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February 17, 2013

the Confessor

Catholic Church San Felipe de Jess Chapel

First Sunday of Lent

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February 17, 2013,

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Traces of Grace

Traces of Grace
Dear Fellow Parishioners; Lightning has struck the Vatican twice this past week! With the surprising news of the resignation and retirement of Pope Benedict this past week, several persons asked me, What does a Pope do when he retires? This got me thinking a little bit, since despite my recent birthday, I was not around the last time a Pope resigned 600 years ago. So what does a Pope do when he retires? Does he spend his week playing the back nine at the Vatican West? Does he volunteer at a local Roman soup kitchen? Does he spend his time visiting the friends that he did not have time to visit with while being the Pontiff? Does he finally take the time to write the back story of what is really going on at the Vatican? Honestly, I have no idea, but I am sure of one thing. To be released of the tremendous responsibility of leading our Church, one can only imagine that the first thing Benedict will do is to take a deep breath and smile! Soon the Vatican will begin its version of March Madness. The conclave will be convened in early March for the Cardinals to discern and choose our next Pontiff. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower them to make a choice that will inspire to lead us forward! This following last paragraph of Pope Benedicts address to the Cardinals in announcing his decision to resign sums it up best: I thank you most sincerely for all the love and work with which you have supported me in my ministry and I ask pardon for all my defects. And now, let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of Our Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and implore his holy Mother Mary, so that she may assist the Cardinal Fathers with her maternal solicitude, in electing a new Supreme Pontiff. With regard to myself, I wish to also devotedly serve the Holy Church of God in the future through a life dedicated to prayer. This Sunday is Volunteer Sunday for the Diocesan Capital Campaign. It is a reminder that we are church. While Popes lead and inspire, it is the committed Catholic in the pew who gives life to the local Church. I look forward to your participation in this Campaign for the needs of our larger Church of Orange. Together in Christ;

Fr. Steve Pastor

Finally, we polled the staff for who should be a candidate for the next Pope. Unfortunately, this is the best they could come up with!

First Sunday of Lent

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February 17, 2013

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Rasgos de Gracia
Queridos feligreses; En la ltima semana un rayo a cado dos veces sobre el Vaticano! Con la reciente renuncia del Santo Padre Benedicto XVI y su jubilacin algunos de ustedes me preguntan Y ahora que har el Santo Padre al jubilarse? Esto me puso a pensar por un instante, pues recientemente celebre mi cumpleaos y la ltima vez que un Papa renuncia a su Pontificio fue hace 600 aos. As es que; Que es lo que un Papa hace cuando renuncia a su ministerio? Se la pasa jugando Golf en la parte trasera del Vaticano? Es voluntario en la cocina de Roma para darle de comer a los pobres? Visita amigos que no tena tiempo de visitar durante su Pontificio? Oh, finalmente se toma el tiempo de escribir lo que realmente pasa en el Vaticano? Honestamente, no tengo ni idea, pero estoy seguro de algo. El haber renunciado a su cargo y a esa tremenda responsabilidad de dirigir la Iglesia, me imagino que lo primero que hara respirar profundo y con una grade sonrisa! Pronto el Vaticano comenzara el Revuelo de Marzo. El Conclave se reunir a principios de marzo para elegir al prximo Papa. Les pido que oren para que el Espritu Santo los guie para elegir al nuevo Sumo Pontfice. El siguiente y ltimo prrafo habla de la declaracin del Papa Benedicto XVI a los Cardenales: Queridsimos hermanos, os doy las gracias de corazn por todo el amor y el trabajo con que habis llevado junto a m el peso de mi ministerio, y pido perdn por todos mis defectos. Ahora, confiamos la Iglesia al cuidado de su Sumo Pastor, Nuestro Seor Jesucristo, y suplicamos a Mara, su Santa Madre, que asista con su materna bondad a los Padres Cardenales al elegir el nuevo Sumo Pontfice. Por lo que a m respecta, tambin en el futuro, quisiera servir de todo corazn a la Santa Iglesia de Dios con una vida dedicada a la plegaria. Este domingo es el domingo para ser voluntario en la Campaa Capital. Es un recordatorio que todos somos iglesia. El catlico que cado domingo se sienta en una banca y se compromete con su parroquia l es quien le da vida a la iglesia. Espero su participacin en esta Campaa y su participacin en las necesidades de nuestra iglesia en Orange. Juntos en Cristo;
Pbro. Steve Sallot Prroco Y por ultimo, hicimos un sorteo aqu en la parroquia de quien seria el mejor candidato al Pontifice. Desafortunadamente esto fue lo mejor que consiguieron! First Sunday of Lent Page 4

