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[Episode 42] From Cityworker to Lightworker with Vaz Sriharan

From Cityworker to Lightworker with Vaz Sriharan [Episode 42] Wired For Success TV [0:00:11] Beryl: Welcome to another episode of My name is Beryl Thomas and with me is my co-host, the lovely Melanie Gabriel. Please say hi, Melanie. Melanie: Hi, everyone. Beryl: Well, the wheel never stops turning here at Wired for Success. In our bid to bring you interactions with people, we believe are agents for change in this fast-changing world. And todays guest is no exception. He is a Clairsentient, a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual Activist. Like us at Wired for Success, he recognizes that now is a pivotal time in the human history of the planet and that the new world that is being created depends on the changes we create within ourselves. His journey has included chronic illness, becoming an author, and many years of world travel on spiritual pilgrimages. Today, well hear how hes become a guiding light for many who feel disconnected from their world and from their lives. In 2007, as a spiritual version of the Lone Ranger, in a London coffee shop, he began the non for profit group, the London Spiritual Movement. The movement welcomes all those who are feeling the stirrings of awakening though it particularly seems to attract city of London workers who are looking for more life fulfillment. The humanitarian work and activities of the organization are global and range from offering healings on hospitals to overseas environmental and peace projects. So it is our enormous pleasure to welcome Vaz Sriharan. Is that a good pronunciation of your name? Vaz: It is and thats a wonderful intro. Thank you so much.

Beryl: I was just so worried about that pronunciation but weve got through that. OK. So Vaz, you clearly are a remarkable young man and were thrilled to have you with us today. We really are. Can you share with our audience this fascinating journey, where it started, when you became aware of your own spirituality, and how this has unfolded into this fantastic work that youre doing now, Vaz. Vaz: Yeah, of course. Its been such a journey for me as well, my own journey. Now, talk to me about I started, I wake up and I felt very sensitive. Now to me, I didnt even know what spirituality was back then. There werent many books. The internet hadnt even started for me. That came in much later. So to me, I was trying to understand through books in the library and back then you would have one tiny little column in the library for anything to do with the mind, body, spirit [indiscernible] [0:02:41] by then. And now, you can see like rows upon rows. Its incredible whats happened over the years. So, I was kind of exploring through my own personal experiences back then. Id have dreams. Id have I felt that deep sense of meaning in the world that something was everything had a purpose and a meaning and I didnt really I couldnt relate it with the world I was experiencing outside. So, I go to school and Id have a real deep real connection with everyone on a very emphatic level as well. I dont understand that this wasnt usual either. But what I found out later on as I went through the years was that everyone everything is by perception as well obviously and this is what were learning through spirituality and self-development that each of us comes here with a unique perception and reality. And as I was experiencing life, I loved everyone around me and I had great friends and all of them were either Atheists or religious and very different to what I believed in. But I was still laughing around them. It was great. We all connected on a different level. During this time as well, I had quite a deep, deep depression which started from about 9 until about 24. And it was a very dark time for me as well. So while I had a loose light from the outside which was hypocrisy, behind all of that, I was going through a lot of my own suffering. I just want to understand what this all meant. 3

So I explored a different religious text. I actually looked into Christianity. My parents were Hindus so I looked into Hinduism. I looked into Buddhism because something mystical was calling me as well as a self-development side. I was very anxious in psychology as well so I was trying to understand my mind and why it was in the state that it was, why I feel stressed or why Id feel disempowered? But this is a big part of my entire journey about empowerment. So the entire first part of my life has been about being completely disempowered of why I felt that the whole world was almost against me and everything was happening to me. And because of that belief, that was basically the founding block of my entire depression because I had one belief but I didnt realize that was the founding block. And it took me an entire journey to realize that all I had to do was replace that one belief at the bottom to lift me out of that depression. So as I started going through life, I explored lots of different information because a self-development movement was starting to begin as I was going to university and I did economics at uni and I was busy at the back reading about spirituality and under the table. And it was great. I was just downloading this was when the internet started so I was downloading loads and something opened me up to a way of thinking that I never thought was possible that I was responsible for my reality. I create my reality. Im responsible for what happens in my world. The experiences that Im having, the emotions that Im feeling, Im the one that can actually Im the one thats creating it which also means Im the one that can change it. And this is not something I believed in before. But it wasnt completely outside of my reality. I thought I had to change something outside to make me feel better inside. As soon as I came to this understanding, I went into a very deep place of what I call was channeled writing. And what actually how it started was, I started writing like a diary to myself. And I had a lot of people saying, You should do some writing. And by that point, I thought most people think I cant write. I cant write to save my life. And Im not going to go there. But what this person said to me which I always remember is that, If you can speak, you can write because its an expression. And thats what I share with everyone now because its so true. If were speaking, we can 4

