Equity” describe equity
which adds to the growing phenomena of the investments in unquoted companies: younger,
internationalisation of services. early stage and developing businesses, as well
as financing leveraged management buy-outs
This course will seek to give students the and buy-ins and related investments. This mod-
knowledge to demonstrate the key differences ule exposes students to the concept of pri-
between the international marketing of goods vate equity finance and the fund raising and
and the international marketing of services. It investment process of private equity firms.
will also enable them to identify, evaluate and Students will also encounter the characteris-
apply the marketing mix elements to the tics of private equity, its returns, risks, and cash
international services sector. By the end of this flow implications.
module the students should be able to debate
the key issues and challenges of marketing Financial Risk Management and
services across international borders and cri- Modelling
tique relevant academic theory on services GBF 455
marketing in an international context. Financial risk management is a major compo-
nent in the business of banking and finance. A
Small Business Mentoring Module solid foundation on the principles of pricing
MEN401 risk is needed if the use of innovative methods
Mentoring is a recognised and growing field in and products are to be understood. This mod-
the business community. The objective of this ule focuses on the quantitative aspects of risk
module for the student is to demonstrate and management, primarily by analysing and apply-
apply mentoring principles in the field of busi- ing theory to practice in derivatives hedging,
ness. This module will provide hands-on expe- trading and investing.
rience to support real-life Mentoring in SMEs
(if possible). Students will be provided a range By the end of this course the student will be
of mentoring tools with the aim of developing able to apply the main models found within
their own portfolio of skills and awareness derivatives markets including the fast growing
and thus enhancing their existing managerial credit derivatives market. The economic con-
experience through the mentoring experi- sequences of these methods are highlighted.
ence. Students will also provide their mentees The framework of financial methods covered
with additional managerial and analytical skills, enables students to build their own models
abilities and business awareness through the and analytical solutions.
mentoring relationship to improve the busi-
ness performance and operational practices. Trading in Global Financial Markets
Students will be assessed as to how they con- GBF 458
ducted the mentoring process via observation This module is positioned to provide students
sessions, and by writing various reports, one of with practical exposure to the art and science
which is a Situational Analysis that would be of trading. Emphasis will be on giving the stu-
given to the mentee at the end of the pro- dents a comprehensive look at traders, trading
gramme. and the behaviour of markets. Students will be
asked to develop a trading strategy, implement
this trading strategy and finally to sell this trad-
ing strategy to the right client. Thus, in addition
to developing trading knowledge and skills, this
module will highlight the importance of sell-
ing/marketing the right product to the right
client based on financial goals/needs/culture.
The skills thus engendered are highly valued
by potential employers in the financial sector.

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