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The other In 1911 an English

Brigadier-General met, at a dinner in Cai-
ro, EQ'pt, an Indian initiate who said to
him: "In the first week of August p 1914,
a terrible strugGle will brenk out in
Europe." They met in Cairo in De-
cember, 1919, and the Indian
"What did I tell you, Goncral1"Tho fact
was wall known in ocault ciroulcs in India
nnd Tibet in 1911."
But can there renlly bo anything to
spiritism, ?r is it all fnke? The BIBLE
is a from God, of things man
docs not know nnd could not otherwise find
out. Lot us eco whnt it rcvouls ,
Tho Dible tells us n donI ubout
the devil, cnlled [intnn, and about domcns.,
Perhups in somo article wo shnll
r;o into tho subject of the devil, nnMVOy'inr.
the quo at i.ona , whnt; 18 ho? WI1.;")l'O did ho
como I'r cm, and hoi'( did ho ['.oi: hi:; pn'/iJl'7
But :/p::\oo provcnb s ()(Jv(;rinr: thai;
in cxoc pt. in
OonTlOotiul Ylith Uw mt:);1ont or <h:lllf)l1a.
IJe':;I1'-;1'o <1C'OII ":.ho Hibl(: e rLl II
r,piri.t. Tho HilJlu c',ntl'(l.1"Y o\;o
do spiritist mediums and
fortune-tellers know? The mysteries
of the spirit world revealed by the
BIBLEt Here is the plain trutht
A{,lAZING EVENTS that occurred in the
Fall of now are again OC-
1'\1(0 INCIDENTS OF 1914
In a messago brondcastad ovor the
Oregon Net-Work lnst June 27th, later re-
produced in a printed sermon, wo told our
listeners and renders nrnazing
oidents, set forth in a book in the writ-
er's possession, which nre horo.
Incident ono: In tho Into suruno r of
1914, an Amcrionn miss Lonary was nttend-
in!.!: 0. heathen dunce in tho intorior of Ti-
bot. SUddenly a witch-doctor, worked up
into groat oxci.t.cmorrt under tho influonce
.if the evil spil'it in control, r-ushed over
co this l,ti:1f:ionnr;r. Ar;ain and he
';hrust nt tho Amol"iC:1.11 vri.t h n sharp
:nife, but: without nny intent oJ.' narm,
'xclnimi "'l'lltlt 1 whnt your po opLo arc
loinr; t o I-YHoh ct ho ;' now, Our 'bir. r,ods
,:,vo 1l1l over f;n Eu1'op.;."
we okn ) n t c r , who n tho rnis-
d,'nfll'y thu Chinl1 r:l>:lat, ho hO!lrll
-;l\-J news (J1' tho U\lt."tJl'i.H,k rd' tho I'Jar in
then he un<lCl"litc.od
VOL. rrr ,

ii' !"Jl(Jif'
'-'. /#;:: .>"
QJl i
.,'t' WAR
powerful forces are now
at work producing profound
changes in individual lives,
in business, in religion, in
Millions are victims, in
various vnys, of these
unseen powers.
In a manner very
Ftlize, thesQ supernatural
powers of hell are plunging
the world into
Those who rule nations
and oontrol vast armed forc-
es are being guided under tlD
spell of this influence of
the spirit world.
This is no superstition. It is not
i.mmaginary. It is onl;,' too
If h c
balio!', thnt mnn 1.:i J,\ORl'AL, and
h.. ..nompoaed of
of :;pidt. Iiotio!, such
3:19; John Z:G, eta.
nu'c Ood i::1 n SPIHIT (,rehn 4:4). And
rjpontDdly of and
it r ovenl a to us thr.\t are li..E2:!_i't;s,
(Psalm 104:4; Hob. 1:13-1'1,).
Also the TIord of God reveals to us a
third of tho angels of heaven followed in his re;.";cllion against Gnd, and
that they therefore have become fallen an-
gels, Clr DE1.tONS---altho in tho King .Jaiac a
translntion of the Bible, the word "devils"
is commonly used.
In the 12th chapter of Revelntion is
pictured a groat red dragon (verse 3),
which is explained to be a symbol fnr Sa-
tan the devil in verse 9 Rev. 20:2.
The 4th verse a third of the
sngols of heaven Satnn in his re-
bellion. (stars are of angels,---
see Rev. 1:20).
