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Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

Carmelita Eklund, Gothenburg, Sweden

Spring 2009 Vol XXII, Issue 1

THE Greatest Evangelizer Ever

From historians of various religious backgrounds, the exam outcome points always in the same direction: After the Messiah himself, no person has had such a profound impact on Christianity than St Paul. Knowing Jesus only by faith, after the fact basically, Paul had the instant conversion type that most of us, struggling away in years of striving, may only dream about. Once Archbishop Dolan implied so humorously: It didnt take much faith for Peter to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God he was seeing him raise the dead, feed thousands, walk on water, cure lepers, undergo transfiguration and come back from the dead! Paul had no such luxury. But Paul comes all that much closer to us, since we were never personally with Jesus either. May this year of grace have brought us closer to a living faith. Jesus, you are the way, impel us as strongly as you impelled Paul 2,000 years ago. Help your Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign coordinators and missionaries to be fearless in bringing you and your Mother to our world, beyond our safety zones. Paul dared to move through society and all political circles, cities and even nations. There was little that stopped him. Father Kentenich wrote in 1944 from Dachau: What Paul has to say about his own apostolic mission, we in turn should apply to our mission as Christians and priests: To live and work in the thought, I am sent. The first Christians were so deeply moved and gripped by their mission that they courageously professed: We are the soul of the world. May we never lose this victorious conviction of having a divine mission in Schoenstatt. Let us pray to St Paul for one another, supporting each other in being more apostolic, more willing to evangelize, ever stronger in upholding all the truths of our Catholic faith, longing to meet Jesus as we take time to think about heaven, and even being prepared to die and give our life blood for Jesus and the Eternal Covenant. Mary, Star of Evangelization ........6 St Paul and Sr M Emilie ................8 Beatification Signatures .................9 Europe ...........................................10 Africa.............................................14

2014 Preparation Seminar

From Feb 1-7, 2009, 89 delegates from 32 countries gathered by the Original Shrine for a planning session for Schoenstatts Centennial. An atmosphere of unity in diversity, of mutual respect and regard for respective roots, was created in the interaction. A deep

faith in the reality of the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother is what moves and inspires Schoenstatt members globally. This source
of fruitfulness with the concrete way in which we live and follow Christ is what we want to celebrate through 2014. The covenant of love with Mary leads us into a covenant culture characterized by solidarity. Living the covenant and fostering responsibility for the founder and all members is a challenge. Schoenstatt wants to offer the covenant to the world in all its spheres of art, politics, economy, globalization, communication, stewardship, and so forth. Through the generosity of Tom Mayor and the help of Curtis Kneblik, Father Gerold Langsch unfolds this Preparation for 2014 in a 30 min DVD. Rather than just print here the main four streams of life or the five strategic areas of apostolic priority, I encourage you to get your copy today at www. themessage or call your local center. Penny Can Power .........................20 Three Letters from India ............21 Testimonials around Globe..........22 Pilgrimage July 2010....................23 Laughter is Universal ..................24

Table of Contents
Press Office, Sr M Kornelia ..........3 International Coordinators ...........4 Brazil and the Americas ................4 Australia & the Philippines ...........5

Coordinators Page
Letter from the Editor
We have just celebrated the great feast of Pentecost, falling this year on the 60th Anniversary of the 3rd Schoenstatt Milestone. May 31, 1949 was the day Father Kentenich offered the 1st part of a 200 type-written page answer to an episcopal visitators report. Knowing this entailed risks, Father Kentenich felt compelled to use the opportunity to reply to the Trier Bishops in a way that stated the danger he was concerned with and not simply writing about the positive points in the report. Signs of a highly destructive mentality that undermine sound faith, hope, and love was termed mechanistic thinking. Although his letter initiated events leadSchoenstatt is a Catholic lay movement that strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the example and guidance of Mary. Schoenstatt was founded on Oct 18, 1914, by Father Joseph Kentenich in Schoenstatt, Germany. Its spirituality is based on a covenant of love with Mary, venerated under the title: Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA), Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt. The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, which began in Brazil, is an apostolate of the Schoenstatt Movement which initiates prayer, evangelization, and formation through the traveling Pilgrim MTA. Over 200,000 journey in the world, reaching 14 million persons with shrine graces. Cost: $5 for four issues per year Editor: Sister M Jessica Swedzinski 5825 Cottage Grove Road Madison, WI 53718-1325 Phone: 608-223-0892 - Home Office Cell: 608-347-0606 Email: Is yours filling up?

ing to his 14 year exile, a new current of life was brought into Schoenstatt heralding a crusade of organic thinking, loving, and living; unflinching Marian devotion; and understanding how God speaks to us through persons, places, events, and things. This newsletter is a tribute to the St Paul Year and offers a compact talk about evangelization from the most powerful vestige that can never be taken away from a person; namely, the heart shrine standing for each unique personality. There will also be focus on the international aspect of our SRC Family: A work that has grown from one man, one shrine, one country in Sept 1950 to over 110 countries and millions of persons being visited by the traveling Pilgrim MTA shrines! If anyone is interested in the latest listing of the Daughter Shrines throughout the seven continents just contact our home office. The closing session in the diocesan phase of the process for the beatification of Joo Pozzobon took place on May 8, 2009. You can go to Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and participate via http://www. After 14 years in the local diocese, the 10 sealed boxes of evidence for Deacon John Pozzobon arrived on May 20 at the Curia in Rome for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Stay tuned via! Hopefully many of us can meet in Texas for the Journey of Love. Wishing you a beautiful summer of time, of peace, of joy. May we all strive to relax! Living our covenant from the shrine network power,

This newsletter comes hot on the heels of our San Antonio Issue. We had a 3% return rate, so congratulations for taking the time to let us know when you are moving or whenever you have your mail held (Bulk copies will not be forwarded. Instead they are returned to our Tabor Home Office at $1.22 each.) Thank you for all your faithful support! Imagine! Now you can attend holy Mass in the Original Shrine on the 18th of the month. Log onto www. for the Covenant Day Mass starting at 7:15 am German time. If you want to receive this newsletter via a pdf file please email and let me know. After you have finished reading this newsletter, please pass it on to your group member who has the Pilgrim MTA, so the newsletter can be placed in the tote bag and all members get to read it. Dont forget! If you know anyone who can help me make additions and corrections to our web page, call 608-223-0892. We need help to update our www.schoenstatt pages.

2 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Press Office - Sister M Kornelia

entire community. These clicked and we started to share bits and pieces around the Original Shrine, with the result of strongly growing numbers of visitors. That was on Easter of 1998. Oct 12, 1998, was the first day of publishing news outside of Schoenstatt, and for Oct 18, 1998, we had the first reports from outside Germany. As result of inquiry via email, Sister M Kornelia, fourth from left, meets Apr 18, 1999, we published the first article with Press Office collaborators from spontaneously sent to us the blessing Switzerland, Brazil, and Peru of the shrine in Tucuman, Argentina. I translated the text to publish it in German. How did you get started in the Press Overwhelming excitement of the family in Office? In 1998 a website was initiated Tucuman expressed in emails came along by then Movement Director Father Tilman with a shy remark: Too bad we cannot Beller, who sensed the Internet which as we read the text Since Oct 1999 we publish may remember only became a medium for regularly in three languages. In 2000, the the general public in 1994 would in future Press Office was founded as an internationplay a special role in communication. A year al service for the Schoenstatt Family. before, I had finished my Masters in Social Communication Sciences. The subject of my research was Father Kentenichs concept and philosophy of communication, as put into practice and developed in the MTA magazine, Schoenstatts first ever periodical publication. We sensed that Internet could give us or him! the possibility to apply this concept to repeat once again what the MTA magazine had done: a common Third International Auxiliary, Press Office attachment to the Original Shrine and a mutual enrichment with each others thrilling What does a normal day look like? There every day life experiences in the covenant are hardly any normal days!!! Usually work begins at 8.30 am, ending sometime in the of love. So we started evening when work is done It is reading Next a seminar in Switzerland that turned into a study and application of Father Kentenichs concept of communication for an entire region, or the recent founding of the Kentenich Academy of Leadership for Managers where we discovered that Father Kentenichs concept of communication as organizational principle is the unique selling point of a leadership academy The virtual Kentenich Communication Workshop with a highly committed group in Paraguay was also one of my favorite events. How much money does it cost to run the Press Office? We have an annual budget of 50,000 , with almost 50% of it being the salary for the employed webmaster. All the other volunteers, translators, myself work for free. The rest of the costs are server, provider, travel expenses, devices, office material. How does that work with your translators? The translators from five into five languages work from home in their countries. The challenge is to get a large amount of articles within a short time into the different languages, and all that with volunteers who have their normal professional work and family There is a lot of commitment in this group of 20 30 people from USA, Chile, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, England, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.
When was that? We started in 1998, first just in German and just static information Mass times, calendar, etc. Two seemingly insignificant events led to a change: A sister who lives in Schoenstatt commented that only during her home vacation did she find out that a group from her parish had been in Schoenstatt. Another sister shared that she makes the regional newspaper when she arrives for home vacation thus providing a strong attachment and involvement in the and answering mails, editing and translating articles, doing press releases, participating in meetings, events here or somewhere in Germany, doing interviews Then some weekend seminars on public relations, writing, etc. What have been some of your favorite recent events? Conference 2014! A sevenday-highlight that I consider a turning point, a sort of milestone in Schoenstatt history. How can our readership help? First, by sending articles, testimonies I would love to publish more from the USA. Then by telling all about the web site Then as translators, or volunteers for some time in the Press Office in Schoenstatt. And finally donations help a lot. You find a link to send donations under each article.

