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federal register

April 5, 1999

Part IV

Department of
Notice Inviting Applications and
Establishing Requirements for New
Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 1999; Notice
16574 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 64 / Monday, April 5, 1999 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION to eligible LEAs under two programs: integrity of the program, the Department
Local Reading Improvement and will return a printed version to the
[CFDA No. 84.338]
Tutorial Assistance. applicant. The returned receipt and
Notice Inviting Applications and To be eligible for a Local Reading copy will be considered proof of receipt.
Establishing Requirements for New Improvement subgrant, an LEA must: (a) All forms requiring original signatures
Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 1999 have at least one school that is (ED–424, Application for Federal
identified for school improvement Education Assistance; SF 424B,
AGENCY: Department of Education. under section 1116(c) of ESEA in the Assurances: Non-Construction
ACTION: Notice Inviting Applications geographic area served by the agency; Programs; ED 80–0013, Certifications
and Establishing Requirements for New (b) have the largest or second largest Regarding Lobbying, Debarment,
Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 1999. number of children who are counted Suspension and other Responsibility
under section 1124(c) of ESEA, in Matters; and Drug-Free Workplace
Reading Excellence Program comparison to all other LEAs in the Requirements; ED 80–0014, Certification
Purpose of Program: The Reading State; or (c) have the highest or second Regarding Debarment, Suspension,
Excellence Program provides highest school-age child poverty rate, in Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion-
competitive reading and literacy grants comparison to all other LEAs in the Lower Tier Covered Transactions; and
to eligible State educational agencies State. Form LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying
(SEAs). SEAs, in turn, will award To be eligible for a Tutorial Activities) must be mailed to the
competitive subgrants to local Assistance subgrant, an LEA must meet Department by the deadline date, as set
educational agencies (LEAs) to fund one of the three conditions listed for out above under Deadline for
local reading improvement programs Local Reading Improvement subgrants Transmittal.
and tutorial assistance programs. or have at least one school in the Available Funds: $241,100,000.
Background: The Reading Excellence geographic area served by the agency Estimated Range of Awards:
Act (REA), Part C, Title II of the that (i) is located in an area designated $200,000—$30,000,000 per award.
Elementary and Secondary Education as an empowerment zone under part I Minimum Grant Award for SEAs
Act of 1965 (ESEA), was enacted as Title of sub-chapter U of chapter 1 of the Receiving a Grant: $500,000 for SEAs;
VIII of the Labor-HHS-ED Internal Revenue Code of 1986; or (ii) is $100,000 minimum for territories.
Appropriations Act of 1999 by Section located in an area designated as an Estimated Average Size of Awards:
101(f) of Pub. L. 105–277, the Omnibus enterprise community under the same $11,500,000.
Appropriations Act of FY 1999. Section part.
Estimated Number of Awards: 22.
2253 of the REA authorizes a Reading Eligible Applicants: SEAs of each of
the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Note: The Department is not bound by any
and Literacy Grant Program to SEAs. estimates in this notice.
Grants are to be awarded on a Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands,
competitive basis to eligible SEAs, Guam, American Samoa, and the Project Period: Up to 36 months.
which in turn will make competitive Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Applicable Regulations: (a) The
subgrants to LEAs for two types of Islands are eligible to apply for a grant. Education Department General
programs: Local Reading Improvement Applications Available: April 5, 1999. Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in
Deadline for Transmittal of 34 CFR Parts 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 85,
subgrants and Tutorial Assistance
Applications: May 7, 1999. and 86; and (b) 34 CFR Part 299, General
The purposes of the program are: (1) Deadline for Intergovernmental Provisions governing Titles I through
To provide children with the readiness Review: July 6, 1999. XIII of ESEA.
skills they need to learn to read once Note: Applications must be submitted on Waiver of Proposed Rulemaking: In
they enter school; (2) to teach every or before May 7, 1999, to be considered for accordance with the Administrative
child to read in the child’s early funding. An application for an award may be Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. 553), it is the
submitted by electronic mail (email), regular practice of the Secretary to offer
childhood years—(a) as soon as the
mail, or hand delivery. Applications may not
child is ready to read; or (b) as soon as be faxed. The following are accepted for
interested parties the opportunity to
possible once the child enters school, proof of submittal: (1) A legibly dated U.S. comment on proposed regulations.
but not later than the third grade; (3) to Postal Service postmark; (2) a legible mail Section 437(d)(1) of the General
improve the reading skills of students, receipt with the date of mailing stamped by Education Provisions Act (GEPA),
and the instructional practices for the U.S. Postal Service; (3) a dated shipping however, exempts from this requirement
current teachers (and, as appropriate, label, invoice, or receipt from a commercial rules that apply to the first competition
other instructional staff) who teach carrier; (4) an electronic return receipt (for under a new or substantially revised
reading, through the use of findings emailed applications); or (5) any other proof program. The Secretary, in accordance
of mailing acceptable to the Secretary. with section 437(d)(1) of GEPA, has
from scientifically based reading
research, including findings relating to Special instructions for applications decided to forgo public comment on an
phonemic awareness, systematic submitted by email: Applications absolute priority and a requirement in
phonics, fluency, and reading submitted by email should include an order to ensure the timely award of
comprehension; (4) to expand the electronic return receipt and should be funds. The Secretary issues an absolute
number of high-quality family literacy mailed to priority elsewhere in this notice and
programs; and (5) to provide early Applications submitted by email may be establishes the following requirement:
literacy intervention to children who are submitted in one of the following the SEA must submit with its
experiencing reading difficulties in formats: (1) Microsoft Word (Version application the proposed LEA subgrant
order to reduce the number of children Word 95 or Word 97) or (2) portable application(s) and a description of the
who are incorrectly identified as a child document format (PDF). The preferred procedures, including review criteria,
with a disability and inappropriately version is Word 97; however, all the SEA will use to award subgrants; the
referred to special education. versions must have text search LEA application(s) and description will
Each SEA that receives funds must capability. The electronic version will be reviewed as part of the State
award subgrants on a competitive basis be the official file copy. To ensure the application by the peer review panel.
Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 64 / Monday, April 5, 1999 / Notices 16575

