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Many methods described in this book are illegal in any legalized gambling establishment or legalized games. and those who wish to remain anonymous.cases. Penalties for cheating vary from state to state and town to town. guilty. names. cheating in a legalized gaming establishment is punishable as a felony.WARNING ln This book is written for the sole purpose of entertainment and education. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER ato chea uatir are i 8am mac. dates. It is not the intention of the author to promote or condone cheating. som( adva have Various incidents. and location of events may have been altered to protect the innocent. In most. k parti one' there Peop a it's t ver It gami state Casir cheat ing rn usual YI .

is finding ways to bypiss t-h". All it takes is practice.i di.o* considered feronies. As fast as the manufacturers o? gr*i"g machines add devices to.. oi.-i"*.rr lr"gt t rl. are identified in rhis book.iify u ...".o*"_ one who can perform tricks with cards u.... With the ::T_*"" aqvancement of technology in the surveillance area. Casinos take seriously.i"uti. Knowing how to manipurate cards and dice is an art. At parties and family functioris..11l: gr. gettin g ca u ght chea t_ *:l::. It cannot be overstated that cheating in legalized public gaming houses is illegal. Most people can master many of the tricks outlined in this book in a very short period of time.s entertaining to watch . anJ methoa.INTRODUGTION :ainment Promote his book or J<nowing uation where cheating is taking place.tate and gaming .t: not bring about fines or jail mg wilI terms. artt.the prosecutitn of pe. Tie peiarties are usually more severe. penalties for"cheating state to state. keep people from cheati."gt it's underhanded and somewhat immorar to cheat others.f. there is a sense of power just in knowing how to do it. sambling' activiti es..i"r" 1 . but most viorations are "r. how to cheat is being able to ia". Mu^y games oiit rr. cheats have found ways to evade-t-hem as well.y....* devices. This book is written for everyone who has been cheated at one time or another and for those who wish not to be cheated. it. and games are explained.f events ilty.

Gl AI RI 1 gaml has c I! but v gaml throv two I o oPera the e. i . Wash game Many mach Vegas to hol 10 ye such In Dowr boost.

.o*?iyp" of gambling interest.."r. GARD ROOMS.g "would i'. from New Orleans to San Francisco. AND THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THETVI This chapter deals primarily with bits and pieces about gambling and its beginning. ga*U_ti. early 1930. Nevada legalized gambling. but it would be 10 years before casino. M1. kFu? in fhe early 7970s.r. The Unionplazawas one of the last to hold a faro game. . blackjack. .yreally but who . Downtown clubs like the Er Coriez and ruxury rt. laws were introduced to make them ifielainig games of that periodwere-faro. A QUTCK HtsToRY TESSON exist on when gambling started. such as the El Rancho Vegas gave Nevaaa gamUtini itstig boost' Today... I can visualize contests that involved throwing bones into a circre.. D..CHAPTER 1 GASINOS.. As fast as casinos opened for operation.s ear of the center. the Er Corteiis #u i. trrctuaea are views tne-auir. has on cheating and differerit typ".. Lu. knowi? Cave men probably ilua . "I bet six land in the circll-and two will be within a boar.. to"Epotur. and from Washington. Many establishments had slot machines. craps.o*" O.r operation and has one of different opinions . In the tgsos. of gambling houses. pinball machines became popular They were still playing frro'ir.C.o. Op:"-qambling in the United States took a slow start in the early 1800s.

for many years Reno topped Las Vegas in gaming and entertainment activity. out-of-the-way places. As many know. The EI Rancho Vegas burned to the ground and is presently a vacant lot across the street from the Sahara. In its day. Most of the blatant cheating takes place in small. why? Why do they cheat when a1l the odds are in their favor? Why do people place themselves in a position to lose their license to operate? Greed is one of many answers. but Mr.r Par. At one time. and most of that cheating is done by floor-level employees. There's a saying that answers why people in good positions cheat and steal: "Which tastes better? A watermelon stolen from a melon patch. Although much is said about Las Vegas. This hotel was the mastermind and dream come true for the infamous "Brtgsy" Siegel.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK the best steak specials anywhere. DO CASINOS CHEAT? like CEC CASE big-l A SIT rolle I mak the r exP( hotel long. An argument often used concerning whether big casinos of ch usua the h most cheat is. should the need arise. Siegel didn't make it. but the only reason for that is the Gaming Commission. the need vour to ch . As of this writing. the Hilton Corporation owns and operates the Flamingo. Rumor has it Mr.A Of course they do. It wouldn't be fair to say cheating in major casinos is excessive. Siegel built secret passages behind walls in the casino for his escape. Organized crime got its start in casino gaming in the mid1940s with the opening of the Flamingo Hotel. the Flamingo was the ultimate in gambling atmosphere. Stealing just to get away with it is another. or the one you had to buy in the store?" MAJOR CASINOS The operation of a major casino in today's environment is I \-egas Arabr These rr-oul There sheik chasir sheik greeti A( 4 . Reno had the dubious distinction of being the divorce capital of the world. betr.

Many were l]I1u"y. years ago this wasnit the run by organized crime finities or former bigtime gamblersmakingerren bigger big time. According to this dealer and others in the know. and inexperri.rrur.r. let's go buy some gifts. says ur. Ten millioi dolars 5 . FLEECING THE ARABS CEos.ur"iy r.walking around money. After pur_ I knew a dealer who worked at a major casino in Las vegas who was calred on to do his handiwork whenever the Arabs came to town.Now that "1a"jir.r. days are gone.tin" we have the greeting cards. several malor hotels have built theme parks so families on vacation will no longer !lp*r Las vegaibecause there's nothing for *re kids. most often it comes down to pLin greed. saying C steal: melon ment is c. Ur.CASINOS.r" .. ition to 15\^/ers.Those make money at every turn. Although_upper management does its share."rp.eating take prace at th6 floor level. it was would be considered .r'*a too case. a board of directors.uir. AND THE PEOPTE WHO RUN THEM Vegas rss the ut Las ng and ubious ie mid- lel was lmous nate in Iilton : has it ino for e need I takes : cheat- fair to reason casinos .u" ." . These are the oil barons and their fairilies.. Tilkets for shows u.. I.-r.other big business: almost all have stockholders. cheating at flo6r ierret usually benefits the floor men and dealers u"[. would these expenses give management the motive to cheat now and then? . In those days a small-time gambler cou-ld e_njoy most oflne ambiance a high roller could: free buffets. fine shows. the cost.y. . many cases of ch. Corporations feei the necessity to . Competition between these casino gianls is tremendous.. to tt There's a joke connected with thlse people that "*. the house.oar.aruU sheik and one of his wives went to an irt gallery. io ask yourself. CARD ROOMS.m not_talking about the average Arab.oo. Reasons for these people cheating .. and so on.. of dining is outrageous. are in expensive for the average working .."pu*irr". and luxury . Paying for these new idditions is extremery expEnsive.haling several paintings valued at millio"ns sheik turned to his wife and said..

They came. because tips were always exceptional. employees of the hotel had already carried a standard baccarat table into the parking lot. One interesting story about a visit by these Arabs tells of an invitation made by a major hotel and casino. No sooner had gambling started when the Arabs began complaining about the small baccarat tables. This maneuver was agreeable to the Arabs because they like their privacy. Once ihe m the p quit. The Arabs became enraged and complaints became threats to take their business elsewhere. The summoned building contractor was almost finished cutting a hole in the rool the the tabl deci of tl lVrOl I . free food. and if they did. the games would be in private suites. greeted them on arrival at the Hughes private airfield. The suites were usually on the top floor of the hotel because the scrutiny of gaming officials is very limited under these conditions. blackjack. but the Arab dignitaries had their own planes.iqu is or Play duy than A is thr effecl ously enfor NCSS€ to"ft lresh. and mini-baccarat tables were already in place when the entourage arrived. The reason for the police escort had nothing to do with the welcome committee: it was because the Arabs had brought an arsenal of weapons. free shows. This was a serious problem. Craps.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK normal practice to fleece these Arabs every time they came to town. Dealers didn't complain either.' the pl 6 . and the casino manager wasn't about to lose this golden-egg-laying goose. they didn't complain. and a sizable police escort. They were easy pickings because they didn't seem to care about losing. Sheriff Ralph Lamb. The invitation included free accommodations (the entire top floor of the hotel). Gambling began almost immediately. and just about anything else except gambling. The casino manager immediately got on the phone and called a local helicopter company and a building contractor. When the helicopter arrived. To get away with fleecing the Arabs. The casino manager attempted to explain that it would be impossible to get a standard table upstairs. Airfare would have been included. The weapons were seized and held in safekeeping until the Arabs departed Las Vegas.

i.:^"_ : trom knowing players what time of diy it is or wieth"i it. K ee pi n g :."Th"ru. AND THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THEM rme to ]em to .r*o..CASINOS. uld be )ecame rsiness ) man. it becomes time for the pit boss to notice lfte the player is intoxicated and informs the player it.ry. in almost en the tables. As far as I. I t' s p. little. very effective."it's illegal to take unfair adrrintage or allow an obvi_ ously intoxicated individual to gamble.. *:i"*. CHEATING 'of the rg else rut the Sheriff em on 'or the mittee: aPons.n. but there are several techniques I feel are morally wrong although legally right. the helicopter lifted the baccarat table to the top of the hotel and lowered it into the. . were tiny of tells of roof of the hotel.s time to quit' This final reprimand usually comes about the same time the player announces he. CARD ROOMS. rhe ibsence oi cloiks and windows f-1": e p ra cti c e s.:.s drink.m concerned.s ych o I o gi c a I c h e a ti n g.. niuuit.#.lways games rble to . Minutes after arriving..r"rt legal cheating method is the use of alcohol. luy o_.and again a pit boss instructing a cocktail waitress to "freshen" a winning gimbler. and I.. it usually containi more alcohol than prurio* arint s. invita- There are many ways to cheat. wit_ :. iiany.y decided to stay an extra week and lost an extra $50 million. Employees then carriei *.. these tech_ niques are.r:d time.oi... ]t ryur reported this maneuver so preased ti-. practice.. 0.. .e..0. enforcement of this law.TfJ...plain. This book will cover many of them. Nevada haJi gu-i. night is an effective way to keep them much longer than they intended. NLt only is the drink fresh."[":ili.g law thit .. The alled a ren the carried moned r in the 7 .. rtil the rady ro some ." table to the room where the Arabs were patiently waitine.freshly cut hole in the ioof. Once the winning player becomes intoxicated and loses back m:ney won plus. effe5t. It.s u .s tempoiarily out of money.

players with adding machines. there are big winners at one sitting.lmoul :astic ' i\'hat Specia =pecia. Every move/ unconscious or intentional. Once it's determined you aren't a card countel. but laws of physics (mathematics) can't be beaten over an extended period of time. a feeble apology is offered and you're allowed to return to the table. The card counter always lost. Here's one reason why.r THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK Gard Gounters For years casinos have allowed the public to believe there's a way to beat the system. One day you get a streak of luck that's bigger than you ever dreamed. to a back room where you will be grilled about your gambling practices. and other mathematical devices. odds are you'll lose back every Penny you were ahead. :ted fr nons f. Laws uphold the ejection of a card counter. forcibly if necessary. some creative and space-aged card counters are using small computers hidden in their clothing. I was living in Las Vegas during the time the late Binny Binion took on a world famous card counter. but t anotl them casin erate. can br Faking Winners Another case of casinos morally cheating the public is faking large winners. Some systems help gamblers cut the percentage the house has on a game. casinos make a big deal of throwing out card counters. There are a few casinos that don't use these tactics at all. Binion's Horseshoe is an example. Your hot streak is over. works out to your advantage and you're thousands of dollars ahead. If you decide to stay. Forcing a player in these circumstances to stand naked so casino authorities can check for hidden devices is not unheard of. :hese r 8 . The pit boss has the right to have you taken from the table. These small devices are operated by the counter's toes. Any time and any limit. Let's say you're an average gambler with just enough knowledge of blackjack to make the game fun. As of this writing. Binny was one of the old-time gamblers who would let anyone take a gambling shot at him. But. Sure. tull o on oI gamt Peop belier Four the bt Sr ingrer r-ou f next t \-egas of ad \evar read r tne ol rr-iil ative r A o . plus the money you brought with you.

o. This meansit. s one h just . as the main rngredient of their advertising campaign. Bob Siupak Jla nii \regas World Casino was one gf fo.g next to_.e circk for C you /ou'rg tf you y you at". .aera-te. table. The'oper_ ative word is ztirtually. walk into a casino with I briefcase tull of mo_ley (in reality it. :u" f".itting.-A llpical advertisement for casinos using this practice rvill offer free gaming tokens that can be usel to win large amounts of money.. He continually ran into trouble with the \evada State Gaming Control Bbard over this practice. Those who win big usually come back give it back. CARD ROOMS.vs of I pert card emat-aged cloth3S. tfreality you.oo"r. special free tokens are usudny used excrusively in tne ortwo specially designated slot machines._h":. To pilled . One ever <s out head.s the casino. ind the public believes it. to assume these tokens used throughout the casino. Vegas rmous s who re and is fak. read magazines or the Sun-day pape. He fuyiit uff on one roll of the dice.s money). An example is having u . word by way of the grapevine has the bet at one million. It. iiyo. Offering items such as automobiles.. good deal.feltty le[al t"o rig these machines to pay off once in every ien million "pulls..r. acting as a tourist. you have probably lead one of his ads that offer a .|ry ilg get slow them. Four hours after the fact. Wh-9n things for the casino tusineJs. This is rarely ttre-case. some casinos will fake a big winner. A crowd of people saw i! the news media picks up on it.s incredibie free publicit!. biggest .". are oper_ ated free and are not req rired to comply with gaming r"fiU_ tions for jackpot payoffs.rr"rrtf this type of g"iU. but they're very rare.virtuaily free vacation. ' severar casinos :I. ff ttre gambler wins.oJ:1[tJrt""i. AND THE PEOPIE WHO RUN THEM lieve rblers .CASINOS.. It's a deceptive practice. sometimes the actuaibet wai a hundred thousand. it's out the dooi with the winnings."runu. plus whai they broughi with f:. \vhat these casinos want is for yo. If the gambrer loses. and other valuabre prizes is not uncommon.s pe. fan_ tastic vacations. These *u.1o!h]ng.. itis oh weli.. I . These offers make vou feel you're getting .

or a good double down. the dealer signals to the confederate what the hole card is. When it's the confederate's turn to act. The machine is taken out of service. A head nod to either side suggests the hole card is six or under. I aclir deal loud conf Blackiack At blackjack.r THE PROFESSlONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK some. If there's a good chance the player sav i cff a Surv only A there ing I supp. especially casino operators. According to Webstet trickery is cheating. and they rarely cheat the player. This player will be given several advantages not afforded other players. am( des Big Winner. It's the house money they're after. On the other hand. Good-Bye Machine Not once have I seen or heard of a slot machine being taken out of service because a player lost too much money playing it. the dealer will give the signal. Chin down if the hole card is seven or higher.20. Other cheating methods used by dealers include making payoffs for more than what was bet and looking the other way if the confederate player caps the bet on hands of 21. A head nod up. and the gaming authority upholds this action. These head nods are very slight and made at the precise moment the dealer and confederate make eye contact. feel plal On. the hole card is a ten. this activity is not cheating. The most popular method is to work with a player acting as a confederate. To me. This type of signal usually comes as a head nod. Why? According to slot managers there's a malfunction. and many others. abou ing u 10 . Usually it's the floor-level employees who cheat. watch a customer play a machine and get lucky-lucky enough to empty the machine a few times-and see what happens. it's trickery. CHEATING AGAINST MAJOR CASINOS met rr-he i-lr-" lfa! and and the :oni :onf Cheating against major casinos normally comes from the inside..

feels a losing hand is imminent.o-Urrg .CASINOS.t.AYERS cheat_ ing worth mentioning.. but won. A full table with loud and active players will also work. o either ad nods e dealer making re other fi 21. AND THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THEM heating.lers give the gambler a fair shake. "r.nJ .u. paying off . the dealer won.rrq player -or" th:l'rl.. rler will : he. and a confederate.iip This type oi1t l_b_ol.i. a head . paying off more .uting a gamb-ler who fails .. When the dice have landed. e player DEALERS VS.. the chips are cashed in and the money r!1it rutl.ty *uy little _ort dealers will get involved with this cheat). *tutlU". ut.fuy.t look as the player palms some of the chips that were placed for the bet._ Foiexampfl. or prearranged amount...20. Although most dea.'rilii".h:. ways to cheat the house. [Vebsteq. ott u. CARD ROOMS. PI. being i money : play a nachine is taken here's a ction. but these are the hardest tJ aetect and are the most profitable. where there is .f the player had called th" 3ff Surveillance can't hear what.ih".on the fly" takes the cooperation of the boxman.. confederat-" pl?y"r will throw a bet on the table. designated meeting place. rng usually comes asa short payoff. There u. .. losing bets on the"tabje is easy for a deater and :1l]:Tiig conrederate. the deaier *ifi puy as.. .. and they're rver actI advan- te what . supposed .. Leaving a bet when it should have been taken down and paying Lrrry tt.fin".on u sizable..f. dealers. re a. fly" are two more. Once rom the eat. whlch. there are some who don. the confederate has . tl ... . This type of maneuver is extremely profitable.s being said at the table .popurar methods.. only assume the dealers are pryi"giiion a legitimate bet.t say a word.rkd this method of to be paid $250 and tire dealer pays'$zzs.s entitled is a popular method of cheating against the house at craps.Betting on the-fly-is primarily activity (head-to-heaA wittr the house is "r"a the o.i i. especially in a fast_moving game. I know of craps dealers *f.. Orrir..

Most small casinos get very little tourist traffic and aren't often visited by gaming officials. every city and town in this country has some form of illegal gambling. you were too late." If the player would lose the bet. from the dealers right up to the owners. Dealers who do this contend that it's proper conduct since casinos pay minimum wage and they depend on the generosity of players to make a decent living. Some dealers even feel it's an obligation of the player to tip." or "I'm sorry. ILLEGAL GAMBLING e\p C5Lc itab casi s e\r Tre. If the player would have won and asked to be paid. Today. Bypass the pit boss. the dealer says. SMALT CASINOS oul on( not ioir are for sot. from bookies and back room poker tables. atm che casi Illegal gambling is an enormous industry.y cheating practices going on can be curtailed until the officials leave. don't hesitate to report it to the casino manager. When gaming officials do visit. only to be admonished by their leaders. the boxman will back the dealer. Some estimates suggest money changing hands on illegal gambling is 10 times more than money wagered legally. In almost all cases when the player beefs. Licenses for operating a blackjack table or slot machine are just as expensive for a small joint as they are for a major casino. I didn't hear you.I THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK method is to delay calling out the call bet or not calling the bet at all. nin alu Fo( Small casinos on roads leading to major gaming cities are more apt to cheat in one form or another. to friendship bets on Sunday's football game. The reason is survival. There's no excuse for this type of behavior. they stick out like a sore thumb. the dealer "hears" the call and takes the money down. It isn't. A. "it was no bet. L2 . Historians note that settlers coming over on the Mayflower played games of chance. and if you come across it. he may approve of such actions.

I hive several of these casinos in California.ripiu. nday's ver on dmonin this imates .. Most are very sophisticated operations.is10 13 .be_ing built all orre.i seen or heard of any cheating. A gambler who warks into one. the Unitei Staies."rr.. *iit'r". exPen." Bust out joints are exactly that.. BUST OUT AND STEER JOINTS or "I'm bet. Many tribes are taking-advantage of gaming. of these places can count on leaving in a short time with nothing but his clothes. Most visit. the almost ack the :onduct on the dealers There's ross it.a in" atmosphere is friendly."* casinos. It's not uncommon for the mark to leave behind expensive pieces of jewelry as collateral for unpaid rou. I have .also applies to bust out joints.ass the ties are dealers rses One name given to a house that blatantly cheats is . They are so named because peopre wilh huge bankrolls and a taste for gambling are actuaily sieered towira them. CARD ROOMS. U"t i"?f prof_ itable. for 'INDIAN GAMING" establishments is not only legal on their land...ning to get the mark headed in the right direction.ookies Treatment of customers is of the highest caliber. The reJuk is always the same: the mark leaves wi"th his clothes and empty pockets. . effort.bust out joint. and dealers are strictly monitored. u"a . and "irit"a they are nice.cAstNos. they ring on :en Lately. AND THE pEOptE WHO RuN THEM ling the >e paid. The name "steer joint.Indian tribes have found that having gaming .t*. at least in the casinos I've gambled in. Further chapters deal with how these joints cheat.ur"f.. takes time.

( lea at( ma ac. .1 Jn€ age iorl mal. clea is al Som toa thro plac. "t-C joit \br :.

maKe senous money using this trick.s to alter them privately. How the average ganibleiis cheated in casinos.rr" to a casino. iven the amateur trickster this trick. Woiking agui^st-a-casino. CUTTING FOR HIGH OR LOW . The hand is definitely qri. I know.rtriip"ir..r.t".CHAPTER 2 CHEATING WITH CARDS Just about everyone. cards (deuces thr6ugh 9s) and place them in individual stacks. and casino man_ agers. than the eye. through aces) from thL low. including me.*a. a ca_r$ sharp is trouble *itf. but it. Jri""gl. It. Working for a clsino. I was taken to the cleaners on at least one ociasion by someone using lo. can 15 .ar-GO. dealef. a good card mJchanic is worth 10 times his. separate the high "rry .T.. has been amazed at least once by somebne. lo*.-. master the art.: novelty shops sell stripper decks. steer and igi"l:.pirit..yeighl in gold.u. but with practice juit about u"yo"" .'r. You'll learn how an excellent card sharp can do th. a cipital T.A professional card sharp can iheat almost any_ one..s not easy to work cards. A slight alteration of a standird deck ot SZ fiiyi"j.. Cutting cards is an example of cheating in its simplest yet it's very effective. is all it takes. Cards altered for this con are callei . also private games will be covered in this cnapter.s ability tJmanipulate cards. including the seasoned player.

Regulations are few. take the low cards. --a r( :he . If the game changes to low card. a nickel/dime game between strangers in the back room of a bar would. and sand down both ends. concerning gambling. Once the sides have been sanded. at times. remove only 1 /32 of an inch from each end. This will ensure equal and exact sanding of all cards. regardless of the gambling limit. be subject to cheating of one form or another. Be sure to grip the cards fumly during the entire sanding process. PRIVATE GAMES eff set 3Xr "\- e :et :or -or lei tir :'ilal ra Many people I've contacted. grip them firmly at the sides. and sometimes public transportation. gently cut by gripping the cards at the ends. Private card games are held in homes. When completed correctly. In contrast. This will ensure a low card every time. This will keep a professional look to the cards. Once the high cards are completed.'f c ila) Car :em : -:t tl :heir :latr :ard rlcy : eca 16 . lightly grip the cards on the side. gripping them firmly at the ends. slightly round off the corners. hotel rooms. use a fine piece of sandpaper and gently sand both sides of the cards. The corners on these cards should be rounded the same as the other cards.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK Take the stack of high cards and. Levels of cheating and methods of cheating vary with the type and location of the game. back rooms of bars. the sanding job is unnoticeable. Again. A neighborhood card game between people who know each other wouldn't usually be subject to cheating. lmportant: Only 1-/32 of an inch needs to be remoued t'rom each side. Low-limit games won't have the sophisticated cheating methods expected in a high-limit game. This will ensure a high card draw every time. When cutting for high card. and conditions are ripe for cheating. have had bad experiences in private card games.

.SoT" novelty shops sei cards that have been pre_marked a. . professionar cards are those manufactur"a Uy companies such as Bee or Bicycle' Professional cheats *u.f. type of game takes careful pta. When game time""Sti. p.*uffy match the looks or feer of professional cards.r. If a player came to a. Marking. other playersiould become the same player came to thu gu-" and placed .. rrdless . This. The idear setup would be having't*o-o.r-. with professional cheats is a setup game.s cheaper. The card game in the movie The Sting is an exaggerated example of the extent some pros will go to"form u ..t .."[opti.t their own cards primar. Cards.CHEATING WITH CARDS mlv at d both ng the t sandvn ench SETUP GAME off the cards. setup man."tr'p'gu." aor." rvealthy businessmen as marks. The most poprlu. 1e coras the job is ng the every r cards Finding or starting a high_limit game is sometimes _. cards on the table. an effort in itself. rg and of the .-limit :xpect- of cards on the tabre still in tie manufactur"."?". and dealing cards are essential tools ior cheating in a card game. . Cards puichased at a novelty ^u.. "f ff . FIXING THE DECK .t ..".y because it reflects their individuar preference and it. shuffling. .".marked prior-to the game . Most professional card sharp. Not alwavs so.n"y came direct from the factory..^a . .i"*. know game times.f t7 ..JJ a".s a u Jefinite payday for the pros. players would think these cards were legit. t*o"ptuy"rr.. ends.a execution. J"rpi. A time ind prace have to be negotiatei irrut is convenient for all the marks..".gamg and piaced several op"rr a". to lhe their. a dealeq. To get this kind of game takes time.un fo8t'r. it.'th. AnothZr valuable tool is getting marked cards into a gime so they can be shuffled ana"aeatt.t factory. Bait has to be pranted for the marks.i.t.. have e card rooms/ 'e few.

A clean and obstacle-t'ree area is required. The cards are new and slippery. If you use extreme care. bending. Slowly insert the opener and with a light cutting action work the opener back and forth. siide them in carefully. The cards are ready to be marked. lmportant: lfse caution during the card-marking process. Use slight pressure toward the opening side of the cellophane. or zorinkling the cellophane. will have to be placed back in the box exactly as they were taken out before the cards were altered. CAUTION: As the deck slides from the cellophane. I also adaise wearing surgical (latex) gloaes throughout the operation. Or 18 . There are many players who know exactly what order the cards are in when they are packaged at the manufacturing plant. Once the seam is opened. Llse surgical gloaes throughout the marking process. This is to preuent crimping. including jokers and advertising paraphernalia. be careful to not allow them to fall on the floor. Carefully insert and slowly slide the opener all the way along the seam.I THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOT NOTICE. the cellophane will separate without being damaged. Using a sharp knife (preferably a draftsman's scalpel) or a razor. carefully cut inside the seam on the side of the box. Once the side of the box is open. Don't bend the cards in any manner. gently hold the deck by the sides with two fingers and lightly shake the deck up and down until the box falls from the cellophane. Don't handle the cards unnecessarily. It is extremely important to remember the position of all contents. Replacin$ the Cards When returning the cards to the box. carefully tip the box and let the cards slide out. Cut exactly where the flaps are glued together. don't squeeze the cellophane. Removal of Gards A small letter opener is the best tool to use when removing the cellophane from a new deck of cards. Gently work the opener along the edge as the cellophane opens. All cards.

