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Language & Culture II – Ana Laura Bozzani

Identify the cohesive devices in the following text:

“M. Ballon ascended the stairs to bed. I his room he first tested the steel shutters, then

the lock of the door. Then he went across to the bed where his wife was already asleep

and examined the mosquito curtains. He squirted a little Flit round the windows and

door, sprayed his throat with antiseptic and rapidly undressed himself of all. He, on his

pyjamas, examined the magazine of his revolver and laid it on thechair at his bedside,

next to it he placed his watch, electric torch and a bottle of Vittel. He slipped another

revolver under his pillow. He tiptoed to the window and called down softly:


There was a click of heels in the darkness. “Excellence”.

“Is it all well?”

“All well. Excellence”.

M.Ballon moved softly across to the electric switches, and before extinguishing the main

lamp switched on a small electric night-light which shed a faint blue radiance

throughout the room. Then, he cautiously lifted the mosquito curtain, flashed his torch

round to make sure that there were no insects there, and finally lay down to sleep.

Before losing consciousness, his hand felt, found and grasped a small curved nut which

he kept in the belief that it would bring him good luck.

Black Mischief, Evelyn Waugh (1932)