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february 15, 2013

Locally Owned & Operated

Volume 5 issue 7


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Canyon Creek (Strathmore)

104 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore

Selling Strathmore & Area One Dream at a Time

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Tour of Alberta coming to Strathmore

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter

Pets and people gather at expo

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Hawks fly at home tourney

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Kings gain home ice

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Strathmore is quickly becoming a hub for prestige sporting events this year. First up will be the Alberta Cup in April and this September the Town will proudly be the starting point for the fourth leg of the Tour of Alberta Race. The Alberta Peloton Association is a nonprofit group that is bringing the Tour, which is Canadas first pro cycling festival. It will be held Sept. 3 to 8 across the province. This new pro cycling event is an international scale event that will attract the same level of athletes as the Tour de France. It will bring over 140 athletes to the province with an exuberant amount of additional press, tour operators and their entourages, said Tracy Simpson information officer for the Town. Strathmore has been asked to be a start community for the fourth stage of the race. The athletes will race from Strathmore on Friday, Sept. 6, and they will be finishing in Drumheller. It is roughly a 100 kilometre race and we are named The Dinosaur Trails. The Tour of Alberta will be funded by the Rural Alberta Development Fund, the provincial government and corporate sponsors. Travel Alberta is on board as a marketing agency and is providing marketing dollars to the project. As a start community, the town is being asked to help put on the start festival for stage four, which can look however the town sees fit. A local organizing committee can be formed to work alongside the Tour of Alberta to coordinate a festival that best represents the town and showcases the community to the world. Because we fall on a Friday its a great opportunity to engage our youth and get our schools involved so we might potentially need more people, said Simpson. No cash contribution is expected from the town. Instead, only in-kind services are being requested. The Town would be required to provide police services, public works services, any permitting required for a festival, EMS and paramedic services, residential and business notifications, toilets and portable washrooms, waste management and any signage and road closures for the race. Continued on Page 2

Jersey Day!
Rosina Christensen (l-r, back to front), Lauren Jensen, Chloe Gregory and Addison Hough proudly promote their favourite team during Jersey Day at Standard School on Feb. 7. See Page 3 for more photos of the event. Manny Everett Photo


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Page 2 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013


Pine PINE CENTRE Pine Centre - 110J, 800 110J, 800 PINE ROAD road,Strathmore, ab STRATHMORE, AB 403-934-3439

OPEN 7 DAYS 11 AM - 9 PM


Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter

Payments. Everyones favorite part about insurance.
Lets go over how payments work this week. This is a topic of insurance that doesnt get discussed a whole lot. There are different payment options available, depending on your company. There valancy mitchell is 1 pay, 2 pay, 3 pay, 4 pay and Account executive monthly billing. Every company has their actual payment plan set up H Home differently. For example, you may be on a 4 pay plan, but you have to H FArm make each payment every 30 days H AuTo so your policy is paid in full within 90 days of inception. Or it could H GrouP be every 3 months. Its important ProGrAmS to discuss payment options with your broker so you are clear on H CommerCIAl due dates. What I would really like to H reCreATIon discuss is monthly billing. This H lIFe option works great for some people, but it is really important to make H TrAvel sure that you have your payment in the account to be pulled on Take ACTION the specified day of each month. Against High Reason being, if you get cancelled for non-pay (having two payments Premiums go NSF in one policy term) then you can be denied monthly payments for 3 years!!! Quite often when this happens, you will be required to pay the rest of your term off to keep your insurance in place, on top of your NSF fees from the bank AND the insurance company! From there, you may be eligible for a 1 or sometimes 2 payment option for the next year. So this is just a reminder, if you know you are not going to have money for payment, call your broker and see if you can make payment arrangements. It saves a whole lot of headache for you down the road.

After a bit of searching, and a bit of luck, the Strathmore Municipal Library is able to welcome a new, yet not-sonew, face to its staff. Rachel Dick Hughes has been working part time at the library as the Community Access Program (CAP) Youth Intern since the fall. On Feb. 8 she said goodbye to the role of Youth Intern and said hello to Director of Library Services on Feb. 11. The CAP Youth Intern was grant funded and it was fortunate that Dick Hughes contract was coming to an end when the new position became available. Ive gotten to know the patrons and the staff of this library while Ive been here and I absolutely love being here, I love my job and Im always excited to come in every day, said Dick Hughes. So the idea of being able to carry on and in a different capacity where I can implement some of my own ideas and really work more closely with the staff and the library board to make the library even greater its a really exciting opportunity. While there will be a bit of a transition and adjustment period into the new role, neither Dick Hughes or Assistant Director of Library Services Carmen Erison are very concerned.

Rachel Dick Hughes has become a familiar face in the Strathmore municipal Library in the past couple of months as the Community Access Program Youth intern. She will now be taking on a new role with the library as the Director of Library Services.

Shannon LeClair Photo

What I find is really spectacular about having Rachel come into this role after being here as a CAP Youth Intern is she brings an appreciation for our needs. Shes seen the interest in that technology, shes coming in knowing where our weaknesses are and where we can improve and so thats one thing she has a really great advantage compared to any other candidate that could have filled this role, said Erison. I can speak for the library board and the staff that we are very excited to have Rachel take this role as director. Although she is new to the industry she brings a fresh look on the library world and library services which is something that a small town library like ours can certainly use. Dick Hughes said she is waiting to hear the results of the needs assessment before really jumping on a few ideas she has brewing. She does know, however,

that she would like to see more programming being offered. The mission of the library is to provide opportunity for life-long learning so it is important to her to see that happen. Recently the library had been running technology courses with CAP and they were well received and attended. She would like to see more of those types of programs coming back and new ones being offered. I would love to see some kind of afterschool program, we have usually a rush of teenagers coming in about 4 p.m. and its really exciting they like the library but Id like to provide something for them thats an opportunity for learning but also really fun, said Dick Hughes. The results from the needs assessment are expected to be released this spring and future programming will then be determined.

Tour de Strathmore
Continued from Page 1 In return the Tour of Alberta will bring the event to Strathmore and will provide different revenue sources for the town as well as sponsorship opportunities and promotional opportunities, said Simpson. There will be a VIP section for dignitaries and corporate sponsors, and 150 travelling media representatives who will be following the race. There will also be international coverage from media sources who will be covering their racers. The Town will be provided with two 30-second public announcements to promote Strathmore This something that weve been trying to do for a long time to bring events to this town. Finally its come to fruition and I think this is a no brainer that we need to jump in and get right behind this and make it work because theres numerous things to follow behind it, said Councillor Earl Best.
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2nd Floor of the Aztec Building 304 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore

100 days of school
Zero the Hero made an appearance in ms. Dahms Grade 1 & 2 class as they celebrated 100 days of school. Designated children brought in 100 pieces of various snack items (i.e.: cherries, goldfish crackers, almonds, pretzels) to make up their 100 Day mix to share with each other. Zero the Hero (aka matthew Lauridsen) and ms. Dahm, and Grade 1 students: morgan Harris, Brodie ellis, Vincenzo Giordani, Nick Pillopow, Jocelyn Gauthier, James Reagan, Taya Brindle, Addison Hough, Jessica Wolfs. Manny Everett Photo

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Esme and her sister were abandoned in an apartment after their owners moved and left them behind.They had no food or water and were terrified. Esme and Rosalie were looking for a loving home together but sadly Rosalie passed away due to illness this past year :( Esme is a bit timid therefore we are looking to place her into a very quiet home, no children and preferably with another mild mannered cat. She is not scared of dogs.



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February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 3

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Joyland Theatre
February 15 - 21
Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Rated 14A

Furry friends gather at annual expo

There were 624 people who made their way through the doors at the third annual Strathmore Pet and Agriculture expo on Feb. 9. Furry friends were more than welcome and plenty of them joined their owners to see what was new this year.

8:00 pm Nightly, closed Mondays

For Movie Listings 403-934-3057 or visit our websites:

114 2nd Ave, Strathmore, AB

Showing school spirit

Standard School shows off some school spirit for 2013 by wearing their favourite jerseys to school, representing both local and National teams in almost every popular sport on Feb. 7. Manny Everett Photos

Shannon LeClair Photo

In case of an emergency
Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter The second week of January found the Town of Strathmore opening an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for the second time in two years. In 2011, a severe snowstorm resulted in area highways shutting down, which required an EOC and a reception centre to be established. Emergency crews were called to locate and assist those stranded on the highway. The most recent emergency was on a much smaller scale, but still required the establishment of an EOC. In mid January, Jesse Parker, Director of Engineering and Operations, was informed of a water line break event. Once the extent of the break was discovered, Parker called Linda Nelson, Deputy Director of Emergency Management. Her decision was to establish an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), and a fan-out call was made to Fire Chief Muir Furzer. At this point, the three of us reported to the EOC to make a decision on next steps, and determine what level of EOC was required, said Nelson. Once it has been determined that an EOC is necessary, the Emergency Management team looks at the potential impact to the community; based on the scope of the emergency, and whether or not there is an immediate risk to human life, property or environment, they will determine the level of the emergency event. There are three different levels of EOC that can be established. Level one is an information only level; the stakeholders in the situation are called in, and will then decide if the situation requires greater resources than are available to handle the situation. For example, when we responded to the call on Friday night, ( January 11, 2013), the Fire Department size-up resulted in additional resources being called, which meant contacting EPCOR. said Furzer. The situation then expanded beyond the scope of EPCOR, and the Emergency Management Team needed to bring in experts to deal with the situation, at which point the situation moved into a level two event. We had to formally set up a structure and begin coordinating all of the information coming in, and to coordinate all of the teams required to handle each different task, said Nelson. A level three means its an immediate threat to the community; a tornado for example. A tornado moves through town, destroys the community, and we immediately go to a level three; theres no discussion, we set up an EOC and we start taking immediate action. In the case of the water main break, the decision was made to go to level two, as there was a potential threat to property, and the fanning out process to bring in the teams required to resolve the event began. When the EOC team stated they were going into meetings, there seemed to be a perception that everyone was being called in from the field. This was not the case; the EOC is a pre-designated facility established by the Town to coordinate the overall agency or jurisdictional response and support to an emergency. It is the role of the EOC Management Team to ensure that site support activities are coordinated, and that departments and agencies have sufficient resources and direction to accomplish their missions. The structure of an EOC is like a pyramid, regardless of the level. For example, there is always a senior official in charge of an event, with support staff reporting up, said Furzer, It is basically an information transfer, with one person in charge the whole time. Once the situation is resolved, the demobilization phase begins, which means that all assigned positions are deactivated, log books are closed, all required forms, reports, and other documentation are complete. Preparation is made to provide input to the After Action Report, and so on. The guideline for how to handle an emergency comes from the Alberta Emergency Management Act. More information about emergencys and procedures in Alberta can be found at

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Page 4 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

We heard theres room in...

town of


The next regular council meeting will be on February 20th, 2013.


Feb. 23rd - Colour in the Clouds will performing at the Youth Club On going registration for After The Bell homework club, ages 6-15yrs. Program is Monday to Friday, 3-6pm, with the exception of GHSD Fridays off. New programs beginning soon, look for us at REVS. Programs such as Mad Science (6-12yrs), Extreme Kids (6-12yrs), Chef^-8, 9-12yrs), Create A Cook (13-17yrs), Creative Station (6-12yrs). Jellybean dance - Saturday, Feb. 16th, from 6-9pm at the Strathmore Ag Society quonset. Looking for more TEEN programming - what would you to see, let us know! For more information please call our office 403-934-4918.


Beginning April 1st the Town of Strathmore will be instituting Monthly Utility Billing. This will mean that on April 1st for Route B and April 15th for Route A, you will receive a Utility Bill in your mail and each month thereafter. Route A consists of: Wildflower, Strathmore Lakes, Westmount, Westpark Village, Downtown, Thorncliff, Green Meadow, Grande Point, Parkwood, Aspen Creek, Ranch Estates and The Ranch. Route B consists of: Hillview Estates, Strathaven, Brentwood, Brentwood Business Park, Crystal Ridge, Maplewood, Cambridge Glen, Glenwood, Orchard Business Park and Spruce Business Park. There will be a transition period of a few months to get all the reads from the water meters up to date. This will mean your consumption on your next few bills may either increase or decrease. Please be aware of the number of days your bill will cover, it could cover up to a six week period. Be assured that by the month of April, everything should be on track. Going forward you will then have a reading and a bill within a one month period. During this time of transition we make every effort possible to assist you in any way you may require. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Council approved the Terms of Reference for the FCSS Grant Review Committee. Council appointed Randy Tiller, Sheila Crispin, Tracy Burkholder, David Collins and Robert Breitweiser to the FCSS Grant Review Committee for a term of three years. Council appointed Mr. Kevin Keegan and Ms. Melanie Dale to the Strathmore United Way Partnership Committee for a term of one year. Council appointed Mr. Allan Auger to the Strathmore Assessment Review Board for a term of one year. Council moved to support Mr. John Godsman in the amount of $500.00 for the production of a book that about Strathmore Seniors. Council approved the three year Radio Tower lease in the amount of $3500.00 annually and that the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the Town. Council awarded the 2014 Thomas Drive Engineering Services contract to SNC Lavalin for the amount not to exceed $235, 010.00 plus GST and that the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign the Engineering Agreement on behalf of the Town. Council directed Administration to draft a letter of support to the attention of the Minister of Health and that the Mayor be authorized to sign the letter on behalf of the Town of Strathmore. Council support s the Tour of Alberta coming to Strathmore by providing the following services: Police services, public works, permit service, EMS/EMT services, resident and business notifications, portable toilets, waste management and signage rental space and that Council give permission to the Mayor and CAO to sign the letter of agreement.


April 2 April 5
8:30am 3:30pm


Theme Days: CSI Nature & CSI Farm Geo Cache Hunger Games Professor Snapes Magical Potions Tracking Games Quest For FirePond Pals Build it! Cost $120/Child For All 4-Days Cash or Cheque Only Registration begins FEBRUARY 25 Details: Ages 69 years: 30 Spots Ages 10 12 years: 30 spots Includes 2 Afternoon Swims

Strathmore FCSS is now up and running in their new location at 85 Lakeside Blvd. Strathmore FCSS new telephone number is 403-934-9090


CSI Nature: A Reality Based Nature Murder Mystery The remains of an animal has been discovered and it is up to you and your team to identify who the victim is and who did it! Full of information from witnesses to the clues, you team must unravel the mystery before the competing team does! This is a fast paced, fun filled logistical challenge where your team must use their best skills, teamwork, and common sense to gather the clues, questions the witnesses and piece it all together! Along the way you just might learn something about NATURE!


