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1. Does the bank have established insurance guidelines which provide for: a.

A reasonably frequent, at least annual, determination of risks the bank should assume or transfer? b.Periodic appraisals of major fixed assets to be insured? c.A credit or financial analysis of the insurance companies who have issued policies to the bank? 2. Has management established operating procedures for filing fidelity bonding claims that include: a.Taking prompt action when fraudulent activity is suspected to avoidfurther losses after what may later be regarded by the insurer as thedate of discovery? b.Considering obtaining the advice and assistance of legalcounsel, consultants, or accountants in filing claims? c.Ensuring adherence with insurance policy filing and notification requirements? d.Allocating human and monetary resources as warranted by the significance of the claim? Comptrollers Handbook Risk Management and Insurance (Section 406) 17 e.Ensuring adequate monitoring and follow-up after the claim is filed? 3. Does the bank have a risk manager who is responsible for risk control? 4. Does the bank use the services of a professionally knowledgeable insurance agent or broker to assist in selecting and providing advice on alternative means of providing insurance coverage? 5. Does the banks security officer coordinate his or her activities with the person responsible for handling the risk management function? 6. Does the bank maintain a concise, easily referenced schedule of existing insurance coverage? 7.

Does the bank maintain records, by type of risk, to facilitate an analysisof the banks experience in costs, claims, losses, and settlements underthe various insurance policies in force? 8. Is a complete schedule of insurance coverage presented to the board of directors, at least annually, for their review? HOSTEL RULES..... 1.A separate form must be filled for the admission to the hostel and this form can be obtained from the college office.Admission to the hostel shall be in accordance with the merit of the students. 2.The total annual fees for the hostel shall have to be paid in a single instalment. 3.New admission shall take place every year.It is not necessary that a student getting admission one year in hostel shall get admission the next year also.A student is not allowed to join the hostel without seeking readmission ,having left the hostel once. 4.In case a student fails twice in the same class,she will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. 5.It is compulsory for the parents to submit the two attested photographs of all the visitors in addition to their ward to the hostel. The hostellers can leave the hostel premises only with these visitors(allowed by their parents)with the permission of Warden/ Principal. 6.It is compulsory for the students to affix their photographs on the leave record book. No one can use anybody elses leave record book. In case of loss of the book, leave shall not be granted on an ordinary paper. 7. Leave from home visit shall be granted onlyonce in the month. If the student remains on leave for a long period of time,then she will have to pay fine,the amount of which shall be decided on the per day basis. 8. The brothers,sisters,parents,guardians of the students can visit them only on Saturdays and Sundays. Those who visit before the prescribed days and timings shall be sent back without letting them meet their wards.

Visiting Hours: Saturday Summers: Winters: 3pm-6pm 3pm-5pm Sunday 9am-5pm 9am-5pm

9. The visitors must not be taken to the rooms/canteen and in case of violation,a fine will have to be paid. 10.In case of some emergency at home,the student can go home accompanied by the person assigned for the same by the hostel authorities. The travel allowance for the same will have to be paid by the student. 11. No visitor shall be allowed to visit the students during college hours and no such members shall be allowed to visit the students whose name has not been mentioned in the name list presented by the students parents. 12. Games are compulsory in the evenings except on Saturdays and Sundays. The timings for the games shall be put on the notice board. 13. Except on Sundays , the time for studying has been specified from 10.30PM and proper supervision is undertaken during these hours. 14. All the letters shall be given to the hostellers after being opened by warden. 15. If any student leaves the hostel without the permission of the warden , then she will not be allowed to stay in the hostel. 16. It is compulsory for all the students to attend all college functions. No leave shall be granted on the days of the functions. 17. Mobile phone all not allowed in the hostel. 18. In case a student is unwell, she must report to the warden. 19. It is compulsory to be in the mess at the specified time for the meals. The student shall appear for their meals. The student shall appear for their meals only in proper dress.

20. The students are not permitted to be in the hostel rooms during college hours(i.e.from the 1st period to the 6th period). 21.The day scholars will not be allowed to visit their friends in the hostel and neither will they be allowed to stay in the hostel. 22. The students are not allowed to keep any precious articles, jewellery or a big amount of money in their possession. 23.It is compulsory for the students to attend to their roll eall every day evening. 24. The students can be asked to vacate the hostel in case of her bad behaviour or immoral conduct. 25. The use of electrical gadgets like heater/iron is prohibited in the hostel. 26. Admission shall not be given to any casual or married student. 27. The students cannot call up anyone(using the telephone)without the wardens permission.In case of any emergency,message from/to the parents shall be taken/given through the warden only. 28. VCR shall be allowed to be used during th fixed timings in the hostel with the permission of the Principal. 29. Students who are lost their parents shall be accommodated in the hostel only after the presentation of the relevant proof. 30.Those students who do not come back to the hostel after September holidays or December holidays shall not allowed to continue their stay in the hostel.