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Personalized overviews
TOPdesk Professional 3 enables you to personalize overviews. In an overview of incidents, for example, you can indicate that all incidents that should be processed today are displayed in bold or that an overview of activities should display every activity under the name of a certain operator in italics. This provides you with an instant overview of what is important to you. Imagine that you wish to view all incidents that have the target date set to tomorrow in green. You would then take the following steps: Go to Settings > User settings > Overviews > Incidents tab. Click on the ‘New’ icon on the bottom right side of the screen. In the pop-up screen you can choose ‘Target date’ > ‘Equal to’ > ‘Next working day’. Click with your right mouse button on ‘Text’ in the ‘Settings’ column. Select ‘foreground colour’ > ‘Set up…’, click on the green square and then ‘OK’. Once you have applied these settings, the relevant incidents in the overview of incidents will be displayed in green. You can open the overview via Extra > Overviews > Overviews Incidents. This allows you to set up your own overviews – not only of incidents, but also of objects, changes or reservations, for example. You can decide on the colour of the text, the background colour and whether the text is displayed in bold and/or italics.

TOPdesk Support
TOPdesk’s Support department often receives queries to which the answer is perhaps useful for all users of TOPdesk. And what better way to share these tips than in the TOPdesk Magazine? Q: “For a number of weeks now, I have not been able to see the TOPdesk Navigator when I use my own user account. When I log in with a different account or the admin account, however, everything seems to work fine. Today I ran through the entire program with a colleague (who has not experienced any problems) and I adjusted my settings and rights to equal theirs. Unfortunately, this did not work. Do you think there might be a corrupt setting in the database or can you think of another reason why the navigator is not visible?” A: “Can you still see the ‘Navigator’ tab itself? Occasionally, the ‘Open cards’ section slides up and over the navigator tree. You can slide it back down by moving the mouse down very slowly from the tab until the cursor changes into a double black arrow. From there, you can drag the line down using the mouse.”

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