May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 3

Deacon John Pozzobon, like St Paul, had a heart for the world. He knew the power of the rosary and the shrine first-hand. He grew slowly in sanctity, via one heart, one family at a time. Gain strength to evangelize from the following international stories that have reached our email.

Imagine 130,000 coordinators with 30 families each, in 259 dioceses in Brazil, Dec 2008 Deacon Pozzobons original Pilgrim MTA Sch Fathers Novices in Paraguay, May 09

Mexican Catholics, with five busy shrines, celebrate 20 years SRC: The Blessed Mother through her Pilgrim Shrine has conquered thousands of hearts among her Mexican people. Many are the ones who through her receive the strength and courage to live their Christian lives and give witness of it everywhere they go. She has been the Great Missionary working miracles of transformation in countless hearts and bringing blessings in abundance to families and individuals. May she continue in this wonderful way working in our country for the glory of the Triune God. Sister M Heidi Infante
INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR LIST TO DATE Father Eladius Mutunzi ..........................Bukoba, Tanzania .......................E. Africa ............. 01/24/05...........#2614 Sister M Glynis ......................................Capetown ...................................S. Africa ............. 09/28/07...........#4335 Anthony Fernando (2 Sp).......................Surrey, British Columbia ...........Canada................ 07/15/06...........#4005, Spanish#4118-4119 Paul Ray Gnanaprakasam ......................Surrey, British Columbia ...........Canada................ 07/15/06...........#4003 Lucy Varghese ........................................Surrey, British Columbia ...........Canada................ 07/15/06...........#4004 Eneyda Duran (2 Eng 2 Sp) ...................Etobicoke, Ontario .....................Canada................ 05/27/06...........#2905-2906, Sp#2968-2970 Josefina De Seguro (4 Sp) ......................Etobicoke, Ontario .....................Canada................ 02/11/06 ...........#2927 - # 2929; #4805 Bonnie Washer .......................................West Hill, Ontario ......................Canada................ 07/05/08...........#4525 Thereza Zlender .....................................Scarborough, Ontario .................Canada................ 01/23/07...........#4208 Mrs. Myra Sutter ....................................Shaunavon, Saskatchewan .........Canada................ 02/27/07...........#4209 Guillermo Fiebelkorn .............................Winnepeg, Manitoba ..................Canada................ 04/15/08...........#4436, Sp #4477 - #4479 Irene Medina ..........................................Winnepeg, Manitoba ..................Canada................ 12/18/06...........Small #1427 Lunacho Marin .......................................Santiago......................................Chile ................... 10/12/03...........#2317 Grevin Soto Sandi (2 Sp) .......................San Jose......................................Costa Rica .......... 04/08/06...........#2942 - #2943 Iranasco & Karen Giger .........................Guayaquil ...................................Ecuador .............. 11/20/05 ...........Sp #2857 Leticia ....................................................Guayaquil ...................................Ecuador .............. 11/20/05 ...........Sp Sm #1216 Shiela OSullivan ...................................Glasheen, Cork...........................Ireland ................ 08/29/07...........#4184 Maria Rosario Roque (2 Sp) ..................Jalisco.........................................Mexico ............... 01/22/07...........#4139 - #4140 Eduviges Banania via Remedios Mediona.. ......................Legaspi .......................................Philippines.......... 10/11/07 ...........#4360 Gie Best took (4) to the ..............................................................................Philippines.......... 04/14/04...........#2390 - #2393 Zenaida Caganda ....................................Iriga City ....................................Philippines.......... 10/12/08...........#4572 Maria Calilungs sister-in-law in the..........................................................Philippines.......... 09/29/07...........#4352 Gloria Perez via Remedios Mediona .....Albay ..........................................Philippines.......... 10/11/07 ...........#4359 Sister M Carmencita ..............................Cabo Rojo ..................................Puerto Rico......... 03/13//04 .........#2449 Sister M Leonor .....................................Cabo Rojo ..................................Puerto Rico......... 03/13/04...........Sm #1006 Sister M Nilda ........................................Cabo Rojo ..................................Puerto Rico......... 04/29/06...........#2957; Sm #1346 Sister Ann-Marie ....................................Glasgow .....................................Scotland.............. 10/20/08...........#4577 Sister M Margareta (36) .........................Glasgow .....................................Scotland.............. 05/21/06...........#2844-2845, #2871-2904 Marlene Peter .........................................Harare.........................................Zimbabwe .......... 09/28/07...........#4348 4 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Starting at the Australian Continent Down Under

Australia did a fantastic job of hosting the World Youth Day last July. From Sydney lets take a 13-hour trip by car up the beautiful New England Highway to the small, but faithful Schoenstatt Family in Queensland. Sister Myrna and Sister M Luka visited last Oct in Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba. A highlight was Father Thomas blessing and sending out six Pilgrim MTAs for the community from India. Nancy Webb emailed the following report which we excerpt: On Oct 24, Friday night, Re-Wired was a good start with the youth group. Unfortunately, she cannot come up every second Friday from Sydney! On Saturday, we watched a presentation on the life of Joseph Engling. Next we shared what we thought was an outstanding thing in his life, and what we could do the same. In the afternoon, we prepared a skit on how we can use our eyes, ears, mouth, and heart to serve God. At 3 pm our parish priest, Father Byrne, came to offer holy Mass in our home. We sang WYD songs and performed our skit. Sunday afternoon was family games time; including table tennis and Bible Outburst. Monday our girls group met from 3 to 5 pm about Barbara Kast. Wednesday was basically a mix of all the people from the whole weekend. After the talk and discussion we watched a movie from 2005 that the Webb family had made on Father Kentenich. Liam, who is now 13, was only nine when we made it, and he looked so cute! Karaoke rounded out the evening. We received a new feeling of strength in the Spirit! Schoenstatt Prayer Leaflets are available in Arabic, Korean, and many other langauges via the Founder Secretariat.

Schoenstatt Sister M Isabell Naumann, professor at the Catholic Institute and dean of studies at the Good Shepherd Seminary in Sydney, Australia, was appointed Jan 1, 2009, as consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Pope Benedict XVI named her with six others from France, India, Belgium, Cuba, Russia, and Cameroon.
Sister M Juliana Najarro was the first SRC coordinator in the USA and what a missionary she was! Born in 1929 in Cebu City, Philippines, she was known to convert many a fellow bus passenger on trips in the Midwest. From 1987 to 1995 she could work untiringly for Schoenstatt in her homeland. Thirty years ago, Alicia Hernandez (who also works untiringly for Schoenstatt at House Tabor) discovered Schoenstatt through Sister Juliana. Presently we have thousands of Pilgrim MTAs in most of the Philippine Islands. An aspirancy with eight girls interested in the Schoenstatt Sisters Community began on Nov 10, 2008.

Milwaukee SRC team) from Shorewood, WI, was called into eternity at the hour of Divine Mercy on Sunday morning, May 17, 2009. He was a great supporter of Schoenstatt. Walking five miles daily, he used his law career to serve God and others. John Cerranova from Leeds, NY, was buried on May 15, 2009. May our MTA and her Son meet him at the heavenly gate during this earthly Easter Season. Judith Wingler from Whitewater, WI, was born to eternal life April 28, 2009. She was a compassionate nurse for over 30 years bringing the MTA to countless hearts and families, changing lives.

From Heaven A Mission Continues... Bernard Lutzke, husband of Isabelle Lutzke (who is a member of our

May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 5

In the Year of St Paul, Evangelize from the Grace of the Heart Shrine

Mary, Star of Evangelization Translation from Mulgoa, Australia

This talk was given by Sister M Lisianne for the German October Week 1988. It will be adapted to our readership. But if we ask ourselves a little more seriously: What strikes us about this advertisement? In it, there is not one or the other capability predominantly required even if the capabilities required are outstanding but rather personality. You must be many things in one is what it is saying. For example, when one looks into a corresponding educational program for business management one can observe that personality is valued as an eminently important factor of production. (FORUM, 19) Thus it is possible to read in the University Magazine for recruiting personnel for management and other spheres: Business life is brought to a qualitatively higher level when leaders are in a position to unfold from within their personalities an effective power of suggestion. As questionable as the methods often are, personality training is evidently answering a genuine need in the market. This applies not only in the area of economics. Books and cassettes which offer a corresponding psychotechnical and body exercises approach free at home have a good market. These examples are not individual phenomena rather they mirror a new sensitivity for the value of the personality in whatever form this personality is conceived and its development sought. In short: what is arousing peoples enthusiasm today is personality. B. Corresponding experiences in view of openness for religious values Those to whom our evangelization is addressed are just these people about whom we are speaking. Thus the experience of a theology professor from Birmingham, as the following describes, is not surprising: The children of my colleagues at the university are converting. They are being invited to parties by the Christian Union, an evangelical organization of high school and university students and through the personal witness of those of their same age are won for this specific development in Christianity. Among the newly converted one finds not seldom the children of critical theologians. These are often not the less gifted but the more gifted students. for (them) evangelization has a clear aim. For them evangelization means the winning over of young people for a specific world view, a specific style of life. Most of them know well that the assertions of their theology teachers cannot be intellectually justified. But for them it is not the intellectual respectability which counts, but rather the orientation on life.
(Hollenweger, W.J., Aim of Evangelization, in: Concilium, 1978, 230)

