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Havurahc h a
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r e a t e r i e n d s • r e
2 7 S U M M E R I N S T I T U TE

m a k e f r b a t
r s e l f •
August 1-7, 2005

e S h a b
you m
Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH

w e l c o y
g p l a y •
c e p r a •
sin •
a t e • d a n •
o y
a r t i c i p t y e n j
•p m u n i •
r a t e c o m a l l e n g e
cel e b t e x t • c h
e s t u d y r e l a x
na t u r •
f r i e n d s •
f m a k e a b b a t
you r s e l •
o m e S h
y w e l c y
g p l a •
c e p r a •
sin •
a t e • d a n •
o y
a r t i c i p i t y e n j
•p m u n •
r a t e c o m s t u d y
e b
cel“. . . for you shouldreknow t the r
e i t u a l •
r e c a soul of a stranger . . .”
l f s i n g
na t u •
e y o u r s e •
c h a l l e n g s r e l a x
tex t • frie n d
National Havurah Committee
(215) 248-1335 ••
The National Havurah expertise. All participants are invited to
Committee contribute their knowledge and skills.
Please indicate on the registration form
The National Havurah Committee if you would like to lead a workshop.
(NHC) is a diverse network of
individuals and communities
Minyanim (Prayer Services)
dedicated to Jewish living and There will be a number of different
learning, community building, minyanim on both weekdays and
and tikkun olam (repairing the Shabbat. The NHC is fully committed to
world). egalitarianism. We welcome participants
from all backgrounds; however,
minyanim and services organized by the
As individuals, we seek fellowship planning committee are egalitarian, with
(havurah) through study, equal participation by men and women.
worship, music, social action, and Participants who wish to organize single-
shared life-cycle rituals both at gender prayer services at the Institute
home and as part of a national should contact the Institute office to
havurah community. arrange for a meeting space.

The Summer Institute Celebrating Shabbat

At the Summer Institute we
study, pray, sing, dance, eat, talk, The NHC Summer Institute is a week- Shabbat culminates the Institute week.
play, work, and relax together, long celebration of Jewish living and The intense experience in Jewish living,
forming a special community that learning. During a typical day at the the creation of community, the intellec-
Institute, you will tual and spiritual excitement of the
celebrates the participatory,
• study with others in small groups courses and workshops, and the new and
Havurah style of Judaism in
• attend two classes renewed friendships all lead to a special
North America. We learn from • attend optional workshops Shabbat. We join together as a
each other, formally and • join together for communal meals community for a Kabbalat Shabbat
informally, and often bring our and communal prayer service and a festive meal on Friday
experiences at the NHC to enrich • participate in a variety of informal evening. Various minyanim meet in the
our communities back home. gatherings morning. Later we gather for study and
• enjoy evening entertainment celebration, song and dance, a Shabbat
We hold egalitarianism as a afternoon Seudah Shlishit meal, and a
fundamental principle for
Courses celebratory siyyum. Havdalah under the
renewing Jewish values in our The centerpieces of the Institute are the stars ends Shabbat on a high note.
Jewish communities and in the two courses each participant elects to
world. We welcome Jews of all take.
backgrounds and those exploring Choose to study about prayer or
musical tradition, friendship in Judaism,
Judaism as a spiritual path.
the history of the Hebrew calendar or
the secrets of the Passover Hagaddah.
The NHC publishes the Havurah! Courses are small, intense, and led by
newsletter, the teachers, Institute participants
web site, and hosts various themselves, who present material they
Internet e-mail lists, enabling love in an inclusive style that encourages
individuals to share or discuss everyone to participate. Your background
havurah issues with members of is not important; your desire to learn is.
other havurot and the Jewish
community at large.
The Institute will also include informal
At the core of the NHC is a group learning with workshops in Jewish
of dedicated volunteers who plan religious skills, art and dance, research
the annual Summer Institute and projects, creative liturgy, and extended The NHC Children’s Camp
discussions on social concerns or special
regional weekend retreats The NHC children’s camp is guided by a
interests within the havurah movement.
throughout the country during Workshops are led by Institute partici- staff of professional educators many of
the year. We welcome you to pants on topics of particular interest to whom have been returning to the
become involved in the NHC. them in which they have special Institute for years. They create Jewish
(blessings), songs, group challenges, and
other engaging activities, we will explore
everything nature has to offer us. Finally,
we will develop a project that will teach
others how to act responsibly to
conserve our planet.

About Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce College is situated amid
forests, lakes, and mountains in southern
New Hampshire. The modern campus,
just 90 minutes from Boston and 4 hours
from New York City, has two small
theaters, large meeting areas, well-lit
classrooms and a dining room with
terraces and views.
Mt. Monadnock and the White
Mountains overlook a beautiful campus
with hiking trails and a lake with
experiences based on the havurah model The Teen Program canoeing, sailing, fishing and a
— participatory, diverse, and age- swimming beach with lifeguard.
appropriate. The program also makes full Every year teenagers at the Institute
build a teen community. Its purpose is to Recreational facilities include tennis,
use of the adult teaching faculty, Artists- soccer, baseball, a fitness center, and an
in-Residence, and other members of the complement the adult activities and
classes in which the teens participate. indoor sports dome. Housing options
Institute community. It operates during include apartments, dormitory suites and
scheduled program times, offering The community provides a home base
and an inclusive and spirited group of townhouses.
children the opportunity to create their
own havurah community at the friends for all NHC teen participants,
Institute. some of whom attend with their families.
• Jewish-oriented playtime for babies Adult advisors, themselves Institute
and toddlers attendees, are available to teenagers for
• Creative, developmentally appropriate checking in and trouble shooting.
Jewish learning for preschool children Teens may work in the Children’s
• Community building with fun and Camp or the institute office for a
Judaic content for children of reduction in registration fees. Call the
elementary school age NHC office for more information.
• Short, meaningful prayer services each
morning Special Program
• Field trips around campus Just For Teens (ages 13 to 15)
• Creative Shabbat services developed The Everett Fellows
and led by the children themselves With the rocks and trees as our guides,
• The Great Outdoors — supervised we will spend each morning together A generous grant from Edith and Henry
recreation in a safe environment wandering in the woods, asking and Everett Philanthropic Fund underwrites
The Children’s Camp is designed for answering questions, as well as forming a the Everett Fellows Program for young
children from six months to twelve years strong sense of community. We will adults who have demonstrated their
old who can participate in an all-day integrate basic ecology with Jewish potential to be advocates for Jewish
creative program. We do our best to ethics in order to understand the causes. The Everett Program recruits
accommodate all children. Please connections within the forest ecosystem, from the population that is engaged in
contact the office if your child receives and the relationship between humans defining their post-college relationship
special assistance in school during the and the natural world. Through brachot to their Jewish communities, havurot, or
year, so we can help you plan for your synagogues.
child’s needs in the context of the Fellows participate in the full Institute
children’s community as a whole. Baby- program and in special activities
sitting will be available for a subsidized designed for them.
fee of $45 for the first child and $30 for Everett Fellowships provide 90%
each additional child (6 nights and scholarships to first-time fellows. There
Shabbat morning). After June 15, the are a limited number of half-scholarships
price will be $60 for the first child and for returning Fellows. Applications may
$45 for each additional child. be obtained from the NHC office. Please
apply before May 1, 2005.
Poretsky Artists-in-Residence

Special Workshops

Jewish Liturgical Music for the New

Norma Brooks, Natasha Hirschhorn
and Ramón Tasat

Congregational singing is one sign of the

vitality of a community. Singing new
melodies can be invigorating and in
composing new music for Jewish prayers,
we participate in the chain of tradition.
Sing and listen to new music with
Norma Brooks, Natasha Hirschhorn and
Ramón Tasat. This multi-part workshop
will introduce tunes by some of the
winners of the 2004 Shalshelet festival
in Washington, D.C. and compositions
Sephardic Musical Traditions From Old Roots and New Branches: by the workshop leaders whose roots
Italy, Spain, and Tangiers Jewish Music from Russia extend from the Ukraine to Argentina.
Ramón Tasat Natasha J. Hirschhorn Translations, transliterations and sheet
music will be provided where
Listen and sing as this course explores Take a musical journey from 19th appropriate; feel free to bring your tape
the origins and musical legacy created by century shtetl life to the 1920s “Vitebsk recorder!
the Jews of Italy, Tangiers, and Spain. Renaissance” of Marc Chagall and his Norma is a composer and singer who grew
We will learn about the influence of fellow-artists; from the repressions of the up in Borough Park, Brooklyn, in a Yiddish-
Italian popular music dating back to the 1930s and accusations in “dangerous and English-speaking family. In 1984 she
16th century, as well as the operatic formalism” against Schostakovich and composed her first melody for a Jewish
styles of Verdi and Rossini in the his contemporaries to the blossoming of liturgical text. Fourteen of her songs have
Sephardic music of Italy. We will survey Jewish cultural and academic institutions been recorded on a CD, “Your Bountiful
the diverse liturgical musical practices of in Russia and Ukraine today. This course Light” and collected in a companion book.
the Jews of Tangiers – a richly cosmopol- will explore the story of suppression and Norma is a member of Fabrangen, and a
itan city at the junction between Africa unprecedented awakening of the Jewish vice president and co-founder of Shalshelet:
and Europe. And we will taste the culture and identity in the former Soviet the Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical
extraordinary Ladino ballads and Union through the personal experience Music.
synagogue music of the Jews of Spain. of a Kiev-born musicologist, composer
and performer. Come prepared to sing. The Artists-in-Residence will be giving a
Ramon is a musicologist, composer, concert on Saturday evening.
conductor, and the creator of numerous Natasha is a music director of Congregation
choral arrangements. Born in Buenos Aires, Ansche Chesed in NYC, conductor of the Peace is Greater than any
he sings in in Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish, Brooklyn Jewish Community Chorus and a Commandment (Hezekiah)
Italian, and English. Ramon was educated faculty member of the Academy for Jewish Hanoch Guy
at the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary; Religion, where she was ordained in 1999.
the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of A native of Ukraine, Natasha has been In four sessions we will explore the
Music; the University of Siena, Italy; and exploring the music of Russian and wisdom, humor and surprising ways
the University of Texas at Austin, where he Ukrainian Jewry since her studies in Jewish stories and legends humanize
received a doctorate in voice performance. musicology, piano and composition at the ethical precepts about the nature of
He has served as cantor of Agudas Achim Gnesin Music College in Moscow and Kiev peace within oneself and with family,
Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia, and State Conservatory. Her latest CD is called strangers and within a community. Each
Temple Shalom in Chevy Chase, Maryland, “They Call Me, 9 Meditations on Hebrew session will include reading, writing, and
and released two CDs of his original Prayers.” Natasha is the vice president of enacting scenes to help participants
compositions. Ramon is the president and Shalshelet: the Foundation for New Jewish engage with the stories of Hayyim of
founder of Shalshelet: the Foundation for Liturgical Music. Zanz; the woman who spat in the face of
New Jewish Liturgical Music. Rabbi Meir; Eleazar ben Simeon who
learned to “be soft as a reed”; and the