The 7th verse describes a war in
heaven between Satan and the arohangel
Miohae1 (comp. Jude 9). And in this war
Satan had angels fighting on his side.
Read on, in your Bible, thru verse 9. Tho
ange15 TIho TIero
vlith him.
New notico the 6th verse cf Jud0:
"The angels which kept not their first
estate, but let' their own habitation, he
hath reserved in everlasting chains undor
darkness unto tho judgment of tho great
day. II
Again it is written in II Peter 2:4:
"For if Gr d spared net the that
sinned, but cast thGffi to hell (Greek,
"tartarus, "---meanine:; "darkne s e of t.he rna"
terial universe and delivered them into
chains of darkness, to be reserved
jUdgment. "
And then again, Jesus spoke or the
time when He shall say to the TIickod,
"Depart from me, yo cursed, into ever-
lasting fire, re ared for the devil and
his angols." Iliat. 25:41) ,-- -----
So the Scriptures plainly teach tha.t
angels ale SPIRIT be Lngs , that many of
them sinned, and have Sata.n; and
are being roservod in tho darkness of
the matorial world unto the day of
N('lW remembor, aro SPIEIT be-
in(;s. Men ar-c bo i nr s , 'i'hor-e i'o ro
demons, ns '!/()ll ns nnf',.ils, ur-o I:'I'::C:li3LE
to material human unless
Yut bhos o d cmons lurvo powo r ("Iv"r pco-
oxnr.::'1c fin oxpcriQn\}e-
rf' tiho tL." 01' Cl\l'i::t:
"find who n .lo sua W!1:' o o-no rut 01' the
.hip, im:.l(Jtlill"l;uly t.he rc 111.;";1 cut of' t.ho
n with (In \Ill"}.:'''. :ir,j r i l . II
(!.f!\l-k fi: 2). !'.Cll arc
p"lopl<; evo r cnl1<;d ":
' i .l' i t n'I in th., Bibl\).
This "uno Loo.n -spi.rit" not tho rnan ,
nnr Rny port of him. Rond en:
,TeBUS snLd unto him, "C0ll\O out ()1' tho
man, thou unoLoan spirit." (verse a).
"And !In nsl:.cct hi'n, Vlhnt is th7{ nnmo t
And ho f;ly name is
for vt are l.:n.n:' And all the devils he-
sought him, snvi nz , send us into the swine,
nnd t he unc Lean spirits vrent out,
and .nrber-ed into tl.e swine." (v , 9-13).
The text shows there were THO THOUSAND
inside of this one man. These de-
mons had boon ango Ls , but had sinned. They
were individual spirit beings
Who had entered inside this mnn, There are
beyond doubt millions and millions of
demons. They arc SPIRITS, a.nd therefore not
mortnl---thoy do not dio. And mark this---
all the demons that oxisted in Christ's
I.'iany heo.thens worship the devil and
demons. They look upon them as The
demons, remember, have POVffiR, a.nd they have
KNmVLEDGE. They have existed thousl1nds of
yoars ,
Yes, demons have to inf1uenoe
poople. But lot us understand what that
povrer is
Listen The devil and all
his demons havo no power arbitrarily to
you or me, er any person, o.go.inst his
own will, to do their They do have
pewer to put thoughts, suge:estions, im-
pressions, into the humnn mind. But God
has you nnd me frue moral God
,nIl not fQrcc any to yiold to HIM.
HcHher do e s the dc,,il or o.ny demon
power to FORer: Ilny men to yicld to tho
tl,oughts or Sus!;cstions they arc a.blc to
plnco in the mi.nd, But v:o must not believe
every thour;ht or sUff,gostion or impulso is
of God.
"Beloved, bol.Lovc not every spirit.
but IBX. tho spirits, they be of
(I John 4:1). DO HOT ACT on
Retain a sound mind. Thoro is no neod to
f'eu r demons, but our every thour,ht and im-
pulse should be TESTED by THE YfO!\D OF GOD.
