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MDS 2009
1. Dental floss is used for cleaning which type of embrasures a) Type 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) all Gingival fibers which run between two teeth are a) Trans septal fibers b)trans gingival c)oblique d)apical d)tongue 14. In a deep wound, width is more than depth. It is a)stab wound b)slash c)laceration d)contaminated




Plasmocytoma of B cell origin is a) hodgkins lymphoma b) Plasmocytoma c) Multiple Myeloma

In a obese person, BMI is a)>10 b)>20 c)>30 d)>40



Which condition can be diagnosed only with radiograph a) Periodontal abscess b) bifurcation involvement c) anatomical length of tooth

when does tmj start developing in utero a)2nd week b)10th week c)20th week d)29 week



In compression osteosynthesis bone heals by a)primary union b)secondary union c)teritiary union

most imp bevel for gold inlay restoration is a) occlusal b) gingival c) axiopuplal d) axiofacial


when pins are used in amalgam, strength of amalgam a) increases b) decreases c) same


Difference in tooth preparion for non carious Class V amalgam and composites a)depth of the cavity b)mesial and distal walls of the cavity c)Placement of retentive grooves d) bevel


when child is not able 2 hold the IOPA .. who shud hold?? a) Dentist b) Parent c) assisstant d) radiographer


Periapical and periodontal abscess can be differentiated by a) probing b)radiograph c)histopathology In national water supply and sanitation progranme a problem village is defined as all except a)distance of safe water is greater then 1.5 kms b)water is exposed to the risk of cholera c)water source has excess iron and heavy metals d)water infested with guinea worm



most common cause of female mortality in India during childbirth a) Hemorrhage b)Abortion c) Anaemia d)sepsis


A Pt wit trauma suffers 15 % blood loss. a) no treatment b) blood and colloidal transfusion c)colloidal transfusion only d)blood transfusion only excess ingestion of fluorides is absorbed by the intestines. It is excreted by a)Kidney b)lung c)liver d)saliva


Increase in threshold level on applying sub threshold, slowly rising stimulus is known as a)adaptation b)accommodation c)refractoriness d)electrotronus


10. Radiograph helps in the identification of a)depth of bone loss b)shape of the bony defect c)extent of bone loss d)none Order of setting of GIC is a)gelation , migration, post setting contraction 24. 11. Phlegmon is a)type of cellulitis b)STD To increase the efficiency of tungsten Carbide bur a)should run only after touching the tooth b)run at high speed before touching the tooth c)run at low speed before touching the tooth d)run before entering the oral cavity 23. To decrease the anxiety in children during dental procedures, pre medication is used by all routes except a)oral b)IV c)IM d)subdermal

which drug does not metabolize by acetylation: a)isoniazid b)metaclopromide c)procainamide d)dapsone


Loading dose of injection depends upon a)volume of distribution b)plasma half life c) plasma clearance


A mand.molar is restored with a gold inlay. Severe shooting pain is experienced when teeth come in contact. The cause is a)supraocclusion b)allergic reaction... c) extra cement d) galvanism due to opposite amalgam restoration


Lingual splaying will cause increase in a)interpupillary distance b)intercanthal distance c)interangle distance d)Go Gn distance

13. commonest site of keratoacanthoma a)lip b)palate c)buccal mucosa 27. moth eaten app is seen in all except a)osteomyelitis b)haemorrhagic cyst


c)okc d)osteosarcoma 43. 28. ehler danlos syndrome is a)autosomal dominant, b)recessive c)x linked dominant d)x linked recessive 44. not a tributary of cavernous sinus a) superficial middle cerebral vein b) deep petrosal sinus c) inferior petrosal sinus d) superior petrosal sinus


Nasoalveolar cyst is also known as a)Klisdt cyst b)Bohns nodules c)epstein pearls

What is the type of joints between ossicles of ear a)Fibrous joint b) Primary cartilaginous c)Secondary cartilaginous d) Synovial joint


most common tumor of parotid gland a) pleomorphic adenoma b) warthins tumor



Premature synostis of coronal suture along with basal sutures is seen in a) oxycephaly b)brachycephaly c)trigonocephaly d)scandamocephaly

which is most difficult to diagnose a)necrosed pulp b)internal resorption c)chronic pulpitis d)acute apical abscess



which deficiency affects tooth development a) vit. A b) carbohydrates c) vit. E d) vit B 47.