Family Day Monday February 18, 12:00 4:00pm Kinsmen Park, Strathmore AB
Bring the whole family down for some Winter Family Fun! Skating on the lake, pick up hockey, FREE wagon rides, fire pits, hot chocolate, hot dogs and snowmen building! Contact the HEAL Coalition for more information: 403-901-8047 or

For More Information Please Contact Strathmore FCSS at (403) 934-9090 Register at the FCSS Office in the Lambert Centre: 85 Lakeside Blvd

Communities in Bloom is seeking people who would like to join the committee and help it move forward. If you are interested in helping beautify Strathmore, are interested in community involvement, wetland preservation, cleanliness, historical preservation, promoting the Birth Forest and gardening then this is an opportunity for you to come on board. We are also seeking someone who has a passion for this community to chair the committee. If you are interested and need more information contact us at or call 934-2005

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 403-934-3133 Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 5

Sponsorship granted for seniors book

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter

Well Make You

Strathmore resident John Godsman has been writing bi-weekly columns featuring seniors in the area since May 2010. On Feb. 6 he put in a request to the Town asking for $500 to help with the costs of producing his new book. The book, The Seniors of Strathmore and Wheatland County is a compilation of the articles Godsman has written from May 2010 until Dec. 2012. I started this as a project when I was bored in 2010 and I thought it would maybe last six months, maybe nine months and here we are at the end of December Id written 54 articles. I have already written six for this year which will go into the next book which hopefully will be published in 2015, said Godsman. He started off by using the book Strathmore the village that moved to find his subjects and now people are contacting him with suggestions on who to write about. Godsman currently has 14 people in line for upcoming articles. Assist Business Centre has been compiling the articles into alphabetical order and preparing to print. I think its very good for the community that Mr. Godsman who will be able to complete this book and Im definitely in support of that and I would encourage the rest of council to support this as well, said Councillor John Rempel. After covering the costs associated with publishing the book, if there is any money left Godsman plans to have it put into a trust for the next edition of the book. He has no inter-

est in making a profit from it. Councillor Dave Hamilton moved to sponsor Godsman in the amount of $500. The motion passed with Councillor Best opposed. Road woRk scheduled A Request For Proposal for the engineering of Thomas Drive was put out to the public from Jan. 11 to Jan. 31. A 2013 project has been scheduled to see improvements made to the road. In 2013 that includes the engineering of the project as well as the construction of the project. We will need to secure an engineering firm for this activity based on construction requirements and the various systems that were planned to design and implement in Thomas Drive, said Jesse Parker, director of operations and engineering for the Town. At the close of the RFP request here were eight engineering consulting firms that indicated their interest in the project. SNC Lavalin Engineering Consultants was awarded the contract. Their cost was competitive, and Parker said they have a good understanding of the scope of work. The outline from SNC also will see Thomas Drive scheduled to reopen well before the Strathmore Stampede weekend, providing there are no delays due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. The project is expected to cost $235,010 plus GST. Fcss gRant Review committee Town council approved the terms of reference for the FCSS grant review committee on Feb. 6 before accepting five member requests. There must be two staff members and five residents who sit on the committee. Each member is appointed for a

three-year term, after which they must reapply to remain on the board. All of them must be residents of Strathmore, and officials from any organizations or groups who plan to apply for funding are ineligible to hold a position on the committee. Council appointed Randy Tiller, Sheila Crispin, Tracy Burkholder, David Collins and Robert Breitwieser to the first three-year term of the FCSS grant review committee. committee appointments The United Way has two new members of the public who will be sitting on the partnership committee. Kevin Keegan and Melanie Dale were both appointed to a one-year term. The Assessment Review Board is also welcoming a new face: Allan Auger will sit on the board for one year. Extensive training by the province is required for anyone who sits on the board. Training sessions usually take place in the spring. museum committee The museum committee board members met up after taking a bit of a hiatus. Councillor Pat Fule said they hope to set up a society so that grant funding may be applied for in the future but first they need 10 board members. Anyone interested in joining the committee can submit their name with the Town at 403-934-3135. Request FoR suppoRt The Wheatland and District Emergency Medical Services Association (WADEMSA) asked the town and the county for a letter of support to be sent to the Minister of Health Fred Horne. WADEMSA is requesting additional funds from the provincial government for the costs of ambulance support.


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New lease agreement for radio tower

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter

The lease agreement for the radio tower in the west side of town was up for renewal. Included in the renewal was a proposal to raise the amount given to the landowner by 75 per cent. Were looking for a three-year lease and previously that lease has been for $2,000 per year. Theyve asked for an increase and weve negotiated an increase to $3,500 per year to compensate for various price increases and land value around the area, said Jesse Parker, director of engineering and operations. At the time of signing in 2004 that $2,000 for the approximate 100 acres was a very generous amount from the landowner as a recognition for the emergency services

that the town has provided to the owner. The lease that weve had in the past has been a very fair price and I would say a very charitable price almost to the town to a degree. The previous contract had been signed in 2004. This is the first official renewal of the contract and the first time the annual rate has been increased. A few minor changes with insurance and a couple of clauses were also made to the contract. Yes $1,500 a year increase might sound a little bit high but we have also had the advantage of having that tower there for the last almost 10 years very a very reasonable amount as far as the cost of it is concerned, said Councillor John Rempel. Rempel made a motion to approve the three-year lease, which passed unanimously.

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Page 6 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013, 2012 Strathmore TimeS Page 7

Local club prepares for 4-H on Parade

Kaitlyn Stewart Crowfoot 4-H Multi Club Reporter

Crowfoot Multi 4-H club had their monthly meeting Feb. 3. Crowfoot Club will be participating in 4-H on Parade, May 31 to June 2. Thank you Sterling Hilton for cleaning up the parking lot, John Biskup and Mike Comstock for digging a path to the fire pit, the Pagenkopf family for the firewood that we could have our Wiener roast. A big thank you to the Wheatland 4-H District key members Dale Palsson and Toni Comstock for presenting on communications. Dale and Toni are available to any other 4-H club. You can contact them via e-mail ( Project reporter Rebecca Madden says that for last weeks dog agility they worked on sit & stay. They just introduced tunnel and all dogs are doing great. They havent done much aside from

working on these two things. On Feb. 11, they worked on record books for a bit. Project reporter Sam Lloyd says that Lego project has started castle and knights, and they have just started working on outposts and the blacksmith shops. Sewing project had a sleepover on Feb. 7-8. Lorelei, Heather and Michelle along with the members made friendship bracelets, played games, had pizza for supper. They would like to thank Michelle Lalonde for donating, and providing pancakes for breakfast, which they would like to thank Lorelei Sammons for donating. They also worked on their pajamas on the 8th. A big thank you to Heather and Michelle for spending Thursday night at the hall with the girls. Club Communication is March 2 at the United Church. The next club meeting is March 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Crowfoot Hall.

205 - 3rd Ave. Hilton Plaza, Strathmore, AB 403.934.6044 prowatersystems

Water Softeners, Iron Filters & Drinking Water Systems

Whats in a name?
Pat Fule Fule for Thought Names are very important to people. Over the years, Ive known people who agonize over picking just the right baby name for their new arrival. Sometimes these names must be kept secret, although I never really got why that was. I guess people might be worried that they have the best name EVER, and dont want the neighbours kid to also have it! Right now, I am teaching Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet to my Grade 10s. You remember how you were thrilled at studying the rich description of his words, the magic of his action, and the use of literary devices? Okay, well, maybe youre more like my Grade 10s than we thought theyre not exactly thrilled either. I tell them that Shakespeare is like bad tasting medicine that can be good for them, but they dont often buy that! Anyway, in this play Juliet is thinking of her newly found love, Romeo. They come from warring families, and their last names are a constant reminder of this bitterness. She actually thinks out loud about names, and questions why names have to be important. She says, Whats in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called. Well, Ill tell ya whats in a name, Will! Until youve been given a crappy name (or names) you shouldnt be ABLE to say whats in name! I believe I got ripped off in the name department. My parents told me (years later) that they never even HAD a name for me!! Oh no, I wasnt like the little kids whose parents tried so hard to get JUST the right name for their new bundle. Oh no, they had nada for me. In fact, I think a couple of days went by before they named me. Did they pick a name suitable for a young man, something other kids would say, huhcool name? No, their strategy was more simple they asked the doctors name who delivered me! Luckily, the doctors name was not Sheila, for all the effort that went in to THAT choice! They also decided to bring in our European culture to my naming. Now to me, that can often be the kiss of death for coolness. So I got the Irish name of Patrick, even though I was a mix of Hungarian and Slovenian! The MIDDLE name is my nightmare. Sure, it comes from an uncle I never met, and was probably to honour him, but Ill bet back in Europe, he never got TEASED in some horrible, crappy chant! This name will stay with me I cant trust even my 46 readers with it, as I could be betrayed. My own kids know it, and I always had to race to my classroom, as they often wrote it on my board! Sometimes Id miss it, and other students would ask, what the heck is _ _ _ _ _ _ ? I do try to keep it as secure as possible, but Ive learned Facebook can be deadly! My first name has been difficult too. I am not very formal or fancy, and have gone by Pat for years. This has led to confusion. In letters, resumes, e-mails, people often think Im a woman! My first teaching interview hit me between the eyes with this problem. I made the short list of three people being interviewed for a PE teaching job in Fort Macleod. It sounded great, but heres where I should have caught on (curse that PE Degree! ). The job was for all girls high school PE!! How could I possibly teach that, why would they want me? As we went in for the interview, it became crystal clear. No one had read my application OR resume carefully! In fact, a couple even looked stunned. THEY thought that because my name was mentioned as Pat, that I was a woman! They interviewed us, then left us waiting in the hallway. I listened through the door at the confused discussion, wondering what was next. Sure enough, they called us in one at a time, in order of being rejected. The first girl came out crying, then I was called. I congratulated the last one, and faced the music no all girls PE for me! So we were a little more careful on naming our kids. Deb decided their names would share letters which would make them closer. We also talked about alternatives. I may have said this before, but I AM getting older. We thought Brennens name should be Jett, then his name would be Jett Fule! Breanne couldve been April, April Fule! We even kicked around Diesel for Brennen and Morgan Taylor for Breanne then her first initials would read M.T. Fule you know Empty Fule!! LOL! So, for those of you who also arent thrilled with your names, I feel your pain. We do have options if you have a better middle name, you could switch to that one. Maybe you could like The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, change your name to a symbol! To those of you who are about to name your first baby choose wisely it will be your kid who has to live with it! I also had to discover all the words that rhymed with Pat, and based on my recent doctor visit, THAT one hurts the most! (Fule for Thought is a slice of life humourous column that appears in the Strathmore Times, written by long-time resident, town councillor, high school teacher, coach, husband and father of two Pat Fule. If you would like to get in touch with Pat, you can send him an e-mail at

Mario Prusina Publisher / Editor Shannon LeClair Reporter

Rose Hamrlik Advertising Jody Schneider Production Tracey Rogers Office Manager Alissa Jensen Production Contributors Doug Taylor, Manny Everett, Sharon McLeay, John Godsman, Rebecca Friesen, Kevin Link, Wendi Tashlikowich


123 2nd Avenue, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1K1 403.934.5589

Strathmore Times is published every Friday by Strathmore Times Inc. and is distributed by Canada Post to Strathmore, Carseland, Cheadle, Cluny, Gleichen, Hussar, Indus, Langdon, Lyalta, Namaka, Nightingale, Rockyford, Rosebud, Speargrass and Standard. We also have various pickup locations throughout our coverage area. Our 11,500 issues are printed by Star Press Inc., Wainwright, Alberta. The content in the Strathmore Times is copyright and reproduction without the proper written consent of the Strathmore Times is strictly prohibited. The Times welcomes letters to the editor for publication. All submissions must signed and a phone number included for verification purposes. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, legal considerations and taste. Please try and keep your letters under 400 words to ensure that it will appear as close to its original form as possible.

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Debbie Murray

Page 8 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

Thought for the week ~

Busy times for multi club

Jonathan FitzgeraLd Strathmore 4H Multi Club

different types of biscuits. The group also spent time understanding safety in the kitchen. Though the business meetings we have discussed our winter party and choose to have it at Lloyds Roller Rink in Calgary. Our volunteer project for the year has been undecided at this time, but the group has many wonderful ideas. Finally we have reached a decision of contributing a $100 gift card to help support a leader who has been in 4-H for many years and whose husband is suffering from cancer.

If you purchase what you dont need, you are actually stealing from yourself.

The Strathmore 4-H Multi Club held another business meeting on Dec. 10. The photography group had the homework of taking pictures with the flash on. They also began to research famous photographers and looking at why they like that particular style. In Foods the kids are having lots of fun baking layered cakes along with making two

Return from Australia

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter Westmount Elementary School teacher Monica Major had always dreamed of going to Australia, and last year that dream came true. I have always wanted to go to Australia, I think part of it is you hear their accent and its cool, you think about the land thats so different from our land, so I have always wanted to go. When I was going to University in Red Deer I lived with a girlfriend and she went to Australia for four months, said Major. When she came back I was just, I want to go, I want go, I want to go, but I didnt know how I was going to afford to go. So when this came up and they said you can do this exchange for a year to Australia Im like well why not. Through the teacher exchange program Major essentially traded places, and lives, with Ali Collins. You change houses, lives, everything. What happens is I apply to our Alberta Teachers Association, she applies to her teachers association and then they look through and try to match you the best they can on where you want to be, said Major. She had an opportunity to say no, thats not where I want to go if she had felt so inclined. The idea is you trade houses, trading cars is not recommended, and you still have to pay for the upkeep of your own home, but then it was up to Collins to pay the utilities bills. If you do not want someone to stay in your house, then it is up to you to come up with an alternative, said Major. Major left Strathmore January 11, 2012 and returned January 4, 2013. I would recommend it for every teacher, everywhere to give it a go and try it because its not only that youre teaching in another school which is good but you get to travel too so why not, said Major. It is weird at first. At first youre super excited and its all new and you love it. Then it did get to a point where I was like, I am tired of living someone elses life, being in someone elses house, someone elses vehicle, someone elses school and sort of someone elses friends and family. They became your friends too, but theyre kind of someone elses. I was very happy to come back. Major teaches Grade 5 at Westmount and Collins is the Japanese teacher at her school in Australia. Major was given a choice on what grade she would like to teach so she went back to the younger students, choosing a reception-1 split which would be a kindergarten-Grade 1 class here. The school I went to was fantastic and I just fit right in, said Major. Curriculum wise I found it very, very similar especially because I had the little ones. They still need to know their ABCs they still need to learn how to basically count that kind of thing. One of the biggest differences was of course the weather. Indoor recess is held because it is

Westmount elementary School teacher monica major returned to the school last month after a year-long exchange with Australian teacher Ali Collins.

