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Psychology Exam Review: 9.

Piaged based much of his theory of cognitive development on his observations of how his children interacted with the world as they grew. Piagets research method was ______ and his scientific goal was ________. My answer: D. naturalistic observation; prediction Correct answer: A. naturalistic observation; description 21. Hubina runs an experiment and obtains the following seven scores: 1, 3, ,5, 7, 10, 15, 239. She decides to use the measure of central tendency that is the least sensitive to extreme scores. Therefore, she chooses the _______, which in this case has the value of ________. My answer: C. Standard deviation; 7 Correct answer: B. Median; 7 23. A psychologist looks for a link between aggressive behavior and television violence by measuring the frequency of fighting and television-viewing habits of many twelve-year-old children. The psychologist concludes that children who watch more violent programming also gets into fights more often. This is an example of My answer: D. experimental reserach Correct Answer: C. correlational research 24. Jason answered a series of vocabulary and reading comprehension questions on a website. When he finished, the site gave him a rating of intelligence. I dont think that test really measured intelligence, thought Jason. Jason is questioning the tests My answer: A. operational definition Correct Answer: B. validity 31. Nilam accidently touches the hot burner on the stove. Sensory information about the pain and heat will be carried to her brain by the ______ nervous system, her heart rate will increase as a result of activation by the ______ nervous system, and when she calms down the _____ nervous system will slow her heart rate down. My answer: C. central; sympathetic; parasympathetic Correct answer: D. somatic; sympathetic; parasympathetic 38. The right hempishere gets information from the _____ side of the body and has better _______ abilities than the left hemisphere. My answer: A. left; logical Correct answer: E. left; spatial 42. Neurons are to the nervous system what _________ are to the endocrine system. My answer: A. hormones Correct Answer: E. glands

46. Which of the following is not a characteristic of REM sleep? My answer: B. twitchy spasms in the face and hands Correct Answer: A. lowered blood pressure compared to other stages of sleep 63. Serena is pregnant and has just been informed by her doctor that her babys heart, eyes, hands, and feet are beginning to develop. Therefore, Serena is careful to avoid ______ during this ______ stage of development. My answer: C. teratogens; zygotic Correct answer: A. teratogens; embryonic 69. Leroy, a thirty-five-year-old man, is trying to decide whether to write a book about his life experiences for his children to read, or spend his time working to be top salesman of the year. According to Erik Erikson, Leroy is experiencing the __________ psychosocial crisis. My Answer: D. ego integrity vs. despair Correct answer: C. generativity vs. stagnation 72. Trinas parents gave her complete freedom while she was growing up, rarely disciplining her. Her parents parenting style would most likely be called _____, and Trina was likely ______ as a young girl. My answer: D. permissive; self-reliant Real answer: C. permissive; dependant 81. The psychological dimension of color vision that captures the purity and vividness of a color is called _______, whereas the dimension that captures the essential color of a light is called __________. My answer: D. brightness; hue Real Answer: A. saturation; hue 84. Ercan is working at the suicide hotline and trying to assess the suicidal tendencies of the people who call in. One would expect Ercan to minimize the _____ by setting a ______ response criterion since he cannot risk any human life. My answer: A. false alarms; high Correct answer: C. misses; low 85. Will is an experiment in which he is asked to raise his hand everytime he thinks that he hears a tone. At a particular intensity level, Will accurately detects the tone 50 percents of the time. This is Tims My answer: D. signal-detection threshold Correct Answer: A. absolute threshold 88. Abe is hiking with his family and is tired of carrying a 10-pound bag. His father is carrying 75 pounds in his backpack, his mother is carrying 40 pounds in hers, and his sister is carrying 20 pound in hers. Abe decides to add his 10 pounds to one of their backpacks. He has the least chance of being detected if he adds the bag to ____ backpack, according to_____. My Answer: C. his sisters; Webers law Correct Answer: A. his fathers; webers law

89. When Monet paints haystacks, he depicts the haystacks that are closer to him with a lot of detail but the ones farther away with less detail. He also paints a barn that is in the distance as partially blocked by one of the haystacks. Monet is using the depth cue of ____ to depict the haystacks and ____ to depict the position of the barn. My answer: A. relative size; texture gradient Correct Answer: B. texture gradient; interposition 97. Chuck works on the assembly line at Widgets, Inc. Because he is a union employee, he is paid $10 for ever fifteen widgets he makes. His coworker, Sally, is a nonunion worker and is only paid when the company makes money, which averages out to be two times per month. Chuck is reinforced on a ____ schedule, while Sally is reinforced on a _____- schedule. My answer: C. fixed-interval; variable ratio Correct answer: D. fixed- ratio; variable-interval