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The DATAKOM mode| DKC-154 is a |ov cost,
microprocessor contro||ed unit designed to start
and stop the genset automatica||y on request oI
an externa| Pemote Start signa|. lt has re|ay
driving sc||d state cututs enab|ing it to interIace
vith diese| gensets through pover re|ays.
When the engine is running, the unit monitors
Iau|t conditions and shuts-dovn the engine
automatica||y in the occurrence oI an a|arm. The
a|arms are identiIied by a group oI LEDs
disp|aying on|y the Iirst occurring one.
The DKC-154 is a|so ab|e to contro| Energ|ze tc
Stc type oI engines. The engine type se|ection
is made by a jumper svitch.
ln the CFF position, the DC supp|y is removed
Irom the modu|e, thus remote start operation is
disab|ed and zero pover consumption is
The unit povers up vhen the AUTC position on
the Iront pane| is se|ected. lt vi|| start the engine
vhen its Pemote Start input is pu||ed to battery
When the Pemote Start signa| arrives, the unit
vi|| act |ike be|ov.
lI Prebeat' option is se|ected, it energizes the
AUXILIAPY output Ior Prebeat De|ay, then
re|eases it.
Then it energizes the FUEL output Ior Wa|t
eIcre Start de|ay, then energizes the STAPT
output Ior Start Durat|cn. lI the engine Iires, the
start output is immediate|y deenergized. The
protections vi|| be enab|ed on|y aIter the
Prctect|cn Hc|d-cII T|mer has expired.
lI the engine does not Iire, start and Iue| outputs
are deenergized and the unit vi|| vait Ior Wa|t
etween Starts period.
lI rebeat' option is se|ected, the AUXILIAPY
output vi|| be energized during this period.
Then a nev crank cyc|e is initiated. The engine is
cranked up to 3 times.
When the Pemote Start signa| disappears, the
engine vi|| continue to run Ior Ccc|dcwn
Durat|cn. Then the Iue| output is deenergized.

lI the Act|vate tc Stc' option is se|ected, the
AUXILIAPY output vi|| be energized Ior Stc
T|mer. At the end oI the stop cyc|e the unit vi||
be ready Ior a nev Pemote Start cyc|e.
The PPEHEAT/STCP ( ) |ed vi|| continuous|y
indicate the AUXILIAPY output status.
The occurrence oI be|ov Iau|t conditions vi||
cause the engine to be stopped immediate|y.
-H|gb eng|ne temerature,
-Lcw c|| ressure,
lI a Iau|t condition occurs, the FUEL so|enoid vi||
be deenergized. lI the Energ|ze tc Stc option is
se|ected, the AUXILIAPY output vi|| be energized
during Stc T|mer and the |ed associated vith
this condition vi|| turn on.
On|y the Iirst occurring Iau|t vi|| be indicated. To
reset the Iau|t condition, turn the svitch to the
CFF position Ior a Iev seconds.
The Cbarge Fa|| condition is treated as a varning
on|y and do not cause the engine to stop. The
input monitors the D termina| oI the charge
The unit is ab|e to operate in both 50 and 60 Hz
systems. The se|ection is made vith a jumper
The unit uses high current tvo part connectors
Ior easy rep|acement.

DC SUPPLY: 12 or 24 vo|ts DC, () and (-)
L1: Cenerator phase vo|tage.
NEUTPAL: Cenerator neutra| termina|.
HIGH TEMP SWITCH: Negative c|osing svitch input.
LCW CIL PPESSUPE: Negative c|osing svitch input.
PEMCTE STAPT: A negative supp|y connection to
this input vi|| cause the engine to run.
CHAPGE: Connect the charge a|ternators D end to
this termina|. This termina| vi|| supp|y the excitation
current and measure the vo|tage oI the charge

Iu||y protected, negative pu||ing so|id state outputs.
Each output is rated 1.2amps@28V-DC.

Preheat vith Activate to Start,
Energize to Stop vithout preheat,
50Hz nomina|,
60Hz nomina|.

Engine contro| (vithout a|ternator),
Manua| Start version (DKC-153)
High pover re|ay outputs (DKC-152).
Customized timer va|ues.

A|ternatcr Vc|tage: 15 to 300 V-AC
A|ternatcr Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz nomina|.
Cverseed: nomina| Irequency 14%
(24% overshoot)
Underseed: 25Hz
DC Su|y Pange: 8 to 33 V-DC.
Current ccnsumt|cn: 80mA max. (Outputs open).
Cbarge Ia|| tbresbc|d: 6 V-DC.
Cbarge exc|tat|cn current: via 82 ohms resistor
connected to the FUEL output.
Prebeat De|ay: 10 sec.
Wa|t eIcre Start: 0.75 sec.
Start Durat|cn: 6 sec.
Wa|t etween Starts: 10 sec.
Number cI Start Cyc|es: 3
Prctect|cn Hc|d-cII T|mer: 12 sec.
Ccc|dcwn Durat|cn: 2 minutes.
Stc T|mer: 30 sec.
Cerat|ng tem.: -20C (-4F) to 70 C (158F).
Stcrage tem.: -30C (-22F) to 80 C (176F).
Max|mum bum|d|ty: 95% non-condensing.
D|mens|cns: 72x72x38mm (WxHxD)
Pane| cutcut d|mens|cns: 68x68 mm
We|gbt: 100g (approx.)
Insta||at|cn: Front pane| mounted. Petaining stee|
spring provided.

DATAKCM E|ectrcn|cs L|m|ted
Te| . 90-216-466 84 60
Fax . 90-216-364 65 65
e-mai| .