A - text for ALL
Course Descriptions F - suitable for entire FAMILY

lion, mouse and the snare, whose tale Institute who register for this class are
suggests a framework for creating peace eligible for a $100 credit on their
in the land. Institute registration, courtesy of the
Albin Family Foundation. [A]
Hanoch Guy, associate professor emeritus
of Hebrew literature at Temple University, Alison is a rabbinical student in the new
has taught Hebrew literature and writing transdenominational program at Hebrew
for forty years. He combines Sam College, Newton MA. She is an educator
Lauechli’s “Mimesis” myth reenacting at Temple Aliyah in Needham MA. Her
model with movement, drawing and background includes an MA in Jewish
meditation. In 2003, he won an award for studies and an MA in Counseling
his poetry. Psychology. This is her tenth NHC
Morning Courses
M5 Sefat Emet: A Spiritual Bridge Catholic and evangelical Christian
M1 Sephardic Musical Traditions from the 19th to the 21st Century organizations have established a visible
From Italy, Tangiers and Spain Mitchell Chefitz charitable presence on the front lines –
Ramón Tasat, Profound positive expressions of love, in Africa, the Caribbean, Central
Poretsky Artist-in-Residence value, and partnership with the Creator America and elsewhere – while Jews and
See page 2 for description. are at the core of Art Green’s Sefat Emet: Jewish organizations have been conspic-
The Language of Truth, the Torah uous by their absence. Why? What can
commentary of Rabbi Yehudah Leib we do to address this global tragedy in a
M3 Bruchim Habaim – Welcome! A meaningful and Jewish way? This course
Alter of Ger, written in 19th century
Course of Introduction to Judaism explores the dimensions of the
Poland. Can the spiritual values of
Alison Adler pandemic, and invites participants to
Europe before the Shoah bridge the gap
This special course welcomes haverim to 21st century America? Yes, with some visualize and define a spiritually
(friends) who may be unfamiliar with or foundation work on our side of the pond. authentic Jewish response to the health
new to Jewish study and practice. Spirituality and Religious Life [I] crisis of our lifetimes. [C]
Incorporating hevruta (partner) study of Sheila retired in 2003 from her position as
classical and modern texts, and the Mitch is a novelist (The Seventh Telling
and The Thirty-third Hour). He is also a senior vice president of human resources
experience of traditional and new rituals, and communications from a multi-national
this course will explore the themes, rabbi at Temple Israel in Miami. For over
20 years he was director of the Havurah of pharmacy company. Since then, she has
structure, and spiritual meanings of been actively involved with the President’s
tefillah (prayer), and the experience and South Florida and is a past chair of the
NHC. Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, with a
meanings of Shabbat. Participants’ focus on Africa, South America and the
experiences in this course will be supple- Caribbean.
mented by the complete range of M7 “The Soul of a Stranger”: A
Institute activities: workshops, prayer Call for a Jewish Response to the
World AIDS Crisis M9 Midrashim on Creation
services, hikes, meals, and community- Richard Friedman
wide evening activities. Sheila Coop
First-time attendees of the Summer In the current world AIDS crisis, Midrashim are stories, speculations,
observations and arguments by the
Rabbis, which expound, expand, apply or
supplement something in the text of the
Bible. We will study sections in Midrash
Rabba about the creation story in
Genesis. These midrashim raise basic
issues of Jewish values and philosophy.
The class will be an opportunity for close
study of a text, but it will be appropriate
for total novices as well as for those who
have studied midrash before. We will use
a bilingual text; some knowledge of
Biblical Hebrew will be invaluable
though not necessary. [A]
Richard has taught text classes at several
Institutes. He also teaches Talmud and Rashi’s
Course Descriptions continued

Torah commentary at his shul (synagogue).