Dear Schoenstatt Family. I. PERSONALITY IN DEMAND The decisive point of departure for new evangelization A. Tendencies in management as a mirror of the sensibility of society. If we would not be together as SRC Coordinators, but rather as leaders of international management, the question moving us would be: What is the market value of what is being offered here? What will come out of it? Even though it is not our concern to want to market the Pilgrim MTA, from the perspective of management we may still say that we are dealing with a highly topical theme. In how far? The advertisement of a leading economic consultant firm can give us an answer. It reads: With us your intellectual abilities, initiative, and versatility are decisive. As consultant for business strategies you must be many things in one: creative analyst, universal specialist, individualist with team spirit, logician with intuition, self-possessed enthusiast, metaphysical practitioner, critical optimist, and still more besides. (FORUM for recruiting
personnel for management and other spheres, International University Magazine 3, 1987, 3)

This example shows that the insights of a faith do not run in the first place according to whether the arguments raised are correct, but according to the witness of a life which is honest and adds up. This receives thereby such an over-emphasis that in general it does not matter whether the groups in question represent Christian, Buddhist or Marxist ideologies. What counts is the way one has experienced the integration of a person. (Hollenweger, 231) If this analysis of a pastoral theologian is correct and our own experience confirms it then inevitably the question arises: How do we Christians view this integration of a person or more simply this authentic personality? The papal exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi has picked up this decisive question very clearly: For the Church, evangelizing means bringing the Good News into all the strata of humanity,

What has this advertisement to do with us? Spontaneously we could now think about what our work for Schoenstatt often demands from the individual and then answer: That is the same as in Schoenstatt it is best if we can do everything, and still more besides

6 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new: Now I am making the whole of creation new. But there is no new humanity if there are not first of all new persons renewed by Baptism and by lives lived according to the Gospel. The purpose of evangelization is therefore precisely this interior change. (Evangelii
Nuntiandi, No. 18f)

only need to be proclaimed in todays world. It must far more be lived. The gospel can change the world but only via the heart of the individual. If we now replace the expression Christian personality with the words new person and instead of saying evangelization say moral and religious renewal then we have before us, as it were, our original Schoenstatt mission statement. The program of personality formation which Father Kentenich chose as the starting point in the pre-founding document was placed in the service of the universal apostolic aims of Schoenstatt on 18th October, 1914. With this a clear option was decided upon from the beginning, i.e. a direction for future apostolic activity was undertaken. Action was strategically centered on one point the formation of the new person in the covenant of love. From this point the whole mission of the new evangelization of the world from Schoenstatt should be accomplished. From the Shrine the power which brings about this renewal should become effective. Step by step, in the time which has followed, the whole width and depth of the reality of the shrine has opened up for us as far as the heart shrine, where everything comes to a point in the individual personality, the pivotal point of evangelization. At the closing of the Year of St Paul, through the voices of the time we are being called to make this central dimension of our mission our own anew as an answer which has been proved in life.

With this specific emphasis we will without doubt come across resistance in many circles, or at least misunderstanding. Besides many theoretical reservations, above all the following question comes up again and again: What value in life does it have? Does orientation on Mary bring effective help to us in todays world? From the perspective of Evangelii Nuntiandi Our Lady appears as the Star of Evangelization. (EN No. 82) In his message for World Mission Sunday 1988 Pope John Paul II unfolded this title, describing Mary as the first to be evangelized and at the same time the first evangelizer. Mary is the first to be evangelized, she bears the Gospel made flesh Christ. Therefore she is a living shrine. But she is also the first evangelizer. She leads those who come to her into her secret of God. She lets them take part in it and forms them into Christians who are thoroughly leavened by the leaven of the divine. From this perspective we can draw lines to the importance of our original Marian option. In the covenant of love we can take Mary, as it were, into the innermost room of our personality and, as a result, she takes over the task to form us into vital witnesses of the Gospel. This process is centered in the heart shrine. In how far? B. The heart shrine: synthesis of the grace line and the pedagogical line in the service of the apostolate In the heart shrine two lines meet each other: the line of grace from above and the pedagogical line from below. The line from above is to be compared to the incidence of light rays. They unite as in a focal point in the heart of man, there where the natural energies are centered. This playing together of nature and grace sets free an intensive apostolic radiating energy. With this an extremely timely form of evangelization opens up for us in the heart shrine. continued on page 16
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 7

It is not only this exhortation which recognizes the personality which is formed from within as the Archimedean point of todays evangelization. The majority of spiritual movements clearly place the accent somewhat in this direction. One example out of many: the Italian Theologian Rocco Buttigliome, a member of the movement Communione e Liberazione, emphasizes in his address about the evangelization of culture: The task of evangelization begins with ourselves. It is a matter of the education of people and creating an environment in which these perceptions may be experienced actively and unmistakably. (Buttigliome, R., The cultural
task of the laity in evangelization, in: Pontificum Consilium pro Laicis, For the Synod of Bishops 1987, 30)

Personality formed by faith is in demand. It is not only irreplaceable if we want to interest others in what is religious; it remains the decisive factor in the whole process of evangelization. C. From the starting point to the aim of evangelization The aim of evangelization is to thoroughly leaven culture and civilizations, all individual and social environments with the fundamental energy of the Christian faith. The individual Christian has the key position in this sphere as well. If individuals do not give space in themselves for the Gospel and do not create space for it in their culture, society, and sphere of work, religiosity will easily become something artificially added and not seldom, a foreign idea. This means: the Good News does not

II. THE HEART SHRINE OUR ANSWER We called the formation of the personality in the service of evangelization Schoenstatts Marian option. A. The Marian option of Schoenstatt

Mother of God, implore for us the fiery zeal of a Saint Paul, his glowing love, his being gripped by Christ. Let us be all to all to win all for Christ. Sister M Emilie
These words of Sister Emilie express concisely what the Year of Saint Paul is about. But they are not only inspiring words; they are a prayer coming from an apostolic heart, which says much about Sister Emilie. She calls us also to be apostles. The Year of Saint Paul We observe the Year of Saint Paul in celebration of the birth of Paul two thousand years ago. Benedict XVI said, Just as at the beginning, Christ needs today apostles who are ready to sacrifice themselves. He needs witnesses and martyrs like Saint Paul. And the Holy Father asked: Have we become tired Christians who seemingly have lost the joy and enthusiasm of faith? The order of the day is to take our bearing from Paul who gave his all for Christ after the experience of Damascus, who carried the Good News into antiquity and became a tireless apostle of the gentiles like none other. The love of Christ compels us The love that was revealed to Paul in the encounter with Christ, who chose him, the fanatic hunter of Christians, the love that accepted him unconditionally, he had to pass on ardently. The love of Christ impels us should be the attitude of all Christians especially nowadays when countries of old Christian tradition are becoming mission countries, today when we also notice the shocking reality of people forgetting God or being indifferent towards God also in our surroundings. The love for Christ that compelled Paul and by which he gave to the young Church the canticle of love, wants to urge us in this Year of Saint Paul to pass on the treasure that we have received in Christ. The Apostle of the Gentiles wants to energize us for the message of Jesus anew that we will also proclaim it courageously and give witness in the present God-estranged time. Sister Emilie an apostolic person Concern and responsibility for others characterized her life. She got to know the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt when she took care of a needy boy. She wrote, I became interested when I noticed that this movement worked in the apostolate. I felt interiorly impelled in this direction and was attracted exteriorly through the many opportunities and needs for apostolic activity. She went to Schoenstatt for new inspiration and was happy when she discovered what the Apostolic Federation meant for her so that she could not get away from it. She passed on what enriched her life. Let me be your apostle That was her prayer when she had to spend many years in sanatoria condemned to inactivity. But here also she found a thousand opportunities for apostolic work: dialogue, prayer, sacrifices. What was ascribed to Christ only he who passes me on possesses me was also valid for her in this monotonous, antiseptic atmosphere. Later when she held a leadership position she carried her apostolic zeal into her province with more than thirty house communities. She observed the apostolic attitude and actions of her sisters, was interested in their successes and failures. She looked for open doors for new areas of apostolate; she initiated great tasks and invited all to be apostolic: May the holy fire of genuine, deep love for Christ burn in all hearts and radiate from our eyes so that we are Christ-bearers and Christ-bringers for all whom we may serve according to our mission in the present time. To contribute to a springtime of God When the issue was the apostolate, Sister Emilie could be very demanding. When a sister was told to stay behind for apostolic reasons when a house community was dissolved, she thought that she could not live away from the community, saying, Then I will die. The usually empathetic Sister Emilie said, Then die. This sister developed a very fruitful apostolate in the course of years and she gratefully learned from Sister Emilie that such an engagement may and must cost sacrifices. Sister Emilie with her apostolic outlook recognized years ago the apathy of many Christians and the lack of apostolic spirit in the Church that should be the soul of the world. She formulated her innermost concern in this way: We may not impassively and superficially look at the present time of distress. The more clearly we grasp the time, the greater our longing will be, the more our zeal will be burning to contribute as much as possible to a holy springtime of God. There may not be a cold winter in the Church. To be placed into a great mission Every person who is baptized and confirmed has the mission to cooperate in the redemptive work of the Savior. What a Christian receives he may not hold securely, but must try to pass it on to others in some form and way. Sister Emilie was filled with great awareness of the mission; yes, she was gripped by the mission. One year before her death she wrote, Let us be grateful that God has called and chosen us to help carry out a great mission. Sister M Relindis
Sister M Emilie Newsletter April 2009

Savior, grant us and all whom you have called to be apostles for the modern time, the grace of a strong, humble consciousness of our mission and a heroic love. Give us what you will demand of us. Sister M Emilie

8 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Entrusting Petitions to Father Joseph Kentenich

Last August, Sister M Thomasine Treese gave talks in the Midwest encouraging Schoenstatt Members and Friends to continue entrusting their prayer needs to Father Joseph Kentenich. Each one of us has a prayer intention, or dont we all have five or ten that we can name off. Maybe we dont each realize though, that we need to send in our signed testimonials. Pope John Paul II told us to canonize Father Kentenich ourselves by bringing all of our needs (whether big or small) to him, believing in his intercession. Everyone with us so far? Now, just as it happens in life, we often miss the next and final step. We have to write down our gratitude, sign our name and date, and send it to Milwaukee so it can be counted and forwarded to the correct office in Rome. The response from the USA has been less and less. Please photocopy this page and distribute freely!

