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2013 Entergy Texas, Inc.

SCORE Program

4,021 3.76 million

more teachers* more books for students*

Thats the impact the SCORE Program has had on Texas institutions. Next to payroll, energy is often the biggest line item on a schools budget. Entergy Texas designed the SCORE Program to give schools the technical and financial resources necessary to reduce energy spending and direct more of their budgets to students and teachers. The no-cost SCORE Program provides you with the resources to identify energy efficiency opportunities and convert them into savings. Based on your individual needs, the program will provide customized assistance such as:
ENERGY PERFORMANCE BENCHMARKING: Learn where and how your buildings are wasting energy. ENERGY MASTER PLANNING WORKSHOPS: Learn energy management best practices that finance, facilities and administrative staff can employ to maximize long-term savings. INCENTIVES: Earn $165/kW and $0.02/kWh for projects that reduce energy consumption.
*Based on lifetime energy savings of equipment installed and total incentives earned by Texas educational partners as of August 2012, average textbook cost and teacher salary.

FINANCING ASSISTANCE: Learn about the many options available to finance energy efficiency projects that involve little to no upfront cost. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to help identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities. COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT to help publicize your leadership and accomplishments in energy efficiency.

Please contact Entergy Texas or CLEAResult if you have questions or need additional information. We look forward to helping your organization save energy and money through the SCORE Program.
CLEAResult Program Administrator (855) 884-5617 |

Kelley Carson, Entergy Texas, Inc. Program Manager (281) 362-4033 |

SCORE Program Process

1 Letter of Intent
} Enroll in program by signing MOU.

2 Pre-inspection
} } } CLEAResult documents & verifies existing equipment before removal. Before new construction projects begin, partner must submit construction drawings for estimated savings calculations. Note: If equipment isnt pre-inspected prior to removal, the program cannot incentive the project. CLEAResult analyzes plans to identify other energy-saving opportunities.

3 Incentive application
} } } Decide project timeline & scope. CLEAResult calculates preliminary incentive & energy savings. Note: Incentive funds not guaranteed upon project completion without signed incentive application.

4 Construction
} Partner implements project & notifies CLEAResult upon project completion.

5 Post-inspection
} CLEAResult documents & verifies new equipment installation, finalizes incentive & energy savings.

6 Incentive check
} } CLEAResult receives New Base Vendor Form (NBVF) & electric bill for affected facilities. Note: Entergy Texas issues live check to Partner (takes approximately four to six weeks) made to attention of person who signed MOU.

Kelley Carson, Entergy Texas, Inc. Program Manager (281) 362-4033 |

CLEAResult Program Administrator (855) 884-5617 |