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With Eltek Valeres power conversion equipment you can maximize your solar energy harvest. Whether you operate a large-scale plant, a commercial plant or a residential installation, Eltek Valere offers inverters, accessories and services that will help you get the most out of every ray.
Eltek Valere is a global power conversion specialist with industry-leading expertise, technology and products. Drawing on more than 40 years experience in power electronics, we are committed to meeting the power conversion needs of the photovoltaic industry.


The THEIA HE-t defines a new level of efficiency, flexibility and user friendliness for isolated string inverters. Suitable for crystalline as well as thin film modules, and ready for use all over the world, the THEIA HE-t series is the perfect choice for any PV installation. The THEIA HE-t is a one-for-all inverter, designed for global use. Flexible connection kits make it easy and affordable to configure for various conditions and country-specific requirements, and provide for easy installation and maintenance.

Euro/Photon Efficiency % 100 99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92 91 90

THEIA HE-t, typical efficiency Transformerless Transformerless w/boost Gap to competitors Isolated

By far the highest efficiency Based on Eltek Valeres unique high-efficiency conversion technology, the THEIA HE-t combines galvanic isolation with unprecedented efficiency, verified by the Austrian Institute of Technology at >97 %.

A new level of user friendliness The THEIA HE-t has an integrated web server, eliminating the need for any external datalogger. A color graphical display provides an intuitive user interface, and a single point of monitoring of multiple string inverters on a single site.


Designed for use in medium to large scale photovoltaic plants, the THEIA Central Inverter range provides the performance and reliability required for stable and efficient energy harvesting, and are fully certified.

Eltek Valere offers a competitive, efficient and complete family of string inverters that covers any need from residential installations, to commercial systems, up to utility scale photovoltaic plants. The range includes both isolated and transformerless models, 1-phase and 3-phase versions, ranging from 2kW to 21kW, all certified and available in all major markets around the world, for indoor and outdoor use.

The THEIA TX Central range of 3-phase, galvanically isolated inverters, use MPPT and high efficiency to provide long term and reliable energy harvesting even under adverse conditions. With power models between 20kW and 100kW, they can be interconnected for any size of PV power generation plant.

The THEIA TL Central inverter range of 3-phase, transformerless inverters, in model sizes from 20kW to 500kW, are ideal for PV plants from a few kW all the way up to several megawatts.

The THEIA HE-t uses the latest of Eltek Valeres patent pending, high frequency isolated technology. With its extreme efficiency and global design solutions, it defines a new standard when it comes to performance, flexibility and user friendliness, as well as offering superior reliability under all conditions.

The THEIA S String series is a range of single phase output, galvanically isolated inverters using proven LF transformer technology, that provides excellent performance under all conditions.

The THEIA TL String series is a full range of single and 3-phase transformerless inverters. With efficiencies up to 98% and very low feed-in power levels, these inverters will maximize your energy harvest.


Eltek Valere offers complete solutions that include equipment and systems for continuous PV plant monitoring and system data evaluation.

Our range of monitors are designed for PV plants of all types and sizes. From the compact USB PC plug-in to advance ControlPRO for advanced management of complex plants, all will provide system information to help the PV plant run smoothly.

The THEIA ARRAY MONITOR is the perfect interface between the PV strings and the inverters.

Eltek Valere develops and markets energy systems for telecom, industrial and renewable applications. Leveraging the strength of our global organization and brand, we aim to empower our customers businesses in more than 100 countries by providing highly efficient power solutions, backed up by an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

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