write as well. Its the same thing. So, I started writing to myself and what happened at first was all these emotions that were in my head were now down in paper and I could actually see them. And with this new level of awareness that was going inside of me, that Im just creating my reality, I started to see what was happening inside my head and thats another part of me, a very deep, deep part of me that I didnt; even know was there, very wise part of me started to write back [indiscernible] [0:06:56]. So for each day for example, if I write for an hour, the second hour Ill be writing this incredible wisdom explaining what happened, why I was thinking the way I was in the first half. And this kept happening for months. And after about four months, I collected all the second halves and put them together. And this continued for myself and I started to read that manual again and again and again and I let myself out of this depression. What was incredible was that as this was going on, I was working in the city. So Id been in the city for eight years working at different merchant banks and jumping around. And I was working in these banks, I was traveling with my own spiritual journey but coming in and something was drawing me back into this almost diametrically opposed polarities which was being right in the city and then going up to these sacred places and going into spiritual journey. I had no idea why that was because I still had no deep love for word being brought up and being around in the city and all the people that Id met. And it was in 2007 when I realized I didnt feel really connected with everybody that I was speaking to about spirituality. So I wanted to actually meet other people. And so what I did was actually set up a meet-up group in Costa Coffee Shop in Waterstones right in the bottom. And the first meet-up group, we had three people turned up. And I didnt even know whos going to turn up to that first event because all I wanted to do was met other people and talk to them and create new friends, other like-minded people who are on this journey and didnt even know what spirituality was. And this is my main philosophy as well, its an endless word but at the same time, its so unique to each person because each person has their own right to determine what their own spirituality is. 5

So in that first paragraph, I just had one paragraph of that first meeting and it said, If youre interested in the spirituality and you are on the journey and you want to meet other like-minded people and you work in the city, come along to Costa Coffee Shop in Waterstones and well see you there and talk further. And the first meeting, we had three people which is amazing, just to connect with other people. And then two weeks later, there were 15 people around the table. And then within a month, we started holding it every two weeks by then, within a month, we had about 60 people in the coffee shop sitting around in the tight circle, all people from the city. Beryl: Wow! Melanie: So, just a minute. So by the time it had mushroomed to 60 people, is it that the initial ones were talking and it was now word of mouth or Vaz: The incredible thing was that and this hasnt changed since the beginning, most of the people who come along to our group, come along on their own. And they will bring their friends along for sure and that only happens much later. But all of these people were coming on their own from the city and didnt realize that other people thought the same way they did. That they were going mad in their offices and was so relieved just to connect. Thats all that happened in these meetings. We just provided a space for everyone to connect and then just talk to each other. It was such a relief for them that they needed some outlet for expression and it allowed them to grow because until that moment, they were still discovering their own self-development themselves. But now the reflection and the support system instead of a challenge or having to defend themselves which was what they felt, they can actually just explore and expand into a whole new level which is amazing when you get so many people together. So as that grew and that just started to exponentially grow and I realized there is something happening in London that is happening everywhere and yet, it hasnt been tapped into which people feel that they just need to connect and theres an awakening happening and it was much faster than I 6