TO SAVOR THE FORTY DAYS BEFORE EASTER WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN PRAYER HOLY INTERRUPTIONS A VIRTUAL ONLINE RETREAT (New) During Lent, the whole Church enters into a six week retreat in preparation for Easter. Are you will to retreat but dont have much time? Join our online community for all forty days! Simply download Version 2 of our parish app (http// and click on Lenten Retreat. For only three minutes a day, your soul and spirit will be renewed. ALSO with one click, Spiritual Snacking will continue and you may visit our online Learning Center for more links to other edifying spiritual sites.. SOUL WALK ON THE BEACH : Come join us again this Lent for a weekly walking prayer experience on the beach, Thursdays beginning February 21 at 8:30 AM. Gather at the Capistrano Beach end of Doheny State Park (take PCH to Beach Road, park in the metered spaces, and meet Donna Couch and the group by the Pay Station). Prayer walks are offered for a world in need. VISIT OUR MEDITATION GARDEN and LABYRINTH: For some needed solitude and reflection, we invite you to spend time enjoying Gods creation. Look in the information box for instructions and prayers. COMING SOON DURING LENT (Time TBA) - Stations of the Cross that you can walk outside in the garden. FAMILY RECONCILIATION NIGHT: Monday, March 18, 6-7 PM Pasta with the Padres will be provided n Knight Hall, followed immediately by our parish Penance Service in the Church. If you would like to eat with us before, please call and make your reservation. SOUP AND STATIONS : Stations of the Cross will be prayed Monday-Saturday after the 8:15 AM Mass and on every Friday after the 5:30 PM mass. Evening stations will be followed by a light soup supper. Check below for locations, sponsors and types of Stations.

February 22 March 1

Stations of the Cross

St. Edward the Confessor Church Traditional Stations of the Cross Sponsored by: Our Ladys Blue Army St. Edward the Confessor Church Traditional Stations of the Cross Sponsored by: St. Edwards Ushers Knight Hall The Way of the Cross Continues Reflections on the Passion of Jesus Today Sponsored by: Faith Formation St. Edward the Confessor Church Traditional Stations of the Cross Sponsored by: Circle of Praise St. Edward the Confessor Church The Living Stations of the Cross Sponsored by: St. Edward School/C. Malec

Soup Supper
Knight Hall Sponsored by: Knights of Columbus St. Edward School Lunchroom Sponsored by: Stephen Ministry Knight Hall Sponsored by: Knights of Columbus Knight Hall Sponsored by: Moms in Prayer Knight Hall Sponsored by: Tuesday Bible Study

March 8 March 15 March 22

February 17, 2013

Page 5

From the Office for Parish Our office is located on the Knight Hall side of the rectory . We can be reached by calling 496-6011 or on the web:

Faith Formation

This Week in Faith Formation:

Sunday February 17th First Sunday of Lent 2:00pm-Infant Baptism in the Church Monday February 18th 4:30pmNO Childrens Religious Education due to the Presidents Holiday Tuesday February 19th 9:00am-Bible Study in Knight Hall 7:30pm-RCIA-Knight Hall Wednesday February 20th 9:00am-Women of Wisdom-Knight Hall 4:30pm-Childrens Religious Education Wednesday group 7:00pm-Bible Study-School Lunchroom 7:00pm-Insight-Knight Hall