Photo courtesy of Monica Major

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Recipe of the Week


Easy Yet Romantic Filet Mignon

2 (8 ounce) beef tenderloin steaks, cut 1 inch thick (about 1 pound total) 2 teaspoons olive oil 1/4 teaspoon onion powder Salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons minced shallot 2 slices bacon


1. Place oven rack in its highest position. Set oven to Broil. 2. Rub steaks all over with olive oil. Sprinkle with onion powder, then with salt and pepper. Wrap one slice of bacon around each steak, and secure with a toothpick. 3. Place steaks onto a broiler pan, and broil for 5 to 7 minutes. Turn the steaks over, and sprinkle the tops with shallots. Broil for an additional 5 to 7 minutes, or until the steaks are cooked to your liking. Do you have a special recipe you would like to share?
Please submit to the Strathmore Times by Friday noon. Fax Alissa 403.934.5546 or email

too hot, not too cold. Both here and there the students are required to spend 30 minutes a day doing a physical activity. Its a lot harder here to go outside and have that physical activity when you have to dress up whereas there I can just take them out whenever I want. You dont have to put on outdoor shoes, you dont have to put on a coat, you just go and you can run around and do whatever, said Major. The school year is broken up into four terms. Term one and four are during the hottest time of the year and the kids, all the way to high school, have to wear a hat with no exceptions on the school or grade. I think that was a big change, just sort of the weather aspect of it, the fact that youre outside so much more than you are here and the terms. Last year they divided the terms into 10 weeks. So we went to school for 10 weeks and then we had two weeks off, said Major. The school year also started in February, which meant Major was able to start and finish a complete school year with the same students. She loved the split of 10 weeks on and two off. By about 10 weeks, Major said, you start to get a little worn out and then the two weeks is the perfect refresher for the following weeks. The school focused a lot on literacy, and was big on classroom buddies, which is Cross-Age Tutor Students (CATS) so every classroom has another one paired with it. The buddy system is not new here, but Major said in Australia it is more of a specific program with the older kids trained for their role in it. While in Australia Major took in the sights and toured the country. When she landed in Brisbane she went to the Australia Zoo, home of former crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, where she held a koala. She drove the great ocean road on her second two-week holiday. She went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, did a rain forest tour and a helicopter tour. Major also took a bus tour to see the Uluru which is a sacred rock to the aboriginal people and there are big stories that come from there about their culture. Major also went to the Kings Canyon and Sydney was her last trip. The exchange was everything she had hoped for and she plans to one day return to Australia, but her next plan is to see a lot more of Canada.

February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 9

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Spring lowly is s clothing iving!! arr ed, pink, thing r Any clo white or


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Happy Gang Ramblings

For those not familiar with the happenings, the Executive is as follows: Pres: Val Rappel; V/Pres: Del Alward; Sec: Rene Betts; Tres: Betty Fleming; and Directors: - Viv Nichols, Marion Alward, Flo Linton, and Shirley Farand.

The Happy Gang is alive and active.

Wheatland County Council decided it makes more sense to invest funds in a new B6 dozer than put funds to repairs. The dozer needs transfer and drive train work, and Transportation and Infrastructure Manager Dave Churchill suggested the investment might not be worth it. There is a net benefit to buy new. It is just the right time to do it, said Churchill. The dozer had 12,000 hours of operation. It was off warranty. The motor repairs would cost about $67,000, and at resale the machine would only command about $71,000. The total bill to recertify it would be $150,000, whereas a new machine complete with new attachments is $391,000. As to accessing the funds, Churchill planned to bump equipment with less wear to a later replacement year. We have a reserve in our Capital purchases that was set up for situations like this, said Reeve Glen Koester. Dont delay other needs to do this. Council approved the purchase of the new dozer and will send the old one to auction. Public Works Bridge File 7918 in Redland is scheduled for shut down until June. Concrete barriers will be set up until guard rails can be installed. The remainder of contractor funds will be held until work is completed. Churchill indicated that recovery of $634,884 was obtained from the province, for bridge work completed in the county during 2012. He also commented on work submitted for consideration in 2013-15. Alberta Transportation pretty much agreed in principal to all of our requests, said Churchill. He commented that plow and sand crews had been out four to five times in January. Tree removal courses were complete. Gravel crews were working at the Therin pit and stockpiling at RR264, which should be completed in eight months. Crews would be participating in an Overhead Crane mechanical course. We just want to make sure that the crews are doing everything safely, said Churchill. Private snoW removal questioned. Councillors questioned Churchill about the rules concerning private citizens clearing snow from roadways in County areas.

Some well-meaning citizens had been plowing hamlet roadways with their own equipment. Councillors wondered if there was a bylaw concerning the procedure. Administration advised them that there wasnt a bylaw, but the issue fell under the road clearing policies. People have been in to talk to us, said CAO Jennifer Deak. It is a liability for them and us. There needs to be a work and access agreement in place and proper liability insurance to cover them. We told them they needed the agreement and they took the policy with them. Deak said without the signed agreement, citizens cannot use their equipment on the roads and it is essentially illegal. tenders oPened Rosebud pump and well house upgrade tenders were opened with three incoming bids. CDM Mechanical put in a final bid of $124,273 with a 110 day completion. NIB Developments tendered a $188,553.75 bid with 60 day completion. Everest Construction gave a $227,864.18 bid with 120 day completion. Council awarded it to CDM Mechanical. The second tender had four bids for the Rosebud Water Booster Station. CDM Mechanical bid $471,835.81, with a 160 day completion. AM McKay posted a $579,585.30 bid at 180 days to complete. , NIB Developments placed the lowest bid at $399,630 with a 90 day finish and Everest Construction posted $732,102 with completion estimate at 120 days. Council approved the low bid from NIB Developments. A tender for the sale of lots in Cluny received no applicants. WFcss moved in Completion of the administration building repairs was complete and Churchill confirmed to Council that WFCSS had moved into their new offices. They are settling in nicely and beginning to fit in, Churchill said. Wid and Water smart Mike Ziehr, Municipal Engineer Technologist and development officer advised council that the terms of reference had been completed and they were looking at proposals that would address the regions issues. A study of the feasibility of draining storm water and pinpointing appropriate drainage sites will be done soon. More information would be forthcoming after the February 22 meeting.

Annual Memberships and $25 and run from Nov to Nov. General Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm and Pot Luck suppers are every 4th Tuesday at 5:30 pm. Cost for Supper is $5 if not bringing a dish. All Seniors are welcome. Weve been having a great turnout and even greater food. Plan on sticking around after the meal for extra fellowship and fun. Next Pot Luck is Feb 26th and there will be an Alberta 55 plus Presentation following. The club has become quite active in the last few months with regular activities such as Yoga, Cribbage, Canasta, Floor Curling and the men play Pool every morning at 10 am. Other activities usually start at 1:30. Check the Club Room for actual times and Sign up. We even have a new Dart board and it seems to be getting a good workout. Come out and try a new fun activity - learn to play Bridge or Scrabble or suggest something like shuffleboard or Dominoes. Something new the last couple of months has been the Bus trip to the CPO (Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra) selected Show Rehearsals. Limited space on the bus (20), overflow by car pool. Next trip for Rehearsal is 01 Mar. Until next time - come over to the Happy Gang and see what is going on that might interest yourself or bring any suggestions you may have. For those new to Strathmore, were located at 85 Lakeside Blvd. (same building as the Library). We have a lovely Hall with kitchen facilities for rent by calling Shirley at 934-9927). Happy Gang info call Val at 901-9302. Good Luck to all those Participants from Strathmore and the surrounding Areas who are taking part in the Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games in Calgary 13 -16 Feb. Feel free to stop by the Canada Olympic Park (WinSport at the Markin MacPhail Centre) and watch some of the activities.

240 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore 403-901-0664 601 - 2nd Avenue, Bassano 403-641-4422

Bo T

Spinal Care for All Ages Massage Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Custom Prescription Orthotics Nutritional Supplements Motor Vehicle Accident/WCB/RCMP/Vet. Affairs Certified

Please join me Jason Hale, MLA for coffee and a chat before I head back to session in Edmonton.
I will be at the following locations and I am looking forward to meeting with you and hearing from you.

Would like to thank...

Strathmore Pet exPo 2013

Monday February 25th 10am - 12pm 3 - 5 pm 7 - 9 pm Carseland - Carseland Community Hall Gleichen - Gleichen Community Centre Strathmore Travelodge

Your Family Health Care Team

Drs. Jason Hollingsworth and Heather Russell Chiropractors Dr. Tonya Coutts DTCM and Registered Acupuncturist Carlo Paoliello Registered Massage Therapist

Thursday February 28th 10am- 12pm 3 - 5pm 7 - 9pm Hussar Sundowners Seniors Centre Standard - Standard Community Hall Rockyford Rockyford Community Centre

Animal Care Centre of Strathmore for their generous support. The Pet expo would not happen without you

Quality Canine Center

February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 11

Taking care of business

Sharon McLeay Times Contributor

Council agreed to several requests for decisions on Feb. 5. The first was a vote to keep bookkeeping fees for WADEMSA at $757.44. They also agreed to a 2013 requisition by Drumheller to pay a fee of $36.20 per capita, for those Wheatland residents using its solid waste treatment services. Marigold levy fees were agreed to, which remained the same as last year. A requisition from Wheatland Housing management was also approved. The 2013 Calgary Regional Airshed Zone Membership was deferred for consideration, pending a presentation to council in March or April. Councillors wanted more information on what benefit membership offered the County. Approval for the Strathmore Seed Cleaning plant loan passed second and third reading. I talked to the chairman. He said that with the nice weather most of the building is now closed in. Some of the machines are being installed and they are still waiting for some, said Councillor Ken Suave about the Seed Plant. 2013 seniors conference Councillors will be filling out a questionnaire about the needs of area seniors, in order for the Grey Matters Conference to develop a speaking agenda. Councillor Alice Booth said that last years conference highlighted the importance of developing measures for a safe community. It was a big issue across the province and we need to catch up on it, said Booth. The conference is a good place to find out what is going on. Especially when people are transferring from their houses into care facilities, it is a good seminar to see who is doing what. The conference was asking councillors to suggest groups and topics for presentations. Councillors suggested Making Safe Communities a public policy. Some of the local service groups were suggested as possible presenters. Gleichen war memorial Permission was requested to alter the memorial by adding names of soldiers that served in Afghanistan. Now that it is a historical memorial site, any changes require permission, said CAO Jennifer Deak. Council approved the additions to the memorial. narrow escape Councillors thanked CAO Jennifer Deak for her vigilance over council activity. In recent news, several officials have been called to task for purchasing tickets with municipal funds to attend political party fundraising functions. It is illegal for a municipality to donate to political parties. Last year, Deak warned councillors that such an action would constitute a conflict of interest and recommended that they could not request to have the County pay admission and attend as paid representatives of the County. Many thanks go out to Jennifer Deak, as she kept us out of hot water, said Councillor Ken Sauve. carseland sewaGe laGoon Councillor Ken Sauve questioned whether a public meeting, regarding the progress on the Carseland sewage lagoon, might be set up. Others questioned if that was necessary.

No meeting is needed and people can petition if they have concerns. A public hearing is automatic, said CAO Jennifer Deak when questioned about the appropriate process. Councillor Sauve said an open house or meeting would allow people to see how things will change, get information on how it is paid for and who it serves. He gave the example of the meeting held in Rosebud. It was pointed out that the Rosebud meeting was held because an emergency was involved. I think something like this affects people and it is our due diligence to have a meeting there. People commute and a meeting could catch people who can only attend in the evening, said Councillor Sauve. A public meeting is fine, but a public hearing is more formal having all the information presented, said Councillor Ben Armstrong. Council directed staff to check on the availability of the Carseland Hall for a public meeting and bring the information back to council.


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Investiture Night for Standard Beavers

The Standard Beavers Colony celebrated investiture Night by receiving their tails for their hats and badges up to date for their vests along with campfire blankets. Traci Rasmussen swore in the new leaders of Sharona and Jason Semeniuk, and Dustin Larsen before having them hear the kids recite their Beaver promise and code. Manny Everett Photo

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Tidbits of our

Purchase your Book at the Town Office or at Rockys Bakery for $40.

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2 April - A raid on Strathmores Chinatown (an extravagant title for what was really just a couple of businesses and a handful of people) resulted in arrests in what was called an opium den. Wah Shang was found guilty of possessing and using opium in the cellar of the Star Restaurant. Five other Chinese Canadians were found in the basement at the time as well. Wah Shang elected to serve jail time over paying the fine.

Stix Restaurant open for lunch Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm.
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An Italian immigrant named Loretto Falli, but known locally as Mussolini, moved to Strathmore. He kept a barn behind his house on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Lakeside Boulevard. He was infamous for working his team of harnessed horses into a frenzy, and galloping them up and down Main Street. Local teens would pick on the troubled man, setting him into rages. He was eventually committed to the Alberta Hospital Ponoka for treatment of mental health issues.
Now accepting applications for summer employment:
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Pro Shop Open

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

May - Nearly thirty residents turned up at the Strathmore Town Council meeting to express concern over the towns problem with stray cats and dogs, and with fish in the irrigation system.


Page 12 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013



February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 13

Feed me more!
Surrounded by hungry cattle Janet Yule prepares to roll out a bale of hay on her farm west of Gleichen on Jan. 25.

2012 MODels, FlOOr MODels sCratCh & DeNt

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Go green with Upcycling!

Wanda Reinholdt & Sheila KonSchuh Hope Bridges Society Have you ever heard of Upcycling? It has become quite the rage all over the western world and it is a movement gaining momentum here in your community! The reason it is so popular is that it works against our modern consumer culture, is creative, fun and environmentally conscious. Instead of purchasing something new, consider the idea of repurposing. Upcycling is the art of taking an item that would be normally recycled or thrown away after first use and turning it into something that is once again beautiful, useful, pleasing to look at. These things can be used for economical gifts or to enhance any home. Best of all, this is something that anyone can do. Most of us are familiar with the way that grain processors burn waste materials like husks and stems to power their plants a process that has been around for a long time. But the latest idea of Upcycling became popular with the book called Cradle to Cradle in 2002. This book was written to encourage people to think about how they use things. As a result, entire pieces of furniture have been built out of discarded materials, bottles have become vases, buttons and computer parts have become jewelry and plastic bags have been made into yarn, just to name a few examples. There are many ways that you can be a part of Upcycling in your community: dumpster diving for the useful; re-using containers from lotions or food; joining groups who Upcycle and doing it together; developing a business. Although everything does have potential to be used in Upcycling, it is a lot of fun to imagine a new use for something. You may be surprised what you come up with! Whether you create something useful, beautiful, or both, reusing creatively is very fun and fulfilling. For an experience of Upcycling in your community, contact Hope Bridges at (403) 983-3640. We host weekly workshops with facilitator Johanna Jackins. All adults interested in going green are welcome!

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From the survivors eyes

edie tomaSo Strathmore Relay for Life The day was still quite a blur but not the date - January 18, 2011 colorectal cancer - me? This cant be. Besides, I am not at risk and this is something men get right? Little did I know. I had procrastinated looking at a test kit my doctor had given me that just laid around the bathroom. You know the one. The FOBT, or home stool test. When I reluctantly decided to get it over with, I was to find out that it was one of the best decisions of my life. The test had found some abnormalities. I was referred to a specialist who removed a polyp for further assessment. When you get a call from the doctors office that he would like to see you, and there is an opening tomorrow, well, you know it just cant be great news. He told me like it is. You have cancer. But he had already arranged for a colonoscopy the next day. Several appointments later of a CT scan, MRI and further examinations, surgery was scheduled for Feb. 18. But this was not the end of it, another surgery was performed April 29. Things can move fast when you have cancer. I have to admit that I was calm throughout it all. The staff, consultants and surgeons are excellent and I had full confidence in their abilities. My family and friends were extremely supportive that I knew it would all be good in the end (no pun intended). My last specialist appointment was performed several months ago but strictly as a precautionary cleanup. I am a survivor now only having to go through annual follow-up. Early detection was the key. My message is simple. I would encourage you to have screening tests done as advised by your doctor. If not for yourself, please encourage your parents, grandparents, family and friends to have regular screenings. Generally, treatments is more effective when the disease is found early. And also, participate in fund raiser events to help find the cure (such as the Strathmore Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life). Dennis and I volunteered for the first time last year and we will be there again this year. We hope to see you there.



