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Exam 1 -Pink Parscore -Pencil -Photo Identification -No Electronics -Turn in to teaching assistant Ongka wears The Beatle's

shirt that says, Do It In The Road Archaeologist studies the material leftovers of a past civilization Phonemes are only what you hear, not the amount of letters, which may combine or be silent. KNOW has two phonemes. Ethnography is writing paper describing culture based on field work We watched a VIDEO of The Laker's BRO that was repeated over and over in a way that was not fast, it was in SLO-MO. ETIC Perspective: Analyzed in scientific, outsider, perspective, Insider perspective focused on meaning For 99% of human history we were foragers, gathering fruits and plants, we used spears and bows. Foragers have this type of political organization: Band. Franz Boas: Founder of cultural anthropology argued against this dominant view that some groups were inherently more evolved than others. Cultural evolutionism. Blood Brother: When a man and another person have a consanguineal relationship with your father's son. Book the table on is. This sentence does not make sense because it not use proper SYNTAX. Foraging is not miserable. It is a flexible adaptation to a harsh environment. Meaning: Sounds only become meaningful when combined in specific ways. MORPHEME. Phonemes combine to create morphemes. Morphemes can combine to create new meanings. Ongka wants to become a Big Man in his tribe in Papa New Guinea. Chief = Leader of chiefdom. Big Man= Leader of tribe. Don't worry about differences in authority, influence, power. Order of rank: President, Headman, Chief, & Big Man. With this survival strategy people settle down and produce a surplus that allows them to support specialist, the leaders acquire power and inequality emerges. AGRICULTURE. All humans are born with more or less the same BIOLOGY/GENES/NATURE. The way that we fulfill our needs is related to what we learn through our CULTURE. The fact that humans all perceive the same colors, but do not name some of them or lump them

together blue and green, or red and brown, is this. We all experience the same world, it is through culture categories of our language that we interpret and give meaning to external stimuli. The difference is cultural, not biological. This type of exchange occurs when goods are given or received with no immediate or specific return expected. CULTURAL RECIPROCITY. This pattern of residence is the same in industrial and foraging societies, but for very different reasons. NEO-LOCALITY. New place of independent location. Ability to combine sounds (Phonemes) into meaningful words (Morphemes) and then, using syntax, we can make phrases, sentences and so on. DUALITY OF PATTERNING. Allows us to communicate in complex ways, separating us from animals. Displacement & productivity. Regional differences for same things, but using different words. LEXICON. Before understanding another culture, this is required. Putting yourself in their shoes. CULTURAL RELATIVISM.