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Microsoft Ships Windows Retail 1985

NEWS RELEASE M-1423 For more information contact: Microsoft -- Marty Taucher or Mary Batterson (206) 828-7400 The Waggener Group -- Pam Edstrom (503) 245-0905 Microsoft Ships Windows Retail BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON--November 20, 1985--Microsoft Corporation announced today the  retail shipment of the Microsoft Windows operating environment to dealers and distributors.

Microsoft Windows extends the features of the DOS operating system, yet is compatible with
most existing applications that run under DOS. Windows lets users integrate the tasks They perform with their computer by providing the ability to work with several programs at the same time and easily switch between them without having to quit and restart individual applications. In addition, it provides a rich foundation for a new generation of applications. “Windows provides unprecedented power to users today and a foundation for hardware and software advancements of the next few years,” said Bill Bates, Chairman of Microsoft. “It is unique software designed for the serious PC user, who places high value on the productivity that a personal computer can bring.” In addition, the retail product includes a set of desktop applications which helps the user to manage day-to-day activities. These are based on the Windows interface which simplifies program interaction. As a special introductory offer, Windows Write (a writing program) and Windows Paint (a drawing program) will also be included in the package. The suggested retail price is $99.

Microsoft Windows an Integrating Environment
The Microsoft Windows environment allows users to integrate their applications. With Windows, users can run several applications at the same time. Users can start up and switch between standard applications such as Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE II, and Microsoft Word without having to quit one program before going on to the next. For example, it is easy to move from a spreadsheet program to a charting program, to a word processing program, and back to the spreadsheet program with a couple of keystrokes or click of a mouse. This greatly reduces the time normally required to switch from one application to another, allowing the user to interrupt an activity and return to it exactly where it was left off. In addition, users can easily transfer information from their applications by copying portions of text or graphic information to the Windows Clipboard and then modifying or combining them in a Windows application. For example, a user can copy a chart or graph from a program like Lotus 12-3 into Windows Paint. There, details and highlights can be added for an even more effective presentation. The resulting chart can be copied into Windows Write and combined with information from dBASE II. This capability allows the user to consolidate data from a variety of standard and Windows applications. 640K Barrier Broken


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It lets users integrate the applications programs that they want to work with by providing the capability of running and switching between multiple applications. telecommunications program.Microsoft Ships Windows Retail 1985 Windows allows the user to run more applications than will normally fit in the 640K limits of the PC especially with a hard disk or memory expansion card. Also included are a calendar. card file. clock. and more. Once the user understands the basic elements of the interface he has the essential elements necessary to interact with any Windows application. icons. and the Hercules Graphic Card (or compatibles). The interface can be operated from the keyboard or with a pointing device such as the Microsoft Mouse (serial or bus version) or Mouse Systems . but are also easier to learn. In addition. scroll bars. These applications take advantage of the Windows interface and can be used interchangeably with the user’s standard applications. These provide a common user interface for a new generation of applications. Windows Applications Windows provides a set of versatile desktop applications that offers increased productivity for the serious PC user. If there is insufficient space to load a program. (Further details are included in the Windows applications press release). IBM Enhanced Color Adapter. calculator. The retail release works with the IBM Color Graphics Adapter. it also provides facilities for consolidation of text and graphics information from a variety of applications. Because Microsoft Windows runs both standard and Windows applications. delete files. Programs written to take advantage of its powerful facilities are not only easy to use. A foundation for a New Generation of Applications Microsoft Windows is a graphical-based user interface. Okidata 192 and 193. it provides a smooth bridge between today’s popular software and tomorrow’s powerful graphical-based applications 2 Brought to you by Windows-Now. or format a disk--even while working with other programs. With it the user can display a directory of files. and dialog boxes. Epson FX-80. Device Independence Microsoft Windows has been designed so that it can be used with a variety of hardware peripherals. that provides easy access to common DOS commands. IBM Graphics Printer. IBM Proprinter. such as the Intel Above Board. Windows also supports a number of printers and plotters including the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet. notepad. Windows will automatically attempt to swap out an application that is not in use. The retail version also includes a collection of desktop management tools as well as Windows Write and Windows Paint. Windows is the ideal productivity environment. Included is a DOS file management program. and the Hewlett-Packard 7470A and 7475 plotters. copy files. As a special introductory offer Windows Write and Windows Paint will be included at no additional charge. It includes standard features like dropdown menus. High Productivity Today and Tomorrow For today’s PC user.

10700 Northrup Way. Inc. # # # # Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. application programs. two double-sided floppy disk drives. Above is a trademark of Intel Corporation. Hercules is a trademark of Hercules Computer Technology. languages. A hard disk and 512K memory is recommended for running multiple applications or when using DOS 3. dBASE II is a registered trademark of Ashton-Tate. while allowing them to add more as the software and hardware industry evolves. Bellevue. 1-2-3 is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation.0 or higher. and a graphics adapter card. and hardware for the microcomputer marketplace.Microsoft Ships Windows Retail 1985 software. call (206) 828-8080. Epson is a registered trademark of Epson America. Microsoft Windows will run on the IBM and Compaq personal computers and requires a minimum of 256K. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. books. Or write for more information to Microsoft Corporation. Customer Relations Department. It gives users enhanced productivity with their existing software now. 3 Brought to you by . Box 97200. Compaq is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation. Washington 98009. For more information on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Corporation manufactures and sells a wide range of software operating systems.