a paradoxial movement of chest during inspiration and expiration in a patient who has suffered trauma a)frail chest b)cardiac tamponade c)dyspnoea d)pneumothorax


white radiating lines on the buccal mucosa are seen in a)lichen planus b)leucoplakia

DLC is used for assessment of a)eosinophilia b)anemia c)leukocytosis d)leucopenia


bisecting angle technique uses a) rule of isometry b) ALARA c) SLOB



attached gingiva a) always stippled b) resistant to masticatory stress and forces c) highly prone to infection 49.

which of the following is not used in treatment of h.pylori a) oxytetracycline b)mosapride c)bismuth subcitrate d)omeprazole


adjuvant used in DPT vaccine a) zinc b) manganese c) aluminum d) copper

A condylar fracture with fragment overlap of >5mm and angle >37 degree needs what treatment? a) closed reduction and imf b) ORIF c)soft diet only d) no t/t


Action of primer a)Removal of smear layer b)Increases surface free energy of dentin c)Forms thin layer between collagen and resin d)Bonds with composite


when a mandibular fracture is transferred to an intensive care unit,under what is mandibular # treated a) primary survey b) secondary survey c) primary survey with IMF d) resuscitation room


which is a wrong technique pf placement of rubberdam a) place the clamp on tooth and insert the rubber dam b) place the dam over the clamp and then on tooth c) place the dam over the clamp and frame outside the oral cavity and then on tooth using a holder under the dam d)put holder over the dam



reactive arthritis is caused by a) staph. aureus b) h. influenza c) n. gonorehea d)e.coli acute infection causes.. a) neutropenia b) leucopenia c) leucocytosis

when a minimal injury as a glancing blow is struck,to what variable is it related? a) position of strike b) area of strike c) angulation of strike d) location of strike



a sampling unit refers to a) group of sample b) subset of sample c) every individual of a sample d) all acc to the tension and compression forces acting at the condylar border which of these would best attenuate them? a) a plate at the anterior border and another at the posterior border b) a plate at the anterior border c) a plate at the post border d) a plate at the lateral border

53. 41. in a set of observations the relative variability a) coefficient of variance b) standard deviation c) standard error


all r composite muscle except a)pectineus b)rectus femris c)adductor magnus d)biceps femoris


which of these represent a normal distribution? a when all data is distributed equally in a whole group b) when mode, median and mean coincide c) when positives are two times the negatives d) when positives are four times the negatives


d) 4mm 55. irreversible colonization of bacteria occurs in hw much time after enamel is exposed to bacteria? a) 24 hrs b) 1-2 hrs c) 3-4 hrs d) immediately


dentinogenesis imperfecta is a a)auto. domi b)auto recessive c)x linked domi d) x linked recessive


what lines become prominent after carious process? a) hunter schreger bands b) incremental lines of retzius c) incremental lines of pickerill


In hemophilia, the drug administered before a surgical procedure is a)vitamin K b)aspirin c)epsilon caproic acid d)chloral hydrate


bone which fills in an osseous defect is a)spongy b)cancellous c)bundle d)none


which of the following may be afeature of acromegaly a)large tongue b)micrognathia c)hypoglycemia


tev dek sutures used in endodontic microsurgery are removed in a)24-72 hrs b)72-96 hrs c)in 7 days d)in 10 days


treatment in comminuted fracture in angle of mandible a)multiple miniplates b) compression plates c)recontruction plates d)single miniplate which gives functional union


what is the best treatment for a fractured angle mandible? a )two plates as acc to AO principles b)compression plating c )reconstruction plates


by rules of tension n compression 4 mandibular condylar fracture with orif os done by a)1 miniplate ant n 1 post b)1 miniplate laterally c) 1 medially d) 1 ant only


gingivosis is related most commonly to a )high progesterone b) low estrogen and testosterone c) pregnancy