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Snow Angels

Hypnotist sure to put you under a spell at fundraiser

Shannon LeCLair Times Reporter On March 2 Strathmore resident Jaime Fairbairn is hosting a silent auction and bringing in a hypnotist to help raise funds for diabetes. Diabetes has become a global epidemic with the number of people affected rising each year. An estimated 285 million people worldwide are fighting the disease; more than 9 million of those people are Canadian. Fairbairn has run six races with Team Diabetes. This year the race is in Scotland, and Fairbairn has a goal of raising $6,100. The biggest thing is70 per cent or a little bit over goes directly to the organization out of the funds I raise and then anything over the $6,100 a hundred per cent goes straight to research, said Fairbairn. Team Diabetes is the fundraiser under the Canadian Diabetes Association and the races are one of their top forms of raising money and awareness. There is a list of both international and Canadian races that a participant can choose from. My friend from Ottawa is running in Scotland and he has diabetes. I met him at my first Team Diabetes event so we kind of coordinate our runs together now, said Fairbairn. I run to prevent type 2 diabetes because a few of my friends have been recently diagnosed. I feel if Im going to run I want people to know why its for a good reason. JR Matthew from Lethbridge will be performing at the event. Matthew has 12 years experience in hypnosis and has been a comedic performer for over 25 years. He promises a show full of fun for all ages and based on themes like Alien Abduction where youre on a camping trip becomes a journey with aliens and disco sounds. Currently Fairbairn has raised $3,200 out of the $6,100 she needs. The hypnotist and silent auction evening will be held at the Strathmore Golf Club on March 2. Two of the items that will be up for auction are two tickets to the Flames vs Predators game on March 15 in section 108 and a one-night stay in Banff for two. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by contacting Jaime at 403-901-0407. The doors open at 5 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.

volunteers needed!
For more information please call:



offering oral and nitrous Sedation

dr. ash (ashkan) Hamzehi ddS
General Practice family dentistry

Committed to Patient Comfort

Jaime Fairbairn will be heading to Scotland in may to run with Team Diabetes after raising money for diabetes research in Canada.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Fairbairn

Committed to patient comfort and technology including digital imaging, intra-oral camera, patient education systems, oral sedation, nitrous sedation, chairside computers, advanced sterilization center.
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Bringing back performing arts

Wendi TaShLikoWiCh Times Contributor The Strathmore Theatre Players are proud to announce that they will be bringing back their childrens program this year. They have held theatre classes in the past, but it has been a few years since the last session. The theatre group ran a day camp this past summer that was very successful, and have had a lot of interest since. Co-Chair Angela Reeves and Tanya Wolff, with the help of Tashina Hanrath and Laurie Motley, will be bringing the performing arts back to Strathmore and the kids. Aztec Real Estate has graciously donated a space to hold the classes, and registrations for the spring term are already being accepted. The classes will focus on basic acting skills such as vocal and physical warmup, improv and script activities as well as theatre games. Reeves and Hanrath hope to incorporate workshop days into the schedule where they can bring in experts in dance, musical theatre and costumes. The classes will begin on March 6, and run till the end of June where they will end the season with a stage performance. If you are interested in registering your child age 8-13, please check out their website at, or contact Angela Reeves at 403-901-0182.

Wednesday 9am - 5pm

Strathmore, aB

100 ranch market, Unit 105f


Wheatland Further Education Courses 2013

Go to our Website for complete course details:

Contact: Joyce Bazant at 403-934-5785

Course Calendar will appear in the Strathmore Times the first issue of each month. Next one >> Friday March 1st, 2013

february 15, 2013

Hawks host home tourney

The Jr A boys Holy Cross Collegiate Hawks basketball team were the host to a tournament this past weekend, Feb. 8-9. The boys played their first game against Heritage Christian winning 37-25. The Hawks finished the weekend in fourth place.

Hockey Day in GA was once again a success. In the past the weather has been a bit of a stickler, either being too warm or too cold. This year the sun was shining and it was the perfect day for the annual event.

Shannon LeClair Photos

Bring home some gold

Wendi TashlikoWich Times Contributor Local figure skater Kennedy Zaytsoff is home and trying to get used to the time change after her two week adventure in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. Zaytsoff is a member of Team Canada Special Olympics figure skating team which left for competition in the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games on Jan. 24. She and her mom returned home on Feb. 6, which they had to endure twice because of the time difference. Zaytsoff began skating at the age of five and began competing in figure skating main stream at the age of seven. The 17-year-old attends Holy Cross Collegiate and works as a program assistant with the CanSkate program. After years of mainstream competition and many medals under her belt, her coaches knew she was ready for something bigger. When she made the decision to start training for the 2013 Winter Games there was no stopping her. Her local coaches Leanne and Lindsay Woodcock (a national competitor) worked Zaytsoff hard. Kathy Chiasson, Kennedys mom is overwhelmed with the time and effort so many people have put in to her daughters training. Lindsay was instrumental in creating Zaytsoffs solo for the games; Lindsay choreographed and practised with her until it was perfect. Along with her local coaches, Zaystoff trains with Barabra Prytai in Calgary. The training schedule is intense, two hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with the occasional Thursday morning session thrown in. All of her hard work paid off when she returned home to Canada with two gold medals around her neck. Kennedy was entered in two categories at the Winter Olympics, free skate and dance. She came through the compulsory elements in first place for free skate where she went on to capture gold in her second day of competition. With a combined score in her dance solo she made it to the top of the podium again, taking gold in her division for dance. Zaytsoff said her favorite part of the games was the whole experience, and dancing in the closing ceremonies with gold medal winners Una Kim and Michelle Kwan. Zaytsoff was asked to skate in the closing ceremonies, which she was honoured to participate in. This added a lot of practices in preparation for the flash mob to Gangnam Style, which they performed on the last day of the Olympics. Zaytsoffs schedule didnt leave too much time to sight see, she had closed practices with Coach Janet Collins every day and scheduled time for visits with her mom. Between eating, sleeping and competing, she found some time to watch the Canadian team compete in speed skating. The Canadian figure Skating team stayed for the first few days in the host town of Asan at the University. They were then moved to Gangneung where the athletes village was set up at Gangwondo. Zaytsoff describes her living quarters as a mini apartment that she shared with other skaters. She often chose to eat rice for breakfast and lunch, but said the food

Pond hockey fun

Wendi TashlikoWich Times Contributor

Photo Courtesy of Celeste Pirie

Strathmore teen Kennedy Zaytsoff won two gold medals in figure skating at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

Wendi Tashlikowich Photo

was good and consisted mostly of Korean BBQ. Chiasson is very proud of all the work her daughter put into this unique, once-in-a-life opportunity, she was also impressed by the wealth and life style of the Korean culture. Without the support of The Strathmore Skate Club she would not have been able to accompany her daughter on this trip. She will never forget everyone who helped make this possible. Zaytsoffs plans for the near future involve a competition at the end of March in Lethbridge and then continuing her training so she can attend the 2017 Winter Games that will be held in Austria.

Hockey Day in GA began a few years ago and has been growing each year. The hope is to see things continue along the same path. The day always falls on the national Hockey Day in Canada event which sees hockey players from across the country enjoying the sport. Pond Hockey is gaining popularity with skaters and their parents. It is a more affordable way to get your kids into the game. The fees are much lower, there is no travelling for games and players have the option to practise once or twice a week. All the coaches are trained by the Hockey Alberta program and all players are insured through them as well. The Hockey Day in GA Tournament took place on Saturday Feb. 9 this year, and was once again an all-day event. Each player paid an entrance fee of $5 which guaranteed them three games, a swag bag, a jersey and free lunch for them as well as their parents. Over 130 players were registered for the tournament, some came from as far away as Fort MacKay. Approximately 18 teams were busy playing 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, on the two indoor ice surfaces and two outdoor surfaces. The players, both boys and girls ranging in age from 4-17 had a blast doing what they love to do - playing hockey. The younger age groups played more for fun - the competition was there, just not in such a serious format, some teams didnt even keep score. Jason Strudwick, a retired Edmonton Oiler, was on hand to sign pucks and hockey cards. At lunch time the players were invited to skate on the outside ice with Strudwick, which was a highlight for a lot of young players. If you are interested in Gleichens Pond Hockey program, you can find more information on the Hockey Canada Website.

Home s Game

re StratThimos me Saturday, February 16 8:00 pm vs Medicine Hat Player of

Strathmore Family Centre - Gold Arena
the game
february 9 vs red deer

Playoffs: Wednesday, Feb. 20 8 pm vs Cochrane, Saturday, Feb. 23 8 pm vs Cochrane if necessary

Richie Hubbell

AWAY GAMES: Friday, Feb. 15 7:30 pm Cochrane. Playoffs: Friday, Feb. 22 8 pm Cochrane

Come Cheer Us on in our Drive for the Playoffs!

Page 18 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

Denture Clinic
Terry Grant Denturist
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Kings clinch home ice

Mario Prusina Times Editor The Wheatland Kings clinched home ice advantage in the South Survivor Series playoff after a dominant 5-0 win over Red Deer on Feb. 9. The home win, mixed in with a Cochrane Generals loss the next day, gave the Kings home ice in the best-of-three Survivor Series. Despite playing the top team in the North Division, the Kings came out with one of their best performances of
The Wheatland Kings played one of their most complete games of the season Feb. 9 when they hosted the Red Deer Viper. The locals dominated from start to finish, earning a 5-0 win.

413 - 3rd St. Strathmore

Doug Taylor Photo

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the season en route to the win over the Vipers. According to Kings bench boss Doug Murphy, it was also one of the most satisfying wins of the season. I think so, were still running a really short bench we had to affiliate players in the lineup, running three lines, the guys just absolutely stepped up, said Murphy. Were getting great efforts all the way around. The Kings, who are going through personnel issues and injuries, were once again led by their top line. Andrew Bergmann scored twice and Ross Fox added a goal and two helpers to pace the Kings offence. Austin Fisher and Chris Reed also scored for the Kings, while Sam Lonnberg added two assists. Goaltender Richie Hubbell was outstanding, making 43 saves for the shutout. I think Red Deer came in taking us lightly they didnt come out with a good warm up, so we caught them a little cold, assessed Murphy. Fox, Bergmann and Lonnberg were on fire and the other guys stepped up as well and contributing. Richie Hubbell was absolutely (unreal). This is his third season (with us) and that was the best game bar none that hes played for us. The Kings are now preparing to play a pair of statement games to close out the regular season. The team will travel to Cochrane on Feb. 15 before returning to face Medicine Hat the following day at the Strathmore Family Centre (8 p.m.). The fourth-ranked Kings will face the fifth-ranked Cochrane Generals in the Survivor Series beginning on Feb. 20 (8 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family Centre. Game 2 is in Cochrane on Feb. 22 and Game 3, if necessary, is slated for Feb. 23 (8 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family Centre. The winner of the series will face the top-ranked Okotoks Bisons beginning on Feb. 24, while Coaldale and Medicine Hat will face off in the other South playoff series.

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February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 19

Bisons back into playoffs

Mario Prusina Times Editor On the heels of a pair of losses, the UFA Bisons are backing into the first round of the playoffs. The local triple-A midget team completed the AMHL regular season with a 3-0 loss to the Lloydminster Bobcats on Feb. 9 and a 2-1 defeat to the Calgary Northstars the following day. The Bisons, who finished the season with a mediocre record of 16-16-2, will now take a week off while the rest of the league finish the regular season. Youre .500, so you never want to say that youre happy, but it has been a learning experience for us as a coaching staff and for the players, said head coach Jeremy Friesen of the regular season. We talked in the room how it has been a tale of four seasons for us we started out, we had the goalie issue we had to go through, restarted from there and had success, won six in a row. Then after Christmas, we hit the reset button again the Macs tournament didnt treat us very well and we came out and won four in a row. Now were heading into the playoffs, so we need to refocus, recharge, get rested and healed up and hopefully repeat that trend (after a break). Every time weve (reset after a break), weve had success and there is no reason we cant do it again. The Bisons opened the final two games of the season on home ice with a loss to the Bobcats, one of the top team in the North Division. It was one of those games where we got down early, assessed Friesen. In the second period we had a ton of opportunities again and their goalie made some big saves and again, we missed the
The UFA Bisons lost both weekend games, falling 3-0 to the Lloydminster Bobcats (r) on Feb. 9 and 2-1 to the Calgary Northstars (l) the following day at the Strathmore Family Centre.

Mario Prusina & Doug Taylor Photos

net and our power play didnt help us out that ended up killing us. After the loss, Friesen liked the way the Bisons responded the following day versus a very desperate Calgary Northstars team. Even though the Northstars took a 1-0 first period lead, the Bisons finally got on the board with 3:09 left in the second period, when Matt Forchuk converted a feed from Connor Boyd and Ryan Zeniuk. Despite dominating the play and outshooting the Stars 38-24, the Bisons gave up the final goal with 44 seconds left. At the end of the day, Im happy with the way we played today, said Friesen after the game. I thought we battled, competed really hard and kept things simple. We took pucks to the net and their goalie played really well. We missed the net on a couple of high scoring chances we had two breakdowns and they scored two goals. Despite not solidifying a playoff spot with a win, the Bisons heard shortly after their final game that the team chasing them, the Calgary Flames, lost to Lethbridge. As a result, the Bisons clinched the fourth seed in the division and will have home ice when they open the post-season versus the Flames. Game 1 of the best-of-three series is slated for Feb. 21 at the Strathmore Family Centre. Game time is set for 6:45 p.m. The remainer of the schedule will be released next week.

lacrosse club
Discover LAcrosse DAy
Trinity Lutheran school
630 Westchester rd presents


March 2, 2013
Mini-Tyke (Born: 2007-2009) / Tykes (Born: 05-06) > 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Novice (Born 03-04) / Peewee (Born 01-02) > 11:30 AM 12:30 PM Bantam (Born 99-2000) / Midgets (Born 97- 98) > 12:30 PM 1:30 PM Girls all levels > 1:30 PM 2:30 PM Please bring a helmet with cage, gloves, and running shoes, we will provide sticks and balls. Hockey helmet will work.
These sessions are for kids who may be interested in playing lacrosse and would like to try a few drills to see what it is like. This is also a good opportunity for kids and parents to ask questions about the game/season. We will have coaches and players there to run the sessions. Please check out for more information.