This requirement will apply only to the that address the needs of the target (v) The extent to which the services
competition for FY 1999 funds. population. to be provided by the proposed project
Absolute Priority: Under 34 CFR (b) Quality of project design (30 involve the collaboration of appropriate
75.105(c)(3) of EDGAR, the Secretary points). (1) The Secretary considers the partners for maximizing the
has the authority to establish an quality of the design of the proposed effectiveness of project services.
absolute priority for applications under project. (2) In determining the quality of (d) Adequacy of resources (10 points).
programs administered by the the proposed project design, the (1) The Secretary considers the
Department. For all funds to be awarded Secretary considers the following adequacy of resources for the proposed
under this competition, the Secretary factors: project. (2) In determining the adequacy
establishes an absolute priority to (i) The extent to which the proposed of resources for the proposed project,
applicants that propose projects that project will be coordinated with similar the Secretary considers the following
exclusively fund, at the subgrant level, or related efforts, and with other factor:
activities to improve elementary school appropriate community, State, and (i) The extent to which the costs are
reading instruction and related early Federal resources. reasonable in relation to the number of
childhood, professional development, (ii) The extent to which the proposed persons to be served and to the
family literacy, and tutorial assistance project design reflects up-to-date anticipated results and benefits.
activities. To qualify for this priority, knowledge from research and effective (e) Quality of the management plan (5
States could not fund, at the subgrant practice. points). (1) The Secretary considers the
level, any activities for middle schools (iii) The extent to which the proposed quality of the management plan for the
or high schools. Under this competition, project is based upon a specific research proposed project. (2) In determining the
the Secretary will consider for funding design, and the quality and quality of the management plan for the
only those applications that meet this appropriateness of that design, proposed project, the Secretary
absolute priority. including the scientific rigor of the considers the following factor:
Competitive Priority: Section studies involved. (i) How the applicant will ensure that
2253(c)(2)(C) of the Reading Excellence (iv) The extent to which the proposed a diversity of perspectives are brought to
Act requires that priority shall be given project is part of a comprehensive effort bear in the operation of the proposed
to applications from SEAs whose States to improve teaching and learning and project, including those of parents,
have modified, are modifying, or support rigorous academic standards for teachers, the business community, a
provide an assurance that they will students. variety of disciplinary and professional
modify within 18 months after receiving (v) The extent to which the proposed fields, recipients or beneficiaries of
an REA grant the SEA’s elementary project encourages parental services, or others, as appropriate.
school teacher certification involvement. (f) Quality of the project evaluation
requirements. The modification must (c) Quality of project services (35 (10 points). (1) The Secretary considers
increase the training and the methods of points). (1) The Secretary considers the the quality of the evaluation to be
teaching reading required for quality of the services to be provided by conducted of the proposed project. (2)
certification as an elementary school the proposed project. (2) In determining In determining the quality of the
teacher to reflect scientifically based the quality of the services to be evaluation, the Secretary considers the
reading research. However, nothing in provided by the proposed project, the following factors:
the REA shall be construed to establish Secretary considers the quality and (i) The extent to which the methods
a national system of teacher sufficiency of strategies for ensuring of evaluation include the use of
certification. equal access and treatment for eligible objective performance measures that are
Under 34 CFR 75.105(b)(2)(iv) and project participants who are members of clearly related to the intended outcomes
(c)(2), respectively, the Secretary is not groups that have traditionally been of the project and will produce
required to seek public comment on a underrepresented based on race, color, quantitative and qualitative data to the
specific priority set out in the statute national origin, gender, age, or extent possible.
and can implement that priority as a disability. (3) In addition, the Secretary (ii) The extent to which the methods
competitive preference. The Secretary considers the following: of evaluation will provide performance
will award 10 additional points to (i) The extent to which the training or feedback and permit periodic
applicants that meet the REA professional development services to be assessment of progress toward achieving
competitive priority. provided by the proposed project are of intended outcomes.
Selection Criteria: Under 34 CFR sufficient quality, intensity, and
75.210, the Secretary has chosen the duration to lead to improvements in Intergovernmental Review
following selection criteria. The practice among the recipients of those The Reading and Excellence Act in
maximum possible score for each services. this notice is subject to the requirements
criterion is indicated in parentheses (ii) The extent to which the technical of Executive Order 12372 and the
with the criterion. The Secretary awards assistance services to be provided by the regulations in 34 CFR Part 79. The
up to 100 points for all criteria. In proposed project involve the use of objective of the Executive order is to
addition, an applicant may be awarded efficient strategies, including the use of foster an intergovernmental partnership
10 additional points under the technology, as appropriate, and the and a strengthened federalism by
Competitive Priority announced in this leveraging of non-project resources. relying on processes developed by State
notice. (iii) The extent to which the services and local governments for coordination
(a) Significance (10 points). (1) The to be provided by the proposed project and review of proposed Federal
Secretary considers the significance of reflect up-to-date knowledge from financial assistance.
the proposed project. In determining the research and effective practice. In accordance with the order, this
significance of the proposed project, the (iv) The extent to which the services document is intended to provide early
Secretary considers the following factor: to be provided by the proposed project notification of the Department’s specific
(i) The extent to which the proposed are appropriate to the needs of the plans and actions for this program.
project is likely to build local capacity intended recipients or beneficiaries of For Applications or Information
to provide, improve, or expand services those services. Contact: To request an application or to
16576 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 64 / Monday, April 5, 1999 / Notices

