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A woman and her daughters gave birth to more than 12

children from a Pakistani.

Ajman: A man who was to be stoned to death for raping his mistress's young
daughters has been deported, Gulf News has learnt.

Abdul Aziz, a Pakistani, was sentenced for repeatedly raping the four Emirati girls,
who were then aged between 12-14. Their father, an Emirati, was married to an
Indian woman. When he died his widow then got into a relationship with Abdul Aziz.
Gulf News earlier reported Abdul Aziz had married the Indian woman, but police
investigations revealed they were not married.

"The woman who used to live in Al Ain, told police after her arrest in Ajman that she
married Abdul Aziz soon after the death of her Emirati husband and the father of her
daughters, but the truth is that there was no official and approved marriage contract
between the woman and the man," a police official said.
Abdul Aziz lived with the woman and her daughters for more than 12 years, claiming
that he is their step father.
The girls and their mother gave birth to more than 12 children
from him.
One of the girls was eight months pregnant when they were arrested in 2005,
according to police. DNA tests by Dubai Police proved that Abdul Aziz was the father.
The woman's youngest daughter reported the matter to police when Abdul Aziz tried
to attack her. He was arrested and subsequently sentenced to death by stoning. Gulf
News learnt that Abdul Aziz was later deported.
The accused admitted his guilt at all stages of the court proceedings. He told the
court he was the father of some of the children, but some others "were not his."
The mother was accused of aiding and abetting him and forging the birth certificates
of her daughters' children. She has also been deported, Gulf News has learnt. The
four girls were sentenced to 80 lashes each. The girls were charged with "allowing"
the man to have sex with them.

The victims, who are now aged between 23 and 28, told the judge, Abdul Aziz used
to threaten them with a knife, forcing them to surrender to him.
Police said Abdul Aziz and the woman lived together for several years. Police said
that when neighbours and relatives in Al Ain noticed something was wrong, the
couple moved to Ajman.
The girls told police that some of their children were born in India and some in the
UAE. Their mother used to tell people in the UAE that her daughters were married in
India and she used to tell relatives in India that her daughters were married in the
Police said the girls and their children who are now being taking care of by their
relatives in Al Ain are suffering psychologically. "They are naive and illiterate, They
never went to school," a police official said.
15.02.2009 Gulfnews