Isabelle Lutzke and Helen Liccione asked for a page to present our readers with a gentle reminder for the beatification process of Schoenstatts Founder.

Petitions to Father Joseph Kentenich ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Signed: _____________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ ____________________________________________ Please send petitions to this address: Secretariat Father Joseph Kentenich 5310 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee WI 53208

Prayers answered through the Intercession of Father Joseph Kentenich In gratitude I want to publish this answer to petition, granted through the intercession of Father Joseph Kentenich, and I hope to further his cause of beatification. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Signed: _____________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ ____________________________________________ Please send granted petitions to this address: Secretariat Father Joseph Kentenich 5310 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee WI 53208
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 9

Update from Bolton, England

The founder groups (starting in the 1970s) prayed and sacrificed for the first Schoenstatt Shrine in England. They read how the Schoenstatt Family in Chile had challenged Our Lady to give them a place for a shrine if they gave her a certain number of prayers and sacrifices. She did! So they decided to follow the Chilean example and promised 64 thousand gifts! Almost within days after they had collected the promised number, the door to Kearsley opened a place no one had ever thought of or knew existed! Dedicated Oct 1, 2000, Bishop Brain has named it a gem church and wants the shrine to become a centre for building up and renewing family life. We have 40 pictures on the go. The Pilgrim MTA frames were made by Michael Quirk and Bill McEvoy, both of Liverpool Family League, but demand has come to a halt. The English Oakwood was donated by a young man who comes to the shrine very often. There is an annual gathering of co-ordinators the first Saturday in Nov. Now we are working on a mosaic to depict the eight Office Hour prayers composed by Father Kentenich, while in the Dachau concentration camp. The priests were unable to pray the Office Hours because they had no Breviary, so they asked Father Kentenich for a substitute. The prayers follow the life of Christ and his Mother like the sun through the day, connecting our lives with theirs, so that our whole day is lived in union with them. The eight panels of the mosaic will recall key places and events in the life of Christ: Nazareth, Bethlehem, Bethany, Tabor, Calvary, the Cenacle, and the eternal Sion. Mary Cole

Germany Update 09
In April 1968 Father Kentenich gave the advice to begin in Germany: Allow the example of Mr. Pozzobon to inspire you, without trying to copy him. Allow the Mother of God and the Holy Spirit to guide you. After a visit from Deacon John Pozzobon in 1979, the Pilgrim MTA began in 1985. In 1997 for the countdown to the Holy Year 2000, Project 2000 began in over 1000 cities in 25 dioceses. Sister Mari and now Sister Johanna-Maria head the team in Marienland. Her update this January records: 4968 Pilgrim MTAS in 26 dioceses, 323 smaller Pilgrim MTAs visiting schools and youth, and 291 Pilgrim MTAs visiting the ill and elderly. A colorful phamplet is printed twice a year and they have a beautiful website at www. Sister Johanna-Maria offered 15 retreat days throughout the diocese of Augsburg this May with a total of almost 400 coordinators participating. At each location in Hochaltingen, Rennertshofen, Langweid, Dinkelscherben, Trkheim, Dirlewang, Augsburg-Hammerschmiede, Mhried, Thannhausen, Donaualtheim, Memhlz Huglfing, Memhlz, Pfaffenhofen/Marienfried, and Ple, the same theme and atmosphere of great gratitude for all that the Pilgrim MTA works in families and homes was present. We are already looking forward to her next visit. Everyone works together well. Its been many years, but everyone is still so enthusiastic. A few more testimonials: A young mother said: Since the Mother of God comes, our life has completely changed. I am so grateful! Another: When I take a Pilgrim MTA to a nursing home, I usually read something to them from the accompanying prayerbook. The message is so beautiful: You are not alone! This is exactly what the elderly residents feel and experience. Sister Johanna-Maria

Scotland Reports

The Schoenstatt Family in Scotland made a pilgrimage to the Exile Land in May 2006 and in Oct 2008, where Sister Petra shared her experiences. The pilgrims were sent out with Pilgrim MTAs. This northern-most shrine hosts all Glasgow diocesan children for May pilgrimage days, complete with rented temporary classrooms. 10 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

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Project 2000 Grows Successfully into Project Pilgrim Shrine in Germany

Irish Promise is fulfilled by Pilgrim MTA Visit

One lady who is a coordinator in Ireland, has a very special grandson. He is three and loves to play holy Mass. When I visited I brought a Pilgrim Mother with me as soon as he saw Our Lady he took her and set up his altar and said holy Mass. His granny, Mrs OLeary, and her husband have a very touching story! They own a farm and had five children. One of the boys was very keen on farming, and it was expected that he would take over the farm, died at the age of 22 while milking the cows. A few years later the second boy decided he wanted to take over the farm so his parents could retire. Before doing so he went on a European holiday. However, while there, his drink was drugged and he died he was also 22. It was heart breaking but in faith the parents accepted it. However there was the worry of the farm. One daughter was married; another qualified as a vet but definitely didnt want to run the farm. The last daughter then announced her engagement. Her fiance had a good job and had his own house. It looked as if the farm would have to be sold eventually. The parents never put any pressure on any of the children to take over the farm but trusted its future into Gods hands. Mrs OLeary promised Our Lady that if a solution to the farm was found, she would do something extra for her. And Our Lady took up this promise. Shortly before the last girl married, she came to her parents and said that her fiance and herself would like to take over the farm; he was going to leave his secure job and sell his house and learn farming. They have now converted a barn into a home next door to the parents house and their eldest son is the little priest. Last year while visiting a very small village three hours drive from Mrs OLeary, she spotted me at holy Mass. She was visiting her sister in that village. We got talking and I told her about the Pilgrim Mother. It turned out that eight years previously she had been in our shrine in Scotland and still had a postcard on her fridge! She said that she would like to begin the Pilgrim Mother in her village that would be her gift to Our Lady for saving her farm!

Priest blesses Pilgrim MTAs in Bocholt, just south of the border with the Netherlands last Spring.

Pastor Mentgen and Sister Mari led procession on May 17, 2009, from the parish church to the Lourdes Grotto in Freisen in the Saarland, celebrating 10 years of blessed SRC.

Konrad Giersdorf from Berlin brings more MTA pictures to Russia May 20, 2009.

There are 10 more Pilgrim MTAs in Ireland. Sister AnnMarie Nicholas wrote this testimonial. She is the first Irish Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, presently serving at Glasgow, Scotland, working with the SRC among other duties. There are also 11 traveling shrines in Scotland to date. She met with the coordinators at Campsie Glen for the first time in Feb 2009.
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 11

Owe no debt to anyone, except the debt that binds us to love one another. St Paul to the Romans 13:8

Schoenstatt my world, my world shall become Schoenstatt. J.K.

The heart of Paul is a heart for the world.

Constantia, West Cape, South Africa



Original Shrine Asia Australia

On May 17, 2009, we had the annual Pilgrim MTA apostolate convention with the theme: With Mary - Building a new Society. Our main topic of this workshop was the forthcoming 10th anniversary of the Pilgrim Mother in Nigeria. We hope to celebrate it in good style in Oct or Nov this year. (Editors Note: Since the photos and report did not arrive before printing deadline, we include the 2007 convention report and photos here.) The coordinators of the Pi l g r i m M TA m ov e m e n t gathered on May 13, 2007, with the theme: With Mary in our Daily Life. The event started with the Eucharistic celebration at 9 am, after which the convention continued with each of the coordinators saying one Hail Mary of the Rosary accompanied with an intention for the members of his or her group. An inspiring talk titled: Living our daily life with Mary, like Mary, and for Mary was given by Father Ivanhoe Allies. This introduced the coordinators to the workshop

This African country has 17 million Catholics, some 15% of the countrys population.
titled: What we can do to solidify the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate in our areas. The testimony of a couple who was barren for 13 years and conceived a child after the visit of the Pilgrim Mother in their home added a unique color to the convention. There were also many other testimonies of the miracles experienced after the Mothers visit to homes. Out of about 70 pilgrim MTA pictures in circulation, 37 pictures were brought to the shrine on the day of the convention. Another result was that we will have our first regional convention in Benin City on Mothers birthday come Sept 2007. In this city some 350 km east of Ibadan, the Pilgrim MTA started basically on its own and has grown ever since. For the last three years the more than 20 groups sent at least 1214 representatives to the annual convention. It is the only place where we have a single lay man who is coordinating the coordinators of the various groups. With a very grateful heart I send you greetings from the shadow of the Victory Shrine, Father Klaus Desch

An addition to the May Convention, there have been four teams of Eagle of Hope Project which are Chilean Schoenstatt Youth staying for three or more months to continue building up the youth movement in Ibadan. Sister M Iona visited last Sept and Sister M Joanne will come this July. The sisters reach out to girls and mothers who meet already on a regular basis in the shadow of the shrine in Ijokodo.

