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Full Form Hyper Text Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Internet Service Provider Electronic Mail World Wide Web Local Area Network Metropolitan Area Network Wide Area Network Read Only Memory (temporary memory) Random Access Memory (permanent memory) (Fast memory) Arithmetic & Logic Unit Basic Input Output System Bit Per Second Central Processing Unit (Brain of computer) Cathode Ray Tube Domain Name Service Desktop Operating System Digital Versatile Disc Dynamic Random Access Memory Blind Carbon Copy


Carbon Copy Erasable Programmable ROM Graphical User Interface Hyper Text Markup Language (one type of language) Dynamic HTML Integrated Circuit Internet Protocol Liquid Crystal Display

MODEM- Modulation Demodulation OSPCRIMPDASMPSTCPUPSURLWORMOperating System Personal Computer Researching In Motion Personal Digital Assessment Switch Mode Power Supply Transmission Control Protocol Uninterrupted Power Supply Universal Resource Locator Write Once Read Memory Extention Paint brush= .bmp

Ms-Excel (workbook save) = .XLS MS-Excel 2007= .xlsx

Help file= .hip Government website= .Gov Ms-word= .DOC .DOCX

MS-word (2007)= Notepad file= .txt

Power point (presentation file) =


Questions Computer- Electronic device, to store and process data, generate information InternetNetwork of network Vacuum Tube Microprocessors

1st generation computer3rd generation computer-

1024 KB=1 MB 1 GB=1024 MB 1 Nibble=4 bits 1024 KB=1 MB


Short message

MSN program for instant massaging= Hotmail

Twitter launch year=


Twitter inventor= Jack Makwan, Jack dorses Twitter logo color= Twitter comment= Wall post is part of= You tube is site of= sky blue twit face book Google combination keys

Altr, Ctrl and Shift Keys=

Android = Linux base operating system Android applications = more than 5,00,000 Android is taken by= Google

Antivirus automatically updated = Antivirus = to delete the virus

Through Internet

To print drawing and graphics= Binary system base= 2


Hexadecimal Number System base=


Browser= to open web page BSNL= Internet Service Provider Abacus in Digital format Right

1st calculation device= Information stored in cd=

Character default alignment=

Example of application software= Comment line=

Computer game

Printable statement

Cell is intersection of= Row and column To calculate speed of computer= MHz To change the location of cursor in another page= Data= facts and figure Combination of Digital and Analog click on system tool Normal page break

Hybrid computer= For disk clean up=

Default view of document= DVD=

Secondary Storage Device 2mb

Maximum file we can attached to E-mail = By default sheet in Excel= Excel = Excel= 256 columns 65536 Rows 3 sheet

To change the width of columns in excel= To change name of sheet= Excel= IF conditional function

Format Menu

rename command

Excel default column width= 8.43 In excel predefined tools= In FUNCTION