LENTEN Family Reconciliation Night Monday, March 18th, 2013 6pm-7: Pasta with our Padres Knight Hall. Please RSVP for dinner portion to 496-6011 or 7-8 pm: Reconciliation Service in Church

+St. Edward the Confessor

LENTEN SOUL WALK Come join us again this Lent for a morning SOUL WALK on the beach. A group contemplative prayer experience, these leisurely strolls will be offered for a world in need. Gather at the Capistrano Beach end of Doheny State Park (take PCH to Beach Road, park in the metered spaces, and meet Donna Couch near the Pay Station). Questions? Call or email the Faith Formation Office. NEW VIRTUAL ONLINE RETREAT FOR LENT! During Lent, the whole Church enters into a six week retreat in preparation for Easter. Are you will to retreat but dont have much time? Join our online community for all forty days! Simply download Version 2 of our parish app (http// and click on Lenten Retreat. For only three minutes a day, your soul and spirit will be renewed.
First Sunday of Lent

We come together as a parish family to break bread and fellowship, to pray & sing & receive the grace of God through the holy Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Confirmation II Students:
If you have not registered for your mandatory retreat, you must do so now for the retreat on March 15-17 It is vital that you go online now to complete the registration and payment forms. Type in this link: permission-form-p1.aspx Remember, the overnight retreat is a Diocesan requirement for the Confirmation program. Page 6

Experience an exclusive insiders tour of the

Christ Cathedral Campus

For over 55 years Rev. Robert H. Schullers ministry has been a beacon for Christian faith operating from this very campus, with the extraordinary Crystal Cathedral erected in 1980. Today we, as Catholics, have been given an opportunity to become part of its transformation to serve all Catholics in the Diocese of Orange and around the world. We are blessed to call this impressive campus our spiritual home. Join your fellow parishioners for an escorted tour of the beautiful 35-acre property. Hear an insiders perspective of how the newly named Christ Cathedral will become our new Catholic home and learn how our parish will be part of its transformation. For a limited time St. Edward is offering exclusive tours of the campus for our parishioners at no cost.

Bus Tours Departing from St. Edward *

February 28 March 5 March 16 April 4 April 20 (Thursday) (Tuesday) (Saturday) (Thursday) (Saturday) - English/Spanish

Bus tours depart St. Edward at 12:00 noon and return approximately by 3:30 p.m.

Drive Yourself Tour *

April 2 (Tues) Tour begins promptly at 10:30 a.m.
* Restrictions apply to all tours: Tours are subject to cancellation at any time (those holding reservations will be notified a.s.a.p. Children must be 8 years old and accompanied by an adult Restrooms not available on the bus (drive is approximately 1 hour)

This is an exciting time in the history of our Diocese and Parish! Space is limited. Reserve your seat now for this exclusive tour of the beautiful Christ Cathedral Campus. Call (949) 481-4000 or email
The following information is required to reserve your seat: Date of tour, Name, Phone, Email, Number of adults, Number of children (8 or older)
February 17, 2013 Page 7

Pre School Fall Registration

St. Edward the Confessor Preschool
Where faith, learning, inquiry and discovery come together to help children grow.

Pre School Open House February 10th

ACCEPTING REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2013 Returning Families may register on Thursday, February 21. New family applications online on Wednesday, March 6.
For admissions information, please visit or contact us at or call 949-240-8485

First Sunday of Lent

Page 8

Please remember members of our Armed Forces and their families in your prayers.

Sara Tomasian John Welsh Michael Mc Guire Mary Binns Geoff Barnard Bill Marrietti Frankie De Crasto Art La Sarge Libby Cigliano Lisa Reese Larry Kellerman Danielle Martin Carrie Stewart Dolores Waggoner Jennifer Herman Ryan Davis Lucy Rausch Filomena Vaughn Jane Pritchard

The Sick

Kathy Peper Catherine Peterson Mary Lou Allec Lisa Reese Mary Lyon Ronald Lohman James Howard Mary Hearn Bob firks Michael Mc Guire Mary Daily Julie Mark Susie Murphy Isabelle Farac Colleen Sanchez Joan Sanchez Jean Kelly Werner Barden Sheri Sowa

Our parish offers their sympathy and prayers to the families of William Kilty, Maria Bendeck, Frank Hanson, Mary Rossi , Beatriz Grijalva, George Malone and the men and women who have died serving our country.