Most important factor for calculating dose of NSAIDs in children is a) age of child b)body weight of child c)flavour of salt d)extent of pain

which of the following is not done as a investigation in osteosarcoma a)MRI femur b)bone marrow biopsy c)bone scan d)xray chest


which of the following increases turbulence in blood flow? a)reynolds number less than 2000 b)when velocity is decreased c)when density of blood decreases d)when diameter of blood vessel increases


in behavior modification, what is the most common route for premedication? a )oral b) intramuscular c )subdermal d)intravenous


Which is the best material for treatment of non-carious Class V cavities in unstable acid erosion cases? a) GIC b) RM-GIC c) Compomer d) Composite


most common route for conscious sedation? a) intravenous b) intradermal c)submucosal d) subdermal


Bonding of GIC to tooth structure is brought about by a)metal ions b)hydroxyl bond c)carboxyl bond


N2O acts by a) non specific CNS depression b)gasserian ganglion blockade c) blocking peripheral pain pathways


Sensory branch of mandibular nerve is a)mylohyoid b)lingual c)long buccal d)buccal nerve Route of GA NOT used in children?a) IV b) IM c) Subdermal d) Submucosal


Herpangina is caused by a) coxsackie virus b)HSV c)HBV head ache of vascular origin are all except a)giant cell arteritis, b)Anesthesia dolorosa, c)cluster head ache, d)hemicrania




most common cause of Xerostomia in adults? a) Tranquillisers b) anti histaminics c) Insulin d) ocp


while applying temporary restoration to a tooth during a procedure, the thickness of temporary should be a) 1mm b) 2mm c) 3mm


Chronic burrowing ulcer of skin is caused by a)microaerophillus streptococcus


b) strep pyogenes c)peptostreptococcus d)strep. Viridans 94. first clinical sign of TFO a) tooth mobility b) wear facets


true abt primary teeth a)all calcify before birth b)all primary n perm. incisors calcify before birth



the disorder characterised by craniosynostosis and preaxial polysyndactyly of feet. soft tissue syndactyly is also present. a) carpenter syndrome b) crouzon syndrome c) apert syndrome

Motor supply of tongue is by a)hypoglossal b)glossopharyngeal c)vagus d)facial In a radiograph, the buccal root of max 1st premolar appears to be distal to the lingual root.The angulation of the cone was a)from mesial to the premolar b)from distal to the premolar c)10 degrees from above in a vert. angulation d)10 degrees from below in a vert. angulation



rhabdomyosarcoma is a disorder of a) smooth muscle b) striated muscle



Trapnell lines and McG.... lines are used in a) true lateral b) PA mandible c) PNS view

The failure of IAN block can occur in children due to a)concentration of LA b)presence of adrenaline c)position of needle d)angle of ramus



Periodontometer is used for a) tooth mobility b)pdl pocket

An 8yr old boy comes to your clinic with a chief complaint of large and jagged front teeth.Treatment would be a)Trim the teeth and apply fluoride varnish to prevent sensitivity b)Build the other teeth to the same size c)Extract the teeth d)Reassure the child and send him home.


green stains on tooth is caused by a)chromogenic bacteria b)lysis of neutrophils


A bluish purple swelling is present behind a lower primary second molar in a 6yr old child.Treatment is a)No treatment.Only observation b)Injecting proteolytic solution in the area c)Surgical excision of the flap


Which is seen in acromegaly a) large tongue b) hypoglycemia c) crowding of tooth


One yr old child is suffering from asthma.Treatment is a)short acting beta 2 agonist b)inhalational steroid c)sustained slow release theophylline


polymerization shrinkage of composite causes compression stress of a) 1 mpa b) 15 c) 5 d) 30


In a patient with cerebral palsy, all are seen except a)increased dental caries b)flourosis c)increased salivation d)trauma


what change occurs with time in supragingival plaque a) increase plaque mass b) bcoms more G+ve c) bcoms more G-ve d) more spirochetal....