obtain further information about the reproduce in an alternate format the Note: The official version of this document
competition, contact Dr. Joseph Conaty, standard forms included in the is the document published in the Federal
U.S. Department of Education, 400 application package. Register.
Maryland Avenue, SW, Room 5C141,
Electronic Access to This Document Electronic Submission of
Washington, DC 20202–6200; call (202)
Anyone may view this document, as Applications: Applications for this grant
260–8228; or email
reading well as all other Department of may be submitted by email, regular
Individuals who use a Education documents published in the mail, or hand delivery. Electronic
telecommunications device for the deaf Federal Register, in text or portable submission is the preferred method of
(TDD) may call the Federal Information document format (PDF) on the World submission. To ensure application
Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339 Wide Web at the following site: integrity, a printed version of all
between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern time, electronic submissions will be returned
Monday through Friday. To use the PDF version you must have to applicants.
Individuals with disabilities may the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, Program Authority: Reading Excellence
obtain this document in an alternate which is available free by going through Act, Part C, Title II of ESEA, was enacted as
format (e.g., Braille, large print, the previous site. If you have questions Title VIII of the Labor–HHS–ED
audiotape, or computer diskette) by about using PDF, call the U.S. Appropriations Act of 1999 by Section 101(f)
contacting Katie Mincey, Director, Government Printing office at (202) of Pub. L. 105–277, the Omnibus
Alternate Format Center, 330 C St. SW, 512–1530 or toll free at 1–888–293– Appropriations Act of FY 1999.
Room 1000, Washington, DC 20202– 6498.
4560; by calling (202) 260–9895 or 205– Dated: March 30, 1999.
Anyone may view these documents in
Judith Johnson,
8113; or by emailing text copy only on an electronic bulletin
katie Individuals with board of the Department. Telephone: Acting Assistant Secretary for Elementary and
disabilities also may obtain a copy of (202) 219–1511 or, toll free, 1–800–222– Secondary Education.
the application package in an alternate 4922. The documents are located under [FR Doc. 99–8278 Filed 3–31–99; 3:27 pm]
format by contacting Ms. Mincey. Option G—Files/Announcements, BILLING CODE 4000–01–P
However, the Department is not able to Bulletins and Press Releases.