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Assessment Diagnosis Inference Planning Interventio Rationale Evaluation

A risk diagnosis Risk for Inadequate Short term Independent After 30 minutes
is not evidenced infection related primary defenses goal: 1. Note risk 1. To identify the of nursing
by signs and to inadequate After 30 minutes factors for portal of entry of intervention, the
symptoms, as the primary defenses Surgical of nursing occurrence of microorganisms patient
problem has not (broken skin) abdominal intervention, the infection, such and to identify verbalized
occurred and incision patient will as skin integrity the reservoir. understanding of
nursing verbalize and individual
interventions are Risk for understanding of environmental causative risk
directed at infection individual exposure. factors for
prevention. causative risk 2. Assess and 2. To monitor if infection and
factors for document skin there is infection identified
infection and conditions and interventions to
identify for localized prevent/reduce
interventions to signs of infection.
prevent/reduce infections at
infection. incision site.
3. Stress proper 3. To prevent
hand washing nosocomial
techniques by all infection.
4. Cleanse 4. To maintain
incision sites an infection-free
daily and prn wound.
with povidone