Family Day
Monday, February 18
From 11 - 5 pm going to have Contests, Crafts, Finger Painting & Kid Games! FREE Baby Burger for kids under 5! FREE Coffee for Mom & Dad

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Country Lane Mall, Strathmore

510 Highway 1, Strathmore 403-934-3724

Page 20 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013


HUGHES, Robert Bryan
Rob passed away on Friday, February 8, 2013 at the age of 45 years. Beloved husband of Kathleen and dear father of Charlene, Bryan, Brody, Cassidy, and Cari. A Celebration of Robs life will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at Wheatland Funeral Chapel, Strathmore at 3:00 p.m. To send condolences please visit

thank yous

After winning 6-3 in Game 1 versus Bow Valley, the Wheatland Warriors advanced to the next round of provincial play with a 4-4 draw on home ice in Game 2 on Feb. 7.

Jody schneider Photo

John & Anne Godsman would like to thank Don Geiger and The Strathmore Lions for the assistance provided to our friend, on her move from Wheatland Lodge to Sagewood. It is great to live in a community, where help like this is still available.

Warriors clinch first round bye

Mario Prusina Times Editor The Wheatland Warriors clinched a first round bye in the playoffs after a pair of victories this past weekend. The local double-A bantam team defeated the Red Deer Steel Kings and the Badlands Longhorns, improving their record to 18-8-5 on the season and clinching second place in the North Division. Led by Sarah Lecavaliers two goals, the Warriors started the weekend with a 2-0 road win over Red Deer on Feb. 9. With a solid defensive game, Wheatland limited the Steel Kings to just 10 shots on goal, giving goaltender Nelson Schiiler the shutout. The Warriors returned home the following day, clinching the first round bye with a 9-1 thrashing over the Longhorns at the Strathmore Family Centre. Chris Rebeyka registered a goal and three helpers to lead the way for the Warriors. Regan Kinley added a pair of goals, while Scott Desserre, Brad Hendricks and Rob Finkbeiner each added a goal and an assist. Kody Hammond, Reed Hickey and Andrew Bretin each added a goal, while Daryl Agerskov and Ryan Bell each chipped in with two assists. The Warriors will cap off the regular season schedule with a road game against Sylvan Lake on Feb. 18. Meanwhile, in provincial play, the Warriors advanced to the zone final with a 6-3 win in Game 1 on Jan. 31 and a 4-4 draw in Game 2 on Feb. 7 versus the Bow Valley Timberwolves. The Warriors will now take on Medicine Hat in a best-of-two home-andhome series in the zone final. Game 1 is slated for Feb. 22 (7:30 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family Centre, with Game 2 on Feb. 24 (2:15 p.m.) in Medicine Hat. Braves respond The Wheatland Braves responded from a rare loss with a pair of wins this past weekend. The local double-A peewee team crushed the Medicine Hat Venom 9-0 on Feb. 9 in Hussar, before posting a 5-1 road win over Blackie the following day. The Braves, who improved to 26-3-1 on the season, will take on the Badlands Longhorns on Feb. 15 (7:30 p.m.) in Hussar, before finishing the season in Sylvan Lake on Feb. 17 against the Lakers. Meanwhile the Braves advanced to the Provincial Championship Tournament March 14-17 after a pair of wins over Cochrane. The Braves took Game 1 with a 3-2 road win on Feb. 4, before advancing with a 4-1 win on home ice in Game 2 on Feb. 11. Chiefs falter Any momentum carried by the Wheatland Chiefs during an extending winning streak has snapped. The local double-A midget team has dropped three games in a row, all on home ice, falling to 17-14-2 on the season. The Chiefs lost 3-2 to Bow Valley on Feb. 4, 5-4 to the Red Deer Pro Stitch on Feb. 7, before falling 3-2 to the CBHA Blackhawks on Feb. 8. The team is now preparing for their last regular season game on Feb. 16 in Cranbrook against the Ice. Despite their three-game slide in regular season action, the Chiefs pulled out a 6-2 home win over Cochrane in Game 1 of their provincial playdown on Feb. 10. Game 2 was slated for Feb. 14 in Cochrane (result was not available as of press time).

Come help us celebrate a very special birthday!

thank yous
So many thank yous from Ron McKinnons family - To family and friends for the many visits & hugs, cards & notes, flowers, food & fellowship. - To all the Home Care & Handi-Bus people for making it possible for Ron to stay at home. - To Francis Van Bussel and family for all the help with the celebration of Rons life. - To Dr. Cheng and staff at the Baker Centre for their years of care & to Dr. Damji in Strathmore. You are all Gods hands and heart and we are very grateful. God bless you Elaine, Shirley, Marlene, Graham, spouses & grandchildren


is turning 100!

A party will be held at the

Bassano Community Hall, March 2, 2013, from 2-4pm

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We have shovellers in Strathmore to clear your driveways and sidewalks. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE. Roy Chester 403-520-1974

GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH US. Business planning, training and advisory services available. Flexible and affordable loans. Call CF Wild Rose or for more information.

The Strathmore Mixed Curling League would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all sponsors for their generous support during our Mixed Curling Bonspiel that was held Jan 23 27, 2013

Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct

Irrigation Districts Act Irrigation Management (Section 85/86) Increase Your Irrigation I.Q. NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO CHANGE FORM 5

Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3

TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District.

Chinook Credit Union Strathmore Ag. Society GOLD SPONSORS - Ashlee Solutions, Big K Welding, KCE Plumbing & Piping Solutions, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Gregg Distributing, Global Training Center, Strathmore Golf Club, Speargrass Golf Club, Rosebud Dinner Theater, Sobeys Wine & Spirits, Noosa Beach, Labatt, Boston Pizza, OPA!, Encana, Fountain Tire, Sunsoft, Richard Becker Professional Corp., Shoppers Drug Mart SILVER SPONSORS - Strathmore Flooring Concepts, Days Inn, Syngenta, Getz & Associates, Original Joes, Super 8, Pure Country Meats BRONZE SPONSORS - Country Farmhouse, Walmart, Sobeys, Road House, Pro Water, Viterra, Royal Bank, Bumper to Bumper, Strathmore Station, Tim Hortons, C. J.s Mechanical, Marks, Pranava Yoga, Crowfoot Liquor And All Draw Board Sponsors A Event Winners: B Event Winners: C Event Winners: 1st in the A Koch Rink 2nd in the A Ashlee Rink 1st in the B Bleier Rink 2nd in the B Outsliders Rink 1st in the C -- Hanna Rink 2nd in the C Davis Rink

Will be hosting a 1 day Irrigation

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Applications to remove parcels consist of: Irrigation Management Section in co-operation with the Western Irrigation District


Management Workshop

Catch H ing th e Date for 4Check back every week to

find out what is happening with 4-H in your community!

Topics to be covered include: 1. Soil texturing and moisture determination Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the using the Hand Feel Method Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta, 2. T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice. Soil Water - Plant Relationships 3. Irrigation Management Techniques & Timing Jim Webber, P. Eng. General Manager for Disease ControlIrrigation District Western 4. Pivot Automation & New Technology 5. Hands on testing using the Alberta Irrigation Management Model (AIMM) Workshop will be held at the following location:

WHeatlanD DistriCt Curling Funspiel Thursday, Feb. 21. Registration is at 8:30 a.m. Strathmore Curling Rink Open to all 4-H Members For more information, contact Dale at

4-H ski trip March 1-3 Revelstoke, B.C. Registration Deadline: Feb. 1 For More Information Contact: Richard Stark (403) 877-8477 WHeatlanD 4-H impromptu meeting March 4, 7 p.m. Chuck Mercer room at the Civic Center

Workshop will be from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Cost: Free (Lunch provided) To register call: Western Irrigation District office @ (403) 934-3542 Register early as space is limited.

Cheadle Community Hall Thursday, February 21th, 2013

MASSAGE CAREER. Train full-time or part-time at our highly regarded, progressive school. Small classes, individual attention, confident graduates! 1-877-6461018; REFLEXOLOGY PROGRAM, fun and relaxed learning. Register now limited space. Starting March 9 & 10, 2013. Certificate on completion. 403-340-1330.

FARM TENDER - 1354 acre farm in the RM of Ochre River, Manitoba. Tenders must be received on or before March 22, 2013. For Tender information view online:

Catching the DATE for 4-H is proudly sponsored by:

Visit for all your Wheatland District 4-H needs!


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900 Westridge Road, Strathmore



February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 21

For SALE 2008 HoNDA CiViC HYBriD, blue, 1.3L, 4 Cylinder, auto, FwD, brand new winter tires, great on gas, only used for highway driving. 175,000kms. $10,000. Contact: 403-9284123. gET YoUr FooT in the garage door. Learn basic engine theory, power train, suspension, job safety. First step to Automotive/Heavy Duty Apprenticeships. gPrC Fairview Campus. 1-888999-7882; fairview.

For sale
SAwMiLLS from only $3997. Make money & save money with your own bandmill. Cut lumber any dimension. in stock ready to ship. Free info & DVD; 1-800566-6899 ext. 400oT. STEEL BUiLDiNgS/METAL BUiLDiNgS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206; www. LooKiNg For a shop? Post Frame Buildings. AFAB industries has experience, expertise, reliability and great construction practices. For a free quote, contact ryan Smith 403-818-0797 or email: ryan.afab@gmail. com. NEVEr SHoCK CHLoriNATE AgAiN! Newly Patented! Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator. Eliminates: Shock Chlorination; iron bacteria; smell; bacterial breeding in water wells. Phone 1-800-BigiroN. Visit our 29 inventions;
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For sale
METAL rooFiNg & SiDiNg. Best prices! 36 Hi-Tensile TUFF-rib 29ga. galvalume $.67 sq. ft. Colours $.82 sq. ft. 40 Year warranty. ALTAwiDE Builders Supplies 1-888-263-8254.

Feed and seed

HEATED CANoLA buying green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. on Farm Pickup westcan Feed & grain, 1-877-250-5252. DEALErS wANTED: Hannas Seeds need agents to sell alfalfas, clovers and grasses plus hay, pasture, turf, native and reclamation mixtures. Contact Esther 1-800-6611529 or

help wanted
DAY rATE Vac and/or water Truck operator. Experienced with valid tickets. Please email to: sierrapinder@live. ca or fax 403-845-3903. TowN oF PoNoKA Employment opportunity - Utility operator ii - water works. Position details at or email: michael. SEEKiNg A CArEEr in the Community Newspaper business? Post your resume for FrEE right where the publishers are looking. Visit: add.php.

help wanted
go To YoUr next job interview with 2nd Year Heavy Duty Mechanic skills. gPrC, Fairview campus - Heavy Equipment Certificate program. Hands-on training, safety courses, opportunity to write 1st and 2nd HET apprenticeship exams. gain 600 hours credit. 1-888999-7882; fairview. SPEEDwAY MoViNg SYSTEMS rEqUirES o/o for our 1 ton and 3 ton fleets to transport rVs throughout North America. we offer competitive rates and Co. fuel cards. Paid by direct deposit. Must have clean criminal record and passport to cross border. 1-866-7366483;

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... where living life is simply better!

For sale rED ANgUS and BLACK ANgUS bulls. Yearlings and 2 year olds. Semen tested and delivered. Mardy Skibsted 403-934-2571.

Ph: 403-934-5294

C-Can Storage
8 x 20, rodent and weather resistant sea can units. Located in a well lite fenced secure yard in Spruce Park. Reasonable rates.

help wanted
EArN SoME EXTrA CASH! Performalogics is looking for Customer Service Evaluators in the Strathmore area. For details call 1-888-8557467 or login to Now HiriNg - F.T. at the Strathmore Station - Kitchen Helpers 11.30/hr experience preferred, but will train. F.T. Cook $13.61/hr 3-5 years experience required. Mail resume to 380 ridge road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1B5 or Fax 403-9349390 or Email: NEwCArT CoNTrACTiNg LTD. is hiring for the upcoming turnaround season. Journeyman/Apprentice; Pipefitters; welders; Boilermakers; riggers. Also: quality Control; Towers; Skilled Mechanical Labourer; welder Helpers. Email: resumes@newcartcontracting. com. Fax 1-403-729-2396. Email all safety and trade tickets.

Now - NEw 8 week courses covering small engine, snowmobile, quad or marine outboard repair. Take one course or all - fit your interest and your timeline. gPrC Fairview campus. Affordable residences. 1-888-9997882; fairview.

help wanted
YoUNg AggrESSiVE PErSoN rEqUirED for New & Used Auto Sales. good pay plan, company benefits, training will be provided. Call glenn @ 403-934-3334. HiriNg - F.T. Server $9.75/ hr no experience required, will train. F.T. Kitchen Helper at the roadhouse restaurant - $11.30/hr experience preferred, but will train. F.T. Cook $13.61/hr 3-5 years experience required. Mail resume to: 510 Hwy #1 Strathmore AB T1P1M6. PArTS MANAgEr gM dealership requires Automotive Parts Manager. Must be detail oriented with leadership and organizational skills. requires inventory management skills with a focus on customer satisfaction. Apply to: Alan Hunter, Hunter Motors Ltd., Athabasca. Fax 780-675-3415 or email:

Storage unitS available.

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Strathmore High School

Requires the following:




This is a part-time position of approximately 10-12 hours a week providing support in our cafeteria. Duties include some basic food prep and cashing out. Experience in these two areas is an assett but not essential.

wiN A 2013 HArLEY-DAViDSoN Street glide FLHX. only 499 tickets sold. 3 Early Bird draws. $100./ ticket. June 21 draw. 75% sold out. Proceeds support Harley-Davidson Technician Program at gPrC Fairview Campus. 1-888-999-7882; rEV UP YoUr ENgiNE. Now gain 1st and 2nd year Apprenticeship Motorcycle Mechanic skills. gPrC Fairview campus. Hands-on training - street, off-road, dual sport bikes. write AB MCM exams - gain 320 hours credit. 1-888-999-7882; www.

