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Smile with Caricature

Caricaturist Sugumarje caricature,portrait and live caricature service

What is Caricature?
ccording to Oxford Dictionary, says "A depiction of a person in which distinguishing characteristics are exaggerated for comic or grotesque effect

aricaturist Sugumarje, Caricature and Portrait Artist, experienced with more than 12 years in Art. Guest Asst-Professor and Lecturer in art and Visual Communication.

reelancer, living in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India.

Caricature Vs Cartoon
artoon and caricature s om e ti m e s p e a k s same thoughts and expressions, but the caricature is just exaggerate the character's identity, like from head shape, eyes, ear, nose, mouth, tilted lips, teeth y the way, Every Caricaturist (Caricature+Artist) has own style. The limit starts and ends with Character's acceptation. a r i c a t u r i s t Sugumarje gives a mild exaggerated per each character. This style is highly admirable by all clients in Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Britian and India





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hat you do with Caricature?




t is very simple way you get a Caricature within hour or a day.

Types - Colors and B&W Suitable with your budget, you can get best output with cheap rate Pencil (on request) Marker and Charcoal Marker and Pastel Color Digital (Colors and B&W) Choose your Needs Feel Free to Call +91 9442783450 or

Types of Caricatures
The Gift Caricature Life Binds with Love, We share love with Gifts to lover, Parents, Friends, Kids and Relatives. Caricature is Unforgettable Gift for all times! Wedding Caricature The Great idea with fun in wedding invitation with couple, bride and bride groom caricature... Sticker and Pasting Caricature Use it for your Tea, Coffee Cup or other pasting materials Live Caricature Best suitable for Event, Party, Engagement, Office, Home and Shopping Malls! Non-stop Hours available! Best for Wedding, Reception, Birthday Party, Family get-to-gather, fare-well, Corporate Shows and Exhibitions

Wedding Caricature






Live Caricature

How to Order
Send email with your idea or concept with your budget. get Free samples with rate difference, choose your best. Send the photograph with best lighting and clear quality to email:

Size and Quality

The Basic size is 30x22.5 cm (Half Art-board size) Matt Print Type with 300 Dpi (high Quality and expandable to Feet)

Basic Duration for One Caricature is 24 Hours! You can get Via Email. Need Printed or Original Copy? *Postal Charges Extrafor Live Caricature, send conform email with contact person name and address of the event place.

How to Pay?
You can use money Transfer to Bank or PayPal
No Free Sketch, Demo Caricature! * For Caricatures - Amount Should be paid after 1st Sketch * For Live Caricature advance 50% Advance should be paid

Chennai Live Caricature

Event Live Caricature for Corporate Companies and Individuals... We are Happy Going with HCL, Cognizant Etc.

Need Commission?
We are doing best service with our clients and ready to go with you too. Send Mail your orders to Best rate and discounts

Choose your suitable rates

(Effective from Jan 2013)

Type A: Caricature Size: 12x9 Inch (Portrait or Horizontal) 300Dpi (Expandable to 3feet width) Format: Png (Transparent), Jpg and Tiff Document Hard Copy Avail on Request, with Extra Postal Charges Rates: Code: GC001 Face only B&W - Rs. 750 Code: GC002 Face only Color - Rs. 1500 Code: GC003 Face+body B&W - Rs. 1500 Code: GC004 Face+body Color - Rs. 3000 Code: Code: Code: Code: Code: GC005 GC006 GC007 GC008 GC009 Pencil Sketch Face - Rs. 250 Ink Drawing Face- Rs. 300 Inked Drawing Color Face Rs. 500 Inked Drawing Color Face+Body Rs. 1000 Vector 2D Character Color - Rs. 1000

* Simple Background, like sky, garden, grass floor, mountain is Free. * Complicated Background like Building, Temple, Office, Home, Car, Ship, Special Interior or Outdoor etc Rs. 1000, Adding Logo, Symbol, Designs, Name Rs. 500 * Ne Need Advance for 1st sketch! * Get all Final Out-put within 1 Days. (Due to Workloads... ) * 3 Times Sketch correction Available for all orders * If the Sketch is approved, we can move to Final Process, and you should Paid full Payment. * Not Refundable

Rates (Effective from Jan 2013)

Choose your suitable rates

Type B: Live Caricature Live Caricature on Event and Party (A4 Art-board Paper) Code: LC010 Marker and Pen - Per Head - Rs. 100 Code: LC011 Marker, Pen and Charcoal Face or Face+Body Rs. 150 Suitable for Simple and Long time Parties * Make Minimum 50 Heads per Order No Test Draw
* B&W Caricatures only * Non-Stop 3 Hours Available * Register your Name, Should pay 50 Head Amount Advance * This service available in INDIA only. * Travel Charges Applicable expect Chennai * Advance not Refundable, You can Change to another Event or Person * Caricature is Funny think, Thanks for understanding!

Feel Free to ask info Caricaturist Sugumarje email: Mobile: +91 9442783450

Caricaturist Sugumarje HandPhone: +91 9442783450 email: Visit:

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