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Auditor, oversight>>mistake, pre-empt, quiz>>interrogate, oversee, culpability, rollout, apprise, veracity, sift, sieve, headway, come a long way,

scourge, undermine, liquidity>>assets, paramount, concerted>>performed together, concert>>agreement, watchdog>>person, top dog, obligatory, belabor, coddle, convolute, relegate, perpetuate, paradigm, extricate, misnomer, misogamy, relinquish, bountiful, profuse, exuberant>>2 mean, acrimonious, stringent, astringent, annul, revoke>>2 mean, sly, commonplace, dupe, burly, canny, astute, capacious, cardinal, gauche, coax, decoy, congruous, conscientious, wily, gullible, dupe, dally, debase, appetizing, sober>>2 mean, deplorable, dilatory, divulge, abate, oddity, aberrant, whim, whimsical, sanctimonious, impertinent, insolent, audacious, intrepid, stoic, amiable, benign, turn down>>reduce volume, turn up, hyperbole, overstatement, tall talk, whistle-blower, accord, reprisal, forthright, wayward, cold call, belittle, ramification, let alone, tether, snoop, nutcase, blas, bunk, promenade, sonny, precipice, clear off sth, let go>>titanic, off the hook>>telephone, off the hook>>difficult situation, was that the way of it>>titanic, regale, count sb in, bum>>verb, smoke>>cigarette, chew over sth>>titanic, discretion, uncouth, presumptuous, get around>>travel, pier, throw up>>vomit, pass for sth/sb, impugn, wind up, odious, single sb/sth out, bogey man, abate, strike a chord, entrench, rite of passage, dissenter, get along>>deal with, manage, reckon, exonerate, precarious, clutter, brat, right away, hold out>>supply, tick sb off>>annoy, hit the bottom>>reach the worst or the lowest point in life or in some other reference, flea, storm out/in, self-absorbed, picky, my life is but to serve you my lord, have a way with>>To be skilled, adept, or graceful in something, addle, play along, save your breath, stand out>>noticeable, wager, beat up>>adj, proviso, quid pro quo, chump, shrew>>lady, sheepish, freebie, get real, get real, grovel, tryst, intercede, sparky, court, crummy, beau, buzz off, commoner, travel light, pipsqueak, a blast from the past, hit the road, condiment, ubiquitous, snob, snobbery, touch sth off, topping>>food, sit well with, purist, curator, put sb off>>not to see sb, vibe, ad infinitum, quaff, infringe, ballpark>>approximate, hold up>>strong or successful, gait, columnist, procrastinate, put sth off, put sb off, putrefaction, tether, brethren, farfetched, ascetic, draw to a close, bargain>>agreement, make of sb/sth, incriminate, barge in, eidetic, decoy, orchestrate, heretic, artifact>>object, hitherto, but>>only, just>>I had but one messege, balk, delinquent, cross>>adj, angry, badly off, balderdash, willies, apparition, fetter, ponderous, pauper, hark, specter, go by, strut, an eye for an eye, cut it out, poop, full>>stomach, on a full stomach>>food, piecemeal, aboutface, taker>>accepter, lick wounds, smolder, pummel, impel, let alone, stoicism, conspicuously, anomie, concur, in the face of sth, carnage, vis-vis, offhand, stew>>be deeply troubled, drowsy, beat sb to it, sloth, knock it off, smudge, set sb up>>deceive, maul>>assault, slalom, eon, doomsday, cast aspersions on sb/sth, feel for sb, spineless, encumber, portmanteau>>luggage, alight>>vehicle, land, put up>>stay for