Send resume to:

RegistRation for the 2013-14 school year. 3 wide version We are now accepting registration for the
2013-14 school year. You can register by mail or at the Playschool

Doug Raycroft, Associate Principal Strathmore High School 100 Brent Blvd., Strathmore, AB T1P 1V2 Fax: 403 934-6694 Email: Closing: February 20, 2013

YoUr NEw CArEEr is as close as your computer. online Actively Aging Fitness Practitioner Certificate. work with older adult fitness programs, coach master athletes. gPrC grande Prairie, Alberta. 1-888-539-4774; DATiNg SErViCE. Longterm/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+). TrUE PSYCHiCS! 4 Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-342-3036; Mobile: # 4486; iS YoUr CriMiNAL record limiting your future? want it gone? Have it removed today! Canadas #1 record removal providers since 1989. 1-8-Now-PArDoN (1-866972-7366); Do YoU NEED to borrow money - Now? if you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - its that simple. 1-877486-2161. CriMiNAL rECorD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403228-1300/1-800-347-2540; www.accesslegalresearch. com. DrowNiNg iN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30% or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; www. or toll free 1-877-556-3500. MoNEYProViDEr.CoM. $500 loan and +. No credit refused. Fast, easy, 100% secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Professional Hairdresser
Strathmore District Health Services is looking for an experienced hairdresser to work with our long term care residents. This is a posistion with a great deal of flexibility and will require one to two days per week. Experience working with seniors and good communication skills are an asset. Must have license and/or certificate. Competition to close February 22, 2013. Please apply in writing or by email to: Glenda Boc, Coordinator, Long Term Care Strathmore District Health Services 200 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J9

1 day a week PM class 2 days a week aM or PM

3 YeaRs old CCCN_REWARDS_1

1 or 3 days a week aM 2 days a week PM Children must be 3 or 4 by december 31st and potty trained by the start of the school year. Maximum of 12 students per class. Visit us at or call for more info 403-901-1700

4 YeaRs12345 old

3 wide version


like RURAL WATER Us on TREATMENT (Province Wide) 3.75 wide version Facebook!
Iron Filters Softeners Distillers Reverse Osmosis Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator Patented Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

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12345 Water Well Drilling - Within 150 miles of Edmonton,

Red Deer, CalgaryCCCN_REWARDS_1ends March 31/13) (Government water well grant
Time Payment Plan O.A.C. for water wells and water treatment

is a not-for-profit agency in search of for a number of positions. Community LunCh CLub

1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766)

View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at 3 wide version

Tell them Danny Hooper sent you

life in Camrose. RURAL WATER SO005510 TREATMENT (Province Wide) Arts, culture,
Iron Filters Softeners Distillers Reverse Osmosis Kontinuous Shok Chlorinator recreation & inspiration. Patented Whole House Reverse Osmosislifestyle, Outstanding System

Live version 3.75 widethe best

12345 Water Well Drilling - Within 150 amazing business miles of Edmonton,
Red Deer, Calgary (Government water well grantopportunities. ends March 31/13)
Time Payment Plan O.A.C. for water wells and water treatment

We have had such a great success with the Bridging the Gap Community Lunch Club that we need to build our Team of Volunteer Kitchen Leads and Helpers, by having you join: Community Lunch Club serves a lunch to Seniors on Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Lord of All Lutheran Church, twice a month, in Strathmore. We also take turns 2 Mondays a month in doing the snack for the moms and babies in the Mentorship program. Other opportunities may be available for volunteering in other capacities, in connection with the programs. Kitchen Leads: Would help the Program Facilitator plan the menu on a selected date. They organize the Kitchen Helpers in preparing the menus. We provide support in completing a food safety assignment. Commitment is 2 hours of orientation, and 1 Lunch Club date every 2nd month. Kitchen Helpers: Socialize and assist the Kitchen Leads in preparing food on the dates of their choice in the kitchen. Commitment is 2 hours of orientation, and 1 Lunch Club date once a month. Volunteers gain from their experience working with Seniors who may be isolated, and enjoy a chance to socialize over a meal. They have opportunities to share talents, learn new skills, meet new people, develop friendships/supports, contribute to the community, and make a difference in peoples lives.

Growing Families Society


1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766)

View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

indoor WaLking Program

3.75 wide version

Live the best life in Camrose. SO005510

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for a new indoor walking program that is open to the general community. If the description below interests you, please contact us: 1 Tuesday per month from 10 am to noon; could grow to 2 days a month held at the Strathmore Civic Centre take attendance at the session and return items to storage space ensure suitable music is being played on the sound system (sound system & music provided) gather verbal feedback from participants CPR and First Aid is not required. For more information on volunteering contact:

Arts, culture, recreation & inspiration. Outstanding lifestyle, amazing business opportunities.

Marg Richardson, Bridging the Gap Program Facilitator 403-901-7811 email: May Rostecki-Budzey, Growing Families Society 403-361-7216 email: 650 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB. T1P 1H8


the Gap

You can also apply on line at

Page 22 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013


help wanted
SMS FORT MCMURRAY is hiring Certified Heavy Duty Mechanics & Welders. Total compensation $76.71/ hour (including premiums & allowances). 14 X 14 shift rotation. Email: fmjobs@ Website: FAST TRACK to Parts and Materials Technician. New 34 week program at GPRC Fairview Campus. Fall, 2013. Write 1st and 2nd year apprenticeship exams. 1-888999-7882.

help wanted
EARN EXTRA CASH! Parttime, full-time immediate openings for men & women. Easy computer work, other positions are available. Can be done from home No experience needed; PUT POWER INTO your career! As a Fairview Power Engineer. On-campus boiler lab. 4th Class-Part A 3rd Class. Affordable residences. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-999-7882; www.

help wanted
PARTS MANAGER. GM dealership requires Automotive Parts Manager. Must be detail oriented with leadership and organizational skills. Requires inventory management skills with a focus on customer satisfaction. Apply to: Alan Hunter, Hunter Motors Ltd., Athabasca. Fax 780-675-3415 or email: BAKOS NDT is hiring qualified CGSB Technicians in Whitecourt, Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Benefit package, signing bonus and profit sharing available. Email: or call 1-888-763-5575.

help wanted
BLUE RIDGE Lumber Inc. is looking to hire a Certified Electrician. Candidate must have Alberta or Inter-provincial Journeyman Electrical Certificate. Competitive wages, benefit package and pension plan included. Email resume to: merv.milo@ CLASS 1 Journeyman Picker Operator required. Please fax resume and credentials to 780-778-2918. For further information please call David 780-778-0422 in Whitecourt.

help wanted
BE A PART of the Edwards Garage tradition, 84 years of exceptional service. We have the following positions available. Lube Tech; mechanical aptitude an asset. Salesperson; highly motivated individual; outgoing and friendly; high-income potential. Please email: main@ or fax to 403-845-4661, Attention: Brent.

help wanted
Wheatland Pharmacy requires a

help wanted
StrathMore, alberta

Pharmacy assistant
(Canadian certified)

JPM Mechanical requires a

SeaSonal GreenhouSe WorkerS required

Beginning February 19. For planting, transplanting, watering, plant maintenance, shipping, assisting customers, cashier, assembling orders. etc. Plant knowledge is an asset. Wage $13.00 to $16.00 depending on experience. Plus bonus, and benefits.
Please email your resume to


The Strathmore FCSS is looking for a highly motivated individual who is eager to provide assistance to individuals in Strathmore during times of illness or disability. Reporting to the FCSS Coordinator, the part-time Home Support Worker is able to work independently, have strong communication skills, establish healthy relationships and provide routine. Requirements: Be able to provide support, confidentiality and strong organizational skills. Valid Drivers license and reliable vehicle. Clean Criminal Record Check Please contact: Shannon Cuff, HR Coordinator 680 Westchester Road Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 Email: Fax: 403-934-4713 Phone: 403-934-2133 ext 233
Located 15 min south of Strathmore

SPRUCE POINT Park Association is seeing an individual for the position of: Park Manager (Seasonal May 1 - Sept. 15). The Spruce NOW LOCATED in Drayton Point Park campground and Please e-mail resume to: like Us Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & marina facility is located on Lesser Slave Lake approxiTank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 on Facebook! or fax 403-934-4594 Drivers, Super Heater Opera- mately 285 kms northwest tors with all valid tickets. Top of Edmonton, Alberta near huxted wages, excellent benefits. the Hamlet of Kinuso. We are Waste disposal & Port-a-Potties Please forward resume to: now accepting applications Email: for the position of Park Manager, for the period of May Phone 780-621-3953. Fax 1 to Sept. 15. For complete 780-621-3959. package and details please call 780-775-3805 or 780Royal Canadian 805-0801 or email: spruce Legion requires Creekstone Farms is a diverse grain opera- by the PosiSO008007 Prepared needed tion will remain open until tion located 9.5 km north HR ADWORKS REALTORS WANTED suitable candidate is found. Service Team of Strathmore, Alberta. Valid Safety Century 21 PowerRealty is estate Together with the feedlot, research and a progressive real CENTRAL PEACE NATURAL tickets brokerage focused on a trucking operation it offers an exciting Gas Co-op Ltd. requires full1st aid, H2S powerful internet strategy to time Gas Utility Operator. work environment. connect consumers with our Must be able to Apply with Experience, safety tickets We are currently seeking a associates. Take our online an asset. Clean valid drivers work evenings & Drivers test to see if a career in Real hardworking, dynamic individual to licence required. Forward Estate is for you, and review weekends. abstractSection perform gen. Insertion Date farm duties including but not resume: cpngc@telusplanet. Docket Media Ad Size Testimonials from current net. Fax 780-864-2044. Apply with resume limited to; combining, silaging, x 5.44 Local work 1302-035 Strathmore Times CAREERS Feb 15, 2013 3 col Century 21 PowerRealtors at: Mail: Box 119, Spirit River, see Dawn. driving various farm equipment and labour. weekends off T0H 3G0.

Submit resumes to: 414 Main Street, Gleichen, AB T0J 1N0 Call 226-347-8040

Service Writer
for highway tractor trailer and general truck repair.

Duties required but not limited to; answering phones, booking appointments, ordering parts and general paper work. Must be punctual, have superior communication and customer service skills and a general understanding of mechanical/technical terms. Competitive wage and benefit package.

3 wide version

P/T BarTenders


class 1


General Farm Duties

AD 3 wide versionPROOF & ESTIMATE

SO007027 SO008007

3.75 wide version

apply to cory or fax 403-934-5685

Class 1 or 3 would be an asset Wages & Benefit package TOTAL PRICE (Wages based on experience)

Email: or Fax 403-934-4594

3 wide version

Are you interested in working in the RAIL industry?


Cando, an employee-owned company providing specialized rail services across Canada, is looking for Tamper Operators to operate a Mark IV Tamper, EJ6 Tamper, or equivalent. Successful candidates will lead small teams responsible for aligning tracks, SO00 SO00 69 SO007692 spreading ballast and tamping ties. 07692 Top candidates will have a minimum of five years experience operating a tamper, possess CROR and TIG certifications and have experience working on Class 1 railways. Full time position with wage range of $25 to $30 per hour. Requires extensive travel throughout Western Canada. Accommodations and living allowance provided when on the road.

3.75 wide version

Deep Roots. Promising Future.


Position #HR13-032 More to Life at UFA. UFA Co-operative Limited is one of Canadas largest and most dynamic co-operatives. We have roles to be filled across Alberta with full-time, part-time and casual positions. If you want an exciting and rewarding career doing something you love, and possess the drive and determination to be the very best, then we want to hear from you! We Offer: Work-life balance. On the job training. Competitive wages. Positive learning environment that allows for our employees to excel in their careers. A long term career path to grow within the organization. Discounts at UFA stores and on petroleum purchases. If you are dedicated, possess customer service experience, and are a team player, then take advantage of this excellent opportunity and visit to apply.
Explore the great career opportunities at


TO SUBMIT RESUME Fax: 204-725-4100 Email:

3.75 wide version

Are you interested in working in the RAIL industry?



(approximately March 15 - Nov 15) Seeking full-time & part-time seasonal staff for all areas of the operation:

Cando, an employee-owned company supplying specialized rail services across Canada, is looking for Tamper Operators to operate a Mark IV Tamper, EJ6 Tamper, or equivalent. Successful candidates will lead small teams responsible for aligning tracks, spreading ballast and tamping ties. Top candidates will have a minimum of five years experience operating a tamper, possess and maintain CROR and TIG certifications, work independently and have experience working on Class 1 railways. Full time position with wage range of $25 to $30 per hour. Requires extensive travel throughout Western Canada. Accommodations and living allowance provided when on the road. TO SUBMIT RESUME Fax: 204-725-4100 Email:

SO007692 SO007692 O0 7


Speargrass Golf Course is pleased to offer competitive wages, year-end bonuses, meal discounts, $5 golf and a great work atmosphere.
Read job descriptions & apply online at:

Strathmore, AB
Resumes and cover letters, indicating position(s) applying for, can also be faxed to 403-901-1139 or e-mailed to

Fast growing dealership in Strathmore is looking for: New and Used Sales Consultants who want to earn over $100,000 per year!

No experieNCe NeCeSSary!
We are one of the Highest Volume Rural Automotive Dealerships in Alberta, and have been for over 21 years and are located in Strathmore.

Candidates must be self motivated with a driven desire to learn the skills required to make $100,000 per year. We provide you: One of Calgary and areas largest New and Used Vehicle Inventory to sell from Professional automotive sales training program provided and on-going Professional Management who are devote to helping you become the best that you can be A proven CRM with an appointment driven BDC Dynamic & Progressive work environment Extremely Competitive Compensation & Benefits

additional information: Extremely busy Sales, Service, & Parts Departments Major Fleet Accounts 15 Minutes to Chestemere Lake Thriving community Nine schools in the area Major Sports Complex Safe Community to raise children Two Professional Golf Courses Second Fastest Growing Centre in Canada Strong Professional Management Team

Please call 1-877-814-1558 or email


heLp wanted


February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 23

heLp wanted

coming events

RitcHie BRoS Unreserved auction. edmonton, March 8. two parcels of Farmland located at Grassland, alberta. For more info contact Jerry Hodge, 780-706-6652 or visit: MeieR GUn aUction. Saturday, March 9, 11 a.m., 6016 - 72a ave., edmonton. over 150 guns - handguns, rifles, shotguns, miscellaneous. call to consign 780-4401860. RitcHie BRoS Unreserved auction. edmonton, april 24 & 25. Residential Golf community lot Development project in vulcan, alberta. contact Dean pollock 403650-1996 or visit: rbauction. com/realestate.

7th annUal collectoR caR auction & Speed Show, March 15 - 17/13, Red Deer Westerner park. Featuring Big Schwag & indoor car show! exhibitor space available. consign your car; estate today. 1-888-296-0528 ext. 102; 1 HoMe QtR & 18 parcels of Farmland - Davidson, Saskatchewan. Sorgaard Ranches ltd - 2290+/- title acres. 3 bedroom bungalow, 30 X 50 ft. garage, selling at the Saskatoon auction March 19/13. Ritchie Bros. auctioneers: 1-800-4914494; HUGe antiQUe aUction. February 16. Saturday 10 a.m. all categories antiques, furniture, collectibles, too much to list! preview Friday. Scribner auction Wainwright, alberta, 780-8425666. Details:
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JoURneyMan HD mechanic required for oilfield construction company. Duties will include servicing, maintenance and overhaul of our equipment. the job will be predominately shop work, but with a portion of your time spent in the field. a mechanics truck will be supplied for you. the job is based in edson, alberta. call lloyd at 780-723-5051. neeD to aDveRtiSe? province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. only $269. + GSt (based on 25 words or less). call this newspaper noW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228. pyRaMiD coRpoRation is now hiring! instrument technicians and electricians for various sites across alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780-955-HiRe. $100 - $400 caSH Daily for landscaping work! competitive, energetic, honesty a must; propertyStarsJobs. com. WanteD - Water & vacuum truck operators. class 3 w/Q-endorsement, H2S, First aid, pSt, cStS. Mechanically inclined. Day-rate benefits. Fax 403-934-3487. email: reception@mjswaterhauling. com.

Flexible and dynamic work environment ... Competitive wages and benefits As an Accounting Technician / Staff Accountant your main responsibilities would be the preparation of year end files, financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns. We are seeking an energetic, driven individual with experience in accounting and related software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and/or AgExpert. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications is required; with emphasis on Excel. An agricultural background would be considered an asset. The right candidate would be considered for either a part or full time position.
Please fax or email your cover letter and resume by February 22, 2013 to: Attention : Nicki Heck GREGORY, HARRIMAN & ASSOCIATES LLP #104, 331 Third Avenue, Strathmore, AB T1P 1T5 FAX (403) 934-3182


Want your guests to get the most out of your event? Give them that old school photo booth experience!

