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Mohammad Tanvir met his wife Shamuna at a friends (1) __________. He says it was love (2)_____/_____/_____. However, romantic love and (3)__________ are frowned upon in Pakistan. Tanvir had to talk to Shamuna on a cell phone smuggled by her cousin. They got married 6 months later only after their parents (4) __________ and (5)__________. In Pakistan (6)__________/__________ are considered more important than love. Most marriages are (7)__________ by the parents and marrying without parental approval can mean being completely (8)_____/_____ from ones society and (9)__________ exile. In Pakistan, Cupids (10)___________ is mostly shot by mothers.

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*Illustration by Mar Saez *Template Isa2

1- Wedding 2- at first sight 3- flirting 4- met 5- approved 6- family ties 7- arranged 8- cut off 9- social 10- arrow