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Gujarat 360 Degree Growth

`Growth means development of a particular thing or a substance. Growth means transformation. Growth means progress. 360 degree growth means growth by all means in all fields. Growth is word which has many values. This is an era of growth and development. The global growth is going on in this era.

If progress is done in o direction like making good roads then it is growth but if growth is done in Education, roads, administration, infrastructure, safety then it is a 360 degree growth. Now a days there is a new formula developed all over the world that is Gujarat = 360 degree growth. The world learns the formula of growth from Gujarat.

It was a time when Gujarat was just an ordinary state with all kinds discomforts and illegal works and the state where a one year child was also knowing meaning of curfew. The conditions were not in favor of Gujarat.

It was turning point for Gujarat in the year 2002 when a real leader and a real wellwisher of Gujarat came as a Chief Minister. It was ordinary than and is extraordinary now .The Gujarat state has not seen any drought or any other obstacle in progress. The Gujarat state was given an award for the safest state in Asia and many more awards such as Best governance award by U.N. From the roads to Education Gujarat is at the top of the table. Gujarat has developed in the field of agriculture, solar energy, per capita income, industrial sector and has become a role model for growth.

People thought that Kutch will never be supplied water but Gujarat made it possible and within 500 days pipelines of Narmada river water were connected to Kutch and we made a record of making worlds biggest water pipeline. There were no roads no electricity in the cities and now the remote areas are fully connected with electricity. Gujarat is unity in Diversity. There are different programs run for agriculture, girl child education and infrastructure. Gujarat is turning out to be a solar state. In 2014 the statue of unity will be ready on Sardar Sarovar Dam which will be worlds tallest statue and for comfort of travelers it will be connected with metro rail from Vadodara. Amdavad will be shortly be interlinked with metro. The different festivals at international level like Rann Utsav and Patang Utsav are celebrated which made Gujarat popular globally. The global investor summit is organized every year and investment of millions of INR is done. Gujarat is ahead in the field of tourism. Many M.N.C have come to Gujarat for Business.The illiteracy rate has gone down and growth rate is 63%. Unemployment is reducing day by day. Few years ago when Gujaratis use to go out of Gujarat they were not given importance and today if one tells that he is from Gujarat he will be given respect all over the world. The people now have proud for their language and their state. Few years ago parents in villages were not ready to send their children to school but now they have understood the importance of it. This is all because of our intelligent Hon. C.M. Shri Narendra Modi. Whole Gujarat is thankful to one and only one man for progress of state. Many stones were thrown on the way to progress of Gujarat but Modiji took it on his shoulders and used them at the right time to make steps for progress. This progress was possible because C.M. himself is from a middle class family from Vadnagar. He was C.M., he is C.M. and he will be C.M. forever In his dictionary C.M means not Chief Minister but Common man .

The whole Gujarat is proud that they are on the Top of the world and salutes their C.M. for the same. We should all contribute in progress of our society, region, country and self by any means for progress of Gujarat.

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat Vande Gujarat - Rangam Trivedi.