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Choose the best answer to each of the following sentences.

1. Dont forget to wash your ________before meals.
A. feet
B. hands
C. teeth
D. legs
2. Its ________to brush your teeth every day.
A. very important
B. not important
C. unimportant
D. less important
3. My aunt tells us a lot ________you.
A. of
B. about
C. at
D. on
4. Wash vegetables and fruit before ________.
A. cooking and eating B. to cook and to eat. C. cook and eat.
D. cooking and eat
5. -________do you brush your teeth? Twice a day.
A. How much
B. How often
C. How far
D. How long
6. -Whats ________matter ? I have a toothache.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. some
7. What do you do ________yourself clean and tidy?
A. keep
B. keeping
C. to keep
D. B & C
8. I know how to take care ________myself.
A. of
B. about
C. in
D. for
9. The dentist ________a cavity in my tooth.
A. filled
B. made
C. stopped
D. broke
10. --________do you take morning exercise? --Because its good for my health.
A. What
B. Why
C. When
D. Where
11. What does a dentist look after? - She looks after peoples ________.
A. hands
B. feet
C. teeth
D. ears
12. Lien looks worried because she often ________to brush her teeth.
A. forget
B. forgets
C. to forget
D. forgetting
13. Most children feel ________when they come to see the dentist.
A. scared
B. sad
C. happy
D. tired
14. Hoa ________up early and does some exercise every day.
A. gets
B. getting
C. got
D. will get
15. What time do you go to________ bed ? ________nine oclock.
A. a/at
B. the/at
C. /in
D. /at
16. I received a letter ________my aunt last week.
A. of
B. to
C. from.
D. in
17. Dont eat too ________candy.
A. much
B. many
C. lots of
D. few
18. Are you scared ________seeing the dentist ?
A. of
B. in
C. at
D. for
19. Wash your hands ________meals.
A. after
B. in
C. before
D. during
20. Remember ________your teeth after meals.
A. brush
B. to brush
C. brushing
D. B&C
Read the passage and answer the following sentences.
How can we keep our teeth healthy?
Firstly, we ought to visit our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small holes in our teeth before
they destroy the teeth. He can examine our teeth to check that they are growing in the right way.
Unfortunately, many people wait until they have toothache before they see a dentist.
Secondly, we should brush our teeth with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day
once after breakfast and once before we go to bed. We can also use wooden toothpicks to clean
between our teeth after a meal.
Thirdly, we should eat food that is good for our teeth and our body such as milk, cheese, fish,
brown bread, potatoes, red rice, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes

are bad, especially when we eat them between meals. They are harmful because they stick to our teeth
and cause decay.
21. How often should we visit our dentist a year?
22. What should we brush our teeth with?
23. What else we can use to clean between our teeth after a meal?
24. What kinds of food are good for our teeth?
25. What kinds of food are bad for our teeth?
Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.
26. Mr. Thanh has an appointment _________4 oclock this afternoon.
27. Yesterday the dentist filled a cavity _________my tooth.
28. Whats wrong _________Sue?
29. Last month we visited an old church. Its _________the suburb _________the city.
30. Mrs. Quyen is a very good doctor. She look _________sick people very carefully.
Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Tim usually (get up) ___________and (brush) __________his teeth at 6. 15 but yesterday he (get up)
____________ and (brush) ____________ his teeth at 7. 00 because it (be) ________Sunday.
2. Nhung is very hungry now because she (not eat) ____________enough this morning. She only (eat)
____________a small piece of bread and (drink) ____________half a glass of milk.
Find the ending sound /ed/ of these words in the same line has different sound.
A. wanted
B. played
C. fitted
D. rented
A. helped
B. liked
C. watched
D. learned
A. talked
B. stopped
C. studied
D. missed
A. looked
B. needed
C. visited
D. Decided
V. Put the these verbs in three different column.
watched, painted, listened, wrapped, practiced, laughed, decided, looked, needed, opened, washed,
rained, prepared, wanted, stopped, laughed, helped, seemed, played, intended, liked, received,
talked, learned, visited, lived, rented, returned, arrived, decorated, moved, walked, collected,
improved. enjoyed , replayed , dried , connected , stayed , reached , needed , typed , loved ,
corrected , waited , blessed , tried , copied , married , supplied , applied , happened , opened ,
furnished, laughed

II. Supply the correct tense for the verbs in brackets.

1. He (be) sick and he (have) to stay in bed all day yesterday.
2. Mai usually (do) her homework after dinner.
3. My mother often (go) to the market every morning but she (not go)
there this morning.