realized. It was much grounded level that I could ever even understand and that just kept growing and growing and growing. And out of this, I realized that as the people coming together and Im always a big advocate of grassroots empowerment and people empowerment because my whole journey has been about this empowerment. So I really value people in seeing their own power and not having to look up to somebody else. I believe that theres guidance you get from people but people understanding that they are their own master of their own reality that they have their own unique unlimited wisdom inside of them which we can assist them in discovering to be realizing that there are people that I could share wisdom and to people that want to listen to it so I started to create a space and we had at friends meeting house and people start to share talks and share their experiences and wed revolved around each other. And this is the essence of what we began as a grassroots movement. And people just start speaking. As that grew over the years and now, weve got six and a half [Phonetic] [0:11:46] thousand people in the group from all over London because all of them are telling their friends and bringing them over. We got talks in such a great level now and was still retaining that huge essence of empowerment and allowing everyone to feel empowered and creating a platform for the city workers. This is where we get these great speakers to come in with incredible wisdom to come in. Were also creating platform for the city workers to come in to also share their own experiences because from my point of view, it doesnt matter if you wake up yesterday or you wake up 20 years ago. You have something unique to share to the world that everyone can benefit from and everyone can learn from if we just open up and share it because everyone has such a unique window into this reality, into this universe. Its so important that we allow as many different people to feel the empowerment, the inspiration. And its so wonderful to see city workers who show like theyve just been going plodding along in their life and suddenly realized, Well, Ive got unlimited potential and now, Im telling you about it. Melanie: Can I interrupt you for a moment? So, what youre describing here is the birth of the London Spiritual Movement, yeah? 7

Vaz: So, this is the London Spiritual Movement. In the same year in 2007, I began the London College of Spirituality. Now, they are interlinked. The London College of Spirituality holds our talks and our workshops and our events as we became more professional and we started attracting international speakers from America and the UK. And that holds the body of our sub-development side. And what we call it is our service to self. And the other side of what we do is service to the whole or service to society. And thats a charity work that we do. And this is where the movement generally encapsulate is that side of things because our belief is that once were also getting our were also empowering ourselves. We have a direct impact in society every single moment. Every single time we open our mouths and speak or make a conscious decision or take action with anything, were interconnecting with the entire planet. And its like that butterfly effect. Every single thing that we do will literally have an impact all the way down to someone on the other side of the planet. So once we recognized these actions that we have and the power of them, we can actually make conscious decision, conscious actions in society and what we found with a lot of our city workers who come in, theyre so very passionate about their inner development but they want to make a difference to this planet. They want to make change. And what weve been conditioned to believe is that one person cant make a difference. And what were saying to them is that one person can make the most incredible difference on the planet and it doesnt have to seem like such a massive big and something transparent. Its more actions that are making huge, huge differences because when lead by example, the people around us are also witnessing that change and theyre witnessing whats happening. So when we work with our charities for example, we work with quite a few charities in London, and someone who gives a few hours awake and works with somebody, works with some [indiscernible] [0:15:08] or works with someone in mental health or works with children, when they witnessed the change that they ever had themselves with that person and all that person needs was to be heard to connect and that completely will change their reality. 8

I remember when I was in my depression, all I needed was somebody just to open up to me just once and I would hold on to it for months. When somebody actually opened their hearts to me and I almost like [indiscernible] [0:15:35] and connect with me for maybe ten minutes. It was enough for me to really give me the strength that I needed. And these are the things that we help with as well as oversee the practitioners side of things with our healers. We have so many healers now as the city workers are getting really its incredible whats happened in the city because they as far as working in the city, they are also developing spiritual gifts and their work and their development at such an incredible rate and a lot of them are becoming healers now. And we found that healing nights are just attract half that half of the people who come to our healing nights are brand new to spirituality and they walk out and they feel that they have the experience of the Reiki, of the healing, of the energy. They feel the difference inside of them. And for us, thats the biggest thing, the experience. If you can feel something, thats your truth. Beryl: So Vaz, I dont know quite how this is going to come out but what Im kind of thinking is this is a fantastic story and what the rest of us see in the newspapers and so forth is the cities, the banks you touched on and you came from merchant bank, they dont have a great reputation. They have a reputation for being very hard nose, for being very me and me and me. And Im wondering what the city workers are experiencing when they come to organizations like yours where theyre encouraged to show their vulnerability because in their vulnerability is actually their strengths. So theyre rediscovering a part of them. Theyre changing, OK? Theyre changing. And when they go back into that city environment, I wonder how their work changes because as you rightly said, perception is everything. So when they go back, I wonder how theyre perceiving what theyre doing? Because weve interviewed other people like Steve Nobel talked to us about how he worked in the banking world, youll know Steve, and how he just found it so, lets get everything we can out of this situation for ourselves. Do you know what Im saying here? How are those and I guess what would excite me if the whole banking system will change for the better because these people at the grassroots are changing. 9

