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Oyunsuren, Marketing & Communication Coordinator 976-11-319-015;

ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA 10 YEARS OF CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is an arts and culture NGO, established by Mongolian arts, civic, and business leaders in 2002 with the support of the Mongolian Foundation for an Open Society (Soros Foundation). Its mission is to support the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. From March to November 2012, the ACM will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a series of program launches and events which aim to commemorate 10 years of creative partnership; promote artistic excellence; preserve Mongolian cultural heritage; build creative youth and children; and bring arts to the public. For the past 10 years of operation, ACM has established a strong and visible infrastructure and has achieved significant program and fundraising successes. By December 2011, ACM had raised $4,100,000 in funds since its establishment and has expanded the geographic reach of its cultural partnerships to form international ties with similar organizations in Central Asia, North America, South East Asia, Japan and Korea. ACM works to fulfill its mission through four different program areas: Artist Development, Arts Education, Cultural Heritage and Advocacy. During the period from 2002-2011, ACMs Artist Development Program supported 119 arts organizations and 100 individuals to carry out their artistic initiatives, through grants totaling US$ 502,198. One of the important impacts of the program is the increased professional & arts management skills of Mongolian artists through 92 short & long term trainings, exchange programs and projects in leadership, management, modern dance, visual art, film and theater involving more than 800 artists, art students & cultural workers. Another impact is the increased

international cultural exchange and global mobility of Mongolian artists through large scale international projects such as Time & Space Korean and Mongolian arts residency program, Margaret Mead and East meets West international film festivals and modern dance performances from the USA and Canada as well the touring of traditional music ensembles and students of Music & Dance College & Culture Institute and artists from the State Circus to the USA, United Arab Emirates, China, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and India. An important feature of ACMs activities is its Arts Education program which aims to promote critical thinking, creativity, life-skills development and increased access to the creative process for young Mongolians, including vulnerable children and youth. The Arts Education program has implemented 58 arts education projects such as Focus on Kids, Rainbow Horses, We can-we are talented, Arts for Change and I can do involving more than 25,000 children. Highlights of the program are Road to change nationwide survey on arts education supported by the National Commission of UNESCO and Culture Naadam festival held annually for four years with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. ACMs Cultural Heritage program was established in 2005 to preserve the richness and diversity of Mongolian cultural heritage and traditions by building capacity among Mongolian museums, providing heritage education, and promoting traditional culture and arts both locally and internationally. For the last 7 years the program initiated and implemented 33 big scale projects such as Danzanravjaa museum preservation and Amarbayasgalant Monastery preservation projects supported by the US Embassy, Choijin Lama Museum gardening project supported by the Xanadu Mines LLC, Australia and the Monastery Mapping project supported by Khan Bank and ACM-US. The Cultural heritage program with support from the National Commission of UNESCO and Williamstown Conservation Center and other partners organized 12 trainings involving 250 participants from regional and metropolitan museums and monasteries all over Mongolia. The focus of ACMs Advocacy program has been to advocate for policies and legal structures that favor cultural development and to build partnerships with government and international organizations which support arts and cultural development. Over the past years the program has implemented 27 projects including policy studies and international forums on Cultural policy & financing, Cultural Tourism, Social sector privatization and the Asian Chapter meeting of International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies. In order to increase public awareness about importance and role of arts and culture in human and social development, ACM has partnered with Mongolian National Public Television (MNTV) since 2008 on production of Arts Network a monthly nationwide TV program. ACM serves in the working group of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and has contributed to the development of a new Cultural Policy and Master Plan for Arts and Culture Development. In conclusion, in the last 10 years ACM has invested US$ 4,100,000 into Mongolian arts & culture, implemented 210 projects, involved 2,467 artists and cultural workers, 3,161 arts and culture & educational organizations, 25,574 children and youth, 88,806 audience members and partnered with 165 local & international organizations. During the 10th anniversary, the ACM is initiating the following new projects:

From the heart a contemporary art exhibition by J.Munkhtsetseg supported by Tseren Tours LLC, March 14-28, 2012 Mongolia 100 years ago through a French photographers camera photo exhibition with support of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science and in collaboration with the French Embassy to Mongolia and French Alliance of Mongolia, April-July, 2012

Bringing the arts to you fundraising event to support students of the Music & Dance College, April 2012 Museum in a box heritage education project supported by Has Bank, Zanadu Mines and ACM-US, April-November 2012 The Betrothed Italian theatrical performance supported by Ajigana Group, May 9, 2012 Arts Journalism training supported by the US Embassy, May 2012 Lost & Found residency project with support of APU LLC, June 2012 Culture Naadam festival supported by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and co-organized by METAA LLC, Korea & Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, July 1112, 2012 Arts Leadership programs supported by ACM-US and Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, March-July 2012 Time and space Mongolian Korean nomadic arts residency program supported by Arts Council Korea, September 2012 Spirit Australian modern dance performance of Bangarra Dance Theater from Australia supported by Rio Tinto LLC, September 22, 23, 2012 Stirrup Mongolian modern dance performance supported by Energy Resources LLC, October 24-25, 2012 Tour of Arga Bileg ethno jazz band to the USA, October 2012 Amarbayasgalant Monastery preservation project closing ceremony supported by US Embassy, November 2012 10 years of creative partnership ACM 10th anniversary party

ACM celebrates with all its partner organizations and individuals at ACMs special 10 th anniversary celebration on November 30, 2012, at 18:30, at the iLoft Function House. 10 years of creative partnership ACM 10th anniversary party, 30 November 2012 During the anniversary party, past and present collaborators, program participants, donors, members, artists, and other honored guests gathered together to celebrate ten years of creative partnerships and to enjoy the vibrant arts and culture community that the ACM has helped nurture here in Ulaanbaatar. The theme of the anniversary is the tale of the Anar or pomegranate tree. Though pomegranates are not native to Mongolia, they represent how the founding of the Arts Council of Mongolia took the idea of an arts and culture NGO from the West under the guidance of George Soros and nurtured it in Mongolian soil, where it flourished. The five Anar fruits produced by the ACM over ten years include: Talent which nurtures the talents of individuals, Knowledge which gives children access to the arts and a new way of understanding the world, Treasure which preserves our cultural heritage, Vision which helps others see the connection between vibrant, free expression and a thriving civic society and Transparency and partnership which emphasizes the importance of being responsible and accessible to everyone and working together to meet our goals. The Arts Council of Mongolia is very grateful to its supporters, proud of its accomplishments over its first ten years, and looking forward to many more years of successful arts and culture work. For more information please visit our web site or call 319015.