In Remembrance

Sunday 7:30 a.m.

Feb. 17: Arthur Hadevis (1972), John Janton (1979), Edgar C. Bootay (1999), Sally Hale (2010) Feb. 18: Frank Winterbourne (1972), Peryl Lavery (1987), Robert Martin Schafhausen (2000), Roger Darwent (2002) Joseph Broderick (2004), Shirley Hadden (2006), Tricia Dietz (2007) Feb. 19: Barbara "Bobbie" Ivers (2000), John Elberlse (2005), Grace Fellner (2011) Feb. 20: Mary Heitz (1978), Edward G. Sliney (1988), Edward Doyle (2000), Robert Wakin (2006) Feb. 21: Daniel Leslie (1978), Kenneth Trindl (2002), Vernon Hansen (2007) Feb. 22: Winnie O. Williams (1988), Victor Martinez (1993), Jorge Marquina (2007) Feb. 23: Bert Hoffman, Sr. (1986), Clement Kosak (1990) Estelle Potocki (2004) Feb. 24: Maura Margaret Evans (2004), Timothy Soper (2005), Barbara Sinatra (2007), Mary Jane Harrington (2009)


February 17 Zack Harris Raines Family Fabiola Cucalon Joe Pakeltis 8:00 a.m. SF Tony Carbonara Ben Villa 9:00 a.m. Richard Brunner 11:00 a.m. Alin Wangsawidjaja 12:30 p.m. Katherine Force 5:30 p.m. Kathy OKeefe Monday February 18 8:15 a.m. Helen Stawarz 5:30 p.m. Cancelled Tuesday February 19 8:15 a.m. Richard Brunner 5:30 p.m. Dave Estrovitz Wednesday February 20 8:15 a.m. Hugo Escobar-Velasquez 5:30 p.m. Eduardo Aguilera Thursday February 21 8:15 a.m. Fabiola Cucalon Friday February 22 8:15 a.m. Alice Farinacci 5:30 p.m. Oscar Campbell Saturday February 23 8:15 a.m. Ana Vinatea 5:30 p.m. Robert Bursey Sunday February 24 7:30 a.m. Frank Hansen William Killian Nancy Jackson 8:00 a.m. SF Mary Rossi Beatriz Grijalva 9:00 a.m. Tim Soper 11:00 a.m. Thomas Prophet 12:30 p.m. Felix Peric 5:30 p.m. Robert Carlin

Mass Intentions

February 17, 2013

Page 9

Good Stewards All

Daily Schedule
7:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday Pro Life Rosary, Morning Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) 8:15 a.m.MassMonday through Saturday 5:15 p.m.Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, except Sat.) 5:30 p.m.Mass,-Monday Saturday (except Thursday ) (Saturday is Sundays Liturgy) We invite you to celebrate daily Mass with us!

St. Edward and San Felipe de Jesus ministries provided:

Baptisms: Weddings : Quinceaeras Bereavement: 13 4 1 10 Individuals Couples Young Woman Funerals

In the month of January 2012

Scripture Readings for the Week

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Leviticus 19:1-2, 11-18; Matthew 25:31-46 Isaiah 55:10-11; Matthew 6:7-15 Jonah 3:1-10; Luke 11:29-32 Esther C:12, 14-16, 23-25; Matthew 7:7;12 1Peter 5:1-4; Matthew 16:13-19 Deuteronomy 26:16-19; Matthew 5:43-48 Genesis 15:5-12, 17-18; Philippians 3:17-4:1; Luke 9:28b-36

Christian Service ... Food Distribution *: 120 Families (198 adults, 154 children) Services provided: 29 Referrals provided: 6
* Food Distribution is sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul and administered by St. Edwards Christian Service Ministry.

