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Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail is a story that renews our faith in the human race.It is charming story of a devoted grandson and loving grandfather. It is also a story of adventure and thrilling chase and escape which brings about many interesting moments for both Rory and grandfather.It tugs at our heart's strings as we read of a grandfather who is sent to the old people's home and his grandson to the children's home ,a separation that is exceedingly difficult for both of them. Rory comes up with an escape plan.But their path of escape is not easy as their pictures are in the newspapers and on every television screen.Their journey is full of unexpected cliffhanger moments when it looks like they will be caught by the authorities.The stress and strain makes Granda very ill and he ends on in a hospital. Rory had been hoping that his prodigal father who had abandoned the family and whom he has no seen for the last ten years would reach out and help.Many compassionate and caring people,however,help the young boy and his ailing grandfather throughout the journey.The story ends on a happy note when Rory's dad gets in touch with him due to the publicity.All's well that ends well.


Challenges of growing up and learning about responsibility.

~ Rory is eleven years old and he should be playing football and enjoying being a boy but he has the big responsibility of keeping Granda safe and away from Rachnadar.Granda looked after him in those days and now he knows it is his duty to look after him now.Rory accepts that responsibility with a great attitude and does not hesitate to do his duty.But from being just a student,Rory grow up within a short frame of time to make decisions and to act with great responsibility.

Love, compression and family relationships

~ Granda and Rory love each other and that guides all their actions.Granda loves his son,Jeff but feels let down by what happened years ago.He love Rory's mother dearly too.Granda looked after Rory before and now Rory wants to look after his Granda.That is family love.Rory's friends care for him.They are fond of Granda too.Mrs.Foley,Val Jessup and Darren's mum show concern for Rory and Granda.The people who help Rory and Granda prove to be caring and compassionate.

Social responsibility

~ The novel emphasizes the important of social responsibility.Doctor Nicol, the teacher,Mrs. Foley, Darren's mum and Val Jessup feel that Rory need help at home and that he should be enjoying his boyhood and not be burdened with the responsibility of looking after an ageing and ailing grandparent.The police officials and the nurses are seen as kind and compassionate.even the inmates at the children's home care about what is happening to Rory and want to help him.The public has a social responsibility.We see their involvement as they help Rory and Granda on their great escape.Members of the public believe strongly that the two should not be separated and voice their opinion on television.The great escape would not be possible without the support and help of the public.Thus society has a great role to play in molding people to be what they are.

Power and authority

~ The social welfare service sees to the very young and the very old. The decision of the authorities are not always right and must be questioned.Ruby the traveler complain that social workers check on Tyrone to see if he is getting his education and is not being abused in any way . The authorities can be nasty to the gypsies and people on the fringes of society.The police bring fear and anxiety but they are also seen as being compassionate in their dealings with Rory.The authorities chase after Rory and Granda but the public is mainly on their side and people help them all the way.Power and authority can be defeated by 'people power'.

Moral values :

Loving and caring Compassion and kindness Responsibility Religious piety Not to be judgmental : 1. Rory McIntosh


Responsibility Humourous Loyal and proective Religious Compassionate Sense of justice

: 2.Granda

Loving Responsibility Afraid and emotinal Forgetful Grateful Proective Demented Very resourceful Prejudiced