In the last decade more than 90 Pilgrim MTAs travel in 14 of the 36 federal states in Nigeria. The largest concentration is in Benin City.

Preceding Photo Credits: Page 12: St Paul and Constantia Shrine by Sister M Iona, South Africa; Page 13: Nigeria by Father Klaus Desch; Mexico by Sister M Christin Diedrich; India see; Australia by Monica Cecil, VA, of Frank & Connie Caruana who made thousands of traveling shrines in sets of five; Original Shrine by Sister M Kornelia Fischer, Germany.

More websites: Ohio Indiana Lamar, Texas Louisiana Minnesota Florida Nebraska San Antonio, Texas Wisconsin Enter into the School college students on rosary of St Paul through in Spanish from Chile Father Joseph Kentenichs writings Press Office International

14 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Burundi - Mauritius - Rwanda - Tanzania - Zimbabwe

I arrived home on the 11th and found the parcel waiting to be opened. We have watched the DVD for making the covenant of love and the one on Don Joo Pozzobon. Francis and I took them to our covenant day celebration on the 18th and played the one on the Rosary Campaign and also the last session on the covenant of love DVD just to show everyone Father Kentenich walking and talking. It was exciting! We have only ever seen still pictures of him. Now we have to plan starting a course for those wanting to make their covenant of love. If they start we may be ready by Oct Week when Father Michael Hagan usually comes up from Cape Town to be with us. Next week on 2 June we will crown Our MTA Queen of Africa. We always need her for our troubled continent and especially here at the moment. The CD of Schoenstatt hymns is very good. Thank you so much. Marlene Peter, Harare, Zimbabwe Mauritius is a world-in-oneisland slice of paradise. The Chan Kam family have prayed to Father Kentenich for over 20 years. One of their sons, Kevin, underwent major operations as a child on his face. Lisette, a German instructor, was able to visit the Original Shrine in 1987 & 1991. In 1995 her husband, Serge, joined her in a pilgrimage to Father Kentenichs tomb. They have monthly SRC meetings to welcome the Pilgrim MTA and gather around her in prayers between the four sisters and three brothers in BeauBassin, Mauritius. Lisette Chan Kam

Then came Sr. Patricia Mukanyonga from Rwanda. She periodically visits a number of parishes in Dayton, Ohio because of the large number of Rwandans in the area. An organization has been formed called Bridge to Rwanda which serves as an aid to the people there following the horrific genocide that took place in 1994. On Sr. Patricias last visit, I spoke to her about the concept of the home shrine and the pilgrim shrine and how helpful this would be to the people. Sr. Patricia said there is so much emotional pain in Rwanda. There is a great need for inner healing and forgiveness. Most people think of the material poverty and forget how neighbors killed one another during the genocide. Children have lost parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters. When Sr. Patricia told me of the need of inner transformation I immediately thought of the graces of the shrine. So Sr. Patricia took two Pilgrim Shrines from Ohio to Rwanda to travel to families. She is also starting a little industry for her orphans and could make future Pilgrim MTA Shrines or they could also make shrines for gifts. I have asked her to write the name of each orphan on the bottom like: Made by John, Rwanda. They are a little bit more rugged in appearance, but I think it adds to the character. These orphans really need the work and I would like to help them out somehow. I was told that most Rwandans dont have jobs so they love it when they have something to do. Could we network to Rwanda for our Schoenstatt stores maybe? Curtis Kneblik, Dayton, OH

The Pilgrim MTAs in Burundi spread peace and faith among families.

In my parish people are waiting for the visit of the Pilgrim MTA. It is really distant and involves planning, as I must go over water. There are about 13 outstations. Pray for me that I achieve these visits as it is tiresome and consumes much fuel with the motorboat. Thank Lucy Smith and ladies in Missouri for rosaries. Remain healthy and God Bless, Rev. Fr. Eladius Mutunzi, Bukoba, Tanzania

May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 15

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization continued from page 7 We want to look briefly at these lines in two individual pictures: The Grace Line: I AM a living shrine Here we see the line from above, the dimension of grace. Father Kentenich took the basic truth of the indwelling of God in those who are baptized seriously to the ultimate consequences. Not only that I possess divine life, and carry this life somewhere in me, but I am a shrine of God, I, with my whole person. I am always this shrine whether I am praying, eating, working, or dealing with people. With this concept our founder impressed on our feeling for life something for which there is a noticeable sensitivity today. One can speak of a new discovery of mysticism, especially by young people, a new discovery of the God who is living in me. It is told of the American theologian and writer Henri Nouwen that for seven months he retreated to a Trappist Monastery. At the beginning he asked the abbot to give him some direction and received for his meditation the guiding thought: I am the glory of God. I am the glory of God and in the covenant of love we add: I am the glory of Mary, I am a living Schoenstatt Shrine from which Our Lady gives the same graces as from all shrines. Each of us in his effort to pass on the faith comes into situations where, humanly speaking, it is not possible to do anything anymore whether it is because his own limitations and weaknesses are too great, or because the surroundings are blocked to everything religious. And still: even there, where the natural radiating energy of the personality cannot accomplish anything, I can be effective: I am the glory of God; that is, through me, God and Our Lady touch the people with their grace, with the original pilgrimage graces of Schoenstatt. In this way I am always apostolically effective, even if I am apparently without success. To this the second line has still to be added it preserves us from allowing the grace to hang in the air as it were, to wander around in supernature, and to mistake our own feeling of comfort and security for blind trust in Gods powerful effectiveness: The Pedagogical Line: Shrine Building Site Now it almost has a sobering effect to speak of the shrine under construction, a building site which demands our cooperation, our efforts even if in comparison to the divine master builder we only carry out the work of an apprentice. But the nothing without us, the concrete, resolute work on ourselves belongs inseparably to the nothing without you. Both these lines meet each other and unite together in our heart shrine. A quote of Father Kentenich expresses the core of this process: We strive after an enlightened, resolute self-education (the line from below) in intimate dependence on our Blessed Mother, the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt (the line from above), in order to become thereby capable and ready to be instruments in her hand (the apostolic impetus which is thereby set free). Our aim is, after all, not only the education of the personality but education of the personality in order to become leaven for a new, Christ-formed time. III. THE HEART SHRINE CONCRETELY: AS A LIVING SHRINE THE BEARER OF THE NEW EVANGELIZATION Even on its own this great thrust of evangelization from the heart shrine is impressive. But our founder offered us still much more: through our education system he gives us corresponding tools for the work we do at the Shrine Building Site. When we use them in intimate dependence on our Blessed Mother, we can educate ourselves to become witnesses of the Gospel. The using of these tools he tailored to life, as it were, and had their effectiveness tested on himself and others in the most varying situations. From the perspective of evangelization, our education system appears in a new light. It helps to form in us the characteristics with which Evangelii Nuntiandi describes the inner attitude which must animate those who work for evangelization. The exhortation summarizes these attitudes in six short formulations. (EN
No. 74-80)

In the first place and therewith laying the foundation for all others is the statement: Those who work for the new evangelization must live and be effective A. under the action of the Holy Spirit. Who of us would not like to be a person with radiating energy, who can pass on to others in a very original and attractive way the religious world which he found fulfilling. Father Kentenich named a means even though it is not an automatic patent. Our inner life must be like a well full of water, he said. If we care too little for its inner riches the personality will quickly lose its attraction, our word will become hollow and our activities unfruitful. What we have just heard surely appeals to us. However, life often looks different: we very often experience ourselves in a harness of abundant requirements and excessive demands in the family, profession, education, personal and social relationships. Then our feeling for life is not that of a well filled with water but rather comparable to a dried up cistern. We all know how much strength is then needed, alongside everything else, to be still apostolic as well. On the other hand, many have experienced our founder as such a well filled with water and he really did not