In autism, a)incapacitance of motor and mental coordination b)mental retardation c)lack of motor skills


in a tooth with gingival recession undergoing root canal tt, the gp cone is sealed at a) level of anatomic crown junction b) 1 mm below roof of pulp chamber. c)1mm below the opening of the canal d)1mm above the opening of the canal purpose of indium in amalgam a) eliminate gamma phase b) eliminate gamma-2 phase c) decrease Hg release on mastication d) decrease Hg release on abrasion


In chronic marginal gingivitis, radiographic changes are a)horizontal bone loss b)vertical bone loss c)angular bone loss d) none



On the radiograph, the mesial aspect of a mand. 1st molar, 2-3 mm bone loss is found.On probing, 6mm pocket is present.The difference is due to a)Wrong angulation of radiograph b)facial and lingual bone superimposition c)mesial and buccal bone superimposition d) mesial and lingual bone superimposition )On a radiograph, irregularities are found on the root area of lower incisors.It may be a)subgingival calculus b)root caries )The difference between supragingival and subgingival calculus is the composition of supragingival calculus a) varies with the intake of diet b) plaque bacterial mass c) G ive organisms predominant A 9yr old child presents with generalized ulceration, fever, malaise, ulcers around the mouth.Treatment is a)symptomatic treatment and observation b)prescribe broad spectrum penicillin and mouthwash


not a tributary of cavernous sinus a) superficial middle cerebral vein b) deep middle ... c) inferior petrosal d) superior petrosal


106. 93. Delayed hypersensitivity is found in periodontal infections due to a)T-lymphocyte b)B lymphocyte



c)clean the mouth with a gentle mouthwash 121. 108. A tooth has apical migration of epithelial attachment.It is coincided with gingival recession.The tooth has a)shallow sulcus b)pdl pocket c)gingival pocket on histological examination of a periapical area of a tooth and its canal, following is seen a)osteoclastic activity b)normal pulp An infant with cleft lip, cleft palate, polydactly, microcephaly with holoprosencephaly, ectodermal scalp defect is suffering from: a) Trisomy 21 b) Trisomy 18 c) Trisomy 13 d)Turner syndrome True about denaturation of proteins is all except: a) Unfolding occurs b) Disruption of secondary structure occurs c) Sequence of amino acids remain the same d) Biological activity is retained 112. Atypical antipsychotic are all except: a) Olanzepine b) Clozapine c) Risperidone d) Thioridazone Pulmonary circulation differs from systemic circulation a) Pulmonary vasodilation in hypoxia b) Pulmonary vasoconstriction in hypoxia c) Decreased blood volume during systole d) Increased basal vasoconstrictor tone In Millard Gubler syndrome all are involved except: a) 5th cranial nerve b) 6th cranial nerve c) 7th cranial nerve d)Contralateral hemiplegia




1st drug to be used absence seizures: a) Phenytoin b) BZD c) Valproate d) Carbamazepine



During application of rubber dam, following can be used as a lubricant except a)Vaseline b)soapy water c)shaving cream



Alveolar bone grafting in a cleft palate patient is done: a)after maxillary expansion, cross bite correction, before canine eruption b)before maxillary expansion cross bite correction after canine eruption c)after maxillary expansion cross bite correction after canine eruption d)before maxillary expansion cross bite correction before canine eruption



Regarding Golgi tendon organ true is a) Senses dynamic length of muscle b) Involved in reciprocal innervation c) Alpha-motor neuron stimulation d) Senses muscle tension

Radiographic feature of sinusitis includes: a)Fluid level b)Erosion of bone c)Clouding of antra d)Fluid level and clouding


115. Steroid hormone receptors have attachment site for all except: a )Steroid hormone b )Transcription repressors c )Hormone responsive element d) Transcription activators

root caries is caused by(twice repeated) a)lactobacillus b)s.viridans c)actinimyces


Staghorn pattern seen in a) hemangiopericytoma cells that are not found in lungs a) Brush b) clara c) kulchisky d) Langerhan

116. Insulin causes lipogenolysis by all except: a) Increasing acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity b )Increases the transport of glucose into the cells c) inhibits pyruvate dehydrogenase d )Decreases intracellular cAMP level



