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IU Kelley School of Business


Deadline: April 30th

Junior Executive Institute (JEI) FREE summer program for students of African American, Latino, and American Indian backgrounds Week long experience that allows students to live in a residence hall, attend business classes taught by Kelley faculty, talk with current students, and work in a team to prepare and present a business plan Application Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA Upcoming sophomore or junior African American, Latino, or American Indiana background

Purdue University - GERI

West Lafayette

Deadline: May 31st ($50 late fee)

The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) offers a 2-week summer program open to students of any grade (June 30-July 13 & July 14-July 27) Application requirements: 3.5 GPA or higher in academic classes related to choice of GERI class(es) 120 or higher individual or group intelligence test score National or state achievement or aptitude test results at or above the 90th percentile in a specific area of study All grade level eligible

Purdue College of Vet Med Boiler Vet Camp

West Lafayette

Deadline: March 1st

Week long opportunity (June 16-22) to learn about the overall wellness care of a dog, including a physical exam, anesthesia, and the art of surgery Students will also get to learn the specific courses, activities, and characteristics which veterinary school admission committees review for admission to vet school Scholarship opportunities available Must be an upcoming sophomore, junior, or senior

Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy

West Lafayette

Deadline: April 1st

5-day (June 23-28) opportunity for students to work in teams to identify a possible business, develop a product of service, create a marketing plan and pitch the idea to potential investors Winning teams will receive college tuition vouchers to Purdue University Application requirements: Upcoming junior or senior Must be nominated by teacher, principal, or community leader Demonstrate an aptitude in the areas of math, science and technology along with an interest in entrepreneurship

Ball State University


Deadline: February 22nd

Summer Scholars program allows student leaders to attend classes and various educational extracurricular activities each day during a week-long session (June 9-14, June 16-21, July 7-12) Contact counseling office to apply Application Requirements: Must be African American, Latino, Native American, or a Twenty-first Century Scholar Upcoming sophomore, junior, or senior Minimum 3.0 GPA Deadline: April 5th Late deadline: April 6 - May 24th International Deadline: February 22nd

Northwestern University
Evanston, IL or Chicago, IL

Over 300 college credit courses available IN FOCUS seminars 2 week intensive learning experience (non-credit) Scholarship opportunities available Application Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA Completion of junior year (sophomores who feel sufficiently prepared for collegelevel work may submit an application for consideration

New Haven, CT


April 18th (regular admission) GS Deadline: March 8th (early decision) May 3rd (regular admission) Young Global Scholars Program for Outstanding High School Students offers two 2-week programs: Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) focus on the great ideas and thinkers in the American intellectual tradition, covering political philosophy, democracy, constitutional law, political economy, and financial literacy (July 13-26) Studies in Grand Strategy (GS) focus on strategic lessons from history and their application to contemporary international affairs (August 3-16) Must be upcoming junior or senior Scholarship opportunities available Admission is competitive

PLE Deadline: March 1st (early decision)

College of William & Mary

Deadline: April 18 NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History Williamsburg, VA Two 3-week sessions (June 23-July 13 & July 14-Aug 3) allowing students to earn college credit in HIS 216: American History from Jamestown through the American Revolution and American History from the American Revolution through the Civil War Must be upcoming junior or senior Financial Aid opportunities limited, but available Pick up paper application in counseling office

Barnard College
New York City Program Options Summer in the City: June 23 July 20 Liberal Arts Intensive: June 23 June 29 Young Womens Leadership Institute: July 7 July 14 Dance in the City: July 7 July 17 Summer Science Seminars: June 23 June 29 Entrepreneurs in Training: July 7 July 16 Must be upcoming junior or senior Need-based scholarship opportunities available

Deadline: June 7th