Hold the c"losed flap -lown for about 10 seconds _ Wlren completed.apper. As rel) or a rox. the box should look exactly like it came :rom the factory and is ready to be introduced inio a game. . use a sli'ghtly Jamp cotton cloth to gently wipe the glue awiy.nce a small. spread a '"'ery thin coat on the inside flap."to and use caution Keep from damaging tii cellopiane in any -:anner.s . If vithout a light : slight Gently 15.. gently .es out along the edge. be >n 18 of all Para:actly as here are ls are in rnt.rt. you can tell these are really ne\ /.N:*t. Carefully fold the inside portion of the cellophane flap :losed. Allow the glue to dry for about :n'o minutes.. INTRODUCING MARKED CARDS INTO A GAME will usually be small pieces of . Use a clear epoxy glue and place a few diops on thl -nside flap. and smidge. . Don't 't1y ffian- iike lint.. TWo or three tiny drops are all that.. by the up and lophane. Importint: Go .card dust. sprinkle these pieces back into the box once the cards are n. I also ion. Using Elmer. One way to introduce marked decks into a game is to 19 . why? The fibers might stick -use :o the glue and be seen. heavy object on the top side..s glue. 'ON.. that fell from the box when the cards were first taken :ut. The ss. Cut oox and rery.. which look :arefullv. After carefully placing the cards back in the box. ..lint.y nore will smear the cellophane. Fold ihe outer flap onto the glued inside flap. ohane.ophane *..CHEAT]NG WITH CARDS There l.lide the box back into the cell. removy insert eam. This adds even more authenticity to the cards.Hey. If a :ortion of the glue squeez. Should the cellophane become bent or damaged in iny way/ it's tissue paper or paper towels.. There will alivays be one player who'll make a comment like. fold the nside portion of the side flap in." while making the comme. and they tend io smea.r-. Immediately and gently fold :he outside flap onto the inside flap."th" iiayg will be pointing to or playing with those pieces of . Leave [he box in :his position for at least two hours.""ded.-making sure the top of the box goes first. . lmportan"t: Do -. Place the box on the side of the newly glued flap anl bal_ :.

ilt 20 .. and some of the cards were torn. packaged and ready to go. Do this prior to any games getting started.t11 ".. ri. True professionals have patience and sense enough not to become greedy. That's knowing the identity of cards during play. like signing a painting.. The idea is to take as much money as possible from the mark in the shortest time. There are exceptions.i ^ :tf ::: lft -:rlLl Be : -__^r . the cards can be placed with other fresh decks and iniroduced as the game progresses. Winning a few good pots each hour of play is more than enough to take the lion's share of winnings home. This method allows other players or dealers to introduce your cards into the game themselves. "I just stopped by the store and picked up a few decks in case we need them. '":s. and some not so efficient. all is fair. It's kind of a self-image thing. with a sheei of instructions telling the buyer what to look for. There are manufacturers who make marked cards. Professionais like to mark their own. there were laughs and giggles when the new kid got the old maid. When a setup is made to fleece a specific mark. One popular method is to mark the backs of cards so the suit and value can be identified... After a few sessions the cards became dog-eared. \( -. Card cheats like to have the same advantage. There are numerous ways to mark cards. Suspicion runs deep when one player wins a majority of pots all night long." is an example of how to let players know there are fresh cards available. When a new member to the group joined in.-. ': ". some very efficient.r THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK bring them to the game and set them on the table. MARKING THE CARDS T1 -.a: tt _-i 5 _ I remember playing Old Maid with my friends as a kid. Should the individual having the marked decks be the host of the game. i a . Everyone who belonged to the group knew which card was the maid.: --. bent.

to their original shape almost iimetliately. and a manufacturer.1:. i . cord " "''1s' wy card rooms choose these cards goes"beyond their ex. Whin bent they -be. Backs of cards are often eraborate. they.nd introrgh not to 'er wins a pots each .rub out.r getting wet.t th" . Do this ed by the em..-l: !9tlg the most famoui... .s scalpel.cer. It. . In theiotto#ing pr.are easy to spot.3. -. . NOTICE. ir-." is an esh cards lealers to hould the the game.nage.. Removing a design musi be done very lightly so the area ed to the member les when have the Lrds dur- . as a kid. ":.L1 methods.e identiIs.s . is o""r:? rx:t :. share of r is made r as much warping. 2t .CHEATING WITH CARDS e. rt takes time but itls well "' orth the effort.rd patience to mark cards using this technique. >ent. Bee being not f-ar behind. KEM cards are plastic and iifficutt" to prr*.._ the sc"alpel is pointing to the :esign that will be removed. tt:cellent tool to use for a rub out is a draftsman."ds haae been altered.sed in games uihrrc cheiting tactics are used. pack'liing the eir own.nding... and The . o.ientity can be determined by merely looking .onrrtty ." ::sign has been removed.:t quality. fn th9 first photo above. When KEM -. KEM playing cards orc urid by most ma1o.erv effirod is to .s iery rare to see : :! ca/s u.rg". Some experts ruin several decks of cards ::fore achieving the desired results.

elued -3.mOVU Tht :ietho( :1\' nt :isign: '" :. dry. cotton cloth.. This i"u. hile :emovi iemov . one application will usually bring back the glossy look. To replace the glossy look.- -Lor d.. :: -rt ap and does not become r. :-ior or ::Per c being rubbed will stay flat and firm rougi.oke( The design of the card can be altered by Lin :in1Ove lightly scratch' ing oaer an inked area. then lightly rub to a shine with a clean. :.ry professionils will make slight chan'es to different * -1 go.riou :.:.:etail c -j aqu :reir c :. mO s. repeat the procedure.r"r a flat look and is easily detected.. Mu.rHE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK . ihis : .: the t :. use a smail amount of clear wax shoe polish' Rub a very small amount of polish over the dull spot.rd as ::re del . If not.. Allow the polish to dry a few minutes.rhod The :--=:gad ::-1OVe l--. ihe c 22 . Most professional cards have a glossy-finish'-The glos"sy finish is also removed along with the design.

:r th€ exact shade of.:ot appears after the ink has yeais ago.y Line Work Line work is just the opposite of rub outs.white as to get any other. '.s *1"g... The e design.CHEATING W]TH CARDS g . "r could signify an ace. The same care is used to . Because of the great detail manufact*". clea*f_.-ror .. ":iir"J:[t" principle asthe design of removing a design by rubting ii ofl is -. Rather than _ r. :rethod.:l:rd '-'moved by using a. o. o.rrl th"i. -reir cards.s _ir. the : ethod will work to repair the dull spot.rr" "l :esrgns are trademark signatures of some pros. -:ooked decks. Rub a very :rper can be usedto lightly buff the area fine piece of sand_ where the design ' iil go' This will alow the ink to adhere to the card. bring back the ru the ."il"._l]lr.. .oto. to-doesign pafterns.rp-t-u.a queen. This es lace the glossy ish. . iemoval of the d:lr1l in the angel.-.. ill:1Tl-": not become sv finish. imagination"ri"g1hi.. to mark cards "i. fo continual experimenting with mixtures of .move spots or designs.u".a :emoval of the detail in the chest area could signify a king.glossy cards. on cards manufacturea u1ini.r.Fr.'ye and water w'l result in a coror eiactly matchintlhe polish to r rr-ith a clean. Removal of one small design might signify the :ard as an ace. On. ' r rhe cards can be eriminated witi the white dye. white dye :. As to different 23 . chest area. ''alued cards.a :he detail in one of th_e angel. rr-hile the removal of thetetail in"th.ds.t_ !-p1rly.other *uy.r"-f"firn rhe coror out works the rub out. and the on the angel.g.s head (maki"ng her look bald) could signi_ ]etail r'. line work adds desig".e most popular color dye is white.g ur-. Professionir cheats .fEr". r.rg"t7r-#rr.color matitring thJ coror on the ci. . u . If a dulr .'arious pros could be linkea to the marked aurij".urar.-O"rigr. to .lor on the cards.. there are end"less possibilities to what desien :emoval cheats can use to identify the varue and suits There are many.

It's the same method artists use to make cartoon characters move. against the card. Place the entire deck in front of you and hold down one end. The end result will be that ali the cards are the same size.t THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK is commonplace and is found on the backs of most decks. I consider daubing a poor method of cheating.rd. I card so the cheat can identify it during the game. Some cheats -'./32 of an inch. A small sponge is saturated with colored ink. Trim exactly I prefer to hide the dauber in a shirt pocket for easy access ::rd c :-"\'o p 24 .6 of an inch off one side of each card. This will color-mark the . but surprisingly enough.". Many professionals will use a corner trimmer (used to trim the corners of pictures used in ID cards) to trim the corners of all52 cards once the edges have been trimmed. T Separate the cards to be identified. Some cheats will alter various high cards. While staring at the deck. It also harder to detect. is '. /1. many cheats use this rnethod. fan the other end in a riffle motion. c arne/ rth 1 touched the sponge. each side trimmed exactly 1.. Deteetint Trimmed Cards Elaborate patterns on playing cards make marking cards easy and very difficult to detect. whereas others will alter aItr of one Trimming ihot :he c :asil A Srl suit. The remainder of the cards will have both sides trimmed. During the game the cheat will lightly press the sponge/ or a finger that has just Daubin$ U .rd :sed . Any motion on the design signals an alteration. This work is best accomplished wiih the use of a paper cutter. I know of only one sure method to detect cards marked this way. The difference will be that the identifiable ones look off-center.r-he laut -ma€ Trimming cards is a method used to make some of the cards look as if they were printed off the center.

the ink Willie used was Utre." :aubing method and one eiening.'. notice '. Prior to this incident..k.. ."oth"r than a confederate. The punishment they for cheating was removal of the two fingers corr&ed '' ith ink.t stays on the cards permanently.'. Novelty st6res sell magic glasses that detect 25 . which i.r-ru. 't-illie decided to make a move. A small game the rt has just r-mark the rme cheats rSV ACCESS Using invisible ink is a popular method of marking cards. lnvisible lnk tl!i: a". juro. Should someone in the gu*".a. willie .oUuffy *f. p. The first ace was marked with the blue int WiUrc nua -'n his sponge. willie's operation fell into trouble soon after he :rarked the cards. -:re cards are marked.rd. wiilie heird oi tt.t ai*pp.t take a rot of -nagination to realiz-e the finger method is a poor *rr-r* '"''ere red.."i" u.-hen :aube1. A couple of"the piuy"r. -. alter all of tW 7 /16 of rf the cards ed exactly e cards are tiable ones er trimmer 'ds) to trim rtrimmed. The second.ior"r.' one sure :ntire deck ring at the ion on the artists use A Short Story Three-fingered willie was one such card cheat.hortly after.s fingeq.CHEATING WITH CARDS decks. One ink has a blue tint.. It is ome of the his work is ome cheats it-could spell disaster. aft&'a . Ink on the cheat. )ther problems for wirtie incruded ink on his fingers ura ir-.t :rat soaked through his_shirt pocket. but a portion of the backs and faces u.lauaiolrr" 1. The cheat can be identified by the inky fingers.een :rnt' A cheat can write the value of each card on tr-t"i. the no sense of humor. i. and is found in novelty . The type of invisible ink :sed for this cheat doesn. =asiiy it's time to mark a card.eye.t tn" --a1ds' edges. with the use of tinted glasses.. ff.rc of each ::rd during play. d"uring ."a *"fi." :. can see the value 8r. or will be transferred to the card. u g.y fr" :ttempted to make his living iheating.. wilrie was just plain wilrie. and forth *"ru **t. The amount of ink willie used not o.asn't much good at anything.iJ of :rnqe. 'ird one I consider to be very^good.r-o popular colors. but sur- l. is very hard'to J"i". third. wliue decided to mark the :ces.a . It doesn. ine .t .u.nort f". king cards .'ith the naked.ty. p.

Luminous readers can be purchased in most novelty stores. There are two ways to avoid being taken in a game using luminous readers. TWo.or yellow-tinted glasses. Games that use these types of cards are not very professional.1I 1-I. -rr 26 . Many card rooms have totally banned the wearing of red. Single-Ply Gards Some hosts introduce into their game a cheap brand of playing card that is single-ply. Any red-colored lenses will detect the green ink. and when the lighting is just right. These cards are marked with an invisible ink at the factory.[i Luminous Readers Some manufacturers of marked cards produce what is calied luminous readers. The truth is. --hr . The value and suit of each individual card is inlaid on its back. . only a shade lighter or darker than the manufacturer's ink. then the dress becomes see-through. One. they are used mainly for children's play.or yellow-tinted glasses.'41 :14 _et i:r taI Shadinf There are two different types of shading. This method of marking can be compared with ii.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK the marks made by invisible ink. This is similar to thin summer dresses some women wear. A11 the cheat has to do is wear red-tinted glasses and the value of each card in the deck is revealed. if you must play. They hide their body until the sunlight hits just ini =nl :14 --ar tn l^ '. . They are very work and color out. the player sitting opposite a player using these cards can see through and read the cards' value. and any yellow-tinted glasses will detect the blue ink. In some circles it's marking cards with ink the same color. there isn't any magic to the glasses. or any other game using an invisible ink. don't play in a game with players wearing red. bring your own tinted glasses.

.ri. and so on. sanding can be o.s the example of cards that have been rsed for a period of time..r? i. mean the same . on a dif-{gre1t day... "i marking will go completely unnoticed.hade Lod of Pegg.u'a.i. the white edge of the rviil stand out.rr a?3..i. the batch of dye .nuA"r. A pro can shade all four suits by adding four srigiltry JIii"*".. . Sinding only works on cards that have been in play for a while . on" iry _uy r. Going to different stores and buyirig decks from the same nranufacturer is one way of finding cirds of different .. If one of the cards has to be taken o"i oflfuy and replaced with a new one... is a term given to cards that are siightly lighter or darker than the rest oi the deck. air".cards from one deck can be compared to cards from other decks. shade cards is to put tirem on a window "". The . shades.ary slightly in shade from a deck irinted on anothJr day..ent value. rhing. The edge of the new card alppea. shading can arso be used to"identify lrri.CHEATTNG WITH CARDS ntany ect the re blue ring of '-hat is ith an rdivids wear leck is novelrgame i-isible 'ed. i. *t. To an amateur this type of J OWn method is done accidentally by the manufacturer.. The sides become dark... some professionars wili go to rtoi".y silr and let the sun slightly bleach "Shading. \fear. . On .or the color. then pes of r chil- :ircles .ing/Blistering The terms " pegging. a practice reserved for amateurs. it tn" card plant can differ s[gntry from another batc'h oi Jy" *ra.. different towns and qather severar decks. A popular use of shaded cards is to identify suits. and .. Another shading rnd of ryhen riayer r-alue.fl:5 uy .any-Srye1 day. new iard ." line in the deck.biistering. This is the same principal cheats use when they lightly sand the edges of caids. This meins d-ecks printed o. 27 . The.

Just prior dealing the card. Now the dearer can make the decision whether to deal the card in turn or hold it back. The dealer now has the option of dealing the card in turn or holding it back and dealing it to someone else. A dealer's identification of cards is the major advantage in this practice. thin cuts are placed on the face of the card. the dealer can push the card out -to slightly with the thumb.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK The photo below shows a completed pegger. Depending on the placement and number of bumps. 28 . This is used primarily when the dearer deals and does not play. bend a small strip of sheet metal in halt'. the dealer knows the valul of the card. As the deaier deals. with the index finge4 the dearer can feel the mark and identify the card's valuJ. The diagram represents a card altered with a pegger. Note that the buirp is placed just above the card value. Tiny." Tb make a pegger. Use a dull nail and a hammer to place an indentation in the sheet metal. Professionals use an improztised tool called a "pegger. Pegging/blistering is placing tiny bumps on cards. he can feel the bumps with his thumb. Gutouts Another method used to identify cards is caled a cut out. Knowing what each player has will allow the dealer to signal confederates.

: the edge of a card. Marking cut out. be quire as obvious as a dog-eared Bending cards is. a crimp in the mid_ f bent in tri" *iair" w. oes not rd.*"" merhod of cheatins.. The bend may dog-gar 1 dle' A card that's bend.rutr..CHEATING WITH CARDS diagram bump is lvantage r bumps rmber of e dealer Perforating cards is another amateur card cheat. ]ust ard out rler can r dealer turn or ow the rather than during the game ner takes place be_ cards in this man_ near the edges of the cards.-. "g1 Players bend a card to iaenriy a cut.crip."J. It.s possible 29 .* du.'.* bend cards to force tiii . During 1"r"i. someone bent the ace of spades every time a . This me_ thod is similar to pegging and blis_ Perforating the rlding it tering. tn*.t wls introauced..lg is the:.r stand o..!J.. ii.....n. .. can be placed in various positions to designat. fore. of the cards. Sri?" oil #urp fingernail to slice a tiny notch in the edge of u . During a game I was playing.'""if::f.t while lrllt-"" theptaying surface.."J play' a player will use tn. Using a needle or other sharo object.1ail ro Uy good players. the chea't pokes tiny holes .. Even a player with little experi_ ence can notice this scheme . This practice is easily :lf'rf.. ihu"rtr..

e the dealer wants them.. excellent_ player will be winning two or three iarge -huppy pots per hour. some dealers will practice while watching TV.m.a. The deller riffles.u. Oo"u"properly. . A dealer placing winning*hands to a confeder_ ate player five or six times an hou. A standard shuffle used by legit piofessional dealers is a riffle. Ond I was playing in a strange bar and with several people I didn. False Shuffle The object behind the farse shuffle is to make it appear an . honest shuffle is taking prace @ut realry isn't). cut. There. Some like to set up baskets and pitch cards at them while watching the program and acquire a . see the action firsthand.uill that p*r* will walk away with a majority of the money. faai rpo_ \:l Yp. Although I noticed it"right away. but not one card has changed position.r THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK the ace of spades was chosen because we were playing high card in the hole splits the pot.s profiiient it plt. riffle. I was winning. a dealer has to have hours 30 . a few poker dealers in a malor Las Vegas of practice. this method will give cards an excellent shuffle. this action looks honest. and cuts the iards. strips. F-ulrg shuffling allows the desired cards to r-emain whe. every time. Over the course of an errening. andin just i fe* seconds. To and hourssmooth riffle (shuffle)..rrre A few years ago. A dealer who.s lbts of action ur-rJ nurra movement. and they are eager to play. I kept quiet for two in a card room/ watch the dealers. Many good casino dearers will even practice on their days off. A good dealer can practice and teep taUs on the program/ no problem.. SHUFFTING not look at the basket.r.'a. Next time you. ". I didn't want to ruin a good thing for myse*. I might have found *yrlff in deep trouble.t know. you.g . To the players.. strip.. prt SZ cards in a small basket with ease. riffle. . .

"ty folrowing the rif_ dealer pirshes th" .J.f. edges of one harf extend u. ThJ dearer.y. allow players a full view of tf.J1.:_l * p"rrr"^ not tobe dealt back on top. of the deater is supposed to do changing rhe posilion of The next move is called stripping the deck."r of cards offWhat the the decre tf." rpoi tie cut "in"rl.x::11"T'Jf. and other dealers.ur...u. ti.ras..". I o lave rvill 'hi-le the .li. a.ffiing pluyed for extreme_ ly high stakes and the..i.-imri.J*.ffi .il.". rh:'..nrro excels.i'irr? S".r. splits ir i"'n"ir brings the two halves togethel' and begins the rrffre.?.. In a card roo*^r"r. floor'r"..t d"..ougn the deck' The dearer tt .. These games aren..4 pauses.ogT games are another story.r. .'..ra purr rh.i...ri. and then cuts the deck fo.g.n.n" *ry rhrough so rhe l.hanging position...professionat deater.u . 31 .itch L the Iffi:must rn.ill :..r. ispirri. be done quickly and .. to deal in rurn una t:t-.#.ft. rii.-.irning sequence.i.u. most games are olayed by passing the aeaf.i_ illf"Xi?. pfry]. but none. t52 isa *'i1l ard an nfnd he tre an ge er AS dealer cuts the ..p"3is tne .':".i.[f .yora itre othe.igitrv on center' This identifies the " . Unless igr*.rfr. These "r.a. dealer moves his hands.".moo*.s fingers grasp rhe exrendea eag"s .:lld shuf_ merhod *.fr"iif" the cut would have ended up vice versa.""11... The cards are tll. !:. 0". The dealer moves his hanJs as stripped.llr placedon top . tournament we #'..i.1.illl ..jJ"" if the cards are being .atu. false shuffles and dealing seconds are about u.plr.1:f...I[."'rh" will be made. er...i"..CHEATING WITH CARDS high right tna spo- nd.. Private or back . takes the fu' deck. Had this been a_n hinest .r.'""ry. deck during rhe1.t monitored by-surveillu.. . rr'rril.ff roomsi**.irua the rB . u Jirnor-r-"st dealer can constantly get away with..ry" .di." i."'. harf...The "*u. The .

If the player to do the cutting is not a confederate. I watched a player use a tactic that keeps dealers from picking and sorting. In less than two seconds the dealer has found three aces. In games where the deal is passed. At the end of a hand the dealer will pick and sort cards laying face up. This process is repeated twice more. CUTTING THE DECK In games using a permanent dealeq. When it's the dealer's turn to receive a card. the dealer will have three aces. The dealer has decided to deal himself three aces. keeping the top three cards in place. one of the things to look for during a game is a deal- i er who picks and sorts the cards before gathering them together for the shuffle. the dealer gets the top card. Using the false shuffle method. and dealing seconds begins again. the cut is customarily made by the player to the immediate right of the dealer. The dealer begins the deal by dealing seconds. This may sound like it takes a long time. Without the use of marked cards.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK THE PICK AND SORT because the identity of the cards being used is not known. a dealer can't cheat. the dealer will always do the cutting. and group together the cards to be dealt to himself or a confederate. and 32 . but a pro can pick and sort in less than two seconds. When the hand is completely dealt. the dealer can keep the three aces on the top of the deck during the entire shuffle. and they are on the top of the deck. Keeping this in mind. The following is an example of how pick and sort works. this player would immediately turn over the exposed cards and give the entire deck a quick scramble. When the hand was ovel and the pot had been awarded to the winner.

the rff1e."itiii. the dearer wilr sride the little {lnger of the aeit nana bEtween the deck halves. p. tn une smooth motion the..vays . It can't be said enough: fo effecii. less than the brink_of an eye.s. book without practice. the method to get cards to the playlrs. . or "l. Once this has been. O"uii"g i. As the deck hand is raised to deal. This slight of hand is difficult unless practiced.'fl:. 33 . When the cards. i. professionals using tfrii tactic practice evl1y day.p9. and once the cards have been marked and introduced into the game/ they have to m. the dealer will wrap tne fin_ gers of the deck hand around the top harf of the de&. ]ust a few days off from using rro.. the dealer will give the cards one more cut..." ver can spell disaster during a gime.. have ended up in some rather embarrassing siilatior-. the :aier This etely rIom : pot redi:ck a the player for cutting.J ca.accomplished.. than 'e on one method to . *r". cut is to crimp .i*p. r'rris entire motion nupfJr-. people who have attempted to cheat using methods explained in thi.. the dealer must void the cut made by the player.. what the dearer will do is pigk up the deck one haif at a time and place them together as if it were a genuine cut.. ih.e cards. Usually the dearer will crimp thl bottom two o.?:r".. meining the player cuttingwill make the cut at the crimp.. fingers will pull the cards off the top ur.. At )ing 1. Another method to void a cut is switching the cut... DEALING cards. it's hopefur the .. As the deck is being placed togetheq. but wilr then leive the top half of the deck slightly off center..ut is rf the . hours of praciice.Js^wilt influence the cut. r1f or rut a this lealhem rrks.a slide them under the bottom.ake their way to the playe.CHEATING WITH CARDS 'reat/ the dealer intends to cheat..rely master the art of cheat_ ing takes hours .

The only problem for the mark is that someone at the table will have a better one. and crooked dealer. A cold deck. At this point the mark is usually willing to sign a promissory note for more money. The cards are fixed to give the mark a very good hand. It's really something. mannerisms. and player four is the third mark. an eight. a game in which a mark has been invited to play and is now about to be fleeced. player three. Many marks get so excited they can't get their money in the pot fist On occasion t(e mark"rarill get "rlorg-h. The hands are: player one. aces full. watching the various expressions a mark makes as the hand keeps getting better and better. Players one and two are marks. Introducing the cold deck is the highlight of a setup game. For the purposes of demonstrating how to fix a cold deck. sometimes referred to as a coolel is a deck of cards that has been arranged prior to being introduced into the game. It would be a sad evening for the person setting up the cold deck if the mark got the high hand. It's very easy to set up a cold deck. kings full. A setup game with three wealthy marks. Player three is the confederate. a confederate player. One of the confederate players will get a straight flush. The setup man is in another room fixing the cold deck.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX Cold Deck Dealing using a cold deck is one of the slickest and best money-making moves card cheats make. Under these circumstances the usual hand given to a mark is four of a kind. The real excitement comes when the mark finds out the hand he's holding is second best. The most important thing is to remember the exact position the mark will be in when the cold deck is introduced to the game. I've seen this play on several occasions. and crazy noises are so outrageous it's hard to keep from laughing. The expressions. we'll pretend this is a five-card draw game. player two.high 34 . so excited that the money he brought to the game won't be enough. The dealer is player number five.

. At one time it was the most popular method of cheatingin private games. the player makes ihe "if. king. a9e.t" cold deck. lack. ["g.with the first player left of the dealer.s a ---. king.ti"g i"t" a i."y card. straight flush. . "deck rhe remainder of the ir ptu.ridr. . tr. player four gets four the other robm.lri: *ru be throw-a*u. spades. ". When the deatei .rll'"r.card. ace. n.the :e is The 0ne/ righ Dealing From the Bottom Dealing from the bottom of the deck is . any To keep the marks from thinking-rhe game is fixed. ftis means the next two cards the players get witt be^nothing . tir". the deal_ er picks up the deck to deal. carl. In today.e and the deck -u/. who is. win place tn" ioti. jack.r. eight-of spades. ond 'e so lant re in bea : the :old :tup and switch is swiftly made with the old deck going into the handker_ chief.. I.sev9n of spades.out and placed on the stack. because of the cut 35 .CHEATING WITI{ CARDS best cold cha rced. as old as cards themselves. . . any card. The One is to cut the legitimate deck. switcfr.ood t the . threg.n player will end up drawing two cards. any. After 10"no-count cards have been counted."J on the p. Another player can also diltract the mark at that by asking for a light.tlrra. Another method is to harie a confederate player next to the dealer hold the cotd deck.s environment the use of bottom deaiing is almost extinct..g cards face up and on top of each ott. and the dealer rvill have whatever is dealt. and any'no_iorr". ii.. which ii concealed in the handkerchief. Counting starts. Let the game begin! There are several u cold deck can be introduced into ihe game.h" the deck to cut.^' good idea to distract the mark during this procesr. six of spades. the next 10 cards will be as follows: deuce.i.a:k5t pocket to get a handkercruet ifre a*ui".prltr^"ii.. the conplay i'aribettheir I get 't be 8na )mes is ready.r -'.. :k of into and just before .i"y". or for some other valid 1om5nt reason.. he sneezes loudly. ""__"". . jXck.*.o*i. Again. deuce. five of spades. three. The setup man. jack.'ace.

