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Name: _________________________________ Number: ________11 B_ 4th English test I - Look at the words in the box!

Insert them into the correct space to make a meaningful text! applicantscandidatedetailedemployerupdatedunemploymentpost job seekersCVskills

Nowadays jobs are scarce, so on account of the high _________________ rate, __________________ must be extremely thorough when they are looking for a job __________________. When they are filling in a form for a specific position, ___________ must provide ___________________information about their education, training and _________________. When they go to an interview, they should bring along their _______________ as it is usually required by the prospect ________________________ and it may help the boss to decide who the best ____________________ is. So, you should have an ______________________ version of your latest job to show in an interview. How to Shape Your Facebook Profile to Help You Land a Job (By Dan Schawbel/@danschawbel | March 1, 2012)
According to a recently published study, Facebook profiles are good indicators of job performance. A 10-minute review of a Facebook profile can give a hiring manager clues about your personality type and insights as to how youll fit into the companys work (or not) and succeed on the job (or not). Its no surprise, then, that more employers are reviewing Facebook profiles when screening potential new hires. The trick for job seekers is to make sure theyre presenting their best, most employable self on Facebook. In January, U.K. business psychology firm OPP reported that 56% of employers now review the Facebook profiles of job applicants. Employers see Facebook as a place where they can weed out candidates from their pool of thousands of CVs. Unfortunately for job seekers, theres no second chance to make a first impression. In a survey last year of companies that screen applicants social media sites, such as Social Intelligence, 73% dont give applicants an opportunity to address indelicate, odd, or otherwise questionable information gathered via social media sites, says the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). More likely: The job candidate is simply eliminated from the hiring process. A Jobvite study from 2011 found that 84% of job seekers had profiles on Facebook, and 63% of them were actively searching for jobs. Everyone knows of the opportunity to network via Facebook, and now we know that such networking can result in gainful employment: A total of 18.4 million Americans, in fact, have credited Facebook as the source that led to their current job. On the other hand, its impossible to estimate how many candidates were not hired, or even brought in for interviews, because of information gathered on Facebook. Observers have been discussing the wisdom of online discretion for years, and it appears that some of us have been listening: A Pew Internet survey concludes that 58% of social network users have private profiles. Plenty of others arent all that careful about their profiles, and too much sharing of the wrong kind of information can hurt your chances of landing a job. The smart approach is to think of your Facebook profile as an extension of your CV. It neednt be overly polished or portray you as a workaholic, and it certainly shouldnt come off as fake or contrived. When creating and updating your profile, make it authentic. Trying to con employers into hiring you isnt smart because eventually theyll see through your profile and discover the real you. Furthermore, if you do succeed in getting hired based on false advertising, the job could be a horrible fit for you and your employer alike. The goal is to showcase your best self on Facebook, and to be especially mindful that what you post couldand probably willbe seen by someone with the power either to hire you or move on to the next candidate.
Source:[retrieved on 4th March 2012/abridged]






II 1. Find synonyms for these words in the text! 1.1. analysis_____________________________ 1.2. hints_______________________________ 1.3. visions______________________________ 1.4. applicants___________________________ 1.5. probabilities_________________________

2. True or false? Support all your choices by quoting from the text! 2.1. Managers are so busy that they dont have any time to use Facebook. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.2. As the internet has countless users, searching Facebook for information on a candidate, makes it harder for the manager to choose the best applicant. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.3. Candidates can always explain managers some posts on Facebook that arent exactly true. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.4. Its important that people are honest on the things they say about themselves on Facebook. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.5. Its OK to lie just a bit on your profile because you will always have the opportunity to adapt to the new job once you get it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Answer the following questions on the text, using your own words! 3.1. How can a Facebook profile help people to get a job? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.2. In what ways can a persons profile stop people from getting a job? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.3. The Internet as well as other technologies have revolutionized the world of work. Do you think that the introduction of technological appliances has had a positive or negative impact on the world of work? Account for your answer! _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ III 1. Rewrite the sentences without changing their meaning! 1.1. Although the man didnt really criticize his employer, he got sacked. In spite of_____________________________________________________________________________ 1.2. People need to constantly upgrade their skills. They want their managers to promote them. ___________________________________________so that ____________________________________ 1.3. A manager needed a computer technician. This technician must also have a good command of English. (Relative clause) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1.4. Did you beef up your CV while you were working in my office? The manager asked one of his employees____________________________________________________ 1.5. Nobody expected the man to lose his job over a comment on Facebook. The man______________________________________________________________________________ 2

1.6. He worked well; yet he couldnt keep his job. Despite_______________________________________________________________________________ 1.7. There are lots of companies. People arent able to use Facebook in these companies. (R.C.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1.8. Make the best out of your school life because all your problems start once you finish it. A teacher advised his students____________________________________________________________
Choose one of the options and write a comment on it in about 120 words! Attention: any deviation from the chosen topic will not be evaluated! Please identify the topic you want to write about!


1. Clearly the most unfortunate people are those who must do the same thing over and over again, every minute, or perhaps twenty to the minute. They deserve the shortest hours and the highest pay. John Kenneth Galbraith 2. I don't think anybody yet has invented a pastime that's as much fun, or keeps you as young, as a good job. Frederick Hudson Ecker 3. If you don't want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work.
Ogden Nash

4. Comment on the cartoon!