the night, take sbs fancy, meander, gable, prosaic, upholster, mayhap, charwoman, hamper>>basket, for sbs part>>as far as concerns one: For my part, you can do whatever you please, on the part of>>ascribe responsibility, perforce, spell>>period of work, knock off sth>>stop working, quaint, disport, as in someones wont, hark, hark back, gnaw, sang froid, peal>>laugh, cranny, vermin, complacent, affliction, intermittent, bout>>2 mean, bemoan, vouch, vouch for sb/sth, peril, eerie, memoir, pester, therapeutic, dispense, dispense with, quack>>fake doctor, humdrum, vortex>>whirling mass, holocaust, tiff, groupie, malevolence, pallor, gambol, scamper, all by yourself, at the latest>>will go to bed at 1 o clock at the latest, rancor, assail>>attack, overwrought, gale, bethink, limber, hangman, lair, plucky, pull yourself together, cadaverous>>pale, peer>>look closely, be partly visible, fiendish, diabolic, leer, save>>except, lest, let alone, lull>>noun, pang, noose, clapper>>bell, hipster, carnal, inferno, decrepit, stomp, confounded>>bewilder, droll, be at a loss, spare no expense, impute, transfusion, novice, aphrodisiac, place>>recognize, berserk, hack>>cut, inconstant>>unfaithful, concubine, legion, bookie, bookmaker, tip>>information (likely to be successful), summit, swear by, pull the plug, fulsome, deploy, tailwind>>it actually helps>>in the direction of travel, be up in arms, arm twisting, vitiate, spearhead>>verb, botch up, botch, accede>>agree, budge>>2 mean, make waves, rankle, vise, murky>>obscure, gloomy, tenuous, heretic, referendum, secede, verbatim, internment, fevered>>excited, fever, melodrama, blowtorch, notoriety, wry>>ironic and amusing, torrid>>passionate, peg>>classify, clat, indelible, nascent, ping, jock, jockey sb into sth, decompress>>relax, accoutrements, fidgety, fidget, delinquent, windcheater, befuddle>>confuse, disheveled, fit the bill, perversely, face the music, antithesis, see red, impound, revel, reveler, procure>>acquire, under trial>>noun, bash>>celebration, quintessentially, moot>>suggest, chaff, rung>>ladder, level in hierarchy, lax, sleepover, chortle, splutter, big shot, foolhardy, reverie, contemplate, angelic>>of angels, kind & beautiful, be in for sth, fudge, call on sth, call on sb, spendy, pandemonium, tantrum, spool, haul>>pull, long haul, short haul, Brit>>British, deride, ridicule, off the mark, euphony, collocation, adage, obituary, coinage>>words or phrases, go places, like>>noun, snob, brag, flunk, embodied, disembodied, no frills, frills, bulls eye, spur>>encourage, lookout>>noun & verb, moor>>ship, dock>>ship, underway, get underway, founder>>verb, ruckus, truss, strut>>ostentatious, martinet, aft, take a stab>>attempt, guess, freewheel>>2 mean>>cycling, carefree, inferno>>2 mean, conflagration, touch sth off, commute>>travel, commuter, come around>>change mind, become conscious, happen, visit, come again?, peril, perilous, thug, ebb and flow, ebb, confer, obstetrics, ballroom, resuscitate, lay>>untrained, peril, plummet, tailspin, grit>>bravery, harpoon, albeit, relish, brackish, swelter, flail, haul, haul sb up, reel>>walk as if u r abt to fall, place goes round, shocked and confused, reel sth off>>list, ridge, welt, cram>>small space, corrugation, whirl>>period of

activity, waver, oversee, oblivious, double entendre, handle sb with kid gloves, deride, rambunctious, din, less than, freckle, rumination, eschew, beseech, disembark, embark, tea cosy, dentures, stump>>no answer, off base, gallant>>courteous, brave, rig sth up, cougar, slink>>move furtively, abject>>2 mean, gig, chicken out, cape>>coat, rend, heartrending, contort, palate>>2 mean>>part of mouth, judge food, wine, forebear, flabby, flab, uncalled for, pick on sb, up>>not in bed, shot, bash, stab, crack, retrospect, bout, go the distance, hush, bigot, bigotry, dawn on sb, divulge, be at a loss, rev up, panacea, galore, titillate, herald, lax, go for a toss, complacent, pick up the pieces, recce, the lowdown, lowdown, unabated, loom large, well to do, comb>>search, precarious, precocious, sterile>>2 mean, minuscule, albeit, at large, hunch, anachronism, a