4. We (be) on a trip to Hanoi last month.

5. It (rain) yesterday? No, it didn't.
6. Where (be) your brother? He (read) in his room.
7. She (help)
me to do this exercise last night.
8. He (buy) his sister an interesting book on her birthday last week
1 I _____ at home all weekend. ( stay)
2. Angela ______ to the cinema last night. (go)
3. My friends ______ a great time in Nha Trang last year. (have)
4. My vacation in Hue ______ wonderful. (be)
5. Last summer I _____ Ngoc Son Temple in Ha Noi. (visit)
6. My parents ____ very tired after the trip. ( be)
7. I _______ a lot of gifts for my little sister. (buy)
8. Lan and Mai _______ sharks, dolphins and turtles at Tri Nguyen aquarium.(see)
9. Trung _____ chicken and rice for dinner. (eat)
10. They ____ about their holiday in Hoi An. (talk)
11. Phuong _____ to Hanoi yesterday. (return)
12. We _____ the food was delicious.(think)
I. Cho dng ng ca ng t th Qu kh n.
1- I (be).......................................a student yesterday.
2- He (be).................................. a doctor two years ago.
3- They (be)................................. farmers last month.
4- Lan and Ba (be) .........................nurses yesterday.
5- It (be not)............................ cold yesterday.
1. The students (visit).Huong pagoda last year.
2. Lan (plant)a lemon tree in the garden yesterday.
3. My father (not watch)TV last night, he (play)..chess.
4. Last Monday my sister (finish).her work soon.
5. They (not stay) home yesterday morning
IV. Cho dng ng ca ng t trong ngoc.(tng hp)
1. We never (eat) ______________ before 7 am.
2. The earth (circle) ____________ the sun once every 365 days.
3. __________you (watch) _________ TV last night?
4. The workers (work) _______________ in the firm at the moment.
5. Rivers usually (flow) __________ to the sea.
6. Look! The boy (cry) _______________.
7. Mrs. Green always (go) _____________to work by bus.
8. I (move) ______________ to another town next week.
9. She always (go) _______________ go to bed before her mother does.
10. You (take) _________ a trip to London next week?
11. She rarely (take) ____________a bath before dinner.
12. He (not see) ____________ him since Christmas.
13. The sun (set) ______________ in the West.
14. He (come) _________ here once 2 years ago.
15. We will go out when it (stop) _________________raining.
16. Alice and Mary (put) ___________ the dishes away right now.
17. When _________you (buy) ________ your bicycle?I (buy)................. it a few months ago.
18. __________you (spend) _________ your holiday in Da lat last summer?
19. We (visit) ___________ that city last year.
20. The farmer (work) _________________ in the field now.
21. John sometimes (see) ______________ that film.
22. Mr. Green (buy) ______________ a new tractor last month.

23. My brother (play) _______________ football at the moment.

24. She often (go) _____________to school by bicycle but yesterday she (go) __________by bus.
25. Look! It (snow) _______________.
26. HCM city (be) ______________ the largest city in Vietnam.
27. Phong (sleep) _______________ right now
28. Long ago, my young brother often (cry) _______________ at night.
29. Peter and Daisy (be) __________ born in 1978.
30. Look. A man (run) ________ after the train. He (want) _______ to catch it.
31. It (be) __________ very cold now.
32. We (go) ___________ to the theatre last night.
33. He usually (write) __________ in green ink.
34. We (do) __________ English exercises at the moment.
35. Where (go) __________ for your holiday last year?
36. My mother (come) __________ to stay with us next weekend.
37. She sometimes (buy) ___________vegetables at his market.
38. We always (do) ___________ our exercises carefully.
39. John (travel) __________ to England tomorrow.
40. My mother (cook) __________ some food in the kitchen at present. She always (cook) __________
in the mornings.
41. I often (leave) __________ the city at weekends.
42. The guests (watch) __________ the TV programes now.
43. My friend (study) __________ English for an hour every night.
Choose the best answer to each of the following sentences.
1. Did you _______ late this morning so that was the reason you went to school late?
A. to get up
B. get up
C. got up
D. getting up
2. We _______ some souvenirs from our holiday in Vietnam.
A. buyed
B. bought
C. buy
D. buying
3. _______ your last birthday over six months ago?
A. Was
B. Were
C. Are
D. Is
4. Hoang _______ the party last night because he was very ill.
A. not joined
B. didnt join
C. dont joins
D. doesnt join
5. _______ the Robinsons return to Hanoi by train yesterday?
A. do
B. does
C. did
D. Are
6. Hoa learned how _______ a washing machine with her neighbour.
A. using
B. to use
C. used
D. use
7. Was Nguyen at the theater _______ night? Yes, she was.
A. ago
B. last
C. before
D. after
8. The Browns went to Hochiminh city _______ plane.
A. on
B. in
C. by
D. at
9. I dont know where _______ last night.
A. he was
B. was he
C. he is
D. he be
10. It took us an hour _______ to Nha Trang.
A. drive
B. driving
C. to drive
D. drove
11. Remember often to _______in touch with me.
A. lose
B. keep
C. make
D. do
12. The girls decided _______ to use a sewing machine.
A. learn
B. to learn
C. to learning
D. learning
13. They bought a lot of food _______ her family.
A. to
B. for
C. with
D. of


Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.
1. She decided to learn ________to sew.
A. which
B. what
C. where
D. how
2. My neighbor, Mrs Mai, bought the material and ________the dress for me.
A. does
B. made
C. did
D. makes
3. She made a cushion and a dress. The cushion was fine. But the dress________.
A. was
B. isnt
C. wasn't
D. aren't
4. We ________Cham temples and Tri Nguyen Aquarium.
A. visited
B. looked
C. came
D. went
5. Please switch ________the radio. I want to listen to the news.
A. off
B. over
C. in
D. on
6. Helen is always afraid ________dogs.
A. off
B. with
C. of
D. by
7. Now Hoa has a useful hobby. She makes her own________.
A. wears
B. clothes
C. cloth
D. costumes
8. I bought a lot of ________for my friends, in America.
A. presents
B. gifts
C. souvenirs
D. All are correct
Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.
9. They will return to England in the fifth of April.
A. in
B. will
C. fifth
D. to
10. We couldn't stay to dinner because the last bus leaves at 8 o'clock.
A. at
B. to dinner
C. stay
D. leaves
Change into negative and interrogative sentences.
11. Liz bought many souvenirs in Ho Chi Minh City.
12. I was very tired after the trip.
13. They are watching my fathers new motorbike.
14. We visited Cham Temples last month.
15. Trungs brother goes on holiday in Ha Long Bay every summer.
16. They will take their soon to the zoo next weekend.
17. My parents live in the countryside.
18. Tom gave me some American stamps five days ago.
19. Mrs. Oanh his our new literature teacher.

20. There was a toy store next to the museum.

21. My grandparents werent born in Argentina.

22. Was your teacher ill?
23. We played marbles at recess yesterday afternoon.
24. Hung washed his clothes after having bath last night.
Read the passage and answer the following questions.
My name is John, and this is my story. Last year just before Christmas my family and our cousin
and uncle and aunt decided to go to Perth for holiday. We went in two cars but when we were about
halfway there my uncle wanted to turn round and come back. He said it was too far, and it was terribly
hot too, one day it was 480C. Even at night it was really hot. Anyway, what we decided to do was to
drive back about 160 km to a place where the train went through. Then we put both cars on the train and
we all went to Perth by train. That was fun. It was a good train.
We had a good time in Perth but we had to cut our holiday short. You see, while we were there my
grandmother (my mothers mother) in Melbourne died. Most of us flew back but but my Dad and my
uncle came on the train with the cars and then had to drive back to Melbourne from Port Pirie.
It was a really strange holiday because nothing went the way we planned it.
21. When did Johns family go to Perth?
22. How did they go to Perth?
23. Why did Johns uncle decide to com back?
24. Who died when Johns family were on holiday?
25. How did most of them come back?
Fill in each blank with one suitable preposition.
26. Hoas new skirt was white ________red and yellow flower ________it.
27. Lien made a cushion ________her own room.
28. Nam lives a long way ________his grandparents house.
29. Liz helped me a lot ________my stamp collection.
30. Did you speak ________Mr. Robinson ________your vacation ________Dalat?
31. Lam tired ________the blue shirt because it didnt fit.
32. There is a souvenir shop near the exis t________the zoo.
Fill in the gap with a correct verb in the box.
looksplant-thought- has -bought-planted- learn - watched
Tung (39) _____his neighbor, Mr. Thuan (40)_____ trees in his garden. He (41)_____ planting
trees was a good hobby. He decided to (42)_____ how to plant trees.
He (43)_____ some small trees and (44)_____ them in front of his house. They had lots of green
leaves and some little flowers. Now, he (45)_____ a small garden and it (46)_____ very pretty.

------THE END------