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41448 Federal Register / Vol. 65, No.

129 / Wednesday, July 5, 2000 / Notices

Permit No. 917 (File No. P77–4#2) DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION That statute defines several key terms
authorizes the Northeast Fisheries used in this notice.
Science Center (NMFS) to conduct three Office of Postsecondary Education Selection Criteria: In evaluating an
projects: 1) aerial and boat surveys, [CFDA No. 84.347] application for a new grant under this
biopsy sampling and photo- competition, the Secretary uses
identification of various cetacean Community Scholarship Mobilization selection criteria under 34 CFR 75.210
species during stock assessment Program; Notice Inviting Applications of EDGAR. The Secretary informs
research; 2) capture, sample, tag and for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) applicants in the application package of
release pinnipeds during pinniped stock 2000 Under the Community the selection criteria and factors, if any,
assessment research; and 3) collection of Scholarship Mobilization Program to be used for this competition and of
samples from animals of the Orders the maximum weight assigned to each
Cetacea and Pinnipedia [except walrus] Purpose of Program: The Community
Scholarship Mobilization Program is criterion.
for deposit into a scientific collection
for research. designed to establish and support For Further Information or
The amendment now authorizes the regional, State, or community program Applications Contact: Ms. Marion
Northeast Fisheries Science Center to centers, and to enable such centers to Steward, Institutional Development and
extend the permit to December 31, 2000. foster the development of local entities Undergraduate Education Service, U.S.
in high poverty areas that promote Department of Education, 1990 K Street,
Issuance of this amendment, as
higher education goals for students from NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20006–
required by the ESA was based on a
low-income families by: 8517. Telephone: (202) 502–7594. The
finding that such permit (1) was applied (1) Providing academic support,
for in good faith, (2) will not operate to e-mail address for Ms. Steward
including guidance, counseling,
the disadvantage of the endangered mentoring, tutoring, and recognition;
species which is the subject of this We encourage applicants to send
and (2) Providing scholarship assistance
permit, and (3) is consistent with the facsimile requests for applications to
for the cost of postsecondary education.
purposes and policies set forth in Eligible Applicants: National (202) 502–7861.
section 2 of the ESA. organizations as defined in the statute. If you use a telecommunications
Dated: June 28, 2000. A National organization may receive device for the deaf (TDD), you may call
Ann Terbush, funds on a competitive basis to enable the Federal Information Relay Service
Chief, Permits Division, Office of Protected it to support the establishment or (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service. ongoing work of regional, State or Individuals with disabilities may
[FR Doc. 00–16938 Filed 7–3–00; 8:45 am] community program centers. These obtain this document in an alternative
BILLING CODE 3510–22–F centers foster the development of local format (e.g., Braille, large print,
entities in high poverty areas to improve audiotape, or computer diskette) on
secondary school graduation rates and request to the contact person listed in
postsecondary attendance through the the preceding paragraph. However, the
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE provision of academic support services, Department is not able to reproduce in
including guidance, counseling, an alternative format the standard forms
Department of the Army mentoring, tutoring, and recognition, included in the application package.
and scholarship assistance for the cost
Notice of Open Meeting of postsecondary education. Electronic Access to This Document
Applications Available: July 10, 2000.
In accordance with Section 10(a)(2) of Deadline for Transmittal of You may view this document, as well
the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 Applications: August 16, 2000. as all other Department of Education
U.S.C., App. 2), announcement is made Deadline for Intergovernmental documents published in the Federal
of the following Committee meeting: Review: September 15, 2000. Register, in text or Portable Document
Name of Committee: Reserve Officer’s Estimated Available Funds: The Format (PDF) on the Internet at either of
Training Corps (ROTC) Program amount referenced below is advisory the following sites:
Subcommittee. and represents the Department’s best
Date of Meeting: 11–13 July 2000.
estimate at this time. This will be the
Place: Sheraton Inn, Tacoma, Washington. first year for the program. The estimated
Time: 0800–1700 hours, 11 July; 0800–
1200 hours 13 July.
FY 2000 average size of an award will To use PDF you must have Adobe
Proposed Agenda: Review and discuss be $990,000. Acrobat Reader, which is available free
status of Army ROTC since the February Estimated Range of Awards: Up to at either of the previous sites. If you
2000 meeting held at the Pentagon, $990,000. have questions about using PDF, call the
Washington, DC. Estimated Size of Awards: Up to U.S. Government Printing Office toll
This meeting is open to the public. $990,000. free at 1–888–293–6498; or in the
Any interested person may attend, Estimated Number of Awards: 1 or
Washington, DC area at (202) 512–1530.
appear before, or file statements with more.
Note: The official version of this document
the committee. For further information Note: The Department is not bound by any
estimates in this notice. is the document published in the Federal
contact: Commander, HQ U.S. Army Register. Free Internet access to the official
Cadet Command, ATTN: ATCC–TT Project Period: Up to 60 months.
edition of the Federal Register and the Code
(MAJ Hewitt), Fort Monroe, VA 23651 Applicable Regulations: Regulations
of Federal Regulations is available on GPO
(757) 728–5456. applicable to this program are the
Access at:
Education Department General
John W. Corbett, index.html
Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in
Colonel, GS, Chief of Staff. 34 CFR parts 74, 75, 77, 79, 80, 82, 85, Program Authority: Pub. L. 105–244, the
[FR Doc. 00–17010 Filed 7–3–00; 8:45 am] 97, 98, 99 and the Higher Education Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Title
BILLING CODE 3710–08–M Amendments of 1998, Title VIII, Part C. VIII, Part C.