16 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization have less work than we have. Hence, there must be a solution. His solution: He took the covenant of love seriously. His actual diary of appointments was the plans of God, right down to the concrete hour. Whatever he did not manage he handed over to Our Lady. In union with her he became more and more sensitive to and pliable for the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. He wanted to be mediator to the divine breath, and in his life it was the Holy Spirit who really acted, who was the primary mover, the inspirator, the one who breathes into and without whose breath our activities remain soulless and our methods mechanical. The heart shrine is the place where the divine breath reaches and touches us. This is because, through the covenant of love, our heart shrine has become a shrine of Our Lady, and the Holy Spirit is most effectively at work wherever he finds Mary. To accept the Holy Spirit as Mary did means a definite shift of emphasis: not I am important but Gods plans, even if in actual life situations they become unpleasant; not I do something, but I let myself be guided by the Holy Spirit. This definite shift of emphasis is ultimately a gift, but it is also the fruit of a continuous striving for a greater enrichment of our inner life. Concern about our inner life is not in the first place a question of time; it is a question of love. Love finds time, and even if it is only a few moments a pause to breathe in which we breathe out our own ego and breathe in the divine breath. Now how does the power of the Holy Spirit become effective in individual souls in a very concrete way? A decisive effectiveness is surely the B. authentic witness of life. Authenticity! If we find on the back of a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest the stamp Made in Hong Kong we would not describe the clock as authentic or original, even if the cuckoo calls out every hour with German punctuality. That is not only the case with cuckoo clocks: Also what we represent to the outside and call out, must correspond with the wood from which we have been carved. A person is authentic when one can say that he is an organic whole, that he has a core from which he determines his judgments, his behavior and actions. Our father and founder called this personal and unmistakable core the personal ideal. My heart shrine is not one in the production of a series, it bears a name. An original grace is given to it for the fulfillment of its own mission just as to any other Schoenstatt Shrine. This personal charism is an answer to my originality and my capabilities because in my heart shrine Our Lady does not educate any Christian - or Schoenstatt person in general, but me. I should represent an original, someone which has never been, as Father Kentenich puts it. Throughout his life he fought the mania of comparing with and copying others. He wanted to offer help through educational means so that each one can find his originally intended self in order to give it to God and people. Striving for the realization of the personal ideal contains a strongly centralizing and integrating power in contrast to the many centrifugal forces to which we are exposed. A beautiful, inspiring formulation is already a very good beginning. But whoever allows himself to be taken fully into this adventure will soon notice that all his energies are set into action by the personal ideal: the mind is no longer only satisfied with a lot of knowledge, in the ideal it possesses a key which enables a step-by-step personal acquisition and integration of knowledge. The flood of the most varied modern trends and topical questions is subjected to a value judgment from the personal ideal: it enables one to take a personal standpoint. However, the personal ideal is not an intellectual exercise. It can only unfold forming power when my whole person is inflamed by it and


I relate everything which moves me to it. Father Kentenich gave the concrete suggestion to renew our personal ideal often in connection with daily actions. To the extent that my heart spontaneously responds to my personal ideal, it begins to increasingly act from within as a driving force for my willing and acting. Then it is no longer something from outside which is offered to me, but I myself seek concrete steps in order to form myself according to this ideal and I allow myself to be formed by Our Lady in the covenant of love. Here the particular examination takes care that what moves my mind and heart is also applied to my life and, in fact, to the smallest and simplest things, which can often most effectively transform my nature. Who of us has not been confronted with the problem of finding an effective particular examination for the next period of time In this point Father Kentenich is extremely realistic. Many disconnected resolutions help just as little as a very concrete resolution with which I want to eliminate a still more concrete fault, if this resolution is not motivated by my personal ideal. Striving with a particular examination which is not in connection with my ideal is just playing around, according to Father Kentenichs judgment. It can make one sick. In short, the particular examination without the personal ideal is nonsense. The particular examination with the personal ideal has, on the contrary, the capacity to form my personality from within. Because exactly the grace which I need for the realization of my personal ideal is given to me in my heart shrine, I may also expect the necessary help
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 17

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization for every particular examination from the Blessed Mother. Again: the line of grace and the pedagogical line! As both work together, my personal ideal and the corresponding particular examination become a focal point of my love and, in this way, enkindle in me the necessary apostolic fire. Not without reason does the verse in the morning prayer of Heavenwards: Let us glow like brands of fire and joyfully go forth to the nations follow directly after the renewal of the personal ideal and particular examination. Just as the individual can only catch others by the authenticity of his witness of life, so the test of credibility for the community of all those who evangelize is C. the search for unity. (EN No. 77) But we could ask: Are not profiling of individuals and bringing out their originality, obstacles for unity? If we draw the circle wider: Does profiling of cultures, traditions, and different ways of thinking go on at the cost of unity in the Catholic Church? Finally: On the way to unity how do we handle the differences and contradictions of the Christian denominations? Are there only extreme ways possible in this basic question of ecumenism; profiling the individual at any cost as far as isolating him or absolute unity even if it would result in purely making everything the same? How does Schoenstatt approach this question? Definitely not as one question among others. When we think of the Mariengarten in which Schoenstatts ideal of a person is illumined, then we see that the tension between unity and diversity is the basis of existence. Diversity is to be found in the Mariengarten in all thinkable ways: there is a with-one-another of the most varying cultures, communities, generations; there every God-given individual characteristic is reverently accepted and taken seriously. That does not always take place without tension; but just in the tension Father Kentenich saw creative powers which can lead to a deeper with-one-another. Tensions always challenge us anew to move together towards the real foundation of unity: to the covenant of love with its three contact points. Here the numerous and unique daughter, home, and heart shrines are drawn into Schoenstatts organism of grace and life. They are borne by this unity and at the same time help to carry it. This process becomes tangible in contributions to the treasury of grace. I do not offer these in the first place for myself but for all with whom I am united in my SRC group, in the Mystical Body of Christ. In this way what I do for the formation of my personality, helps to build up unity and solidarity. Opening Heavenwards again, we read: Our striving (sanctifying self!) serves our apostolic mission, and helps enkindle zeal for souls within us. It is a bond, unbreakable and strong, that unifies us over sea and land. This prayer, composed in Dachau points out the foundation on which our founder dared the complete surrender of 20th January: the belief in the reality of supernature and the interwoveness of fate of the members of the family. The unity of Schoenstatt is being borne today and in the future by these roots. For us the search for unity is no end in itself. It is an important contribution to comprehensive ecumenism. In this way we help the Lords spiritual testament (EN No. 77) to be realized in the Catholic Church and the whole of Christianity: May they all be one so that the world may believe (Jn 17, 21) Christ prayed for the unity of those whom he had called as his witnesses. In the same hour he also placed before his Father the request: Make them holy in the truth! (Jn 17, 17) What was an urgent concern of Christ directly before his farewell, remains a norm for everyone who proclaims the Good News: Whoever evangelizes stands D. in the service of truth. This assertion is valid even when it is inverted: Whoever refuses to serve the truth no longer evangelizes. Such a person no longer brings the Good News effectively to others, but at the most he brings his own more or less great wisdom. In the long run what person can bind himself with his whole person to an abstraction even if it is called truth. For us truth is more than a system of abstract formulations; a person stands behind it: God, the Truth. He guarantees for the truth (Jn 7, 28) but he also binds us to it; unfortunately, not always clearly. At least for us today his instructions remain partly hard to understand, unclear and ambiguous. We are thrown back on our conscience in so many situations. If we want to align ourselves with the truth we stand again and again before the question: Where can we find the truth today? Our founder once described himself as a truth fanatic. In his youth he had to fully experience the radical questioning of truth with all its existential consequences. The answer did not come to him through the insight of some philosophical system but through the person and activity of Our Lady, in the experience of the effectiveness of his covenant of love with her. He realized: We must first make ourselves capable of truth according to the image of and in intimate dependence on Our Blessed Mother. Perhaps, therefore, the truth (also the truth of the Gospel) is, among other things, difficult for us to understand because we are hard of hearing, unclear because we have too many distractions, ambiguous because we are sometimes very grateful for interpretations which make things easy for us. Could not our education towards living out of the reality of the heart shrine be a chance which opens up completely new possibilities for us? Father Kentenich named some concrete points, for example: - striving for secure knowledge, clear and precise thinking and speaking.

18 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

How often pure assertions or opinions, which are given as facts, can lead to false conclusions. Endless discussions are at times the consequence of purely superficial listening; one simply speaks at cross purposes to the other. Then: - a disciplined training of our fantasy: This enables us to objectively value things and experiences and not to succumb to the danger of letting our feelings take over when we interpret them; - overcoming fear of peoples opinion, - and finally the struggle against the easy way. After all, our personal opinion should not be an easily acquired finished product but the result of personal search and effort, above all in the important questions of our human and Christian existence. The result of all this is that the truth demands not only intellectual assent, it demands our whole person. It is not we who create the truth for ourselves, but we must educate ourselves to be capable of the truth. With this the question of truth becomes a question of our innermost basic attitude. Augustine said: The Bible grows with the little ones. Penetration of the truth demands the attitude of humility before God, our creator and redeemer, so that with him we can become creatively active and help in the work of redemption. As SRC coordinators, the more simple our life style is, free from the many needs suggested by the media, the more free and open are our minds. With a glance that goes a few layers deeper Father Kentenich proclaimed the spirit of the Immaculata as the goal of our education. Formation in this spirit frees us from the clamps of our drives and makes us capable of the truth. For blessed are the pure of heart, they shall see God. (Mt 5,8) For them the truth is no strange concept but a living person. Then each new insight awakens new love. This love can unfold itself

