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1999 Tax News Index

For articles published before 1999, Frequently Asked Questions: FTB’s

Credit Card Payment Program – Franchise Tax Board
visit the Tax News webpage located at
March, p. 3. FTB Hearing in December - and click FTB Offers Credit Card Option – November, p. 3.
on Tax News. March, p. 1. New Members Join Tax Board –
New Payment Option Pays Off – July, March, p. 2.
240-Day Rule The p. 5.
Question Column, 240-Day Rule – Hardship
March, p. 4. Customer Service Form 911 Helps with Hardships –
FTB Joins IRS at Tax Store in July, p. 3.
Bills and Notices Assessment Milpitas – January, p. 4.
Notices Available by Fax – January, Free Seminars for Businesses and Head of Household
p. 2. Taxpayers – January, p. 15, March, p. Call FTB for Head of Household
9. Presentation, November, p. 11.
Blutter Issue Collection Queries? Send Us Claiming Head of Household? Here
The Question Column, March, p. a Fax – May, p. 9. are Common Errors to Avoid –
4. Service on the Rise During Filing January, p. 10.
Season – March, p. 2. e-filers Get Break on Head of
Calendar FTB Taking Advantage of Technology – Household Form; HOH Workshops
Calendar - January, March, May, July, July, p. 7. Also Available – July, p. 10.
September, November, p. 5. Tax Agencies Offer Educational Head of the House or
Opportunities - May, p. 18. Head of Household – March, p. 10.
California Conformity Basic Tax Agencies Offer Free Seminars to Request a Head of Household
Steps for Applying IRC 469 Rules – Business Owners – September, p. 8. Presentation – May, p. 17.
May, p. 10. Stumped by Head of Household
Watch Out for California Direct Deposit Questions? Attend HOH Workshop –
Nonconformity with Internal Revenue Direct Deposit Refund Option Attacts January, p. 10.
Code Section 469 – May, p. 10. More Taxpayers to Program - January,
p. 6. Homeowner and Renter’s Assistance
California Tax Forms/Software Changing HRA Help Available – May, p. 7.
an Address? Use Form FTB 3533 – Divorce HRA Program Increases Income
January, p. 3, September, p. 9. When Married Taxpayers Limits – May, p. 7.
Form 911 Helps with Hardships – Divorce – January, p. 3.
July, p. 3. Forms Information Returns
Producers Need FTB Approval - e-file Free 1099 TestWare Saves Time by
November, p. 12. California’s e-file Tops Reducing Errors - November, p. 10.
Tax Forms, Publications Available Milestone – January, p. 6. FTB Developing 1099
Online – July, p. 8. e-filers Get Break on Head of TestWare – January, p. 7.
Tax Form Corrections Announced – Household Form; HOH Workshops Magnetic Media: Faster, Better,
January, p. 5, March, p. 9. Also Available – July, p. 10. Cheaper – May, p. 7.
FTB to Introduce Smaller, Simpler Filing Season Statistics – July, p. 6. Tips for Filing Information
Tax Form – November, p. 2. FTB e-filers: Keep Signature Returns – March, p. 12.
Documents – March, p. 6.
Child Support More Returns to File? e-file Open Installment Payments
FTB’s Role in Child Support May Until October – July, p. 6. Payment Made Simple – July, p. 1.
Expand – September, p. 2. Need e-filing Assistance? – May, p.4,
July, p. 6. Interest Rates
Club Dues Pilot in ’94, e-file Flying High – July, Interest Rates - May, p. 10,
Are Club Dues Deductible? Not p. 6. November, p. 10.
Always – January, p. 4. Register for Free e-file
Activity, Membership, Help Define Seminars – November p. 10. Internal Revenue Service Examinations
Clubs – January, p. 4. Wanted: New FTB e-filers – March, FTB Helps Taxpayers Report
p. 7, May, p. 6. Changes - January, p. 15.
Credit Cards
Convenience Fee Chart – March, p. e-pay Internet
3. FTB Offers e-pay Option – January, Bookmark FTB Website - July, p. 7
Credit Card Option Available to e- p. 6. General Tax Reports Available on
file Clients – September, p. 4. Making Payments Electronically – Internet – July, p. 10.
Credit Card Program Broadens to May, p. 4. Guide to FTB on WWW – September,
Accept Estimate Payments – July, p. p. 5.