Vaz: Yeah. This is what I totally believe. I believe two things are going to happen or are happening right now. And that is, as people become more empowered on the grassroots level, on individual level, these systems are going to support. These systems are based on centralized power and because of that people feel like a number, theyre easily replaced. They come in and their human rights as well when I used to work in the banks, I was working in one bank where I wasnt even allowed to talk to the person next to me for the entire day. And if we did that was an open floor with 60 people in that bank. It was ridiculous. When it gets to that level, its and people recognized their power, people will either change their career or the banks will have to change and both things are going to stop happening. And I think its happening already. When people that we see who come in to us, as they realized their empowerment and they realized what theyre capable of, they realized the extent of their creativity which has been so diminished within these institutions. Now, these institutions have to go along with the change as with anything which is built upon the people. When the people changed, they start to collapse so they have to adapt. Its the same thing with our group. Our group is always changing and this is why nothing is built above it. We support the group around this way because if we always will be shifting a change in you, we always have to from my belief, we are always in service to the people and were always in service to society. When we have that philosophy, we understand that when somebody comes and works with these levels, the people working with us in our team, they are giving their time and giving their energy and giving their entire self towards creating that project or that bank or whatever it is. If thats not acknowledged and especially what were working into now as people start to recognize their power and as youre saying that vulnerability, as they start to open up and start to see themselves, their true self and they find an arena somewhere else which is allowing them to be who they are and they start to recognize, Oh, I havent been who I am here. Can I change that here? This is the first thing we always say. So when they go back, what were trying to leave a lot of our members is that they are changing things around them and its incredible. People around them are changing. Their bosses are changing or if they are the 10

boss, theyre changing the team dynamic. And as they start to realize things that they werent aware of before, they start to realize the how important it is for the team to be heard, for the people to be recognized as human beings which weve forgotten about in these industries. Beryl: Sorry. Go on, Melanie. Melanie: I was only just going to sum up my understanding. So in essence, what youre saying is that when people begin to involve themselves with your community, its like a remembering of that spiritual blueprint that they take back into that environment and it then I suppose becomes like a virus really. Vaz: Yeah, thats what I feel. And I also feel these this is something I feel really deeply. Unless these institutions start serving the society around them, they are all going to collapse in some way. And theyre going to have to adapt because whats happened there is that theyre so all of the work that we do in the corporate world, not all of it but because of the changes so much as well, we have a lot of ethical industries coming through and a lot new ways of working because they are cannibalizing the areas around them for profit. Its in a way, they are becoming, I dont know if youve seen the corporations, the firm which actually did a personality test on the corporations that we have in the West. It found that it has a psychotic behavior and that it was related to human being because of all the things that is going out and taking things for itself and just completely taking over. Unless these institutions start working with each other and start serving the planet, start serving society then naturally, anything at that level starts to it can only have a limited lifespan. Melanie: Lifespan. Vaz: Yeah. And as the people are recognizing it, what I find so incredible right now is that weve always let the people on top level to make the changes and now, the people are making the changes and this is always a greater shift that we can have because the people are the one that are standing up and saying, Actually, we choose this and these are our choices about the changes I make. And theres a lot of career change happening right now as people are realizing, Oh, I didnt have to just go 11

