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We are delighted that you have chosen Hotel InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai as the venue to hold your function. Further to our discussions, I have the pleasure in enclosing the following information: 1) Banquet Checklist 2) Terms & Conditions of Acceptance 3) Deposit Request Form Should the details be correct and the terms and conditions agreed upon please sign the acceptance. Thank you once again for selecting InterContinental Marine Drive. We look forward to hosting your function. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 3987 9999 or by email on banquet Kind Regards, Manu Thakur Banquet Food & Beverage ManagerSales Coordinator InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai

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Company / Guest Name: Please Fill Address Contact Person Telephone Number Fax No Type of Function Date of Function Timing: :Please Fill : : : : :

No. of people: Date



Board to read Rate


The amount to be paid to confirm the booking: is 50% of the minimum guarantee inclusive of tax.

InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600

Service Timings

: 7:30 pm to 1:30 am

Type of Seating

As Per Cocktails- Dome pool deck

Billing Details

: Please fill in.

Advance Paid

Rct. No:

Power / Technical /Other Req. (Please specify):

Special Req. Telephone Req. Special Food reqt. Beverages Liquor License reqt. Remarks


InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600



Tentative Booking Please note that a tentative booking may be held for a maximum of 7 days, and if the event is Not confirmed within this time, we will be obliged to release the space without notice. ADVANCEDeposit AN ADVANCE deposit is required to confirm your booking and in the event the stipulated advance deposit payment is not received, InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai reserve the right to release the space being held. A payment security deposit schedule is elaborated belowattached to in this agreement. We require est a advance of 50% of the estimated event price at least 04 working days before the event to confirm your event. Payment Payment/Settlement of your final OR balance amount is required to be made after the completion of the event on the same day. No cheque will be accepted on that day. All payments need to be made by demand draft/cash if above Rs. 25000 (Pan No. required) or credit card. No personal cheques will be accepted Payment Schedule: On confirmation 50% advance as stipulated above
Balance Rest 50% of the minimum guaranteed number to be paid one day prior the event or on the day before the start of the event , Aany extra charges will have to be settled on the same day after of the event either by credit card, or demand draft / cash.

InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600

Following are the terms for various modes of payments below. Cash/Cheque All event accounts are to be paid in full prior to the date of the event or at the conclusion of the event. And additional charges not itemized in the original contract are to be also paid for at the conclusion of the event.

Direct Deposit Full payment made based on the estimates provided to our bank account prior to the event. Bank details are provided in the deposit schedule. Bill to Company If your company has approved credit arrangements, full payment is required with in 7 days after the conclusion of the event. The approved credit is only on discretion of the hotels management. Please note that approved credit payment should be made within 7 days of the function or the hotel will be liable to charge interest at the rate of 18%. It is a term and condition of trade between us that in the event of non-payment of an account by the due date for payment, such information may be disclosed to other parties within the tourism and hotel business, our bank/or financial advisers, our legal advisors, and may be forwarded to our debt collection agency. All collection cost incurred in the recovery of the outstanding owing including the legal cost and cost of engagement of legal counsel for appearance in court and defending the matter shall be charged to the client. Failure to adhere to our terms of payment may result in the cancellation of your credit facilities. Credit Card Please provide credit card details 7 days prior to the event. The details are to include the card type, cardholders name, card number and expiry date. A detailed account and receipt will be posted to you on the conclusion of the event. Please note that the hotel will obtain a pre authorization for the estimate cost prior to the date of the event. Cancellations Policy Cancellation of function rooms and associated accommodation must be advised in writing. If the event is cancelled, the Hotel reserves the right to impose the following:

1530 days prior to the event date, 10% of the deposits will be forfeited. Transfer of the deposit to a new date can occur subject to availability and only on one occasion. 37days -153 days prior to the arrival event date, 25% deposit paid will be forfeited

27-15 Days prior to the event, 50% of deposits will be forfeited.

InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600 5

Less than 27 days no refund would be given and entire deposit shall be forfeited.

Guaranteed Numbers A reduction in guarantee would not be permitted 24 hours prior to the function. Taxes Taxes as applicable and levied by the Government both central as well State shall be payable over and above the prices fixed. Presently they are 12.5%. on food packages and 20 % on liquor packages Taxes are subject to change as per Government rules and regulation. We levy no service charge. Prices The prices are current at the time of the quotation but may be subject to change at management discretion to meet rising costs. Menu Selection Please confirm your menu selection at least 7 days prior to the event, or as otherwise advised. Food and Beverage No food or beverage may be brought onto hotel premises for consumption during the event, unless other arrangements, which may incur additional charges, are made prior to the event. Security Should you consider it necessary, arrangements for special security can be organized. We shall advise of additional charge for the same on enquiry. Damage Please note that you are financially responsible for any damage sustained to hotel property and fittings during the event. No attachments are to be used on the walls in the function rooms without prior arrangement with us. Cleaning General and normal cleaning is included in the cost of the room hire. You may incur additional charges in instances where an event has created cleaning requirements that are considered to be over and above normal cleaning. Responsibility Should we be unable to provide the facilities reserved due to circumstances beyond our control, no further claim other than an entitlement to a full refund of any deposits paid can be made. We will endeavor to provide you with reasonable notice.

InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600

Parking The InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai offers valet parking for guests, subject to availability.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Under the Liquor Licensing Laws (adjust per regional laws) our event staff is under an obligation to ensure your patrons do not become intoxicated or disturb the neighborhood. It is your responsibility to ensure that all attendees behave in an orderly manner during the event and do not breach our obligations. Age restrictions may apply in certain areas. Advertising Prior permission is required to use the hotel name and/or logo in print and/or audiovisual display. All proposed artwork must be approved by hotel management prior to publication.

Exhibitions Exhibition companies and exhibitors are responsible for transport, set up and dismantling of their own equipment and displays in accordance with our health and safety codes. Access through the main foyer is prohibited unless by prior arrangement. The hotel service entrance may be used to transport equipment. Delivery and collection times are to be arranged 14 days prior to the event and subject to space availability. Proposed display plans are requested 14 days prior to the event to allow for local authority safety approval. The walls or other interiors including furniture and fixtures at the venue in hotel should not get damaged during the exhibition, other wise the necessary charges, costs shall be payable for the repairs or replacements thereof and the decision of the Management in this regard shall be final and binding on the exhibitors. Photography/Recording of the Event Prior permission is required for photography, sound or video recording of events or guests in the hotel facilities. Additional Services We will be pleased to arrange a variety of additional services upon request, such as entertainment and technical equipment at cost. The charge will be incurred by hosts for these services. If the event is cancelled, such service charges will be your responsibility. We would be please to provide you with a in-house D.J. as we have a D.J. Console which is one of our USPs & this would be at an additional cost of 8000/- + 12.36% tax. The flower arrangement with candles will be charged at 3000/- + 12.36% tax. Insurance We cannot take responsibility for damage to or loss of items before, during and after an event, and recommend that you arrange appropriate insurance cover. Amendments
InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600 7

Amendments to this agreement shall be valid if made in writing and signed by a representative of InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai. The waiver of any terms and conditions for one particular occasion shall not be deemed waiver of such terms and conditions for any future occasions.

Agreement You agree to follow all reasonable requests of the hotel and in utilizing the facilities you and your agents will not breach any act of Parliament or local council ordinance rule, or rules prescribed by any of the Corporation, Statutory or non-statutory Body which are applicable to the Hotel.

SIGNED ACCEPTANCE I/We acknowledge that I/We have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to follow the same and is bound by the same: Date: ________________________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Method of payment:


Signed: _________________________________________ Date:_____/______/__________

InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai Page of 8 135, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020 Phone +91 22 56399999 Fax + 91 22 56399600