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XD6101 C & Tan Delta tester

The measuring system type XD6101 is designed for determining the capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor of liquid and solid insolents, cables, capacitors, line transformers, generators, motors, bushings etc. This system is suitable for both low and high voltage measurement at line frequency. Fully automatic balancing of the bridge section is achieved by microcomputer and the measurement value is displayed on the LCD (liquid crystal display) which is built into the front panel. Measurement reports can be printed via built in printer. An external computer can also be connected to work further.

High voltage output: range 0.5-10KV/12KV; CVT voltage: 3-50V, 3-30A; accuracy 1.5%, 200mA; Capacitance measurement: 3pF-1F, accuracy (reading1% +1 pF); Dielectric loss measurement: (1% +0.00040); Test frequency: range 45-55Hz, adjust the step 0.1 Hz; Selected frequency bandwidth: 0.5Hz.

Be applicable to dielectric loss factor and capacitance measurements for all types of high voltage electrical equipment.

Test frequency: range 45-55Hz, adjust the step 0.1 Hz; Selected frequency bandwidth: 0.5Hz.
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Integration Built-in high voltage bridge, frequency power, step change and standard capacity, and other related components, can complete the measurement of the dielectric loss and capacitance under 10KV independently, automatically. Full-featured It can achieve positive connection, reverse method, CVT self-excitation method, internal and external standard capacitors, inside and outside the high voltage and other different ways of test, support the external resonance high voltage test power. Anti-interference Built-in precision SPWM frequency power and precision spectrum technology based on Fourier transform, with a strong anti-interference ability, can still be accurately measured in the disturbance intensity of 500%. CVT measurements With the CVT self-excitation measurement interface, C1/C2 can be measured at the same time in a connection, and high voltage connection line can be grounded. Data processing Use industrial grade 32-bit ARM processing platform, built-in large capacity memory, thermal printer, USB interface, support U disk to use. Protection Be with over-current, over-voltage, breakdown, volume up, grounding and other complete protection measures. Scene adaptive Using field-specific display, can be clear and readable under strong sunlight. Top panel structure is suitable for field work without a work platform; solid structure, can withstand vibrations and shocks caused by frequent transportation, handling and moving.