down this channel. I can actually do something different. I can still create a business but it can be something that is really fulfilling to me and truthful. So that it will always be serving everyone around you. Always. And thats when you will be happy. Beryl: OK. So Im thinking now, your city workers, some of them must have felt kind of really uncomfortable with all those occupied movements that were going on outside St. Pauls Cathedral a year or so back because there is that two-way pull, isnt there? On the one hand, they are employees of the city but on the other hand in their heart, they must feel a pull towards these kinds of organizations that are saying enough is enough of this. Vaz: This is the thing, this is why I dont feel I have a lot of compassion for a lot of city workers and this is why we do all of this because everyone needs to earn money and theres a system out there and there is something that we want to create the life we want to enjoy things in our lives. Because the system up there is a predominant one, they have gone into that because the society from school actually conditions everyone and takes people into that as a process and we dont realize that there are other things around. We think that peoples dream job is like everyone has a feeling, oh that means to be an astronaut when I was a kid or to be something, it seems like magic. But we realized now, our dream job is there is so much scope in there once we open our creativity. There is so much scope in the city. And this is what all the city workers are teaching each other because there are so many new businesses coming up, so many new ways for working which is beautiful to see. Beryl: So, lets throw the rule book out there then for a minute out of this for a minute Vaz, shall we? And just because youve got that economics background and we talked to people on this show and weve got more people lined up to talk about new economic systems. Could you see a scenario where we lose this fear money system and we create something entirely different that does not rely on money? Vaz: I really believe were going to get to that state. For me deep down, that we can create a system that monetary at the moment is an exchange system and again, its to do with the profit and its to do with the centralized 12

power of over each other. But once we create a system where we actually want to collaborate, we actually want to work with each other, that we actually have a common goal. And this is what we actually do right now with the charities as well is that were bringing charities together so that they can work together on a common goal as opposed to individually working on separate things and competing with each other which is ludicrous really when we actually want to make a change in society. Theres no need to do this. There is so much that can happen from that space. And then once we have that as a collaborative system happening then we got a whole of evolution to go into which is exploration on so many different levels and we havent even gone into one percent of that which is so incredible and look how far weve come already as a human species and how resilient we are anyway which I think is incredible as well that were able to still manage through the system. And were just about to step into this new frontier right now which is going to be just purely and which well seem like magic to us. It will seem like everything opening up in this world will be an opportunity for change. Beryl: OK. So, we had another interviewee, Sterling Allan, who talked about that there will be a tipping point and it might be something like free energy that creates that would be a dramatic change to our economic system. Is it that or do you see other things or just the massive shift in consciousness that could take us into that tipping point and maybe were already there? Whats your view on that? Vaz: Yes. For me, theres a lot of thinking created in the planet right which are definitely going to be shifting us in different ways in terms of resources, in terms of economics. I personally feel, before all of that happens, theres going to have to be a shift in consciousness to a certain degree so we understand why were doing it. Otherwise these new concepts will come into an old paradigm. So its really important that we, as a collective, understand that peace is a way, harmony is a way, collaboration, unity, consciousness, understanding the real depth of the philosophies of unconditional love which isnt just about loving one another, there is a real complex philosophy behind that which is incredible and its simple and complex at the same time because it 13

can be distributed through any system and it opens up any system. When it comes from the heart-centered space, when it comes to this, I actually feel weve reached the tipping point already. From what were seeing in London and the amount of people waking up, its phenomenal. We have a graph that shows how many people are joining our group and its just growing to exponential now. And that for me is a sign because its a reflection [indiscernible] [0:27:52] of the whole consciousness of whats happening around the planet. Were in the what is said to be densest cover to our own planet with London, the biggest financial district. Weve got so much happening here, so much history. Yet, weve got people waking up faster than Ive ever seen in my life. I would never have thought this many people would come along to the events. Were expanding from 200 and thats grown now to 450 since last year, just since over the past few months. All of this is just showing and all the people that were meeting such as yourselves, such as everyone that we meet in this field and they come from the city background which I find so fascinating because everyone is coming from this background, feeling this empowerment and then changing and then creating this new unique system which I knew they come up with which is so incredible and then integrating it all together and start reaching so many persons together and bring it all together, when you have that much change happening, its infectious and its spreading and everyone is leading by example now. I truly believe everyone doing this work are the next generation of leaders and they are training the next generation of leaders and its accumulative. Melanie: Just a quick question here because I noticed that youve been to California and New York to help instigate similar movements over there, have I got that correct? Vaz: Yeah, California. Melanie: Are we finding that things are mushrooming over there the way its doing here as well and really running away with itself? Vaz: Its really interesting because I go to California a lot because of the Spiritual Movement. Were set to begin there before it began over here 14

