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Chewing gum is one of the most popular traditional confectionary item which has endured the test of time through suitable product evolution & innovation.Typically,chewing gum is made of Chickle, a natural latex product(that is why the brand name-Chicklets).If we look at the per-capita consumption of chewing gum in India it is only 8 per year as compared to 2000 per year in U.S.A & 1000 in Russia. The current size of the Indian chewing gum market is estimated to be about 1000 Crores(INR)thus it offers huge opportunity to companies like Perfetti & Wrigley in terms of market & new product development. Perfetti launched the brand `Happydent in 1970 along with Alpenlibe, Big Babol and the brand has been growing ever since. The parent company of Happydent, Perfetti Van Melle was established in March 2001 through the merger of Perfetti S.p.A and Van Melle NV. In 2001, Perfetti Van Melle India introduced the functional gum category to India by way of Happydent White, a chewing gum containing ingredients (baking soda) that provides the benefit of keeping teeth naturally white. In this category, Happydent competed with strongly entrenched brands with high awareness and big spends. The brand was sailing along but could not really shake the competitors. In early 2006, Orbit White (Wrigleys) stepped up, with marketing inputs. It has been as serious potential threat to Happydent White. The category of chewing gums is an impulse purchase and so ads play a very important role in market share. Based on the fact that whitening is perceived as a desired consumer benefit Happydent took the liberty of dramatizing whiteness to a degree of unbelievable, a fantastical exaggeration- Thus was borne the bizarre idea of a human bulba man who is a professional bulb

since his teeth are so white. Spontaneous recall more than doubled to 16 percent, from the previous 8 percent in 2005. Market share simply doubled and trebled. Total brand awareness scores of HAPPYDENT doubled and grew dramatically to reach the 90 percent level. Gross national volume grew by 102 percent over 2005 figures. Happydent has also been successful in increasing health awareness amongst consumers thus making functional gums the most exciting sub-category within confectionery. What adds to the excitement is the fact that functional aspects bring some level of planning in the purchase procedure from the customers side. This is good news as it means incremental business for confectioneryplayers with increased relevance to the customer and possible addition in the monthly grocery list. To tap into this opportunity Happydent has tried innovative pricing and new packaging (pocket bottles) which carry aesthetic appeal which tends to increase per-customer-throughput . The launch of products like Protex Happydent which is claimed to prevent tooth decay due to the presence of a special ingredient called 'Xylitol' and Happydent White which contains sodium bi-carbonate helps to keep teeth clean & white helped to leverage its position in this segment. The latest variety is Happydent wave which is already making the waves in the market.

" ad campaign, the larger-than-life theme - the idea of lighting up an entire fantasy world - is perhaps fitting, given that it also signals a sea change in positioning. Happydent is not a children's confectionery. It has staked a claim to the oral dental hygiene platform - and the communication centers on making dental hygiene a fun activity.
Happydent - Success Through Communication
Happydent chewing gum is Perfetti Van Melle's offering in functional gums category. Happydent White contains baking Soda which helps in maintaining natural whiteness, therefore it was positioned as good for teeth gum. Since then, the brand has been spreading sparkling smiles across consumers. It is currently available in two flavours: Mint & Fruit. Happydent is currently positioned on the platform, that it whitens the teeth so much that they can be used as source of light. Happydent brand communication has played a significant role in success of the brand. Clutter breaking Photographer commercial followed by Palace commercial were well accepted by the audience. The Palace commercial swept all creative awards in India and bagged two awards at Cannes. Truly, Happydent is a chewing gum for a sparkling smile Jagmaga le , Muskura Le. Client: Perfetti Van Melle Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson (India) , Mumbai Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi Copywriter: Prasoon Joshi Art Directors: Prasoon Joshi/Anirban Sen Agency Producers: Naren Multani/Benny Alexander Production Company: Equinox Films , Mumbai Producer: Manoj Shroff Director: Ram Madhwani Director of Photography: Anil Mehta Music Production Company: Shantanu Moitra/Prasoon Joshi, Mumbai Read more at most
Yes, sometimes execution can really take a simple idea and give it a life beyond its average sale-by date. In 2006, Perfetti Van Melle's Happydent White had accomplished unprecedented sales numbers along with global recognition by taking the tried and tested insight of sparkling-like-diamonds teeth many notches up with the Palace commercial. The effect of the communication was such that it forced Perfetti to double the production capacity of the base product and also launch sub-brands and flavours under the Happydent umbrella. As shown by the Brand Track gathered by market research company TNS, brand awareness scores went through the roof - the total brand awareness scores of Happydent reached 90 per cent as compared to the 50 per cent that the brand stood at in 2005. The spontaneous recall of the brand Happydent had more than doubled to 16 per cent, from the previous 8 per cent in 2005. "Both Flipkart and Happydent are examples of flawless execution, not great ideas," says Anil Bhardwaj, founder of creative hot shop Basecamp India. In both the cases mentioned

above, the campaigns were not supported by any major changes in pricing or distribution, but they managed to change the fortunes of the respective brands forever. The improving familiarity and acceptance of Happydent was reflected in its sales, which grew more than 55 per cent between 2006 and 2008, making it the fastest growing brand in Perfetti's portfolio. The industry growth rate for chewing gums stood at just 18 per cent during this period. Mind you, the whole execution bit can backfire if you don't have a strong idea in the first place.

BRAND: HAPPYDENT WHITE The ad: To continue accomplishing sales numbers of the brand along with global recognition. Year of creation: 2006 Effect: The effect of the communication was such that it forced Perfetti to double the production capacity of the base product and also launch sub-brands and flavours under the Happydent umbrella. How long it sustained: According to Brand Track, brand awareness scores of Happydent reached 90 per cent (in 2005, it was 50 per cent). The spontaneous recall of the brand Happydent had more than doubled to 16 per cent (8 per cent in 2005). Sales grew more than 55 per cent between 2006-08, making it the fastest growing brand in the portfolio