host of, start-up, backwater, restive, devolve>>give, deteriorate, bequeath, intent, sell>>persuade, loath, loathe, defenestration, pretense, feign, equivocally, leverage, congenital, dispensable, incentive, unflinching, be at odds, redress>>compensation, mother lode>>2 mean, fleck, lore, plush, winch, languish, inexorably, vagary, cash in on sth, laudable, hassle, marvel, valour, steadfastness, heady, rattle>>worry, disconcert>>uneasy, pragmatic, wean on sb/sth, togh sell>>difficult persuasion bcuz sell= persuade, misgiving, arbiter, envoy, rabble, top brass, leery>>wary, stock in trade>>2 mean, draconian, esteem, stalwart>>2 mean, montage, etymology, allusion, touch a nerve>>invoke a strong emotional reaction, raucous, invigorate, belie, drool, early bird, junkie, cliff notes>>A summary of a much longer work designed to allow a student to quickly learn the key points of the longer work, mug>>steal, canvass>>ask, incinerate, corroborate, substantiate, furore, loose cannon, fume>>verb, accreditation, tryst, dreary, irate, touch a nerve>>To make a remark or perform a deed which produces a strong response, especially an emotional response such as anxiety or annoyance, because it calls to mind something which has been a source of concern or embarrassment, estrange, have an edge>>have a slight advantage/superiority, implode, facet>>aspect, gemstone, archive, batter, harp, harp on>>Encarta, hurtle, tenuous, muffle, gash, implore, lanky, suture, brag, snob, haggle, fit the bill, hag, draw a blank, pull away, pull off, a clean bill of health, chore, cranky, ward sth off, frigidity>>woman, placebo, panacea, virility, vitality, buccal, beat/bang the drum, zip>>move quickly, figurine, atop, unwind>>relax, epiphany, stint, take the plunge, clientele, bigwig, new kid on the block, tinker, aver, foray, branch out, backpack, rucksack, dyslexia, exasperate, lisp>>see hindi equivalent, alma mater>>2 mean, beam>>smile, reflect>>think, reflect on>>have effect, round the corner, incessant, lullaby, crummy, turf, refurbish, accreditation, rankle, come under fire, overturn>>change decision, sleuth, exonerate, vintner, hit it off, revel, churlish, crass, cynic>>2 mean>>doubting, sarcastic, touch down>>aircraft, decant, showman>>entertainer, consummate>>adj, flower power, strew, chutzpah, parole, petrify, riposte>>reaction, crossroads>>decisive moments, crossroad, rip off, purloin, raise

eyebrows>>shock or surprise people, mug>>attack and steal, skimp>>use little, pallet, haul>>stolen items, crumple, gash, tease out>>information, flake>>piece, flake out, tipster, tip>>info by tipster, rejuvenate, tract>>land or water, denude, cud, ruminant, grumble, en route, insomnia, alleviate, pick me up, down in the dumps, weedy>>thin, concierge, slush, buck>>throw rider, give way>>break, trout, ravine, mumble, gibberish, delirium, scree, incapacitate>>not powerful, bedazzle, drove>>group, killjoy, camaraderie, come hell or high water, pull out all the stops, whiz>>expert, embark, embark on sth, ado, denizen, zinger, unfazed, nineteen to the dozen, eon, bedazzle>>2 mean, smudge, groupie, sport>>verb, miffed, no end, newbie, catch on (to), rave>>adj, wake up to sth, gush>>express, all and sundry, unnerve, canned>>recorded, be on a roll, rakish>>immoral, tiff, put your foot down, foodie, blithe, point blank>>impolite, know all, nothing to write home about, keep sth at bay, adieu, underway, bicker, marquee, hit it off, bevy, ace>>adj, emcee, nonchalant, bubbly>>2 mean, troop>>verb, dressy, dapper>>fashionable man, impromptu, preen>>feel proud, regale, quirk, marvel>>verb, nag>>ask repeatedly, ply>>keep supplying with