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100 ways to success

1. Fix your life on basis of your values and attributes

2. An important resource in you is the time, utilize every single second.

3. Giving words: even if it is a small thing once u give a word never back off.

4. Anything do it in your own style keep an identity for yourself, work beyond
the expectations, never do a job with half mind it leads to a dissatisfactory

5. Build the habit of thanking everyone, even to a flower which gave u a peace
of mind for a second.

6. Save while you earn. From every income that you earn allocate at least 20%
in savings.

7. Avoid relation with peoples who are not truthful and controversy mind set.

8. Learn from all experienced and success full persons.

9. Be precautious. A small precaution may save u from big troubles.

10.See a problem from others perspective. Do the thing which is right to all.

11.Do a complete research on all positives and negatives right down and plan for
a new business.

12.Success comes to a person who has a deep concentration and a rigid mind
set. Ask questions to you before others do.

13.Do necessary to prevent losses. Wealth will improve automatically. Try to

avoid unwanted expenses, wrong investments and do that right now.

14. The main aim of business is to bring in the customers and with stand them.
Hence always introduce new concepts to the business.

15.Never get or do a service for free because you only can demand quality if pay
for it.

16.In order to show your confidence level on your skill sets , commit yourself.

17.Life never opens door all the time. Be ready to fight, get a way for yourself.

18.Do the right thing in the right way. Hence you automatically improve on small

19.Create new ideas, make it clear to your subordinates. Don’t forget fortune is a
bundle of money, people and new ideas.
20.Never say reasons for your failure it will help u in time but you are fooling
yourself. Accept failure correct them at once.

21.Respect your goals as your soul. Withstand all hurdles to reach them. Never
back off from your goals.

22.If your service is really great, people tend to bring down the price and hence
fix your price and announce it.

23.A person who moves close to you may be affected by your characters
unknowingly be care full when you make relations.

24.Your drawbacks are screened by others it improves your enthusiasm. Never

lose your enthusiasm.

25.Some may help you in your growth but you are the ultimate base for your
growth and hence be dependent on you for your growth.

26.Nutritious food, exercise and rest are the base for your health.

27.Saying ‘no’ is your basic right, don’t leave it because of hesitation.

28.There is only 2 phases in life one is growth and other is decline. Be sure that
you are growing every day if not you are declining.

29.Never start anything new without a proper fund, skill and marketing

30.When you are dependent on any one for any aspect of your business then
you should be ready to lose. Learn everything regarding your field.

31.Do not tremble when you do mistakes it shows your rigidness. Never deviate
from your course even if you get a chance this shows that you are in your

32.If u you are correct, never give up. Fight to get your rights.

33.Fore see everything in a long term basis. If you find it’s not going to work
after few years then drop it at the initial stage.

34.Do not invest in anything based on enforcement or wish. Do it after clear


35.Always have a standby plan in your hand. It improves your job and time

36.Bring down your cost or expenses. Skills and relation are great investment
always keep it right.
37.Never keep a boundary for your dreams and imaginations.

38.If your goals are set in a right way, you need not want to feel guilty.
Remember feeling guilty is your worst enemy.

39.You only have a right on things that you got out of hard work.

40.Before spending your time and power in a job think of its returns. The kind of
job whether small or big only comes after that.

41.There are no small mistakes or small drawbacks, each have their own large

42.Fore see the obstructing forces and be ready to face then in the due course

43.Be responsible for the job you have done and you are not. Face the cost of
failure because lot can be learned from that.

44.One hard month work is out of an idea from one hour thinking. Make thinking
as a part of your life.

45.Work to an unexpected margin that of your competitor.

46.Make an impression at first sight because you will not get a next chance.

47.It is not that easy to do a right thing hence struggle to do it right.

48.Improve yourself with an example, be an example to others.

49.Take care of others property also. Even while handling a water glass at a

50.Understand others wish, need and wants help them accordingly.

51.Have relation with quality people and be mutually confident this helps in a
long term success.

52.Do not care about the subjects that are out of your control.

53.Never get into a job with false beliefs.

54.Before selecting a partner make an analysis on him which gives some valid
points to weigh his quality.

55.Live your life delightfully. Challenges are adventurous. Relations are

important. Every event teaches us something. So be hyper sensitive and try
to love everything around you.

56.When you are in a dilemma you will be trembling. If you get an idea then
start it right at the time.
57.Rigid mind set, skill and confidence. When these three group together one
can succeed in any work.

58.If you want to get something, you have to get in the field. You have to face a
customer and a competitor at his place.

59.A strong like and curiosity over it is the base for winning.

60.Give equal importance to body, mind, work, relations and god then u lead a
whole life.

61.Do not betray others to get a fortune .it is not the real one you wish for.

62.Always never walk towards a secured life because all opportunities are full of

63.Never keep both the wise and the worse in the same plate in order to get a
good name within them.

64.Have a thorough research in your work process every year. Do necessary

updates in your system.

65.Feel the difference between the precautious and controversy mind set.
Precaution improves your strength but controversy mind set weeks your

66.Never consider a suggestion as such. Take your own time and think over it.

67.Build in self respect in yourself.

68.New inventions are made every day in every field but the fact lies in
identifying and using them properly.

69.Never say an idea is good until you test it.

70.Finding solutions for the problems within the organization helps one in getting
god fortune.

71.Try to get solutions for the big problems. It helps in attaining the goals fast
and in an unexpected way.

72.Have a consideration on all aspects. If there is sufficient reason to change

your consideration please do it.

73.Way for success is to make yourself ready and be good with all the

74.Routine small works may help you attain huge places. Eg- planning the day,
preparing daily accounts,etc.
75. No retreat no surrender. Never give up.

76.If you do not know anything admit it there is nothing wrong in learning from

77.Work for the entire success of the team where in if you work for yourself the
fortune u work for may be less.

78.Challenges are embedded with hazards. Consider these hazards before u go

for it.

79.There is nothing matter in what you get the matter is when you get.

80.Say anything but say it clearly understandable for all.

81.Always prepare in advance for all opportunities and drawbacks.

82.Do not hesitate to ask questions until you are under stood.

83.Do things which give you joy and satisfaction first the rest comes the way.

84.Look into your life with a wonder every day. It will spark your way.

85.Be calm when you learn, make others calm when you teach. The answer is
important not the questioner.

86.Have positive thinking. Always try to have the best out of the best.

87.Plan your work according to time start with the hardest finish with the

88.Happiness never comes from outside. If you decide to be happy then no

external forces can change it

89.Never ignore problems it will grow as giants try to solve it in its way.

90.If you feel guilty for some work that you do please avoid it.

91.Never speak about your honesty this is the best way to show your honesty.

92.Your money does not worth on its value but from the investment you made
from it.

93.If you want to be an expert in a field spent at least half an hour in reading
about the field related information daily.

94. It takes time to get good will among the people and takes seconds to lose it
hence always be aware.
95.Time taken to learn something may exceed beyond your expectations but it
will pay you in return.

96.If something gives you an unexpected fortune out of it then you can very well
accept it. Find answers for the questions from your brain. But don’t lose an
opportunity because of its doubt.

97.Nervousness never comes out of responsibility. But from improper planning,

control and clear on the subject.

98.Concentration is the important aspect for sharpening your mind.

99.Brilliants learn from their mistakes, intelligent learn from others mistakes

100.Improving your strengths, reducing your weakness, improving relations and

controlling emotions helps you in your way of success. If it is follow these
every day even you cannot stop yourself from growing.