He is a lawyer with the federal government

M11 Zionism Reconsidered: Is a

Jewish State an Anachronism in the
21st Century?
Harold Gorvine
This course will provide the opportunity
for a reconsideration of classical Zionist
thinkers. These will include Herzl, Ahad
Ha-am, Ben Gurion, Jabotinsky, HaRav
Avraham HaCohen Kook, his son
HaRav Tzvi Yehudah HaCohen Kook,
Buber and Magnes. Can Israel be both a
democracy and a Jewish state? Can a
Jewish state fully welcome strangers? We
will consider the views of Boas Evron,
Amnon Rubinstein and Geoffrey
Wheatcroft as they bear on these two include Phillis Wheatley, Paul Lawrence “confessional”) writings about “the
questions. History and Culture [C] Dunbar, Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, stranger.” History and Culture [AD]
Harold was honored in June 2001 by the Charles Chesnutt and Ishmael Reed.
Diane is a law professor, most recently at
Alumni Association of Akiba Hebrew Arts and Literature [A]
Albany Law School in New York, and the
Academy (suburban Philadelphia) for 35 years Carolivia is a novelist and retired English University of LaVerne College of Law in
of being an outstanding teacher of history and professor who has taught comparative litera- Ontario, California, and a long-time
Jewish studies. This is his 8th NHC Institute. ture, creative writing and African American graduate student in philosophy at U.C.
Studies at Harvard University, Mt. Berkeley. She taught courses in Jewish Law
Holyoke College, and the College of and Rebbe Nachman at two prior NHC
M13 Jewish Africana Midrash: a
William and Mary. Her publications include Summer Institutes.
Jewish Reading of African
American Texts on the Tanach Thereafter Johnnie, Nappy Hair, and the
Carolivia Herron short story “Chamisa,” a midrash on the
M17 Revisiting the Second
Abraham-Sarah-Hagar story published in
This course highlights the use and Commandment: Jewish Arts from
Beginning Anew: A Woman’s
interpretations of Hebraic themes in the Bible to the Present
Companion to the High Holy Days.
African American literature. From well- Eleni Litt
Carolivia is an African American Jew
known African American authors such descended from Sephardic Jews who came to The second commandment states, “You
as Zora Neale Hurston, (Moses, Man of the Georgia Sea Islands from North Africa are not to make yourself a carved image
the Mountain), to obscure poets such as in the early 19th century. or any figure...” (EXODUS 20:4).
Adah Menken, the Tanach (bible) has Interpretations of this commandment
inspired literary and spiritual elabora- M15 “The Soul of a Stranger” is range from a total prohibition on making
tions that reveal a profound dialogue the Face of the Other: Jewish images and sculptures to permitted
between African Americans and Jews. Phenomenology and the creation of a wide variety of art forms.
Our dialogue continues with a reading Philosophy of Emanuel Levinas Join me for an ambitious journey (using
and analysis of selected African Diane Klein texts and images) that considers the
American texts that function as midrash responses to this commandment over
(commentary). Additional authors Lithuanian-born French Jewish philoso-
time (and space!) in the Jewish world.
pher Emanuel Levinas (1906-1995)
From explorations of the floor plans and
posits an ethics that originates mysteri-
interior design of the mishkan
ously but decisively in the “face” of “the
(sanctuary) through the design of ritual
Other.” His philosophy is closely related
objects in the Middle Ages, the modern
to his understanding of Judaism and
work of Soutine, Modigliani, Mark
Jewish, especially Talmudic, ethical
Rothko and Judy Chicago, and consider-
themes and outlooks. In this course, we
ations about creating Jewish art after
will familiarize ourselves with Levinas’
Auschwitz, we’ll ask the question: “What
life and work, taking a close look at both
is Jewish art?” Arts and Literature [C]
his secular philosophical work and his
explicitly Jewish (what Levinas called Eleni majored in Art and Art History as an

A - text for ALL
F - suitable for entire FAMILY

undergraduate before switching to

Anthropology for her Ph.D. She has since
returned to her first intellectual love, making
and thinking about art, and has combined
these interests with perspectives from
anthropology and Jewish Studies. Eleni is a
long-time Havurah teacher, having most
recently taught about drawing as a Jewish
spiritual practice. She lives and davvens
(prays) in Princeton, NJ.

M19 Positioning Ourselves for

Prayer Oberlin student Aviva
Joe Rosenstein
Richman (center) first
In this course we will explore some of
the attitudes that are fundamental to came to the Summer
Jewish prayer – acknowledging our Institute as a ten-year-old.
blessings, living in God’s house, asking
God for assistance and bringing God
More than a decade later
into our lives. These attitudes reflect she feels that her NHC
choices we make. Do we, for example, peer group have found “a
choose to focus on our blessings M21 The Emergence and
(adopting an attitude of gratitude) or on Development of Jewish Liturgy way of struggling with and
our misfortunes? These attitudes are the David Shneyer celebrating Judaism in our
ways we position ourselves for prayer in The class will explore the origins of
relation to what’s larger than ourselves. lives.” Between Institutes,
Jewish liturgy (prayer); the motivations
The course will involve text study, and the concepts that have shaped our the group has planned its
discussion, guided meditation and
prayers. Spirituality and Religious Life [A]
people’s prayer experience. We will own winter reunions and
examine the impact of the Babylonian
Exile and the destruction of the 2nd keeps in touch over an
Joe is a founder and past chair of the NHC
and its Summer Institute, and of the Temple on our liturgy and spirituality. internet listserver. As a
Participants will learn about the origins
Highland Park (NJ) Minyan. He is the
of the siddur (prayerbook) and our
child, Aviva and her sister
author of the new Siddur Eit Ratzon
( In real life, he is a relationship to prayer throughout the Naomi came to the
professor of mathematics at Rutgers. ages. The extraordinary innovations in Institute in order to be
independent. “When we
were little we didn't want
to sit with our Dad during
meals,” she remembers
with a smile. Now as an
adult she relishes the
opportunity to study with
her father on an equal