True about G protein coupled receptors is: a) G proteins bind to hormones on the cell surface b) All the three subunits alpha, beta and gamma should bind each other G protein to act c) G proteins act as inhibitory and excitatory because of difference in alpha subunit d) G protein is bound to GTP in resting state

Which of the following is an example of disability limitation/ a) Reducing occurrence of polio by immunization b) Arranging for schooling of child suffering from PRPP c) Resting affected limbs in neutral position d) Providing calipers for walking


Specificity of a screening test measures a) True positives b) False positives c) False negatives d) True negatives


Thiamine deficiency causes decreased energy production because a) It is required for the process of transamination b) It is co-factor in oxidative reduction c)It is co-enzyme for transketolase in pentose phosphate pathway d) It is co-enzyme for pyruvate dehydrogenase


Life cycle of filaria is a) Cyclodevelopmental b) Cyclopropagative c) Propagative d) Transovarian

131. 119. All are true about glutathione except: a) It is a tripeptide b) It converts hemoglobin to methemoglobin c) It conjugates xenobiotics d) It scavenges free radicals and superoxide ions

In a study in UK, an association was found between increased sale of antiasthmatic drug and an increase in deaths due to asthma. This is an example of a) Ecological study b) Cohort study c) Case reference study d) Experimental study


In molecular cloning, Blue-white screening is used for: a) To screen for recombinant vectors b) To detect gene mutations c) To identify desired chromosomal DNA insert in plasmid vectors d) To detect host DNA in situ


Occupational cancer involve following organs except: a) Lung b) Breast c) Bladder d) Liver


145. 133. Cross resistance of isoniazid is seen with: a) Rifampicin b) Ethionamide c) Cycloserine d) Ethambutol 146. The difference in epithelial lining of cyst and oral cavity a)stratum germinatum b)s. corneum c)s.spinosum d)s.incidium


Which is not prodrug? a) Enalapril b) Clonidine c) Salmeterol d) Acetazolamide

A periodontal index is used to check the status of pdl disease in a survey. Each tooth surface is divided into 9 parts in the index. It is a)navy plaque index b)glas index c)sillness and loe index d)php index

147. 135. Which is not a 2nd generation antihistaminic? a) Loratidine b) Acrivastatine c) Cyclizine 148.

which anesthetic is used intravenously a)propofol


Long acting beta-2 agonist a) Albuterol b) Salmetarol c) Pirlbuterol d) Oxiprenaline

LA does not act in the presence of inflammation due to the LA solution molecules a)are positively charged b)are negatively charged c)not charged



Benzodiazepine antagonist a) Flumazenil b) Naloxone c) Furazolidone d) Naltrexone 150.

On preparing the root canal with a protaper F2 file, 1mm of the GP cone is cut so as t fit the canal with friction.The diameter of the apial ppl is a)0.29mm b)0.30mm c)0.31mm d)0.33mm


Which is not a branch of cavernous part of internal carotid artery? a) Cavernous branch b) Inferior hypophyseal c) Meningeal artery d) Ophthalmic artery

Most common cause of pulmonary embolism a)lymphangitis b)endarteritis c) thrombophlebitis



Why fetal cells continue to divide but terminally differentiated adult do not divide a) There are many cyclin inhibitors which prevent cell to enter into S phase in adult b) Phosphatase absent in fetal cells c) Proteinase is absent in fetus d) Absence of CD kinase

which of the following is identified only by radiographs? a) mental foramen b)apical cyst c) PA granuloma d)chronic periodontitis


To measure periodontitis in a large population, what is used a) gingival index b) periodontal index c)plaque index

140. saw tooth rete pegs is seen a)lichen planus a patient with severely discolored teeth, fractured enamel, undefined DEJ, severe attrition has a A) severe flourosis b) Dentinogenesis imperfecta c) amelogenesis imperfecta 153. Restorative material of choice for classV abfraction a) microfilled composite b)GIC c)RMGIC d)compomer


Which of the following supplies capsule of tmj a) facial n b) maxillary n c) auriculotemporal n d)mandibular n