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Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 129 / Wednesday, July 5, 2000 / Notices 41449

Dated: June 29, 2000. Minnkota Power Cooperative, New York DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
Claudio Prieto, Power Authority, Niagara Mohawk
[Docket No. EA–185–A]
Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Power Corporation, Northern States
Postsecondary Education. Power, and Vermont Electric Application To Export Electric Energy;
[FR Doc. 00–16906 Filed 7–3–00; 8:45 am] Transmission Company. The Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.
BILLING CODE 4000–01–U construction, operation, maintenance,
and connection of each of the AGENCY: Office of Fossil Energy, DOE.
international transmission facilities to ACTION: Notice of application.
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY be utilized by Split Rock, as more fully SUMMARY: Morgan Stanley Capital Group
[Docket No. EA–225] described in the application, has Inc. (Morgan Stanley) has applied for
previously been authorized by a renewal of its authority to transmit
Application To Export Electric Energy; Presidential permit issued pursuant to electric energy from the United States to
Split Rock Energy LLC Executive Order 10485, as amended. Canada pursuant to section 202(e) of the
AGENCY: Office of Fossil Energy, DOE. Procedural Matters Federal Power Act.
ACTION: Notice of application. DATES: Comments, protests or requests
Any person desiring to become a to intervene must be submitted on or
SUMMARY: Split Rock Energy LLC (Split party to this proceeding or to be heard before August 4, 2000.
Rock) has applied for authority to by filing comments or protests to this ADDRESSES: Comments, protests or
transmit electric energy from the United application should file a petition to requests to intervene should be
States to Canada pursuant to section intervene, comment or protest at the addressed as follows: Office of Coal &
202(e) of the Federal Power Act. address provided above in accordance Power Im/Ex (FE–27), Office of Fossil
DATES: Comments, protests or requests with §§ 385.211 or 385.214 of the Energy, U.S. Department of Energy,
to intervene must be submitted on or FERC’s rules of practice and procedures 1000 Independence Avenue, SW,
before August 4, 2000. (18 CFR 385.211, 385.214). Fifteen Washington, DC 20585–0350 (FAX 202–
ADDRESS: Comments, protests or copies of each petition and protest 287–5736).
requests to intervene should be should be filed with the DOE on or FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
addressed as follows: Office of Coal & before the date listed above. Xavier Puslowski (Program Office) 202–
Power Im/Ex (FE–27), Office of Fossil 586-4708 or Michael Skinker (Program
Comments on the Split Rock
Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, Attorney) 202–586–2793.
application to export electric energy to
1000 Independence Avenue, SW, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On August
Canada should be clearly marked with
Washington, DC 20585–0350 (FAX 202– 21, 1998, the Office of Fossil Energy
287–5736). Docket EA–225. Additional copies are to
be filed directly with Steven W. Tyacke, (FE) of the Department of Energy (DOE)
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: authorized Morgan Stanley to transmit
Esq., Split Rock Energy LLC, 30 West
Xavier Puslowski (Program Office) 202– electric energy from the United States to