One reason for dealing seconds is to give a designated player cards needed to make a winning hand.s ability to deal the second card in the deck as opposed to the top card. the dealer will pinch the card with the index finger and thumb and pitch it to the intended player. Dealing Seconds Dealing seconds is now the most popular method of cheating while dealing. or more card from the top is still called dealing seconds. fourth. Ai the dealer begins to deal. To deal from the bottom. The term "dealing seconds" comes from a deiler. mechanic can also deal almost any card from the declg at any given time.s also used to keep other players from getting cards needed to make a winning hand. Dealing a third. Even then it takes a good surveillance oper_ ator several runs of the tape in slow motion to catch it.o* the bottom. A mechanic can deal the second card as fast and as smooth as the top card. It. The entire move takes only a split second to perform. The card is usually made of a hard plastic and is thicker than the playing cards. the index finger of the dealing hand will pull the bottom card out. Several manu?acturers are now including cut cards with their new decks. the dealer uses the little finger of the dealing hand to push the bottom card forward. Knowing how to deal seconds is not enough. The cut card has been introduced into card games for two reasons: to keep the bottom card from being exposed during the game and to prevent the dealer from deiling f. it would be called dealing thirds. About the only way to catch a pro dealing seconds is to catch the move on camera. Once the card is out. in the same manner.s not. I've heard some people mistakenly explain that dealing seconds was somehow piacing discards back in the deck and dealing them out again durinf the same hand.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX card. It is almost impossible to see. The 36 . but it. It would seem reasonable that if the dealer dealt the third card in the deck.

r..CHEATING W]TH CARDS tmes for sxposed ng fuom ic and is rers are lnger of . and complete obseivation of what's happening in the gr*".ed a "top p"eek."rorii"g io a"uring with marked cards. . Know-rng a flush beats a straight. :e oper- it.". ji.iG.\s the rq hand e dealer mb and s only a A pro dealer must also have thorough knowledge of the g1*.. After peeking. .ecially in a high_stuf..'l.."t . the dealer wilr continue without dealing u seco.. tf. ca. jh: third player the card ieeded to fill the . If the dealer peeks and sees the card is one that. the dEaler pushes ihe with the thumb. 37 .. dearing r. is-going to take a look at the top card. knowledge of the players.rf. To do this. a.ta piaye. is the dealer's confederate and. ir ." method of peeking is. A top_notch mechanic will use the method of dearing seionds weri before . An example would be the clealer who wants to know what the third cird in the deck wourd be. Shoufd the dealer see the third card is not the card needed to make the flush.-rarP*ltfiXf..f""k"g i.iT.". The first ptu e.. The entiie motion takis a fuactioncard back of u-r".o. the deri"..^*ifiorc the deck hand and Ue. Using the rhumb of"the deafing ha.o used make a 'nough. pulls the top card back just enough to expose the reft corner of the card. esp.s it slightly down toward the top of the. The ai any or rnds."r. the dealer uses a method called . It rth.takenly liscards 1e same r's abilthe top and as About rtch the . To do this.ii.. A reason the dealer would want to know what the third card might be. rd ot.J top I cards' Time is limited and idealer doesn't have time t" p. would be if the tf. fL" chance of being caught aeiting seconds is"almost .". the dealer will have to take guick peek at the second ur."" a*f..a.h hig.. u method that takes place-while the game is iiprogr"rr.gnated .peeking. +"..n" use of marked cards.. " card ." The d"utE..*. g'rr. *t chances of getting caught with-marked cards "r"u. .d.table.h."Or.wh. a dealer has io know which cards are about to be deart.. to receive a card has a flush draw showing. for example...has srgnarJd n. so the dearer would use the thumb to pull back three cards instead of one.ond' The dealer will sometimes take a peak at more than one of the cards. thod of .

and player to playeq. Some dealers like what is known as a "back door peek. SIGNATS Signals aren't worth bothering with if they haven't been organized and practiced prior to a game. There are many instances when dealers and confederate players will act together in a card room game of Texas Hold'Em. it's 38 .rHE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK at every card. The difference is the thumb is used to lift the cards rather than pull them. and stupid for a dealer to give information by talking. Cameras watch a dealer's hands but rarely watch the dealer's head. The signal is made only at the first point of eye contact between the dealer and confederate. the third player gets the flush. Head nods should be quick. The back door peek is similar in method to the top peek. Slightly pulling on the two top cards with the thumb will expose the next card to be dealt. The ideal situation is for the confederate player to sit to the immediate right of the deale4 if the dealer is right-handed. The second card is exposed because in card room games the top card is always theburn card. Signals between a dealer and a player. are very effective if done properly. and this is probably the only cheat players can continually use and not get caughi doing it. Dealer to Player Head nods are the best signals from a dealer to a player. In a poker game. so on the rare occasion that all three cards are ones that will complete the flush. It is very rare. unprofessional." This is not a very good move for the simple reason it's easy for other players to spot. Player Peek Many times a dealer will want to show a confederate what the next card will be. The dealer can only signal the confederate to fold.

identifying the value of anothei player. 39 ..s almost like'u..i" a.:ii"'." EASY iilar in . a quict neaa motion of 7/4 inch is enough. A head nod to a confederate could the player does have the flush. For exampte.o"iJ'p""t ut the first few cards and see iidealing seconds rvouid be in order. and elLow jabs. ^"a nUyers?no are confederates and who sit. and a head motion to the reft and right means the hand is higher than a flush."iotll. iVhispering is a method . Cealers 1 game rlayers al siture right Iilg on card to i room Flayer to Dealer 't been . It. though he has a flush. professional cheats will meet in"bath:ooms to discuss cha.j by'urrlateurs and it... it's letected by others around the tabie.CHEATING WITH CARDS rds are ets the I . There are many other ways to signal and just as many different meanings.s easily rhis is rhe most *Li". t(e dearer.\-een a ctive if aver. There are as many signals as imaginations can come up 'rith' The way to use them undetecteiis to practi..S USed e what very easy for the dealer to see the hands of the players to the immediate_right or immediate left.a-u'J'rg u. .s hand. :ontact ne.ges in signals or discuss different -.Ju.oif"d:rate player the card he or another player may need.he.lop:. Prearranged hand:19"ul-. The need for a player to signal the dealer is rather limited."rrom twitch.purposely exposes cards during the :lrocess of discarding a'r1r'"".S peek.. It to give rds but quick. Itis sometimes best to form your own by using your imagination.trategies during the course of the game. finger pokes.r. A sright head Tuu-r motion to the left means no flush.. tne player to the immediate right of the dealer is betting u. froir the player could designate a certain value or suit the player needs. :r'ith a confederate. This is done to show u .ig"rf. There are signals to trap anothei plaver . Sometimes a player. or poker.*i toeach othe*igr. sisnars are used to tell 0ne another the strength or'weaknels of :rands.table with leg .

We went to a casino called Foxy's Firehouse. There are some people who do walk away with winnings. The floor man arrived and was told what happened. there are only ways to increase the odds of not losing as much." Without hesitation we did it: we slid each other a card. The dealer caught us and immediately began bellowing for the floor man. The only true winners I know of are those players who are lucky enough to win the first time and never play again. NONE! It's impossible. The floor man instructed the dealer to turn over our 40 . rny friend turned and whispeted. two associates and i decided to go gambling together. On this one particular hand. Hollywood does its part by making movies where the entire plot centers around someone beating the system. i I I brainwashing the public with pictures of people winning against the odds. an associate and I both had hands totaling 15 (a face card and a five). It's popular with both men and women. There are hundreds of books written about how to win at blackjack honestly. or I would have spent time in jail. and we were all betting the lirnit. it can't be done. While living in Las Vegas. The bottom line is. "Let's slvitch cards. which \vas a whopping $25 a hand. As the dealer turned to the first player. Our luck was excellent. Las Vegas has spent untold millions in advertising. but there's no such thing as winning consistently at blackjack and doing it honestly. There is no sure system that will win at any game where the mathematical odds are in the house's favor.ros ih" street fuom ihe Sahara. A Short Story I've told this story on myself numerous times. In reality. a place no longer in operation that *ur . it's blackjack..THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX BLACKJACK If there's one game familiar to almost everyone. Luck was smiling on me that day. Of course we both denied any such action took place.


blackre hunrckjack entiy at

:r1q: To everyone,s surprise, especially us, we were both holding hands totaling ts 1we haa'switched fives;. rr,. noo. man shook his head and walked away.
rhere's been lots card counters, casinos banning card counters, and card counters suing casinos over being ejected. It's nothing more than another ,&.rr,. uy casinos, making people think there really is a system io *ir_,. All counting cards d-oes for the player is increase the chances

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and keeping track of the .uid, atready ,rl?J, ,r,. counter has a good idea of what cards u." i"It i*ii"l..r If a number of low cards have been played, high cards.. This gives tn" .orr-,t"r the deck wiil a better chance oj beatil8 or tying the deaier. This is a very simplified ver_ sion of how counting works, but it,s a good iifrrirrti"*. This is,what peopre who b"rierre in card corrnters fail to teit you. The counter may know there are lots of trigh or tow cards left to be played but doesn,t know the order in which they will come. Unless the counter has X_rav vision, it still spells "loser." The house has.various options to offset the meager advantage the counter ,h" four decks of cards is- a llr.oeating big o"". Wi"r" single ciecks are used, the house can have the dfaler shuffle frr"a. ift, method not onlv stops a counter from having ui udrr;rug., but increases the odds for th; hil;. Aguir, the idea that card counting is a surefire way to beat the frouse, is nothing more than a myth.

percentage over the long run. Counting cards wolks this way. Concentrating on the gam:

of getting a winning hand and the odds for the house. No matter whit happ.r-,r, ur-,J no matter how much is sliced off the house,s odds, itr. frorr" always has the *irri"g





Top Card Peeks and Dealer Gheats
To say this cheat works well in blackjack games would be

an understatement. This is the Cadillac of blackjack cheating, the nut crusheq, and the blackjack cheat most feared by a casino. For a confederate player and a cheating dealeq, nothing can stand in the way of making money except getting caught. It is almost impossible to get caught at this cheat, when it's done right. To make this cheat work, the dealer has to be proficient in dealing seconds, peeking, and signaling to the confederate player. The main reason this cheat works so well is that casinos are now dealing players' cards face up. This is to keep players from touching the cards, but knowing the players' card count is what makes this cheat work. The ideal place for the confederate to sit is third base (last player to act). This gives the dealer ample opportunity to peek at various cards before dealing to the confederate. When it becomes the confederate's turn to act, all a confederate has to do is watch for head signals from the dealer. Through head signals the dealer is going to tell the ptrayer to either take a hit or stand. The dealer knows what the player's total is, and the dealer knows what the next two or three cards are in the deck. If the player has 12, and the dealer's second card is a 9, the dealer deals a second and, bingo, the player has 21. Another scenario wouid be the player having a count of 10 and the dealer knows his count is iess than 17. The dealer will signal the player to double down. No matter what the player catches, the dealer will deal himself a busting hand. In many cases the dealer knows where a 10-count card or ace is in the deck. On the first round the confederate catches a 10. The next card the player catches is an ace. Just 20 minutes at a $100-and-up table spells an easy 10- or 20-thousand-dollar winnel, and if you can believe it, this cheat gets even better. This cheat can only take place if the dealer is dealing from the hand. A shoe nullifies this cheat. Guess where it's com-



'ould be heating,
r- a casi-

mon to see a dealer dealing from the hand. you,re right: the $100 and higher tables. palmins cards ii, bh.:k?jH::*" used to be an effective way for players to cheat *,e r,oule. roauy, ,.,or.,u J ir.,"^iujo. establishments I klow of allow ptuy.., to touch the cards; the dealer does it all. To cheat by p;l"ii;g cards, a playerwould have to be in a orivate gu^i,;; i;; imaller .uri,o allowing playe-rs to Ioolg'hota, an"d *oiil, *lih the cards. Ygrt private games use standard playing cards manufac_ tured by Bicycle or Bee, which.;l; eas,y obtained at most stores. Prior to attending a private gu*. a sharp will open several decks of cards irom differEnt manufacturers and remove the face cards and aces. These are what the cheat w,r take to the_ game. yporl ur.i"uf, tn. cheat will notice what type of cards are O"rlr used and .ur", ptu.. the proper .r.a, i., the desired pocket, sletve, or other co'mfortable hiding place. At various times during tne course of the game, tfie sharp can palm an undesired cari u"a r"prr.. it with a card needed to make 20 or 21.

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palming. Players, hands rr.",iuiJ*.i r.,.u, the chips or cards once the dealer begrns to deal. tn" games where players are allowed to hold-their cards, .*rr"-r and palming are very effective ways to increase or decr"ise the original bet. Once the player has looked at tf,e hana, a decision can be made to cup or palm the chips. Ilthe player had a solid 2O the correct action would be to cap tt U"t (add more chips to the bet). To do this, a pllr-er " pri"i, A; .ilprl" o" ,oJ"o?o deposits them on top of in. t"t ,r ttr" cards are praced back on the table.

, .ilpqrrg and p,*i.,gffitl$o beat the house. The samJtning

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be an effective


the player places the cards next to the bet. To do this. the dealei will drag all the money into the center of the table. the player can take the opposite action and remove chips from the original bet. These actions should be practiced before attempting them d. A dealer can give a confederate blackjack several times in 20 minutes.uring ac_tual play.t THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK This action is one complete. the dealer can palm several chips and deposit them on his own stack.. Some players who are in with dealers follow the dealer to different tables.s wise to follow a dealer to every other table. such as a player drawing to four clubs receiving a spade instead of the needed club. fast.t The term " fottt flusher" is said to have originated from poker. In pokeq. This practice has to be done with caution. and fluid motion. 44 . The card caught is the same color as the four-flush suit. Immediately after releasing.the cards. The best move on a poker pot by a dealer is palming chips from the pot. When all the bets are placed.. POKER it's a player who draws to a four-card flush and doesn. Should the player see the hand being a possible lose4. Dealing Seconds Dealing seconds works well in blackjack. this player might say. (Twenty minutes is the standard period of time a dealer will deal at any table.) Dealing seconds in blackjack uses the same methods explained earlier in the chapter. When it. the player palms a portion of the chips as the hand passes over the bet. pit bosses observe players who travel about. "I got a flush.s time to sho* the best hand. In many cases the catch. A mistake while performing this type of cheat could spell disaster. As this is being done. It. To many people it means a cheat or swindler.

.I""'. revealing the spade. the cheat will lay down thl hand *irh.r. not even looking at the flush.::..*:".f.pade e best es the 45 ." piuy".[:fr fl #:. iards. rrom neighbors playing Friday.u. sr"r. challenges the flush ana mates inl .q_". fe.aing ini.. dealer this is ieposit g other players throw in their hands.lwee1..'fni.p"..r. this should be 1" politely warned and told th. p...lmtf the sharp will toss chips into the ce.a dealers who have t sp ra shin g. tn. This is what the cheat i. iuy is to prace the bet . fu. exactly how many ::11 were chrps :". Lard rooms have u .nignt pot*i to high_stakes games. them ype of er can nutes.ii four portion of the fifth card.""f. p p ra yers. the spadf clubs showing and a just enough to allow the players'. Sorry. pfuy. ihe cheat gets the pot_ Ii . could have tossed $I.i""1. li tnJUet was{.g on."ut spread the fiuy". Pit Ilow a chips and the p"r. tfir ngtll.#.s a black card.iti.ifi..f..ter ""?.f tn""ghtih"a a flush.CHEATING WITH CARDS lotion. er will I Same aler to cn. which will be revealed that U" asked to leave the game.[ ". the cheat.*. . If that happens.:.ryone at If the practlce continuei.. tossed into-the pot.ri?. *uy . i from poke4 lesn't h suit ... piop. "Wh.. iut"'r"ja. the )s from next to player e bet.r. a'player *ho ao. other players may want to see it. of the pot and say.his can see the bet.uru.n" g::'i:TlfJ.. tf. If no one questions the flush.itis anybodyl... In som-" . llming .r. the table . .

r .

ead and butter.d i.rrm are carried out with inside h-erp' rn ttiir lr"ropt* " r.fot *r.Slots are popular many reasons." tf. become a million_ aire. but one that keeps them truly popular is {9r the size'of if. was a srot scam that .. 8""" aiCupone is credited with 47 ..rrr.s The biggest reporteh loss I ru.t-t1T rnvolved a team of cheats beating *re staraust out of millions of dollars."i. ONE.:.j..f.rt". For the casino industry. how r know firsrhand about slot cheating scams and one in particular that has -" a good chance of stiligoing on today.:'se."i. All slot scams of this"size have one thing in com_ mon: there has to be someone on the inside providing help to someone on the outside.tines are aoufie_eagea swords..i. slots i. few coins in their pocket and in *i. .u. I." from slot machine li:g-"_'. but the largest and most damaaing." .m not saying there aren. No other game of chance i" .J. The report"d bt .ld-gives a player the opportunity to win millions with a bet ot a tew nickels.losses ._..ll... slots are the easiest and most p.CHAPTER 3 SIOT TYIAGHINES .ofituble for cheats. On the othet." *o..ARTYIED BANDITS There are countless stories on how slot machines got the name "one-armed bandits. a person can walk into a L* VJ.t methods of cheating done by scam artists on their own. U. On one side.tpots. Any time of the day..

It was Al who" laughed the loudest and said. Ilinois. Al and a few of his associates were pracing slot machinls in the Mineora Hotel. 48 Spend time where the scam is to take place.s associates made a comment: "Look at those machines. ]oday.s what they are all . Never brag to anyone about any part of the operation. machines are run by computer chips. a new breed of slot cheat has emeiged. backea up aga#ri tnu wall waiting to take on the world."_ Slot machines have made some major advancements since the days of Al Cap-one. 5.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK armed bandits.. necessary. Look . that. Only go to the casi_ no cage or bartender to cash out when i-t. According to this particular story. n Don't be greedy. Freewheeling slots are almost obsorete. J. with the introduction of electronic and computer_generated machines. RULES TO IIVE BY low Professional slot cheats who are rarery if ever caught fola few simple rules and never break them. Keep everything a secret. Less now means more over the long run. If someone is continuously watching or win_ dering by. Don't stick around longer than necessary. Only thosb directly involved should have any knowledge or discussion about the operation. It was during a conversation at the bar when one ofil." this one. 1.igni. leave. Collect your winnings from the tray and leave. "ya. a hotel on the chain oi lakes in Lake County.?.. 4. They look like a bunch of bandits with one arm. It.s better to leave the machine with credits on it than stick around and get caught.s absolutely Don't take unnecessary risks.

Ji L. No sooner than the *r::t'*lrtolaced over the reers than someone devised the cheating *"ihod known . According to slot machine history. In the late 1g00s he introduced a machine i" u Su. or does a light on top of the _u. look for cameras. but the payoff wasn. 7.n.oiici"S ih. ..e Aurf. Does the machine sound an alarm when it's opened. It would line up various symbols.. on and off? Look for a-.niirl-' iob so that you will gain an air of professionalism sooner. stiff wire through .o. and watch as the mechanic'fixes a machine."Jputty to close the holes. all the cheat had to *T use a finger and st6p the reels on a winning combina_ 1o tion.) If a particular casino becomes an easy mark.f. When the bar_ tender was busy or looking the othJr way. once on Treat these scams as a fuli_time "u. Soon. check the shift schedules.t.diiilir. irea.. i look t the ghed one- 6.olo.blind..rg before someone figured out a way to cheat. The cheat hole and-stop each reel on a winning'combination. To keep owners. Many professionals will hit an easy --"" mark three times in one day.. "u.iff"a 49 . ul-d other patrins f. machines were altered to pay coins instead of drinks.w of teola ris. and glass was placed over the reels. the first slot machine was invented by a man named Charl-ey Fey. bartenderr.soci- I f I ..rri?g just under the glass in each of the three windows. It . (Every casino or bar has machines that are difficult to watch. Note what takes place.i.. ents nby with ated around and watch the employees. The cheat would drill small toles through the metal . THE FIRST SLOT CHEATING fol- allowed the winner to seleit a free drink. Instead it would poke a small. fnis particutar machine didn't have glass covering the reels. rt *ur. frurrcisco bar.t in coins. some cheats would rs". holes."*ty'a..SLOT MACHINES .

THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK PAYOFF SYMBOL WINDOWS HANDLE / WINNING COIN PAYOFF TRAY HOPPER AREA INSIDE MACHINE The aboae diagram represents an anerage slot machine and some important parts. of its more 50 .

. but the string on the coin method. Earlier .g""'riiirJ if. Those same cheats could start over the next year and hit the same places agairy this time o" u aff"r"* i.19 repeat the operation."ut. .Pol'.n" shoot. Almost every casi_ no.. Tj!:"#liuruns SLOT PARADISE ? HOPPER AREA Las Vegas is the srot cheat's Mecca. usually in small out_of_ the-way praces stilr using rr"u*n. THE STRING AND THE GOIN INSIDE r\4ACHINE off requires the coin be rowered is rereases the coins merhod is rhe machine only holds a smallamor"t of . t ipfin"giil"'r"rru.* Alo. holding coinJ in the coin shoot. In places where these machines are arifii"j t rs been made easy with .kto.... spoonJooking device up rhe coin pay-on srot.y day of the week for over a year and never set foot in the same place twice. The cheat has to visit several machines before r".f.if. means the same cheats could continue for ttrree yllr.r. professionar cheats can hit a different slot machi"" ._ cheai shoves a long-handled.n. *orld drill a hole in a coin and tie a string to it.J". 5pooning is easy and fast."a never see the same employees twice. Getting maximum i"to *r. jACKPOT \!INDOW PAYOFF . Drilling is 9uy still in use on a much. then pulled almost rff .g a decent profit.SIOT MACHINES PROGRESSIVE . machine until a click . of battery_poweredodritrs and extremely good :}iilff1rr. and restau. The onty drawbu..really works..oi. _ly out and lowered into pay_ 51 . The ".ru.. This works well. la-ugh at this_next scam. but is very slow.r"itu"" . then return anotfl .h:r popurar slots is spooning. hotel. J. i#s hr: rl"_qry.on SYMBOL WINDOWS ) L. bal. ir.. smrtte. motel.founi.

52 . THE THICKNESS OF THE COIN l the machine again until another click is heard. cheats replace the string with a handle. This allows the coin to be forced up and down in the slot rapidly. Major casinos have surveillance cameras that catch this type of operation easily. To speed up this process.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBTER'S HANDBOOT( STRING APPROXIMATELY 8" NOTE: CIRCUMFERENCE OF HANDLE CI' NOT BE MORE THAI. This must be repeated as often as it takes to meet the machine. This is another cheat that should be reserved for outof-the-way casinos and bars.s maximum coin limit.

otrlJ"ur.[i. will play the U..urrisi"f ... Casinos u".J#lllrn" cheat could figure ortite ti_"ih" ro. to each play."uchine just long enough to win a few hundred dollars.-.p.g pr*l""rra "*rit and stop the reels. This type . "f q3-ri. then leave. ras exclusively used on machines with timins. JUST TAKE THE WHOLE THING lust be tximum e string the slot for out. This catch is what locks the handle in place prlo.cheat puils the handle rrJ-rf-r". the. tt e cheat rams the handle down.. the feel of the first click. on freewheeling machines..i. This knowt"age allowed the cheat ::l. with a powerful p"ff.i. The moment "1lo the. the two hopped in tie bed next to it.ul times before break_ ing the catch on the insiie handle mechanism. It's common to repeat ihir'r" ever heard of was a team of slot cheats who went to a smaller casino just off tne Vegrs Strip' TWo of the men went inside u"a ur.. After riiJi"g the machine into the bed of the truck. Then. on a winning combination.... Off iliJd."l."i up truck to the a coin in the machine. 53 ."i"r.'. and carried it to the truck. RIIYTHM METHOD For a short oeriod.-eillance r .i. bi frir"a witho.. After pil.SIOT MACHINES THE RATCHET METHOD TE: CIRCUMFER.f. Once the catch is broken. the handle ca. CE OF HANDLE CI' T BE MORE THA\ E THICKNESS OF E COIN The ratchet method is another scheme that works we. wise to this method and slot machine companies added a timing device that would alternate the times the l0cking pins would rerease and stop the reels.."rr. Probably the boldest move I.ur.. ny ma.*"alin" two inside men wenr to a maching by th" . .: manipulate to further the handre and force the reels to fa. cheats used what was known as the "rhythm method.t.. P^rofessionals.

Each trip is to empty the bag into a box concealed in the trunk. and to this day I've never heard of these men being caught.200. A dollar machine will hold around 91. Usually the accomplice will make several trips to their car. Most cheats who pick locks and open the machines shy away from setting the machine on winning combinations. although it's easy to do and empties the machine faster. have contracts with slot repair companies. People get curious when bells ring for 54 . A professional cheat will sit and watch a casino's operation for extended periods of time. the player places coins in the accomplice's purse.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK they went. Why wouldn't a cheat want to empty the machine faster? Each time a winning combination comes up. the longer the bells ring. This window of time makes it easy for a cheat to pick the lock. and who does the mechanical work. Larger casinos have alarms that sound when machines are opened. (The hopper holds the coins and can be accessed from the open door. especially bars. but smaller places rarely do. lt takes anywhere from a half hour to several hours for the mechanic to arrive. LOCK PICKING i A good lock picker can make excellent money picking locks on slot machines. if there are any alarms. the accomplice also serves as a lookout. heavy-duty purse and stand next to the player while he pretends to play. The bigger the jackpot. and empty the hopper. a call has to be placed to the repair company. out-of-the-way casinos and bars. too. taking notes on how the machines open. Many small places. bells ring. should be reserved for small.) Quarter machines hold an average of $300 in coins. Standing next to the playeq. Her job is to carry a large. A favorite method to remedy this problem is to use a female accomplice. open the machine. If a machine needs repaiq. It's difficult leaving with a large amount of coins all at once. This. Little by little.

i. i""urtigffi.i. the ing next Usuaily :h trip is k. which .. Most ay from .*."r. Professional cfieats use caution when using slugs.'. as coins. lt s for the asy SLUGS Using slugs is another easy way to cheat machines. The it on" . ah. the most popular..r. .'. This is another example whergless ends up biing*orr. il . *".#..SLOT MACHINES lese men extended periods of time and will investigate.vinning pot... the ring for € TRIP LEVER WHICH RELEASES COINS INTO HOPPER 55 ." widely used.iil". The onry drawback is lhat coDper coins ai more expensive to produce. r picking :rved for nos have t smaller watch a ing notes and who specially machine npany. for a the hop. There's one drawback to using feai sfugs.i-. One thing a cheat doesn't want is someone It's much safer to empty the machine a little at a time.ugh it's uldn't a .5opp"i They are easv to mate ana #"igt ". rnd next ittle.. Tor^V. weight. It takes some super-nea[r-auty pants to carry a pocket load of Iead slugs.ed from f 5300 in difficult favorite omplice.. As cheapest slugs are lead.

Excellent methods on cheating slot machines are common shop talk among journeyman mechanics. These cheats form organizations. These work just as well and are often cheaper than copper slugs. If slugs are used. Inside operations are almost impos- ind school and learn to repair slot machines. Employees working with confederates to cheat a casino sible to detect. Schooling takes about three months.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOI( coins are played. the last coin in the shoot is pushed out and falls into the hopper. What causes most inside scams to become detected and fail is greed. casinos fear inside operations all employees all the time. When professional thieves are patient scam a little at a time. their operations last for years. As each coin is placed in the slot. Several members 56 .S. they are held in a coin shoot. During the apprenticeship. Several foreign countries mint coins similar in size to U. Professionals will also pick up their winnings and leave if slugs begin dropping into the coin tray. Professionals who know this will immediately walk out of the building if the machine becomes stuck while using slugs. Good slot mechanics can find work anywhere in the world where there are slot machines. they will be in the coin shoot until a series of genuine coins are deposited and have pushed all slugs into the hopper. coins. All apprentices have to do is watch and will attend slot mechanic Long-range planning has become popular with big-time slot cheats. schools find jobs for their graduates. apprentices will pick up on different methods of cheating. INSIDE OPERATIONS because they just can't keep an eye on As mentioned earlier. After graduation. THE IONG HAUL can break the bank.

casino s procedure for a jackpot pay_ -player.O. one was. and doing so would nul_ lify any chance of cheating. It would probably be in operation today if it wasn't for one member losing his cool.They will only accept a job *t"* they wilr be working togetheq. a fake tan coP- ._ sible for signing 9ff on such payoffs. off over $300 required that the firit four be present auring tne payoff. inside job.urlo. which is fairly easy. The casino's idea was to have four employees. and begin play. and a confederate The.200. sit'down. and a record of the player. the security officer in on the scam would come out on the floor-and signal the floor man that it was all right to go ahead. all the r casino become impos:nt and rig-time Lembers air slot 'here in g takes iobs for ces will rethods rg jourtch and machine with a_payoff between g1. The floor man would signal the change peiror. During the period sur_ veillance was watching the casino away from th! machine. once they stirt work togethe4. security officers in thiJ casino had several duties. he went to gam_ ing authorities and spilled the beans. After a year or two of working as apprentice mechanics.. years.t get gregdy: Some organizations have found that moving to a new casino location every few years is to their advantagel FAKE JACKPOTS listen. . The.and witj stay that way if they doi. und the change person would signal the mechanic]In a matier of The confederate would enter the casino and pick a 57 .organization consisted of five people: a slot mechan_ ic. to U. was payoff scam.SIOT MACH!NES 1COln rS out and the coin rd have o know nachine lso pick into the r the sky is the limit. which worked great for several jackpot rations . i seiurity officeq.helping in the surveillance room. Instead of tiy_ ing to work it out with the other members.100 and $1.s name would ilso be avoid_ ed. Picking a machine with a payoff of this value Ilans maximum payoff without a recordbeing made to the IRS.S. slot floor mary slot change person. Heihought he was short-changed-on a payoff he received. . organization members will begin applyinglo other casinos for work.

money. gaming ofiicials.ri tt. the mechanic will casually stop by for a visit. Because most bars allow their employeeJto pray the machines. Using the key.on progressive bar machines can run in the high thousands. usually with the highest payolf. *oita Some bartenders in Las Vegas and the contracted mechanic working for the bar work together on a scam. They in turn send a representative to pay the bartender. they est-imated this one orginization had taken the casino for approximately g2.00dover a 2 1/-2-year period. the inside members of the org-anization would meet with the confederate at a local bar and'split the money. ind the ihange p"iro..aOO a week. Uvelyone performed and no one else in the casino wai the wiser. This took place an average of 3 times a night. sign the necessary forms. Jackpots. off card inside the machine. During early morning hours on weekday"s.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX to the confederate. The floor man and securityofficer would go to the casino cashieq.000. ind each member made $429. and the police finished their investigation. The mechanic would reset the progressive sign the'sign_ lactpbt. .o*. the mechanic opens it and forces the winning jackpot combination to . Divide tnii by five. and pick . all five participants wourd be at the machine. this doesn't come under suspiclon CHEAT THE CUSTOMERS There was a bar owner who attracted customers to his bar 58 . That comes out to $g. Together the bartender and mecharyc pick out the best machinE. At the end of their shift. The mechanic leaves immediately and the bartender calls the coin company who owns the machine. The mechanic has keys for every machine irrthe bar.145.p. When casino managers. WORKING TOGETHER the Tuf" dutycash-payoff their two minutes. when the bar is empty.