Strathmore, AB

business opp
eStaBliSHeD lanDScape coMpany in central alberta. profitable turnkey operation with equipment & training available. $900,000 revenues, $230,000 cash flow; shop/office/yard available. email: landscapeco.4sale@


Bridging the G

ap Lunch c


business opps

Tuesday, February 19
Spanish/Mexican Culture Topic Healthy Eating for Diabetes
11:00 am to 1 pm
Facility Space Donated By: Lord of All Lutheran Church, 112 Lakeside Blvd. Strathmore
Cost: Voluntary Offering (which will be applied to the food costs)
To register, call Marg at 403-901-7811,


S SineSr SALe fO

coming events

coming events

Local award winning business is for sale. There are three purchase options available. Customer list with all related marketing tools included is option A. Option B is this in addition to a cargo trailer. Option C is the above plus a 2005 Dodge 2500 vehicle. There is an option that is sure to fit your budget. Serious inquiries only can be directed to

Need a Valentine Idea?

Please join the Strathmore Musical Arts Society in a great music night presenting

by the Friday prior to the Tuesday.

Retail Space 1200 sqft. main with 800 sqft. warehouse. High traffic area. 403-901-5255 DRive-in Bay FoR leaSe. 600ft2 plus mezzanine, 12 foot entrance door, Separate bathroom area, former tire shop/detailing bay, good access to Highway #1. perfect for a mechanic or general workbay/storage. available immediately! $700/month plus common costs. contact Shane @ (403) 669-4874.



How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

Wheatland F.C.S.S. presents the six-week parenting course by Co-Authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish for parents of children ages 5 to 14
Be heard without nagging, 3 wide version bribing! lecturing, yelling, Manage Feelings 15th Annual (eg. anger, disappointment, frustration)

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1,200 Square feet of fully furnished office space for lease. Large board room with 3 full screens for display purposes. 225 Wheatland Trail. Contact Karen at

Brought to you by Growing Families Society - Bridging the Gap Program, Lord of All Lutheran Church and the Wheatland County Food Bank Society

Growing Families Society Government of Canadas New

for East Rural Counties

This project is funded in part by Horizons for Seniors Program.


leaRn to tReat and care for large and Small animals. animal Health technology - GpRc Fairview campus. on campus residences and farm. Fairview, alberta. 1-888-999-7882; www.


Motown r&b, swing, blues, classic rock, funk & soul etc

Sharons Doggie Dos

reaL estate

Cocktails 6:00, dinner 7:00,9:30am -SO008063 Feb 23 from 2pm: Trade Show MethoDs that Make sense DisCipline show 8:00 pmFeb 23 from 9:30am - 6pm: Convention Proceedings-Education chld and work for both parent and
Trade Show and Technical Sessions $50 per person, cash bar are FREE forFeesto attend. all include a workbook: - tickets available thru Over 45 vendors will be exhibiting their newest $25/person or $40/couple PJs Appliance, Pro Water, technologies and wastewater products! Starting February 28, March 7, NW Assist Business Ramada Kingsway, Edmonton-11834 Kingsway14, 20,

FEBRUARY 16, 2013

gain Co-operation to willing do: February 21, 22 clean up, get ready for school, homework, & 23, 2013 Feb 21 from 8:30am - 5pm: Convention Proceedings-Municipal Initiatives eat meals, go to bed, daily chores Feb 22 from 10am - 6pm: Trade Show/Technical Sessions

Trade Show & Convention

Canyon Creek 403.934.2001

Professional All Breed

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Dog grooming.
Strathmore. 20 years experience. Reasonable Rates & Calm Environment.

Sharon 403-934-3824

visit orApril 11 & 18, 2013for more are on call 877-489-7471 (Dates info. thru pay pal Wednesday or Thursday). 7pm to 9pm For further information: Classes will be held at Carseland Jetsetters Club, 330 Railway Ave, Carseland. contact To register phone WFCSS 3.75 wide versionat 934-5335 by Feb. 22.

Linda 403-680-7721


Quality Canine Center

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Call 403-934-5589

15th Annual Trade Show & Convention

Feb 21 from 8:30am - 5pm: Convention Proceedings-Municipal Initiatives Feb 22 from 10am - 6pm: Trade Show/Technical Sessions Feb 23 from 9:30am - SO008063 2pm: Trade Show Feb 23 from 9:30am - 6pm: Convention Proceedings-Education

February 21, 22 & 23, 2013

Trade Show and Technical Sessions are FREE for all to attend. Over 45 vendors will be exhibiting their newest technologies and wastewater products! Ramada Kingsway, Edmonton-11834 Kingsway NW
visit or call 877-489-7471 for more info.

Our Staff is trained in Pet First Aid - Veterinarian Recommended.

207, 5 Bayside Place Strathmore AB

Professionally renovated bi-level across from park. Backs onto school grounds. 3 bedrooms up, 1 down. Three bath. Triple det garage. Single att garage. Call for the extensive list of renos. A must see at $287,900. mlsc3553104.


Tina Scott

Associate Broker

403-901-5388 cell


104 3rd Avenue, Strathmore

The Old Home Hardware Building

We Have You... on the Move

Page 24 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013


brentwood 3 bedroom, large fenced yard, close to schools. n/P, n/s. $1000 per month plus utilities. available Feb 1. Call after 6, 403-9342265. bunGaLow in downtown stratHmore. 3 bdrm up, 2 finished rooms down, 2 bath. $1200/month. utilities not included. 403-9346676

2 bdrm Condo, 5 appliances, 1 vehicle covered parking, storage shed, quiet location, close to park, school & downtown. $1100/ mo. includes all utilities & cable and dd required n/s, n/P. 403-650-2498.
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For rent: Large executive top Floor one bedroom, one bathroom Condo w/2 underground heated parking stalls and storage overlooking the strathmore Lake. Granite Counters throughout and infloor heat. $1200/per month. Call 403-390-1414 to make this condo your home! 2 bdrm traiLer For rent, 5 miles from strathmore. 5 appliances, $900/mo includes water & power. references and security deposit required. 403-934-3196. 2 bdrm bsmt suite. beautifully finished w/ lg maintenance rm, separate enterance & deck onto fantastic bkyrd. shared kitchen/ laundry w/ quiet landlord. You wont be sorry. $1000/mo incl. utilites. dd, lease & move-in date negotiable. Contact 403901-9295.

drive-in baY For Lease. 600ft2 plus mezzanine, 12 foot entrance door, separate bathroom area, former tire shop/detailing bay, good access to Highway #1. Perfect for a mechanic or general workbay/storage. available immediately! $700/month plus common costs. Contact shane @ (403) 669-4874.


Helping You Save Money

A Great Experience Begins with a GrEAt AGEnt! Craig Brassard
real Estate Associate

2 Canal Side Lots Hillcrest Manor

9 Walk-outs 60x 142

2 Bedroom- 1 Bath

Log CaBin
w/valley view. $1100/month + utilities, horse boarding avail. N/S. Lease & security deposit required.

CHINOOK II Condo Living! A wonderful one bedroom adult lifestyle unit located in Chinook II, rents starting from $850.00, 2 appl, coin laundry in building, cable and electricity additional, parking included, and no pets please. Call Luella at 403-934-5731 or Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. at 403-2378811.

WESTMOUNT DRIVE A Fantastic Find in Strathmore! 1 & 2 & 3 bedroom townhouse units available immediately, starting from $895.00. 2 appl, 1.5 baths, w/d hook-ups, yard area, parking included and coin laundry available in complex. A short walk to Strathmore Shopping, parks and golf courses. No pets please. Call Luella at 403-934-5731 or Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. at 403-237-8811.

3 Bedroom - 2 Bath

Re/max Realty Horizon Serving Strathmore & Area

w/stunning valley & mountain views. Located on private ranch, 25 mins S. of Strathmore, 30 mins E. of Calgary. Horse boarding avail. $1100/month + utilities. N/S. Lease & security deposit required.

Modern HoMe



View ALL my listings at

Strathmore Lakes $399,900


6 Plex Available From $64,000 - $84,000 Buy one or buy all six!
- 18 hole semi-private golf retreat & club house community - Walkout basement - Lots of upgrades - 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms - MLSC3513077

2 Storey at Lakes of Muirfield $499,900


- Bungalow with 2800 sq. ft. of living space - 2 + 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms - Walkout basement - Large lot - MLSC3542521

Welcomes Realty Horizon Debbie Enslen


Strathmore Lakes $539,900

15 km NW of Strathmore $539,900

MLS #C3542521 126 Strathmorewalkout - Open layout bungalow, finished Lakes Place
- A/C, infloor heat in bsmt - Solar equipped - MLSC3540152

MLS #C3551874 208 Ranch CL - 1552 sq. ft. bungalow w/full basement
- 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths - 3 acres - 20' x 40' heated barn - MLSC3540860

Free a/C unit supplied/installed ($4,200 value) with any sri sectional modular (self-contained/basement) ordered for spring/summer delivery! 30 years contracting. Guaranteed lowest prices/best service - Compare and save! dynamic modular 1-877-341-4422; $2 miLLion inventorY blowout! 15 homes targeted! Prices starting from $92, 500. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. boss says they have to go! 148/142 east Lake blvd., airdrie. 1-800-4617632/1-877-945-1272; www.unitedhomescanada. com. voLume PurCHase - save up to $6000 on in-stock homes! take delivery by april 30 and well give you an additional $2500 cash back; www.jandelhomes. com.

New paint, New carpeting, large corner lot, total 5 bdrms. Fully developed 1300 sq ft bungalow within walking distance to schools $349,900

Looking to move to caLgary?

Price reduced $220,000 investment? First time buyer?

3 bdrm bi-level in the quiet community of Green Meadow, on large lot, all new windows and shingles. $230,450.

Just Outside of Strathmore $134,900

Strathmore $188,000

- Close to full service amenities - 4 acre parcel - MLSC3509918

MLS C3552385 14 Parkwood PL

- Affordable townhouse with open floor plan - Fenced yard, oak kitchen - No condo fee - 3 bedrooms - MLSC3545948

MLS C3548302 122 Langdon AV

CArbon, Ab - 6-pLex AvAiLAbLe

MLSC3545610 MLSC3545611

$79,000 $79,000

MLSC3545614 MLSC3545612

$69,000 $89,000

MLSC3545613 MLSC3545615

$69,000 $79,000

$274,900 959 sq ft 2 bedroom bungalow cute and cozy, on 3 Acres just south of Standard

This 1500+ sq ft fully developed bungalow has 3 completely new bathrooms, granite, total of 4 bedrooms and a chefs dream for a kitchen, central a/c, double attached garage and RV Parking in rear with alley access.

MLS C3551488 352 Strathaven DR

buy one MLS C3540860 or buy All Six!

260075 Twp Rd 252


Debbie Enslen Welcomes New and Current Clients 403-852-5923

call lorna

MLS C3513077 62 Muirfield BV

call lorna

MLS C3540152 190 Strathmore Lakes Bend


call lorna


Ginormous Double Wide Mobile. New Carpets 3 Brms Plus Family Room. Room for Double Garage.



call lorna

call lorna



Associate Broker
Call lorna Phibbs 403-874-7660 to buy or sell!




call lorna

Custom Designed 5 Bdrm Home. Over 1500 sq. ft. Full Walk out Fully Finished Professionally!!


call lorna

call lorna



call lorna

WONT LAST!!! $489,000


call lorna

32 Years Experience
call lorna



call lorna

Corner condo unit. Full basement developed. Price $143,545.

call lorna


Minutes to Strathmore Trees and Possible Irrigation Great Piece of Land!

call lorna



106 - 304 - 3rd Ave., Strathmore


A LITTLE bIT COUNTRY $212,000 Huge yard, garage Great Bungalow Across from Field!

call lorna


TWO 12 ACRE PARCELS $288,000

Industrial rezoned west of Strathmore



Nine years new Townhouses 2Bdrms with 3rd down.No condo fees PRICED AT $179,900

call lorna


Nine years new Townhouses 2Bdrms with 3rd down.No condo fees PRICED AT $179,900



CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm $800/ mth or 2 bdrm for $900/mo +DD required. Heat & water included. No pets. Call Keli 403-324-2944

February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 25

60x48 WAREHOuSE WITH 19x16 OFFICE located in Rockyford. $1600/mo + utilities. Contact 403-533-3801 or 403-560-6265.

rent to own
RENT TO OWN in ROCKYFORD for $1450/mnt, Less than perfect Credit is OK. Owner will finance. Call Today 1-877-700-2413

real estate
Lovely 1-BD/1-BATH updated condo in great no pet 30+ complex. $149,900. #107 43 Westlake Circle MLS C3532342 Call Karen Crosby, First Place Realty 403-680-0424. LAND FOR SALE by Tender. Closes Feb. 28/13. 2 quarters 8 miles north of Thorhild. Can be purchased separately. North quarter buildings can be purchased separately. Gas well revenue. Call 780-206-0145.

2 BDRM CONDO FOR RENT. Downtown Strathmore. $975/mo + electricity. Newly renovated. Call 403-5400340.


Kori-Lynn Corbin
Mortgage Specialist Strathmore & Area Tel: 403.333.6070 Fax: 403.901.0738

real estate



Call for an appontment today!

first in mortgages




the sign that sells

Canyon Creek
104 3rd Avenue, Strathmore



We Have You... on the Move



LOT 10


Dixie Hartell (403) 934-2001

This 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom condo is located just behind Walmart. Great starter home. Full basement could be developed. Condo fees only 115/mo.


1014 sqft. 2+1 bedrooms, covered deck, double attached garage, large mature fenced yard. New roof. Large double attached garage, large fenced yard. Quick possession for this home in Cluny

54 Acres in Highway #1 West Area Structure Plan 1/2 mile of highway frontage. Can be subdivided for general industrial. Great investment property. Immediate possession. huge Lot 70x120 backs onto the canal on west end of Strathmore.



CONTACT 403-852-0074

Come build your dream home. Has a few trees.


$249,900 $177,000 $324,900

Upgraded Bi-level in Carseland, Granite, Hardwood, Travertine, Jetted tub, Fireplace the list goes on!!!
This bright bungalow is 1 block to school and has single front attached and double detatched garage. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, hardwood floors, wood burning fireplace.


New ListiNg - cALgAry

Glenna Mitzner (403) 605-6830

Hillview Walkout Bi-level, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, hardwood, ceramic tile, gas fireplace, granite, overlooks the tot park!!

ng omi n C oo S

Villas 5+ 5

4 level split Maplewood subdivision, close walk to schools & hospital. 4 bed, 3 baths, fireplace, new windows.

114 Acres 2 miles north of Strathmore, gas well revenue,

only 1/2 mile of gravel, build your dream home here!



Con stru Star ction tin Mar ch 2 g 013 !!