sth, saunter, vamoose, reverie, guffaw, vibe, backslap, jovial, canoodle, gusto, stutter, persona, nimble, surreal, banter, camaraderie, vouch, chatter, scurry, razzmatazz, chutzpah, heady, marginalized, gutsy, stolidly, brush sth/sb aside, holistic, delve into sth, square up>>fight, bask, emulate, break the jinx, exemplary, pack a punch, helm, at the helm, top gun, spearhead, gladden, batter, stalwart>>loyal, strong, indomitable, formidably, bedevil, rappel, maw, vestige, steppe, vested>>adj, anoint, ordain, hardy, cartography, ingrained, ubiquitous, perennial, unwitting, bequest, thrifty, fiesta, bump into sb, rudderless, delegate>>give job, duty, vehement, hence>>from now, despicable, lavender, allusion, siege, be smooth sailing, jockey>>to switch to another line believing the other one is faster, evangelist, genuflect, aficionado, attrition, war of attrition, emissary, denouement, take a dig/jab at sb, seminal, traction>>the extent to which an idea, product, etc. gains popularity or acceptance, serpentine, wind up>>end up, end an activity, decadent, down the line/track/line, track sth/sb down, shoplift, rant, appease, untenable, famish, stow>>store, put for later use, brag, etiquette, conundrum, cradle>>for the telephone too, off the hook>>clothes, fone, escape situation, bonkers, nuts, darn>>stich, excl, well off>>rich people>>the well off, quirk, chore, back out (of sth), bloke, speed bump, measly, worrywart, fiasco, inadvertently, embark on sth, cutlery, incongruous, chore, jargon, etiquette, trade off>>work energy theorem by papa, outrageous, usurp, afire, vintage>>adj>>high quality, choker, brooch, fidelity, grueling, gruesome, screening>>test, dispose>>make somebody liable to something, sentinel, platoon, subsist>>manage to live, incredulous, pragmatic, press sth/sb into service, go/turn crimson, off the shelf, per se, conundrum, put a finger on sth, revile, turn the tide>>cause a complete reversal of the circumstances, entitlement, delusion, substantive, love sb to bits, dabble>>2 mean>>cam, notch>>position, feign, sham,

ossify, befall, elicit, flounder, inexorable, languish, cohort>>group of people, neology, coddle, swaddle, red tape, retribution, fulminate, precedent, lackluster, brunt, snub, phalanx, break the ice, articulate, eschew, whoop, ensue, steal the show/scene, run-off, populist, incumbent, loom, loom large, reprise, referendum, in the wake of, fledgling, dissident, off the wall, wall sth off, scrawl, hegemony, repugnant, circle the wagons>>to unite in defense, in the face of sth, save sbs/ones face, face the music, face of the earth>>used for emphasis, to refer to the existence or disappearance of someone or something, effrontery, have the face to do something>>have the effrontery to do something, lose face, on the face of it, take sth at face value, laugh in sbs face, a long face, showdown>>confrontation, break ranks, relish, growl, bearing>>influence, mannerism, mutter, seeing things, swerve, oblivious, weave>>move from side to side, guard rail, slump, calloused, folly, careen, gingerly, out of the corner of your eye, veer>>move from side to side, ministration>>treatment, Samaritan, avert, putrid, rummage, newbie, percolate, barbecue, thingy, landfill, frugality, cap>>put a limit, muck>>dirt, thrifty, fallout, meltdown>>nuclear, angry state, collapse of organization, benign>>2 mean, oversee, laggard, crunch>>crisis, overturn>>reverse previous decision, prowess, bailout, hold water, in tandem>>2 mean, off the hook, shy away from sth, gargantuan, binge, binge eating, binge drinking, entitlement, bottom line, estranged>>2 mean, inadvertent, down the road, propensity, predisposition, disposition, acuity, sucker>>verb, noun, infidelity, incredulous, extenuate, resonant>>continue to make echoes, wily, dodgy>>2 mean, phase out, subsidy, win