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization because education towards truth creates from our personal ideal and which are the necessary space for it in the heart adapted to the circumstances of our life shrine. It is a love which rejoices in the situation. truth (cf 1Cor 13, 6), which is patient and kind, never boastful or conceited, That makes one tired That narrows never selfish which is always ready ones vision That is not my cup of to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure tea I have simply no urge to do it whatever comes (cf 1Cor 4-7). Thus the Father Kentenich came to hear such behavior and conversation of those who and similar objections again and again. What did he answer? evangelize should be E. animated by love. The whole thing only makes sense when everything is understood as an expression and means of our love of God and souls and becomes effective in deeds. I cannot always wait until I feel urged from within. Our independence and loyalty in these points form us into personalities who influence the atmosphere without being dependent on it. The written control demands that we allow our love to become concrete. It helps us to avoid being wishy-washy which will not lead to anything. Father Kentenich once related that someone had written to him that he did not like the daily order. He had promptly given the answer: me not either as such a control of oneself hurts and still it may not be waived: We may not say so hazily in the evening: I am going to bed in Jerusalem and cover myself with Bethlehem!!! No, no, I have to cover myself with a resolutely controlled daily order. That is hay and straw for me. That is my manger. That is my cradle. It is there that I will also sleep warmly. (Jan 1, 1935) The meaning of the different exercises in our self-education is to advance to greater perfection: to the perfection of our original love which we have received as a grace and a mission in our heart shrine and which should form and animate every fiber of our being. We h a v e m e d i t a t e d o n s o m e characteristics of evangelizers. Where do they culminate? Evangelii Nuntiandi gives as the last point: We should give witness continued on page 23
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 19

Covenant of Love at Camp Gray Sch. Family Retreat near Wisconsin Dells

But what about when we are tired out by seemingly unsuccessful efforts, disappointments in ourselves, the enormous pressure of an environment which thinks differently? What about when, precisely today, it is unspeakably difficult for us to openly approach others: perhaps because someone has annoyed us or because we must bear with our own moods, in short: when we would rather close the doors and windows of our heart shrine and put up a sign: Danger of collapse, temporarily closed? We certainly dont feel like evangelizing! Cardinal Meisner said, Loyalty is the everyday name for love. We know that the solemn hours of our consecration do not alone make our love capable of bearing our burdens. The bond which was once sealed must be daily strengthened by countless little threads so that it becomes strong and unbreakable and capable of carrying us and others. The little threads which strengthen love into loyalty are among other things the simple practices of our spiritual daily order: concrete points which result

Now you know how Ann Dentice started Penny Power - The Apostolic Support of the Nutrition Center

What Am I Doing Here?

in the hot sun in a sugarcare field, I thought, What am I doing here? The Schoenstatt Center is modest, lovingly cared for, and situated on beautifully landscaped grounds. The little chapel, the shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable is its focal point. Some of the village ladies come there every morning and sweep the grass around the shrine. They are so proud of this spiritual oasis! I stayed at the retreat center with its open-grill roof which allowed the rain to water the beautiful center-aisle indoor garden. It was amazing just how straight it rained! The electricity went off at about 6:00 pm, unless it went off earlier! When we opened the door to our room we were greeted by a small lizard called a gecko. I froze in my tracks, muffled a scream and tried to be brave! Maria Stadelmann calmed my fears by telling me that these creatures never ever jump on beds! With this startling information I became unafraid! Sister Janice consoled me even more when she said, Thank God for the geckos, without them the mosquitoes would eat you alive! I did indeed eat all the food we were served. It was all very good, even the items I did not recognize. Our little trio caused quite a stir in the kitchen one morning. The workers wanted to know who the celebrity guests were! We just had to be famous because we were served a boiled egg for breakfast! Sister Georgina took us to Santo Domingo. What a day that was! Just watching the traffic was excitingand risky! Another world, another culture. Our visit to the Child Jesus Nutrition Center is not easy to describewords fail. It is a place of love and of hope. It is a place that will humble you. Be assured that every single penny you put into a bank is a gift beyond measure. Those three days were packed full of experiences and insightsthese are just a few. Of course, the people and their life were the high point of the visit. As I said my farewell to the Blessed Mother in her Schoenstatt Shrine, I asked her to never let me forget what I had seen and experienced there in La Victoria. I asked her to help me do Gods will, to help me cooperate with his plan.

The story of how I ended up in the Dominican Republic with Maria Stadelmann and Maria Sommerauer for a three day life changing experience is too long to tell. Suffice it to say I had no plan, no desire, nor money to go there. Clearly God did have a plan! Many times during my visit I asked myself, What am I doing here? I cant stand hot weather, Im afraid of bugs, and Ive been told Im a fussy eater. As the little commuter plane approached the airport in Santo Domingo, I promised our Blessed Mother that I would eat whatever was put in front of me and be brave about the bugs. I could only hope the weather would not be too hot. This island country is truly beautiful, the clear blue Caribbean, sandy beaches, palm trees, flowers blooming everywhere, in short a tropical paradise! The sight of dismal poverty in the midst of this paradise was a culture shock Ill never forget. Fortunately for me, Sister Janice, who had spent many years there serving the poor, gave me the benefit of her experience and wisdom. I cant recall all that she shared, but the bottom line was, God our Father has the whole world in his hands and Mother takes perfect care! Jesus Telleria, the van driver for the Sisters, drove me through the country to join up with the rest of the visiting party. Jesus waved his arms in Spanish and I waved mine in Englishwe both did a lot of pointing! We stopped to take a picture of a man cutting nine feet tall sugarcane and loading it in a cart. Jesus motioned to take my photo. Sweltering

Today I can thank all Penny Power People for helping me remember the poor. Thanks to my daughter, Laurie Gomez, who made the suggestion of penny banks. Thanks to the Mission Circle who faithfully label banks and stuff the newsletter. Thanks to the people at Waukesha State Bank who count the coins. Thanks to the people of Silgan and DelMonte who supply the banks. Thanks to our Keeper of the Koin and all the Schoenstatt Sisters who help us. Thanks to all for $7,515.39 this year --


20 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

India, dubbed the planets most multi-dimensional country with a three-seasonyear of hot, wet, and cool, has 17.3 million Catholics. This represents less than 2% of the total population. Sister M Thresilita Vazhappilly shares these three letters from her quarterly MTA Newsletter at Nagasandra near Bangalore.

EIGHTEEN YEARS UNREST On my wedding day, my father gave me his own house with the consent of my other brothers and sisters. He also had a wish that I should live in the property with a condition not to sell it or divide it. As per his wish and desire, I was living in my fathers property peacefully. Unfortunately, there was no legal ownership in my name which was known to all my other family members. After the death of my father, I was asked to vacate the house for a division of the property. This unhealthy development broke our loving brothers and sisters relationship. I lost my peace of the past 18 years and finally it came to a stage that I would be evicted from the house legally. As I was going through this trauma, my daughter gave me a MTA Newsletter which she got in her school. I read the NL line by line and the testimonies published gave me hope, comfort, and peace. I immediately started to pray to Mother Thrice Admirable. I also requested the Sisters of Mary to pray for me. Wonders of wonders, MTA heard my cry. What was not possible humanly for 18 years was solved. All my family members resolved the problem amicably, prayerfully, and peacefully. More than the property our family relationship was restored. A million thanks to MTA. Dr. Geraldine Sanjay, Egipura LOST AND FOUND MONEY On Oct 3, 2007, at 11:30 pm, I was returning from work. On my way home I went to draw my salary money at the nearby ATM. As usual, I inserted my card in the ATM and completed all the requirements to draw the money. The ATM processed my request and

as the money was about to be issued, suddenly the power switched off. The money got stuck. I immediately called the Help Line but in vain. It was pitch dark. I came home 2 am and shared the incident with my wife and children. They were all in tears because of my losing money. The next morning I rushed to the Bank and lodged a complaint. The Bank investigated through the computer and their finding was that Rs.12,000 was drawn on Oct 3 from my account. The bank presumed that the money must have come out when the power supply was back on and gone into wrong hands. There were so many assumptions and technical checks to trace the money but nothing worked in my favor. I was disappointed and dejected that my hard earned salary was gone. However, we were praying. On Dec 9 one of the coordinators of the MTA picture gave 25 MTA Calendars to my wife and said, It is a miraculous picture. My wife bought those calendars and hung one in the kitchen, one in our living room and one in our workshop upstairs. She started reciting the prayer printed on the calendar from the kitchen. She used to call me on my mobile and she would recite the prayer to me. On Dec 16 the Bank Manager telephoned me and said, Your money is intact. It is not stolen. This happened within eight days of the arrival of Mother Thrice Admirable to our home in the form of the Calendar 2008. It neutralized our familys agony of losing money and we could celebrate Christmas with hearts full of thanks to our Savior through the MTA. Mr. Patrick Selvan, Ramamurthynagar

JOB (AND LIFE) CHANGES My husband was employed where we were also allotted spacious quarters to live. In 2002, my husband was compelled to take a voluntary retirement at 49. There was compensation, but we had no home , and only my meager salary on which the three of us could not survive and our daughter was still in college. He had only one months time to find another job. The Lord did not let us down: Just a few days before his retirement, he got an appointment letter from a private firm. He got a better position and a fairly good pay packet, but it was a very tough job. He had to stay in the office till late hours every day and was often compelled to work on holidays. Besides, he and other employees were addressed rather rudely and treated disrespectfully. The salaries were never paid on time. Things got much worse when he was transferred to Ramnagaram where the manufacturing unit was located. He had to stay in the guest-house and could come home only twice a week. We could no longer socialize or see our friends as on Sundays we both were so tired, and we badly needed some rest. We kept praying for a new job for him. I kept scanning the newspapers for vacancies. But for nearly five years we could not find anything suitable. Both of us felt very miserable and unhappy but we had no choice. I shared my problems with my colleagues at my work-place. One of them, who is the MTA Coordinator, suggested that I could go with him to the Schoenstatt Shrine to pray for my husbands new job. After my visit to the shrine things began to change: within a month he got a new job as Professor and Head of the Department of Engineering Chemistry at the Oxford College of Engineering. He enjoys his new assignment and is treated respectfully by his superiors and colleagues. But most important is that MTA re-united our family and we have the joy of seeing each other every day as well as have the time to visit our friends and attend functions. I am grateful to MTA for bringing this change in my life. Natalia Shukla
May 2009 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign 21