Nonie Hall (403) 934-0420








Tina Scott (403) 901-5388

cArseLANd 1113sq ft. raised bungalow. New basement development. 3 bed up, one down. 2 baths. Main floor laundry just off huge kitchen. Triple heated garage. Shows great! Warranty on recent upgrades. Must see at $279,900 Like new 4 level split. 1500sq.ft. developed. 3 bed, 3 bath and family room. Huge double garage. New kitchen and beautiful decor. Excellent assumable mortgage. $279,900 reduced MossLeigh AcreAge 6.4 acres heavily treed, lots of soft water, Quonset, Barn, 1224sq. ft. bungalow, new kitchen, double garage, shows great, $359,900 MossLeigh 1100sq.ft. Bungalow on super insulated basement. Huge lot. Double garage.Central air. High eff. heat and water. Immediate possession. Excellent price. $179,900. excLusive BuNgALow Fully developed four level split. Double att. heated garage. Huge great room with 10 ceiling and big stone fireplace. 3 bed, 2 bath, family room 2nd fireplace. Must see at $264,900

Affordable Luxury Living for the Active Senior

in this 55plus condo community
MossLeigh AcreAge 6.4 acres heavily treed, lots of soft water, Quonset, Barn, 1224sq. ft. bungalow, new kitchen, double garage, shows great.


ONLY 20 Units!!


2 bedrooms Double attached garage 1165 - 1310 Sq. Ft. Units

Spacious interiors Designed for seniors Part of Sagewood Seniors Community


Bungalow with detached garage on large,beautiful treed lot in Standard. Close to all ammenities.

14 Acre Parcel, 1/2 hr east of Strathmore along irrigation ditch. Perfect place to build.

Ross Collins (403) 934-2001

Beautiful four level split backing onto golf course in Hillview. Large ensuite and walkin closet,gas fireplace,finished garage and underground sprinklers.

Starting in the Mid $300,000s


Call 403.361.8044
Visit $115,000

Commercial property on two lots in Rockyford. 14x 54 Atco building and 24x48 shop. Fenced yard.


Page 26 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

Professional Directory
day care general contractors painting


Marv Poettcker
Newborn to Kindergarten NEW Before & After School
Licensed & Accredited Charitable Organization Specializing in Insurance Claims Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia Continuous Eavestroughing Windows & Reroofs Aluminum and Smart Board Batons

Iop row ltd.

Let Our Team of Professionals Take Care of All Your Business Needs

Phone: 403.930.3330 #102, 120 John Morris Way, Chestermere


Your Painting Pro

Painting since 1975
Specializing in Repainting (Inside / Outside) Residential Light Industrial Commercial

Professionals - Trades - Consultants - Small & Medium Businesses 403-934-5139 fax 403-901-6265

Cell: 403-968-9211 Work: 403-934-4334 Fax: 403-934-4422 Email: For a FREE QuotE Call tom

co-alta Holdings
O 403.901.1137 C 403.880.3299




rental equipment

Service in Home or in SHoP


appliance & Mattress gallery

G&R Equine Centre

Horse Boarding Lessons English & Western Horses for Lease
Roxanne Jones
CHA Certified Instructor

Jason Hale, MLA

Strathmore Brooks Constituency
Bay 1, 510 Hwy#1 Country Lane Mall, Strathmore AB T1P 1M6 Email: strathmore.brooks@ Toll Free: 1-855-362-6973

Lar-Don RentaLs Ltd.

Light Construction & Garden Equipment Trenching New & Used Equipment Sales & Service

18 Spruce Park Drive, Strathmore, AB

Echo Power Equipment

Locally owned, staffed and operated serving Strathmore and area for 14 years! Journeyman Appliance Service Technicians.



Open Monday and Tuesday 9am - 4pm

15 Spruce Lane, Strathmore Bus: 403-934-3727 Fax: 403-934-3849

appliance service

Servicing Your Area!

We service all major household appliances. Fully Licensed & Insured. Offering competitive rates & quality service.

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furnace & duct



Quality Custom Renovations.

Call Jason for a FRee Consultation

Call (403) 863-0213

Volks Tech Appliance Service Visit us on our Website VolksTechApplianceService

Furnace Replacement Repairs & Maintenance Air Conditioning Certified HVAC Technicians Plumbing Duct Cleaning

Oasis irrigatiOn sales & service Ltd

Agricultural Irrigation Sales & Maintenance 403-862-7790 403-361-9895 fax photo / video

403-629-9010 done Right


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Our Team aT YOur Service!

waste disposal

general contractors

Handy Kinda Guy

Custom Carpentry & Renovations
Ph. 403.901.0884 c. 403.710.2165

Waste Disposal & Port-A-Potties
Serving Strathmore, Drumheller & Areas
10B Bayside Place, Strathmore, AB

Carmon Wiebe

Painting Plumbing Small Renovations Decks & Fences Bathrooms Flooring General Maintenance Basement Renovations Call BoB 403-861-7822


heavy duty mechanic

general contractors


water well drilling

Gates Mechanical
Heavy Duty Diesel MecHanic Farm Machinery Repair all Makes & Models
From General Maintenance to Major Overhauls including A/C Complete Shop Facilities Murray 403-934-2675 cell 403-540-8264

Grotrian Enterprises
General & Electrical Contractor / Handyman
Interior Renovations Kitchens & Baths Basement Development Insulation Upgrades Electrical Upgrades Fine Woodworking Painting & Staining Efficient Lighting Solid Decks Built-In Vacuums
Winner of 2012

Dan R H

Small Business of the Year

Drilling Co. Ltd

Curbside Pick Up in Strathmore, Standard, Rockyford & Namaka Water Well Drilling Pump Systems: Supply, Install & Repair Water Conditioning Equipment

Daisy Recycling


403-934-4271 Strathmore
Serving the rural Community for 58 yearS

Serving the Farming Community Since 1988


February 15, 2013 Strathmore TimeS Page 27

Robert Desjardins 403 934-5533

"The Sign of experience"

call roberT & TaMara 403-934-5533
call chanTale
MlS c3549053

Strathmore & area 24 HR. REAL ESTATE HOT LINE

call hayley

Keith Garrioch 403 333-8411


new listing $304,900

Terrific 4 Bedroom Home Pie Lot with Double Garage Well Maintained


immaculate bi-level! wHy buy new wHen you can buy like new?

2011, 1740 Sq Ft Deve. Completely Detached, Fenced, Deck, SS Appl Just Move In!

buying or selling call us first

call Sheila
Great Curb appeal on the outside! Beautiful on the inside! Fully developed bi-level in Hillview. 4 bdr, 3 baths, 3 fireplaces, open floor plan, huge kitchen with loads of cabinets and counter space, pie shaped lot, etc, etc! This home is Stunning!

all do free

3 acres

Start the NEW YEAR in a NEW HOME Just south of Smore A NEW 3 bedr mobile and NEW shop All ready for YOU $344,900

call roberT & TaMara

La Shaun Andrews 403 850-4593

call roberT & TaMara

affordable!!! $193,100
Updated Home Full Basement Close to Schools Mature Trees

price reduced
MlS c3549056

call chanTale

Quiet cul-de-sac beautiful 2 storey

aztec real estate agents

Great Set Up For Snow Birding Parents Call For Details!

MlS c 3553139

market evaluations
call hayley
lovely locaTion!
Are you looking for a home that has everything on your WISH LIST? Granite, hardwood, gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings, new paint, current colours, home gym, media room, hottub gorgeous landscaping on a huge lot $422900

adult living $122,900

Gated Community Garage Ready for You!

call chanTale

Sheila Bassen 403 361-0390

call roberT & TaMara

MlS c3537367


Quick possession! adult living condo for $149,900!!!

1 Bed, 1 Bath, West Views, Fireplace, Underground Parking, Storage and Great Amenities!

call Sheila

MlS c3535651

Have you ever REALLY wanted to move?! We DO too!! We are motivated to sell! This fully developed home is in the well desired area of Cambria. Over 2400sq ft in total this home has lots to offer. Stainless steel appliances, Large kitchen, island, 5 bdr, 3 baths, fireplace etc.


Tamara Desjardins 403 874-6486

call la Shaun

new listing adult gated community

1200 Sq Ft 3 Bedroom Home with Heated Garage and Workshop all backing to the canal $125,500

call chanTale

MlS c3539457


adult living in beautiful gated community!!!

call Sheila

Backing Onto Soccer Field, 3 Bed, 2 Bath, and Covered Deck!

MlS c3543352


tHis luxury Home in prestigious discovery ridge may be for you! $1,095,000
Backing onto Griffith Woods! This stunning home has so much to offer with all the upgrades you would ever want! Call today for a viewing!

call hayley

4 bedrooMS
Yes... this is IT ... fully developed newer home with 4 bedr & 3 baths open kitchen, big familyrm w/ gas fireplace and fenced yard complete w/ newer deck $319900

Chantale Hill 403 325-3860

MlS c3537367


Perfect maintenance free living with everything you need! Underground heated parking, air condition, games room, exercise area and so much more! Totally refinished one bedroom show very well comes with all appliances and more!

remodelled condo, sHows amazing $149,900

call aShlee

free market evaluations

MlS c3547312

House and land included in price! Loads of work needs to be done to get house in living condition no services to house except Electrical!

Handy man special $99,900!

wanted ...
new listings
call hayley

call hayley

Thinking if selling your home? Call Hayley... The market is heating up! WeSTPark village

call la Shaun

Ron Kaechele 403 934-1097

MlS c3553546

awesome Hill side bungalow backs to golf course $344,900! Fully developed walkout home with 2+2 bedrooms 3 full baths, Open concept with in floor heating and under ground sprinklers! Across from Green space! renovated bungalow sHows amazing $134,900 Large fenced yard with private gate for drive way! Has heated work shop plus other out buildings all in great shape! Home is ready to move in condition!

Buyers: Did you know there is no cost to you to use our services? Did you know that we can represent you on any listed property no matter which real estate company has it listed? Did you know we can also help you with most new builds and for sale by owners? Don't go in unrepresented! Call us today and put our teams experience to work for you! sellers: Are you aware of the current marketing trends that will give your property maximum exposure to potential Buyers? We are so set on helping you sell your property we build a website for every property we are privileged to list! Call us today to book your complimentary home evaluation, as well as a home staging consultation and allow us to assist you in achieving that maximum exposure which is essential in today's real estate market!


Affordable and several updates done. Don't wait... be in your new home immediately!

call la Shaun

call lorna

Paul Kautz 403 875-4166

MlS c3550080

call la Shaun

call lorna
call lorna

Just sold


really, really nice! $264,900

brand new sHow suite condo $168,900!

Amazing 2 bedroom floor plan with quality through out! large enclosed patio! comes with 6 appliances and assigned parking stall! low condo fees!

call ron

Ryan Kautz 403 875-1170

MlS c3528218

MlS c3543927


Beautiful 3 berm condo. Fully developed basement. Single Garage. Many uprades inc;. A/C, fireplace, maple cabinets, laminate flooring. $229,000
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

perfect condo

westlake condo $215,000

2 story condo in Westlake Glen 3 bdrms, 1 baths Low condo fees Perfect for anyone
call Shauna

call Shauna


call la Shaun

private yard, private entrance brand new $168,900!

call ron

Shauna Kenworthy 403 934-5533

MlS c3547472

All on one floor, this 2 bedroom condo comes with 6 appliances, one parking stall and your own fenced yard! Walking distance toall amenities and parks!

MlS c3553172

Tidy bungalow with single garage. Large fenced lot Small farming community Elementary school $129,900
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

affordable arrowwood

price reduced

renovated & spotless! $187,400

1206 sq.ft. 3 bdrms, 1 bath New maple kitchen Too many upgrades to mention

46.56 acres
Many options on this parcel of land, 25 minutes east of Calgary. $599,000.

call Tracy

6 lots cluny $36,000

Land is located right in the heart of Cluny, perfect place to build! Quiet small town living with Easy commute just off Highway 1!

call ron

Tracy Larsen 403 901-9143

MlS c3547601

Lovely 2 storey home Fully restored Newer heated double garage Beautiful condition $169,900
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

seller's motivated

call Shauna

immaculate Home in Hussar - $125,000

Spotless, renovated 1336 sq.ft. bungalow 3 bdrms, 1 baths Large, 75x130 lot Single detached garage

we can Help you find your dream Home!

call lorna

call Tracy

Lorna Phibbs 403 874-7660

MlS c3549339

This cozy updated mobile!! Everything is NEW!!! New windows, New flooring, New hot water tank, New furnace, New roof/shingles, New vinyl siding, Complete New kitchen, Complete new Bathrooom.

new listing $69,900

call ron

MlS c3549894

27 acres SE of Strathmore Gas revenue Easy Highway access $149,900

Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

new acreage listing

call Shauna

backs onto greenspace! $324,000

Beautiful family home 3 bdrms, 2 baths 2 years new! Quick possession possible


great location downtown on tHird avenue lease or sell GREAT DOWNTOWN LOCATION ONE BAY LEFT AT 1200 SQ FT $249,900

call Tracy

Hayley Poirier 403 934-5533

MlS c3549656

Backing ONTO PARK/ GREENSPACE!!! With over 2000 sq. ft. of living space. 2 bedrooms up and 2 down. Nice size Kitchen/dining area and adjoining Bright Living Room. Boot/Mud Room...Main Floor Laundry. Family room/Games Room.. Dbl attached garage.

new listing $344,900 welcome to Hillview!!

call ron

MlS c3551598

Beautiful 2 bedroom end unit. Underground heated parking Bright enclosed atrium Self contained laundry $246,000
Call Ron Kaechele 403-934-1097

tHe courtyard

call Shauna

1506 sq.ft. upgraded bungalow. 3 bdrms, 2 full baths. X-Large kitchen with loads of cabinets Granite and ceramic tile

immaculate in aspen creek $349,900

call lorna

steal tHis $110,000

Great Location, Close to Schools, Garage Too!

for all mls listings visit our website www.

Ashlee Samaska 403 934-5533

like us on facebook go to aztec real estate

# 1 0 6 - 3 0 4 3 r d A v e n u e, S t r a t h m o r e, A l b e r t a

T1P 1Z1

Page 28 Strathmore TimeS February 15, 2013

Reading this ad has the potential to Save You Money!

Airdrie Dodge is Albertas only NO FEES Dealership
No Documentation Fee, No AC Tax, No Tire Tax, No Vehicle Prep Fee... NO FEES!!! 2013 Dodge Dart
Automatic Air

2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

Automatic 4WD V8 Pwr Group

2013 Chrysler 200 LX

Automatic Air Pwr Group


16,998 or $99 B/W


27,498 or $157 B/W


17,598 or $101 B/W

Airdrie Dodge Jeep is proud to sponsor Team Rush. The same winning values of hard work, dedication, talent and training that helped Team Rush succeed are what make Airdrie Dodge Jeep the most trusted and respected dealership in the province.

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
Rear Stow & Go 7 Passenger

Legendary Cummins Power

2012 Ram 3500

40 in stock





2013 Journey CVP

Automatic Air Pwr Group Alloys


20,898 or $120 B/W


from $47,488


20,698 or $119 B/W

6 miNuTES NoRTh of CRoSS-iRoN miLLS



No surprises! The only addition to these prices is applicable GST. Cash back will be added to price of vehicle. Payments based on 96 months @ 4.49%. Vehicles shown are for display purposes only. All payments are subject to credit approval.