Smoking is a predisposing factor to a) ANUG b) Juv periodontitis c)lichen planus The color of subgingival calculus is due to a)Difference in salivary pH b) hemolysis of erythrocytes c)lysis of neutrophils



most common malignancy in AIDS a) kaposis b)hodgkins c)SCC d)non hodjkins lymphoma


Juvenile periodontitis is due to a)Decreased phagocytosis b)defect in neutrophil chemotaxic activity


best for detecting posterior proximal caries in children with minimum radiatn exposure is a) bitewing with paralleling technique b) bitewing with bisecting angle technique c) bitewing with rvg A patient is suffering from severe facial pain and a nasopharengeal tumor is present on the lateral wall of larynx.The patient is suffering from a)plummervinson syndrome b)trotters syndrome c)reitters syndrome



Interdental col is susceptible to periodontal diseases due to a)Non keratinized epithelium b)it is difficult to clean c)highly prone to plaque accumulation d) All the above


A pt is admitted with head injury, GCS = 8, maxillary fracture, frequent apnea and low oxygenation. Airway management is done by a)Oropharyngeal airway b)orotracheal airway


c)cricothyroidectomy d)add excess composite material and cure it 173. 159. Rushton bodies are seen in a)Periapical cyst b)pa granuloma c)dentigerous cyst 174. 160. Most common site of occurrence of sialolith is in a)parotid b)sublingual c)submandibular Drug used in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia a)carbamazepine b)paracetamol c)benzodiazepines d)ethambutol

A mid aged female patient has eyes widely placed, sparse hair, increased systolic BP, increased pulse pressure, weight loss and nervousness. She may be suffering from a)hyperthyroidism b)hypothyroidism c)hyperparathyroidism d)hypopituitarism

178. 161. Excisional biopsy is done by a)complete excision of the tumor along with some part of normal tissue b)partial excision of the tumor alone c)partial excision of the tumor with normal tissue d)complete excision of the tumor 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 164. Neonatal teeth are seen a)birth to 30days b) at birth A porcelain inlay with a facial wall is to be prepared.The cavity walls a)should converge facially b)the depth of the cavity is increased more than that for an amalgam restn c)the walls are placed parallel to each other. True about mycobacterium other than tuberculosis(MOTT) a)causes disseminated infection b)occurs in persons with normal immunity c)causes decreased efficacy of BCG due to cross immunity d)person to person transmission is seen 193. 194. 195. 196.

Finasteride..5 alpha hydroxylase inhibition scalp defectchromosome 5 (cri-du-chat) application of APF gel gingival clefts jaw winking syndromeU/L ptosis.. champy plates radiopacity at apex of a carious molarpa granuloma, condensing osteitis,pa cyst.. radiographic appearance in a primary molar in the inter radicular area..radiolucency tickslassa virus, hanta virusrodent urine geniculate neuralgia monocytes in TB, myeloid leukemia Turners tooth benedict syndrome cat eye syndrome methods to reduce back pressure porosity


Proximal caries in a tooth starts a)above the contact point b)gingival to the contact point and gingiva c)gingival to the contact point and occusal to the gingival d)at the contact point


On radiographic examination of a tooth, very thin demarcation is present between the pulp and caries.what would be the line of treatment a)consider the tooth to be exposed and carry out RCT b)place a sedative dressing and restore with amalgam c)place a sedative dressing and plan for a pulpotomy procedure in the next appointment




Mosaic pattern of bone is seen in a)fibrous dysplasia b)osteitis deformans c)osteomyelitis d)ewings sarcoma


The bone present on the labial side of lower anteriors is a)cortical b)cancellous c)fibrous d)spongy


The type of bone present between the furcations is a)cortical b)cancellous c)fibrous d)spongy


Ground glass appearance of bone in a radiograph is seen in a)hyperparathyroidism, b)hyperthyroidism


SABE of dental origin is caused by a)streptococcus viridans b)actinomyces c)s. mutans d)s. salivarius


Before restoring a tooth with composite, the area is etched. Accidental contamination occurs with saliva.Therefore a)the area is re etched before restoration b)the area is air dried using an air spray and continue with restoring c)wipe the saliva with cotton and continue to restore