Course Descriptions continued

Jewish prayer since the beginnings of the Shana Tova/New Year’s card or another tells the story of the complex Hebrew
Havurah movement 36 year ago will also piece. While no artistic experience or calendar from the early days of
be considered. History and Culture, knowledge of High Holiday liturgy is witnessing the crescent moon to our
Spirituality and Religious Life [A] necessary, do bring a sense of playful current mathematical algorithms. By the
exploration. All texts will be provided in end, you will be able to calculate what
David is a singing guitar-playing activist
Hebrew and English. (Limited enroll- day of the week Purim will fall in 5800,
rabbi and cantor living in Rockville,
ment: 15) Arts and Literature [A,F] armed with only a pencil and paper.
Maryland. A founder of the Fabrangen, he
History and Culture [A]
is director of Am Kolel, a Judaic Resource Laura is a life-long havurahnik and multi-
and Renewal Center, and the president of media artist from Washington, D.C. Her Prerequisites: Familiarity with addition,
Maalot, a local seminary devoted to Jewish love of art, Judaism and meaning is expressed subtraction, and multiplication required;
music, liturgy and ceremonial arts. in everything from kite-making to Kabbalistic division recommended. Texts will be
(mystical) color associations, and from poetry provided in Hebrew and in English.
M23 Improvising Our Way to God to hands-on Jewish education. She regularly Ben teaches physics at Stuyvesant High
Tracey Erin Smith uses art in her teaching to explore, challenge School in Manhattan. He is a founder of
Improvisation: the art of creating and elucidate Jewish text and traditions. the Kol Zimrah havurah, and has studied
something out of nothing. The Laura is completing her final year at Oberlin Jewish texts while riding the New York City
spontaneity of improvisation can open College in environmental studies. subway and the Jerusalem bus system.
you to extraordinary surprises, unknown Sarah has been avidly creating calligraphic
abilities, even to brilliance. artwork since she picked up her mother's A8 Ruth: A Woman’s Reply to the
Improvisation permits you to draw from rusting calligraphy set in fourth grade. Her Book of Judges?
mind, heart and body. In this fun and designs have illuminated Hillel publications, Bob Freedman
highly interactive course you will partici- wedding and bar mitzvah invitations, and We’ll examine the stories, literary styles
pate in group and solo theatre games. commissioned pieces. With a degree in social and contexts of the biblical books of
Together we will improvise new rituals, anthropology from Harvard University, she Judges and Ruth. We’ll see how Judges,
prayers and blessings. Arts and Literature, is now a fifth-grade teacher at a public using the metaphor of the gradual
Spirituality and Religious Life charter school in Washington, DC. degradation of the institutions that
Tracey is a performer and instructor at regulate relationships between men and
A6 History and Mathematics of the women, recounts the unraveling of the
Ryerson University in Toronto. She designs
Hebrew Calendar social fabric producing moral and civil
and leads Improvisation and Creativity
Ben Dreyfus anarchy in tribal Israel. Ruth heralds the
Playshops in Canada and America for
people of all ages in corporate, private and Why do some Hebrew years have 12 return of order and the coming of
spiritual settings ( months and others have 13? Why did salvation, exemplified by Ruth’s
Tracey was an Artist in Residence at the some of the Jewish world observe the marriage to Boaz in the correct legal
2003 NHC Institute. holidays two days earlier than everyone manner. Was the book of Ruth a
else in 922 CE? Why will Passover fall in woman’s answer to the mess made by
Afternoon Courses July in about 20,000 years? This class men in the time of the judges? History
and Culture [A]
A2 Old Roots and New Branches:
After a career as a cantor, Bob received
Jewish Music from Russia
ordination from the Academy for Jewish
Natasha J. Hirschhorn,
Religion in 2000 and from the ALEPH
Poretsky Artist-in-Residence
Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Program in
See page 2 for description. 2001. He is fascinated by various spiritual
technologies. Currently Bob is the rabbi of
A4 Illuminating the New Year Israel Congregation in Manchester Center,
Sarah Beller and Laura Bellows VT, and lives there with his wife, Sally,
A rich liturgy washes over us each year among the beautiful mountains.
during services for the Yamim Nora’im
(High Holidays). But how often do we A10 “Give me Friendship or Give
really internalize these words and bring me Death!”/”O Hevruta o
them alive? In this course we will Mitutah!” Friendship in Judaism
explore the relationship between text, Marisa Harford
ideas and images, and transform Would you risk your life for a friend?
selections from the holiday prayers and Have your friendships defined your
readings into 2 – or 3-dimensional visual fundamental beliefs and values? Is a
art works. Each participant will create a friend the best teacher? We will explore

A - text for ALL
F - suitable for entire FAMILY

Every summer engineer

Martin Manley comes to
the NHC Institute from
his home in Connecticut
knowing he will stretch his
expectations and recharge
what Jewish sources have to say about Har Zion Temple and in the Florence his batteries. Some years,
friendship, including Biblical and Melton Adult Mini-School Parent the excitement has come
Rabbinic stories about friends, the Education Program. After attending
experience of learning with a study Summer Institutes for 25 years, and even from immersion in Jewish
partner (hevruta), and the moral obliga- co-chairing one, she is teaching a course for texts. Other years it has
tions and limits of friendship. We will the first time this summer.
be relating these texts to our own
flowed from meeting people
experiences and dilemmas, and will use A14 Let’s Play Jewish Geography who are “caring and bright
art, drama, creative writing and Sherry Israel
and fun.” Sometimes the
journaling in addition to text study (in Jews are one of the most mobile
hevruta, of course!) to explore these subgroups in America today, with highlight of his week is the
issues. [A,F,C] serious, and often overlooked, spiritual energy of
consequences for Jewish life. This class
Marisa spends her days analyzing literature
will examine data from the National
Shabbat. Martin attends
with high-school freshmen in the Bronx. She
has learned more than she ever thought Jewish Population Study and related Orthodox religious services
possible from her wonderful hevruta (study sources to learn about some of the causes at home, but at the
partner) of three years, has a Master’s and consequences of Jewish mobility.
Each session will combine exploration of institute he has tried out a
degree in secondary English education, and
likes to sing whenever possible. data, class members’ own relevant range of new experiences:
experiences, and discussions about the
meaning of it all for us as individuals and
traditional egalitarian
A12 Just One Page
Marga Hirsch for our Jewish communities. [C] services, Four Worlds
We are called “The People of the Book,” “renewal” services,
but we are actually The People of Many services that focus on
Books. We will look at just one page of
several of our key books – the Torah, chanting or on meditation
commentaries on the Torah, the and the musical services
Mishnah, Midrash and the Talmud (law
codes). By learning how each is read,
led by guitar-strumming
and how they relate to each other, we members of Kol Zimrah, a
will discover what these texts have group of young havurah-
meant in our tradition and what they say
to us today. Ability to follow a Hebrew niks from New York City.
text with a translation will be a plus, but “Once a person gets a
is not required, as all materials will be
provided in English. [A] taste of it,” Martin says,
Marga teaches Adult Education in
“it's an exciting mix.”
Philadelphia, both as Program Director at
Course Descriptions continued

Larry is a cantor and author of articles on

Bible and liturgy in Jewish Bible Quarterly
and Kerem. He has prepared “Haftarah
Notes” for his synagogue’s weekly
newsletter for four years and has taught
traditional texts at a number of NHC
regional retreats and at the Institute. Larry
is a labor and benefits attorney.

