RSA Sales Bulletin

January 9, 2013

RSA in Top 3 of Gartner 2013 DLP Magic Quadrant; Second Best in Vision.
• For the fifth consecutive year, RSA has been selected as a Leader in the Gartner DLP Magic Quadrant. • In this year’s report, RSA is now positioned as one of the top 3 vendors and second best in vision. • RSA’s DLP strategy and integrations with Security Analytics and Archer were highlighted by Gartner as the best in industry. • RSA earned many kudos from Gartner especially for the customer focused new UI and simplification. • RSA was commended for having a clear understanding and mature support for virtualization, cloud and mobile use cases.

In the 2013 Gartner DLP Magic Quadrant (MQ), RSA’s position improved significantly, and RSA is now positioned second in completeness of vision, and third in ability to execute. Gartner’s review highlights many of the core facets of our strategy and our key differentiators. In the report, Gartner states there were significant improvements made since last year, including integrations with Archer and NetWitness, UI enhancements, and a strong focus virtual, cloud and mobile support. They also reiterated that our data discovery capabilities are among the best in the market. For this MQ publication, Gartner evaluated RSA Data Loss Prevention v9.0 in Q2 2012. Since the evaluation, RSA released DLP v9.5, which includes a fundamental redesign of the endpoint infrastructure to improve reliability and scalability, several enhancements to simplify the management of DLP, and new integrations with Archer and Security Analytics.

Sales Bulletin

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RSA has integration with SIEM products. We have not heard of customers experiencing accuracy issues with fingerprinting on the endpoint. • With 9.RSA DLP STRENGTHS ACTIONS TO TAKE • Read and share this report with prospects and existing customers to help reinforce the strengths of RSA DLP and our leadership in the market • Leverage Gartner’s analysis of other vendors to better position RSA in competitive situations • Contact the DLP Product Marketing team (DLP_PMM@emc. we also have customers saying how easy the agent & incident management is with v9. in addition to other traditional audiences (for example. Reporting capabilities out of the box target line of business (LOB) audiences. DLP will directly send the info to SIEM via syslog. in addition to more comprehensive options for defining administrative roles.” “The endpoint agent continues to be basic. which generally produces more false positives.5. including role-based access controls to limit what users can view. If well-executed. As soon as an event occurs. • RSA DLP v9. Gartner highlighted the following strengths of RSA DLP: • The stated RSA vision and product development plans are among the most complete of any vendor. simplifies agent management. which is typically where customers look for logs to be digitally signed. which provides a more reliable & scalable infrastructure. It demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues around DLP capabilities in the cloud. and reduces the agent footprint. they could present a serious challenge to Symantec over the next few years. • RSA DLP provides several options for customers who are concerned about sensitive data being displayed in the event details. • RSA DLP consistently scores better than competitors in accuracy. especially with described content.5 we've reached very high maturity levels with our EP agent.5 (released Nov 2012. which is odd for a vendor with a strong focus on Archer and NetWitness integration. RSA has a strong focus on virtual desktop infrastructure and mobile with good virtualized environment capabilities. after Gartner’s evaluation) has a completely redesigned Endpoint Enforce infrastructure. Sales Bulletin For internal use only . and the ability to restrict the matched content from being pulled back to Enterprise Manager.” “Substitution of sensitive information occurs during the presentation of the event record and is a weaker approach than some other vendors. technology practitioners). Its new management interface is significantly improved and provides new capabilities that are focused on assisting large organizational deployments. • • • • GARTNER CAUTIONS & RSA RESPONSES What Gartner Said “RSA is one of a few DLP solutions that do not digitally sign their logs and with any questions. where it will be signed.” RSA’s response • We have not seen demand for this as a DLP feature. and clients reported performance and accuracy issues with using some of the advanced fingerprinting capabilities on the endpoint. Flexibility and scalability of RSA's data discovery capabilities continue to be among the best in the market. We not only have deployments where 250k+ agents are deployed.