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Debutante's Technical Script

Seq. # 1

Time 5:00 to 5:45 PM 45 mins

Event Registration/Arrival of Guests/Receiving of gifts/Cocktails

Key Character Coordinators / Ushers

Blocking Registration area and Photobooth

Lights lighted

Sounds Remarks cd of favorite songs Coordinators to receive gifts, give of debutante or place cards, inform them of their some cocktail music seat number or ask ushers to take them to their seats. Coordinators could also inform guests to stay in the receiving area for cocktails while waiting for the debutante's grand entrance. They may also have their pictures taken at the Photobooth located near the entrance of the venue Instrumental background Coordinators will ask participants of the grand cotillion to form a line at the entrance for their introduction and entrance. (optional) As soon as the program starts (the emcee speaks) the photobooth will be asked to stop operation. Emcee to welcome all guests. Encourage guests to finish the program. Guests are settled on their seats already.

Materials to prepare Registration Table Seating Plan/Group Names/Place cards Gift Registration Pentel Pens/Ballpens List of 18s / Photobooth supplier / cocktails / pica pica foods / place cards


5:46 to 6:15 PM 30 mins

Settling of guests on their seats

Coordinators / Ushers

Entrance area

Entrance area lighted, reception area dim lights

6:15 to 6:20 PM 5 Introduction by the emcee mins


Centerstage /Program Area



Emcee: "Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. May we have your attention please. We are about to begin Jam's 18th Birthday Party Celebration so please find your seats or table numbers and make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the rest of the evening." "A very good evening to each and everyone and welcome Jam's Debut Party. We would like to thank everyone for gracing this very momentous occasion because as they say, you only get to be 18 once." Emcee: "We would like to acknowledge the presence of ____________ (VIP if there is any). Thank you very much for coming to Jam's 18th birthday party." "Of course, this party would not have been possible without the parents of the debutante, so give it up for Mr. and Mrs. ___________. Let us give them a big round of applause." OR "We would like to acknowledge the key persons who took a great part in making this joyous affair possible. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Parents of our lovely debutante, Mr. ______ and Mrs. _________. A big round of applause please. Thank you very much."

6:21 to 6:35 PM 15 mins

Acknowledgement of the Parents and other VIPs

Parents of debutante and Parents and VIP family's table and VIP table

dim lights, spotlight to the parents/family and VIP

Instrumental background

Emcee to introduce the Parents of the debutante and other VIP. Coordinators are starting to go from table to table for the guest book. Coordinators are also lining up participants of the cotillion near the entrance.

Seq. # 5

Time 6:36 to 6:50 PM 15 mins

Event Introduction and entrance of the grand cotillion

Key Character Grand cotillion participants

Blocking Entrance area up to the stage

Lights well-lighted

Sounds Instrumental background or upbeat songs

Remarks Materials to prepare Emcee introduces participants of List of names of grand cotillion the grand cotillion by pairs. participants / song for grand entrance Coordinators give them confetti for grand entrance of debutante later and asks them to position themselves at the sides of the red carpet. Coordinators are prepping the debutante for her grand entrance. Coordinator makes sure that the sound engineer will be playing the correct song for the grand entrance

Notes Emcee: "And now, ladies and gentlemen without further adieu, let us now welcome the participants of the grand cotillion as they parade in all their glory."

6:51 to 7:00 PM 10 mins

GRAND ENTRANCE OF DEBUTANTE and escort THE DEBUTANTE and her (optional) escort (escort is optional)

Entrance area up to the stage

dim lights with spotlight to follow the debutante


7:01 to 7:10 PM 10 mins

Welcome remarks and toast by the Parents




Emcee: "Tonight calls for a grand Emcee introduces the debutante spotlight / bubble machine / fog and asks everyone to stand up machine / confetti machine / poppers celebration and it is our distinct pleasure to introduce to you for the and clap. / fireworks / red carpet / very first time, the reason why we are all gathered here tonight, ladies Debutante will sit in the and gentlemen. So without further debutante's chair after applause ado, let us all rise and give a warm thins, and guests will be signaled round of applause, would you please to sit down. welcome, our lovely debutante, Jam." Emcee: "Such a spectacular grand Emcee to call on the parents to entrance by our lovely debutante, I make a speech or a welcome would say. And now to give a remark or give a toast in honor of speech and a toast in honor of our the debutante. beautiful debutante, we would like to ask Mr. and Mrs. __________ on the stage." Emcee to introduce AVP (describe AVP what it is, etc). Coordinators make sure that the correct AVP will be played. Coordinators will signal sound engineer to play AVP after introduction from emcee. Emcee: "Some of us have been fortunate enough to see Jam grow and blossom into a beautiful lady, but for others, here is a sneak peak of her 18 years of existence in one very short AVP. Dim the lights and let us all enjoy this AVP that her sister has prepared for her."

7:11 to 7:20 PM 10 mins

AVP of debutante (pictures from infancy to present)


projector area

lighted then dim


7:21 to 7:35 PM 15 mins

Grand cotillion

DEBUTANTE and her escort and participants of the grand cotillion

dance area


Meanwhile, coordinators are asking the participants of the grand cotillion to go to the side of the stage. grand cotillion song Emcee to intro grand cotillion grand cotillion song dance and call on participants to take their place in the dance area.