*o""i. and would use because of SLOT MACHTNES nachine.. the machine would st.. once the bar was completety empty."a there were no customers. They iecause es.ry.. so . he wourd ret his bartender go home. 59 . The irer the usually rpens it me up. During periods when the bar was For obviom r."i. or -hun his relief bartender arrived.."rrr f.l be locked on the jackpot. gir".. .*uy :::: the bar was empty.r lesris bette4 but occasionar_ ly there's an exception to the rule. The last ticket was alway.. He fixed his progressive machines so it was impossible for a customer to hit the jackpot. When customers arrived posted as the winner would be the name of someone no one knew. Wh". this fake names for winners. Owners of a bar close to the University of Nevada used a similar scam' The owners owned their machines and set the machines so that orogressive jackpots were practically impos_ sible to hit' Most of Ihe custo*"i. He owned his machines and did his own mechanical work. This would serve as proof that someone reauy hit it.uior.r*. the bar was usually empty in the early *Irninf f..1t"'iu. did come in. This of their ld meet police :ganizaJ over a nember e :racted r scam.u.riJr. He would tell his customers and bartender that it was a tourist who just hap_ pened by and hit it.tut..h. When a machine .. : bar is . *"r" co. 3 casino ney. tt were incentives such as drawings for "r" rarge . .L]. re high he bar:. the owners would reset the progressive payoff back to iis beginni.j. posted rules rvnen stated the d"rawing was to take place immediitety after the last ticket was given iway.ege students. The he signr would rformed . 'io keep the students interestea. giIT.orrr.l.^ro. pot combination to appear on the A PERSOilAt EXPERIENCE his bar Most professionally organized slot scams involve very few people.. each hour of p_lay a player *oirta receive a ticket for the drawing' The drawing wouldn't take place until all ti.slot machine jackpots... h.d a large . itur" cheats went so far as to post a .

" he said. We had known each other for about three years when one day one of them approached me. the floor man marked the machine out of service. One of them would pass by the bar and catch my eye. When the deal was on. about every third or fourth pull.t in on the scam. When I began play. If I saw him nod yes. The plan was for me to come to the casino at a prearranged time. I would follow the mechanic through the casino. gaming. I would stop and begin playing the machine next to the mechanic. "The casino. I would immediately move over and begin playing that machine. who was working on a machine. Upon arrival I would go directly to one of several bars and wait. I would get up from the bar and follow him. He would finally take me past a series of slot machines and would come to the other mechanic. the mechanic would close the door to his machine and leave.I met and became friends with two slot mechanics who were employed by a major strip casino. It would take about a half hour to empty the machine. When the machine emptied again. or anyone else will never figure out how we do it. the floor man would come over and authorize another fin. I didn't have much to do at the time so I agreed to try it. sometimes for a half hour. efter the machine was empty for the third time. "We stumbled on a way to make machines pay off until they empty. the deal was off. I'd hit a payoff. If the signal was no. This was standard operating procedure. Even if they do. it can be traced to an honest mistake in setting up the machine. I would repeat the operation once the machine was filled. The floor man. I could do what I wanted the rest of the evening. who wasn." I was asked if I wanted to try it. at a distance.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBTER'S HANDBOOK In L975. These particular machines were dollar machines and the payoffJ were between $20 and a $100 each time. and I was politely asked to play another machine. It was incredible:. They would find me. would come to the machine and authorize the machine to be filied. but instead of playing another machine I would leave 60 .

..s very possible it continues to thil dayl Tryilq to keep employees from stealing under circum_ stances like this. I t to the r lose the v move each time were small payoffs. Iro# *. persons effectively involved in these scams have stited. To this day. COMPUTER.n. and it.rrltion I found out that he trained three other mecf..n employees of other The Imperial palace has _depaitments. I worked this scam for armost two years.hi. no one I. in setit.SIOT MACH]NES mechanWe had ry one of to make l trained.ri.r"jit in ihis scam. During tn". I would do this an average of twice *l"f u.e and go home. there wouldn't be a recoid to the IRS or a record of my na-me in a casino log. ft out of the talked to has ever heard of anyone being ..rr. bar and rom the . emptoyees of certain d epartment. Upon nd wait. On occasion. echanic would ld come chine.. Mnnings taken from a rn"".oi 61 . After or man y asked i Proce- d leave It takes the help of someone on the inside to ^scam a modern computer slot machine.otur "iu.200. In lin. uthis scam . u *".000 was taken.. with the mechanic that didn't retire.. Even though the total amount was over 91.fix. to machi^"r. so "y who knows no* _u^y mechanics they.anics how .or. . one caiino in goilg to retire. turn went on to different casinos. This means approximately g5.The more iechnical the machines are made.r'*r. l"r.a *?l"I was split three ways.000. ve do it. was pulled twice in the same evening.i. I could .ic scam operation... all I would take about $3. : particfs were rt a half 1t in on 'ize the nce the Las Vegas" nu" iorUiiaur. the ll. just during rhe period I-was inrotrlal 6r.g the dating of its employees. in a r. I came to find out later that there were at least 10 of us acting as confederates.. gone to the point of selting rules gover. duy r ** i"ia tn" operation was coming to a halt: one of the *".RUN SLOTS at age . sgvgral years laier I had a conversation . the easier theyare to set up for a In one such operition... I did- lhe plan re.

the confederate began playing it. One of those steps is to have the mechanic inspect the machine for any malfunction or cheating devices. About 10 minutes into play the confederate pushed the control box button.000. The confederate brought with him a special coin designed to jam the machine. the four sevens lined up on the bottom line for the progressive jackpot win. The mechanic left and returned with the machine containing the remote-controlled box.l THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX designed a remote-controlled box. The mechanic arrived to investigate and. which was $175. At the same time. He told the floor man that the machine needed major repairs and would have to be replaced. the mechanic was in the slot repair department placing the box in a replacement machine. The difference between the authorized chip and the imported chip was the imported chip was programmed to hit the jackpot. and when activated would bypass the legitimate chip. VIDEO SLOTS i One of the easiest methods of cheating a video gaming machine is the use of a "zapper. In his pocket the confederate carried the control box.. there are several steps a casino takes before the jackpot is paid. Once the mechanic signs off that the machine was legit. The imported chip was placed in a box controlled remoiely. Like magic. The box contained a computer chip comparable to the one running the machine. When a jackpot of this size is hit. after careful examination. who in turn called the mechanic. The moment the mechanic finished replacing the machine and closed the doof. the rest is history. When the machine jammed the confederate player complained to the floor man. placed the machine out of service." These zappers are known as stun guns. One day. This would force the winning jackpot combination to appear. the ones advertised to stop an attacker in his tracks 62 I l I . a confederate entered the casino and began playing a predesignated machine.

upp"". gather iheir winnings. will disrupt the tabulating process."lfry. .edge.000. If the prayei placed another series of coins in the machine and was to hii another 40 credits.) Fo. the calculator stops and no more credits are added. The machine will continue addingcredits past the it was r. and go to another bar or small casino io repeat the operation. To avoid problems u. there are other oown sides to slot scams.SLOT MACHINES a comne. The ed chip ackpot. example. These can be on the more seri_ 63 .-another shot rro.. A DOWN SIDE TO SLOT SGAMS amlng )wn as tracks ous side.oribi. a casi- is to tion or at the rs Video machines are design""d to trbrfrt" *i^Jr. 1vorks. On a dol_ lar machine.. the player hits winnirrg .000. Tabulated w-innings are noted on the screen under the heading ". f"Jt o" the.j. If a cheat felt like making a night of tt." tt . no matter what h-appens. and are available through catalogs advertising articles for self_defense. tf. Besides getting caught and sent to jail.s during the period the machine is tabulating credits that the . with a shock of severar hundred thousand volts... Giving the machine a shot fr"om the str.ations. motely. p.. utment time. most professionals who use this method stop at this point. atay can continue.. gr. it wouldn't be difficult to hit 20 if a player hits a wiTing combinatYo"-if. winnings for one is-minute session would be lPRrofpately $1. a edesigspecial rmmed who in :stigate of serI major eft and rtrolled ng the rlaying About rol box rottom i5..t. *nu. Because there isn't a winning combinati-on that warrants more credits. Then the machine runs through its progru*. the machine would taburate another 40 and display g0 credits. under the heading credits.rppor"a to stop' Most machines have a built-in ioint safety system iriJ u"tomatically stops the machine at 500 credits.. +o coins. and the machine starts adding credits. This r. It.i.upp".. to see if it should still be adding additionar" will run up another 500 credits.a'tn" " possibility of getting caught. When another winning combinatio.e machine will airff"y tn" number 40.

I was introduced to a man at the Red Fez bar._ ers arrested. Llltimately.. At one point. the computer genius began feeling guilty and reported the operation to gaming officijs. Later. For all his troubles. It turned out this individual had helped invent the.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX local hangout just north of the Sahara Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard. Tfgse chips altered the payoff so that it was virtually #por_ sible to hit a royal flush..inner workings of video slot machines. Overihe years I had many conversations with him and never got the impres_ sion that he was dishonest. my friend was shot to death in his drivewayby aman hired by the video company owners. - Je_ars ago. this rilan began'pro_ ducing computer chips for a majoi Video Machine irpp'ti. a 64 . the video company was shut down uid th" o*r.

This mean. Dice..:" I then . The problem is. I.rcisco.time playing.. t'ilrf of bread. Orrr_ have absolutely no expertise with luck. The other..r"rru. a ls Vegas d invent e years I 'impres8an prosupplier.SOO years.CHAPTER 4 :ezbar. is cheating. il. GHEATING AT GRAPS For more than 2.n"u"tilg.t urii. many sharp minds of the to. 65 . So*u . Detroit. world have tried A TITTLE DICE HISTORY Dice have been around for some time. Those people had fretty hXrsh pJ. ri"riir.s most popular gambling 'ra. and there will never be any system to legitimately beat a craps game.i*. been found in lgyptian tombs. formulate systems to beat the craps games.n.. and ing again. I know two ways to win at craps.ry show signs of alteratiois used to .rt p.utti". .. and san wherever it started.. There are numerous stories connected with where and s-t1led_craps in America.iod are hard to imag_ ine. penalties for getting caught cheating during tf.. there *ur. fo.m going to. there isn.up gu*"r.000 years. " it's one of America.g at dice has been around for at teast i.t any. narre ueen around at reast 2'500 years' Archaeorogists have unearthed dice that . others 11ho New York.s . 'Si.-tett yo" rUo"i. The first is being extremely lucky the New Orleans. the owndeath in lers. gr_. r imposrs began fficials. Thii meanr aL. nrrr.rt. similar to those used in today.'.

If the shooter rolls a seven or eleven.) Throwing a on the first roll. (This is called a natural win. Those wha are interested in all the mechnnics of ihe crrps NOTICE: game should read material and batr<s specificnily designed to ieach craps. Making a point and then-tlrowing u . the shooter can keep throwing the dice. pass line beL win it on a s-ubsequent roll. If the shooter throws craps on the first roll. 66 .rra There are many versions of dice throwing.o"r. the don'i pass bets win. of course. As long as the shooter throws natural winners and winning points.. This is the opposite of the pass line.Don't pass line. . Thoslwhoknun the gamewillwant the next player. or twelve). Come line. o. but the shooter may shoot again. the authar giaes only abrief of the craps game." The game starts with the players placing bets on the come. this section. ten on the first roll is caled the point. li. In this xgment. the don. eight. The pass line. Bets on the come line are placed once the point number is made. it's called "bank craps. the shooter repeats the point number before rolling a seven. pass line bets lose. ."ff. you win. Iniome circles. three. .*i*.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX WHAT IS CRAPS? To a beginner. The craps game outlined here is typical of casino craps. five six. If the shootei craps on the first roll (a two. If the shooter makes a point number and then throws a seven before repeating the pbint." shooter throws the dice and the action begins-. pass. or don. the don't piss line loses if the shooter makes a point and then repeats the point before throwing a seven. Whenbetting on the pass line and the shoot_ er throws a seven or eleven on the firit roll. don't come.inu.o. before"repeating the number is a loser and the shooter must pass the dice to topriorn o. the shooter throws a seven or eleven the do1't pass bets lose. casino craps is sometimes difficult to understand.t pass line wins. If.".f pus.

ven the number re don't s if the before re the don't come is bet after a point number is made.vs :o . If the ets win. which is a winne4. re craps : circles.:- point n/ come If a seven comes first. which is a loser. the come bet is placed on the front line (see diagram). or in if. Like rolls a number. If the shooter throws a seven/ the don't come bet immediately loses.. O' . If the shooter rolls craps. Don't come line. . llj U o o . the don't come bet a seven or the number. bets win.S^ +_ s U6 pi. If a number is rolled. If the shooter )q sr U l^u o( lW game. That bet stays there until either that particular number is rolled again.CHEATING AT CRAPS ifficult to the craps rch craps. or a seven is rolled. 9*F SsS-B L* . This is the opposite of the come line bet. 67 . on the shooter e shoot- (This is nine. :peating dice to e. the don't come 6et immediately wins. If. on number . the don't come bet is placed on the back line (see diagram) and stays there until the shooter throws either the come bet. on the next roll after the bet. =S t. the come bets lose. the shooter throws craps.t roll (a rter may winners he dice.


wins, if the number is rolled before a seven, the don,t come
bet loses. These are just the basic and most popular bets made on a craps table. There are at least 12 more ways to place bets, including laking and laying odds, buying bets, plicing bets, hard-way bets, field bets, any craps, any seven, aces only craps, sixes only craps, ace-deuce craps, eleven, and horn bets. Most casinos place limits on each individual bet. The Horseshoe Club in downtown Las Vegas is one of the only casinos I know of that has a continuously standing no-limit bet on craps. If a shooter wants to bring a million dollars and place it on one roll, he can have at it.

certain numbers appearing. Craps is a game played on math_ ematical percentages. Over an extended period, in a legitimate game, the odds will be correct. The seven will come up more often, and the two and twelve will come up the least. In legitimate games, there's only one *ay to make the two or twelve. There are six different ways a seven can be *ugg.Altering dice will change these odds dramatically. Usually, altered dice will allow some numbers to ipp"u, more often than the seven. sometimes, if the dice are aitered accordingly, the seven will appear more often than it should. over the long run the cheater will eventually win against the legitimate player or house, or vice versa. in extreme cases, such as bust out joints, odds are changed so drastically that the long run becomes a very short walk.

_ Hollywood's account of dice games has made many people believe cheating at dice is something it,s not. Crboked dice will not come up on the same numbei or the number the shooter wants every time the dice are thrown. Altering dice, gaffing a table, or making illegal throws change the oids of



on't come
nade on a ,lace bets,
rcing bets, aces only


horn bets. bet. The f the only


rllars and

rany peoCrooked Lmber the ring dice, r odds of on matha legiticome up

nake the n can be rlly. c appear e altered t should. ainst the


::lli,?;T i fo,lffi I g cerning these rures. one o] these ruies .or."*rihe handring of suspected cheats. These rules are strictry f"il";;J.^il|ty"", fluctuating from those rules-are ,rr;liy out job. If there's suspicion of cheating, ,",1.," of a to make gestures or comments aiousrngof thJ employees are suspicions of other players. If a dealer;.lorTrrl, ;;, ;;r, suspects a player of cheating, each notifies the "; i.l confidentiar manner. Final decisions on how to d"r';iihi;e "in.'. situation rest with the pit boss' It's his determination to cali-surveirance, security, or enrire episode i, tu,",Jf"Jii p.iuate. Lolh;.rhu. If it,s decided cheating is taking place, the suspect.a,pf"f., J"a by casino security ind politefy u'rtuJ'to step away from the table. Casinos have founa it reasons. One, anv conversation #;;;ch rvorks best for two is not heard by other;i;y;r, Two, it keeps from emba.rurrirj-in" ,rrpect"d cheat and decreases the odds of an u.g;;8";.'b..urionrur^u.Jg"_ ment will wait for the cheat tJl"rr" tfr. t"Uf. him. This avoids ogll: ryip_*l"r'prrr".r. ,"iin"" I"1;* r know people ;; "k rrH In.;,, especiarry

ilffi #:,.


uses the same basic. operatins proce_







le cases/ ally that

I call this the biggest con because it,s the only one I know that major casinos, houses. una irr, out joints use, i*uff but are rarely suspected of. This con uses a confederate working for the house. During periods of heavy betti";;;;.i u, weekends or hori_ days, the house olayer.ii on dut!. O..urlonrUy, such as when a high roller is taking the housJfo. u Lu;o.loss, this speciar



player is called into action. some casinos will give the house cheat a high line of credit. This allows them Io approach a g1T. and order playing checks like a bona fide hi[h roller. This method also keeps employees who aren,t suplosed to know from knowing. .-Jh. house player has several duties. Occasionally, the job will consist of being obnoxious and irritating the targeted player. Irritating a player works. An irritatel ptayer"wittr 1"1"y winnings will bet more and make more high_iirk Other times, the house player will enter u gu-e and intro_ duce crooked dice. If the house player is catfuht by someone not tipped off to the con, the player will be app.oaihed in the same manner explained in standard house procedures.

The primary difference between dice today and those made thousands of years ago is today,s dice are usually made of plastic.Egyptians used dice made of ivory or bone. Each die has six numbered sides, numbers represented by dots. Casino dice are usually clear red plastic ,.,d hu.r" white dots, while board games, bar games, and some sawdust joints generally use white dice with black dots. Numbers are one through six and placed on each die so that adding up oppo_ site sides will total seven. For example, if the onJ ir'orr'top, the six will be on the bottom. This is important. Many altered dice will have identical numbers on either_ side. Examining the dice and quickly adding up both sides will determine whether the dice are Iegit or fake. _ Erlh side is perfectly square. A representative for the Bud Jones Company, manufacturer and iupplier of casino dice, gave me the following information. . .Tt ryidjh, helsht, and depth of each die are exactly 3 / 4 inch. Each dot is drilled to a depth of 1/50th of an inc(. The


"I fade five hundred. posed to g. the players take their share oui of the shooter. such as feather_edged and round-edged. rd intro. he wins the e-ntirg pot. In a typical alley game (I say typical because there are many variations) the shooter will put up a predetermined amount of monev. use fealher_ and round-edged dice. and will place 5500 down on the floor. tlyS/4 :h. If the shooter wins. making up ihe entire ltrousana. _One pla-r-er might holler olut. other players are paying each other bff-on side bets. Meanwhile.000 on the floor. games.. There are several other styles of dice. fne edges on casino dice are perfecily square/ which gives them th-e name razor dice. such as Monopoly. If the shooter loses. C d those ly made nted by o FEATHERED EDGE white joints are one 'e st ) opPoon top. An example would be the shooter placing S1.CHEATING AT CRAPS proach "** a gh roller. "l bet a hundred the shoot_ er craps on the next roll. lentical o o luickly lice are he Bud o ROUND EDGE o dice. Another two players might fade trvo_fifty^apiece.omeone the same as the plastic driiled away for each abt. The Priaate games and board.s thousand. One or more players will take a piece of the bet. o SQUARE/RAZOR EDGE the job targeted rer with isk bets. A typical side bet would be. ATLEY CRAPS weight of the paint used to make the white dot weighs :d in the t.. Any 71 .

he finds himself caught up in a dice game. Sports stadiums are the most noted for this. alley craps and table craps are as different as night and day. TABLE CRAPS Other than a few rules and principles of the game. in a few minutes. It never fails: someone will come along and want to get in. he has to go back to his hungry friends. or he forgot to bring his wallet.TEAMING l j I Double-teaming is a popular way to get a fixed game started. I haven't known many that didn't. After stopping off at the john to relieve himself and wash his hands. Usually. but table games make cheating difficult. Sometimes the bettors will give odds between each other. the marks are out a significant amount of cash. DOUBTE.i I THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK l. The two original players use various methods of cheating and. but the odds and types of bets are standard. For the swindler. Alley games lend themselves very easily to cheating. '| takers?" Another player might take all or part of the hundred. I've seen it happen where one guy is sent to get hot dogs and beer for the whole gang. there are five or six players. Two confederates will start a game in a bathroom. THE DICE The perfect set of dice to cheat with would be one die having all ones and the other having all sixes. Foreign countries use similar styles but layouts and types of bets differ from the American game. I know several dice 72 . To save face he has to come up with a lame excuse like the line was too long. Broke and totally upset with himself. alley games provide a wealth of opportunities to cheat. before one or two innings of the ball game have passed. Table layouts may differ from casino to casino.T .

J.o"".. pro can enter and take out busters several tfmes.n.CHEATING AT CRAPS hundred. r*o. fwo con-ls: some- in a few nal playe or two rut a sigre guy is ter stopands. ur.. oJj. six. and ihrow the legiti.s ttui cun u" . being referred to in countless movies and". and twelve are the only numb".."d*. Loads are the prime example of. When it's their turn at the dice...*. Craps is one of the faltest_rnovi"g gu_Ufing games around..r. are duplicated and placed on opposite sides of each otn"r. he I totally friends.o. ther. I ed game players who have dreams..|rr *orta be a bit excessive.ey play the busters for several passes and switlh the legitimate dice back into the game/ letting the game take its.."i" Jl. and ten are the onty roued with thJse'dice. and six... Another scenario tor pros is to bet small while oit. nine." u. One popular set of numbers is two. three.." who are under the ". it. eight."*& . *0"."u lie havral dice L oa d ed ai. pori-firr". three.rltu. agairy then repeat the process several more times without anyone noticing." ai*urent numbers are called "busters. a comment such as. tn"l tt._ ffiilTT#:::ilX.of rolling dice rike that. The three . eg"l"... like the Alrered dice that nr"""J..:hen r throw rhe dice..'pfuu.. but to actuarly cheat with sometru"g trrrt-ob. Another nopularuEt of numbers for busters is one.. the long run. wiliue re. ailey .t1i.. o". cheats to easily use altered dice.-rf.." Pros will usually.o"*r.. A Dro can enter altered dice f"."8-rrirf in"r" dice' The important thing ir irrut it s rmpossible to rolr a seven.... sayings. f:y .igil. . The speed of the game is what ujtS*.fi:J :l3t? dice arterations... For the rities to layouts ivpes of but lay- f"f.s 73 .n"ir]rrrc them out.itof.r. reating...I only jfllTy".y. I. .ve talked to people and listenei . and five.wait until a point is made before intro_ ducing busters into the game. whicfr is more than enough to make a decent profit.

The idea behind loaded dice is to increase the odds of certain numbers appearing more often during the game. with No. Before space-age technology. a scientist took an element named Rutherfordium and mixed it with white paint. By doing this. then used the mixture to paint white dots on dice. The arrival of space-age technology has changed that. which is much heavier than lead. g lead from a shotgun shell. Waiting until it's his turn to shoot to place heavy bets on the six and six the hard way is a good indication. Fill the holes. drop one drop of epoxy glue in each hole and let the dice sit overnight. loading dice was reserved for white or bone-colored dice. Loading the number four on both dice is popular. transparent dice in casinos were impossible to load without being easily detected. Not so. the old method still works well for nontransparent dice. Recently.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK impression that loaded dice will land and come up on the same numbers every throw. Betting the six on the front line and hard way are now profitable bets. These dice are used primarily in private games. repaint the holes by dropping one drop of paint at a time in each hole. t t l I I Lead and Steel For those who aren't scientists. worked much better than the old lead method. Dropping small drops at a time will allow each drop to settle into the concave 74 . Space-Age Tech Until recently. A good way to tell if the shooter is using loads is by watching his bets. the three will appear more often and the chances of hitting the six are excellent. The element Rutherfordium. Once the glue has dried. To make loaded dice the old-fashioned way. To keep the lead in place. drill holes approximately 1/4 of an inch deep through all the dots on the side of the die to be loaded. This experiment has opened the door for cheats to load transparent casino dice and it's almost impossible to detect. almost to ihe top.

leaving the side to be shaved exposed. If the dice being loaded have dots that are smooth and level with the die surface.". vatching 'avy bets fine side of an emery board to smooih out any bulges. this method of cheating used dice loaded with If there was an award for the greatest Magnetic Loads 75 .u. Sand off the face at a slight angle using a appearance all the other dots have. top.The-most popular method is to wrap the die in paper.fi1e sandpaper. Face YYork part of the face (on one or more sides of a die) is called "face work. the dice would keep rolling past the four and five.. I.U.e{f. il works rarily in ed way. For instance.Tl: best paint to use is the glossy model airplane paint found in hardware stores and hobby seen this work and I was in total amazement the entire time. The tool of choice is a belt sinder with v. Recently. Years ago. Use the rpossible SllIi"g -- technolred dice. and placing it in a vise. Unress thepiayers can't see well or are too drunk to care. mixed it 'dots on ier than is exper- rt casino steady hand. h all the . . shaving the faces off dice is not easy if the"reiult is io be professional looking. almost reep the role and Edge Work This is the same principle as face work. if the faces of the number four and five were slightly shaved. Ruabing a soft cloth over the sanded area wilr bring uait a shine to the entire die.. This means the four and five have a better chance of ending rrp o. this would win Erst place. ropping g small CONC VE dice_cheating method in the world. this is a poor p.CHEATING AT CRAPS p on the I loaded rpearing four on lar more . The number i cheat wants to show up more often will be the face that's shaved. Some holes may need more paint after the first application has dried. except the edges of the dice are sanded down instead of the face.. F3:" work keeps the dice from stopping on a particular side. Betting rble bets. ret the paint dry rock hard.

Today. some of the dots will be completely remoaed and others partially remozted.THE PROFESSlONAI. The ideal paint is model airplane paint. reaoe the die in the oise. GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX r o o o o o The diagram shouts the slight angle the dice shourd be shat:ed. To repair the missing and partiaily remoied dots. The table would be fitted with electromagnets at each 76 . use a drill with a high-speed steel 9/64-inch bit and make new hores the paint. for Paint. The grip that can be piaced on the dice using this paint mixture is incredible. As the dice passed over the magnet.the new holes using the same color as the original paint. the usual number being seven. the bolman would use the necessary juice by lowering oi raising a lever in order steel. which can be hard to find. you only have to paint the dlis on one side of the dice. a dealer threw the dice full length of the table. The dice were at least five inches off the table when the power was turned up end. to stop the dice on the number the dice were designed fo1. this cheat has been upgraded with the introduc_ tion of Rutherfordium. Using paint mixed with this element. once the face is sanded. To diiplay the poweq.

which was it to'me *ur. back and front line bets. The moment tnl. the boiman "-u"t.. The |.. and a three.. straight up The star of this story.CHEATING AT CRAPS full force' The dice were sucked flat against the jtrinped off this g"y. furgh"a ro hard that the game stopped for a good five was having difficulty the right arrangin! ro help speed.a one.tooa up and leaned out over the table to help.r. io. and.a.rt."t"g full power. How my friend'explained bet. Mr. The magnet was turned on and the dice frippei orre.a riop o. In another demonstration the dice were allowed to land u.:ning. had just thrown the dice.. Apparently the shooter . The house was using magnetic roads. It was an amazing sight.rg some kind of metal clips to keep his wig fastened to his rear hair. and it'shoi off the shooter.things up. happening. Draped magnets' power were to the left and right of the boxman.". *u. The shooter."'rrirrg the off his left arm *ui a knock-out of a woman and the shooter was making every effort to impress her.. i. a. e Jace is ly remoaeil. the ntroducing paint rdots on the dice poweI. their own." In reality it was i toupee. . . gu*".. who was standing to the far left of the dealeq.ey and left. As he did this his suit pocket caught the left magnet handle and pulled ii stralght up. An Amusing!Story An associate of mine who is noted as one of the best craps dealers around.inl9 ar. .at hal t rpp"""O and turned off the juice before the shooter reached for the wig. The numbers were a firre. Use a nint.. told me of a time he was working u pri*. al paint is s at each m would 'in order d fof. over to ptace u field unfortunate.s head and stuck right to the felt. h.s girlfriend. The Yj|e^ to oearerT8. Shooter was bending 77 . Everyone. 'ise. to a-si* ar-. a two. a came up and players place their"".iU".. the shootel was a high roller and didn't mind letting everyone know his importance.I thought it was a giant iat. The handr-e.d"mo. a I were at rned up shooter picked up his wig. including the shooter. Fortunately for thi boxmari n"1u*"*f.

