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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR MBA 4th, Semester 2012

Q.No.1: Describe the interrelationships between consumer research, market segmentation and targeting and the development of the marketing mix for a consumer manufacturer.


Why arc consumer needs and goals constantly changing? What factors influence the formation of new goals?
Contrast the major characteristics of the following personally theories: (a) Freudian theory (b) Neo-Freudian theory (c) Trail theory. In your answer, illustrate how each theory is applied to the understanding of consumer behavior.



Discuss the differences between the absolute threshold and the differential threshold. Which one is more important to marketers? Explain your answer.


How superior customer value will be provided to target market? Support your answer With the support of marketing strategy and marketing mix.


Docs subliminal advertising work? Support your answer.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR MBA 4th, Semester 2011

Q.No.1: Your product is "Instant orange drink powder". Your target market is resistant to this idea as the elders are slicking to the tradition of natural juice. With your knowledge of consumer behavior, how will you enter your product into such a household?


Design a marketing campaign (using media or BTL) to promote the use of cell phones as a socialization tool trough group influences.


What is consumer decision process and problem recognition with real world examples.


Design a marketing campaign to establish Liberty Books as the premium source of "Man's best friend-Books". Apply theories of learning/motivation to develop the concept


With reference to child development stages in purchasing, in which stage will children be shown in ads of i) Khopra Candy (ii) Story books (iii) Nido (iv) Sprite


How will you provide superior customer value to your target market? Support your answer with marketing strategy and marketing mix.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR MBA 4th, Semester 2009

Q.No.1(a) what do you know about consumer behavior? (b) What is the nature of consumer behavior? Draw the diagram as well.


What is VALS system? Explain in detail in terms of the following aspect: . Principles oriented . Status oriented . Action oriented


What is culture ? Justify that "culture is our important element for any business"


What is consumer decision process and problem recognition.


Define the following . Influencer . Initiator . Buyer . Customer . Consumer . User


How will you provide superior your answer with marketing strategy and marketing mix?


(A) (B)

What is the purchasing process elements involved in buying process? What is subculture? Define Muslim subculture


(A) (B)

What is group? Also define the types of group. What is the house hold life cycle? Briefly define each stage.



What is the challenges marketers face in dealing with consumer behavior. Explain with reference to Pakistani scenario. (P 33) What are the segmentation bases for marketing a product in Pakistan? How market can be targeted effectively? {P 65} What role motivation plays in consumer buying? How motives can be aroused? Explain. (P103 114) Personality plays an important role in consumer behavior; explain with reference to theories of personality. {P 137) What are the cognitive personality factors? Describe. (P 146} Consumers subscribe to brand personality, Discuss. (P 153} Consumers buying behavior is influenced by self and self-image, how. Explain. (P 157) What are the elements of perception7 Describe in your own words. (P 172} What do you understand by consumer imagery? Explain (P 190) How information is processed in cognitive learning theory? Explain, (P 235) What is a reference group? What are the factors that affect reference group influence? (P332) Shot notes a) b) c) d) Ethics and consumer motivation Perceptual mapping Brand equity Family life cycle (P 129) (P 194) (P 250) (P363)




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Provided By: Mr. Sohaib Rabbani