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TOPIC 7 Poetry- piece of literature written by a poet in meter or verse expressing various emotions by using variety of techniques.

Types of Poetry
1. Lyric poetry - expresses the thoughts of feeling of the poet
2. Narrrative - tells a story 3. Ballad- use repeated words and phrases

Forms Of Poetry 1. Closed form symmetricaland repeated pattern 2. Open form - the poet views the poem as a process 3. Thematic form - theme poem 4. The couplet - 2-lines stanza 5. A tercet - 3-lines stanza 6. Quatrain - 4-lines stanza

Teaching Strategies

4. Limericks - 5-lines humurous poem.

5. Concrete - words are arranged to create visual form of the content 6. Haiku - a 3-lines japanese poem 7. Free verse - demanding on the poet than most readers suppose.

1. Reading poetry aloud to children

2. Choral poetry 3. Learning to write poetry

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