The odds are greater that a six or ace will come up.T# $ THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBTER'S HANDBOOK fil $ Bevels Bevels are dice sanded so that one or more sides are slightly rounder than the flat sides. flats . These dice will land on numbers that have the opposite sides shaved more often than sides that are not altered. This will favor numbers four.flat field. An a'uto buffing compound and soft. The Six-Ace A common style of flat is called the six-ace. Misses Dice altered to roll odd numbers only are called . It always lands on one of the ldng sides. and ten being rolled. all field numbers. nine. each die must have different sides shaved.. because of the shaved or sanded sides.. Flats Dice shaved or sanded on opposite sides are called flats. alzoays use fine sandpa_ peL use soft strokes.Throwing almostcan be compared to throwing a red fire_ place brick. IMPORThNT: When sanding dice.. clean rag (old T-shirt) will buff out small scratches.. field because the sides A popular cheat for the player is called a. To properly shave dice to favor certain numbers. flat 78 . These dice have been sanded on the one and six. An example would be one die having the one and six shaved and the other die having the three and four shaved.. and don't sand off too much at once. Hat Field that are shaved favor field numbers being rolled more than sevens. This method produceJ more sevens/ which would be more of a house cheat than a player cheat.misses. Bevels will usually land on the flat edge..

there are several methods professionals will use.e it e shooter can make the point. ese dice greater es more twos. Dice thrown legitimately will go through the air in a bar_ rel roll motion. *t o'. f . rt ose**r.r. Tlis type . THROWING DICE o These are usually used by the house and placed into play if the shooter rolls an even-numbered point.e*Ety aifficutt."o piri# .'uriows the dice to hit the backboard and land on the trur" . This makes it impossible for the shooter to roll an even number and means a seven will come Uefo.lrt there are some excellent shooter. ro nurtiry tt . isses. . make dice dance to their music.----_\ I buff out o o o C led flats. Craps 79 . and fives. threes.r"dom roll and create odds in ttre shooiers " favoq. while the other die will have duplicate t player sides re than te :s. il." There are things o"ri1:*:tilrtkens that cackre. some time will agree that attempting to cheat at aiie i"itt ort altering the dice or. The altered dice are_ on the same principle as busters. ruld be ie havrs fout some craps cheaters depend on their ab. the difference being each die has a different set of three numbers. each ld.". and sixes."".table i.CHEATING AT CRAPS sides are rally land e sandpa'." flat i I t'.ity to contror the dice and don't alter dice ai all. and so loses. One die will have duplicate ones. An auto BEVELED *---- EDGES -'---."otio.. u*t'.ite sides red firesides.u"atLty.

rhis shot has cost some cheats a trip to the hospital or at best a few lumps on the head. or back room games using a flat backboard or wall. this shot and many others are nullified by the protruding rubber diamonds found on casino tables. thL shooter lost sight of what he was doing and nbt only threw the legitimate dice. cackling is the shaking of dice together in a closed hand that is just open enough to make the-dice strike each other but not change positions. they pop out and land just as they hit. The shooter will line the dice side by 80 . the dice land exactly right. What. Whip Shot The whip shot is reserved for tables that have a back_ board with a flat section near the felt.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX I cheats cackle dice. but the one most used is this. There are several interpretations of the whip shot. but the gaffed dice as well.s happened is. Pillow Throw A controlled throw that goes softly into the air and lands directly in the crack between the table fert and backboard is a pillow throw. three or four dice fly across the table instead of two. As the shooter thro*s the dice. This throw has to be practiced for hours on a daily basis. The Muff Shot This is the cheat's nightmare. it's rarely used. Most of the time there will be a break in the game to inipect the dice and have a " talk" with the shooter.s no doubt this will bring suspicious rooks from other players. Nothing causes cord sweats and bad dreams more than the muff Whu. without a section of flat backboard. There. The object of throwing dice like this is to give the shooter better control over which numbers come . Every controlled shot a cheat uses starts with cackling the dice. Because this shot is so diffiiuli to execute properly on a regular basis.

This increases the chances of the dice coming up on the number the shooier wants.the top die will pinch the bottom die to the table. Place the dice on top of each othei. ii will -warning be the shooter's last throw for the evening. a backn games lat backprotrud. lnlgngofer places the dice in one hand. Picking the dice up by the sides and rapidly throwing them with a whipping motion nullifies the barrei roll moti"on. will be 9n tlp of the bottom die. is simpte. it decreases the chances for a seven considerably. but the side by 81 ..ld sweats t has cost lumps on rr dice fly ld is.r*b". If the shooter does it u[ui.. A sidearm throwing motion with the hand allows the die. To make this action work the dice have to hit the lower-flat portion of the backbo-ard. When . The only number on the other die to make a seven is the six. as in a pitto* shot. shot. This is ashot that's arso reserved for private games. shooters usually use this shot to ivoid the seven.iitn the little finger and allowing the other die to iestlbove it. The skif. The Pinch Ki]ling the roll of one die is the object behind the pinch . c"upping or" ai. forc_ ing the bottom die to stay. The desired . The top die rvill continue to roil. When the dice fhel land. The dice hit flat and bounce back to the tabre. when the one is placed as the number to hit..t as they rrly on a Skid (Slide) Shot skid shots are reserved for back room games only because casinos would allow the shooter to thrJw a skid'shot just once. the shooter holds the dice. The other die topples through the air as it is supposed to.. {tppea by the small finge4 to skid across the surface never changing the position of the number. o inspect side with the number the shooter wants to come up on top. and tosses in the air together.oard is a 'urs on a give the p..CHEATING AT CRAPS ISCS StArtS ce togethe the dice . the rly threw here's no players. nd lands . Back room games using a wail ftr a backboard are perfect for the whip lhot. one on top of the other. When ready to roll.Throwing a skid shot at a casino table will get a p6fte from the boxman.


prison inmates use their beds to play dice. To throw continu_ ous numbers and rarely throw aieven, pick the dice up side by side with the ones touching ones orii*es touching sixes, and toss them outward. The dice roll forward on the Ihnket an-d appear to be rolling legitimately. Blankets kill the barrer roll effect and the dice uJualty rott exactry as they were thrown. Sevens are rarely rolled using this meihod.

,nt:l:.O.obably the easiest cheat to perform in a craps game. Military personnel, college students, and sometimes

Blanket Rott

Tb perform the skid shot, the shooter praces the clice in one hand, cupping one die with the little t'inger and allousing the other die to rest aboue it.




a craps


metimes continu:up side .rg sixes/ blanket te barrel 3y were

various other moves to protect the partner.

gambling' There are two main objectives to ttris pru.,-. o.," is to. take suspicion off the shooter ind the other most of the attention focused on the heavy is to have Uuitir.,"s. ft,, human nature to. watch uig play. rni, uilo#rin"li""or., ample opportunities to switltr diie, conkol shots, and make

A good method for attacking a house is two players ,wolkinq together. one confederatJ wir enter the house and begin play. A few moments rater the other r"ili;oi"1, tn" same game. Designated beforehand, one wi, c'onirot tr," altered dice and bet conservatively. ihe other w,r do the serious

dice and make unusual moves and hanJ controt gestures. A, this action is to see if anyone is paying attention. If the cheat is stopped and questioned abolt ihe"suspicious activity. ntthing happens because everything is legrt. This tells the cheat there is little chance of puliing o'ff u"yihi"g i" thi;g;r"" he will leave after a fe# rous] If no 'one ""a is paying attention, it's a good bet the game is ripe for cheating.

..,It's as- simple as it sounds. Clever cheats enter a game with caution. One move that keeps many cheats out of trou_ ble is the trial run. The cheat will'rut. tn. use of artered

one die

high-limit private games are usually played .C,a9ino_1nd rU.,t on tables. These tables .o..,. in ,rarious shapes ,rra Jirlr, the standard table is approximul"tylz ru.i tonj u.,J +'i."t players can stand comfortably irUf" if,i, ::1";,I:ii._"enas many sLZe. L ve seen as 20 players gathered around a casi_ no table when the dice are hot. In c"ases like this, it,s not




increases. On occasion, a

unusual for players to get hot at each other as the action little pushing and shoving happens. Layouts differ from one house to another, but the standard appearance and number sequence are usually identical
(see craps table



Anywhere Games In the back room, bathroom, alley, barroom, home, and work, and many other places, use of a standard table is nonexistent. Avid craps shooters will use anything possible just to get a game going. The most popular area is a wall and floor. Any wall connected to any floor. Such games are where cheats excel and the most flagrant cheating I've ever seen happens in alley and back room games. Games of this nature are sometimes dangerous for the novice or not-so-streetsmart player. It's unfortunate, but I've seen knifings and shootings during games of this type.
A Short Story Cames are sometimes played in the strangest places. I've seen garnes played in the sand on Venice Beach, California, and on a fire escape Ianding in a hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. The strangest game I've ever seen, though, was in the bathroom of a bar in Mineral Wells, Texas. A group of local Texans were trying to fleece a few of the helicopter trainees from Fort Wolters. The bathroom wasn't in the bar, but in a building out back. A local man laid a piece of plywood on the floor. It had been cut so it would slide intothe urinal and cover the drain. The dice were thrown against the inside portion of the urinal and would end up landing on the plywood. As time went on, most of the players became drunk. Shooters were throwing the dice in all different manners. A favoriie became throwing the dice hard into one lip of the urinal and counting the number of times the dice would ricochet before failing to the plywood. The dice had


Everyone else on the floor level was completely unaware. This being the only pair oi dice wilhin 100 miles. My source. The dice bounced once and one die shot straight down through a crack between the plywood and the back of the urinal. apparently down the drain. but. and table is possible I L rvall and are where 3ver seen ris nature so-streetings and I become chipped and the edges knocked off from banging around the porcelain urinal. two going to jail. was in group of ..rlu. run-down tables and could care less. the die was gone. On what turned out to be the last shot of the &ening. I've . These areas of gambiing are rarely seen by gaming officials and sometimes the Caming Commission doesn't know thev exist. :e of plye into the Sainst the nding on s became :ent mano one lip the dice dice had More on Magnetized Tables Magnetized tables are used together with loaded dice. For years a major Las Vegas casino used the most elaborate method I've been told about. electromagnets were placed along the backboards at boih ends. These series of magnets were controlled by the boxman. one who helped design the table. olly a handful of people. Some houses use elaborate methods. When the plywood was pulled back. TLe argument ended in a blow-out fight. h. as long as it works. the stan'identical ome. Dice ior these games were altered at a manufacturing plant and would be delivered to the casino in person.CHEATING AT CRAPS he action happens. and the almost complete destruction of the outhouse. The money being bet wasn't small change for a bar game. with one in the center. knew about the magnets. The aftermath included three players going to the"*ent. with controls recessed into the underiying edge of the table. At one point there was approximately $5. not in the regular casino section.elicopter iaces. ra Beach. who also worked the table 85 .upstairs in a private room. Others use shoddy.alifornia. According to my source. None of the deaiers and only two of the b-oxmen were privy to this knowledge. way. an argument folliwed. In this case. including uppei.000 going eithu. the shooter wound up and threw the dice as hard as he could. n the bar.

He just laid there. The favorites of this casino were former oil barons. For this reason casinos have VIP areas. There are many high rollers who get a high on knowing their action is attracting lots of spectators. out-ofthe-way action that makes the high roller easy to fleece. In one case the magnet gave off a slight hum when it was in use. All this time. so a little hum from the table is nothing. In houses that have few professional resources to draw from. The pit boss was summoned and he looked in the direction of the downed player. Security offi- told me stories of high rollers being fleeced out of millions. and no one was paying attention to the downed player. but I've seen some of these fleecing jobs take place. I've seen some with wires hanging underneath the table and others that sag where the weight of the magnet has warped the plywood. Another Short Story It was late on a weekend night. I was playing at a table with light action. 86 . From our angle we could see the dealer point in the direction of the downed player as he was talking to the boxman. These players usually want two things: playing at a table that's sure to be on the level. players were hollering and yelling. but there are lots of gamblers who get so wrapped up in the game that a bomb could go off and wouldn't phase them. and this particular strip casino was packed with one game in particular running hot. the tables set up for cheating have much to be desired. and playing to a crowd.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBTER'S HANDBOOK ers like privacy and like to shoot with players on their income level. A majority of big shoot- as a boxman. It's hard to believe. There are many high rollers who play in the regular iasino areas. who had millions before the price of oil dropped. Another player and I were discussing the big action when we noticed a player at the big game drop to the floor. There's always some skepticism when stories like this are told. then he went to the phone and appeared to call for help.

prayers to either side of the cers finally arrived and examined the player.t kntw the psychology behind such action. After the man was taken away o. This is definitely not true in bust out games. a brief discussion. especially whenlt. downeJ-piuy". ar casino ving at a a crowd.u". elevery and twelve. rlayer at rom our . Not just wlih little bets. . Five and nine numbers to omit.rr".s gives a tinct advantage to the house. bui the big action continued. nine.'W'fr"" pu. dissetup game with wealthy marks. but with monster bets as though they want to get even for a lifetime of losses on one roll. ih"r" numbers are printed on the layout. rhe absen. The usual numbers for betting the field are two. gather at a craps game. Resuscitation began in ihe aiste iigrit behind the players. warped ght hum re lots of :a bomb um from rlar strip I /er and I mg hot. Now take two numbers Sasy away and the odds become even more difficult. out-ofce..^9st-popular tables the field numbers two and twerve will pJy ao"H". After to draw r desired. they seem obliged to bet in" fi"ta and hard ways. but it never fails. u .CHEATING AT CRAPS eeced out ril barons.r_ medics arrived.n of the pit boss downed r call for . 87 .. errJry once in a while a player would turn and look down..t. :able and . I don. Not once did the ga. ten. In small houses or setup games. moved. Padded Tabtes Padding the tables is not a common type of table gaff.just enough for the medics to pull the playei frbm under the table. On major casino 11. there was pushing an9 shoving between a cbuple of play_ ers jockeying for the newly created place at the table. tables wili irave one eid and backboard padded di-fferently than the rest of the table. and no rity offi- hit.e slow down.y _urt. three. Not really. usually in a boxed in section.u or 3#iHit-IHff1"..rd.o.. this are ke".A person would think seven numbers out of twelve should b-e to five. When *"ifti_.t .he{. ring their :e rig shoot- on their s. the security guards moved the slricken player under the craps table so-that the game could . The .

and various styles of dice.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK only purpose this method serves is for a house player who throws controlled shots. OTHER DICE GAMES There are several other dice games that are populaq. includcages. n. boxes. These and other games of chance are covered in different chapters. I 88 . ing dice cups.

. HANKY PANI(S Hanky panks is a name given to carnival games that give gri-zes to every player. ."t5'tli" uis Cheating by carnies has been reduced over marily due to law enforcement . ufiri". read on..n games to plav and to sLv awav rrom.'er who CARNIVAL GATUES going to learn *nl..t mean cfreatinjis nonexistent.ness the years. fairly"goJ ut want to know how to cut your"costs? winning prizes and If yo. y"r. attempts to win a main prize.'. There are more than 50 games regularly played at vari_ ous carnivals.i.a with an armload of top prizes? Or. IMPORTANT X#:m:s Have you ever been to a carnival and wished just once that you were the one walking u. 89 . only done less frequently. This chapteitouches on some of the more popular games. The prizes are usually worthless.rrJ-uru. you. each iim-e tf.3. pri_ of the general public.."J i. are..CHAPTER 5 . These )ters." piuy". This doesn.or.

This would require a player to win at least 12 small prizes to get the grand prize. 90 . which can be redeemed for one medium prize. duck pond. These are the games t-hat use t"h.u_ mid method of winning a top prize. Rireiy will the grand prize be worth more than the cost of tZ . justior the sake of competition. The string pull. consider yourself extremely lucky. GAMES OF CHANCE These are the toughest and most often gaffed games on the midway. At best.r. This method is poplhr among carnies because the first few prizes are usually worth pennies and keep the lucky player interested enough to con_ these games.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK TRADE. which. These are the games played against other players. These are also fun for children and p-arents. It is a fluke. The only people I have personaliy witnessed winning at one of these games is a coniederate. ir you have ever won at one."r. A typical trade-up game will requiri a player to win three small prizes. rizzle dizzle.Tiade-up games are usually the most expensive games to play in the long run. the player must win and then trade in two medium prizes. for a player to win.UPS I . and the mouse game are all examples oi games of chance. playing. trade for the grand prize. and I'm not exaggerating when I say this. raie horse gu*"j and pin ball game. To win the large py. winning a mijor prize is diffrcult and expensive. These are also ga*es ttrit aie easy and favorites of carnies to gaff. GROUP GAMES Examples are the water gun game. Some games hare a grand prize that requires a player to have two large prizes to.mearrs the play_ er must win six small prizes to win a large.

t *urc the game almost impossible to win without h" just for ze is difeasy and ioop. These spot painted on a boirds ur" .1"r1ly. diff-inisire balls.ia guro". it. Itisa a player il?. lhis is the game to_ ptay if you want to win on the first try almost every time.. the carnies.rt to iiir'rr[) a"r. and other.ilrg* spots can be easily exchanged for the ones with legitimate 91 .' a particular per_ is where I go.CARNIVAT GAMES l games to the pyrais popular rlly worth gh to con: a player GAMES OF SKILT These are the gr*-:: that bring the big prizes: the stuffed animals and iewerry. These games are made to look like games of skill but aren't even clo"se. that look as if skill is involved are basketball sei rp the'bottle.. Don't be conlused with gu_".r.u and knowledge will produce a major win on the first'or second try. iLrr" the carnies add so many variables to-the game-imaller hoops.time it's ptay'edllr r *u. The trick is in'knowing exactly what ally wite.:ntr . hi.ffi"i. o"ty game I know of that w. *1. bent hoops.. and distance to. balls with differ*ilreiqni.s most probable the ga.Iilirrrr GOVER THE SPOT ames on :zle.i oigu*u.rrrrtty removable. the board. after rya(iy7 and practicing the method outlined and diagram*ia. Iis tt. ilVffed. and pin s. Knowing how"to ptry U.l produce a win each. . -r' ^ d for one must win the playmes have :ge prizes player to arely ances. If you ky NOTICE. where carnies are crooked. of "looks like skill..""itlA. I put the basketball game in this . will players.. The object of this game is to ctvir a board with five circular discs. only luck. iou yna it'iiLprrlriiir"'i" win. ptoyirg at this particular game.. winning coisistentry at games of skilr takes practice. D1n_ot contin'u. *1it. If. racn uses ta*r. and e. o.ti. goog ..y.. laws of physics.rt"goi.rur"pf.the about these games.foruhand can cut the odds down considera!"ff. and swing ball. -impress with stuffed anim.Tn".als. dart throwg ring a prize. of skill .h"r"or tower hoops.

After the tries. IMAGINARY ONE THIRD LINE OF DISC 1 IMAGINARY CENTER LINE OF DISC 1 NOTE: DRAWING \ ir DISK 2 Nor ro scALE." C PURPOSES ONT. Being as exact as possible each time zuill allow a margin of error zohen placing the disc. center and one-third. ln your mind. then mentally diride the second disc in harf. DEMONSTRATIC. INTERSECT- z|'- ING SPOT OF BOTH DISCS IMAGINARY CENTER LINE OF DISC 2 The rest of the discs will fatt in the same manner as disc two. fhis is where the next disc must fall.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX IMAGINARY CENTER LINE I NOTE: DRAWING NOT TO SCALE. it becomei rather lit first few easy. 92 i . FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. diuide the first disc into two diJt'erent parts. rt sounds harder than it is.

=M DEMONSTRATIO" PURPOSES ONL\ spots. There are several methods to use to increise your odds of winning. but if it happens you will know on the first try. some use dolls. AERIAL VIEW OF RACK THROWING AREA I one-third. lt 93 . If placed correctly. It. Most games rule the doll has to fall completely off the rack. placement is-im_portant. separating the operator from the player. Look at the placement of each doll. bc must fall. OF DISC 1 NOTE: DRAWING NOT TO SCALE.s sometimes diffi- s exact as lisc. The secret of this game is placing the fust disc. The first disc must be placed exactly half in and half out. The ones placed toward the back will automatically t'ail an the way off whei iiocked oaer. This is rare. the player cannot win. I(NOCK DOWN DOLL GAME Some games use catlike figures. IARY CENTER Dolls p.. place the disc over the dot where the halfway points touch the edge of the dot. Games that are consistently legit will have dots painted on the permanently stationed "rail.CARNIVAL GAMES ENTER LINE NOTE: DOLLS TO THE BACK WILL BE THE ONLY DOLLS THAT WILL FALL OFF AND BE COUNTED. By pretending to cut the disc in half. it's almost impossible to toie.laced tozoard the front are almost impossibre to knock completely ot'f. su. but the object is stiil the same-knock down three figures and win a prize. By not placing it correctly.

THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK Hit the doll right where the. This is just abore the center of graaity for the dolt. i t 94 .bottom of the chin wourd be.

are placed forward and which are srightly to ihe back of the but looking hard enough will tell you which dolls .'e the IMPOSSIBLE tD c) POSSIBLE AERIAL VIEW OF BOTTLE PLACEMENT 95 . Lastly. This is just above the center of gravity for the doll. A medium throw will knock the doll down every time it's hit above the belry. i SWEET SPOT rack. -\ -1 I ) f O.\ ) MIIK BOTTLE THROW i :r\ J S It's simple: hit directly in the center of the three botties and THROWING AREA This game uses skill. Occasionally. accuracy is the key.. luck. A hard throw reduces the accuracy and has no advantage. The second advantage is to hit the doll right where the bottom of the chin would be."rr" your odds of winning. Throwing a ball takes some skill and a win isn. a hard throw will either spin the doll or knock it flat. The ones placed toward the back will automatically fall all the way off when knocked over. and honesty from the operator. but knowing what to throw at will i-r.t guaran_ teed every time.CARNIVAT GAMES cult to see._Dolls placed toward the front aie aimost impossible to knock completely off.

THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOX 'em all down. ask the operator to straighten them out. If the operator places one of the lower bottles slightly ahead of the other. This increases your chanceJ considerably. using graphite bullets instead of lead.ator won. If any of the objects are placed out of [ne.t be won and there's no sense in playing if the ope. tweaking the sights. the game can. If they aren't evenly placed on the bottom. 96 . SHOOTING GATLERIES There's a reason many shooting galleries offer expensive prizes to winners: it's almost impossible to win. small powder l. make this game worthless to play. OTHER TIP OVER GAMES they all go over. Gaffs such as bending the barrel. In almost all cases.t straighten them out. If you don't like money. but you still have to hit the bottles. oversized stars. skill and practice are the only things needed to wiry if the game is legit.oads. Look at the bottles before throwing. it's almost impossible to knock There are many games that require tipping over objects to win. play this game. and many more tricks. Careful observation of doll and bottle placement is essential. Many games can be set up in your own back yard where practicing is free.

the con can call another. as several hundred thousand dollars has changed hands i" Lr.t. such as hite bulads. Otn.. lr.. If you This is one of the oldest ploys around. To apply for a service is easy. elaborate..ontract. and quick.rr" ANSWERING SERVICES One of the most important tools offered a con man today is the use of an answering service..i" in.-fi ihe pigeon drop can U" *tt !". If they erator to :onsider- STREET CONS AND OTHER GHEATING TYIETHODS :bjects to ly things be set up is essen.."*puririrr. Police . . Theie ire" pigeon drop con. today's world. "y. ". uru lr." or a contract. so personal contact by the con and the answering service is avoided. con artists have become so sophisticated and sharp... Some are big.CHAPTER 6 er bottles to knock 3.s no c.i"up large profitJ i.o. In most cases tirere. It doesn. lucrative. end. and v. yellow pages.. Although the big ."t. and time_consuminj. 97 can't or won't Con games come in many shapes and forms.t take much time or effort to oull . If an answering service demands pry.. there are shori cons thaf produce iubsiintiar prtnir. Many answering seivices will accept a money order payment through the mail.rr". THE PIGEON DROP (Pensrve .ds show rrLir. many marks are unawar" tt been taken long after the con is over.

iui'. It. To everyon. the. It.pfii1t" i"a should they not be abre to find the rightful"owner... people *t" .. the con man will be sig_ 98 ...g1l The scout acts as a lookout for potential.o.g an"a walk with an air of purpose should be left . u $1. requires the use of at least two inside peo_ ple: the scout/worker and the con man. marks. The con man states there.s at least $1O...... or as though he has a. -.000 Uifi in back. The con man gives the mark a fuick peek at the wallet (a peek in the pofe). The con *u.. The attorney takes a look at the wallet and seems to count the money. ff.000 in the says there.s the person meandering".s important to use the term "us."." This inakes the mark feel like he is part of the . "I see someone there who looks like an uit**y f met in court once. He now says he can han_ dle the matter and assure-s both parties there shourdn. ir.OOO in the wallet and confirms there is no identification. but the foilowing is my favorite ana uses wtrat r call the peek in the poke meth"od.S HANDBOOX naled and the con is on.. In between are brand new $1 bills.1J^rq::l. acting ui if tf.frnd.t b".s ut f"rri gib.-.t any identification.." . Further inspection proves there Ln.OOO or $30. He. fo make sure everything ii handled right. man then takes the mark for a walk o"-Ine pretense or nrai. as though he is honest and wants to return the money. The con man will approach the mark and say like..."y problem for them to split the profits in about m aays. is a typical comment the con will make as he points to someone o^ th" street. Lrnce a mark is spotted by the scout. "Did you see whai I found rijnt in front something of us?. which ..s easy to spot a pigeon.t."r" Vpes of people are fairly sure of themselves and are difficult to con.J isn. everyone will need to There are numerous variations and ploys used for a pigeon drop.o.{r"ipiir".000 bill in front and a $1. but is willingio .t any direction-or special prripos" to his destination. u.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER. The attorney turns out to be none other than the scout.lot of spare time on his hands.

Fi.ip to New York C_ity.r-"rs working in carnivals a. t and hane any s.t teach me as much as I thought. be sig- go to his office and sign the. I watched intently as he did it again and again.. Orr.rt i. A man threw a $5 biil on the table and pointed to a card.ia1r[ to investigate. To ed to cards.e con nding arey I rke as rut to at the prise. It was the end of my fi. I stationed at Fort Devens. One con man I interviewed said he gets more than 80 percent of his marks to pay off. he doesn.000 fri .necessary papers. then stops to ask. THREE€ARD MONTE This_ was my first big lesson .. The deale4 known as a tosser. pon't lurgtt this con takes-piace often and con men are getting rich pulling it off.r"rs the train"station. Anyone in view can throw-money on the table ana attempi to pick the queen. That wiil leave the mark thinking he will be gerting the whole $40. A few blocks from the slation we saw u grorp of people gathered around a man standing at a small foja_rp card table (today. we watched as he manipulated the cards.t want to wait i0 days for the mtney and offers to sell his share for 95. gi. .a watching carnies fleece people didn. two-blocks from ""uge.y buddies on my firsi t. ended up getting us broke. Today. To rnuIu.ip 1"9-r..said the dealer as he turned the card over..000. manipulates three playing 99 . in effect. Massachusetts. He's r't any hough .was 19 and in theirmy at being taken by con artists.s mobs use cardboard i'oxes). My buddies and I were getiing eager to get in the game. Previors ..OOO investment.rr. o". a long story longer.Who wanti to pick the'laiy?. ething ?" rt's el like quick ains a ln e are 20.STREET CONS AND OTHER CHEATING METHODS lfora what I le peo:ts as a r. "Sorry.. . I picked the right card in riy n"aa. the con suggests to the mark that he tuy his intere# The con says.k the queen. pjnny to our names.. I was with tw-o uir.000 isn't ronest e find . we-got"our wIsh. Along the way. Almost every time. the bet is usually between $ZO and$SO. We had just airived by train and decided to walk around." he said.ct and : types to con. wrong card.ot-1 to New York..

