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(A)Personal Information

Date of Birth: e-

Phone(Mobile) Phone (Home):

Tareq Mahmoud Bakr El Said 27/9/1990 01126394197 0932323873

Egypt-Cairo mounira 34 Ismail Abaza street (near saad zaglool First Address : Second Address: station). Egypt-sohag -18 Eltahreer street. Exemption. Military Service:

(B) Objective:
Accomplished engineering professional seeking a position that will give me the opportunity of using my experience in the industry and managerial skills in meeting the corporate goals of your organization.

(C) Education :

Faculty of Media Engineering, Assuit University. Electrical Department ,Major Communication and Electronics. Overall GPA: Very Good (77%). GPA of Project : Exellent (95%). since 2007 and graduated in July 2012.

(E) Languages :
Arabic : Native.
glish : good.

(F )Technical Skills: Programming Language :

JAVA. OOP in C++. Python. HTML. C#. SQL server. Java ME. Android. VHDL . Matlab.

Computer Skills:
Computer Software :Microsoft office, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 , Netbeans , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 , MicroC , PIC C , Proteus , L- Edit , Pspice, ,Adobe After Effect ,cinema 4 D , Xilinx FPGA , Linux(Ubuntu) and Multisim .

(G)Experience Certificated Courses:

CCNA (semester 1) at Assiut University Microcontroller Advanced Course at Jelecom Programming With C# at ITI in Assiut University.
VLSI and FBGA at TIEC (Smart Village) GSM ,GPRS and EDGE at Jelecom CDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA at Jelecom

alog electronics at Jelecom an resource at Assiut University

I have worked in Hayiy competitions for 2o2mor project for design a website or mobile application to serve people in your city. Spend three days in nokia smart ASHA workshop in Assiut university in September 2012 win the second prize of nokia for the best application XO game. Spend a year working for Robocon competition in Egypt from 2010 to 2011 . my main duty is to control robots using PLC and Microcontroller.

Currently I work at Huawei Maintenance as FM engineer for three months . I have worked at GLEXTEL subcontractor of Huawei as installation site engineer for a month . Spend a 11 months from August 2011 to July 2012 in Mechanization of questionnaire Engineering College project for designing a website for our university using ASP.NET.

Professional Training:
Spend three weeks Training on Telecom Egypt (Fiber optic-Swithing-mapping). Spend two weeks Training at Network Information Center in Assiut University(Network).

Graduation Project :
Design private Mobile network using two technique . the first is by the LAN network. The second is by using USRP take the same structure of the GSM system. Design a Software centre to add for the system , remove and block users and also monitor the traffic CHs and send broadcast messages to all users. Design a spectrum analyzer to scan the GSM bands for the empty channel This type of search is known as Spectrum sensing using cognitive radio.

(H)Personal Skills:
Good communication and presentation skills enhanced with courses. Flexible, self-dependent due to living alone for college and traveling a lot during my life. Have leadership abilities and strong team player during team work in projects and classes. Self-learning skills

Thanks & Regards