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I was reminded today of an incident that took place while I was in Seminary.

It did not involve me but we can all learn a lesson from it. A seminary classmate and his wife were down to their last few dollars and fees were due the next week. The couple began to pray and ask God to provide for them. In the midst of their prayers a neighboring couple came by very distraught. For the last several days the couple had not eaten and their children had gone hungry also. When the first couple heard this they were moved to share half of all they had in food and money even though they knew they would not have money for the fees the next week. The first couple continued to pray that God would provide. Close to the weekend the husband of the first couple received a call for the husband to preach at a church in a nearby town. Following the evening service and without having told anyone the need, the church members loaded down the car with food and gave the young preacher enough offering to cover his fees. The young preacher went back to seminary and shared his abundance of food and also paid his fees. The moral of the story is God blesses us when we are obedient regardless of our situation. God teaches us lessons in our lifes journey and it is up to us to learn from these lessons. What has God been trying to teach you lately? I look forward to seeing you Sunday. Paul WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS BY BAPTISM Kamerin and Brennyn Timmons 116 Rolenstro Rd Haley Green 207 Black Jack Rd

Sunday January 27, 2013 Budget Receipts $17,876.38 Budget Needs To Date $69,168.00 Budget Receipts YTD $67,085.49 Receipts Under Budget By $2,082.51 Youth Building TD $22,450.00 Bible Study 352 WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT Pot Roast Green Beans Mashed Potatoes Rolls Dessert

Sunday, February 3 Early Worship 8:30 AM Bible Study 9:45 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM Interpretive Movement 4:30 PM Chancel rehearsal (altos) 5:00 PM Shockwave 5:15 PM AWANA 5:30 PM Youth Led Worship 6:30 PM Monday, February 4 Saints Alive 10:30 AM Fellowship Club Noon Ladies Bible Study 6:00 PM Property Committee 6:00 PM Tuesday, February 5 Youth Prayer Breakfast 6:45 AM Mens Prayer Breakfast 7:00 AM Wednesday, February 6 Graded Choirs Rehearse 5:45 PM Youth Bible & Supper 6:00 PM Family Supper 6:00 PM Missions Fr, GAs, RAs 7:00 PM Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM Handbells 7:00 PM Chancel Choir 7:45 PM Thursday, February 7 Ladies Bible Study 6:00 PM BCM @ College 7:00 PM

EXTENDED SESSION February 3 Eric & Randa Barr, Kris Powell, Kelsey Harrell, Brian & Mandi OMara, Taylor Harrison, Sandra Heath, Emily Medley, Prissy Barber.

First Baptist

January 30, 2013
Pastor Rev. Paul Medley Minister of Music Rev. Art Bruce Minister of Youth Brian Steward Director of Children Stacey Sweitzer

*****Gina Steward and family in the death of her grandmother, Corine Walker of Murray, KY.


The next meeting of the Fellowship Club will be Monday, February 4th. Rev. Lynn Roberts will be our guest speaker again this year. He always does a superb job! Mark this date on your calendar and invite friends to this special event.

The Sunday morning TV broadcast on WMGR will be seen at 11:00 each Sunday of the month. We apologize for the problems with the broadcast the last 3 Sundays. Mediacom has replaced equipment and we expect to be on the air with a high quality broadcast this Sunday. If you are still receiving a black screen on Channel 22, you should manually tune to channel 84. It will show as channel 84-1. From there, you can use the channel up button on your remote to tune to channel 84-11. Please call or speak to me if you have MEDIACOM and cannot receive Channel 22 or 84-11 on you TV. We can help you get the broadcast.

I apologize for missing last Mondays rehearsal. A last minute decision to attend the funeral of a close friends mother down in Florida caused my absence. Join us Monday and dont forget to ask to see the baby photos! His name is Ethan.

Just a reminder to all preschool parents that I am purchasing our VeggieTales' concert tickets this week. I have three families ready to meet our vegetable friends, so there is still room for you and your kiddo! FBC families receive a discounted ticket rate of only $10 per person (for everyone over 2 years old). Please let me know by February 3 if you are interested. Our calendar for the children's ministry is now complete! I am meeting with leaders for the Easter Egg Hunt and VBS in the coming weeks, so be sure to check your Builder for more detailed event information. I am so excited about this summer. We're starting Summer Games on campus at FBC every Wednesday night at 6:45 pm for children who've completed Kindergarten through 5th grade. Kids will compete on four color teams to see which team can out play the other in water games, obstacle courses and team building activities. Kids may also earn points for their teams for scripture memory and discipleship training. (More on the preschool tract of Summer Games next week.) And, you guessed it, I am looking for volunteers. You won't have to prepare a lesson or worry over any of those details. Just show up to help control the chaos and be ready to have some fun! Warning: you may get wet, sweaty and have so much fun you'll want to spend more than the allotted hour with us each week!

We are going to have our hands full for D-Now with 130 students, 20 college group leaders, and around 20 host home leaders and co-host. We are still asking for volunteers for helping with the supper provided by FBC on Saturday night. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please call or email me. We have had a change in plans for our summer international mission trip. We were informed on Wednesday that the city in which we were going to travel in Honduras was getting too dangerous. So, we have regrouped and signed up with Crossings Camp to travel to Haiti. They lead several mission groups over to Haiti throughout the summer and have been doing it for several years now. We are excited about the trip and recognize that when God shuts a door He always opens another one. Please remember the shirts that we have for sale. I have a lot more in my office and the proceeds go towards our trip. Reminder: Shockwave and Interpretive movement has started back up. If you are a student from 6th grade to 12th grade come and join in on the fellowship and worship through music and drama Brian Whats Happening February 3rd-Youth Led Service February 5th Breakfast @ Bettys February 6th-Student Ministries (6-8) February 7th-BCM @ Bainbridge College (7-9) February 15th-17th D-Now Weekend February 18th-Haiti meeting @ church (12-2)

What's Happening: February 3 Wanna see Bob & Larry in concert? Let me know! February 13 CentriKid Deposit Due ($50/kid) & Parent Meeting 6 pm March 8 VeggieTales Concert, 6 pm, Tallahassee ($10/person)
All children over the age of 2 will require a ticket. Any child under 2 must held by the parent in their seat.

Theres still room to attend the JUBALS Regional Concert at FBC Blakely, Thurs, Feb. 7.

Reserve your spot on the bus by calling the office or signing up on the list which is located on the bulletin Board above the water fountain, ground floor of the Shell Annex. EASTER CANTATA BONUS REHEARSAL
Altos -Sunday February 3rd, BARACA room 5:00 PM

March 23 VBS Clinic, 9 am, Tifton March 30 Easter Egg Hunt, 2 pm, Christmas Tree Farm
More information on this event coming soon!

June 10-14 CentriKid Camp, Norman Park in Tifton ($315/kid) June 24-28 VBS