If it is not a.ocording to the Bible, it is
But note, now, hovr ar-e plune;ing
the world into VTAR l
In Revelation 17 is a. description of
n "DEAST", which nenrLv all Bible students
---inoludin!,,: Ronnn Catholic---t\dmit is Q.
synbol of T!!: HOr.tAL'! It showe thnt
in thone very last thnt Empire is to
be And it is u fo.ot now known by
1.11 thnt Llussclini 1:3 thnt
very Tho "bouat ", i,}1on, stands
.cor Ecmnn r,ovcrnmont, or fer IlliSSOLHII,
nr. ita horid ,
Hi;; titlo, "11 Duco , II i1'l der-Ived from
t.he .mxon vrorr! '\!UGO," "nnion,"
wr.n, it t.ut.orcd by nn
\'::i.l:o): v-ho n :w "trw :1 nr..n
uo c Lf vrr-o t o t ho pret'nce i'or t\
b,;oJ-: hi:J hintol';r, wl-it.ttJl1
by V:fl:l:ln lI:lJ:lcd 111 Ckl rol;nr n,
thi:l l:CJ(.K :iny::;: 1'l\(H'll "v.ns n mY:'b.')'icu:1
._---_._----_._......- ............-_.. _._---. -- _..._----_._,---_.-._--_.....
Fobr-uo rv , T h I' L A I j: 'l' n 1,[ 'J' H
---...,;_._- - ._..-
__.-- .-

11) n ;7\ n fi,t I n t""""U r
11 11i'"-.:\ :J 1"'1 w \!iJ dlJ
Edited by
VOL. III. No.2.
Publishod in ccniuncbLon :lith the
RADIO 6);.' con
K\'TJ"Y. Port Land j':UCCl':-J
1040 II H20 ki.Locyc Lca
4::;">.x., :Jununya. 10: A.!!., Supdn;.'S
Sent 1';{EB to a l L \'rn.o request it. as
the Lord orovid0s. Address
cations edit:1r, 130;: 111. 1::U;;Ol:C.
Do you realize what kind of times ViO
are now living in? NSVER were there such

Never were prorhucies so rnp-
idly The Homo.n Er.lpire
ing from H:;s "botrt orr.Les s pit.
The ea.'ash
(If Gentile gover-nmerrt s 1fiorld-widc U'1-
cmploynent ard labor strife i'[orld-\,-ide
drought fulfilling Jeel 1. ::ar, and the
certainty or vroill,D Civili7.A.tion
totters on the brinld
Never was thore a tilae when Christ-
ians so needed to keep in an C0n-
tact with Godl Never a time whe n Y1C sto::rl.
in such need of FAITH to sbnnd up th.. -n "vre
terrible tests vte nov! know lie
And yet lrEVER a time of such \1ni-rG.r-
luh3..;nrmncss am
NEVER t\ time of' so little !;C'"Gr u
time when it seemed so hard to PR.'"l.! ; ',l1Y?
This is t,hv time de scr Lbed in
to the ir.ho.hitorG of th(;
and the for tJ .... duvil is C07.e dov.n
urrto yr:u, boc awsc he
knov:eth that he hrrbh 'I,:ut 0. sLort tirr.a.
Tl.or:.> is (l Loc s o ], And he ho.s
a myriad demons soryi:tr,
5pirit r1ings, ho.vir.C; r;..or.t Eyon
tho ,'orr air with Ii. spir...
it 01' spil"itua.l s l1U':',b')r o.ild drowsi:1cH: n
Brothcn' turns o.r,l.inst brother. Ghurohos
get into 1"Tranl,;ling, strife, a.nd
\'lith tho mouth they profess tho love 01'
God, but with their action:'> they d,my U t
The devil h::.s snnrGO :llid de..
lusions. He will influence people to:') ru-
joot tho truth 01' God cntirJly, if 1-:0
can. in tha.t, h) t.o
throw the children of God cl(:ar ovor to
tho "ppo:dto extreme. h'lUdinr!, t!lCr,1 oitl,::r
intf" 1'nnuticism, or to nocopt a ...
i'or God's truo e:e:ltd.llC. The ilih:h
tho of th,) '.-:hich i;-j 0\\1"
AnJ, fn.iliIlJ: to roor<Uo
Clef!r thr tr\lt\1, then
in tl.uil' minds ir'tpr'H.lsion:l 01'
tlr.ill, tc. C . lI:J.; tl iGc()Ur:q'cl:!lr.l;
nne\ call:IO thel!,1 to :',iYC \1p.