February 2000
Tax News Index
California’s Nonfilers – November, p. Satisfy Educational Needs with Video
4. Courses – January, p. 9.
FTB to Contact Nonfiler Tax Agencies Offer Educational
You Can Get There from FTB’s Corporations – May, p. 9. Opportunities - May, p. 18, July,
Website - May, p. 19. Not Everyone Has to File – March, p. p. 11.
7. Tax Business No Place for
Leases Notices to Nonfilers Mailed in Fraud – July, p. 11.
Out of State Leasing Companies: May – May, p. 9.
Notices Sent to Non-California Out of State Leasing Companies: Protests
Corporations with Income From Notices Sent to Non-California Send Protest Letters for Corporations
Leases – July, p. 10. Corporations with Income From to New Address – November, p. 2
Leases – July, p. 10.
Legislation Practitioners: How Does the Nonfiler Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiary
Interested in Proposed Law? – May, Program Affect You? – November, p. Filing Tips for QSubs – May, p. 8.
p. 13. 13. QSub: A New Tax Planning
Laws and Legislation - November, p. Voluntary Disclosure Program Helps Vehicle – May, p. 8.
5. Nonfilers – March, p. 7.
Legislative Analyses on the What’s Your Excuse? Better to File Refunds
Internet – July, p. 4. Late than Not at All – March, p. 6. Year to Appear on Checks –
Proposed Bills – May, p. 13. November, p. 1.
Nonresident Withholding
Limited Liability Corporation Questions about Nonresident Renter’s Credit
ABCs of LLCs – March, p. 5. Withholding? New Webpage Puts Renter’s Credit Returns to
Help Just a Click Away – November, California – January, p. 1.
Manufacturers’ Investment Credit p. 3.
Manufacturers’ Investment Credit: Roth IRA
Avoid Common Errors Found with Offer in Compromise State Conforms on Roth IRAs – May,
MIC – March, p. 8. How Does FTB Define Fair Offer – p. 1-3.
Manufacturers’ Investment Credit: July, p. 3.
For Your Information – March, p. 8, Legislation Broadens FTB’s Offer in Schedule K-1
September, p. 10. Compromise Authority – November, Five reasons to File Schedules K-1
Some Leases Qualify for p. 2. Electronically – July, p. 8.
MIC – September, p. 10. Offer in Compromise – July, p. 2. Schedules K-1: Five Reasons Not to
Timing Critical When Claiming File on Paper – January, p. 8.
Credit for Leased Property – Package X Magnetic Media: Faster, Better,
September, p. 11. Package X Still Available – May, p. Cheaper – May, p. 7.
Magnetic Media Remember to Add Sales Tax to Your S Corporation
Magnetic Media: Faster, Better, Purchase - November, p. 14. How Much Tax Should S
Cheaper – May, p. 7. Corporations Pay? – May, p. 8.
Power of Attorney Modified Instructions for S
Minimum Tax Frequently Asked Questions About Corporation Filers – January, p. 4.
Prepaid Minimum Tax Drops to Power of Attorney Program –
$300 – May, p. 12. September, p. 4. State Board of Equalization
State Reduces Prepaid Minimum New Look for Power of BOE Implements New Tax
Tax – May, p. 11. Attorney – September, p. 2. Practitioner Hotline – May, p. 6.
Tips for Paying, Reporting Reduced The Question Column, Power of News From the State Board of
Minimum Tax – May, p. 11. Attorney – March, p. 4. Equalization – July, p. 4.
State Board of Equalization
Mortgage Statements Professional Education Opinions – March p. 4.
Check SSNs on Mortgage CPE Credits Available from Tax
Statements – March, p. 7. Practitioners’ Institute – September, State Disability Insurance
p. 8. FTB Refunds SDI Overpayments –
Municipal Bond Interest Don’t Miss Out on Conference January, p. 4.
Muni Bond Interest – September, p. Workshops – September, p. 9.
3. Institute Offers Tax Law
Programs – November, p. 11.
Nonfilers Practitioner Awareness Deters
Better Information Leads to Better Fraud – January, p. 9.
Customer Service (INC) – July, p. Register Now For Tax Policy
8. Conference – September, p. 9. Continued on page 12
Tax News Index
Tax News W-2
1998 Tax News Index – January, p. Verification Process Eases Taxpayer
12. Burden – May, p. 5.
Tax e-News
Free Tax News – May, p. 3.
Sign up for Tax e- News, May,
Keep Tax News Coming - January, Water’s-Edge
p. 16.
p.11, May, p. 12, July, p. 9, Regulations Relax Water’s-Edge
Sign up Today for Tax e- News –
September, p. 11. Criteria – January, p. 8.
November, p. 10.
Moving? Take Tax News With You -
May, p. 14.