586–4708 or Michael Skinker (Program Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802.
Canada as a power marketer using the
Attorney) 202–586–2793. A final decision will be made on this international electric transmission
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Exports of application after the environmental facilities owned and operated by Basin
electricity from the United States to a impacts have been evaluated pursuant Electric Power Cooperative, Bonneville
foreign country are regulated and to the National Environmental Policy Power Administration, Citizens
require authorization under section Act of 1969, and a determination is Utilities, Detroit Edison, Eastern Maine
202(e) of the Federal Power Act (FPA) made by the DOE that the proposed Electric Cooperative, Joint Owners of
(16 U.S.C. 824a(e)). action will not adversely impact on the the Highgate Project, Maine Electric
On June 5, 2000, the Office of Fossil reliability of the U.S. electric power Power Company, Maine Public Service
Energy (FE) of the Department of Energy supply system. Company, Company, Minnesota Power,
(DOE) received an application from Inc., Minnkota Power, New York Power
Copies of this application will be
Split Rock to transmit electric energy Authority, Niagara Mohawk Power
made available, upon request, for public
from the United States to Canada. Split Corp., Northern States Power, and
Rock is a Minnesota limited liability inspection and copying at the address
Vermont Electric Transmission
company jointly owned by Minnesota provided above or by accessing the
Company. That two-year authorization
Power, Inc. and Great River Energy, a Fossil Energy Home Page at http:// will expire on August 21, 2000. On June
public power cooperative. Split Rock, a Upon reaching the 21, 2000, Morgan Stanley filed an
power marketer, intends to export Fossil Energy Home page, select application with FE for renewal of this
energy produced by Minnesota Power ‘‘Regulatory Programs,’’ then export authority, requested that the
Inc. or purchased from electric utilities ‘‘Electricity Regulation,’’ and then Order be issued for an additional five-
and other suppliers in the United States. ‘‘Pending Proceedings’’ from the options year term, and also requested that the
Split Rock proposes to arrange for the menus. international transmission facilities of
delivery of electric energy to Canada Issued in Washington, DC., on June 27, Long Sault be added to the list of
over the existing international 2000. authorized export points.
transmission facilities owned by Basin
Anthony J. Como, Procedural Matters
Electric Power Cooperative, Bonneville
Power Administration, Citizens Deputy Director, Electric Power Regulation, Any person desiring to become a
Utilities, Detroit Edison Company, Office of Coal & Power Im/Ex, Office of Coal party to this proceeding or to be heard
& Power Systems, Office of Fossil Energy.
Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative, by filing comments or protests to this
Joint Owners of the Highgate Project, [FR Doc. 00–16807 Filed 7–3–00; 8:45 am] application should file a petition to
Long Sault, Inc., Maine Electric Power BILLING CODE 6450–01–U intervene, comment or protest at the
Company, Maine Public Service address provided above in accordance
Company, Minnesota Power Inc., with §§ 385.211 or 385.214 of the

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 19:23 Jul 03, 2000 Jkt 190000 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\05JYN1.SGM pfrm01 PsN: 05JYN1