"thcru in nm,'/ [1\ .. '\ ..
un: t.e, i:htJI:1 "Jhi ell hrc: IIi Cl11.... i :;l', .t(:-
1:\1:.1, wlll) nn!; lJ,f'tIJ!' l.hrl fl(J::h, but
11/'tOl' tho :;pldt." (h.lI. [,:1). It' :Jt".
ntumhlod alont: t.ho wa.y in your
Ghristion wnl.k, do not; lut it r.l
J'"u. hand )'!(:'bro"::J 4:11..16. 1J; bold..
ly to the bh r one of and '1'''1(: compIele
forr,ivenae , I r yeu have wronged any per-sen,
make it n:'! f'ur a a po s ai.b'l o , \'lnat you
Cf.UU1ot deht, Ged ,'rill. Rcpcrrb nnd it
undvr f,rncc---do n(Jt f'e oL condemncd ,
Bturly 6: 10: 18. BCI ::i'IH0NG, in
tho Lord. rIe are o;lro3tling ne;ain:Jt wi.cked
:mirits in 113:l.':h pl aco a , yro neorl tho l'mOLE
n'j,I01" of God in order to stand. S7.UDY your
merGe HESIST tho dovil. Rosist all
cvD thonglrts---pnt t hcm out your mind,
by ;pur mind 'with POSITIYE nnd
vri'l;h :'JPI;UT'JJ'L things. Set your uf'foctions
rmd bhouzlrc a en t;hQ -thinr;s abovo ,
And , moef :"mpt,rtcmt of nll, oven it' at
first it l'C!'l".;JH;s Po,rrSR OF WILL, foroo your
soli' to ns Y0U ncvor did bo I'or o ,
?hGre is no need to fonr the Devil, IF
VIC put on this whole armo'r of God s "But,
;TOU oro certain to lose out
complotely in these tryine times.
Eew I>KJON3 ar-o plunr,inp: tho wor-Ld
into VI A R !!
(Contin'.lvd from pnc;c 2)
o Ld woman known o.s 'la. 'J'occhio. Giova.nnn'
Benito vrue in c cnsbnrrb [.l.ctonoo.nnc of
old Giovn,l"'nu She nas ned for 0. uitch
tr.c ":}lOlc ;listri0t aho taught
h-:mito of' lora. Evon tedny lAus-
501ini has str'lnr:c things to suy nnd
he is ndcpb in h,torprcth:g dr-ccms nne. 0-
mons and in tollin,. f'or-buno s by co.rds
He ":ill o.dd ' wa.rns mo, and
I ron. obliGod to 1'0110':1 it. nn
It is s! 1.:U3 solini never makes an
ir.ln0rtnnt first oonsulting
zp1.ritist mcd'iuna , And the Bible shows
that spiritis::l is of tho devil---de-],
And. now notice the only text in 0.11
the Biblo TrLcntio:i.inr, tl1e word
"And I sr.w throe uncLeun
mons) like cor.i.e out of the mouth of
the dragon devil, sae Rov. 12:9), and
aut 0 f mout 01' the. beast. (Rlllor f'l'Qm
nnd c,ut of tho ywu'\;h
of tha falso rroT/hat relir,ious l'ulo%'
oloselv aSf.oc:,nt('d wit!1 t!'lO IIbonl.:lt.
) , for
:r,b.:.:.: .fI.';.e 22 workinr;
0) ;.,'ot''\ih tmt v thp. kine;s of
tho ,.la:,th leI',I I C:' ":'hole WOX"ld, to gnther
thO:1 to t:'H) of th.) r:r,)nt (1.ay of. God
I.l:drhty ..... And t}.oy (Arl.' Hvv. vorr:iul1, J
tr.olil into n. plnce cnl1c:d
in tl'o TIobruvr to:l\U'), II 1('
Boro in pJain Innr;url/r,o, tho Hi hlo tolJ
U:l thn.t r.t thin ti::10 tho
01' DgVIV;---r.u-o ;',oinr; fort]l to Il;J"),UI,;tJUI:;
tl:0 Hinds of' .... orld )'ul.Jrn. up
Y/Orlll "mr t
Hlld m;y :dwnld ll:i'l:)iJl.
)1110:':01. 3.1Ii, thl ru].:,':: 01' ,Jap:ll1,
\'11.:::' to tho wl'.,'ld ill'l'O "lIlr? !':TlY?
t (,U :Ui:.:\J\; /'.. Tllr:y II () 11.''b-r:n''I'1. t u il:IlIU1.S,Hf :.l/Id :Hl,':l'," ::t i>ll:i.
GOl: he] p 1.\:.1 \;0) VIa nl:t:l! Ilia pl.yL, .. :'