hands down, consortium, pipe dream, you bet, heist, hustler, scurry, just the thing, jiffy, stuff your face, be curtains for sb, prowess, collateral damage, collateral>>2 mean, bailout, mushroom>>grow quickly, vent>>verb, deficit, make a dent in sth, fiscal, unilateral, bilateral, dither, reckless, articulate, a free ride, at full tilt, itch for sth, itch to do sth, squabble, slippery slope, inducement, tribunal, embargo, circumvent, ostracize, hyperbole, depose, stick around, roll in, bravado, sortie, rattle sth off, the front line>>battle, tentative, buffet>>blow/attack, impromptu, foray, desultory, ragtag, bellicose, swagger, strut, apportion, contingent, heady, tell sth/sb apart, behind the scenes, abound, bevy, the hard way>>2 mean, take a hard line on sth/sb, smell blood, talon, jabber, make waves, youre your weight, number crunching, pittance, on the run>>evade, tip off, manhunt, incredulity, scour>>search, hole up, clear off, unwitting, tribunal, hear from sb, gamely>>cam, hardline, animosity, antagonism, incursion, wherewithal, assuage, interlocutor>>discussion, carnage, push sb to the wall, cogent, snub, perfidy, rant, whip up>>emotion, the pits, wash your hands of sth, fickle, fidelity, perilous, emancipate, lilt, interdict, contemplate, contemplate at your navel, bandanna, leery, do the trick, staffer, sortie>>attack, flounder>>verb>>cam, inexorable, cohort, coddle, retribution, lackluster, brunt, gather steam, phalanx, ensue, high five, take the bullet, marksman, path cross, cross paths with sb, tenacious, bemuse, thug,

egregious, flagrant, conspicuously, guillotine, tokenism, wash>>be convincing, utopia, grande dame, dame, faade>>2 mean, oligopoly, refurbish, clientele, nouveau riche, foyer, bric a brac, lasso, scoff>>laugh, giddy>>elated and dizzy, upkeep, laurel>>praise, gilt>>gold, recount>>tell a story, up for grabs, heyday, inanity, tyro, beat the hell out of sb, precocious, wry, rite of passage, gamut, stiletto, gaudy, typecast, beget, chafe>>to annoy, barge, fealty, gravitas, get around>>task>>deal successfully, salve, aphorism, succinct, flub, gaffe, entourage, chore, dissemination, pore over>>investigate carefully, embellish, corner, indict, in/out of keeping with(sth), ex parte, snap sth up, snap sb up, incentive, raison de etre, trawl, ambit, wreak, haul>>items>>stolen goods, allay, prerogative, tailspin, vehemently, complicity, hither and thither, jiffy, undertone>>underlying quality, situation>>cam, hell of a, the time of your life, fickle, talk sth over, up to scratch, stomp, glop, peewee, hit the dirt - fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger, every cloud has a silver lining, get the hang of sth, vagrant, way to go>>(idiomatic) an expression of congratulations, encouragement, or approval in American English, con>>deceive, con man>>deceiver, contend>>claim, uncool, pot luck, critique, spot on, implore, billboard>>advertisement banner, extraneous, founder>>verb, excursion into sth, sportive, philanderer, talk sb out of sth, parakeet, be on the trail of sth/sb, be hot on sbs trail, scale>>climb, spunk, moxie, bet, I bet>>2 meanings>>longman dictionary>>>>2 meanings>>you are very sure>>2nd mean>>as given in Cambridge, but remember there are 2 different sentences from 2 different speakers given in the examples>>.., snazzy, pass sth/sb off as sth/sb, barge>>boat, keep your eyes peeled, soar>>fly, cognizance, blurb, the full monty, do the full monty, endear, annotate, facet>>aspect>>gemstone, gag>>trick, stifle mouth, upturn>>improvement, accentuate, microcosm, the bare bones, give sb a buzz>>not cellphone, garrison, rabid>>fanatical, collusion, incriminate, tip>>verb, noun>>information>>cam, echelon, allay, assortment, linchpin, call