which in a way it did and thats how I actually was opened to so many different belief systems because over there on the internet, they started a lot of different centers and universities and theyre quite big on selfdevelopment and spiritual side over there. When I went over there, its really interesting because of the way that America is populated and its quite sparse over in Los Angeles for example or San Francisco, people dont live so congregated like in London. When you organize something, it has to be in districts and it has to be in different districts for people to come together because they all travel by car in these areas. When you come to London, you organize something, everyone can come in. So, it has a very different spiritual the movement is very different over there. You wouldnt have one in Los Angeles. Youd have to have about five. Youd have to have one in Santa Monica and in different areas. And people would and thats how it looked. If we can actually start were starting over there and they have it in very different way. Here, its very its just a huge collective coming together which I find incredible to watch because everybody can come together in central point in London. Its very tangible. We can actually see whats happening. I find because London started we say later in a way, its got different energy. Its got very different action side to things and everyone in London, if you come along to our groups, if you come along to the meetings, and everywhere I see, not just our group, were really passionate about creating change in a very direct way. They want to see action. They want to see results. They want to see something happen. In California, thats happening as well, Im sure. What I find is that here I think for me here, it seems faster. It seems faster now and I cant really tell why that is. All I know is that we need it here as well. Beryl: Perhaps, its to do with the culture. The California kind of sunshine state, theyre slightly laid back kind of culture where London is a very buzzy city. So its fabulous, fabulous, very buzzy and of course, these people youre working with, the city workers, theyre used to being driven. Theyre ambitious. And thats the interesting thing that that if you like skill set or wiring if you like, theyve just transferred to move this movement forward. Its well, because it was meant to be. 15

Melanie: Thats a good point. Vaz: Thats so true. Melanie: And of course, when you have such a concentration of energy in a small place, theres going to be a momentum, isnt there? A huge momentum. Beryl: Yeah. And I remember when we went to see David Icke speak and he said, as much as there is some balance of going on out there and lets say, theres being a heavy energy, lets call it, around the city because of the banking scandals and so forth, the energy of, lets call it, love enlightenment is always going to be thousands of times more powerful. So I guess thats whats creating another shift. Its what weve Rupert Sheldrake would call a morphic field. And thats and its like the dark cant when the light is shone, there is no darkness. There is nowhere to hide. The darkness of that old system Melanie: Has to collapse. Beryl: Yeah. Vaz: Definitely. This new paradigm which is what youre speaking before by the blueprint, everyone is carrying this blueprint in their lives. And people may not know its in there but its shining out. And when they discover it Melanie: It awakened. Vaz: its being awakened. Its all radiating out and this is creating this new world that were living in right now. And that history will look back at this point and see this tipping point, see this time and see witness whats happened as we shifted from one way of thinking of separateness, of limitation, of suffering into unlimitedness, of abundance, of working together, collaboration, unity, consciousness, and moving into this. As were all discovering theres no rule book, theres no handbook here, or manuals that we can actually find out what is it we do. 16

Were all discovering through experience and experimenting while working together. And through that, as soon as you open the door, it doesnt matter where that door exits to because youve opened a new experience and somebody else can observe what youve been doing and they might make a cleaner pathway or a new door and they can open another path into that. There are so many things that Ive done over the years which in the traditionally world, would be seen as mistakes. For me, each one has made me grow and grow and grow so much. And other people in my group have been watching it, two to three hundred other meet-up groups started from this group, from city workers. Beryl: Really? Two to three hundred meet-ups. Melanie: Within London? Vaz: In London. Yeah, in London. Beryl: Really? Melanie: What spurs off this one? Vaz: From the beginning, yeah. And so, these people started their own groups. It might be around specific thing because I was a very general. Were inviting everyone in. But theyve gone down specific path. It might be around mindfulness. It might be around yoga. It might be around something else because theyre learning from us about how that you can do it. And this is the main thing. You can actually create something yourself, invite people around and just see where it goes. It can be your hobby. It can be your career. It can be anything. Beryl: Its the most exciting time to be alive, Vaz, isnt it? It really is. Vaz: Yeah. Beryl: Its listening to you Vaz, youre a very special person undoubtedly. And its like just you being you and its true for each of us, but perhaps right now, you being you, doing what youre doing, I feel a great kind of opening of my heart just being here listening to you. Despite the fact, were miles away from each other. And this is the point, isnt it? We dont always 17