This move entices others to take a chance. the grTg was played on-small. Another m"ihod to entice marks to lay io*r. Today. Mobs have several lookouts to watch for police. the mobs use cardboard boxes.ortd broken down u. and usually picks the queen. This is done Jor easy handling by the tosser. Everyone involved in the scam goes in different directions and meets again at another predetermined location. money is to offer twice the bet for picking the queen. but the following method is most widely used. The following diagram shows what the cards look rike.rd tru.These -be down tables.rrported to another location in a matter of seconds should trouble arise. If th. cheap. break_ . In a series of swift hand motions. tosser hears one of the lookouts holler something like "break it upi. Notice each card is bent long ways. the tosser picks thecards up two at a time (one If no one steps up to pick a card.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOI( The object of three-card monte is to pick the queen.Years ago. a shill steps iry makes 100 . the bet. The other two cards can be any denomination. There are several ways tossers manipulate cards. which can simply be abandoned right on the spot shoulj poHce 31-"" or a fight between the mark and the tosser break out. tabres . the game stops immediately.

.. 101 . the tosser works the cards back and forth. The con man looks through obituaries and finds the name This is one of the slickest cons going. some tossers are skilled in magic and use other slight of hand tricks. ap. The tosser appears to drop the queen in one spot. Notice each makes the s others to lay down l. the tosser bends the queen's edge back to normal and bends the edge on one of the other cirds. the tosser :ak it up. the con man approaches the widow at home and claims to be a private leweiry maker. along with fast card manipulating. dropping them back on the table. If the widow bites and pays the entire balanie due. "Accidentally" bending the edge of the queen. Three-card *o. The odds ire extremety nign in ttre tosser's favor no matter what. a playei has only a 33 per_ cent chance of being right. The prospective mark thinks he has an inside track to a win and picks the card with the bent edge. A thought to remember is. He has with him an expensive gift. which card changes locations. Most always.) Just as the mark thinks all is lost.[" is"a game the mark can never win at. even if the game were totally legit. rld police break out. tossers use hands_o. but the s of swift time (one and address of an apparently wealthy and newly widowed woman. Dressing the part. but only makes hand moves and r"r"ittru. but it takes advan- s." the scam rer predetage of people who are in the middle of bereavement. the tosser adds another trick to the game. In anothe. the queen to the location everyone thinks is going to be occupied by one of the other cards. Wrong move.urt to transfer two cards. buf. which leads the mark to think he can't lose.STREET CONS AI{D OTHER CHEATING METHODS rds can be any '. false shuffle. breakand transCs should :es. which was to be presented to her from her late husband. During the rotating process. OBITUARY CON in each hand) and moves the cards over one anotheq. *"Ihod. *ore thi tosser upp.throwi. The hand is quicker than the "y"'urd what the mark thinks he sees is not what is happening. but the gift hasn't been completely paid for. (See Chapter 2.

The money has to be sent by West"ern Union to a central distribution point in Las Vegis.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBIER'S HANDBOOK the con man takes it and leaves. Her prize is a ne* Meriedes and is ready to be shipped to her house if she accepts. and a password is made up between the con man and the person sending the money. In all likeliliood. an exception can be made to accept the actual cost of the gift... 1. the con man tells her she needs to make up her mind in the next few minutes or the next person on the list will be contacted.I need more time. The representative has to have a pas-sword. just in case. Nevada.ib". .s picture. Ifs also doubtful the widow will ever have the jewelry appraised.y. The con calls the hbme telephone number during the day and asks to speak to the wife. Uut an ID is easily made.'In ^r. If the lady balks at sending the money by saying. the con man states he is with a prize award company and her name was drawn as the grand prize winner in a random drawing.76. the con man states that out of his own embarrassment and grief for the departed." or "I'd like to speak to my husband i=irst. If the widow balks at the higher price. the widow"will open the box and {nd a fine piece of jewelry. which is really fake gems in a gold setting. of wealthy executives.. knowing the password is enough.o2 . complete with the representative. The sending instructions state the money is Io be paid to any company representative of THE AMERICAN ?RIZE AND DISTRIBUTION coMPANy. That is usually enough to do the trick. Before that can be done.. Acompany ID and pass_ word is all the con man needs to get the cish.ur". TRANSPORTATION CON This con uses a mailing list provided by a mailing list cgmpalyt which gives the names and home phone. which come to $544.rr. lf he reaches the wife. whrch is slightly lower than the first price. she must send the transportation charges.

ig" ih.rrful operation.". at.rr-*ifl be happy tJ j"..e appointments. If he : award winner and is rre that . In one or two days a phone call is placed to the pr.. Employees a kind and courteous manner wiil act accordingly turn off prospective marks.g u iny details "rit" opu*aio^ t"tl phone .e renters and they are told they have been accepted'and must come in with first and last months' rent in cash and .Ihir_. In exchange for to* .*pl.s quar_ ters"-type house on a celebrity or-wJ"J.J Empioy""r oi-. urt yhv.ror area and payroll checks will be available in tivo or three #eeks will suffice. I simple expranation tirriu" was made in the company's accounting and hanking ".o_ rate the rental any way the renrers wish..Irjrh the pool.-tt. If u*pty". to the actual move-in date..i.c. weight room..p*i. ffiri. I need ...i.r.i s"t rp off.. and sales ability' First.ii.. do their *ort.utt. will be in approximately five to"sixweetcs. Th. To start the deal. l. ..i.^^ ln-" mg the properry wantcomplete privacy and anony*it. the key to this business. . "rl "f . thepiospective renters must pay a non_ refundable credit check rle of $tt.#. the con opens an offiie. up_front money. Cheap ur..servant. sr.o o.. u.u prospective renters will be obligated to watch the main house and make sure themaintenancE p."... Renting nice-offi ce furniiure-and-eluipment is importantlo .Advertising is. Her duiy ir to . Rarery wilr a con man get a business ricense btcause the doors are going to crose in about three weeks." e the next acted.rse.pi._". tennis court...Jr. property is one method...rtrr" the people rent_ . the renters ririll hrr. ..ic.g th: rental property." 103 . the o*"..o.STREET CONS AND OTHER CHEATING METHODS ks at the n embarn can be RENTAL CON slightly Iow will is really low will .d .. placing an ad in rental listings looking foi renters to rent a . p. The to any [?::ir.ype of con takes time. secretary who wilr-'rot be privy to is also important.alnoa_ d_y_ surroundings :AND have a n man I pass/ cases made.i.are alwayi paid in cash. ling list Lumbers ephone fe. The move_in date rental property is not shown Uu. which Union .rp".a..on operations who are not in on the con.

": calls. and make sure the items on the invoices are actually in the boxes. Miami. secretary or office equipment is needed. the con asks for people who want to work at "tp hbme and use their con is easy and doesn't take a lot of front money. Company salespersons will come to the houie and pick up the merchandise for delivery to customers. dis_ trict of cities like Los Angeles. The con hires an answering service to take answers to the want ad. No sales. To keep costs down. No lo4 . the con man makes an appointment to meet at the mark's home. answering pho..THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK renters are shown a map of the general area and given a description of the property. the mark is promised a salary mortgage note payment] and pay_ ment of utilities.. If the. a deposit of several thousand dollars must be made. Cons of this type are located in the . when contactin! the office space. garages as warehouse space and receive shipments from UpS.. Advertising in the newspaper under . Because of the personal property value and other fie things. The mark is again assured ihat this ls a uig sav-i1gs to the company because the leasing of a warehouse and_hiring extra employees would be far more expensive. the company is not leasing huge office and warehouse space. The deposit will be refunded at the termination of employment. and New y6rk.. In about three weeks' tiire this type of con can net the operators a few hundred thousand dollars. This meeting is to inspect the home home as a distribution center. the con man states he is the owner of a new salesiom_ pany selling discount merchandise. All the mart has to do is open the boxes. EMPLOYMENT CON #17 mark. or any other office duties. check invoices. Another version of this scam advertises for people who want to work out of town as caretakers of a riuge estate.high_rent.mark agrees. What is needed are people who are willing to use ih"i. t wanted. For doing this.

k..G.....r".. . Wage offers. the Ld pay- sabig :house e.'. The.ffi.ffi ..r.1:.J. *u" advertise in city news_ papers at least 1.y with company logo and postage stamps will incui the greatest costs. a.I Because the merchandise is expensive. The . No needed...s home. the mark will have to put up a security deposit. ETC. tent to home booked within two weeks of is. this and will offer the 1. ii and evaluate the ople who ge estate. applied for' The retter contains ["Jfrrr"a for the position information about work in various parts of the united states and several countries. ade.o*" ir. a letter is sent back to each of th" . heplies . and rentar car services... health insurance. . MAIL BOXES. ii EMPLOYMENT CON #38 oney.u mark a speciar rate for airfare.J nr*"rous company bene_ fits are exptained.d u*u^pfu. These ieposits range from a few to several thousand d?tJais It.::'Xr".". This leaves the cost of operation to a few hundred dollars. to pay for traver expenses to the interview..pil ....ul._ ing service and newspaper advert[ement are also needed. by the hundreds. The con man adveitiru.i. i up the ls to do ems on wering ris.000 miles ^rr... u.. ' the con their ring serting the rse les com- ."?" dis- mark*...STREET CONS AND OTHER CHEATING METHODS d given a ' time this thousand . ke things.h.drop."nt financial means.' ment.o.i:iilr.ion needs to be made immediatery' An inierview must ue-set up in the next few days and the mark wi.1h" *urtl...igh irrrurrd benefits. go..slaggering.. huge volume of replies ."d.I#. To make this con *o+l tn".1. itutionu.e their m UPS.."1-?'r". once the mark is hired is made._typemail receiving service.s judgm'ent a made by the con man after seeing the mark.r.... The yment. *Ja*ia"". Send resume.k.Il: answering service. Most malor newspapers will place..#. an{. This con needs the use of a .i#:r.wry the l space.. All consrruction positiorrr "*proy_ rluuJ"d.con .. stating the resume has been received ". on i..a "help wanted.o. The cost of air fare fola flight A promise to repay travel expenses 105 . hoter. be ieri""riur.-is .. ad -away.

The ad further states the pararegar wil visit the hoire.rt"a of an attorney.con man explains this offer is through a travel .S HANDBOOK This offer will be much less than what the mark courd get and the.ort at this time will be for legal filing fees required by the courts. When the meeting takes place. These costs must be paid in adiance an-d must'be made in cash because the courts will not accept checks. possibly miss work. LEGAL EAGTE HOUSE CALI SCAM The cost of attorney's fees have risen to the point that many people are turning to a paralegal for help on matters such as simple divorce. so there.-the mark is told the case can be handled easily-and . A majority of tne marks"will send a cash money order for thespeciafrate immediately. DIRTY CLOTHES CON This con seems like a small.o*i. but over a period of a few months it will net the con artist a sizable amount of cash.o*pii. Meetings can ario take place in the Again.y phoie num_ ber is listed in the ad. forlegal help onihese matters. or need a baby-sitter.. The con bff"* to hold back on the small personal fee until the case is compreted.000 without much effort. which is an answering service.s no need for the mark to trivel. aid other matters that don't need the e*pe.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBIER.g.^.torlJ U" completed in a few weeks. Cons make an average of 15 house."" man can make $60. the only contact the mark will have with the "rr".calls per day. binkruptcy. The con man goes to a printer and has upp. Everything .j"iiLr"a exclusively by his company. con after the m_eeting is through an answering service. a . The o.tact "". In threeiveeks. a co.i"gl. An advertisement is placed in a local paperctrti"f u low.rsire advise "i. The fees required are in the $200 to $300 range.rrrt"ty 106 . time.fee. two_bit con.

offi.Q rp all the utilities. Going to a Iibrary the con man makes a list of pricey'restaurants from out-ofstate phone books. fo. *Tl" visiting theii city on business. The con man rents an office with parking forupfir""i_ mately 20 cars.p". After hooki.iutiur"r. Uu U. around 920.u. The ad :here's no rr need a evening.i*inal charges filed. tfre waiter spilled coffee on both the con man and his wife.^r.1I l . the ." lar.urt.with the logo name.-or wife had dinner in". He furnishes the office ind hir:es a secretary. Lng a very one num'e. ih"ru are a multitude of people who are having trouble making auto payments and would like to get out o? making if the con man is caught.o c. One ad states the con min will take over payments on automo_ bile loans. rnu. AUTO SALES CON 500 blank receipts rnly Le cost courts. Most restaurants will automatically send a check for the amount without question.l* cofree were uncomfortabre but not worth getting an attorney involved. . an expensive sports cu4. the next step is to place two ads in several newspapers from the surrounding area. and telephone number of a dry cleaner in a nearby city.. The reason for the letter is to be reimbursed for the cleaning of a three-piece suit and cocktail dress. Only a civil suit by tt" . The further explains that the burns received from the hot 1...-" It's one of the slickest cons lately and what makes it worse is. offers u pay_errt 107 . made in Ihe fees average ngle con r period rount of :imately to the owner.u restaurants stating that he and his "r. i. The con man sends a retter to *.r.i il ll 1l l il STREET CONS AND OTHER CHEATING MSTHODS rld get and rgent used s fi I ll i' will send i ooint that . During tne ainner. The number two ad states the con man has cars for lease. . The ad is directed at peopte #ho want t" tui-ort of a car loan and save their cred'it.n matters mplicated ttorney.. with the letter will be a receipt from the ary Enclosed ctei. "Drive away in a new Corvette ioluy. No credit check and low down payment is the meat of the ad.. ih"ru ur" . con after the case rould be :k on the printed.

tn" finance companies itart writing the . rarely will the payments'go in monthly intervals.uri" for immed'irtu .S HANDBOOX Once the lease agreement is signed and a down payment of around $1. Another lT]:to four weeks go by.:o" that's supposed to go to tn" tlu".a thi. the con man makes the monthly payment for the owlel who keeps finance companies away. The new lessee is making p"yr.t has been sent. To further the income of payments the mark must make ur" rrruity$SO lht:-o^q".under these tvpe leases are usually made weekly.."porr..1aion. to $100 higher than the original note. fi". two u.500 is made. the mari drives off in a nice auto_ mobile.. In 30 auyr.r_ sion' Leased vehicles ire under a different set of rules from purchase agreements in most states.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER.con operatibry the con man leaves town.. For the first few months.o*prni"r.. Payments.t. the owners start putting the.rd #h".rg. . it man stops makiig payments u. A payment made one day late is .a polt"ts "'r"themoney "" llr".wners about the overdue payment... The con man salisfies the _owners by stating *:t a mix-up and the pry*"r". In one l":t :l police estimated the con made off with no less than :i:? $" in $350.000 cash in four months- l 108 .r".

.y'airr". Then e money Iays.. IRS requirement for filIf you win over these amounts.. strict poricies require the floor man to "il.if ** r# uf:ffi""T.". TIPPING In smaller casir armost A generous tip is Y-rG. the he overr stating Another putting . I l"*t J::.i"g. fr"l.l.500 fo.h.. A reposses- STAYING ONE UP ON THE IRS rles from ncome of ually $50 monthly res away."gr.h" .. to get around this dilemma. Most states that have an i"..op"".a iingle win at Keno' Nine-times the bet ir ih."ri .ZO0 for a single win at a slot i"u.+t. you must produce p. 109 .ui *uy.kopot.." . In one ess than A few years ag.tit trrg. Don't panic.. yo.i.Jl]] yor.r CHAPTER 7 Payment nice auto- rlly made tervals.".:"#'.. ivin. It didft make u.. total over $l.*uJiri. oilll"u.".. can't come up with.fffi forfeit . bura-record is kept and must be reported by the winner atiax ti..H[:1: Recording your name and sociat. o. y.J orr"i $1..: : "i: J: ". but only if your *i"r.even r around 10 percent of the total In larger casinos. the. require a casino to The IRS allows the player to take a.o-" tax withhold the state's share* ur".o it was easy avoiding winnings. identificatio. ju. ing winnings on horse-race u"iii"g.r".x:iil'. There ur" .ly.i. required by law.nce taxes on gambling what amount was won because casir n a m e u. i. r' 3i... ne.winnings..

tipping may save the day. There are several *uy. look around-the gambling parlor. Canceled checks.f if you didn't w_in you can't deduct iny lossei. To help offset winnings. except for the ririger thrown in by the IRS. "\rVhat's it going to take to keep me from puyi"g tlxes?. A floor man on the take will respond with a afila'r figure. canceled checks.. once check-cashing privileges a. This makes it difficult. Keno. Getting check-cashing privileges in a casino is no harder than getting a check-casning carJ at a super_ market. The IRS has a rule that says you cannot claim gambling losses a. Again.. The IRS termed this a . and lotteries.ot long ago. Many gamblers leavJ iosing tickets lying around. credit records. the player must-have proof of ihose losses. but possi_ ble. It's easy to approach the floor man simply by asking. To deduct losses. bank withdrawals. any gambling losses can be deducted against those winnings.s written in the-IRS manual) wagering tickets..THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBIER'S HANDBOOX keep a record of each win.gainst anything buj S. 9:99 simple? It is.ambling winnings.gambling log. the tRS ailowed a gambler to keep per_ daily records. but if you do win. and statements of actual winnings or payment slips provided to you by the gambling establishment.. your chances of winning a large amount-of money are good. N. Th-is *"u. caih a 110 . i I wagering tickets. t"o protect yourself at tax time should good fortune smile ufon you. A floor man not on the take will juit say no. Some floor men will alter an IRS form by using a fake name and social security llTb".. These are tickets received for bets on horses. The IRS will accept as proof (this is exactly as it..e eitablished. RECORD KEEPING If you gamble often. picking up these tickets and saving them is as good as if you had mad-e the bet. -sonal Not anymore.

to play Keno while watching the horse . even if you didn't gamble a penny.a" go to the cashier and get cash once the applicauon has been approved..ut Possimen will Security v asking.000. . To avoid this. This is the easiest method of alr.000 in los_ ing receipts. In a frantic move to colleci or. r by the of those eep Per- ng log. A few years later he was audited by the IRS. No problem. credit check in a casino for every penny of cash needed. craps. In a month and a half he had what he needed and stored them in several shoe boxes. The . ff." written s. A AXES?. a large : protect you.i $ results. A True Story An associate of mine was a heavy horse player. Blackjack. These are receipis given at table games. Every record of iredit is proof of losses. iouvenirs. hotel bills. Credit records. Instead of going to a teller machine at the bank. Bank withdrawals. Statements. This includes food. stop at a casino and uie tf. one day his ship came in and he woir more than 9100. I.STAYING ONE UP ON THE IRS . and wheeiof for_ tu_ne are prime examples. Every check cashed by a caiino counts as though the money was gambled there. he began going around collecting losing horse race and Keno tickets from every casino in Vegis. look r losing saving r a casir suPer. poke4 baccarat. Each withdrawal from these michines is proof of gambling losses.f pUie. suggesting to the pit boss a higher amount than what was actu-aIly bei usually results in getting what you asked for. Some casinos_like to give out chips or tell you to go to a table game and let the pit boss issue credit there. roulette. These receipts have to be asked for.s. Iilh u smile and gentle voice. He also liked. tell the cashier you are playlng slots. cash a was early November and he hadn't kept any records of betting all year. application for credit must be .g losses rs if you do win. clothing. Getting casino credit is like applying for a VISA card.eirs. This ral winLmbling bets on . This refers to teller machines inside casinos. innings. slots use cash and once you have the cash in hand just walk out the front door and go shopping. and anything else. A igure.

THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK He took the shoe boxes full of losing tickets along and pre_ sented them to the auditor. ta2 . the auditor found fooiprints on several tickets. The IRS declined to accept any tickets as proof of gambling losses. Upon exlmination oflhe toiing tickets.

one on ACE lN THE HOLE: Having an ace dealt down in the game of stud. GTOSSARY everything he does is above board. The ace. The player holds and ace along with anoth_ er pair in hopes of drawing another ace.. turn to's a good of that action. l.He's an all right guy." Also used to identifywinnings a casino reports to the lRS..s your ABOVE BOARD: Being honest.. 'r want to bet a hundred across the board.l.) ACT. a real ace. The number a die. Term used when a prayer wants to enter a game or part of a wager." used to 113 ." ACEY'DUCEY: Game of chance where a prayer's card must be in between two cards dealt face up.. ADVANCE MAN: An agent who is assigned to look for new territory and find money trey. Having an advantage. The smarest possibre straight in poker. deuce. and five.. "r want a piece even though he never wins. lots of action. ACE: An excellent person. "He's a rear ace at poker. Betting. -_ 9e_scribe ADDICT: A gambler who continues to ptaf tne same games over and over - a style of gambling. prace.s being straight. Term use by poker dealers to remind player a it. ACTION: Gambring activity. .. A very skillful person or expert. _. and show). Having knowledge your opponent does not have. . " got an ace in the hole-" ACE KICKER: Draw poker term... sir. ." The highest cariin poker. four. Game is also known as in between and reO Ooj. counts as one or ereven in brackjack. ACROSS THE BOARD: Term used by horse bettors meaning to bet the same amount on a. . A do'ar bir. ACE TO FIVE: The rowest hand in row bar. On the up and*"he losing kets. The rg losses." (This would cost the bettor $300..s their tuin. ACES UP: Term used when a poker player has two palrs and one of the pairs is got aces up.1 know I'll beat him. three praces (win.


new marks. This could mean a new neighborhood, town, or state. "We're getting to be well-kno*n arounO"nere; better send an advance man to find new territory." AGENT: A person acting as a confederate in a crooked game. Also considered to be an inside man or person who works together with dealers and floor men to cheat players or the house. AUBI AGENT: An operator of a crooked .urniuuigur". ls excellent at instructing marks during the course oi,nu!uru. ALIBI sroRE: Laber for any carnivar game that Is so crooked there is no possible chance of a mark winning. a tabre stakes game and used by the last or nis cnips :i':I"i,yj"^l:,!",,,,nr bet and l'm all in." ANCHOR or ANCHOR {l!,.f a.v9r who is ptaying tast at a btackjack table. _ Also known as playing third base. ANGLE: A scheme concocted by agents, confederates, and confidence men to cheat marks out of their roney. "That rast con didn,t work too wer; let's try a new angle." ANTE: rn a poker game requiring antes, the ante is a forced bet a, prayers make prior to any cards being dealt. The size of tne ante is ;JJ; determined by the maximumimount ot money arowed to be bet iuring the first round of betting. AUDITION: Term used to.deicribe the tryout professional dealers go through to prove their skills for,


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of a business, usually u?r"rn. BACK DooR: A dishonest gambling nouse. i"rm useo in Texas Hord .Em to describe a prayer making the blst hand on trre finar card. ,,1 had the best hand, then he beat me at the back Ooor." fnis card is also referred to as the .,river card." BACKER: Person or personsr,vho bankroll a gambling operation. ,.So, who,s backing your action now?" BAD BEAT: A poker term used by a player who has just had a high hand beaten by a higher hand' "r ioot< a reat oao beat, had four fours and he had four tens." BAD PAPER: Counterfeit money. .Someone put some bad paper in the game.,

BACK ALLEY: Used in reference to an illegal craps game being played outside the rear

BAGGAGE: A person standing around watching a game but has no money to get into the action. A person who stands l.rnO a game and begs for money to enter the game.



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to another that the bet about to be made is a sure thing. :you can bet the house on this one." Used to describe a large bet. ,,1 bet the rent., BETTTNG BL'ND: Betting on a poker hand without the benefit of rooking at any of the hole cards. "l'll bet $5 blind." BETTTNG ON THE FLy: A cheating move used in craps. This is a cail bet by a confederate and is called after the dice have landed. BEVELS: Dice being used in a craps game that have rounded edges.

BENJY: A $20 bi[. BET: A wager. Money or chips placed on a game of chance. A single wager in a pokergame. A single wageron a h-orse race. -r,il bet $20 on the fifth horse in the third race at Hollywood park." BET THE HOUSE (RENT): A term used when trying persuade

it is to pick up winnings from bookies unJ o"tiu"itnlm to a orop site. BAIT: A large roll of bills used to lure a mark into a con game. Usually a large bill surrounding several one_dollar bills. BAIL THE JACK: Earry gambring term meaning to ,,bet it ar" on a singre ro, of the dice. BANANA HEAD: A fooli_sh gambler. A buffoon ptaying in a game. ,,He,s a real banana head." BANKABLE: A gambrer with a good reputation. one who pays back gambring debts on time. ,.lt,s OK to loan him the money; he,s bankable." An excellent gambler. BANKROLL: To finance a gambling operation. "l,ll bankroll your action.. BARKER: A carnie whose main job is to entice peopte passing by to try their luck on a game or to enter a sideshow. BAT CARRIER: A person who leads police to a gambting operation. A stoolie. BEAN(S): A poker chip. ,,1'll bet five beans., Not usually used around legal gambling houses. BEAT: The act of cheating. To win by cheating. Stealing. "l beat the mark out of his money." BEAT FEET: Leave the con game as quickly as possible. BEEF: complaining, especiaily about Leinjcneateo. .l got a beef with that guy. I think he cheated me." A criminil charge. BEEFER: A person continually complaining about being cheated. ,,That guy was a real beefer." BELIY JOINT: Usually referring to carnival games where the game operator uses his stomach to control the wheeior other gaming Jerices. BELOW: Winnings not reported to the lRS.

ll99ED: To be caught in the.act of cheating. .,t was bagged by the cops., BAG MAN: A person who carries gambling wr:nnings from a frouse to a drop site. Used to describe an employee o1 a gambting syndicate whose job



BIG BLIND: The largest of blind wagers placed prior to starting a hand in Texas Hold ,Em. BIG CON: Cheating for large amounts of money. Big cons are usually planned well in advance and use several agents and a store. BIG DICK: Craps term for the number 10. ,,Come on big dick." BIG NICKEL: A $5OO or a $5,OOO bet, depending on th; geographicat area. "l bet the big nickel on that race." BIG SL|CK: Refers to the ace and king being the two cards deart to a Hord 'Em prayer. rn some poker circres, big srick refers to the ace and king of spades only. Depending on who the professional you,re talking to at the time, big slick is the best possible hand to have deart. other-s say two aces is the best. BILK: Taking money by cheating. "r birked him out of a thousand." BILL $100. "l beat him out of a bilt.', BIRD DOG: A member of a con game who has been sent to look for more marks. "The game is dying down. Go bird dog for a while., BIT: Associated with small-change betting. Two bits (a quarter), four bits (a half dollar), and six bits (75 cents). ,;l,ll bet you two bits he can,t do it., BITE: Gamblers' term for borrowing money from someone other than a roan shark. "l put the bite on him for a hundred." BLAB: To talk to an outsider. To ruin a con game by excessive talking. ,,We had to quit; he wouldn,t stop blabbing.; BLACK CHIP: A gaming chip worth $100. BLACKJACK (21): Name given a casino card game in which the player tries to get as crose as possibre to 21 points without going over. The prayer wins when having a higher point value than the dealer or the dealer goes over 21. An ace and any card with the varue of ten on the first two cards. BLACK LINING: Using a sharp instrument to make small cuts along the boarders of face cards, which can be fert by the dearer as cardl are dealt. BLACK MONEY: Money made from illegal acts. lncludes gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, and con games. BLANK CHECK: A term used to describe a gambler who pays back large gambling loans. "He's good for it; you can give him a brank cnectl" BLEAT: To cry or comprain about being cheatedl constant compraining after being fleeced' "Did you hear that guy breat after we took nis mon"eyz" BLOCK OUTS: Covering small white areas on the back of playing cards using similar colored ink used by the manufacturer. BLOW: Get out. Run away from a con game, usually because the police are coming. "Let's hurry up and brow this prace." A term used toi tosing money. "How much did you blow last night?"