on sb, call on sth, sylvan, nosedive, hamlet, signage, we had to ask our way, plaque>>stone or metal, foyer=lobby, vanity>>pride, vain, dressing table, well-heeled, moolah, usurious, votary, hog>>pig, take more than your share, scrap>>throw away>>get rid of, go haywire, hinterland, repose trust in sb, usher, usher in, herald, accrue, tirade, astute, proliferate, reinvent yourself, reinvent the wheel, clout, steppe, shaman, plangent, recount, stutter, soothsayer, novelty, rope off, enamel, limbo, stalemate, recline, bucolic, jut, stick out, primordial, primate, canoe, kayak>>canoe, kickback, cul-de-sac, impasse, ruffle unruffled, forage>>verb and noun, off limits, provenance, congeal, brutalize>>2 mean, thick on the ground, conundrum>>difficult problem, volition, mellow, leave sb high and dry, behind the wheel, give up on sb, savior, fair enough, click tongue, runaway, uncharted, keep sb company, put up with sb/sth, mumble, mumble, cock>>gun>>load, taken with/by sb/sth,

coroner, maul>>attack, stick around, amnesia, stun>>unconscious, groovy, snoop, audacious, plump for sb/sth, eyeball to eyeball, rejig>>rearrange, cognizant, fraught, concoct>>2 mean, impostor, debunk, contention>>2 mean, a bone of contention, deride, be into something>>be interested or involved in something, apathy, jump the queue, posse, cramped, entourage, in tow, lunge, bereave, throng>>noun and verb, adulation, redress, make light of something, daze, high point, garrulous, ramble>>talk, admonish, cringe, copious, imposter, catch on>>become popular, spill the beans, polity, slum out>>verb, grime, pillion, steal a march on sb, muzzle>>2-3 meanings, hoodwink, haul up, castigate, vocation, foray>>exploration of something unfamiliar, trail blazer, everything under the sun, coterie, quip>>witty remark, obituary, woo, masterstroke, frugal, tread a tightrope, deliberation, parity>>similarity, cut no ice with sb, debacle, vociferous, epistle>>letter, brace>>prepare for something bad, kickback, spurn, an eye for an eye, nepotism, sop>>noun, surreal, hammock, cross>>annoy, tipsy>>slightly drunk, smite, crook>>arm, go for sb, peevish, masseur, warhead, offset, prosthesis, upbeat, bask, bask in sth, covert>>adj, maim, quash, subpoena, hit out, rope sb in, abeyance, conflagration, pitch in, ostensible, purview, culpable, instructive, legion, call on sth, call on sb, ferret, rake sth out, turn the screw on sb>>to use force or pressure on somebody, alacritous, alacrity, the upshot, gag>>cloth, gag order, arraign, incumbent, be in the loop/out of the loop, tip off, subvert, repatriate, hardline, go easy on sth, consternation, of all people/things/places, hunky dory, grudgingly, votary, nip sth in the bud, nip and tuck, a nip and tuck, satiate, burgeoning, churlish, profligacy, accrue, placard, apostle, behemoth, be (all) the rage, concoction, forage, regimen>>program for health, broth, take the plunge, have youe pick, take your pick, dorky, mark my words, deliberate>>careful, anvil, shoddy>>dishonest, payout, incense>>angry, rowdy, stroller, push chair, rush hour, skip/miss a beat>>to pause>>to stop for a short while, giddy>>excited, vintage, ecclesiastic, asterism, bequeath, prong, heist, ensemble>>group of performers, give it up for, predispose sb to sth, oncologist, screen>>examine, sentinel>>guard, prognosis, sentry, alma mater, limousine, chauffeur, jabber, workaday, pragmatic, lights went out, lights came back, leverage>>influence people, viable, affliction, persecution, be at odds, jarring>>unpleasant, salvo, incursion, decoy, off the shelf, readout, incentive>>adj and noun, turn sbs head, rummage, thingy, frugality, landfill, cap>>noun and verb>>limit on money, outlay, muck, thrifty, avert, goop, lode, mother lode, rave, tweet>> a message sent using the Twitter social networking service, clutter, wear off, cranky>>upset or annoyed, errand, make do>>make will change forms not do, stock up, perplex, fishy>>dishonest, conjure, conjure sth up, conjure sb/sth up, toast>>drink, gaga>>2 mean, pedigree>>history, abuzz, ploy, recess>>remote place, all hell breaks loose, stole>>cloth, emblazon, pass muster, scrap>>get rid of a plan or thing, deify, venerate, blasphemous, conducive, whittle sth