Emcee: "For everyone's entertainment, our debutante and her friends have painstakingly prepared a wonderful dance, a cotillion fit for a princess. So without further ado, let us welcome our debutante and her cotillion court."

Seq. # 9

Time 7:36 to 7:40 PM 5 mins

Event Invocation/Prayer before Meal

Key Character Prayer Leader

Blocking Stage

Lights well-lighted

Sounds none

Remarks Emcee to call on prayer leader.

Materials to prepare


7:41 to 8:20 PM 40 mins

Dinner and pictorials

emcee / coordinators / ushers / caterer / waiters / photobooth

dining area


Music from the band

Emcee to call on table numbers. Coordinators to cue guests to proceed to the stage for pictorials and then head to the buffet tables. Guests to proceed to the stage with the debutante for pictorials before proceeding to the buffet area.

Notes Emcee: "Thank you very much for that very lovely dance. We are nearing the most awaited part of the evening, dinner but before we partake of the sumptuous buffet that ____________ catering has provided for us, may we now call on Mrs. ____ to say grace. Emcee: "How is everybody doing so far? Is everybody happy? Is everyone also hungry? (Yes!) There you go. Dont worry folks, we wouldnt be delaying your delicious dinner any further. However, Jam asks that you guys oblige her with a picture first. We will be calling on the table numbers. Once your table is called, please join Jam on stage for your photo session with her. Have your photo taken with her and then you can go directly to the buffet tables provided by ___ catering."


8:11 to 8:20 PM 10 mins

AVP of well-wishers

emcee / coordinators / sound engineer

projector area

lighted then dim


Emcee to introduce AVP2 (describe what it is, etc). Coordinators make sure that the correct AVP will be played. Coordinators will signal sound engineer to play AVP after introduction from emcee.



8:21 to 8:40 PM 30 mins


18 roses

dance floor area

well-lighted or dim with spotlight

18 roses dance songs

Meanwhile, coordinators are asking the 18 roses to fall in line near the stage Emcee to introduce each 18 roses 18 roses dance song list / 18 roses as they approach the debutante for a dance.

Emcee: "While some of you are still feasting on the delicious buffet and the decadent dessert, I would like to ask you to turn your attention to our projector for another AVP. So many people would like to greet our birthday celebrant a happy birthday and some of her friends have made a very special AVP just for her. So Jam, watch this AVP and your friends hope you like it. Enjoy!"

Emcee: "The 18 roses signify the debutantes coming of age. We have now come to the part of our program that the guys have been waiting for. A chance to hold the hand of our lovely debutante for a short dance... and then maybe... a kiss... so let us not keep them waiting. Ladies and gentlemen, the 18 roses with our beautiful debutante." Emcee: "And now ladies and gentlemen, the most important man in Jam's life will dance with her. May I now present Mr _________ and our lovely debutante, Jam for their Father and Daughter dance. Emcee: "The 18 candles signify the 18 women that will be her guiding light in her journey towards fulfilling her dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, the 18 candles."


8:41 to 8:45 PM 5 mins


DEBUTANTE and her father

dance floor area

well-lighted or dim with spotlight

father and daughter Emcee to ask the father of the father and daughter dance song / dance song debutante to take his daughter for spotlight / bubble machine their father and daughter dance.


8:46 to 9:25 PM 30-40 mins


18 candles


well-lighted or slightly dim for the candles to be seen

instrumental songs Emcee to call on 18 candles to the 18 candles stage.

Seq. # 15

Time 9:26 to 9:40 PM 15 mins


Key Character DEBUTANTE

Blocking cake area

Lights well-lighted

Sounds happy birthday song

Remarks Materials to prepare Coordinators will cue in Happy birthday song / 18 candles / cake / Birthday song as everybody joins cake cutter in the singing. Debutante stands up to acknowledge the greeting and after the song, goes to the 18 candles to blow them one by one. Emcee will now call on the debutante to approach the cake area for the cutting of the cake.

Notes Emcee: Happy birthday song. "Happy Birthday Jam! Let us give 18 claps for Jam.. Thank you very much. You can now blow your 18 candles and make a wish. It is now time to cut the cake. As Jam has reached the age of maturity, she will now cut the cake and give a portion to her parents as a symbol of her love and gratefulness to them."


9:41 to 10:10 pm 30 mins

GAMES (can be insterspersed within the program)

emcee / ushers / game participants

stage or dance floor


would depend on the game


10:11 to 10:15 pm DEBUTANTE's SPEECH 5 mins 10:16 onwards PARTY/EVERYBODY ON THE DANCE FLOOR






dance floor area

disco lights

none or some instrumental background Dance music

Debutante is seated on her would depend on the game debutante's chair. Emcee will introduce the game, describe how it is played and pick participants among the guests. Coordinators will usher participants to go to the stage Debutante thanks everybody for debutante's speech coming and asks them to party with her for the rest of the night. Emcee to thank everyone for coming and staying till the program is finished.

Emcee: "And now a word from our lovely debutante, Jam." And with that our program has officially concluded. We would like to thank Jam's suppliers who have made this momentous night a success. We would like to thank you all for making it to this wonderful celebration of Jam's 18th birthday. For those who are going home, may God bless you. Be safe everyone. And for those who are staying, the night is young and the floor is now open for dancing. This is your host, _____, signing off. Thank you and have a blessed night."