A20 B’otot Uvmoftim (With Signs

and Wonders): Secrets of the
Passover Haggadah
Elizabeth Richman
How and why does the haggadah go to
great lengths to exclude Moses from its
retelling of the Passover story, even
though he represents a central figure in
the Exodus tale? How may the rabbis
Sherry does Jewish demography, and teaches A18 Hane’emarim B’emet, Spoken
have used the Rasha (the wicked child)
and consults about Jewish institutions. She in Truth: Finding Meaning in
to construct a subtle textual rebuke to
is active in many professional groups and is Haftarah
Jesus and the early Jewish-Christian
a founding and active member of the Larry Magarik
sects? How many questions were in the
Newton Center Minyan. Her four children The Haftarah, a selection from the original Mah Nishtanah (“four
and their families live in four different cities, Prophets, concludes each Torah reading questions”) and why? And what
on both coasts, so Sherry has a first-hand on Shabbat and festivals. Its pleasant theological messages can we find
acquaintance with Jewish mobility. melody and use in bar/bat mitzvah embodied in all of this? After reviewing
celebrations often obscure the the overarching structure of the
A16 Where is Talmud? Modern challenging meaning of its prose or haggadah, we will use a close reading of
Echoes of the Ancient Text poetry. We will examine the historical Tanach (bible), Mishnah and Talmud,
Neil Litt origin and selection of haftarot and their and other sources in Rabbinic literature
The Talmud (law codes) is full of strange blessings, learn about their musical to explore these and other questions.
and unbelievable situations that can dimensions, and study four haftarot in Text will be provided in English and
bewilder the modern reader. depth, including the haftarah for the Hebrew. Spirituality and Religious Life [I]
Bewilderment can be transformed to Shabbat at the Institute. All texts will be
delight, however, when corresponding studied with clear, easy-to-understand Elizabeth is a graduate of the Beit Midrash
scenarios are discovered in the creative English translations. Spirituality and program at the Drisha Institute for Jewish
work of twentieth-century Jews who Religious Life [A]
have been unknowing conduits for this
oral tradition. While this course does not
set out to prove that Bud Abbott, the
Three Stooges, Jerry Seinfeld and others
are Talmud scholars, we will discover
Talmudic questions and discourse playing
unexpected roles in contemporary
popular culture. Arts and Literature
Neil has been reading Talmud every day for the
past five years, completing nineteen tractates
and still going strong. He is past-chair of the
National Havurah Committee and a member
of the Library Minyan at the Princeton Jewish
Center in NJ. His audio blog
is a running audio journal that includes
interviews with authors and a broad selection of