BLUFF: Attempting to fool other poker players into believing you have the BOGUS: A crooked game. "The cash he gave me was bogus. roll them bones. BREAK lN: A term used to identifo a novice poker. Usually associated with sports and horse race betting. BROADS: The three queens used primarily in three_card monte. "Give him a break. 'tiailed my book and placed a bill on the Dodgers.s seat. there aren't any. The seat occupied by the person in charge of a craps game.. BOXED CARD: A card turned face up in a deck that is about to be dealt." A gambring estabrishment that hires inexperienced dearers. blackjack. he's just a break in. to a Hold and king lking to at thers say BLOWER: A crap shooter who puffs air into his closed fist containing the dice just prior to throwing them. . who is positioned at the center of the table sitting down. "We yer tries re player ealer -' first two I the ls are loan large ck.big picture." A term used when a gambler wins more money than the house can pay.. BLOWN MONEy: Money lost to gambling.. " ing after BoX: The place at a poker table designated as the dealer. BRICK: A die that has been altered with weights. "congraturations. you broke the bank.They run a bogus card game.s shuffle. . sometimes a female companio-n will perform the puffing duties just for luck." 9!EAK lN HOUSE: tney?' 'ds monte game. BOOSTERS: Employees of a big con whose actual role is very small compared to the all around .GLOSSARY r hand in ually frical area. lice are rsing BROAD TosslNG MoB: Ail the peopre connected with the operation of a three-card monte game." BOILER ROOM: An operation invorving terephone soricitation. BoX MAN: The dearer in charge of a craps game. BLOW OFF: Attempting to make a mark reave a game. BOWL: The part of a roulette table that holds the wheel.He rolled box cars." ran a loan BONES: Name given to the dice in a craps game. BRUSH: A poker room employee whose duties include cleaning poker tables lL7 . BREAK THE BANK: Term used by casinos when a player wins enough to empty a slot machine. BOX CARS: The number 12 in craps. BROAD TOSSER: The dealer handling the three queens in a three_card BorroM DEALER: A dearer who dears cards from the bottom of the deck. A poker term used to define one part of a dealer. Come on. or craps dealer. or more rur bits (a prospective customers and offer merchandise or prizes when actuaily cal ln't do it." Counterfeit money. ." ing. To make a mark feer unwanted after he has lost all his money. Saresmen best hand when actually your hand is worthless. " BOOK (Bookie): A person who receives illegal gambling wagers.

BUNDLE: A large amount of money. A heavy gambrer who's beating the house out of a rarge sum of money." A player continually griping to a floor man about players or dealers. "He reft the game after that bum move I made. Giving worthress information. BUY lN: The minimum amount of money needed to enter a poker game. usually associated with a sting. A floor man might reply. the mark is allowed to escape thinking he was lucky to get away. getting dealers. . seating players. . . and approaching persons passing the card room in an attempt to get them to play. BUSTERS (Bust outs): Dice entered into a crap game that have been altered so that only certain numbers will come up. BURNED: Being cheated.. BUM MovE: A stupid or unwanted move made by a con artist that results in his being caught cheating or rosing the mark. To cheat a player out of all his money. BUsr our HoUSE: A gambring estabrishment that uses cheating methods. "l lost a bundle last night. setups. running chips." BUNCO: A police term describing a crooked game. BUsrlNG BALLS.He gave me a bum steer. the dearer buries the burn card face down next to the muck.. "He's in charge of the bunco squad.1 got into a craps game last night and went bust. "He's busting our balls.iap.. guru." BURNER: Leader of a con game. C-NOTE: A $100 bitt. "Man. A term used to express a rarge ross of money. BUST lN: Getting crooked dice into the game." BUST OUT: To go broke in a game. BUST: Losing an entire bankroll. The final play in a con game.' BURN GARD: The top card used as protection from exposing cards to prayers after each round of dealing during a hand. Through no fault of his own.rHE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK of unwanted debris.euii busting my balls. A device praced under poker or brackjack tabres in which cards are stored until they are ready to enter a game. BUG: A device placed under a roulette wheel that keeps specific numbers from coming into pray. BUsr our MAN: A dearer skiiled in getting crooked dice into u . BUTTON GAME: The arrival of fake police. prior to dealing the next round of cards." A swindling game.." BUM STEER: Giving bad or bogus advice. BUILD-UP: A speech designed specifically for a mark in orderlo get him excited about gambling his money. a cAcl(LE BLADDER: A balloon filled with animat blood that bursts during 118 . Giving wrong directions." Ending up with a total higher than 21 in a blackjack game. did I ever get burned.

A wandering venture offering amusement and exhibits. CHECKS: The gambring term for poker chips.. I'm going to cash out.' CASINO HOST: in charge of welcoming casino guests. I was surprised when I caught the case ace. CASE OUT: To share gambling winnings with others. CARD SHARP: An excellent card player. "The other three aces were out. CALL: Placing a poker bet that is exactly the same size bet of another player.s 119 . cAcrLE THE D!GE: Making the dice crick together but not alowing them to change positions in the hand prior to rolling them. tne area of a casino that contains the casino vault. CASE CARD: The fourth card of one numericar varue to be deart. the ta past performance. cHEcK coPPER: A prayer who uses a sticky substance in his hand to stear chips from the pot or from another player's stack. rd ame. shows.GTOSSARY )rs' ttempt lbers tables rim mock knife or gunfight. looked at his cards. with the other three exposed to the view of ail prayers. GANE: Term given the stick used by a craps dealer to collect the dice or move the dice about the table. A professional card player who uses unethical means to win. GARNIvAL: An estabrished schedure of amusement. Duties include acquainting new guests with casino games.After he CAGE: The casino cashier. other games using chips instead of cash. Usuaily used to define the case ace. ame." CASH OUT: Quitting a game and redeeming chips for cash. "l call. CARNIES: Carnival employees. CHANGE: cash. and other entertainment. "That was some nice piece of change r made today. CASH lN: Quitting a game and redeeming chips for cash. I saw him cap his bet. CAPPER: A carnival helper. "l quit. policies. . CANDLE: The name given a light on top of a slot machine. the ss of rlayers round ck.. rge rg to it ey.' CALL BET: Verbal announcement of a bet made by a craps player." CASE NOTE: A $1 biil." CHART: A log horse race bettors make to keep track of a horse or jockey. This term appries to a. winnings. . CARD TEAM: Two or more prayers in the same game acting as confederates. ods. This is used to scare off a mark and make him feel lucky he escaped uninjured. CAPPING: A term used primarily in blackjack or craps that means a player has added chips to a bet after the cards have been deart. sults e after n. A casino change oootn.l had enough so I decided to cash in.

" COLD CASH: Currency. CHISEL: To cheat. "We clipped him. "Cheese itl" cHlcKEN FEED: Term used to describe a row-rimit game. "See ya over at the crub. cLlP JOINT: A crooked gambring estabrishment. Used primarily to keep unwanted pee ple away from a three-card monte game. and is crooked when it comes to co[D 120 ." coLD DECK: A deck that has been arranged prior to being introduced into a game. CLASS ACT: A gambler who acts like a gentleman and is a generous tipper.first class. Real money. GLAIM AGENT: A horse bettor who continuaily craims to have picked a winning horse but can't seem to find the ticket. I coLD DECKER: A person who cheats. "l gave him the cold haul. eight. "By coming clean they promised not to throw me in jail." Suit in a deck of cards. "l need the seven of clubs for my straight flush. Not necessariry a person who sets up cold decks. . signar between carnival people to be ready for a fight with an angry mob of townspeo_ ple." CHUMP: A carnivar term for idiot. spends ail available money on carnival games but rarely wins anything." coMlNG CLEAN: Teiling the authorities everything about an operation during questioning. "We got a clem on our hands!" CLIP: To cheat. "The Harbor Oub is a crip joint. The card needed is the five.. six. CHIPPY: A very poor player. but giving a con_ federate a higher hand.. "He's got a rot of clout downtown. I'm cleaned out.. Example: four.1 beat you fair. " CTOSE OUT: Keeping a prospective player from placing a bet.I THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK cHEESE lr: Term used to warn others in a con game that the authorities have arrived." CLEANED OUT: Lost all available money to gambling. HAUL: To cheat someone out of a[ their avairabre cash or varuabres. Usually rigged to give a mark a very high hand. No checks or l. "He's a class act. "Bad day." Same as being . Not allowing a person to get close to the game." CLEM: A serious disagreement between carnivar peopre.Us. Loser at ail carnivar games. clour: Having infruence with porice or other officiars. " CLUB: A gambling house. Broke because of gambling. seven. Smail winnings.' want to be paid in cold cash. ries.O. Usuaily describes a four-card straight with the card needed being on the inside. "What I won today is chicken feed compared to what I usually winl cHINESE STRAIGHT: A worthress poker hand. "l'll chisel him out of his money. gambling matters.

A gift for doing business in a gambling establishment.. complains. COWBOY: A player who plays fast and out of control..GTOSSARY 'ities ings. of )en .ve got connections. COME OUT ROLL: First roll of the dice prior to a point being made. arow a crooked guri'u to run smoothry. ^^_.After a tew nou-is of gambling.ards. GOOL OUT: Calming down an irate mark. Free meals. CONVICT: Carnival word for Zebra. six.' lur-card '. "This game will con them out of their money. Arso done in front of a mark to frighten him into leaving without causing trouble or complaining to authorities.We won. s all a wintipper. CON JOB: The art of selling a crooked game to a mark. Burning evidence of book making." A plan to cheat. t. lodging. for a future return. . irr"gur activity just prior to a raid. COPPER A TIP: Betting against very strong odds. COME THROUGH: A mark that refuses to leave..peo- r clip wing a I pee rf . coPPER: Betting against the odds. A person COMP: Short for complimentary. and demands his losses returned. In some cases airfare.. lur'l who designs and plans games to cheat people out of their money. . the iloor man gave us a comp to dinner. oi oI-. "Joe's a great con artist.." 12l . in. COOLER: A deck of cards prearranged to give a mark a very high hand.1ti:t coN GAME: A game designed specifically for cneaUng others out of their authorities. " CON ARTIST: A person who is excellent at cheating others out of money. COPPER-HEARTED: Untrustworthy person. les. lodging. COOPERATIVE ARREST: An arrangement between potice and operators of an irregar house to have some of the operators arrested.".He.. COOKING THE BOOKS: Falsifying income records to avoid paying taxes. . lllegar bookkeeping. Usuaily done to please compraining townspeopre. CON MAN: A swindler. "The game was a con. and meals will be provid"i fr"u. A person who chieats." A crooked game. I nto a con- es to S.t have any problem running the con herJ. s a con man. Betting against exception_ ally good advice. but the confederate will have a Oetler nan-0. lir." CONFIDENCE GAME: A con that usually takes time to pull off. To prace a bet in opposition to someone else who is an expert." CON: Abbreviation for confidence man.people who are in high places of gaming or law enforcement who wi.Don't money. trust her. The con must first gain complete trust of the intended mark. Someone likely to turn you in to .s copper_hearted. or sniv tickets given In uppr"-"iu_ tion. CONNECTIONS: Knowing. she..

cut and run!" CRAP: in a craps game.. Usuary just prior to an erection as proof io a community a good job is being done. three. the patsy. A bend on cards.." CROOKED: To be dishonest. This protects the bottom card from being exposed and makes it extremely difficult for the dealer to deal from the bottom of the deck. .IHE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER. CUTTING UP THE SCORE: Splitting the winnings made from a con operation. CUT lN: A demand to be given a share of gambling or con game profits. A gambier with very few scruples and doesn't care who knows. "you've been working my territory.s as crooked as a dog's hind leg. CRAPS: A game of chance determined by the throwing of dice. . I want a piece of the action you made last night. CREEP JOINT: A gambling house that perioOiclatty changes locations to avoid being detected by authorities. CUT UP OLD SCORES: Con men getting together to reminisce about old CUT CARD: Usually a colored plastic card offered to a player to cut the deck(s) in a blackjack game. Usua[y done with a strong-arm attitude. .. A banking dice game. Take me to town to see the croaker. Unsavory residue. CROSS ROADER: A person excellent at cheating stot machines. and twelve.UTTHROAT: A disreputabre person who goes after marks and anyone erse in a rough or vicious manner. word for a doctor. cops are coming. Unscrupulous. Not to be admired. such as a dogear' Usuary associated with the bends on cards used in three-card monte.RIMP: A bend down the center of a card.s a thick plastic card that stays scores and con games. so I cut out part of his share.1. then placing the part that was on the bottom on top. usually just prior to a "The raid." CUT OUT: Purposely keeping a memblr of the con from receiving their fair share. CUT AND RUN: Stop the con and leave immediatety.m not feeling too good.S HANDBOOX -l CRACKDOWN: A period of time police or officials put a temporary stop to gambring activities. CREEPER: A carnival wheel rigged for cheating. .He. the numbers two.s at the bottom of the deck during the entire hand. CUTTING THE CARDS: Separating a deck of cards. ln poker it. CROAKER: Carnies. A thief. t22 .s part of the con when really he. "l didn't like his attitude." CROSS: Making a mark feel as though he.

. A con artist...s nrro i"""iii.rJO _ nir. "Get a new deck and rid of those dog_eared cards..t him. rormai with very little money.-iur" as cross.n.ll place a dime on number five in the fifth..l.." A low-limit p[V"r. .Bust ti. tt. -con off great.o-r mark . .cer. and any other house guru. the dearer is known as "croupier" (pronounced crew_peea).!ame DOUBLE DEAL: Dearing two cards o i""i" to officiats. attire.The plan when actually he is the one ber:ng tuLun.] Hr:1]. DICE CAppER: A person who makes foaOeO Oice." than he can afford.a t stays re bot- the S.23 . baccarat.tunO"iJ pflying cards.GTOSSARY stop to I a com- tory lnking ito s a dog. .s the last . A pooirirtn a fo". Using cotored ink to mark cards during ptay. DECK: A comptete set of 52 .OOO bet. craps. . "l've got three deuces. DIME: A $1." -' DEAD MAN'S HAND: l*:lL"l* O".nOi"e two patrs...s rumored that Witd Bi. roulette.. DIE: One of a pair of dice." DoG: A gambler who gives up play easiry. DEADHEAD: A player. him out quick. One deep in gambling debt. he plays dirty pool. A person who uses loaded dice.'ll"l a deu...u io O"uf poker.r.. DEUCE: Any of the four cards in a deck *itn tnu numericar varue of two. rn a regitimate card game *irr r. is the hand he was hotding at the D: A $1 biil..He. . oo*n and dirty. t. inloreign casinos and American casinos requiring prayers to *u-u. DESPERADO: A person who gambtes f. DEUCER: A $2 biil.. DIME NOTE: A $10 "i '+ J lff. Usuaily DEALER: A person provided O. A scared prayer. . Hickock was t<itied during a prk.V tn" nor.iri'in" prayei.". A person who wishes not to pay back gambling debts and sXips town when asked to pay. end in a misdear inst"al oi one..e ".on"y.."." :!y: 9!9ppER: A potice informant.ards.s a dipsy doodle.t __^try. .. DIRW POOL A term used for unOernInJeO or'cneating types of play.. we double_cro.uiJ.. ?lY_Bllc.Here.Don. he's a deadhead. DOWN AND DIRTy: Remark made by back room dealers as the last card of a stud game is deatt. P9llBtE F|VE: A die that has two fives instead of one... Ourug"O . __-." _ ^ q"t DOUBLE-CROSS: The of of the "it making a mark feet tike he is part . biil. ." DOG-EARED: Term given to a card that has been bent or creased on one or more of its corners_ Worn-out o.Look at him. DIPSY DOODLE: A fraud. terri- 'fair r else d rrt -_.ard ie me to Jasa rlly he's rto 1e a used around racetracks. aces and eights.. he plays like a dog.. DOUBLE SAWBUCK: A $2O biil.. A fixed

EGG: A term given an easy mark. A poker game involving the discard of unwanted cards and from a bet once the cards have been dealt.. once a very popular game but has lost its appeal. l. DRY: No money. Usually used in tavern games that use a dicJ cup unO fir" or six dice. EIGHTY-SIXED: To be thrown out of gambling a establishment and told 424 .t play... EIGHTER FROM DECATUR: phrase used by a craps shooterjust prior to rolling the dice when the number he nleds to win is eight. __ EASY MARK: A person who is easily persuaded to play a con game or gam_ ble in a game he has no chance of winning. usually by palming a coin or holda biil during a cash exchange." DUKE: The art of short-changing a mark.. DRILL: The process of driring hores in diie for the purpose of weighing them down. .S HANDBOOK DRA* P. rn srot terms it's coilecting ani counting srot machine revenues.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBIER.m dry. Gambres with no apparent idea of what he's doing.Get 'nim into"the gami. DRUG STORE RACE: A horse race in which one of the horses has been given drugs prior to racing.s drop was 10 grand. A buifoon of a gambler." EDGE WORK: Cutting or sanding the edges of dice or cards. DUMP SHOT: A trick used to hold ort di"" that should have gone back into a dice cup..Lasinight.There. _. .1 can. he. which drops into a locked receptacre.s an ear on the ace of spades.s a real egg.. ..A gambrer DUMPER: who gambres in ai irregurar fashion.1 ptayeO nim last night. . This money is usuary placed in a slot in the table next to the dealer.KER: l!f9: To remove chips drawing a rike amount from the unused portion of the deck.Come on eighter from Decatur. EAR: Putting a bend or crimp on the corner of a card so it can be easiry identified during a game. House employ_ ees are constantry tarking about him behind r"Lis back ano taugnin! it his manners. Drilling small holes in slot machines to control the reels.. DROP SHOT: A trick used to control the dice while being thrown. EIGHT BALL: An idiot at gambling. . he's an easy mark.. ._jlq:r. Houses use this term when rerating to the amount of money made during a shift or 24-hour period. EIGHTY-FIVE: One step short of being eighty-sixed (from cards passed out by a Las Vegas bartender)." A term given a location where gambling proceeds are deposited. DROP: The portion of a pot taken as the house cut..

) _-. FLAT: A carnival card game played for money. which in turn buirds the mark's confidence and mJkes nim teet that he has a rear chance of winning big... FALSE CUT: An action by a dealer that leads the players to believe the been cut when they actualy haven. A person who pays offithe other wav during a con operation. eleven.GLOSSARY tt. (Field numbers are usually two. FIVE SpOT: A $5 bi[. he. FtRsT oF MAy: Carnivat term for nJ...s hore card.) EVEN SpLrrrERS: Dice that have oeen arteieo so that onry even numbers will come up after being rolled.s a first of May because he doesn't xno* " *nut iJ'. FINGER: Pointing out or telling on a person or house running a crooked game' usua'yto porice FAST coMpANy: Gambring with excerent professionar gambrers." FEVER: The number five in . (From the 86th Law of the Nevada ReviseJ Siatutes. Used primarity ::ij:l:..r. " F. I egg. These _ types of prizes are very rarely won.. FADE: Covering another player.ELD SpLrrrERS: Dice that have oeen attereo so when rored wirr rarery come up as field numbers. ten.: with a or holdwith no ack into nd five and twelve. the fix is'on."ru eon d out d start of carnivar season.s been eighty_sixed. ooing. "lt's OK boys.t come in FIX: Manipurating a game' A con. or persons of authoritv. four. fr. _you can te.. "He can. usually never to return. .. 'r caugh"t nir. rrds and )nce a Ihing e reels.urn wins._ FILL: Repracing chips in the dearei's box which were previousry purchased by players. FIXER: An agent who has connections in city hall.:e are usually brought into a game after a point has been made." rploy- ng at . A bribe to porice or others in authority. - FIX rs oN: phrase used when it is arr right to proceed with a con or crooked game. FIN: A 95 bil. nln".Come craps. rsily or gam?me.s action in a cr toa amount drop was tre ine rev- )een FAIRBANK (Fairbanking): cr. go ahead. not prizes. 125 . so I fingered him to the police. ffi:*[:: A rawyer l"**.FIASH: Expensive prizes displayeO ny carnies io uttru"t customers.He rikes to gamble in fast company.eaiing-so i.t." _ FlRsr BASE pEAK: A prayer who sits to the reft of a brackjack dearer and positions himserf to easiry peak at the oearer. three. he." . on lifile fever."uting.

^__-?.' play or mistakes by a dealer. To shortchange. .?:g GETAWAY DAY: The final day of horse racing for the season. G-NOTE: A $1. FREEWHEEUNG: Term given order type srot machines whose reers turned freely untir the machine's timing mechanism FLOOR MAN: A person emproyed by the house whose duties usuary incrude are usually phoned to prospective customers just prior to opening. "Take good care of him.. GAFF: A gambling device rigged to cheat.irur. GAMBLER: A person who wagers money or varuabres on events with no known outcome. . FLUS-H: To have a large amount of money on one..s a George. FOUR FLUSHER: Term given a cheat who tries to pass off four cards of one suit as a five-card flush." i to another to identify a person who is tlpper. .Our geek swallows live GAFFER: A con who operates bogus slot machines. FUR FLY: Making a commotion to distraJt bystanders who appear to be catching on to the con. cards face down has forded his hand. These hold the ball once the ball drops. GEORGE: A word used by one dealer t26 .nn"""r"uiy risks.. FRETS: The metal fins separating the numbers on a roulette wheel.000 biil. FLEECED: A term used when describing a mark who has been taken for arl the money he has. GEEK: A carnival employee who uses despicable acts to entertain customers. on ot chance." FOLD: Term used by a poker player to inform the other players he no longer wishes to pray his hand. FLOATING CRAp GAME: A craps game that moves at regular intervals to keep from being detected by porice or other officiars. "we didn't justlake him. we freeced him.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER.totwisrring to cat a bet or a raise. Usually rigged so the customer never wins. FLIMFLAM MAN: A person who flim flams. rereases pins to stop the reels.. FRONT MAN: A person who bankrolls gambling a operation. Risking money gurls bats. "r ford.s person." A prayer turning att oi nis face-up FOUR BITS: S0 cents. Taking . Locations of each game the supervision of dearers and making decisions concerning gun'.How you doing for cash?" .1'm flush. he.S HANDBOOK FIATS: Dice that have been shaved on one or more sides.. Usually a grotesque-looking person." FLIMFLAM: All types of cons or dishonest games played for money.

"t'ttcattthe b. GRIFTER: _ who is proficient at fast-talking cus- GRINDER: A carnival emproyee whose main duty is to entice customers into midway games. tains money and other valuables. HANG THE F.s handte *u"10 gri'n0. one round or dear of brackjack. employees that con_ GYP JOINT: A house that uses cheating methods. using a hard sell method. GO FOR THE MONEy: phrase used when it. To leave town in a hurry. HANKY PANK(S): An inexpensive carnivar game..911vluris. . -_^llgying GROUCH: A bag. lude in preparation for deating seconds." GRAB JOINT: A carnival booth that sells toys.-AG: A signar used by cons *ain others that security is tight. GOING LIGHT: Calling a poker bet and not having enough money on the tabre to do so." . GREYHOUND: A carnival employee l e _ tomers into spending their money.iarried by carnival One who grafts.000. 9!![r Taking money dishonesfly. prizes. HALF A YARD: A $50 biil. trickster.-. A p"rson tifled a grifter is one who dishonesfly takes money from marks but n"r". food. ne GRAND: $1. Go into hiding. round.t but'm going rigni$io. to proceed with a con. go for the money.The 9lEllltcr Gathering cards together )rs' ing er rds you. liar. and off the cops are foof<ing for other items.. HANDIE: Cash taken in for an illegal gaming operation and tabulated on a ti 127 ." GREASE: Money used to bribe poliJe or otheiofflcials. . Games that require a number of cheap prizes to be accumulated and then traded for bigger prizes.GTOSSARY all ach ring. HANDBOOK: A bookie joint. HAND: One comprete game or round of poker."ui violence. dice. Signaling others that officials not on the take are in the area. GREEN CHlp: A gaming token worth g25. or other gambling devices table. cards. _ "Everything is in place. Not having enough money to cail a bet but wish to have the pravers take a marker.. usually leather. Each game. ." GOID BICKER: Someone who is a cheat. "l'm stuck in the game for a grand.s-att rignt GO SOUTH: Taking money. A house where illegal sports and race wagers are made. and operator of con games. "Today. better go south for a while. souvenirs. one that usuary ends with each player winning a cheap prize. HALF A BILL: A $50 bi[. or deal is over when all money due players has been awarded.

A big game with players having . Two treys equar a hard-way six. HARD'wAY: A craps term meaning each die has identicar numbers to totar a pass number of four. HITS: Altered dice... HEAD TO HEAD: ln poker it's two players betting against each other. Two deuces equal a hard_way four.Those guys got some real hanky panky going on.O. HOLD our: A con who cheats other cons out of their true share of winnings earned in a con operation. HIPPOED: Having been swindred. A card removed from a deck by a dearer so it cannot be used in play. and so on. HEEL: A jerk. H0LD our sHoE: A brackjack shoe that has been artered so the dearer can easily deal seconds or withhold certain cards from play. HEAVY DECK: A deck of cards containing more than the customary 52. game's got heavy money. HATCHET MEN: Musclemen hired to intimidate people operating a rival gaming or con operation. L28 . Two fives equal a hard-way ten. HIT: Blackjack term meaning to take an additional card in an attempt to improve the hand.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK HANKY PANXY: Term given almost any type of con. HOLDING THE BAG: Manipulating a mark so he will take the blame for a raided con game. HEDGE (Hedging): Generally associated with sports betting.. while not gambling. HARD CASH: Real money. Fooling another gam_ bler into taking all the losses. these peopre are called upon to assassinate rival operators. Currency. Same as cold cash" No checks or l. Usually used by a female gambler to describe an unsavory or a not so tactful male gambler. . HEAT: Police. six." short for hippopotamus. "We left him holding the bag. weather conditions. HEAVY MONEY: Large amounts of cash.U. security. ln blackjack it's one player against the dealer. persons hired to destroy property owned by rival gaming or con operators. key injuries to players. player trades. Bets made by one bookie to another to offset posslble losses. Dearers can arso easiry re-enter cards withheld to keep from being detected.The large sums of money. rn more serious situations. or other authorities. it.s. A gambler who. Two fours equar a hard-way eight. eight. One who bets the limit.s placing wagers on opposite teams arready bet on to defray possibre rosses due to several different changes. "rjust got hippoed. such as point spreads. or ten. HIGH ROLLER: A gambler who bets large sums of money. gaming officials. HOLD our rABLE: A gaming tabre that has been designed to hide cards being withheld by the dearer... treats friends and associates to fine dinners and shows.

.RE: Having taken money trJ.m in the chips.E CHIPS: Having won a large amount of money.GLOSSARY . This type of person is needed in order to pull a con on major casinos' The inside men usuary incrude floor men and security personner.urx who comprained about being cheated during the con. HYPE: A con man's verbar buirdup of a scam. l. When a dealer declares. winnings are more than the amount of coins being held in the shoot. . it. ..y con.. the ates mus. HoLE cARD(s): The card a blackjack dearer dears himserf face down.' HUSTLER: A professional con mJn. promoting a confidence game using exaggerated tales. erp"ri oiiiiuro ptayer who ptays just good enough to win." lN TH. . Hor SC.s in the bag.. HORSES: A pair of altered dice. . HOUSE: Any establishment.used for gambling purposes. total a ray )ight.(Hosed." before it starts.ome 0. HOOK: The act of bringing. *n"." Getting hosed is to le seriously beaten at gam_ bling. . he's a hoser. monei placeO prior to the ball drop ping. E"..m in cahoots with the house.Don. shaped like a bowl that holds coins in a slot machine. on a con.". Hoser): A deceitfur out for him.MoleV paid to t"up'ror"one from going to the authorities with incriminating information.Money bet.Bet!".t worry." HOPPER: A tub. usualty associated with craps. money placed prior to tn! wneet spinning. "ljust took him for five grand. HUSH MONEy: Money qSid-t_o .s.1 took a hosing lasinight.U.. lNslDE MAN: Someone working inside a nouse wno is wilring to offer services to pull a con. I m- ngs SO can IDIOT CON: A con game that takes little effort and not much thought. lN CAHOOTS: A very western term for O"irj:iroio". lncludes major casinos as well as back room ofierationf. one who cheats. phrase used when lN THE BAG: the fix is . .1." 129 . rl Jbv eople 'I e e s due ) ly yor . .s been cheated. ln Big Six. When hoppers are futt oi coins.See the guy in the blue shirt and brown hat? Hook him. coins spi. over and fa..." HOT COME ON: A con operation where the mark knows instantly he. into a hording pan under the machine. Hor HousE: A gambling house being watched by police or other officiars." lN PLAY: Money placed that allows the player action in the game. cards that have been dealt face down to ptayers in a poker game.or"lnu to HJep quiet about their knowtedge of illegal activity. ln roulette. coins are dispensed from the nopp".. HOSE. u .1.a mark into u gir".