Stewardship Your Offerings for January

Monthly Collection . $ 77,848 Parish Pay: $ 90,859

Wedding Banns
Luke Ollett & Katherine Rivas, February 23, 2013 Tomas Crisostomo & Martha Segura, March 9, 2013


Monthly Collection: . $ 107,586 Parish Pay: $ 93,082

This Weeks Events

Monday 8:45 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Tuesday 9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. Wednesday 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Thursday 10:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Friday 9:00 a.m. 5:30 p.m. February 18 Adoration in the Church Endow, Copy Room February 19 Bible Study, Knight Hall Blue Army, Church February 20 Women of Wisdom, Knight Hall Binky Patrol, Copy Room Families of Nazareth, Church Cry Room Confessions, Church Bibles Study, School Lower Lunch Area February 21 Spanish Class, Church Meeting Room Bible Study, Ministry Bldg. Dining Room February 22 Prayer Shawl, Church Meeting Room Stations of the Cross following 5:30 p.m. Mass,. Soup Supped in Knight Hall Page 10

Thank you for your generosity!


First Sunday of Lent

Around the Diocese

ANNUAL RECOGNITION OF ALTAR SERVERS MASS Saturday, March 9th, 2013, 10:00 A.M. At St. Columban Church, Garden Grove Following the Mass, there will be a reception in the parish hall for the Altar Servers and their families. For further information, contact your parish director of Altar Servers, Deana Progar at 949-525-7092 or

Teachings of Bl. Pope John Paul II Tuesday Nights 7 P.M. to 8 P.M. An 8 part series for adults Next Class Feb. 26, 2013, JSerra Catholic High School Rm. 1212, Building A
Important teachings for today's times "An Introduction to Theology of the Body" by Christopher West. This is a wonderful introduction to Blessed Pope John Paul II's teachings delivered during the first five years of his papacy.

SILENCE AND SOLITUDE SPRING RETREAT WITH THE CARMELITE SISTERS OF THE MOST SACRED HEART This year St. Edward has the opportunity to attend an extra retreat May 24-26th for those who cant attend in the fall or would like the quiet time away twice a year. If you need or want a quiet week-end in prayer with Our Lord, please contact Julie Landguard 949-466-9103. The May retreat is in addition to our regularly scheduled retreat October 4th thru 6th.

Please join Birth Choice Health Clinics on March 21, 2013 as we celebrate 32 years of life saving work. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Marc Newman will celebrate our achievement along with Kathleen Eaton Bravo, CEO and Founder of BCHC. Although this year we will celebrate more birthdays than ever before through our life-affirming clinics, it is no time to rest. The battle still before us is long and hard. Please join us in fighting the good fight on March 21, 2013 at 6 pm at Calvary Church Santa Ana (1010 N. Tustin Ave, Santa Ana). You will also be able to bless and tour our new Santa Ana clinic that is within walking distance of the event. Admission is free however, please RSVP at or email Allie Krigbaum at .
February 17, 2013 Page 11

Parish News
Knights of Columbus Open House! Thursday, Feb. 28, 7pm, Parish Room 220, St. Edward School
The Knights of Columbus need Catholic gentlemen from 18 & up to help build Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism in our Families and Catholic Faith Based Community. Great fraternal benefits! Please contact Tim Kosor, Membership Director at 949 378-1599 or Visit to see what we are doing!

Binky Patrol
The Binky Patrol will meet on Wednesday, February 20th at 9 A.M. in the Copy Room of the Church. Anyone interested in joining us please do, all are welcome. For more information about Binky Patrol or to donate yarn or financial help toward the purchase of yearn please contact Mary Howe at 949-249-2066.

A Warm Thank You to Mary Ann Connolly

Left to right: Anne Stokes, Mary Ann Connolly, Gabrielle Kirkman.

After many years serving as the chair of the St. Edward Altar Guild, Mary Ann Connolly will step down this month. Gabrielle Kirkman will become the new chair and Anne Stokes will continue as co-chair. Thank you, MaryAnn, for your years of dedication and service to our faith community.

First Sunday of Lent

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