A - text for ALL
F - suitable for entire FAMILY

Studies and is currently a rabbinical Max has been a participant, leader and
student. She is also a seder (festive teacher in SF Bay Area havurot for many
Passover meal) leader who grew up not years. He has taught Hebrew, Talmud, and
only with the traditional haggadah, but Rabbinic texts in havurot, congregations,
also, depending on the year, with her and at the NHC Summer Institute and
family’s homemade haggadah, a vegetarian regional retreats. Max is a software
haggadah, and a feminist haggadah. consultant and urban homesteader in
A22 Reading the Divine Body: the
Relationship of Text and Body in Thank You
Classical Jewish Mysticism
The Institute 2004 Planning and Course
Bill Shackman
Committee members are grateful to all
This course is designed as an introduc- those whose time and energy make the
tion to the canonical texts of medieval NHC Summer Institute possible. We
Spanish Kabbalah (mystical writings): always receive more wonderful proposals
the Sefer Yetsirah, the Sefer Bahir and for courses, workshops, and programs
the Zohar. We will explore how each of than we can accommodate. The partici-
these texts describes the divine in terms pation and generosity of so many Sandy Sussman first
of the human body, or anthropos, different individuals demonstrates the
including the Bahir’s theory of divine attended the NHC
breadth and vitality of havurah Judaism
organs and the Zohar’s doctrine of in North America. Institute in 1991, hoping
divine faces. What is implied about the
relation between the heavenly body and
A special thank you to: to re-experience “the
• The Albin Family Foundation for
our own physical bodies? How does the underwriting outreach and program-
warmth and intensity” she
notion of a language of creation mediate ming to enrich Jewish Practice. associated with Jewish
the bold anthropomorphism of these • The Edith and Henry Everett
texts? Texts will be in Hebrew and youth group and camp
Philanthropic Fund that underwrites
Aramaic with translations into English the Everett Fellows program and has experiences. She found it.
provided. Familiarity with the basic
ideas of the Kabbalah will be helpful,
been supporting the NHC for a Six years later her
number of years.
but not necessary. Spirituality and • The Rita Poretsky Foundation for husband, Ron Schnur,
Religious Life [I] supporting the Artist-in-Residence joined her at the Institute
Bill is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Program and the NHC.
• Fran Zeitler, who innovated the Teen
for the first time, and has
Hebrew and Judaic Studies at NYU
specializing in medieval Jewish mysticism. Environmental Program, and has been been a regular ever since:
Besides meditating on the mysteries of the a long-time NHC volunteer and “The Institute is an active,
Zohar, he enjoys playing bluegrass guitar supporter of the Children’s Program.
with his wife, Emily, and practicing the
participatory, multigenera-
Taoist martial art of Ba Gua Zhang. tional Jewish ‘Brigadoon,’”
Ron says. “It exists for one
A24 Elisha ben Avuyah, the
Outsider week a year. I really enjoy
Max Weinryb being with both the kids
Elisha ben Avuyah was a leading rabbi
of the 2nd century, a colleague of R.
and the older people.”
Akivah, teacher of R. Meir, and one of Over the years, Ron and
the “four that entered Pardes (engaged Sandy say they have
in esoteric practices).” He became an
unbeliever and probably an adherent of learned that “people you
the outside (Hellenistic) civilization. see only once a year can
We’ll read the original midrashim
(stories) about him and consider him in
become dear friends.”
his historical context and as a precursor Adds Sandy: “The
of modern Jews struggling with unbelief Havurah Institute is too
versus tradition. History and Culture [I]
good not to share.”
Three housing options are available on
the Franklin Pierce campus.
The suites building is air-conditioned,
handicapped accessible and in the center
of campus. Each suite has 6 bedrooms
with 2 twin beds per room, one bathroom
with 3 showers, sinks and stalls; and a
living room and a kitchenette with
refrigerator and microwave oven. Suites
will be used for families with children
under the age of 10 (to facilitate babysit-
ting) and people with mobility issues.
The apartments are located next to
the suites. Each has 2 bedrooms, with 2
twin beds per room, 1 1/2 baths and a
living room with a kitchen with refriger-
ator, stove, and dining area. The
apartments do not have air-conditioning.
This summer we are also offering
housing in townhouses next to the lake.
These are a 7 – 10 minute walk to the
dining hall which is located near the
classroom buildings. There is a
Shabbat Guests Transportation
handicapped accessible studio apartment
on the first floor. The second and third Friends and family members of Institute Franklin Pierce College is located off
floors are a townhouse with 3 bedrooms, participants and other NHC members Route 119 in Rindge, NH, just north of
with 2 twin beds each, 3 full bathrooms are welcome to join us for Shabbat. the Massachusetts border. Approximate
and a kitchen and living room area. The Although classes will be over, special driving time is 4.5 hours from New York
townhouses are air-conditioned. programs are planned for the weekend. City and 90 minutes from Boston. There
All accommodations have parking Shabbat guests should plan to arrive on are airports in Manchester, NH, and
and washers and dryers nearby. Friday, August 6 between 1:30 and 3:20 Boston, MA. Information about ride
Please indicate your housing prefer- pm. Programs for the entire community share arrangements will appear in the
ence on the registration form. will be starting at 3:15 pm. Our Artists- confirmation e-mail.
in-Residence will be giving a special
Commuters Saturday evening concert.
Anyone who lives near the campus can
participate at a reduced cost by
registering as a commuter. Commuter
registration includes all meals and full
participation in the program. Commuters
who wish to stay on campus for Shabbat
should contact the NHC office.

The NHC and Franklin Pierce College
have selected a vegetarian and fish menu
with a wide variety of options. All food
will be either dairy or pareve. Each meal
will also have vegan options. Kashrut is
observed under the supervision of a
mashgiach who also participates in the
Institute. If you require a special diet or
have food allergies or sensitivities, please
indicate this on the registration form
and provide a detailed explanation of
your needs by June 15. Call the NHC
office for more information.

Who will be attending? (please print) Class Preferences
List three class choices per sessions, in order of preference. List
Adult # 1 each course by its number (e.g., M3, A2). Classes are filled in
Name order of postmark; you are assigned to your highest preference
course that is open. If there are additional adults or teens taking
Age Gender M / F Occupation courses, please enclose an additional sheet with their choices.
Day Phone Eve Phone
Adult # 1 Classes Adult # 2 Classes
E-mail* Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon

Address 1st choice

City State Zip 2nd choice

3rd choice
Adult # 2
Fee Schedule
Age Gender M / F Occupation before after How
June 15 June 15 Many $ DUE
Day Phone Eve Phone *NHC Membership dues
($36 per adult or $72 per household)
Adult Resident $795 $820
^Adult Commuter $675 $700
City State Zip
*Registration confirmation will be sent by e-mail. If you would like Full-time Student Resident $595 $620
additional postal confirmation, check here. ■ ^Full-time Student Commuter $495 $520

Children/Teens Attending Institute* Children (6 months to 12 years)

#1 Name Age Grade M / F #1 Child $350 $375

#2 Name Age Grade M / F #2 Child $250 $275

Additional children $150 $175
#3 Name Age Grade M / F
Pre-paid babysitting (6 nights) $45 $60
#4 Name Age Grade M / F ($45 first child; $30 additional child – subsidized rate)
*Indicate age as of August 2005 and the grade the child will be Limited-Income Resident $595 $620
entering in September 2005. Make additional copies of this form to
add class preferences and address information for teens and full-time ^Limited-Income Commuter $495 $520
students as needed.
+Shabbat only Adult $275 $300
■ Check here to sign up for Teen Environmental Program
(see pg. 3). +Shabbat only Child $125 $150
(6 mos to 12 year)

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY Single-room supplement $125