Our group has twenty-five members. I am the only one of them who can understand English. The photos in the newsletter encourage us and strengthen in us the feeling, that we are united with others in the world. But unfortunately we cant read the text. How did I get to know Schoenstatt? What does the journeying Mother of God look like in Japan? I want to explain it briefly. Only two Japanese Sisters of Mary work in Germany. When I was in Germany I got to know one of them, Sister Elisabeth. When I returned home in 1992, we kept lively contact. I visit her almost every year on Liebfrauenhhe and have organized pilgrimages to Schoenstatt four times already, of course, with her help. Approximately seventy persons participated in these pilgrimages. Most of them belong to my parish (the Catholic church Ohmiya), and some belong to the neighboring parish (Catholic church Ageo). Five years ago the parish Ohmiya celebrated the dedication of their church. We invited Sister Elisabeth. She brought the Pilgrim MTA along and left it here. From then on the Mother of God visits each home of twenty-five members. Sometimes she visits a Catholic kindergarten and stays one week in the teachers lounge. As you know, the Schoenstatt movement does not yet exist in Japan. We dont have a leader and no books in Japanese about Schoenstatt (although I have translated some texts and the booklet that accompanies the Pilgrim MTA). But all members do not forget the impressive atmosphere in Schoenstatt in USA and Germany. Each one is waiting for the Mother of God to come. Because our group is too large, the Mother of God visits each one only once or twice a year. Many Brazilians live in our area. Soon a new church will be dedicated in an area with many Brazilians. It is possible that we may get to know a group with the Pilgrim MTA there. I am looking forward to it. Yours, Rie Ishii, Saitama, Japan


One mother who was taking the Pilgrim Mother for the first time said that she would like Our Lady to spend a night in each of the bedrooms. She would ask her son first as he is the youngest and would have the least difficulties in taking the picture. She wasnt sure if her 15 year old daughter would take the picture at all. However when she got her it was the daughter who insisted that she have the picture in her room for the first night because she had an important day in school the following day. The Mother was very pleasantly surprised at her daughters reaction. Sister Ann-Marie

We pray the rosary in our parish every third Friday. We love the newsletter and network in Vancouver and Montreal. This photo is from a meeting with Josefina DeSeguro in Toronto in April. Nos cum Prole Pia, Monica and Will Fiebelkorn, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This is one of the few countries in which the Missionary of Charities work not with economically poor, but with spiritually poor (i.e., mental problems and spiritual crisises). You would have a lot of work here if there were SRC apostolate! My wife and I would like to translate Inner Balance in Finnish. She works for KATT (the Catholic Information Center in Finland). Last Sept we were in Vallendar and we hope to make our consecration this summer. Markus & Anu Hamann, Vantaa, Finland

Pope Benedict has requested that a Day of Prayer for the Church in China be celebrated annually on May 24, the liturgical memorial of Our Lady, Help of Christians, who is venerated with great devotion at the Marian Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai.

My little miracle trip to Mexico started when my husband gave my sister and me a trip to Mexico City. One of our stops was in Queretro, Mexico, where we were to visit the Leyenda del Arbol de Espinas but it was closed. Earlier I had asked if I could take a taxi to visit my sister friends in Schoenstatt there, but the tour director did not want me to leave the group. Now by some little miracle I ended up taking 38 people to visit the Schoenstatt Shrine Corazon fiel dela iglesia. Arriving at Schoenstatt, I could feel her blessings with her warm welcome and was able to visit with Sr. Alejandra and Sr. Heidi as I had first wanted to do. As Father Kentenich would say; Nothing without you, nothing without us. From the Home Shrine, Cor Unum In Patre, of Mariano and Diana Garcia in Corpus Christi, TX

22 Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Year of St Paul 2009

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization continued from page 19 F. with the fervor of the saints. In other words: We should become saints because only saints summon up the fervor which the work of evangelization demands. Striving for holiness belongs so essentially to Schoenstatt that Father Kentenich once said that Our Lady would run away when there were no more people who would be striving for sanctity. However, to speak of becoming holy sounds very different and questionable when we have to speak about it to others. They may be good Christians; but to become holy? Is that not something for those who by profession have to be pious? How can someone who has to put his strength into a very unpious field of work become holy for example? Is not holiness then an ideal beyond our reach? Father Kentenich did not think so. It was precisely his passion to show Christians in the world a sanctity which is possible for them. And this sanctity is not up in the air: Schoenstatt wants to help shape the world in all spheres. We do not want to leave the influence on the society of tomorrow to others who think differently; we also need to play an active part. Now, reaching out towards sanctity lies in coming to God with everything that moves us be it the housework, the calculations for the firm which give us sleepless nights or whatever. Father Kentenich said that everything should be at the service of God. Again and again he stressed that the worldly life may not drive us away from God just as our union with him may not make us strangers to the world, unnatural or useless in life. Others may not say: He is religious, one cannot do anything with him. Rather just the opposite should be the case, that is, they should be able to say: that person is religious, that is why he is so capable. In spite of this a but still exists: Is this picture of sanctity so realistic that it also takes into account our concrete limitations? The key to the answer lies again in the heart shrine. It is often so difficult for us to connect our everyday life with God in the heart shrine God and Our Lady themselves unite with everything that inwardly occupies and worries us. Our Lady accompanies us everywhere, even into the most impossible situations. In our concrete self-education we so often experience set-backs. Some good decisions get drowned in the hectic of the many demands on us. However, the heart shrine remains our cradle of sanctity and Our Lady can also carve a saint out of a great lump of wood as Father Kentenich occasionally said. Actually sanctity is nothing that we can achieve and secure through increasing perfectionism. Sanctity is perfect love. Our Lady increases our love in the heart shrine. And this love includes the world, people and all natural bindings; it shapes our everyday life and draws it into God. Father Kentenich calls this original way to holiness everyday sanctity. It was his way of evangelizing. When we become people with such a great love, then we have the fervor of the saints which lays aside all despondency, fear and carelessness, and in joy and hope gives witness to the fact that God is the Holy One in our midst, (Hos 11,9) and he follows each person everywhere in order to draw him to himself. Seen in this light, sanctity and evangelization are only two sides of the one reality. Therefore, what the Church needs in its worldwide mission, what Schoenstatt needs for its apostolic aims are saints, people who have grown to maturity in the shrine through resolute work on themselves, but above all through the education of Our Lady; people who have matured to become modern witnesses of the Gospel, who have matured to a sanctity which is catchy.

The next Journey of Love will be a PILGRIMAGE TO ITALY & GERMANY from July 16 to 30, 2010. Until we have the confirmation from the Passion Play tickets in Oberammergau we dont want to put the final package together (otherwise it would be an exorbitant price to cover unconfirmed plans.) If you are interested, please write to Sister Jessica at 5825 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI 53718. Your name will be recorded on our interested list and you will hear from us as soon as we know more details. It is a pilgrimage of a lifetime covering Rome, Assisi, Loreto, Munich, and Original Schoenstatt!

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St Paul had one great sense of humor the way he always landed on his feet. Take time to laugh! It is music for the soul and best exercise for the inner body.

Q uit looking at the future R edeem the time at hand S tart every day with worship T o thank is a command U ntil we see Him coming V ictorious in the sky W ell run the race with gratitude X alting God most high Y es, therell be good times and yes some bad, but Z ion waits in glory....where none are ever sad!
Email submitted by Catherine Johnson, Birmingham, AL

And they AskWhy I LIke RetIRement Question: How many days in a week? Answer: 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday Q: When is a retirees bedtime? A: Three hours after he falls asleep on the couch. Q: How many retirees to change a light bulb? A: Only one, but it might take all day. Q: Why dont retirees mind being called Seniors? A: Term comes with a 10% discount. Q: What is considered formal attire? A: Tied shoes. Q: Why do retirees count pennies? A: They are the ones who have time. Q: What is the common term for someone who continues to work and refuses to retire? A: NUTS! Q: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or garage? A: They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will want to store stuff there. Q: What do retirees call a long lunch? A: Normal Q: Best description of retirement? A: The never ending Coffee Break. Q: What do you do all week? A: Monday to Friday; Nothing, Saturday & Sunday I rest. If you have not yet retired, see what you have to look forward to.
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Your age, please? asked the census taker. Well, said the woman, let me figure it out. I was 18 when I was married and my husband was 30. He is now 60, or twice as old as he was then, so I am now 36.

When his eyes began to give him trouble, a man went to an ophthalmologist in Prague. The doctor showed the patient the eye chart, displaying the letters CVKPNWXSCZ. Can you read that? the doctor asked. Can I read it? the Czech replied. I dated his sister!