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Department of Public Health and Informatics JAHANGIRNAGAR UNIVERSITY Course: Communicative English Course instructor: KAZI Ashraf Uddin

Course credit: 2 (?) COURSE OUTLINE: This course focuses on developing English skills for use in professional, family and academic environment. It will primarily focus on the four different skills namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Realizing the necessity of practical linguistic skill in English, this course will also deal with some academic practices such as oral presentation, dissertation writing etc where linguistic skill is a must. The pragmatic exercises offered by this course will help the students acquire a linguistic aptitude which is necessary for adapting themselves with the English-medium environment of the department. Moreover, this course will also provide the students with some firsthand knowledge about the stylistic norms of writing assignments and term papers. However, this course also considers the customized need of the students of the department of Public Health. To sum up, this course will give emphasis on the following categories: LANGUAGE: Subject-verb agreement right forms of verbs Modals Narration Voice Conditionals Gerunds and infinitives Different types of sentences Transformation of sentences

VOCABULARY: Study of customized and thematic vocabulary Expressions

READING: Reading comprehension - reading articles taken from the journals, newspapers answering different types of questions based on comprehensions helping in learning to read English texts easily and with full understanding LISTENING:listening exercise to enhance the ability to understand announcements, lectures and other interactive messages in audio format WRITING: learning how to compose an academic writing with proper development of the theme how to develop ideas in an essay and also

how to write an assignment a report how to make an academic presentation

COURSE ORGANIZATION: 2 weekly classes (1h x 2) on Mondays (14h 15h) and Thursdays (14h 15h) [schedule is subject to modification] At least two written assignments or tutorials or presentation (to be added to the final grade) Final written exam [an oral test might be added depending on the Department Committees decision]

REFERENCE TEXTS: Cliffs TOEFL (latest edition) Swan, Michael. Practical English Usage (3rd edition). London: Oxford University Press, 2005. 3. Barman, Binoy. Basic Language Skills Practice, (1st edition) Ed. M. Maniruzzaman. Dhaka: Friends Book Corner, 2004. Murphy, Raymond. Intermediate English Grammar. (latest edition) UK: Cambridge University Press, 1994. Wren & Martin. High School English Grammar and Composition. (latest edition) India: S. Chand, 2008. 6. Powell, Mark. Presenting in English (1st ed.). London: Language Teaching Publications, 1996. CLASS CODE: Regular class attendance is required for a better performance in the course. Students should enter the class within ten minutes after the class starts. Late attendance will be considered as absence in the class. Cellphones have to be either switched-off or put in silent mode.