even need the same thing. Its just the energy because everything is energy. Its the energy that were emanating and its all very heart-centered. Melanie: Its the same point that Im thinking of, yeah. Beryl: So it doesnt need to be people dont need to know what to say in certain situations. They just need to come from their heart. And that will its contagious. Vaz: Its so true. And this is what I feel we do in our events just by sitting there. Were holding the frequency. And something I learned about healing over the years was that the less I did, the more that would happen. Creating space is the most incredible thing when you create space for people to be themselves and that high energy like youre talking about comes out. Its transformational. Melanie: One of the things I find really good about this is I remember when I lived in London some 30 years plus, clearly, not a lot has changed in that I remember seeking the way you obviously were and you would discover little groups which sort of hidden out in somebodys living room and you would make sure no one at work ever discovered that you were doing weird things like this after work. So its really great that its out in the open now. But no doubt, those of us who did this, we were holding some kind of space which perhaps eventually led to it being out in the open. Vaz: Yeah. This is the thing, there are so many pioneers out there in different ways and just holding that space and people even feeling like they didnt even speak or theyre not communicating with anyone but holding that inside of them is like a radio transmitter and breaking down this consciousness, this limitation grid that weve been building here and allowing space for somebody else. Somebody gave me an analogy once and its so great. Its like, if you imagine a tent over the entire planet and people standing up putting a pole up, each person putting a pole up, as you put the pole up, it create a space around you for everybody else to see that they can actually stand up in this world. Everyone is doing it. Melanie: Thats a nice analogy. 18

Vaz: So, were a collection of grassroots individuals. We come together from empowerment and for any change and how to change. One of the big things that we believe our core philosophies is we have service to self which is about inner empowerment, understanding that through selfdevelopment and spiritual growth we can actually achieve the happiness that were seeking. And we just dont seek happiness outside, it can come from within. And the other part that we focus on the service to society and this happens through collaboration, this happens through giving something back and understanding that we can make a difference to this world through the small actions that we take. One person can make a difference. And all our events are by the nation so we really want to just make this as accessible as possible to everyone and work with energy of the universe. A big thing which we do is through surrender. We let go and we surrender to the universe and follow the guidance that comes in. Melanie: Excellent. Thats wonderful. Its a pity we didnt were running out of time now. It would have been nice to speak about that because thats something some people struggle to work with, surrendering to the universe and just trusting that things are going to unfold. And it can be a bit hairy but it usually works out well in the end. So, for people who are listening who knew nothing about you before now, how can they find you? I mean were out here sort of 70 miles from London thinking, I wish we live in London. Vaz: The easiest way is online. So we have a website which is And by joining on there, you can see all our events and were very engage with our audience. So, we send out regular emails and keep updated. And if anyone is London, it would be great to come along to our event and just pop in and experience something and it may change your life, it may transform you and you may find something that resonates with you and you may meet somebody that you never knew you wanted to meet in your life. Everything is out there for people to come to. Beryl: So just to be clear, you dont have to be a city worker to join this your group, do you? Anyone can join your movement. 19

Vaz: Anyone can join. We have people from all backgrounds, all ages, all cultures. Its great. Its such a diverse place where people just seem to feel really comfortable with each. We have a director next to an artist, its amazing to see. Beryl: Great. Melanie: Brilliant So thank you everyone for tuning in to todays episode of http://www.WiredforSuccess.TV. We would just like to mention before we wrap up that if youre watching this episode on our site, then please comment in the box below and leave any thoughts and questions there Vaz will come along and answer them for you. If youre watching this on YouTube, then please subscribe to the button above and if youre listening to this on iTunes, please subscribe to our podcast channel and feel free to post a Review there.

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So thank you for tuning in. Remember to tune in for the next episode of Wired for Success where we help you to master the seven areas of life. So from me Melanie and my co-host Beryl and from our interviewee Vaz, we bid you farewell and next time. So ladies, if you would like to say goodbye.

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