. . made a killing this afternoon. JAcKPor: A large win." personaily knowing someone in a position of high authority at a gambling house. Top prize." term for wager. "l got juice at the Mirage. .INT: JOINT: A gambling house.. LAY OFF: Wager money one bookie passes on to another to reduce possibre losses. A court of serf-appointed LARRY: Worthless carnivar prizes.s got no mercy. he's a knock out. "No problem getting into the big game. ." KNOCKING A MARK: informing a mark he has been taken. over.. "r hit the jackpot this iime. A roser who does- JACK: Money. someone who gives up money easiry. "l had to lay off 50 Gs when the spread changed on Chicago. JUICE: Loan money interest paid to a loan shark. Baiting a mark to return by giving back some of the money he lost.E J. JAY: An easy mark. "He's late on his payment. ..." Term whispered to a oeater wnen it's all right to go ahead and bust a mark got plenty of jack. A gambring house that uses loaded dice and a magnet to control the rolls of the dice. JUICE MAN. KIGKBACK: Pay off to someone as a reward for sending a mark into a game. I.{]:_C1aOs LAY DOWN: A bet in craps or blackjack. cheap or worthress merchandise sold on the carnival midway.. "He'rr have rots more money tomorrow. kick back a few bucks. KNocK oUT: A term used to identiry a crooked dearer or house who has swindled a mark out of every penny the mark had on him.1 KANGAROO GOURT: A false court that has been readily assembled to play heavy fines on carnivar peopre.The guy.t'll tay 10 on the hard eight. .1 hear Joe's opening up a new joint..." . citizens who prosecute and fine without due process of law.. KILLING: Term used to define a large amount of money made quickly.. someone who coilects interest money due for roan sharks.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBTER'S HANDBOOK particular slot machine. 130 . JUI." Money paid to rocar officiars for looking the other way after the con is . " The rargest prize on a n't complain.He's got Larry on the shelf. send the juice man to see him." JOSTLE: Picking pockets in carnival crowds.The juice on my loan is 50 a week. JoGGING: Marking the place in a deck the dealer wants to start the shuffle or deal.

or any otnei type of operation that is straight. "r've got a rock on this game. he." Making a true statement.. ." LocK: Having rittre chance of rosing.s why the mark took off. house. LOADED DlcE: Dice that have been artered with weights.. .Who.Send LEGIT: An honest game." LET lr RIDE: craps term meaning to repray the originar bet anJprior win- the leg man for coffee." "Here comes a live one. . rnterest is usuaily due weekly. LEECH: A gambler regularly asking fo*on"y o. Short for legitimate.. Rates are usually between fivL percent and ten percent/ week.M KoKoMo: crap term for the point of four.. "The way the dice kept coming up sevens. " o play who a LINE: odds given on sports and race betting. .1'm bettingthe long shot in the eighth." LIZARD: A slow racehorse. He's an OK dealer. LEAD JOINT: carnival games that use firearms in the contest. LEVEL: Same as regit..hotding tn" Oug..This story is on the level. shuffle ran ts LEAK: A poor move by a con man usually ending in the mark spotting the con game." Having little doubt about a win. favors with the idea it never has to be paid back..' ona c does- LAY OUT: Term given the numbered felt covering on a craps table. .what. "He can rift a wailet better than anyone." uthority to conks. nings. "He's on the rever.. LIFT: To steal. " rn is 'l ras JY'S n it's ssible tgo. I think they were loaded.s the rine on Denver LIMIT: The maximum amount allowed on one bet against the house. only blind luck will make him a winner. .s he leaching off now?. A shootino gallery.. LONG SHOT: A racehorse given big odds against winning. An easy mark.GTOSSARY rfjack.. one not usJd to winning ways. lnterest due on this type of loan is called a "vig.. today?" rhe ks." LIVE ONE: A gambler or mark looking very excited about entering a game. LEFT HOLDING THE BAG: See ." LOAN SHARK: Person who roans money for high interest. A bet placed on a horse with big odds." Joe from Kokomo.s legit... Picking someone's pocket. "come on rit e 131 . A sick or poor quality racehorse. LosER: A gambrer who rarery has a winning diy. "There was a leak. LEG MAN: A carnivar emproyee whose main duties are to run errands for other carnival employees. "You gonna bet on that lizard again?" LOAD: Weights placed in dice to make them roll in favor of whoever loaded them. that. tlNE MACHINE: A slot machine with more than one payoff line. LlrrLE JoE FR.. "He's such a loser.

." "r-purt An exceilent card prayer. Broke because orgamor. MECHANIC: A dealer who is an ut ..1 wish he. muck his cards.." MONKEY: Carnival word for customer. Easy to take money from. .s money.nuuting.r bet the max.fuuni..s done with his hand. The largest amount that courd have been won on a particurar bet. out.. . The patsy. ." MOVE: Making a cheating play. MELTED: Big roser. . find the money card and win the money.d get a job and quit mooching off me..t want a marker for 95.rgot the max. ..g . MAX: Term used by a gambrer wishing to bet the rimit.. "They merted me rast night. 'This guyls . 132 ... . "He.. MOB SCENE: Carnivar term for a rather rarge number of customers. "l kept calling but he was nothing but a mooch..000.. MADBALk The crystal ball used by fortune-tellers.. MARK: The pigeon. MUFF: The act of dropping ane. A gambling idiot." MEAI'. MAN: Police or other officials.KET: Used to identifo a gambrer's backer.. .. MOOCH: A mark in a carnivar game.s tent. Usua'y defines the area where the games and concessions are rocatecr.All right my man. . MARKER: Casino term for loan or creOit. . MISSES: Dice that have been artered tJmake sevens more often than regitimate dice. person A who stands and watches as a carnival barker attempts to get players for his game but does noi pf"V. I've been tn a losing streak. MIDWAY: The area of a carnivar where-customers are arowed to wark. A person always borrowing money or using others." A fool.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK LOSTNG STREAK: A "l hope things get better.d dice onto the table or playing area unin_ tentionally.He. MANIPULAT0R: An expert con man who usuaily takes a[ the mark.g. METER: Device used to keep a runnirig totaf oi slot machine payouts..s my mear ticket. MITT: A fortune-teller.Watcn out forthe man today. send in the mechanic. MUCKER: An assistant to a rourette dearer whose duties are to stack checks at the end of each game. MUCK: The discards during a poker hand ano usuatty rocated to the reft of the dealer. period of severar days or weeks without a winning day. rs arso used in major casinos as identifying an expert dealer who is was a mob scene last night. MITT JOINT: A fortune_teller. The center of attention in a crooked game. property..One move and lgot his money." MONEY CARD: The winning card in three_card monte..

.oDDS oN: Gambring term meaning there's a very good chance of winning a particular bet. Usuary done when a prayer feers a Jeven is about to come out. A lookout outside a house.poor Louie._. so they can be identi- find SA ry. These are valued by the amount the player wishes to bet. MURPHY: A con game where the mark thinks he's been given an enverope containing a large sum of cash. Word used to identify the best possibre hand in a Texas Hord 'Em game. " .lt.Clay is odds on favorite to win the flght. NUTS: A three-shefied con game.s been on a roll for two days now.. NOBLER: A person who drugs or injures horses or dogs prior to racing... oN THE TAKE: Porice or officiars who are taking bribes. A person who makes collections for loan sharks. NICKING: To make small marks in cards during play et. Two_ The .. . MUSctE: Bouncers hired by con men to keep out-of-rine marks in rine.GTOSSARY day.lipr NUMBERS RACKET: A series of numbers pickeo by gambrers that are assG ciated with the running of several horse races each day.t in a broad toss ing mob who are in charge of keeping nosey bystanders away from the action. Being a consistent winner over a period of time.He. he had the nuts. "we. 3git- fied later in another player's hand. ON THE SQUARE: Being honest.US n Iht. it's on the square. _. ONE-ARMED BANDIT: A slot machine. "He's giving us a probrem.s a good house. "r courdn't beat him. take worthless paper. oN A ROLL: Having won severar times in a row. 133 . get some muscre." NICKEI AND DIME JOINT: A very small gambling operation. OUTSIDE MAN: One who is responsible for getting a mark into a game. Payoffs murtipried by the number of coins praced in the machine.. the NAILED: To be caught cheating.. NON-VAIUE CHECKS: Colored chips dispensed to roulette players." persons to five-coin machines.... . Judge Dixon is on the gonna be oK on this one." ted. . when actually it contiins pieces of MULTIPLIER: Term given a slot machine that has various levels of payoffs. . he got nailed by the cops last night." -__ OFF ACTION: Spoken out loudly by a craps player signaling he no longer wants his odds bet working.. " NATURAL: in a craps game it's the number seven or ereven when roled on the come out roll.He threw five naturals in a row. Running an honest game. . roney.

Dupricating the PASSERS: Dice altered to make more . PATCHER: A person responsibre for making peace between a crooked carnivar operator and rocar porice. . the odds of a certain event happening..s worthless. PINCHING: Taking chips from a bet after the game is in progress." PASS: A winning number for the shooter and players betting on the pass line.s packing...s open wallet to see how much money he has. PEEK: when a dearer ailows a prayer to see the next card to be deart. "what's the percentage of the seven coming out now?" PIECE OF THE ACTION: phrase used by a con man when asking ior part of the con game. PIGEON HUSTLE: Creating a story about stolen property and then telling the mark he can purchase it at a fraction of what it..1 won a pile last night.irt tuk" hurf of that action.. "The heat is on." PAYOFF: The rocation and time money made from a con is to be sprit up. PAIR: Poker term for two-of-a_kind. PENNY PLAY: Very small wagering. Usuailf there isn't any merchandise. "Meet at the Red Fez at 9:OO for the payoff. The number seven or ereven on the come out roil." PEATERS: Dice artered to repeat certain numbers more often than they should.THE PROFESSIONAT GAMBIER'S HANDBOOK PACKAGE: A deck of cards marked and ready to be placed in play." Used by a gimbrer signiffing he wourd rike part of a gambring bet being offered.Don't mess with him." PAPER: Marked cards. "Someone's been buying into the game with paper. PEGGING: Placing small braille-like bumps on cards. PIT: Area behind crap and blackjack dealers.s in the game..numbers" than sevens. PASS LINE: The area marked on a crap tabre where prayers prace first number made before rolling a seven. PAST POST: When a player calls out a number after the dice have stopped rolling and the dealer calls it a bet. Area occupied by people in charge of craps and blackjack games.paper. it.s worth. PILE: Large gambling winnings. their bets indicating they bet the shooter will pass. . PEGGER: A tool used to peg cards. but when there is. ." Counterfeit money. A very easy mark.. . he. " PACKING: Carrylng a handgun. PEEK AT THE POKE: Sneaking a peek into a mark.. . send the patcher downtown.1 have a pair of aces.Give the dealer this package.. "r'd rike a piece of that action. . PAINTER: A card dauber. PLUCKED LIKE A cHrcxEN: phrase used during a conversation between PERCENTAGE: Term used by gamblers determining 134 ." PIGEON: A mark.

.rrlfi.-*nose jackpots increase with ptay.i.0 aren.We ptucked him tike a . lrnival wn. i.*O talking up the carnivar games' A carnivar iurx.J? Hn".i.t passing through this pumpkin-. '' plays with house money).nu. the dearer to in. Usuary a free. i. This type of player i.SS POINT: Numbers in a craps game.GI-OSSARY Sive the fflffi:"r".. ^. . !9IlIo' POKER FACE: A player who shows no emotion when holding a big hand..*o Money.::1.Jff. PUMPKIN: - Small towns along a carnivat..". t"'XH'"::LD: rhe point diTrerence ei.. ^^__T!t" ." rp.PS: Tools.o .hi*. PO|NT SHAVTNG: Usuaily assocrateo wiin proru.. ao customers ind exaggerates the amount or "rproyuu"*no size of priies to Oe won. . the game is in " to te.ize of a bet before the next roll of the dice."mpioyee g"r" 135 ..."" still has money.l?l:lv :1?" plaving varue' 't . A technique used to lure marks into a game.. ror a handicai ror oetting POKE: A mark's wallet..': ""1 tabulating a iackpot tn" rimit of otnu. cusioma"rv . furnishings."iuur. Usualy $1.. brief peek at the action to gain a customer's interest in seeing the whore show for the price rg the r bets pped of admission.. equipment.. Athretes are -a -predetermined paid to keep the winning-score witirin margin. . blows small puffs of air into the closed hand holding the Oice.w?" :of tgni- PROPOSITION: A wager.our." how lll-:g l!" :?': pRop: An tTf game ". if duplicated before a seven is o"i rir"'Joiu. PULLING Up: When a mark quits the . usually young boys.. PoT: Money bet by poker ptayers inat in the center of the poker untit being awarded to the winrier. just prior to shooting. llf PR."'uOL ur. PUFFER: A craps shooter who. .. An invitation to wager. increase untir the when a customer wishes to play.un" ??nii.. S.. a'carnival employee whose job is to act like a customer unO r.iJ"r"' ."r""'i.ningf" *iin tl". PRoGREsstvE PRESSING: Adding chips to O"t progress' A crap term used "ri""O-V". POKE A Trp: A come on by carnivar barkers. required to give "up his seat .. rhese j"J.-. and other necessary items needed for a sting operation.Jroui"inu."._?t: PUNK MAN: A carnival *nor"joO'it is to train new employees."ting how weil a mark was taken..llU:::H::f look full. "t. ".sionar sports. when rolled on a come out roll.r"Ir" tn" . ..0..t worth stopping Jr.'. hired to pray por<e w tn ris own mo.

. PUTTING ON THE RAISE: The art of making a mark bet more than intended.t or won. "r gave him rhe razzre didn't take long to bust him oul. REPEATERS: Loaded dice." was a quick push. Repracing an hand. Term used by con men to describe fast tark designed to confuse marks. RACX: The box in front of a dealer containing chips or cash.THE PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK PUSHOVER: An easy mark. REUBEN: carnivar word for a customer who acts rike an idiot.Like taking candy from a baby. RAZZLEDAZZLE: A very crooked carnival game." QUEERTNG THE BET: A phrase used RABBIT: A member of a con game who enters the game as a customer.r." a manner they repeat the same numbers often. he was such a pushover. REAMED: Taking a. he acts like a Reuben." RAIL BIRDS: poker game spectators. makes several fast. . RINGER: A horse substituted for another in a stakes race. and leaves. RIFFLE: Professional term for shuffling cards." READERS: Cards altered so they can be read while in another player. RIDING: Making a mark feel intimidated to the point he can.ig" to the table and vice versa..." RED BIRD: A $5 gaming chip. 136 . I'm going nome. Loaded in such usually 5 to 10 percent. . he PUTTING ON THE SEND: The art of making a mark go home for more money.. RAISE: rncreasing the size of a bet made by another prayer. A smail-town hick' Person who has no practicar sense.. A buffoon gambrer.on gur"." PUT ON: A tall tale intended to attract a rnark into u .s ..rr raise that bet $10. to describe the actions of an outsider who makes a move or remark and scares the mark into leaving.s RAXE: The percentage of money taken out of a poker pot by the house.we really reamed him. A person easily tricked out of their money.Look at that Gabriel fellow. . "Get me a rack for my chips. . A container used to carry chips from the cashier. QUICK PUSH: A very easy mark.. winning bets.t complain about being taken. of a customer's avairabre money by cheating. . f.

r'ersa. guy.. anO diamonds. ... clubs...REEN our: To move in such from a legit with a llrge sum or monev "r scored big on 137 . ts usua'y picked to take part in the show u.:"".. Term used to describe bratant cheating by a con man who doesn. -or an"y have had several winning hands in a row. SETUPS: cards previously used in a game that have been placed back into correct order and are ready to be re-entered into a game.fruf I und a ball called pea.ttng like an idiot.u LrV g""O winning session. ROAD HUSTLER: A traveling A.t know what's happenins.on gurJ. Cover up a cheating ... preparations for these gur". "no SCORE: Money maOe-from a crooked game. Usuar order is. to shave or discoror the sides of praying cards. . ..eece a mark or marks.or"]S"r""n-'ort.. Each suit starting with the ace and going to Xing.This is some rinky dink stutf f won.tnu. .ometimes elaborate and time-consuming.'gur".-n. ROOK: To ". Used by " superstitious players who will bet on any hand after winning several in a row. R!P-OFF: Steating. someone'fro-m r. casino.." :sider le their share of winnings.'Like amateur prayer with a professionar without the knowredge of other prayers. hat to"t SANDTNG: Using sandpaper :. spades. These operailons ar" usuaily on the move to avoid being detected by law eniorc"r"ntig"n.. "Go rope some business.. or an) otner gambling operation that cheats.NK: rtems that ari soto or given as prizes that have ritre or no value. Money made eal NN at a manner that the mark is unabre to view a cheating move by a dealer.:trllg . _ RrNKy D. An easily duped r. ur" . a frT"l. U^s:q to announce "nno-r". RUG JotNTS: Name siven.1 was on a rush all night. mark. hearts.. lIf_PE. SEAT MAN: A carnival employee pfacea in ine auoience of a sideshow.i". SETUP GAME: A gambring game set up specificary to f.iei sucn a nto e SAWDUST JOINT: Name given to a house.:ini. " ROPE: Getting marksto enter a game. "They rooked me out of my share. SHELL GAME: A game played with tnr"" .. RUSH: Used by poker playerJto o...GLOSSARY l.Xilllllassociated S.e-ceiving a reat ripoff.o er. as if he doesn.m-ptaying my rush. . with cards face up.tine that are tegit. "t.t care who sees him doing it. throwing of diceln u I9llj TI" cheat' Keeping "on-run..up. guru. a real rip and tear." RrP AND TEAR.nurx..They put in a ringer.. ..

. n. . *ug"ri. . A horse that wilr win a race ano was determined to do so prior to race time. :I99] tooL u shot at him.*.. slX cAT: A carnival con game involving the throwing of baseballs at stuffed cats. Riffle.t want my stice. the works." SNAKE BIT: Term used by gambl-ers :yL* sHOVE: Passing off counterfeit currency.. "rigiot" SIX BITS: 75 cents. must be snake bit...liin blackjack and baccarat. riffle..nrfff". both pots. Usually operates in carnival midways. SHUFFLE: Mixing a deck of cards prior to dealing. SLEEPER: A bet left on a gaming table.. SHOT: A crooked move intendeO tor a mart<. usually to avoid paying taxes.orpt"t" u . POTATOES: Very 138 .L . SHORT CON: A con short in duration. SHORT CAKE: Shorting other cons out of their share of the take. "r took a shot at'em in the fifth race at Horywood. de.. . "ru. Some shoes have more or ress. sma. A professional dealer will use a series of actions to .A person who loans gamblers money for a very high rate of interest slDE POT: A separate pot that is made after one or more prayers have run out of money during a hand. and then cut. onry those prayers continuing the betting"f J* ro. lll95. A bet againstthe house.1 :n"re of the gambting profits. *9rld be to riffle. sKlM: Stealing gaming profits prior to paying any bills.nlf" -_-_ SHY: Short for shylock. SHOE: A box used to hold cards to b. The player unable to bet is igibf" i* tnu center pot onry. firearms to shoot at moving and stationary targets tor SHI[[: [rizes. SHORTCHANGE ARTIST: A carnival urptoy"" urpert in the art of short_ changing customers. Exact duties as a prop except a shill uses house money to play. strip the deck..Shoot for one final roll.. SHYLOCK: A loan shark. A confederate. The craps ptayer whose turn it is to throw the dice. SHORT SHOE: A dearing shoe with ress than the required amount of cards. A person hired by a card room to play poker. The usuar amount of cards is four decks. sHoE rN.S HANDBOOX sHoor rHE woRKS: Betting iiart. r-eavin! entire winnings on the crap tabre . SLIDE SHOT: A dice throw used to give the thrower and advantage.THE PROFESSlONAL GAMBLER.s bet that is purposely left on the table by a dealer. .1 can't seem to win at anything lately.. *no nuu" O""n on a losing streak.eV were only betring sma... Getting counterfeit money into a game. riffte. SHOOTING GALIERy: A carnival midway gu.

GLOSSARY a prop ft. Same as test shot. ." "l SNAKE EYES: Both dice coming up aces. (See "Shuffle. "t'm stuck three grand. I stand. "He's the best. SPRING: A very large wager. STALL: Slowing down the action of u grr" to give other marks a "on chance to join in. 'rior to )t at rp table ri:ards.He crapped out with snake eyes. STAKES: Gambling prize. " Ito a rl ple 'v run 'the lle for rffed pay|ose- es. he makes some strong moves. SPIEL: A story made up to entice a mark into a con game. srAcKED DEGK: A deck of cards that are irranged prior to being praced in a game and when dealt will result in a win for a designated ltuy"r." !I99K: To have heavy gambting tosses. STRIPPER CARDS: Cards that have been srightry shaved arong the edges. and six." SPLASH MOVE: Making a fake cheating move in order see if anyone is paying attention. A person who informs porice or other officials about illegal gambling or con operations. The actuar moment a mark is relieved of his money. police term for an undercover operation. "Joe's in trouble. five. SQUEALER: A mark who gets excited enougn to hop up and down and scream when he thinks he's about to win. STICK: A player who is part of the crooked game." SNOWBALIS: Dice altered to have only the numbers four. STRIPPING THE DECK: Term used to describe the cutting_type action used __ by a dealer during the shuffling of cards." STUD: Word to describe a type of poker where a specific number of cards are dealt face down and some face up.STEER: The art of moving marks into a crooked game. . A prearranged story to tell authorities should they ask questions. srAND: Blackjack term meaning no more cards. -Bob is the stick tonight.Want a hit? No. srEER JotNT: A house where marks are sent to become invorved in a crooked game. The number two in craps. sPooNlNG: The use of a spoon-rooking device to trip the rever inside a srot machine. The less. sPILL: Making the disastrous move of dropping more than two dice on the table. 139 ." srlFF: A gambrer who doesn't tip the deareis or cocKair waitresses. bet rood. srlNG: Name given a con game invorving numerous personner and usuary nets a very large amount of money. A decision by the prayer not to take additional cards. poker pot. thereby releasing any coins in the coin shoot.. SOFT AGTION: An easy mark.. SQUAT: Money made from carnival con games. Horse race winnings. sPorrER: Person who rooks for dearers who are inexperienced in attempts to easily cheat the casino.") srRoNG MOVES: Artfur and exceilent moves made by a professionar con man. made a spill last nignt at the club. Using cash in place of chips during a game.

usuary resulting in a push.THE PROFESSIOT{AL GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK hear the lmperial palace is a good store. TEST SHOT: A fake cheating move made by a con artist to see if anyone is paying attention. Name given the carnivar game that invorves a ba. sroRE: Word for an honest as weil as dishonest gambring estabrishment. No money.Same as tap city. "l can." TEN SPOT: A $10 biil.1 took a ride to tap city. "fney piiO me to throw the fight. "They sure tattooed me rast night. TALE: A story given a mark to lure him into a con game. I. swrrcHtNc THE CUT: A term for a cheating move whire shuffring. "He has a distinct tell every time he bluffs. the second player would be considered to be playing third base." club tonight. if there are only two players at a table. of a mark's check when actually it wasn't and will be cashed as soon as possible.l S*NGER: TABLE STAKES: Term used in poker houses to describe money on the tabre that is playable in the game. .m tapped. TELL: An accidental move by a con man that gives away the trick. ][nOW: To lose on purpose." TAI(E A BEATTNG (TOOK): Term used to Ou. The dear er cuts the cards but returns the cards to their original positr:on in a onehanded move prior to dealing. suspended on a rope and a bowling_type pin." TAPPED: Broke. . TEAR UP: The act of simurating the destruction _-.iur" a bad gambting loss.m tap city. THIRD BASE: The rast seat to the right of the dearer in a brackjack game. l. A single die that has only the numbers flve and six.t go tonignt." SURRENDER: Blackjack term. Also "took a bath. . "l can't go to the __ took a beating TAKE TAKE A BATH: Losing a large amount of money gambling. The last player to receive cards prior to the dealer in Otac[1acX." L40 ." "l really took a bath in the game yesterday. rn return the prayer is returned tiarf the original bet. IlJr-OolD: Describing a rarge gambring ross. poker term for reflex actions by a player that give away his hand." TIE: When the dearer and one or more prayers have the same totar. When a player is allowed to throw away an unfavorabre hand before acting.. TAP CITY: Broke. No money..EM: TEXAS HOLD A form of poker using multiple betting rounds and "com_ munity" cards." TAT: OFF: A ripoff. "l at the Horseshoe last night.'for example.

GLOSSARY nent. Tol(E: Gaming word for tip. and other pertinent informa tion. Palming the top cirds in a oecx prior to deating. "l yan ralf the ded on e deal- 'la table the dealer takes a look at the top card. I9llt!G. Squearing to the porice prior to "we. "The vig's 10 percent a week. cht.' I depending on the conditions.FF: _ Gamblers' word for tire nrrouiir. Small-time gambler.4t . Advance warning to porice of a pending gambring or con operation. a UGIY CUSTOMER: An unruly mark. Also known as the drop. TRAGK: The groove on a rourette wheer where the barr rors untir the wheer stops. nVGBIT pLAyER: A cheap husiler. TWO BITS: 25 centsTWO SPOT DEUCE: A $2 biil. TURN AROUND: A move or sound made to entice a mark to either turn his head or turn all the-way around during a cheating move. "He grr"in" dearer a $1o get them this time. usually wrapped by a rubber band.THE CUT: A slight-of-hand move by the dealer to return the cards to the originar position after another prrv".1g house that ptays TILT: A malfunction of a slot machine. The scoreboard at a racetrack that shows the odds. Short for vigorish. cut the cards. "nv for.iE". ris )m- vlG: srang term for money paid as interest on a roan from a roan shark. VOID. prior to dealing to players. TOTE BOARD: Brackboard. whole wad. we got the tipoff we were looking "" a book-marunjopurution.. winneri. n". When TIP. TOP PEEK: A cheating move." The house cut for providing poker tables and dealers. or cards. it's the card the dearer receives that is praced face up. he turned into an ugly customer. TI^TGWAY HOUSE: A eamO1. "We had to get him out of here." uP GARD: rn brackjack." TOKES: Casino term for tips. -' TREy: TWENTY SpOT: A $20 biil. The house cut for providing poker taOies anO dealers. lly WAD: A large roll of money. VIGORISH: Term for money paid as interest on a loan from a loan shark. either crooked or straight." "l blew the 1.

Pocket change. Usually associated with a back alley craps game or threecard monte game. "you only bet a thousand? To me that's just walk around money. WHAMMY: A very angry mark. Deny making a verbal wager when actually one was made." YARD: $10O. "The work is down. WIRE: A con game involving horse race betting.TI{E PROFESSIOTTAT GAMBLER'S HANDBOOK WAU( AROUND MONEY: Term used to describe gambling money." wIRED: Poker term meaning three of a kind on the first three cards dealt to a player. Phrase used to put down another player. WELCH: Failing to pay a gambling debt. "l had aces wired. "l bet a yard on the game. A whipping motion used by a craps player to control the dice. when actually it's filled with cut up paper." A $1OO biil." WORK lS IDWN: Crooked dice or cards are in the game. An amount of money a gambler feels comfortable carrying in his pocket. This con game was the basis for the movie "The Sting.42 . 1. ttvlPE: A con game in which the mark thinks the handkerchief he has is full of money. WHIP SHOT. WHEEL HEAD: The part of the roulette wheel that spins." ttVALI MAN: A person designated to be a lookout for police during an outside con game.

uiy'U".. book.i 143 .y u. Aftei disch"arge.i"a. age 27 the author moved to Las Vegas. Strip casino. a. and began jack. and organir"Jgurr.basis is the for much of the informatio. in"-ruthor began learning about carnival tricks and v"arious . barroori.a ITr". During the vegas years. )et ABOUT THE AUTHOR rll 't. o"."l1niJf". od the author was-introduced to. tru. " e.rf.mployed by. graduated from the Strip Dealers School. the author worked driving a beer truck inlake County...rr_ tionq_including pinball machi"ne and jukeb& op".rrt. the author made friends with many people from every sector of the gaming community. i.t. Starting around agu f f. experience in var_ ious types of back.u"t to dealing poker and eventually became "f a floor man in u *'r1o. rttlnois. friendships led to information abo"t tfr.r..obm...or._ bling.I*.tr""t scams.nt dealing black_ tire author rno. str'eet. The author has approximately 40 years.. of duty in the armed forces-was a beginning eaucaUon in back room and barroom gambling. and ultimr. people in charge of various gambli'nj. A tou. Over the next several jrur* "-[ioy^.

llruruillru[ililillll ltlt[tltIrl .

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