Your registration implies that you have read and agree to the Additional per person. Shared bath.
financial terms stated in this brochure. If you live in another Private apartment/townhouse $250
country, please obtain payment in U.S. dollars. Additional per apartment.
Mail this form with your credit card information or
check payable to “National Havurah Committee” to: Private use Golf Cart $250
National Havurah Committee
7135 Germantown Avenue, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19119-1842
Optional cancellation insurance
(Multiply subtotal above by .05.)
Questions? Tax-deductible scholarship fund contribution
Call (215) 248-1335 or e-mail
Registering for M3 deduct $100.
■ Applying for Everett Fellowship. (Minimum 50% of total, after June 15, balance in total.)
(See pg. 3 regarding this program.) *Required and tax deductible.
■ Applying for work study. ^Includes full program and all meals, including Shabbat.
+ Friday-Sunday room and meals from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.
(See for work-study job descriptions.)
Volunteer Housing Preference
All adult and teen participants are asked to volunteer a few If you have mobility issues that impact the distance you can
hours during the Institute. Please indicate where each family walk, please call the office to discuss your housing options.
member would like to serve.
If you are attending with children we will try to house you in the
Adult #1 Adult #2 Teen #1 Teen #2 suites to facilitate evening babysitting. If you are not attending
with children, please indicate your housing preference.
■ townhouses near lake, (air-conditioned) or
Sales table/Fundraising
■ main campus apartments (not air-conditioned)
Shabbat preparation Permission to be Photographed
Mentor first-timer In submitting this registration form, I hereby grant permis-
Clean-up sion for my images and/or the images of my child[ren],
Anywhere needed captured at the Institute through video, photo, and digital
camera, to be used in official NHC promotional material,
YEAR ROUND including but not limited to news releases, publications,
Outreach videos, and the NHC web site. I further waive rights of
compensation or ownership thereto.

Lead Services (July 5 Deadline) Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Insurance

Please indicate if you would like to lead services (specify Purchasing Cancellation Insurance at the rate of 5% of your
which services/parts, and in what style, e.g., havurah, institute total fee will enable you to receive a refund of all of
traditional-egalitarian, feminist, hasidic, four-worlds, medita-
your fees minus your membership dues and a $25 administra-
tion, movement, etc.) or if you would like to read Torah,
tive fee per person, in the event that you must cancel due to
chant haftarah, or give a D’var Torah at the Institute.
unforeseen circumstances.
If you do not purchase cancellation insurance at the time
that you register, refunds will be allocated as follows:
• Cancel by May 31: All fees refunded minus membership
dues and $75 administrative fee per person.
• Cancel between June 1 and July 15: All fees refunded minus
Propose A Workshop (July 5 Deadline) membership dues and $150 administrative fee per person.
If you would like to lead a workshop, please let us know by • Cancel between July 16 and July 27, 2005: All fees
July 5. Send an e-mail to with
refunded minus membership dues and $225 administrative
“Workshop” in the subject line, along with a brief descrip-
fee per person.
tion of the workshop and a short bio of yourself.
No refund will be given for those who do not attend, or
Topic: cancel after July 28, 2005. You must call the office and let us
know that you are cancelling in order to receive a refund.
Tell Us About Yourself
Is this your first Institute? Y / N Payment Information
How did you hear about the Summer Institute?
■ Check payable to “National Havurah Committee”
■ Please charge my credit card: ■ Visa ■ MasterCard
Credit card #
Do you or your children have a roommate or suitemate request?
Name (as it appears on card)

Expiration date
Do you use electricity on Shabbat? Y / N
If yes, are you willing to accommodate roommates? Y / N Please fill out both sides of this form completely and return it
Are you a member of a havurah? Y / N with your payment to:
If yes, please provide name of havurah and contact information: National Havurah Committee
7135 Germantown Avenue, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19119-1842
If your health requires any special food, housing, or other
arrangements, please attach a note with specific information. Questions? Call (215) 248-1335 or e-mail


Work Study Assistance
A limited number of work-study positions
are available. In exchange for a week-long
commitment to work at the Institute,
participants can attend the Institute for
$500 plus NHC membership and partici-
pate fully in the rest of the program.
Most work-study positions are in one
of three areas: the Institute office, the
childrens program or kashrut supervision.
To apply for a work-study position,
check to see the open
positions and call the Institute office
(215-248-1335) to apply. All requests are
confidential and must be submitted by
June 15, 2005.

Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Insurance

Purchasing Cancellation Insurance at • Cancel between June 1 and July 15:
the rate of 5% of your institute total fee All fees refunded minus membership
will enable you to receive a refund of all dues and $150 administrative fee per
of your fees minus your membership dues person.
and a $25 administrative fee per person, • Cancel between July 16 and July 27,
in the event that you must cancel due to 2005: All fees refunded minus
unforeseen circumstances. membership dues and $225 adminis-
If you do not purchase cancellation trative fee per person.
insurance at the time that you register, No refund will be given for those who
refunds will be allocated as follows: do not attend, or cancel after July 28,
• Cancel by May 31: All fees refunded 2005. You must call the office and let us
minus membership dues and $75 know that you are cancelling in order to
administrative fee per person. receive a refund.

NHC Online
Check out the NHCs web site at for late-breaking
Institute information and updates on
courses and programs.
All Institute registrants are automati-
cally subscribed to nhc-announce, an
email list for announcements from the
NHC related to its upcoming programs.
The NHC offers two online discussion
groups, nhc-havurah, limited to NHC and
havurah related issues, and nhc-discuss,
an open discussion forum on topics of
interest to members of the NHC
community. To subscribe to these lists,
go to and click on
NHC Online for complete instructions.
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Jenkintown, PA
Permit No. 9

National Havurah Committee

7135 Germantown Avenue, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19119-1842

Forwarding Service Requested

Dates to Remember:
Register by April 30 for FREE Cancellation Insurance
Register by June 15 and Save!

National Havurah Committee

2 7 th S U M M E R I N S T I T U T E
August 1-7, 2005 • Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH

“. . . for you should know the soul of a stranger . . .”

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