down, whittle, burgeon, downturn, heyday, flagship, every nook and cranny, rollover, procure, synergy, reel, merger, swerve, crypt, hokum, put up with sb, hieratic>>noun, blather, necropolis, cemetery, gullible, wallow, flim flam, pert, wiggle, fleabag, brethren, push off, push off>>in water, beat sb to it, poker>>rod, barge>>boat, booby trap, consummate, gooey, make of sth, reconnoiter, damsel, a damsel in distress, quicksand, come-uppance, put your back into sth, desecrate, buzzword, implicate>>show connection, wreak, nifty, conundrum, plaque, brooch, propensity, indolent, cornerstone>>vital, the jury is still out, apace, remission, floss>>teeth, complacent, debilitate, pique>>arouse interest, butler, beck>>nod, at sbs beck and call, handyman, bookkeeper, bookkeeping, estate>>area, property, buildings, big mouth, nick>>steal, freelance, get on>>relationship, on the dot, stint>>allotted time, stately, muck, muck in, confide in sb, put up with sth/sb, foreman, defy description/belief/explanation, have a go at somebody, pass sb by, minion, scepter, free spirit, grounded>>punishment, dismemberment, hysterics, mausoleum, waltz>>dance, whine, rusty>>practice, wench, tide sb over sth, euphemism, bat, not bat an eyelid, endearing, nuptials>>noun>>singular, pageantry, tulle, taffeta, have your share of sth, by the numbers, would be, standout, crochet, barge, waltz, consummate, socialite, forthwith, sullen, throng, go the extra mile, hard hitting, tinsel>>entertainment people, magnum opus, squarely>>certainly, nexus, covert>>secret, disband, beef sth up, go off>>explode, fire, consul, consulate, altruism, kayak, canoe, sliver, satchel, headland, fraught>>2 mean, of sorts, belie, seaworthiness, the sharp end, exude, overt, indelible, the bottom line, capsize, upbeat, douse, firebrand, decrepit, belated, travail, sordid, disgruntled, unruly>>hair, felicitation, mortified>>shame, aperitif, fiddle>>move hands, tinker>>fiddle, helm, stopover, forlorn>>sad, tote>>carry, pantheon, make do, congregate, foliage, avenue, come of age, mendicant, matted, rope sb in, surrogate, surrogate mother, dilapidated, makeover, fruition, in the face of sth, impunity, jitters, seethe, worked up, work (yourself) up to sth, throw your weight around/about, woo>>2 mean, burgeoning, matriarch, rebuff, overture>>proposal, ruckus, largesse, clout, archrivals, dais, give sth a miss, ruffle>>ruffle his hair, cough (sth) up>>money and information, rubbish>>verb>>oxford, squalid, qualm, amputation, wind down>>relax, itch to do sth, ruffian, live it up, live up to sth, din, earmark, earmuff, grouse, misquote, budge, budge up, relent, slight>>verb, exact>>verb, plume>>smoke, corroborate, spartan, munition, embattle, embattled, be up in arms, quash, gag order, harbinger, at the end of your tether, rue, cut across sth>>affect, tailor made, horde, hold your tongue, encampment, pillaging, procure, if only, swat, impending, indisposed>ill, placate, wile, peter out, transient>>noun, trance, disembark, get by, see to sth/sb, watch your step, grater, stake sth out>>watch, beat>>tired, let sb have it, pace>>verb, vitality, settle down>>feel comfortable, enunciate, hegemony, flak>>criticism, roundabout traffic circle, one swallow doesnt make a summer,